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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> she's very talented, very smart, very k.qu >> the long process ahead and who could be out. next. plus a young father murdered while showing a model home in maryland. now we know why. first a 4:00, a local family turning their tragedy in something positive. i'm pat wson muse. >> you may remember this ymang behind us here. ashanti was foundde. she is from prince george's county. >> this afternoon a major step forward to protect missing people. tracee wilkins talkedo her parents today. >> reporter: now a bill isy quicaking its way through congress to change it.
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and it is named in honor of ashanti, the woman abducted and killed. she was abducted fromif a f base in hampton roads, virginia, her body discovered weeks later behind a north carolina church. airing brown, a navy veteran was charged with her murder. the act is designed to help adults between ages of 19 and 65 who are taken against their will. it passed unanimously yesterday. her mother and father spoke about the legislation in a remote interview from the capitol. her mom discussed what the alert meant for her dau ater other potential victims. >> through this alert, this apps legislation, her legacy will live on. she will continue to help others. hopefully bring them hom safely. it's too late for our daughter. but she can help people from this point forwar it means a lot.
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>> the act already passed in the house but now with the new language in the senate, it expected to make its way back. her mom says the next step will be to focus on aat foun to help families with missing loved ones. >> we have learned a 20-year-old woman was killed in alendria. clu police are out looking for clues. she died at the hospital. no word yet on who police think isponsible for her death. >> we are alsoepollowing repts of a sexual assault on a school bus. the 12-year-old boy charged with attacking two girls. the children involved are all schools of camelot element. last month two girls told their rents a boy touched them inappropriately on a public school bus. the boy wasaken into custody today and he's been charged as a
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juvenile. this afternoon, he's back home with his parents. breaking now from wall street, stocks continuing their brutal stretch of decline. the dow jones industrial average closing with a loss of more than 500.poin it close out what has been a week of steep losses. not good news for your 401(k). much of the spinoff triggered by growing worries over a tra war with china. now to charlottesville, jurors are deliberating the state of an accused white supremacist charged with murder. >> the suspect said he hit the gas in fear. >> jurors have been deliberating more than six hours and so far the only break is to step out a while ago to get some freshr. the critical question for t jury, didames fields dri into the crowd to kill or did he
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act out of fear? prosecutors say he men to do arm and they are loong for a first-degree murder verdict. thept clashes erued between the unite theight others. but fields sat in his dodge challenger, no one around the r, idling for a full minute, as he watched them come into view. he backed u to g a running star the violent clashes earlier in the day left him rattled. once he was alone, he feared he would be attacked. in addition to the murder charge, jurors can csider the lesser charges. he alsosfaces a of aggravated charges. news4. an arrest in murder of a young father and reale est
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sales rep. steven wilson was found shot toy death wedne night inside home in hanover. anneicrundel county p say it appears to have been a random robbery. 18-year-old dylan is charged with the murder. wilson is survived by a wife and two young daughters. a scare for some georges middle school students. two buses collided. they were school buses. 32 students walked the rest of the way to school. 19 others and one of the bus drivers went to the hospital. we're told no one is seriously injured. in charles county, some parents made an unexpected early trip to pick up their kids. a after threat to the school was found on social media. the principal did not cancel clas ps. still soments chose to take their kids home for the day.
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today they are saying that threats can lead to criminal charges. in actionss is back and it is a busy day. right now, james comey is on the hill. he is testifying behind close ors with two house committees. he was subpoenaed to talk aboutc theions made during the 2016 presidential election. isthey have argued dns were biased against the then candidate donald reans have agreed the release the transcript. that was just onef the things happening today. the latest on a big staff shake-up at the white house. >> let's start with who could be in. he said he willomate william barr. he was the attory general for george h.w. bush.
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he will fill spot of matthew whittaker. the president will heather nauert who will replace kki haley. she is a former fox news reporter. >>xp the longted departure will occur in the days ahead for john kelly. and back tyou. amelia draper joins us to talk about how long the cold sticks around.
