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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 3, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EST

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i hope and i bet you do too, that our children can grow up knowing what freedom really is. >> i come before you and assume the presidency at a moment rich with promise. >> i just want to get up into heaven and i don't get there by bragging onmyself. my mother told me that yrs ago. >> he passed away on friday. his body will arrive at the s. lie il where he will state and america hawill have is chance to pay respects. >> in a matter of hours, president bush's body will arrive at joint base andrews and then the u.s. capitol.
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this morning he rests in uston. this photo was taken late last night. his was his service dog sully resting in front casket. this morning we have complete coverage of the deathf president bush on how he will be honored today and layed to rest this week. want to begin with a check of your commute and forecast. >> we'llurn things over to chuck bell first to see what's on tap for today. >> thanks. boy do i ever love that picture of the service dog in front of thethasket e. i saw it posted on social media with the caption mission accomplished. to hearts and prayers go out all the bush friends and family. off to a foggy start for many this morning. not everybody sees the fog. but some locations, french williaut county talking a you, frederick county maryland talking about you. there's fog out there first thing this morning. it will turn breezy later on in the afternoon and the cold bettern is coming back. today wil the mildest day of
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the weeky far. there could be reduced visibility for your ride into work. some spots are down in the 30s. anwhile, st. mary's county is still 60 degrees. 57 in annapolis and 55 in arlington. if you're planning out your day oday, plan on a mild one with increasing amounts of sunshine toward the late morning and afternoon hours. the next time we see weather this warm, two weeks or more. >> this is a p blem we have been talking about this morning. southbound georgia avenue that left lane is still the only thing getting by the water main
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break. that's going to delay a lot of morninhis southbound 95. ramp to the eastbound i.c.c., vehicle, sounds like a truck, into a ditch there. southbound 270, looking okay right now. 66 miles per hour. loudoun county eastbound 9 with a crash there and outer loop after 66. two right lanes at the work zone. >> it's 5:03nd this morning we're remembering president george h.w. bush's lifnd legacy. the 41st president of the united states died on friday after decades of service to the country. >> the 94-year-old's legacy went well beyond the presidency he served two terms in congress and becameth an ambassadore u.n. and spent thes year a the director ott cia and 8 years as
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vice presidenl today he w make his final trip to washington. this afternoon, there will be an arrival ceremony at joint based andrews whe his caske arrives on air force one. he will then be transported to the u.s. citol where he will lie in state until wednesday morning. this morning, new 4 has team coverage. nicole jacobs is live at the nationalathedral where the former president's funeral will be held. >> we want to begin with tracie potts live on capitol hill with reaction to the president's passing. >> we're hearing from the current president that talks about his absolute joy for life and great ainomplishment s that he set the bar higher with his sound judgment and common sense. we're hearing from former president obama who talked about his accomplishments andis demeanor as an humble servant. and then a lot of condolences pouring in from overseas in as much as his presidency was marked by foreign policy. from the u.k., queenth eliza
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calling him a great friend and ally. even vladimir putin saying he was an cioutstanding poli that sought balanced decisions in the most difficult situatiou.. back to >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. >> as you can imagine, th funeral services will have a big impact on how you get around town thiweek. this is a list of all the roads that will be impacted by privident bush's a today. the secret service wants people to know between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m. there will be extensive traffic delays on some of the side streets you see listed here on your screen. you can also see this full list in the nbc washington app. >> t funeral will be on wednesday morning at the jtional cathedral. nicoleobs is live outside the national cathedral now with more on how church is preparing for this big event.
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>> staff members here have been working around the clock since word of former president george h.w. bush's passing as they prepar for what will be the 4th state funeral here. upwards of 3,000 invited guests are expected to attend, including president trump and the first lady as well as former livingpresidents. starting at 1:00 a today, tours here will be cancelled. organizers are working to ensure that everything is at their liking. speakers are lined up and former president george w. bush will yu eulogize his father. they're creating aacd space for mourners to remember president bush. >> we know what we're doing.
