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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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announcedhey'll be closed tomorrow because of the wintry conditions. let's go straight to doug for a closer look at the conditions now. >> right now, it is just cold. the temperatures are dropping dropping quickly. we continue to see cheering skies and heighter winds. more snow and rain to the raleigh area. then finally moving out. still some snow close to the norfolk area. for us, it is just the cold. 29, manassas. 30 in fredericksburg. we are already seeing temperatures below freezing. anything that has been melting will just refreeze right now, i'm not talking about
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overnight. i'm talking aboutight now. if you're going to pick up the kids at whatever practices theyk have, m sure you're ready for some very icy that's what we'll be seeing. it is not ice, just cold. it comes late in the weekt and will have a big weekend impa >> to the clean-up. some students enjoyg the week o off, sweeping and salting. adultseed to be doing that. for some, the snow is a hassle. but others say it is helping them get into the holiday spirit. why not? >> it is finally seasonable. and then the snow makes
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everybody in the festive mood a s we mentiolsd, some schoo are changing their plans forhe holiday. just go to the nbc washington app and you will see the total list of closin. it caused dozens of crashes. even troopers weren't immune to the trouble. two of them lostoltronn o all, virginia troopers responded to at least 54 disabled vehicles. and big a pileup this morning on interstate 395. nearly a dozen vehicles, including some big rig trucks and taxis collided in the hov lanes, bringing traffic there to a standstill. meagan fitzgerald is near the scene in shirlington where she saw the whole thing happen. >> reporr: it was quite the mess out here.
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smashed cars, gasoline everywhere. it took crews aboutrshree h to reopen the stretch of highway. >> it's just sad. a lot of cars piled up. it was a bad accident. >> reporr: terrifying moments this morning on 395 in the northbound hov lan in shirlington. >> we heard a couple of the sirens and then more and more. >> we started seeing the emergency vehicles. we looked outsi and we could see a bit of a pileup. >> thomas and hisolleagues were at a meeting at 10:00. they saw eight cars and two dump trucks collide right outsi the office window. he jumped on his bike to the scene. >> any time you see a car that is raised up, elevated on top of a barrier or even another car, you think it is a bad crash.
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>> virginia state police and fire and ems arrived but as bad as it ylooked, o one person was taken to the hospital. >> thisment is the way anyone woul want to start the week. but those who saw the crash say it could have been much worse. >>e i would say you lucky to be alive. bad things can happen when there's a crash like that. >> we're snding in the parking lot. you can get an idea of how close scene. to the as for the cause of the pileup, ce say it is still under investigation. we have some breaking news out of charlottesville. the juryib delates one man's bfate. oney one, people describe the devastating physical and psychological effects of james
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iields' actions. many calleda nightmare after drove his car into a crowd of protesters. >> the jury convicted him of murder throughout the trial, he has shown n emotion. it was a deadly drive that changed lives forever. that's what the families told jurors. he drove into the crowd not long after he left the unite the ride rally. e woman' pelvis was broken into six places. she's hoping he gets a life prison term. she is saying, im not the same person i was before that day and i will never be the same. the world is not a safe placees
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with j fields in it. throughar heather heyer's mother said we are forever scarred by painful she add, i do not hate mr. fields. i'm leaving him in the hands of justice. the defense called one witness. the psychologisho examined james fields and said there was a long history of mental illness in his family. he was he said diagnosed with bipolar at a young age. he testified that he was notsa when he drove his car coo sboo the crowds. wilentenced, the judge have the final say and that won't be the end of court for james shields. he faces hate crime charges in federal court. in politics, president trump's former lawyer and
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fixtur michael cohen is set to be sentenced on wednesday for charges that include violating campaign finance laws. in the court filings friday, federal prose ntors in york say the president directed cohen to commit twoelonies when cohen made hush money payments so two women would keep quiet ir alleged affairs with mr. trump. the president denies the affairs and is lashing out. >> reporter: earlier this morning, the president was on twitter attacking james comey and michael con. president trump today denying that he ever instructed michael cohen to pay off two women who say they had affairs with president trump. instead, h called it a simple private transaction. not a violation of campaign
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laws. >> peopleho w say this is just with paying the women don't understand the gravity of directing mope through money laundering, bank fraud, wire fraud. >> reporter: president trump denies the affairs and his attorneys say it was comey who broke the law. >> if you hire an attorney to handle your issues, you assumet the aney will follow law. >> reporter: some say it was about trump tower in moscow. >> i think in the longterm, tissian collusion will be much more consequ and will lead to criminal charges. >> the president attacking james comey, claiming he lied repeatedly to house members during a six-hour closed door meeting friday. comey firing bac >> we have to remind ourselves. the presint of the united states of america is publicly announcing that people are committing crimes. s
