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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a devastated aunt grieves the loss of a young life cut short. >> all things that i've done in life, i should have been dead. my niece came and paid the price. >> a suspect is in custody.
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but the search for answers in this alexandria homicide continues. newro video north carolina that shows part of the winter storm headed our way. and storm team 4 has new information on the system that could affect you. >> news4 at 11:00, starts now. >> good evening. i'm air cal goales. a 20-year-old woman shot and killed in alexandria. tonight, her family wondering what s may have become. news4's darcy spencer spoo loved ones struggling to come to grips with this loss. >> reporter: this is diamond moore in her cap and gow on graduation day at will yams high school in alexandria. the family thought her future was full of limitless possibilities. but now they're imagine the future without her. >> do i want to talk? yeah, because i'm ma i'm real mad. i'm mad because this should not have >> reporter: diamond was found
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shot about 9:45 in the morning on friday here r on holmes parkway in alexandria. police made an arrest but n released details what led up to the shooting. > we want answers. we want somebody to tell us why she's gone. why? why she's gone. at was it all about. >> reporter: diamond's family believes the killing had something to do with a dispute she had with another female recently. the aunt says it was over something silly and shouldave never led to violence. police have not told us what they think led to the shooting. police have charged a 32-year-old man in connection with the killing. his name is william leighton charged with possessing a firearm while being a violent felon. >> reporter: diamond says god spared her life when she survived a crash about six months >> he allowed her to come back, but the devil came and stole
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diamond from us. >> reporter: darcy spebser, news 48. >> a live look at the capitol acnight. thimgs are to normal at the russell senatee off building after a small fire. d.c. fire first thought there was a watle . once they got inside, they found the sprinkle system had g off because of a small fire in the attic. the system put out the fire. it's unclear what caused it. fortunately noby was hurt. police had to block off the streets for some time. >> reporter: all right. the snow is coming. this timeow tomowe expect parts of southern virginia to get blanketed here in richmond. snow plows gearing upte a sta of emergency now in effect. in asheville, north carolina, it's already coming down ther the cit has an elevation of more than 2,000 fe. forecasters say the area could receive close to 12 inches of
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snow. meteorologist dermarr ra theodore going to talk about it in amoment. joe fryer begins the coverage on the winter storm already affecting millions of people. >> reporter: the storm now prayeding across the south plastered you can bok, texas, with more than 10s inche snow. leaving drivers to maneuver around slick roads while the houston area wrestledith a winter washout. relentless rain up to half a foot in spots triggered flash floods that submerged several cars, catching some drivers off guard. the soggy system now on the move. states of emergency have already been decred in north carolina and virginia which are bracing for snow and ice. >> this is a snowstorm. not a snow fall. it's seteous. >> rep the storm is snarling air traffic with americanng cance more than 1,000 weekend flights. in bristol, virginia, they're stocking up on shovels and salt.
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>> i'm a mail carrier and i'm pretty concerned because if the uck can get the mail there i've got to go no matter what. >> reporter: the floodwaters here are receding. what's left behind are the cars caught in these floodwaters. tonight the storm that has created so many headaches across the country is continuing its march east. >> nbc's joeer f reporting. eteorologist tamara theodore continues our team coverage. we know there's a new winter weather advisory that's out. what areas are ached? what's in that s advisory ma ragging? >> a new advisory has been issued for parts of our keen. it came down to a nail biter. this storm col push a little bi farther and we're right on the line. you can see the system, the gravity of it, how it's lighting up parts of the virginia andro north na. i want to take you to areas like southern spots sylvainia,
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.ulpep rappahannock, we are looking at ouwinter weather advisory. here's whatan expect. it's going to go into effect at morning.m. tomorrow farther south you go, the higher the number is. i'm not expecng 4 inches in faulk kier. but it could happen in fredericksburg and farther south. the system moves out by monday. i'm going to look a thing on this, the areas really impacted and our chaes of seeing flakes in the district. all that and more in a moment. for now, backo you. >> somara, we'll see you then. there is growing c for the safety of a 13-year-old girl missing since early friday morning. take a close look at this picture. her name is colleen cummins. she often goes by kat. police s she was reported missing about 3:30 in the morning friday and known t visit the town center. police are concerned because she's sog. yo polices are urging anybody to come forward if they have
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information where she might be. n at 11:00, an apartment building in prince george's county is a crime scene after a man was shot and killed. flashing police lights ande crie sc tape marking the street on atwood street. there's still a lot we don't know about the circumstances leading up to the murd. polices are handling the investigation. they've not released the name of the victim. we have new details noor an investigation betwe the trump campaign and thes. russian a new transcript released today shows what former fbi director james comey said yesterday. he m in a private meeting before the house judiciary committee. he says the ties between the trump campaign and russia initially focused on four americans. comey did not identify the american but sai president trump was not one of them. comey also says he would have taken t key fbi agents off the hockey e-mail investigation had
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he known they exchanged anti-trump text messages the revolving door at the white house today, president trump confirmed john kelli will resign at the end of the year. sources confirm to nbc news falling out between kelley, mr. trump and west wing staff. a senior white house official tells nbc news that kelli will old eplaced with 36-yea nick ayres. ayres served as chief of taff to vice president mike pence. a protest group upset over the washington redskins nickname is now slamming the team because of a new controversy. why it want to the sack a proposedn stadium p before it even gets off the ground. >> moha. jason mole mole yeah hosting "saturday night live" which musical guest mumford ansons an hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love.