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we know what has to be done. there's not a ton of time. we get it done every time. >> of iturse, sec will be tight here on th ground. a historic moment of mourning. back to you. >> , nicoank you. now our coverage will continue throughout the morning. you can find more information on thenbc washington app. >> it is now 5:07. happening today,ry his in prince george's county. >> justin is live now with more on the woman that will be sworn in today. justin? >> that's right. a history making dayere in prince george's county. angela alsobrooks being sworn in as the county executive here. the first woman ever to hold
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that post. she will outline her vision for the county which we understand will focusealy on transparency. she served here as the state's attorney here and in that she says made great strides in criminal justice reform and making it to a model to follow. now her i focus largely on the future of the county. she says she wantso vest in children and education as well as develop the local economy and also increase access to health care, especially for those with issues with addiction as well as mental illness. also she isdemocrat. she did run unopposed. she is also looking largely ahead, choosing to assemble a largely new senior staff. her inauguration taking place today at 10:00 a.m. we are liv here i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. >> developing this morning, a violent sunday in alexandria. police are investigating two
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incidents. one of which involved an mofficer. >> was found stabbed oniv exece avenue and he was forc to open fire on a man on north patrick street. we'll begin there. lice say they cam across an armed m around00 last night. an officer ordered thean to drop his weapon but police say he instead pointed it at the officer forcing them to fire. >> very concerning. ias walking my dog and to that violence right outside of your living room. >> the officer involved is placed on leave. virginia state police arend ting the investigation. >> 2.5 hours later police officers found thean stabbed on executive avenue.
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officers say he wastabbed in arlington and ran to alexandria. no word about who may have stabbed him or why. >> now to a developing story at may be impacting your monday morning. a water main break couldause he aches for the morning commute. what's going on? >> well, we have been talking with the washingtonur sn sanitary commission about this. their crews still working for this big water main break in tha aston hia in silver spring. here are images of that break on georgia avenue a connecticut avenue. news 4, we're told at this point, about 300 customers are without water overnight because of this. a water stati was put in place, but we know hundreds were impacted. customers were set up at harmony hills elementary scho. no f no word on whether another water station is going to open up. in addition, melissa has beenbo mentioning the imfapact on
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the drivers and commuters. many peopled use it to get to from the beltway. be sure to follow melissa on twitter. it's at first 4 traffic. we'll break in with any updates about them opening up if we dog word. >> angie, thank you. it's now 5:11. the c skins willse out this week of nfl action tonight in philadelphia. the team needs this big time. it will put them t behindhe cowboys and the a eagles push them out of the last wildcard playoff spot. we don't wan that to happen. a win would put them in a tie for first place indallas. kick off is set for 8:15 tonight. see just one game changes the whole rest of tse on. >> got to bring it tonight. >> yes. >> cash back, signingnu s, travel points, we're showing you how to figure och w credit card may be working best for you.
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>> the hiday shopping season is in full swing. we have a warning for you, some gifts may prevent your child's e pment. we'll explain. >> it's monday morning. it's time to start thinking abou the weeken here's what you need to know ability the coming weekend, number one. >> it's going to be way colder than today. we'll have highs in the 30s over the weekend and there's a significantly important chance for some wintry weather as we head toward thend of next sunday. give y forecast coming up.k
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a bus has crashed on interstate 30. people are believed to be hurt. people are still trapped on the bus this very minute. we're working to learn more about this breakings newson as we get an update and more from the scene, we'll break in with that and bring it to you. >> in alaska it will take time for things to get back to normal after a powerful earthquake rocked the state days ago. look ate the damag left behind. the 7.0 quake ripped roads apart, shook buildings and severeed damag many homes.s schoill be closed for the week as officials survey the damage. most of the goods sold in alaska areth delivered te port and officials say food delivery has not been disrupted by the earthquake. >>ack to school for thousands of students displaced by california's most deadly wildfires. many will behin makes spaces. in paradise, california, 8 of
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the 9 schools wereesoyed or severely damaged. only a high school was spared. >> 5:17 and with the holiday spendi f season inl swing, a lot of shoppers may be spending more than they should. experts say consumers will buy more than last year and that may not be a good thing. y from bank found that half of all americans are feeling the pressure to spend more this thyear. e national retail fed kaeration says the average shopper with spend more on gifts and more than their monthly rent on gifte this on. >> there's going to be a lot of spending. also low income consumers spend much more percentage-wise.