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thuld be in jail. private citizens. that's notay >> reporter: comey will return to capitol hill december 17tho swer more questions. >> reporter: the president is searching for a new chief. john kelly leaves at the end of the year on the short list. several people on the short list including nick mull vanny, mark meadows, a republican congressman, and treasury secretaryteve mnuchin. those are at least three of the short list. maria butina will change her plea at a e hearing. in jail in xanld re. a she is charged with being an unregistered foreign agent. investigators say she and a former bos in russi conspired to infiltrate national rifle associationnd other conservative groups to push
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moscow's agenda. she is expected to change her plea from not guilty t guilty. today hundred o students today protested democratic eaders that included hou le demanding the establishment of a sect committee on climate change solutions. winter storm slams the south. upnext, a live report from one of the hardest hit areas. an important health study. why your dna may be m ae likely wiism. why
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people are dig out from the big storm. still without powernd the storm being blamed for several deaths. >> amelia is having a look at
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snow totals. people are outrom a massive westbouinter storm. >> reporter: more than a foo in some areas, tearing out trees, pulling down power lines. >> we were without power earlier. i've been checking on family to make sure everybody has what they need. >> reporter: what maneed is a way out of this mess. in some places, skis and sleds are the only way out. >> i started spinning and lost control of the car. thank god somebody came ihethat ed me. i couldn't get moving. >> also at a standstill,
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thousands of flights canceled or delayed. >> with the cold temperatures todayt freezing nights ahead, the s awnd ice and the danger may not go away as quickly as they can. >> this winter storm, a mean one. in many areas, it will linger for days. spotsylvania schools already saying they'll be closedau tomorrow b of the wintry conditions. stafford, culpeper county and fredericksburg are all on two-hour delays. how much snow did we get and how did it stack up with storms in the southeast and the mid-atlantic, you ask? storm team 4 ameliar dra joins with us some answers. just an incredible storm system. at up with point, almost a half million points in virginia and north carolina were without power, causing a state of emergency to be declared for north carolina and anrginia.
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check this out. le areas setting record snowfall amounts. roanoke picking up 15 inches of snow before the a foot of snow raleighoss the area and picking up about a half a foot of snowfall. a lot of snow falling. especially in western parts of virginia. the stat i love, the onewa you to heartion winter green ski resort picking up almost o o fe snow. all the ski and snow board lovers are roicing with that. you head to fredericksburg out, 50 miles and you're seeing six inches of snowfall. the most snow definitely falling in our southern areas.
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if youp did pick snow, you want to be on the lookout onight and tomorrow morning as well. doug will have more on that k outloming up at 6:25. >> after one case of legionnaire's disease, a maryland retirement community is giving residents bottled water. the maryland department of health said one person at the brook grove retirement village in sandy springs was diagnosed with the pneumonia-like illness. legionnaire's can be deadly if not treated. the management grove installed faucets. children who have older siblings with autism are at an elevated risk for one or both disorders. childrenith autism are at a
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higher risk. younger siblings are also at a risk. and a higher risk, of adhd but also autism. both disorders may share ng underl causes and genetics. northern virginia is home to five of the wealthiest communities in the country. fairfax is numbe n. a median household income of . $107,0 arlington county is number five. falls church at number andax county as a whole has the second highesthe earner in country. that median income is almost
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$120,000. lounld county claims the top spot throughoutn horse count with $130,000 per household. a controverfral decision the redskins. >> he is not playing football. he is not eligible to go play. >> while sheaintains the league is moving in the right direction despite some high profile arrests. i will be cold and dry and we're gearing up for some maybe we're gearing up for some maybe heavy rain this
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w ifhad three inches, it would have been lovely. none of this 21 inches. >> they ski out ther s yould have stayed out on the mountain. the snow will get rained on this
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weekend. >> that's an issue. a lot of the ski resorts trying to open up this weekend and it oks like it is rain and in the y0s. that's not what t want to hear. i think it will be a very good ski season. winter green, closeee to two of snow. it has been really coming down. the ski resorts have been loving this weather. for us, just cold across ourar . 36 right now. winds out of the north. .n miles an ho windchills in the 20s. it is very chilly. especially whe it blows through you. 27 in winchester of the look at the 20s. hepecially when we see the snow. this will be issue. we saw our storm system just finally getting out of here and then enhancing again asahe are of p lssure begins to move in. for us, it just allows more how much will we see? nothing in our area.
