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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: that life prison term, part of the punishment the jury is recommending. on top of 419 years behind bars and nearly a half million in fines. aat hefty sentence, exactly what the victims their families were hoping for.g >> lon embraces and smiles o relief. even some the same chants used that fateful day. >> whose street? our street. >> a display of emotion after jurors recommended a life prison for james fields. that was for the murder of heathe heyer. her mother relieved he will be off the streets forever and the erfuls decision sends a p message. >> hate did not win today. message has been made loud and clear. you can't bring hate here and get away with it.
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>>to he wasne faced as hele arned his sentence. this woman from northern virginia survived heres inju two broken legs and a broken wrist after fields' car sent her body straight into the area. jurors decided he should serve her.ars for hurting >> i do feel a huge burden lifted. as they igsaid, the is still there. these are terrorists. these are terrorists and people arent relucta to call them thatn i th because they're white. but he used a car as a with that. >> star peterson also suffered a broken leg and a broken hip. >> james fields received the sentence he deserves. getting the maximum sentence reflected the severit and t atrocity of that crime. >> it was sentence they hoped for. but heather's mom knows it
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doesn't fill the hole or stop the tears tt will come when she returns home tonight. >> this is one of those things i'll go home and cry tonight. i would have beeng decorator christmas by now. >> reporter: they'll be back on march 29. that'shen theudge imposes the final sentence. >>le of the victims have medical needs. you can learn more about it. search heal charlottesville. breaking news out of france right >> r now there is a hundred for the gunman who has been identified butscaped from the scene. this happened in the city of strassbourg where it is near the border of germany. officials have told people to stay inside. to the oval office meeting between the president and the
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democratic leaders from the hill today. who he calls chuck and nancy that quily ended with the president promising he will shut doesn't rnment if he get funding from his border wall. corey smith has the threat that could affect thousands. >> this wasch fasnating to w and an interesting exchange to say the least. things quickly spiraled out of contro with the definition of border security. >> do you know what i'll say? >> yes. >> if we don't get what we want, one way or the other. ourough you, through military, through anything want to il call, i shut down the
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government. >> both sides left that meeting without a path forward. speaking on the way out, they both said they offered the president popgss would fund border security. this temper tantrum he seems to throw will not get him his wall and it will hurt a lot of people because he will cause a shutdown. >> noting that all lake the president said mexico will pay fo the wall. now he wants $7 billion for americans to pay f it. if there's a shutdown, the government will run out of money on the friday before christmas. this renewe fight over the border wall as 28% think it is an immediate priority. more than half who responded
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saidsi the pnt should compromise with just over a third thinking he should stand his ground,n if it does lead to a shutdown. residents could be facing deportation.12 00 is a number higher. fairfax county police depped the accusation in the city. they s they do not work i.c.e. or secretly share information with the federal agency. now to the big national recognition for a local news organization. the staff of the capital gazetto featuredthe cover of "time" magazine for the annual person of the year issue. this year, time chose multiplef peoplee year. all of them journalist who's took great aisks during war on truth. chris gordon talked to the zette staff as they received another honor at the university of maryland.
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>> reporter: the editor said he thinks about hess five colleagues. the honor of being chosen as time person of the year recognizes this perilousstate. >> this very lovely recognition by "time" to put us on the cover, along with others, it a great honor. it is a terrible thing to win a great honor of any kind at such a cost. >> this as reporters and photographers were asked to pose for a picture. they thought it was for a story about the shootinghe today woke to find out they are on the cover of "time" zi ma. their co-workers honored as journalists who died in the war on truthful. >> i would ask the president to stop calling the press the enemy the people. i think when he's doing that, he is putting reporters like me all over the country at risk.