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yeah, that credit card bill holidays >> if you're making out a holiday list for young kids, keep it simple. the america academy of pediatrics urges parents to avoid, video games, tablets and other electronics. they say the gadgets don't give kids parenl interaction. another reason is health experts say they're not always more educational. instead, pediatricians recommend toysra encging imagination and roll play. that means adding dolls, action figures, puzzles,amoard and books to your list. >> all the classics that never p out of style. >> a blankce of paper and crayon. that's all you're getting from me. well, that's imaginative. >> i always think it's funny -- i'll tell the story later. we're going to doer the wea now. >> first thing's first. we'll get to story time in a little while.
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a cloudy start earlier today. locally thick fog across priwie iam county and parts of northern maryland. visibility is slightlyreduced. these winds will come around to the northwest. they were southwest an hour ago and now the west and eventually the northwest. that will help clear the skies out for the afternoon. it will limit our warm up which is all right. we're already 55 now at nationar ai our average high temperature for today's date is 51 there's even a few 30s on the map but it's still near 60 degrees across southern maryland. it's hard to make out here. there is a very weak weather front out to our west. that will come through here late morning into afternoon. you'll know when it goes by because the wind will turn to the northwest and increase.
5:20 am
it will be breezy to bluste aryt times today. clouds around this morning. and that clear out late morning and into the early parts of the afternoon and then lat t into afternoon and evening, there will be cloud cover coming in from the west. m mainly and high level clouds around the ety. thould be snow showers in the mountains of west virginia. for today, fog around this morning but temperatures climbing with some sunshine into the mid and upper 50s today. that is a conversational snow. >> i know what you mean. taking a look rightnow, southbound here, georgia avenue near connecticut, left lane still getting by the water main
5:21 am
break. orse as t going to get they try to repair this. a brand new crash reported. zooming in here, arlington, southbound gw parkway, right lane blocked by a dibled vehicle there. taking a look at the beltway, earlier roadway is still hanging ound there. outerloop near 66 not seeing a bigfimpact because it. outerloop, crash in the middle of the road.s detan that one coming up. detan that one coming up. re news, weathermo,
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credit if you spend 500 in the first three months. >> bank of america cash rewards credit card. 3% cash back on gas. bonus $200 if you spend $500 in the first three months and capital one savorone offers 3%k cash bn dining and entertainment but $150 bonus if you spend $500 in the first three months. cash is preferred while racking up credit card debt. look at the fine print on that credit card application because long after you earned that reward, you must ask yourself, is this card still right for me. back t you. >> all right, hasusan, you. coming up, holiday decorations that prompted a rescue attempt. how one family's creative twist sparked panic for one passerby. >> i often times like to tell
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you, the trend is your friend in the weather department. maybe not this week. unless you like colder weather. today will be the mildest day of the week by far. the next half hour, the chilly -day forecast. >> we continue to follow our top story this morning. tributes pouring inor former president george h.w. bush. his body heading to d.c. today. his body heading to d.c. today. how it could impact your we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at lrrst you don't have to about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurce?
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>> right now at 5:29, we'remb remeing the life of former president george h.w. bush. his body will berought from texas here to d.c. where he served our country as the st commander in chief. good morning to you. >> we're also working for you this morning as the entire country continues to mournhe ess. we'll huch more on how you can pay tribute and what to know about the motorcade that could cause traffic delays over next few days. first a check on the morning commute and weather. >> traffic will be with us
5:30 am
momentarily. but first chuck bl has your storm team 4 forecast. what are we talking aboutda >> mild weather today. you always hate it when the weather is bad on a anday. soleast we get a quite start to the week. there are areas of fog around this mor lng ander on in the afternoon, could be breezy at times, but temperatures well above average for today. but colder weather is coming back and that could lead to a few chances for some snow flakes. i'll show you when that's most likely on y ten day forecast coming up. visibility down under a mile through parts of prince william county down toward culpepper. look out for lower visibilities there. otherwise,temperatures, 40s across the northwestern corner of the area. a few spots in the 30s, but then,rom i-95 and points east, temperatures are still above 50 degrees. r average high is 51. so 55, tha is a mild start. dog walking forecast for today.