6:24 pm
5.8ust south of there, ix stafford, inches around this is area i'm talking about. this will have an issue tonight. d.c. and areas north. no problem. 10 t.the now south of the d.c. area. toward the areas that have some of that snow left. temperature hav b droppedow the ing and that's why schools have closed or delayed. right now, it is not. again, 44 degrees. we g into the 50s. some of the rain will stick around. >> all right.
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tonight, another deadly shooting investigation. >> one man left dead and neighbors say they've hadsug i o of this violence. live in southeast with the latest developments. corey? >> reporter: tonight police continue to look for the murder suspect. they couldn't give us a description today. all we know is when officers arrived, they found manying in e parking lot with a gunshot. neighbors are vermuch concerned about their safety. some say it is just another day in the southeast and others say that's the problem. she looked out the window and shuddered. it wasn't the cold it was wondering what could have
6:29 pm
been. >> of urse! that could have been me. i could have been coming outside. i don't like the situation. >> reporter: residents emerged from their homes to realize they were in the cme scene. shell casings, shattered windows d bullet holes illustrate how close they were. >> we had to come out of our building, go to the mailbox for this stuff to happen. it doesn't have anything to do with us >> reporter: washington police gathered evidence, canvassedor witnesses. with a lifetime spent in southeast, she's at her wi ' end. >> i don't know what to say right now. timeporter: the lon residents aren't ready to surnltd their safety or way of life just yet. she said this may be what's tppening now but it doesn't have to stayt way.
6:30 pm
>> put the guns in the trash can and go back to get an education. >> reporter: now again, we do not have a description of the gunman involved in the thcase. e are surveillance cameras in the parking lot but we don't know if they work poice are asking anyone with information to come forward. policee h not yet identified witnesses. and now a look at thelo oun county fire captain who was arrested in a fire crash. captain brandon billingsley was involved in a crash last month. he was off duty but was driving a loudoun county vehicle. they say he left the scene of the crash. tonight we know the identity of the person who kled an offduty firefighter. rob marshall was changing a tire
6:31 pm
when robert runion slammed into it. police in pennsylvania say runion's blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. faces a felony homicide charge and multiple dui charges. marshall was a 20-year veteran of the d.c.nt fire depart an outbreak of dryer fires in prie george's county. 20 in ten days. a fire this past saturday just pled a number of families in an apartment complex. what you can do to keep your family safe. laundry day has taken on another meaning for shawn jises aftereighbor had a dryer fire saturday. >> he said he smelled smoke but he didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: some families are displace sxed wonder that's the every one isrepared to prevent
6:32 pm
it from happening again. >> i know what to do butma it s me nervous that others don't. >> reporter: with 20 dryer fires in the last tenda , county fire officials are concerned. >> with it a being cold moist and the hot air coming iin, will stay clinging to the event itself. causing a build-up of the lint. >> reporter: lint is the problem. it is easily ignitable. >> it is significant to the poin where we can do some preventive maintenance. >> there are a few things to dot moappens in here. you need to make sure that the lint filter is clear but also the are where the lint comes out of. it needs to beme vacas well. and then get a vac newsroom these areas and then vacuum the back. and then pay attention to what's going on with the venting. it could easily ignite. if you're not in a position to
6:33 pm
do this on your own, make sure you hire professionals. news4. right now, the harfordun sheriff's office is looking for the child who has been used to steal packages off the porch. look at this in bel air. e child who appears to be no older than about 8 runs into the yard looks back for directions and then snatches the package. you should call the hartford sheriff's office if you think you have some answers. yellow line trains are running again. the line reopened after a two-week shutdown. and news4 got anve exclusi look as they got a look at the cracked concrete. metro says the bridge was structurally sound. still ahead, the unprecedented step the nfl is
6:34 pm
taking toes prevent dc violence off the field and regain the trust of female fans. a new push tollow people to have hedge hogs as pets in the district. why some say that is really a bad idea. first, here's doug. >> i want to know why. my buddy one in college. a cute little guy. >> 26 in warnon. 29 in fredericksburg. we'll talk about what to expect this weekend. w if you hkend plans,
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. this is a controver over these little guys, porcupines. they are illegal to have as