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>> the capital gaza set honoring with this memorial.a she wife of rob, killed at the gazette, s it is overwhelming. >> mixed feelings. bitter sweet. if the worst hadn't happened last summer, this would not be. we can't go back. we can't change what occurred. >> reporter:he tonight five victims will be honored with a moment of silence at the university of maryland basketball game. and john mcnamara, who was a proud graduate of maryland, and covered its sports, will have a seat dedicated in its honor courtside at the comcast center. that's t latest. news4. >> the capital gazette has published its newspaper without missing a single day.
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r there are f different covers honoring journalists who were targetedhe for work. one features the "washington post" columnii. jamal khasho the craft has strong confidence that the journalist was kill in the turkish embassy. they believe the saudi crown prince had knowledge of and possibly ordered the killing. you will need to slow down the next time you get off thewa bey at river speed l along much of the roadway, inside the beltway have been lowered from 45 to 35 miles per hour. it extends just past springwood drive. there is been a lot of talk about improving the road which has seen a number of crashes over the years. wtop reports some improvement cosmetic include more lights and concrete dividers. >> the department ota
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transpon announcing 1.5ll n in grants today. it will fund 91 projects across the country. ow$20 million will god the platforms at several metro stations. another will go toward the interchange at belvedere road. to th forecast. the colder temperatures are sticking around for the next coupledays. unfortunately. >> yeah. and it is really giving it that wintry feeling. doug? >> reporte cold side.y on the we saw it into the 40s, 46 degrees at the airport. and everybody into the 40s after the teens early this morning. it was ata by cold night last night. everybody waking up to some frost, too. out here at zoo jlights,t
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opening up. starting to see the crowds getting in here as well. and it will be a very nic night. bundle up because you know it will be chilly. hagerstown at 37 degrees. the numbers will continue to fall toght. e next couple days, what will we beseeing? staying cold through thursday. rain chances friday into the weekend. wegl be watch how much rain we can .expe we need over a half inch and i think we'll get that fairly easily. this is called the dancing tree. this is just one of the many lighd ornaments. we'll be back in a few minus. more than a hal billion
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development will transform a d.c. neighborhood. ahead, the big changes as the city preres for its own wegman's grocery store. plus, why women are waiting longer than men when having a heart attack. it's a video going viral. take a look. a young boy jumping on the back of a metrobus. it happened right here on this bridge. bridge. m going to tell youi'
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. least fr people are now dead after a christmas shooting strassbourg. police are searching for a suspect on a terror watch list. the market near french german border attracts millions of tourists every year. magine seeing this. a teenager hanging off a how m and the boy's mother are reacting to this video. >> this is some eye popping stuff. a young boy who has now learned at 15 years old, quite literally
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hanging from the back of metrobus as it goes along. >> i looked up. wait. somebody is o at the backthe bus? >> he shot this video which has now gone viral. i don' normally use my bus when i'm driving but at themoment, i have to catch this. >> metro says it isre fully a of the incident and calls it reckless. transit police are isvestigating. >> reporter: thihe place where it happen. we talked to the boy's mother on the phon 1 he is years old. the mother called it light-hearted. the mother told us she used to do the same thing whe she was a kid. she wanted to let the internet video.ghtened by this whether or not you see hit the way, there is a very real poibility thatomething could have gone wrong here and the boy could have been badly hurt or caused a accident. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing. the bus going over that bridge,
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it was going at least 40 miles an hour. >> this is the same line where a woman threw a cup of urine on a bus operator. but foracnow, to this joyride. one lucky rider along the s-2. news4. around him as well. >> hey, doug. >> reporter: it is all i love this. i can't wait to wr this aroun the house. we'll be here with zoo lights through the 7:00 hour. a huge event down here at the national zoo. the best part about is, as the zoo always is, this, too, is
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free. jtuseahe h lions roaring. >> this is a huge partnership with you've done this 12 years. >> reporter: yes. this provides an opportunity to us provide access to our customers late in the evening. during the season. it really hel the holidays to come alive. how about these dancing trees? one of the great things we have. >>heeporter: i love dancing trees, the new reindeer dmes. think two years ago we had the gloves all lit up and now the necklaces. we'll wear these together all night. you can pick these up as well. i was down at simon elementary school. i want to say hi to the