5:31 am
precious here more than 1 years old. she would be a great lap dog for the winter. he's availab she's available at the humane rescue alance.orgwebsite. >> 50s today, enjoyck it. t 6:00 this evening. the next ten days after today will be way colder. >> good to know. thank you chuck bell. taking a lk right nowt the roads here. this is a life picture of aspen hill southbound georgia avenue near connecticut. this is the water main break. delays are going to be pretty intense there through the area. re is your t problem. taking a look at the beltway, silver spring, outer loop, crash there in the middle of the road. you can see the delays at the top of the beltway. the orange and then the red. so we're doing significant slow downs. same situation, frederick.
5:32 am
coming out of frederick, very slow there. southbound 270 with crash there in the roadway and in arlington, southbound gw parkway after the key bridge, right lane bloc d by adisabled vehicle. >> melissa, thank you. your time is now back to our top stories. we're remembering former president george h.w. bush. t tributes him are forming around the country from this one in texas where people held a candle light vigil over the weekend. >> this is milton, massachusetts where he was born. urners left momentos and flowers. today his body will be brought here to washington so the nation's capitol can say good-bye to the 41st president. >> news 4's nicole jacobs is live outside of national ca oedral with more how they're preparing.
5:33 am
good morning. >> here at the national cathedral wedne be a time of mourning, but also one of celebration as theti ente remembers the life of w. mer president george bush. security is expected to be tight here on the ground as well as surrounding roads will be closed for this historicmoment. upwards of 3,000 invited guests will attend what is going to be the 4th state funeral here including president trump and first lady as well as former livingen pres. starting at 1:00 here today, all tours are cancelled and the cathedral will be closed as they prepare for this private evt. speakers are lined up and we learned that former president george w. bush will eulogize his father. >> george w. bush o is of them. there's a number. but all the hyms wer chosen by
5:34 am
president bush and the bush family. the readings, the, scriptur it's a very custom tailored event. >> the services held here again wednesday morning at 11:00. we do have a full list o all of the road closures that you can expect on the nbc washington app. back to you. >> thank you. >> coming up, reaction from news 4tt tracie >> it's now 5:34 on this monday. we start with a live look at the ain break in the aspen hill area of silver spring. this is at georgia avenue and connecticut area. they tell news 4 that about 300 of its customers have either low water pressure or no water at all. be sure to follow melissa on twitter at first t 4raffic for traffic related updates. >> an alexandria police officer shot a man sunday afternoon.
5:35 am
officers were responding to a shots fired call. when they showedp, policeay a man refused to put down a gun. when he pointed it at the officer, that's when he was shot. angela alsobrooks will be sworn in as the first woman to hold t the office. >> tonight a second candle will be lit on the national minora. thousas attended the ceremony. the united states air force band kicked o the annual ceremony. >> it's 5:35 and the redskins are taking on a big rival tonight. the game against the eagles could lift t themo a path to the oplayoffs. >>r it could mean doom for the rest of the season.
5:36 am
a win would put the skins in a tie forirst place in the nf clrks east with the cowboys. losing to the eagles would set b the teamack and push them out of the last wildcard playoff wot. we don'tt that to happen. >> coming up, top entertainers here in the district. the highlights and how celebrities are paying tribute to president bush. >> still ahead, proposal problem.n a ring lost times square as the man pops the question. we'll show you how police made sure this engagement accident had a happy ending. your time is 5:36. stay with us.
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the kennedy center was all lit up inaiow colors.
5:40 am
it celebrates this year's five h honorees. they include ch, reba mcintyre, jazz icon wayne shorte and a special award went to the co-creators of hamilton. >> last night it started with a standing ovation for george h.w. bush. >> the day before i broke my back, we were performing at the patriots center and thein foll day we met president bush. he invited us to the white house with our 8-year-old son at the time, and he spent 45 minutes wi us talking. >> others also remember president bush as a decent and charitable man. nbc 4 will haveore coverage from behind the scenes later today. >> good morning. your school day forecas for kids, back to school today and
5:41 am
patchy fog this morning. on the whole, monday is not going to be a bad day at all. leave the winter a coats home. temperatures in the 40s and 50s here this morning and sun glasses for later on. but traperatures above a oday, we're going to give a daily grade an a-plus, big time chill coming start-dg tomorrow. forecast coming up.