6:37 pm
pets. >> remember the debate over whether you should be able to raise chickens in your backyard in the city? well, now lawmaker in d.c. and virginia are grappling with the fate of the average pygmy hedgehog. >> i think they're fun,or le. >> reporter: when she looked into getting a hedgehog for her home, she realized they're illegal in d.c. so she convinced her d.c. councilmember tohange that. last month the d.c. city council gave preliminary permission. >> most people buy these as an impulse purchase and hedge hogs pose a different scenario. they can nocturnal and they do not want to be handled during day. ci he points to turtles as an exotic s people bias pets
6:38 pm
only to realize they can't care for them. >> hedge hogs do carry salmonella like other animals ske turtles do. >> sheke to us from iceland where she was wearing her hedgehog act. >> theng will be t that you as an owner will need to learn to address so that pet can have the bes life possible. that's not exclusi to hedge hogs anyway. >> they gave preliminary approval but in d.c., they may bring the legislation back next year. in the district, news4. >> so what is it like to have a hedgehog at? a >> here are four things you should know beforen you e think about bringing one home.t, fihey're prickly. they can't shoot out their
6:39 pm
spines lik porcupines but if they feel threatened, they will roll up into balls pointing their spikes outwards. >> they love unusual when they find something they like, they will olympic it and crea a spit ball and then rub that scent on their i bodies. ow, having a hard time with this. anything from food you have around the house, even your floors. if they like it, they're going wr it. >> andn you've had enough of that, they need a bath. you can t washm in the sink by brushing the spines with a shampoush and baby you need to do it at least once month. and last but not least, just like people, hedge hogs need exercise. in the wild, the animals can cover miles every night. they are nocturnal. make sure they have plentyf room to run around or you can get them anxeise wheel.
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you know what? it's like, you know, a dog and a cat are hard enough. and i think the problem thecu humane r alliance is so many people like those turtles. if you get one and it proves to be too exotic, that pr animal will end up abandoned in a shelter and it will be hard to get them to another home. and nobody wants to step on those spikes durinhe middle of the night. >> when it rolls up in a ball, you have to relax it. i'm having a hard enough te to keep myself from rolling into a ball. so rethink this, people. anyway, get ready for a cold morning. doug is next with another c sysm thld impact your plans. and the nfl tries to tackle a tough topic. why kathy lanr said theie it's not the holidays until...
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jurors will return tomorrow to continue in the sentencing of james fields. today four witnesses told jors how the attack changed their lives. a psychologist testified he has suffered serious mental illness since childhood. he is facing up s toix life sentences. > michael cohen will be senate intelligenced oncrednesday for es that include campaign financeviolations, paying illegal hush money to two women who claim they had affairs with president trump. the president called it a simple
6:44 pm
private transaction and wrote if his lawyer made a mistake, the liability is on that lawyer. and k investigators don'tw what caused this pileup on i-395. it hd this morning in the hov lanes in the shirlington area. in all, ten vehicle collided. no serious injuries. to al story you see only on news4, the nfl is taking a big hit over abuse allegations by its players. >> o of the ways the league tried right the ship. kathy lanier. jackie bensen joins us. >> nll, the director of security kathy lanier answereto h questions with the same transparency she displayed as the police chief. we talked about the recent controversial decision to claim
6:45 pm
rubin foster. critics, and i say this with seriousness from people whose opinions i respect. we asked lanier to talk about how the league is working to earn the trust of a key demographic. >> this body camera video nly released by police in santa clara, california, shows officers questioning and at one point handcuffing reuben foster last october. ultimate floy charges were filed against him or the woman involved. but 72 hours after the police released him, following being accused of hitting the same woman. cathy lanier, the nfl vice president of security, claims why foster is on what they call
6:46 pm
the commissioner's except list. >> he is not he will zwribl on play until we finishhis case. >> reporter: so how was foster able to be claedy another nfl team and so quickly? >> that'sn owner othe club but he is not eligible. >> reporter: despite a couple high profile cases, they claim the anti-domestic cases -- >> we're on pace to have the players mber of arrested that we have sense we've been keeping track cynic 2000. ra she attributes it to the education anding required for all nfl personnel. >> it is a real positive trend. we do a solid b.
