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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 8, 2018 8:30am-9:01am EST

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i'm david culverg alongside goff. >> looking at 28 degrees, but it's colder in other spots. lauryn rickets is here to break everything noun including the talk of some snow. t> yeah. we're talking ab the snow we were ast weekend if you with u we thought maybe snow for this sunday. still a possibility, especiallye for our sou areas. let's go ahead and talk about the temperatures out there. it's going to be col enough to support snow. no snow out there today. in fact, we're going to bey out there today. you're waking up to temperatures in the teens and 20s. 19 in front royal. 28 in washington.t gaithersburg a 17 degrees. tch radar, not mu happening. we are dry across the gion, but then we head to the south. an area of low pressure forming off the eastern coast of texas. a lot of rain up into the region, especially through the deep south. sunshine. tomorrow snow south. dry monday and tuesday.
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we'll talk about wat neighborhoods break it down zone by zone. county by county. neighborhood by neighborhood. that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> we know a lot of people are interested in that. e'll check in with you then. this morning two people rushed the hospital after a horrific crash. this is in the district. >> it happened overght in southeast d.c. derck ward joi us live from the scene. >> reporter: we knowhere is an investigation. two people have been taken to the hospital. we're at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and southe avenue at the d.c. line. this is what's left of the scene. you can see me of the debris from the cars that we involved in the accident earlier this morning. see u go out this way, we some of the investigative marks that tell where the cars ended up. one of the cars ended up on the side up against this pole. take a look at the video. it was about 12:20 this mornin when th called in to d.c. police. two cars involved.
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as you se a horrific crash with one car ending up on the side. two people were taken to the hospital. we don't know their condition this point. we don't have any identifications on anyone involved in this accident. the investigators were here. it's moved onto another stage. we understand, again, that one car ended up on th. si the other car heavily damaged on the other side of the road. we'll have moren information o this as it becomes available. pennsylvania avenue was closed. there was one lane closed earlier. ou can see, it's reopened but the investigation continues. we're live in southeast, derri ward, news 4. thank you so much. deeloping this morning t california police officer hailed a hero during the borderline bar and grill shooting last month heparently died by friendly fire. sergeant was shot by a fellow officer during the bra barrage of bullets. he was one of 12 people killed on vember 7th when the gunman
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fired several round into a crowd. he was 54 years old and planned to retire from the force next year. we want to showou these images from charlottesville right nw. these are survivors of the deadly car attack from last year. they're celebrating the jury ns verdict agai james fields. jurors found t self-described neo-azi guilty of first degree murder along with nine other charges. we recl the horrifying images when he killed one and injured many others. >> julie kerry was there as victims honored the memory. >> repoer: they shouted when james fields rammed his car into heir group of counterdemon strayers killing heather hire. tonight in celebration of the verdict, in tribute to her, they retraced the path his car, t marchingthe very spot where she lost her life.
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to the spot where star evtersonson was badly injured. >> he will stop us. the fascists will never stop usl we ight in heather's memory until the day we die. >> reporter: james fields travelled to take part in the unite the right rally. t was after the clashes died down that he drove his car onto 4th street. he watched the counterdemonstra counterdemonstrat counterdemonstrators come into view and then took his path. the jury rejected the defense team's claim that he was fearful and it was self-defense. one of his victims' pelvis was >> could not be more ecstatic. they tried to throw out my case specifically, and i'm glad the jury saw through this. this is the best i've been in a year and a >> reporter:er survivor, ma marcus martin. this is him as he tumbled off
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the back to the street, his leg broken. for him, this guilty verdict means relief. >> justice is served today. i mean, my mom always used to tell me, make your bed out of hard rocks and one day you'll lay in it. i hope he's prepared for it. >> reporter: jurs will hear testimony in the sentencing phase of this trial monday when james fields fac a possibility of multiple life prison terms. in charlottesville, i'm julie kerry. new details about the cases about two men once close to president trump. court papersle fi yesterday by prosht mueller's team show paul manafort testified twice before a grand jury. but there's no information about what the gra jury's investigating. the documents al f showmanert lied when he told investigators he did not with the trump administration this year. a different court memo shows
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prosecutors recommended presint trump's former lawyer serve at least three years in prison. michael cohen plded guilty to plyin -- he admitted to violating campaign finance laws. d some of theocuments released sterday are heavily redacted to protect the ongoing russia investigation. >> that means that there are ongoing investigations, sensitive information that the mueller team does not want to p makelic right now. w >> cohenll be sentenced next week. manafort has to wait until march but prosecutors could retry him. >> i'm hearing we're getting new updatesa polic a 20-year-old woman was shot and killed near a popular park in alexandria. they found her yesterday morning along holmes run parkway. there was an arrest in this case a maryland man, william lateen is charged with the murder. we'll go to jackie bensen who has more from the neighborhood that is shocked byhe crime.
