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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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foer president george h.w. bush arrived in washington for the last time today in air force one. >> his flag-draped coffin made its way to the capitol where he will lie instate. a state funeral. later this week at the national cathedral. >> tens of thousands of people from all walks of life will pay their respects and honor a m who dedicated his life.
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we begin with jay gray, the history, the pomp and circumstance to remember an american hero. >> reporter: acrs the country, thousands stopped to say goodbye. >> it's very sad. he was a great man and we loved him. >> reporter: more than 100 stding solemnly at ellington field as george h.w. bush, the aircraft s renamed thecial trip in only had of the 41st president. he travels to washington for the last time. dignitaries including vice president mik pence paying respects during the brief cemony in the rotunda. >> we thank you for sharing this special man with our nation and the world. >> reporter: where thousands are expected to gather to say goodbye. >> he helped aot of people. d he was a wonderful man. >> reporter: mournlers celebrating almost 70 years of ascrifice and dedication to the
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country. fighter pilot shot down during world war ii, a congressman, ambassador to the united rtions, direc of the cia, vice president, then president, and oute of office championed a host charible causes until his final few years when illness confined president bush to a wheelchair and his final thoughts. >> i used to worry about death. i don't i have a fee there's an afterlife and i think it is a good one. >> welldeserved. a cornerstone of civility and politics manyear isow gone with his passing. jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> the motorcade left joint base andrews. with military precision mad its way to the capitol. people lining the route to payt r respects to the former president. "hail to the chief" played.
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there was a 21-gun salute as his casket entered the rotunda. thousands will pay their respects through wednesday. meagan? >> reporter: we have folks here from all across the country. even across the world. just behind me, i've been talking to folks from connecticut, louisiana, i michigan, and want to pan down to give you an idea. you can see the fol ctinue to come. this line hasrown significantly. now a live picture of the capitol rotund this is where they want to go. they want to pay their last respects to our 41st prsoident. the r for being here are deeply personal. george h.w. bush was a man many say transcended party lines. >> i am here to honor his
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memory. and i think of him as a gentleman statesman. w unliket we see today. >> reporter: people are here outside the capitol waiting to pay their respects to our 41st president. this man i from albania. >>e know about president bush and we would like to see the ceremony, to pay our respects. >> reporter: the reason to see president bush one last time as he lies in state are uniquely irsonal. >> when i was elementary school, my first time t tt i wrot a president was george bush. and he sent me o a picture him and his wife. >> when i look at george bush, i don't see party. i see a greatas leader who kind and respectful and i think that's what a strong leader is. >> reporter: nancy claire made sure she was the first person in line when the gates opened at 7:30 for the public viewing.
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>> afterring president bush had died, we definitely wanted to stay here. we canceled ourlans to go home. we'll go home tomorrow. >> reporter: sure it was a ic sacr but it pales in comparison to th sacrifices president bush made for our country. >> it is an honor to pay our respects to such a great man.ep >> rter: and we are just a little more than an hour away before these gates open. at 7:30. where they'll be able to make their waynt the rotunda. the public viewi will go until wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. >> it looks like a very friendly and social line. it looks like people are talking and getting to know each othe and we love the story of nancy. good for her. od for her. >> she's still out here. she'oo in spirits. we might be able to zoom in.
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she's at the front. and that was the flavor of it. she is laughing and smiling with the people in line. >> exactly. it really reflects the man. >> it marks days of remembrances. president bush will be lying in state. he is only the 32nd person to ever receive this honor. the public will be aowed inside just over an hour from now. hang if there, nancy, and will be allowed in there wednesday morning. that's when the focus will shift and thousandsill be lining up at national cathedral. the federal govnment will be closed on wednesday. it will be a national day of mourning. the late former president will leave washington after that service at the national rthedral. anotervice is set for
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thursday morning in houston. then his casket will be transferred by train to thepr idential library. the trip to college station is about 70 miles. mr. bus will be buried alongside barbara,nd their daughter who died from lou keep what in 1953. her remains were originall interred in connecticut where her grand parents are buried. >> the president had been using a service dog named sully since june. and sully has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple days. he accompanied the bush family in washington. people have been struck by an t.age of last ni sully lying on the floor in front of the former president's casket. the 2-year-old yellow lab was trained by a group called america's vet dogs. and after the holidays, sully will get a new mission working
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with wounded service members at walter reedrn medical glelt bethesda. and yes, the dog is named after the pilot who safelyde lan the flight over the hudson river in 2009. >> the late president's love of sports and the outdoors became well known in washington and his passions were a match for our own jim vance who died last year. if you haven't seen what happened the time they went fishing, weonvite you watch that report on our nbc washington app. vance called it a s mcialent in his life and he had a fabulous time. and barbara harrison first met president bush in 1980 and she is also sharing her memories in a report you will find on that app. turning to the weather, the temperatures soared into the 60s. >> but cold air is moving back in. doug? >> we've g the cold air as we
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make our way through the next couple days. we're talking allcold. 62 degrees earlier. we are seeing the wind t shift 20, 25 miles an hour. only in the 30s to the north and the colder air is sinking this afternoon and again tonight, right into the day tomorrow. omeellite and radar showing rain and snow back to the northwest. this is a system trying to move our way. once it crosses the mountains, it will dry. we're notec eng anything from this. we do have a chance of some flurries on wednesday. much colder tomorrow. you'll need the coats. a chance of flurries wednesday r storm yes, a big possible for the weekend. i'll give you my thoughts on that. a lot of people talking about big snow for the weekend. wait until you hear what i have to say in about ten minutes.