6:47 pm
they go and do training with what the resources are made available. >> sol a high profile former ex crimes prosecutor hired after the ray rice ordeal. >> she's saying there is only so much they can do. >> as you heard her say, being on this excep list, he cannot play. >> but he is getting paid. >> yes, when you're on the except list, yes. >> so what's ahead after the big storm? >> it passed a lot of us right by. itthit areas t south and
6:48 pm
that was just cold for everybody. even the mid to upper 20s right it will be a cold night. look what's happening earlier. right through williamsburg and d.c. metro, snow. i h .look at that me richmond picking up closeo a if the ofsnow. up, u were making your way heavy snow through the stafford area and then it is letng up quickly. there is nothing like that inou area. below freezing in the city by
6:49 pm
11:00 tonight. already below freezing in m par 29. 29 don. some snow. .1 in dale city. nearly six inches in stafford county. inches or more arou, three in culpeper. saint mary's, southern charles county, all picking up three inches. yo n seebers like this into the low 20s. that will give you areas of ack ice. most likely through about the 8:00, 9:00 hour uil the sn
6:50 pm
temperatures are high enough to melt off. 29 in d.c that's what we're going through in the city. a coldecs for sure. sunshine though. wind.o much in the way of 44 degrees. a little windchill. a very cold day out there on our tuesday. and we stayed chilly. 46 on thursday. a big storm moves in latehis week. some of the rain picking up oupwards of to two inches of rain again. and then more showers on sunday, too. the year is almost over. 2019 weekends look fantastic. >> okay. h we'ld you to that. a little pet therapy brought republicans and democrats
6:51 pm
together. carlos and stephanie hosting the second annual bipawtisan howliday. it is a chance to put aside all the political bickeringnd maybe lighten the mood. he said he hope this iss vent continnext year. that's a nice elf outfit during spirit.iday coming up, t redskins ready to start their frth arterback of the seas. whyon t
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
so the redskins is hot mess spelled backwards now? >> yeah.
6:55 pm
>> you feel like all the wheeld cot have fallen off anymore, the aersity isust piling up. for the first time in franchise history, a frtrth sing quarterback in one seaso will uit up in the burgundy and gold. josh johnson will start on sunday. did he provide a spark for the redskins in relief of two touchdowns. johnson finding just on wednesday found after the game, he played mden video games to learn his teammates names like sthompson. he is trying to stay positivethn four-game skid. >> for us on this team, and even as a man, if you give upay and it is over, thene you'r as strong of a person a you think you are. >>s and t why i'm going t always believe in my
6:56 pm
believe in whoever the office decides to bring in here when. we do have injuries just try to be the best player i can be every single day. >> ron prince was introduced today as the new head coach of the football program. he takes over for mike london who recently left william and mary. the two are good friends going back to their days at virginia. >> knowing tavt you h a dynamic leader, playke r, makes all the difference in the what we have to do is try to find ways to improve and t n we have to find ways to see if we can expand. >> i'm extremely excited and happy. he's a very family oriented guys
6:57 pm
about business. i'm excited to see what he has. for us players. >> the wizards are finding their groove after a shaky start. they wonhree of the last four. they'll to have keep up the production. john wall will miss the game in wind heel soreness but the capitals are saying welcome back to this guy. t. oshieissed 11 games with a concussion. he's ready to get back on the ice for game action. >> a lot of support with the guys behind me, texting me, seeing how i'm doing. those things get you through. plus the holidays, spending time th the girls at home, the wife. >> switching over to college hoops this morning. look at those kids busting ave
6:58 pm
mo in college park. quick touch passing. o of the frhmen in the fo urth. maryland in the second a third quarter. the toss to kyla charles. mid court, look at those moves. 83-48 win. and a congratulations to the men's soccer team. e national champ. 1-0. maryland did not give up a goal the entire tournament. it is the fourth n's soccer title in schl history. the team arriving ack in college park at 7:45 tonight. so they should get a nice welcome.
6:59 pm
>> in santa barbara, california. >> in santa barbara, california. were they thator a james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an acve lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someon in need and you can to to learn more abouturice, kidney donation visit the gw ron andjoy paul kir at or call 1-833-kidney3. youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better
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when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. tonight, a knockout blow from er massive winttorm leaving cities paralyzed buried under feet of snow and a deep a race to restore power and get sa ths of cancelled flights back otrack. a former fraterni president charged with sexual sa asult is allowed by a judge to cop a plea nd serve no jail time. his accuser says she was violently raped and devastated by the decision. help wanted after a shakeup at the white house. why aren't contenders knocking down the door for a job at the center of power? a mother screams as officers try to t pull her baby ou her arms. >> oh my god! ckh my god! >> a sed crowd looking on. the video spreading li


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