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>> i believe it's one of the most horrific things i can hear. it surprised me. it broke m heart. >> reporter: this man asked that we not show his face anda news that a young woman was murdered in his neighborhood is disturbing. >> we lve around wonderful people. it's a mixed honeighb. i couldn't even imagine something like that happening. >> reporte very little is known about how diamond moore came to be in this area. records connect to her an address a couple miles away. in march of 2017 two bodies of tar teenagers were fo d in art of holmes run fairfax county. this is the foth homicide i alexandria this year. in alexandria, jackie bensen, news 4. >> news 4 working for you with
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this traffic alert. if your weekends involve traveling over the memorial bridge, make other plans. it is closed this weekend. eclosure began at 9:00 last night. the bridge is going to remain shut do to all cars, cyclists, even pedestrians. it's not going to reopen until 5:00 in the morning on monday. crews are installing a temporary support structure under the middle arc of the bridge as part of the year's long repair project. all the redskins want for christmas is a new stadium. actually, they probably ant more than that. >> they would like a championship that would be nice. so the new stadium thingay happen if team management and lawmakers have their way. yo'll walk
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teaming up with d.c. officialsc ressional republicans and the white house to try to bring the team back to the district. according to "the washington post" the redskins are working ith officials to insert a stadium provisionto a major congressional spending bill. the provision could clear a roadblock to build a new stadium the rfk site. slipping that into the legislation could help avoid a debate about more uses for the coveted site. they fear the takeover house could sack the attempts to secure rfk. we reached out to the mayor and several council members, but we d not get a comment. the sun will be five more schools in arlington. there was an agreement signed to make this happen. right now discoveryislementary powered by is tsun. it creates me energy than the
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school uses. the excess goes back into the grid. >> we are going to be installing solar panelsat theew elementary school under construction, washington lee high school, kenmore middle school. the solar pow system does not just provide energy. they also serve as atehing tool. >> but the really neat thing is that that data is captured in an energy dashboard and then we can use that in real authentic learning situations. >> the deal gives arlington the largest arr of solar powered schools in northern virginia. we're hoping for a winter wonderland this weekend. some of us are. lauryn rickets is back in a few with who may see some of the flakes. and a special holidayreat for an area veteran. i loved this yesterday. we're going to share this storyh jd wit's so meaningfulust
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we have a couple of questions with what's going on over the next 48 hours. ow, for today early travel concerns around our area? no. if you're headed south to the deep south, possibly flying to atlanta, a lot of rain around that area from texas all the way up to the carolinas. now, do we have snow for us tomorrow? it looks like we could have
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some. t mainly going to stay south. any accumulations, if we do, they're on the litee. we'll show you that and if any warmups are coming up. we have one for next weekend. we'll talk about snow by neighborhood, break it down for you. that's in five minutes. >> all right. we have our basic live update and lots of questions about the snow. big debate. people want it and people don't> e'll have lauryn to ask some of those questions to. >> first responders swarmed this arlington home. u they gon the roof. they were all over the yard. they weren't there to investigate a crim >> they were there to say thank you for your service. >> the vaughn family's arlington home is getting decked out for the holidays. william vaughn started the over time his ten children chipping in. >> it brings us closer together in the. >> william's lifely fo remembering the festive mess.
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>> chstmas stuff all round. lights and all out here in the yard. yeah. >> reporter: married to william for more than 30 years, the couple endured a lot. his time to the armyent him to vietnam twice.ju returning inred but still tradition.s holiday >> he was just an amazing man. amazing. absolutely amazing. >> the last time william decorated the house was 20 years ago, just before he passed away: >> reporit's been too much work for the family to do without him until now. >> so this is just in memory of him and it's bringing back a lot of good memories. >> reporter: stepping up to deliver those warm memories, volunteers with decorate vet. strangers wanting to honor william and his family's service and sacrifice. first responders among them. >> it brings joy my heart. i love it. we're here not only to protect but to serve. g i think itd that we remember that. >> i'm shocked. i am really shocked. >> repter: at 84 salena was not sure she'd ever getto see
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her home decorated the way william did it. of camera her daughter had to explain why all these folks showed up. it's a lin to take >> i want to know what's going on. they love me. >> reporter: a community's family's servia to nation shown through chr >> really cool to see. just the community coming together, viously you saw firefighters there with arlington, the police department. several companies offered up some of their employees to help decoatte. >> and t kind of action is so contagious. it really does send a message into the community, and it warms the heart, especially around this year. especially when's ito cold outside. 48 degrees. there's a debate going on on our facebook live. everybody is like what's going on with nohe we got ethan who says are we ever -- it's like you can the rage.