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it was a chilly day but at least we had beautiful sunshine for the day. >> it is chilly.s high temperatu only in the low 40s. and then of course, we have to talk aut that winter storm system. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. it is completely dry across our area but it could give us some parts of the area, maybe a glancing blow sunday night. i'll have more on the timing and if it has any impact at all. coming up aroun 4:15. >> today marks 77 years since the bombing on pearl harbor. at the world war ii memorial in washingtond.c., veterans joined together to mark the occasion.
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they laid wreaths to commemorate those killed in the attack on pearl harbor. none of these veterans with at iarl harbor when happened but they remember that day. some of them joined or were drafted shortly there after. >> i come here to pay tribute th al servicemen that i served with. officers and men of the town. i s mademany good friends. we did our part. >> the first pearl harbor remembrance day was observed in 1994. >> we are working for you. next, the scoop on theest free shipping deal. >> plus the deals that you have to hit to get your holay packages to their destinations on time. red carpet controversy. kevin hart not hosting the oscars anymore over offen tweets he posted years ago.
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the people are almost more upset with his new rction. wa want. and this little girl was killed on her way to the ice cream truck. the arrest was of darrise jeffers. at t liv whe idea was this?!
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the sun begins to set over the district. it will be another cold weekend. amelia is back with another big storm to the south of us and whathat will mean for us. two days after landing his dream gig, comedian kevin hart is giving it up. he came under fire for tweets he made several years t agot many saw as homophobic.d he s he is stepping down to not distract from the talented artists who will be celebrated this year. >> and just like that. it is december and holiday shopping is in full swin if you want to make sure your
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packages arrive before december 25th, consumer reporter susan hogan has some important dates to keep in mind. the clock, as you said, it is ticking down. the big one is december 14th. it is also the day dubbed free shipping day by thousands of retailers. ackages by day for fedex ground and home delivery services is december 17th. the last day to ship packages throh ups three-day service is dember 18th. with december 21st as the last day to ship next day. walmart is offering free two-day
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shipping with a minimum of a $35 rchase. and amazon hasn't officially released the holiday order deadline quite yet. but if you are a primemember, you get your free two-day shippi always, unless, if your order is being fulfilled by a third partyor ve make sure you check before clicking purchase. you don't want to be disappointed for sure. >> all right. good advice forsure. thee m stars for a restaurant's name, the better you should expect your dinner experience to be. now a new star system schools. >> the new idea behind the d.c. school report card is to offer parents and students the snap shot of private schools and charter schools. >> tools that our families can use.
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>> the assessment includes a star framework. star stand standing for school transparency. > we are particularly excited that we see schools earning four star ratings in every ward of our city. >> it comes in areas like teacher experien, available extracurricular activity, and transportation routes. it will help polic makers see what's working and what's not. >> for the lowestg perform of schools, we areoing to look at moying innovativect praes and engaging in strategies. >> they are calling for intervention at the bottom 5%. that includes public charter schools as >> schools that have a lot of kids proficient in september, they'll get four and five stars. schools that aren't will get one andwo stars. >> reporter: today is the first
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full dayf the system being up. and people are encouraged to attend the meeting from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. all right. amelia is here to talk about snow chances. if you are not snow lover, it looks like you win this one. >> yes. this sto system so close to our area, it does look to stay to the south. what i'm showing you are four different computer models. we look atpuifferent cr models and what hey'resaying. we want them on say something si lar. four four channels. we see all four kissing parts of southern maryland. if y're dow in roanoke, one model has snow, another has
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snow anoth has a wintry mix and another computer model has nothing. this is a tricky storm system to track. you can see in all of them, this is such an incredible s system. i put on the watches and warnings. and we're seeing alerts all t way from new mexico into texas and oklahoma. continuing east into north carolina. parts of south carolina and virginia. we're talking about snow ice, rain. it will be a mess out there in the southeast. up into parts of the mid-atlantic you want to stay tuned to the forecast. especially if you'reli tra to western north carolina or virginia. we continue to tumble.