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hallowed ground to honor the graves of our fallen heros at arlington national cemetery. capturiacross america this video of a ceremony today in columbia falls, eers have now loaded the wreaths on to tractor-trailers and that convoy of trucks are making the 7408 mile journey to arlington. they should arrive next saturday. a group fiercely as opposed to the washington redskins nickname is lashing out over a plan to build a new staum in d.c. "the washington post" reports owner dannyder is working with local and national officials add a stadium provisi to a congressional spending bill. the provision could pave t way
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for the skins to build a new stadium at the rfk site. snyder and government leade fear the democratic takeover of the house could sack plans tse re the rfk site. in a statement, the group changed the mascot said, "it is very telling the washington team is trying to slip their stadium provision into a comex bill en nobody is looking because their racist team name is simple indefensnd the team has mettrong resistance to a move back into the district." all right. changing gearses. we want to take you live to 30 rock, jason momoa getting ready host a brand-new "snl." >> a special holiday sendoff for some special
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today12 charter flights made stops in more than 20 cities all packed with kids. heading to walt disney world, part of the snowball express. one of those flights left ragin national airport. as derrick ward explains, the annual trip is for military children whose parents have died while on active orduty. >> rter:. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ep >>ter: there was special christmas spirit at gate 34, it was particularly festive. the reason that brought them alr together was sobering. >> children of fallen soldiers. >> the kids have a good time. the adults get to share common
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experiences and remember our loved ones. >> having fun. >> and celebrating with your family. >> reporter: andor some of those hose have been to this event before, it's a chance to lp other new younger inductees into a special society. >> if they're sad, i try to chr them up or do my best. >> reporter: there a lot of cheering up. the gary siniss foundation i the main sponsor behind the annual event. american airles, uso and other groups team u at christmas. there's a reason they have the party at the airport. these kidses are southbound headed to orlando for christmas at disney world. as you can guess, this won't be your ordinary flight. but then again, this iso dinary cause, and these res no ordinarykids. >> it's incredibleo see these kids smile after what they've been through. >> reporter: as ragin national airport, derrick ward. >> best story of the day.
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monthnt gomry c high schoolers are learning how to le refurbish vehhile making them affordable for you to buy. they showed off and sold the cars for couple thousand bucks. the program teaches the students how cars work. those shopping for an inexpen inexpensive program says this kind of program brings them back year after year. >> i lov it. i think the skill is amazing just that they know how to work on cars themselves. they're very professional. >> it's amazing. you get hands on experience and the knowledge that you need to work on cars. >> the money from today's sales goes back into fixing up more cars for the future. and they were also selling lap ops thetudents refurbished, as well. all right. we turn now to storm tm 4e8 meteorologist so mara theodore. the entire storm team has had their hands full. this is a tricky forecast. just a little bit over, and
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you're talking a very difrent scenario. >> we're right on the fine line in the washington, d.c. metro area. ere is an area we are getting more and more confident as we get closer to tomorrow that will see sn for now, here's the latest. let me bring you up to date. >> since we last spoke at 6:00, here's what's staying the same, north of the district you're stayingdry. d.c. metro area, flakes looking more likely. south of the district, advisories have been issued. ere? well, if you live in one of these counties highlighted in purple, you are under a winter weather advisory. that includesspotsylvania, stafford county up into culpeper, out ow towards ra pa han knack all under a winter weather advise. what you can expect is 2 to 4 inches. the 4 inches, please take this, will be farther south. more than likely fredericksburg andarther south. in areas like southern fauquier,
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that's 1 to 2 inches possible into effect at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and doesn't expire till midnight. let's talk abo the system. just take a look at the gravity of the system. the area of low pressure here and we are seeing how far reaching it is. snow already moving into asheville, north carolina, into southern virginia. it's going to continue to pull towardshe east. now, something interesting here. the reason you'rehe seeing very stark line is because there's an area of high pressure to the nth of the system. and it really has just been pushing down that ow, that rain and keeping it from impacting a lot of the states farther north. depending on how much it loosens its grip tomorrow, that's how much fthther n that chance for snow lifts. this futurecast right here is based on one model and it's saying at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, a lot of snow chances still remain south of fredericksburg. i push forward, by 8:00 a.m.,