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. ok we'll wait for that. one minute a womanin is dre of being a beautician and the next moment her family is planning her funeral. >> reporter: at the place where she lived, at the place where she worked, family members gathered today, mourning the loss of nya howard renynolds. they wt to know. >> i want to know what happened. i want answers and i want justice. >> reporter: nya howard reynolds was into beauty in a big way. she worked at a doughnut shop in the morning anded studi in the afternoon to make d heram come true. last friday night it all came to an end. she was murdered inside this house in southeast. shot in the neck.
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nya was just 19 years old. she lived with one of her aunts. she went to vis her friend. a short time later, she was dead. >> she h the sweetest spirit. people would take advantage of her. >> reporter: so far, no motive, no suspect in this case. pat collins, news4. a wild morning. christopher jordan witnessed a hit and run. jordan then maneuvered his vehicle to keep the driver at the scene. that driver identified, sped up, drove toward him, accordi to police as he was getting out of his vehicle. office jordan fell on to the hood of holly's vehicle.
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and then held on for about a mile. as she continu on the interstate. and he was talking to maryland state police on his radio at the time. he was holding on. eventually he fell off the hood and holly was taken into custody a short time later. office jordan, by the way, not injured. up next, president trump's tirade oner twi over the russia investigation. and our i-team is revealing how many times a day people are cheating the system and the imct it could be having on your ride. >> for t redskins to stay in a playoff position. us more coverage of president bush's life and lecy. momentsago, he was remembered as the man who never failed to answer the call t serve his
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december 5th has been declared a national day of mourning. the federal government will be closed and guests will gather at the national cathedral. he was a faithful episcopalian. all the readings were chosen by the bush family. former president george w. bush ntll eulogiz his father. meanwhile, presirump is touting the benefits of the temporary cease fire with china. some say it is too early to celebrate. >> repor trump claiming victory. a temrary cease fire in the trade war with china. on twitter saying he struck a deal with china, claiming
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farmers will see big and fast benefits, and that china has agreed to reduce tariffs on u.s. cars. so far no such statement from china. the g-20eeting between president trump and president xi only yielding ame frk few details. a0 day truce to work out details. the u.s. agreeing tonight raise tariffs on chinese goods. >> i think it was ver effective. > there is no official deal here. what it is is a pause that has broken out between these two countrs. that i a positive for financial markets and for people in busiss around the country. >> reporter: part of that deal could be making fentanyl a controll substance. meanwhile, in a flurry of tweets targeting his former attorney, michael cohen, and special counsel, robert mueller. >> i thi the president seems to be incredibly nervous about the status of the investigation.
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when you look at all the people around him cooperating, that makes him nervous. t andnk he is nervous that others in his orbit could start to cooperate. >> he is confident he will serve a full and complete senten. now to the shutdown showdown. the funeral of george h.w. bush has delayed it. the president is demanding money to fund his border wall waso expected discuss that topic with house minority leader nancy pelosi and chuckch ser before friday's deadline. now it appears they will pass a short term spending bill and push the full fight on the wall to later this month. a d.c. middle school goes on lockdown after a gun is found o. camp a student had a .22 caliber handgun and threatened somebody
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in the school with it. the school told news4, once t ty wed about it, they called police and the school went into lockdown. nobon could get or out of the buding. the 14-year-old student allegedly pointed the gun at somebody and that if yl t anybody, i'll shoot you. after doing a full sweep othe building, police found gun and arrested thatstudent. thanks. d.c. public schoolsow have a permanent leader. amark segraves spoke to her. oshe is takingr a school system that has had several high profiletr cersies of late. >> reporter: after a simonth search -- >> he presesith a long record of success. heuses on some of the issue
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that are very critical to dcps at this time. >> he has been very critical of the schools since 2014. he does have a local he got his masters at george washington university. he becomes the third person named by bowser to run her first two choices resigned and have come under scrutiny for how some students were given presidential treatment when it came to enrollment. while he is familiar with the school s'syst problems, he knows it is a school system that dyhao s haen a victory. >> we have a strong foundation we can build on.