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5:45 am
certainly we heard from the current president, president bush said that he sethe bar with his sound judgment and commonsense. former president obama calling him an humble servant with a legacy of servicehat may never be matched. we're also hearing from a lot of foign dignitaries as well. particulrely from europe whe he established strong ties in the u.k., from ffrance,m germany, and from other parts of the world, like russia. president vladimir putinde ribing him as an outstanding poll situation that soughtnc ba decisions in the most difficult situations and that are significant becau foreign policies are the hallmark of h presidency. >> indeed. thank you. >> presint bush was the patriarch of american political dynasty but to his 14 grandchildren, he was just known
5:46 am
as ppy. >> jenna bush-hager will share a loving tribute to her grandfather. here's them in 2012 discussing how he wants to be remembered. legacy do you want your to be? >> i want somebody else to define the legacy. that's a bad u of the l word. history will point out the things i did wng and perhaps some of the things i did right. >> you can watch the tribute coming up on the "today" show after news 4 today. take a look at this cartoon. we saw this on social media. it shows president bush reyou yi -- reuniting with barbara and their dghter robin in heaven. >> president bush's final resting place will right by his wife's side in college station texas. on thursday, the train you see here will carry his casket 70 miles from houston to the presidential library. it was a gift to the late president from uni pacific
5:47 am
railroad in 2005. it was painted to resemble air force one. our coverage on the life of rmer president bush will continue throughout the morning. coming up, more on how the natial cathedral is preparing for wednesday's funeral. >> it's now 5:47. it a will be historic day in prince george's county. juin is live with more. so justin, tell us more about the swearing inceremony. >> well, this wilbe a big day for sure. angela alosbrooks beingrn s in as county executive. she wants to bring transparency to county government and also resus too and she says in her 8 years as state's attorney, that was accomplished bringing criminal justice reform in her time at that post. her focus is going to be on investments.
5:48 am
investing in children and education as well as bringing businesses and jobs to prince george's county she wants to also improve access to health care. she is cing in taking over for baker who is leaving the office. here is what she had to say. >> we have been exceedingly blessed. want to compliment their entire administration. they have been transparent and cooperative and collaborative. so this is a very smooth ansition that i think will benefit not only the government but will benefit the citizens. 10:00 morning, angela alsobrooks being sworn in as well as other council members. 10:00 a.m. here at the show place arena. back in to you. >> thank you. >> it's now 5:48.
5:49 am
developing in the district this morning, it' been nearly a week since a woman last saw her ce fi 29-year-old david stern was last seen at dixie liquors on m etreet at geon at the foot of the key bridge. this is surveillance video of him in the store. >> you know, friends from philly that like went to his high school, elementary school. they all reached outndgree this is not just dave. he wouldever leave to leav >> according to the washington post, the internc chalor right now is one of the finalists. wilson rsigned inebruary when it was revealed that he
5:50 am
bypassed the school's lottery system for his own children.ay the post that the other finalist is indianapolis public school superintdent. he's said to be a high profile figure. no word on whenal a f decision on the next chancellor will be made. >> wegmans is comg to d.c. city leaders held t official ground breaking lasteek here it wilsit at the site of the old fannie mae headquaters. they're planning office space, hotels, a health club, apartments and condos. it's expected to be completed in 2021 or 2022. it's going to change the whole area i can' wait. >> there's going to be a lot more traffic in the area. >> that's true. >> now to a christmas display
5:51 am
that you'll be sure to hear about today. a home in texas is going viral this morning, and it's not because of incredible light shows. >> no. this time its because of its ode to national mpoon's christmas vacation. >> you might remember in the p vie the character ends hanging from the roof while he's putting up lights. this is too realistic for some people. a guy walking by thought it was real. he was trying to rescue the n. th thanked him for trying to help out. he thought someone was in danger. >> he can help him put the lights back up. od he jumped into action because he thought som was in distress. that's what you'd want your neighbors to do. >> very true. >> where are we? degrees