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schoolers and the kindergartners. really fun to d getn this for them. snow e missed out on the the other day, i know, guys. i think we have some come innd january february. temperaturewise, we're on the cooler side. 42 degrees. it puts our windchill at 35. 13 right now in gaithersburg. 38, manassas. 36,cu eper. we are falling into the0s. we'll continue to be clear. a cress endoon going on right now. notice also, the only chance for rain is in the atlantic and way back toward south dakota. we will stay dry but w some cloud cover moving our wayo
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notice another soaker forming in the gulf and down toward dallas, texas. it brings all of that moisture our way. that should give us a lot of rain friday. you notice that south of memphis. that upper level low, we'll have to wait and see what that means for saturday and sunday. side. be on the drier we could even see some rain this weekend. another chilly day, too. highs around 44. as you make your way out the cool ouple days, we stay on thursday but 48 is now the average high. so that's where we'll bth durin day on thursday. friday, a high back into the low 50s. we got c goodnce of seeing some rain on friday. it will be late in the day. mosty of fri is try. late friday, if you have friday night plans, going out for
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dinner, heads up for that. same deal on sunday but right now we're keeping stunned dry and then cooler next we. weon't see any super cold air. how about tuesday? yeahak let's a look. i am going out live. it's zoo lights now but we're going on the roadeeextk. we're taking the green tree on the road next week. we want t to go someone's front yard. to go my facebook page. on the left side of the tab, you will see doug's holiday lights. you can put it in righthere and maybe i'll be in your front yard next week. you have thave a lot of people and a nice little party and you have thave -- maybe some good food. >> don't forget the food. we are working on more breaking news. we'll take you live the chopper
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4. >> there is aassive presence. we are working to find out what we are working to find out what the suspect is wanted
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we are working to find out what the suspect is wanted (music throughout)
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it's getting easier to vit the national museum of culture. if you're visiting during offpeak scenic, september to february, walk-up ery will be available all day during the week. because of the large number of visitors, passes will sti be required on the weekends. a rare musical tweet for local students. they had a chance to play with an instrument so famous that it inspired an award winning film and even travels with a bodyguard. now playing in northern virginia. >> the star of the night, is so-cald red violin.
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the 1998 red violin followed the journey of the red strategy various, believed to have been lost for nearly 200 years. it ctinues to virginia with the renowned violinist. >> it is a very famous violin in the collection of the family of berlin in the 1920s. >> it shows the red varnish. it w a gift from her grandfather when he secretly bought it at auction for $1.7 million. considered up wi of the most treasured instruments in the world, she said the sound the unmatched. >> it could be heard over a symphony orchestrand reach the last person in an over 2,000 seat hall. >> reporter: a rare reach. students experienced it at elementary school when she performed a concert with their
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orchestra. one of the legest in region. >> hundreds of children. the children were so into what they were doing. we played bvivaldh and br brahms. even my arms were tired. we played a lot. >> all playing their hearts out. >> with history by their side. angie ff, news4. >> what a thrill for them. so at spring hill elementary, startinghe curriculum in third grade. and she said she homeshe will see a lot of students at her camp. >> we continue t follow breaking news for you right now. four people dead after a shooting at atm chris market in strasbourg, france.
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believe it or not, this is some of the most anticipated in years. a mother killr. younger brother charged with her .murder her .murder what we're learning t this is a fight. not to the finish. her .murder what we're learning t but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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at least four people are now dead after a shooting at a christmas market in france. the shooter remains at large at this hour. and it attracts millions of tourists every year. crews areki w the story. stay tuned for updates. now to ady family tra in fredericksburg. a 21-year-old man behind bars, accused of stabbing his own sister. her death devastating to the family in their church community only on news4. >> a mom embracing her young son, holding tight to her little boy. pastor gonzalez tells me, maria did everything for her son. giving him the best.