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>> reporte up next, we're wpoching the tential for a winter orm. doug is watching the timing and the impact. coming up, our i-team report. metro's growing fare cheating problem. problem. we've shown you how o
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we had a beautiful december day today. >> you're saying the words we don't like to hear. a winteray storm this weekend? >> yeah. today was like the first of november as far as averages and by tomorrow, it will be like th first of january. if you liked today, yeah, it's going to be colder rrto. it was really tasplar. 51 degrees, dropping into the 40s by 7:00, 8:00 down to 44 and chilly. have sustain winds gusting to 15, even 20 miles an hour. 47 in rockville.
6:25 pm
46 in gaithersburg. 57 in manassas. it was still 61degrees. as far as rainnd snow, not around our area now but youav don't to go too far to the west to sit ev into west virginia, snow shoe, west virginia, has been getting some pretty good snow in that area. fo us, all of this will move across the mountains and dry out. we do get on the cold side. no windchill in our area. the colder air continuing to make its way across our region. that means we are in for a cold day tomorrow.
6:26 pm
today was much hightni r. 41 at the us about stop tomorrow. 42 by afternoon. temperatures not moving much. the temperatures will be falling. winds gusting 10 to 20 miles an hour. 30 and a chance of snow flurries wednesday. thuray and friday, some sunshine there. but that leads into thean weeke we're talking about a possible snowstorm. we'll talk much more abo that. >> we have to keep waiting, i guess. >> we have to keep waiting, i guess. >> still ahead, a fitting remember the you'd to life dedicated to service. >> president george h.w. bush's at the ying in state capitol rotunda.oo we'll l at how he is being honored. cheating the system. thousands of fare jumpers this alone. see how much they are costing all of us.
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a live look once again
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inside the rotunda. former president george h.w. bush's casket there. the public can visit and pay its respects. this afternoon the plane carrying the body of the nation's 41st president landed at joint base andrews. >> the motorcade made a solemn trip through the sdistrict. ll ceremony followed by partisan. >> larry hogan, d.c. mayor m murielbowser. >> meagan fitzgerald has been speaking with people all over the country. >> meagan? >> albanian.
6:31 pm
we know about psident bush. and we would like to see the ceremony to pay o respects. >> when i was inta elemen, the first time i wrote to a president was george bush. he st me a picture of him and his wife. he was the first president that i was raised with. so it is sad. >> i'm here today to honor his memory. and i think of him as a gentleman statesman. unlike what we see today. >> he grew up in a generation of respect for all people. >> it is an honor to pay our respects to such a great man. >> reporter: i want to give you a live look inside.
6:32 pm
asthis is wheres of people will be entering. n just about hour. beer an hour i want to go back. the crowd, the energy out here is very different. people are smiling. i asked people why? why this mood? and they said because to live to be4 years old is asi bles. we are grateful for the opportunity to be here, to wish hi our final respects and to say goodbye. i thought it was such great point. certainly a different veeb out here. >> thank you. the1st annual kennedy center honor celebrated the arts last night and it included a remember the you'd to the late foe er geow. bush. it began with a standing ovation. some artists expressed a persal connection they felt with the former president. >> he was a real gamerican. thatest generation. he was kind. i felt that hise intentions w
6:33 pm
good even if i didn't agree with everything he did. >> he envitd us to the white house with our 8-year-old son. he spent 45 minutes with us talking. >> many other artists remembered mr. bush as a man of uncommon decency and generosity. remember to stay for our continuing coverage to hear about the life of our 41stid prt. we have a list of road closures. all on nbc >> it is a new era. mark elrich was sworn in. today during his inauguration speech he reiterated his commitment. he is proposing a study to look at how the business climate stacks up.