5:52 am
>> this is it. the one day this week you can get away without wearing your winter coat will be today. it will be backut morrow. four things you need to know, we're in the low to mid 50s around the city today. tomorrow breezy and noticeably colder. highs only in the low to m 40s. watching for a chance of conversational snow flurries on wednesday. more for thursday and then a more significant chance for w wintther next sunday into next monday. so 6, 7, 8, 9 days from now. visibility down to 6 miles in gaithersburg and half mile in manassas. so there's areas of fog first thing this morning. temperatures are mild. 55, our average high is 51. so we're already above an average high temperature alo
5:53 am
i-95 and points east of the bay. still 60 at the naval air station in st. mary's county.nt back io the 30s inwinchester. so a lot of clouds and a little fog around first thing this morning. it's an improving weather picture forater on today. afternoon highs not a lot higher than where we are right now, but with the northwest wind, that will help a little bit. a little breezy. ther. lot of moisture little chance to see a little snow. 43 tomorrow. 42 friday, the weekend will be colder still and sunday into mondayf next week, we'll have tl keep a close eye on this. could be ae rain-snow combination. inow you like the sounds of
5:54 am
that. >> i like the snow. >> taking a look at that, southbound georgia avenue, the water ing getting by the main break there. at the beltway, outerloop before new hampshire avenue, the rest of the beltway looks okay. southbound the 270, a crash there. the rp southbound 270 crash reported as well. we zoom back out here this in mo northbound 95, a crash and your travel time 66 looks okay. 95 north, quantico for thelt y is a little bit slow. top of the beltway is not so listen twtop 103.5 fm when you obad. hop in your car. >> it's 5:54. check out theon celebrati from the caps minor league affiliate in pennsylvania.
5:55 am
reilly barber's goal for the bears sets off the annual teddy bear toss. it's rning t bears. >> so after scoring the first oal, everybody throws ted bears on to the ice here. the hershy bears hockey team donates them to 30 local organizations. iferans h threw 34,798 bears on to the ice. record a new word >> who has to get all the bears? >> they got them all. >> great work. >> the nypd found an engagement ring a c dropped through a grate in times square shortly after gettingengaged. the man proposed to his now fiancee on friday night andnghe slipped off her finger and into the grate. the coupl asked the officers for help. it was too dark though. the officers came back later and
5:56 am
found the ring and say it was all apart ofb.he >> being able to return sentimental item like that, to them it's a big deal. >> one problem solved but there was another. the couple didn't leave their names with the officers. they posd their picture on social media, hoping to track them down they didthat. the couple went back to england. >> maybe they were just so frazelled they forgfra frazzeled they forgot the at infon. >> amazon checking out it'ssh rless checkout technology for other stores. the technology is already in place at 7 amazon go convenience stores inat e, chicago and san francisco, but they're small. fewer than 2500 square feet. in a larger format it could
5:57 am
challenge the brick and mortar retailers already struggling to keep up with the e-commerce apolog gian >> thanks. we'll come back with more ws, we'll come back with more ws, weathener
5:58 am
we'll come back with more ws, weathener (music throughout)
5:59 am
i hope and i y bet do too that our children can grow up knowing what freedom reallyis. >> i come before you and assume the presidency at a moment rich with promise. >> i just want to get up into
6:00 am
heaven and i don't get there by bragging on . my mother told me that yearsag >> remembering george h.w. bush, the former president, navy veteran, and father of six children passey a on friday. today his body will arrive at the u.s.apol where he will lie in state and america will have a chance to pay its respects. good morning, everyone. >> it is 6:00 a.m. now and in just a matter of hours president bush's body will arrivet joint base andrews and then be taken to the u.s. capitol. this morning he rests in houston. this photo was taken late last night. his svice dog resting in front of his casket. we have complete coverage of the death of president bush and how he will be rememberednd today laid to rest this week. >> melissa is standing by with a check of the roads and rails, but chuck bell says enjoy this weather whilee


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