5:31 pm
sms a kind, happy woman. this loving mother killed in her ow home. police got the call. >> as they arrived, theyoced two victims with multiple stab wounds to each of them. >> she did not survive. police spent about 20 minutes tracking down her suspected killer. her ownotr. 21-year-old daniel martinez. he is now charged with her murder. it is devastating for the rviving relative fighting back tears, maria's pro said h loves his sister so very much which is why he wants to honor her a memory send her remains back to her native el salvador. so that our peeents can her one last time, he says. if you're going to learn t more abouse efforts to raise money to sent her remains back to her native el salvador for her burial, go to our nbc 4 app.
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>> the second womantabbed is the suspect's girlfriend. a retired army general is b behis tonight facing rape charges in prince william county. he was accused of raping a family members at the time. earlier this year, military prosecutors dismissed charges against the general due to the statute of limitatio w. but princliam county police were able to prosecute. he is being held without bond. and later this week, residents in northeast d.c.ill have les access to some types of medical treatment. providence hospital plans t close several departments friday. it includes any unit that does t support the hospital's emergency care central. that emeency department will operate through end of april.
5:33 pm
meantime, the hospita says it will provide services at its nearby nursing and rehab center. tonight a n.c.ghborhood in transformation. as you can see. biginhanges are com to a stretch of wisconsin avenue including d.c.'sst very fir wegman's grocery store. >> the old red brick blding has stood here since the 1950s. walled off from the community. now construction is underway to trans form this office complex into something called cit ridge. >> an opportunity to plug this property back into the community. >> it will take ast ons l ag f finished, it will open up the campus to the community. creating an w urbanree'
5:34 pm
village with street cafes andra rests that spill out into the sidewalks. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges is converting this underground state. that's right. it is going underneh the building. it will have 687 residential units, 162,000 square feet of office spac 153,000 square feet of retail space and more than 1,300ki par spaces. robert is the architect. while he is excited about all the new building, he is eally excited about something else going on here. >> we're standing on what is one of the most important parts. >> bits the trees. they've stood in the rear of the building. now they'll be move to theront yard. it will become a public park for the cafe built into the hillside. >> this could hav easily been a
5:35 pm
mega building. even in the surrounding neighborhoods. we've proposed that they build more of aillage complex around public spaces. >> reporter: wegman's is expected to openn 2022 with the entire property open in 2023. >> city ridge will have about 60 units available for affordable housing and they're really in an underground opportunity s cars won't to have pass through neighborhood streets. a lot of talk about whether the washington redskins would move back to d.c., stay in maryland or even vent you aure the river. today,arry hogan talked about an idea that could potentially keep the team there. the state is working to acquire a 300 acre property that he calls the gateway.
5:36 pm
>> can you imagine the stadium on monday night football looking at all the monuments reflected in the potomac river? it would be the nicest facility in america with 300 acres deveped for entertainment and restaurants and whatever we decided. >> he pounlts out that this iss ill in the very early stages and nothing has been finalized. a new program is helping d.c. familiesast of the river get better fresh foods. today they announced they are teaming up with lyft. people can get reduced rides to three grocery stos and one in northeast washington. it will be a flat fare of $2.50 with each family allowed up to 50 trips in six months.
5:37 pm
>> that will hopefully reduce thens trtation barrier. there's a reason why they're not often shopping oet gting to the grocery store as often t ashey would like. right now, it is just a pilot program. they hope to expand to all families living in wards 7 and 8 by the summer. a man was found with wounds outside the dfw store. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. we're gathering new details about what led to the attack and we'll update you right here on news4. time is of the essence when dealing with a heart attack. why do women waitos alm 40 minutes longer than men before seeking help us, how not to overindulge
5:38 pm
during the holiday season. the one thing you can do now that some say will keep off the pounds.> >> and this is interesting. you have to do the work yourself. you get a worko as well as the ride. go! they're helping us. thanks a lot. okay. i closed my eyes. that's a little too much for me. >> all right.