6:34 pm
he w to expand early childhood education. so didhell new democratic montgomery county council. always new era in prince george's county. today, the o kh fort on executive. tracee wilkins sat down with her. she calls herself the county's top optimist. >> execute the office of county ecutive for prince george's un , maryland. ♪ it is well >> tod it felt more like church revival than political pomp and nycere >> she moved the don't executive and the county itself.
6:35 pm
out of publiru cion schemes, crime and slowdowns. >> thank you from the very bottom of my heart. >> prince george's, the most affluent dominant african-american county, has action pleasured. >> we lost track of how valuable we are, how capable we are, how strong we are. am so proud to declare etoday. thaton't need to compare ourselves with anyone. we are a model for others. today, the address made a clarification for d.c. and the perception. >> today, she addressed the folks of prince george's county with a sense of optimism, saying the cone's greatness does not lie ahead of it but is already
6:36 pm
happening now. >> a christmas miracle. the surprise donation that's helping to keep a c localholic school open. >> andin trackg yr children. how many time they should be spending on those digital devices a day. the temperatures going down. we'reracking a winter storm that's possible to hit our region this weekend. a big storm for some. i'll tell you where the bt
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games and other gadgets. they do not provide children in with raction which is so important. they suggest parents limit screen time less than an hour a day for children 2 or younger. so what should you buy instead? pediatricians encourage buying toys that involveiment action. >> baby beeoomer toys. with a six-figure deficit threatening its existence, the future of the catholic school seemed grim. >> two weeks ago i opened a lever and w there a check from an anonymous donor for $200,000. >> so it is more than enough to keep it open next year.
6:40 pm
>> the belief in someone seeing that we have a special mission to help connue catholic education for our stunts in this community is unmatched. emso grateful that we can continue. >> thanks in large part for what the school is calling its angel donor. holy family has raised more than a quarter of a million dlars in the last six weeks. riders cheating metrond riders cheating metrond right in front of the james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle.
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happens every day, even every hour. metro riders not paying their fairshare. plan to decriminalize cheating the fare on metrobus and metro rail. >> if this is approved, people who do sneak on for free could still face a fine but no lger a criminal charge or any time in jail. >> the debate o this has been heated. are evasion rampant and it might now beos ible to stop. e seemingly even more ways to cheat. we saw the slide between, the stepover,he sneak behind, the
6:44 pm
itke lift, even the high jump. some smooth landings. some not so much. >> some are very blatant. they just leap rig over. >> it comes in all shapes and sizes but it happens every day. >> in the weeks before the vote scheduled to decriminalize it, the news4 i-team took our cameras underground and we watched this series of fare cheats one a the other over the other. this was just over six minutes. a secre fare cheating hot spot. the elevator line. >> you can't just put an office 24/7 are >> people have learned to bypass it. that elevator is one of tho that they do every day. >> so far in 2018, more than 1,300 people have been caugh riding without paying their fare
6:45 pm
the gallery place stion. >> fare evasion isn't limited to rail stations. it is also rampant on the bus routes. near50,000 times a day. the i-team on the 92 bus route and the w-4, nearly one in three riders cheated. didn't pay their fare this year. nearly 1 million peoe total. >> this is in four years. it has been a criminal charge 40 years. it is not the deterre that they want you to think. >> the ability to lock f upr evaders hasn't stopped or even slowed people. >> criminal e charges up impacting jobs, housing, education for the rest their lives. sothe end of the day, this is about fairness.
6:46 pm
>> others saying financial penalties, fines,fi could stille levied. >> if you decriminalize it, we could bet that it will only go up. >> but metro says it sends a dangerous message. >> it is unfare to people who are paying daily. >> so the neighborhood advisory commissioner who says decriminalization could embolden people. >> the taxpayers will foot the .ill for th >> in the meantime, what does metro do? >> weve can't fathom it. >> the police chief says all 400 officers are on the lookout but they can't be watching all buses, even the hot spots, at all times. changes to the size or height of theates would require federal apheoval. so wther criminal or not,
6:47 pm
metro faces a high bar to stop fare cheaters to continue to slip, slide and skate by. >> metro transit police say decriminalization would prevent them from running fair background checks. head to our nbc thi app to seeas police that were solved after stopping fare evader >> it is harder to do that when you're wearing a big puffy coat. i have a feeling they'll be very close to that in the next few >> you didn't have to wear a lot out there today. it was really nice. walk out there and it's sunshine. >> the next couple days, guess what. the cold air is coming from the north, moving to the south. a high of 62 today.