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i think we'll have clouds throughout the day as the storm system starts to move into the area. stayg for the most part to our south. but notice, this is sunday. 8:00 a.m. the clouds down southe of district by noon. we're still dry. but mostly cloudy skies across the area. d notice, 7:00 p.m. the new run has just come in. any wintry mix to the south. i might see a wintry mix in southern maryland. for the most part, it lks to stay completely dry. it is lookinging like a long shot. i haven't moved it to 0%. about a 30% chance of snow sunday night into early monday. it will be a w, maybe moderate
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impact. i'm going to have much more in the southern zone. what you can anticipate sunday night coming up at 4:50. it is all about the temperatures. it is staying cold through the weekend. mid 40s ohere on wednesday and thursday. this is the rain in the forecast. not just showers. >> i'm going to have much more on this winter storm coming up at 4:50. >> a traffic nightmare shaping up. >> we'll show you how to get along the roadblock. from the white house to your house, how to get th house, how to get th presidenatti
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work. last weekendt snarled traffic. e.y bridge might be your best alternate ro >> so you can spice up your ofiday decor with a lot things you have lying around the house. we join heather cooper. they have four great ways toen heigour holiday cheer. >> how is it going? we have quite a fun tree in front of us. white house trees to make it fo 1 aye a few cw w extra things on give it volume and to really make it sparkle and shine. for ce this started out as a regular green tree. lovely on its own. all did i was add a little spark well these silver leaves and a little bit of ribbon. if i "hannithand you a piece, y see anyone can do it. you just need two loops. one loop.
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you can add a second. you can tie it off with wire. >> why do you need wire? >> wire is very important. when we want to makee a t look beautiful, wire holds the integrity of everything together. it holds the ornaments in place. if you have a live tree, the branches ten to wilt and fall l kitties or doggies at home that like to bat around the ornaments, the wire helps them stay longer. so this really plumps it up. >> and you have ways to monitor the kids' height. >> so i thought of this great idea. i wh moved, i had my children's heights written in the walls for allhose years. am i going to carve a slice of my drywall out? or do something else? so i tught of making these garlands. my children are older now. if you were tout start with
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the length of your child as a baby by using pompoms and stringing them on yarn, or any cute little thing and add them as they get older, you can mark th off year one, year two, year three. eventually you get longer ones. you can start with a pre made garland which is decot and it add them together. >> and you suggest digging out the wedding p you never use and making them holiday festiv >> first of all, this year, lots of sparkle. metallic trees are back. you might have cdlestick holders that you never use. take a few fun ornamen are big and beautiful or very special to you. and place them to a candlestick holder. use them as a center piece. >> and you brought this in too. >> this was a littlecr y. but imagine if you have a house.g fixture in your it can be a beautiful focal yo
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focal point on your home. >> thank you. moref this. >> i would love to see christmas at your house. >> i have 14 trees. i do. i have 14 trees. >> thank you so much. a cold night ahead as we take a live look outside. we won't shake this winter chill for the eire weekend. new reaction as we
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here's a look at the week at the capitol. the ending was theormer fbi director getting a marathon grilling from republican lawmakers. all of this ashe president made new picks. >> and more court documents in the russia i john kelly's time at the white house may be coming to an end.
4:31 pm
jennifer? >> the't president w a twitter storm today about the russia investigation. and as you mentioned,e names his next pick for the attorney general job. >>hanges in the administration as president trump nominates william barr to be the next attorney general. he served in the same post under president bush. .> he was my first choi >> democrats were concerned, nancy pelosi accusing barr of trying to weaken the russiave igation. also nominating heather nauert, former fox news reporter. new sources telling nbc news, john kelly's departure is imminent. no comment on that. president trump went on a pre dawn twitter tirade saying robert mueller and leaking lyin' james comey are best friends.
4:32 pm
>> and detailing forme trump lawyer michael hen's help in the probe and what m ledller to cancel a cooperation deal with pl manafort? so special counsel has promised to detail his crimes and lies. not just lies about peripheral matters. lies about things that are material to thest inveigation. >> the president's tweets also . >> i think mr. tru is seeing more and more of the walls is why in on him whi he is becoming increasingly desperate. >> james comey had a closed door interview demanded by republican who's are accusing the fbi of bias against candidate donald trump has a possible tie to russia. we don't know what mueller has filed with the court. the predent signed spending bill will keep the government open until december 21st. that will set up a pre christmas showdown over funding for the border awall.