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heart disease is the leading cause of death in th country that you women wait longer than men to get help during a heart attack. researchers in switzerland looked at more than 4,000 cases and found women wait about 37 minutes longer than men to call 911 or go to the hospital. part of the problem is that women tend to experience different symptoms. men typically have pain in their chests, while women often have back, shoulder or stomach pain. the bottom line for men and women, every second unts. talk about a christmas miracle. a new british study said it may be pold to survive the holidays
5:42 pm
without gainingd. researchers studied nearly 300 adults during previous holay m into by dividing t two groups. one was given tips to help them manage the they got a list of typical activities to help manage the calories. the key was they were asked to weigh themselves at least twice a ek. the second group got only a pamphlet on healthy living. at the end of the study, those in the first group didn't gain a pound. >> what? that doesn't make i can'tagine. >> and they weighed themselves. we are working for yourmo y as you go holiday shopping. shopping. how to find the best lap
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if you're in the market for aew computer, you're probably looking for a laptop. they're portable, powerful, faster and less expensive than they used to be. speed?the top consider a solid state drive or ssd. they'r noticeably faster than they clso be more expensive. >> if you're buying a laptop and you will hold on to it for five years, let's say, over the cost of the five years, $100 to get a dramatically better computing experience, i would say spend the extra $100. >> reporter: and consumeray reports 265 gigabytes should be enough for most sople. >> tha enough for your operatiin system, updates. >> reporter: storage and ram can be confused. stor ye is where keep your files long term such as
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documents and photos. memory houses thet' app tha you're currentlyuc running s as your web browser and .e-mail a sweet spot for memory is eight gigabytes. prosecutors known as chips are the brains. for most people, it is the core i-5. consumer reports says when it comes the displays, there's no reason to spring for 4 khich has four times the pixels. that's because the difference in sharpness is so subtle on a laptop. small screen. we have some breaking news announcements. all the schools will be closed again tomorrl. >> sch leaders say a number of secondary roads in the southern and western parts of the county a still in bad shape from the snow we got on sunday. doug is joining us at the
5:48 pm
national zoo. what happened to your beautiful tecklace? >> reporter: i puton. my daughter had to have it. >> how nice! >> you know that. if i got something really cool, you have to give it to the kids. thing is yours anymore. the lights come o on and with the music. ready? big tree. all right. that was close enough. >> all right. let's go for christmas. you said you're not sure if you'hr ready for ctmas because you're going somewhere. >> key west. >> reporter: you're going to key west for christmas? i want to go to key west for christmas. i want to go on a thursday. i can you're not. you're my son. you're not going anywhere. temperatureswise, on the cold
5:49 pm
side. th kids wore exactly what i told them on wear. that's not true either.s the temperatu dropping the next couple hours. into the 30s. about 34 degrees by 0.11 it will be a fairly chilly night. by this time last night, we were in the 20s. we will see are eeze. that's why we had the spotsylvania schools close. we're watching the next storm. it is not torrow or thursday. this is nothing around us now. friday will give us very heavy rain late into the d saturday. that will most likely put us up over the yrly tota this will be the record total. you can look at the wenumbers. only need a half inch to get the record and we think we'll do it. >> yeah.
5:50 pm
it's incredible. we'v been tside. we need .56 inches of rain to become theettest year on record you are and our forecast late thursday into friday calls for a half inch of rain. so we think it will be the second wettest if not the wet he was year on record. as we head into the weeken d just like many other weekends, we continue on track rain in the recast. but no rain tomorrow on your wednesday and thursy we continue to stay dry as well. more cloudiness. as you saw, n during the morning or miay. early saturday morning, sunday right now, mainly dry. wean't rule out an isolated shower or two. saturday, versus sunday. little s looking a better based on the dry weather in the forecast. but also cooler.