6:48 pm
65 down there toward patuxent river. it was beautiful across the region. the we understand out of the north, 15 miles it will make it feel a lot cooler. alreadyhento mid 40s. 46 degrees around gaithersburg. so it is a cool night. it will be on the chill side and quite cold tomorrow. the temperatures will fall throug the early morning hours. the temperatures will ben the ld side. there's no rain or snow to talk we have clear skies. a few clouds. mid to hh level clouds ahead of the storm system. this storm system in the upper levels of the atmosphere, coming do across this region. as this moves in, this hits the
6:49 pm
mountains and really just dries out. makesl all dry out as it its way. so no rain or snow here. around pittsburgh, seeing some rain/snow mix. notice windchill. 51 in d.c. 33, state college. but 23, back toward pittsburgh. 26 in buffalo. that colder air making its way across the area. it will be much cooler tomorrow and windchis will be major factor. take a look. 33, d.c. below freezing to the rth. and watch this. the winds will increase in intensity. it will only be 29 in winchester. we're not getting out of the 30s all day as far as the windchill is concerned. when you think of 62 for a high. 32.hersburg only at you'll need a coat out there for sure for the kids. breezy and cold, mostly sunny
6:50 pm
skies. windchill tloorks to 38 degrees. it will be on the cold side. you'll not only need to go for the gloves and hat. we're talking about a nip in the r. on wednesday, to 40 degrees. a chance for flurries. a chance for flurries. thursday and friday, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. then to the weekend. a lot ofalk about the storm system making its way in. there is a very gd chance o a storm. what will it be doing? all the computer models still varied. this is a system i've shown you. and courtesy ofl nino, those two things coming together, fazing around our fair and moving in to produce a big snowstorm.
6:51 pm
i don't think that will happen. the cold air will be there. the phase will not occur. justo as far as enoughe south and moving out to sea. most likely that puts it around roanoke, richmond. for us,l where w this end up? ould we still see snow in the area? this is something we're tracking for you. most of this m esout. there is still a storm. we'll be tracking this all week. if you're hoping for snow, i've got you vered. >> team face yes rk. coming up, we headive to philly. the players areac aking a big the players areac aking a big
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a huge game with a division riva >> yes. we'll begin with sheree in philadelphia. the skins versus the eagles >> reporter: yes, we are here at lincoln financial field and it is cold. vernon davis came out tonight to warm up. i said doesn't it feel like playoff football and he id yeah. there are playoff implications on the line but aeal opportunity to tea a struggling eagles team. the redskins trying to snap a two-game losing streak and remain in that second wild card spot. sure, it is easy to point out the prime time struggleike the 2-14 record. including the loss last year but it is what happens tonight that thcounts. give us the scouting report
6:56 pm
on both sides of the ball. it islose to 100 bined back field. the defense to the run. we have to do what we do. be get it out front. >> zach ertz is doing quite a job. 8 out of 10. year they can lock in and get theirmoney. a mixed bag. two touchdown passes but three interceptions.
6:57 pm
the one win with mccoy as the starting qb against dallas. as to what he needs to dot. tonigh i really need to focus on the home plan. whense opportunities presentlv thes, for me, is this a chance i want to take here? it is not about me.ur it is team and it is us as ap gr going out and executing a game plan against the defending champs. we know them. we hav to be onur ps and qs. back to you.
6:58 pm
thanks. i hope you can bring us back some cheese steaks. that would be great. >> let's goalk a little hockey. i have a three-word theory it's w to the capitals became the first team on blow a four-goal lead at home. theap back home for the first time since winning thetanley cup. perhaps they were busyng thinki about all the cirque du soleil shows they would catch. or may be they were thi ing about this scene. pure julation. today t caps back on the same ice. just being in the building has brought a lot of memories back. that game tomorrow. >> it brings back memories for us.
6:59 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. thanyou for joining us. ♪ >> thank you. thanyou for joining us. convention says blindness is only in the eyes. but we say conventional thinking is blinding us. at upmc, we look through the eyes and into the mind for solutions to blindness. with that kind of thinking, an irreversible condition can become history. we are uncommon to the core. we are upmc.
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tonight from washington the 41st president of the united states now lying in state at the try for an american hero. the extraordinary tribute unfolding now for george h.w. bush. tonight, we're live at sohe capitol. onight, lock him up, president trump unloads on his former lawyer calling for the judge to throw the book at michael roger stone.aising critics say it's potential obstruction of justice. horror on the highway, a bus packed with children returning from a championship game suddenlyrt


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