4:33 pm
busy day on capitol hill. back to you. we've got an update on a scary accident. tonight we're learning the man hit by a cruiser is still fighting for his life in theit ho but is expected to survive. officers say he was on routine patrol when he hit the 21-yr-old ron zamos last night. he was not walking in the crosswalk at the time of the cr now an update to a story you'll see only on news4. we told you yesterday d.c. couples of having trouble getting social security numbers for their newborn. >> heather has been waiting for her daughter's social media number for more than two months after giving birt she used the courtesy to new parents to start the process.
4:34 pm
there is current lay glitch in the system.he >> fact it hasn't been resolved is very annong. >> it has affected all hospitals where the service was offered. even for babies, a social security number is vital. she needed to it add bailey to her insurance. >> it is not just a social security card. it is not what you do at the end of your life. it is an identification for everybody. >> the social security administration said togethere w working to resolve the electronic transmission of birth information to eanimal rate their newborns. there's no word on when the problem will be fixed. news4. i just heard back. here's what they told me in a statement. first we want to resure parents that the children's personal information is safe uponearning of this issue. we immediately notified the d.c.
4:35 pm
hospitals and reached out to ssa and continue to workve the res this situation. >> they're working on it. >> if you need to get a card for your newborn, you can goe directly to social security office. thank you. we are helping you this holiday season. next, the do's and don't's of following with your pets. plus, dramatic new video of flooding rescues. all this water from the same system h cdedse to us for the weekend. i'm tracking this storm system to storm team 4. i'm going to break down what you can expect for the weekend zone can expect for the weekend zone you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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them sleep there ahead of time instead of the day you're going to leave. it can be really helpful on planes,rains and cars. and you can put it in your family's house so your pet has somewhere nice and familiar to hang out. >> and make sure t ify need any medicine, make sure you have that before you leave. >> yes. have your check list. >> and always bring their own food. you don't want to be switching up the diet when you're on the road. thank you for coming in from the humane society live. you can go to their website to find out how you can document a dog just like this. >> it is tnow living coral has chosen as the 2019 color of the year. pantone is a forrofit
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here are your big headlines. d.c. police have announced a seventh arrest in the shooting of makiyah wilson. the latest person arrested is ay-year-old darrise jeffers. and two ds after a real e state agent was found, police say steven wilson w killed i what appears to be a random robbery. president trump has named heather nauert to be the.n. ambassador. a major winter storm is winding up.
4:46 pm
>> parts of virgia and the carolinas could get heavy snow. >> snow clouds are ready and supplies are dippearing from shelves as they brace for a rare december winter storm. >> this is the storm that you usually think about. here we are, december 7th and we're talking abo foot of snow in many parts of the state. heavy accumulations expected in north carolina a virginia. and be prepared to stay put when the storms roll in and the roads are slick. >> reporter: trimming and cutting down treesldhat c cut power lines. from coast to coast, millions are affected by flood watches or winter weather advisories.
4:47 pm
rain in california has caused mud slides. heavy rain in texas where water is being released from lake hoipton in antion of flooding. as much as ten inches of rain is aspected in some a as the storm pushes across the southeast. many residents are welcoming in. >> a chance to go sledding, have some hot cocoa. >> and the official start of winter is still two weeks away. >> and that system is headed this way. >> but it is going on miss us. > you think, they're further south. it will be warmer. not thecase. asheville, north carolina, could see a foot, maybe more of snow. even northern south carolina
4:48 pm
seeing some winte storm warnings here. just about the cold this weekend and some clouds from that storm system on sunday. so it is like talking a lot about nothing. >> it is not only cold thisek d but into next week as well. high temperatures running about 5 to 10 degrees below normal. it is an evolving storm. a perfect time download the app. we're seeing it in th apps well. now, next weekend i'm tracking the chance for rain. right now may be some heavy rain. we will be the wettest year on record. this is only about 10%.