5:51 pm
here's 2018. the record dating all the wa back to 1889. you need the umbrella and you j neacket from now into the weekend. check it out. 54 and then 48 on sunday. tomorrow below normal. sunday we're keeping it mainly dry with a high of 48 degrees. last night was the coldest night sincear february. this morning, what did you put,hat kind of pants did you put on? >> i wore shorts. what did i tell y to put
5:52 pm
on? >> pants. >> how was it at the bus stop? >> i was cold but i liked it. yeah. i'm going to send it back to you. any parenting tips, send them to me. kammerer. >> i don't get it. shorts. >> i don't get it either. right now at the national archiv archives, the screening of "on the basis of sex" is taking place and that's where we find tommy mcfly. who is there tonight?s >> reporter: ihe red carpet. this is what happens when a hollywood r carpet comes the d.c. we're getting ready for this movie screening.s it an important story of ruth
5:53 pm
bader ginsburg. maybe you've seen the previews for this. it will be coming out around christmas time. it all starts here at the national archives. what a fun moment to be here in d.c. when we're telling the story. based on a true story of the supreme court justice while she is still alive. and it is happening rht in the basement of the national archives. we'll talk to the stars. we'll bring you behind the scenes of the film, too. that's all at 11:00. i thought you mig want to check out the red carpetsefore they're fulfill. >> we can see they're not laying them. >> thank you. it is a problem plaguing schoo systems across the country. >> the needo do repairs. it's not the holays until...
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last month, maryland voters passed a bill. toy, the governor says it will bring schools into the 21 centuryyocusing on upgrades and construction and repair >> we have schools that are 40 and 50 years old. it is a constant process of
5:57 pm
maintenance. >> reporter: maintaining school buildingsoss the state has been a challenge. it was just three months ago that the county dismissed students two hours earlier because the air conditioning system was not working. >> if you head to the back where my classroom is located, you will immediately feel as if you are heading into a sauna. >> reporter: there's a $3.7 billion backlog for repairs across maryland. today, governor larry hogan announced a plano address concerns. >> next month at the start of the legislative session, we will introduce the building opportunity act of 2019. >> reporter: he says after maryland residents voted last month for state casino revenue f to go education, he's created a bill that will allocate $2 billion of that money to fixing and building new schools in the state. >> we want to make sure that schools have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. that theyt fully m the 21
5:58 pm
century needs. some teachers and parents are excited abo the announcement. >> construction projects are schools.n all >> you don't want to send your child to school. they'reold and they get sick. >> the president of the prince george's county educa and she's not entirely sold on the governor's new plan.ha >> w he had indicator retention problems across the state. because educators are underfunded. are not being compensated fairly. >> but dudley does agree that fixing schools so students have a better environment to learn is a step in the right direction. now at 6:00. a dangerous ride caught on camera. a man on the back of a metrobus during a morning commute.
5:59 pm
>> nancy, i do. we need border security. nancy. nancy. >> an unprecedented display of drama. >> you've said it. >> i'll say the. if we don't get what we want, one way or the other, i'll swnt he government. >> okay. in fact, two big stories. chopper 4 over the wheaton mall. a man wasth stabbed e. a shooting happened there last month. police stay man is expectedo be okay a metro train was briefly held at wheaton station. police believe h may have tried to escape on metro but the trains running. to a breaking terror investigation in france.
6:00 pm
>> police say a man opened fire at a christmas market where millions of tourists go every year. after police say a man started shooting at the world famous christmas killed four people and injured 11 remo people have been told to stay inside. they say they do know him. he has a previous record and has been flagged as an extremist. investigators say the suspect was shot and wounded before running away. o it ithe border with germany and about 300 miles east of paris. you may remember in 2013, 130 people were hurt in six locations across theci . it is unclear if this is in any way related to the attacks in


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