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are we ever going to get a snow storm in montgomery coun? her people are like no snow. >> it's early. >> slow your role for a hot second. it is early december right now. >> because i'll bedi st out in that snow as soon as it comes. time. just take our >> did you just shut down ethan? >> i did. let's calm down a little bit. back it up. listen, we've got -- we've had snow storms in march over the last two let' down a little bit. >> it was april last year. we don't need that >> this is early. too early. i tell everybody, they're likee going to get snow? i hope not. fifecasting snow iscult around here as everybody knows. and there's a lot of work that goes into we've been wg this snow storm since last sunday. last saturday and sundays there little blip out there. i said we could get a good amount of snow.i not looking it for our area. i do believe a few flakes will be flying arond tomorrow for some people. as far as what's going on out
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ther a beautiful saturday informal we'll have sunshine out there. it's cold. temperatures are in the teens and 20s right now. 28 here in d.c. we still have temperatures in he teens. if you'readed to go get the tree, make sure your bundle up. it's going toe cold. it's going to be dry. any holiday parties, warm jacket. no problem geing around later tonight. no issues in terms of the ea er. redskins game, no issues. temperatures in the 30s to right around 40 degrees. as far as today's forecast, headed to right around 40. most are stopping in the 30s. plenty of sunshine out there. now, you can see we've got clear skies out there right now.e ve dry skies. a lot of rain to the south. high pressure over illinois.' going to continue to move toward pennsylvania as we head into the overnight and through the day morrow. now, focus your attention. look at this.ha there is a cutoff of precipitation. really stopping at memphis, going right alongne tee and
8:51 am
going down to portions of north carolina. this area of low pressure is goi move off the coast of the carolinas as high pressure o es. high is going to weaken a little bit and that's why i think we could have some snow around here. but it's going to take a little bit because that highhi p dry air into the place, suppressing the precipitation down to the south. as we go through the day, we're dry. clouds coming in overnight tonight. starts to change to snow.o north carna over the overnight area. tomorrow morning church and brunch, you're looking good. then as head through the afternoon, listen, this gets a little too close toomfort for me. i think as the high starts to weaken and this area of low pressure intensifies as it movee off oast of the carolinas, we could see light snow showers south of i-56 in virginia. south of route 50 in maryland. that's what we're looking at. if we're lucky, maybe an inch of snow in those areas. far as what we're talking about, if you're north of d.c., dry. we do have that mix sunday
8:52 am
afternoon, possibly into the overnight. i want to talk about these. the mountain zones. you could have snow showers south. it is going to be frigid in the shenandoah valley tomorrow. orange, culpeper, could have ap ing snow shower. low impact. for the greater washington area, plenty of clouds around tomorrow. just a small chance of a passing snow shower. this is the area that i'm concerned about. oh, it didn't go. through southern ericksburg, those are the areas that could have some light snow showers even some rain. but again, less than an inch if we see anything. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursd, dry. next chance of rain friday and . satur satur low 50sda b
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the time right now, 8:55. here are four things to know. a guilty verdict for the man charggh with plowing t a group of counterprotesters an killing a woman during a white supremacist rally in charlottesville last year. james fields was found guilty of ten criminal charges includdeg first ee murder. the virginia juror will e.convene monday for the sentencing ph two people hurt after this overnight crash happened on southern avenue at pennsylvania avenue. still no word on how the victims are doing at this hour. we'lupdate you in the nbc washington app.
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the memorial bridge iscl ed all weekend. it's part of the year's long repair project. it will reopen monday morning.rt papers filed yesterday by robert mueller's team show paul manafortestified twice before a grand jury and lied to federal investigators. a different memo shows prosecutors recommended michael cohen serve at least three years in prison. he pl lded guilty tong to congress and violating campaign finance laws. all right. you'll want to bundle up today, and some ofe you prepared to see flakes. >> yes. i didn't show you this earlier. our friends in southern n neck, i the northe think you're going to see snow as far southas leonard town. everybody is going to stay dry oday but areas south of route 50 in maryland could have a few light snow showers through
8:57 am
tomorrow evening. temperares in the 30s tomorrow. nothing to worry about today. sunshine. sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week with temperatures low to mid 40s and rain showers possible frida asaturday. we'll keep an eye on it for you. could creep north into the overnight. we'll have t latest tomorrow morning. i have a facebook live at 9:00. that's right. we'll turn this one off and let you bring yours on. go army. beat navy. >> go navy. >> i hado get t
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what's up redskins nation. well, the skins failed to get a win on the road and s now at six and six. now, the redskins are tied for second in the division but still have a chance to sneak i io the playof they get back to winning over the next four weeks. before we look forrd to the giants, let's take a brief look back at our performancen south nhiladelphia. >> we are set her philadelphia. big game for the skins tonight. no doubt about that. and this game is underway. colt mccoy under center. play action,


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