4:49 pm
maybe a 10% chance of a few flurries. charlescounty, calvert county, fauquier county, maybe about a 20% chance for some flurries and lightnow overnight. maybe about a 30% chance for some light snow. if it even does materialize, it would be a slownt impact e sunday night. our temperatures are in the mid 30s to low 40s. thing in gaithersburg and 37 in reston. a perfect night for fire in the fireplace. we'll have a high of fro. a plunt day on sunday.
4:50 pm
maybe a few wks of sunshine during the morning hours and then mostly cloudy for the second half of the day with a high around 40 after starting off at 30 degrees. so here, t weather having a low impact on the weekend. if you're get getting your tree. and then the redskins kicking off at 1:00 p.m. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. i would recommend a hat and scarf. you have maybe a 20o 30% chance for some light snow sunday night. from about 5:00 p.m. with the cold, i've updated this. it i no longer the pumpkin spice lot. a large latte. the clouds especially on your sunday. monday and tuesday. we hav high temperature in the
4:51 pm
low 40s. we have highs in the mid 40s. we warm up a little. we have the chance foras rain freewaell as saturday. thank you. >> next, the booming local business inspired by thisman. >> anyone can paint. all you need is a dream in your art. >> we take you inside the virginia warehouse where they say they've got great christmas gifts. >> wendy and jim are in the newsrooms with wha new coming up. >> i remember him. so easy. hoax honoring the family of a local veteran. >> he wa known for love have country but he was really known for going all out during the holidays. but after his death, the family couldn't keep the tradition
4:52 pm
going. how they're helping to light up the holiday season. >> and we're following up a story. a young woman whoas killed on a popular trail. >> what we're learning about the crime and the victim. news4 at 5: starts in just a couple minute >> as.ll
4:53 pm
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>> we're talking about that calm soothingha voice helped so many people. pick up a paint brush. >> that ever green tree. >> just happy accidents, no mistakes. countless people watched him on pbs and now a new generation can watch him on youtube. and there are people carrying on his legacy right in our backyard. amy cho found out, he built a booming business. >> if'v y ever watched bob ross, you've heard his cool calm ways. is a number you can call to e learn more. so we wanted to meet tce v on the other end of the floor. >> thank you for calling. how may i help you? >> welcome.
4:57 pm
>> it turned out really good.e thrders are ready to go out. >> just a small team doing a very big job. >> shipping out supplies. >> we've got tons of dvds. >> the legacy lives on. >> when you tell them what you do, they think it is the coolest thing in the world. >> i love this. it isike a family. we all get along. >> we are building it from just our littl hands and feet. it is kind of magical comingve work day. that's kind of corny. >> and what they know surrounded by his original works. he and his videos have painted a picture of how to treat others. >> people don't realize, he was a wonderful person and you have
4:58 pm
to be that when you're representing what he did. so i think it makes you a better person. today. said they wish they >> he's become a mystical figure now. >> he died of cancer in 1995wi never k he would one day be a vital >> day, it he would have been so tickle d. >> tickled to know his colorful paintings are making the world a little brighter. >> news4. now, snow and wha you can expect. plus, a realnt estate a who was found murdered in a model home. what we're learning about a arrest in this case. and a veteran of three wars sxhxt a member of the revered
4:59 pm
tuskegee airman turns 99. >> how he's planning to celebrate the day. >> first at 5:00, an arrest two days after a real estate agent was found murdered inside a model home. >> the victim, a young father named steven wilson. e was found shot to death wednesday night in r.hano >> police were head to that puck is. >> police thought itould be tough to sell. 31 hours after the sales representative steven wilson was killed while working in this model home if hanover, maryland, police raided the windows and then located and arrested 18-year-old dylan in baltimore.
5:00 pm
>> thank you to the community for coming forward and giving us those puzzle pieces. >> they know family. >> they're verynice. they're a little leery with their kids. >> he was shot at about 5:00 p.m. his cell phone and laptop were stolen. within about a -h


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