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southern maryland dry, washington, d.c. dry and keeps the rain and snow farther south and pulls out monday morning. i will say i'm not in full agreement with thatmodel. i think the chance for snow farther north is there. by monda morning, i do believe it will be out of here and we should see sunshine. as far as snow totals subject to change. i think symptom flurries possible in the d.c. metro area. farther south les than an inch into parts of southern maryland. the farther south yout'go, t where we pick up a lot of higher numbers that was in the winter weather advisory. planning out your sunday at this point, dry for a lot of us. temperatures in the mid 30s, very coe. if you headed to the game, bundle up. that snow chance staying south of the district. your ten-day outlook after the syst is out of here, we're talking sunshine, temperatures in the 40s. we couldven hit the low 50s by next weekend. next weekend our bes chance for rain. we have another system heading into the forecast. i think temperatures will be a
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littleit t high or too warm for another go at sno next weekend. tow, get ready for snow farther south of distric tomorrow. >> so mara, thanku. yo george town and syracuse played in a nail biter today. in a nail biter today. the st second half-courtla s
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rappahannock. this is the xfinity "sportsdesk." >> army, navy. one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. if you haven't seen one ofhese games. >> person, puts it on your bucket list. they first met in 1890, 24-0 navy win. heading into today, navy led t series, 60-581-7 which included
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a 14-year winning streak from 2002 to 2015. army has won the lastwo and looking for a third straight win today and the commander in chief trophy. for the 119 time, army, navy meeting in football. first quarter, no score. area's kelvin hopkins keeps it himself. ten-yard touchdown run. 7-0 cadets. fourth quarter, navy trails by ten. handoff to perry. eaks free into the secondary. taken down inside the ten after a gain of 43. leads to garret lewis stretching over the pile for a td. midshipmen cutting it to three. fourth and 12. hit fromhind. ball comes out. army recovers to seal the game and win the commander in chief's trophy in the third straight over navy, 17-109 final. hockey, caps in colbus tonight. coming off a win in rsphoenix. fit period no score.n odd-mash for the caps.
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beautiful stick wor b byrett conley. caps take a1-0 lead. third peri, caps in front 3-zip. ovechkin, great pass to travis boyd. s first career goal. capitals shutout the blue jackets 4-0. wizards visiting the cavaliers. no problem. john wall back in the lineup after missing the last game due to personal reasons. this wasn't pretty. at one point wizards trailed by 29. larry nance put t exclamation point on this 1816 o 1801. in georgetown and syracuse bringing back memories of the old big east. patrick ewing, jim boeheim. orange down two. the shooter's role. syracuse by two. hoyas respond. jesse govan there of his 22. georgetown back in front by one. moseleyalled for a
11:26 pm
hoyas cant extend the one-point lead with ten seconds left. syracuse ges it to battle. pulls up from just inside the arc, buries t jumper, orang a ta wynn-point lead. blair from midcourt, so close. back of the iron. orange hold on to a 72-71 victory. terps and ramblers playing in royal farmersrena in baltimore. first half, terps by two. come away with a nice turnover. the baltimore kid with the finish at the rim. maryland by four at the break. second half, terps by eight. nice backdoor feed to anthony cow wan. maryland wins it, 55-41. american kids busting out all the dance moves. second half rj cole nice pass to torre for the jam. 65 oil58
11:27 pm
team rallies. closes it to 73ho6. rerd though holds tough down the sth. coales missed a pass. that's all it was. puts ay for two of his 24.85 3 win over american. congratulations to oklahoma quarterback kyler murray winning the heisman trophy tonight. >> congratulations to him. bundle u tomorrow. we'll be frigid. >> we will see the winter weather advisory in place for the kynes south of the district and we should start to see things get better by monday morning. morning. >> tha you so very nk almuright, everyone. santa wille right back, but i just got to say, if you're going to ask him for tech this year, you got to ask for fios too. sorry, why is that? because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. don't you guys want all of the tech on your wish list to work as awesomely as you dreamed? i'm back! and he's back. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. switch to fios gigabit connection, plus tv and phone with a 2-year agreement
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