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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cory? >> reporter: well, things areac now to normal. the restaurant in the bottom floor of 16thnd i street, drinks are flowing. it is good fodder for conversation. but they were no laughing matter. ese incidents swept across the region today. >> reporter: for workers across the area, e workday ended in disruption. from the district to arlington. crystal city to boston. bomb threats forced the evacuation across the country. tonight multiple law enforce nt agencies areaying the e-mails were sent across the country with demands for bitcoin. richard said someone in hishe office got e-mail and related it to the manager. >> we heard the fire alarm go off. we heard it was an emergency. everybody started walking outside. after about ten minute the cops came. heard it wa a bomb threat.
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>> employees were forceto wait outside. a few miles away, a similar scene. authorities are working the f i toestigate where the threats came from and who sent them. they've weighed in saying there were no reports of anyone complying. who sent the e-mail, where are they, and federal and local and state are looking into it tonight. back to you in the studio. now we go to arlington. a witness said aother sacrificed her safety to save her baby. that mother is in the hospital facing serious injuries. a dump truck hit her as she pushed her stroller across the
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street.t >> difficult on imagine. in the middle of rush hour, strangers darting in to help her baby. it seems they are impressed with her pusabng the stroller out of the way of the moving dump truck. in the congested back-up, u can see the flashing lights ahead. >> we have a female and a baby. >> reporter: it is not until you get closer y thatr heart sinks. a woman's shoe next to a truck tire mark. the remnants of a horrific crash. >> just here is tror. my thought was, oh, my god. i home she's not dead. >> from her window, she could see the chaos.
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a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. a dump tru hittiher. >> you decided to go out there. why? >> yes, myag col and myself, we decided to do whatever we could. we ran and got towels from the gym to s tp bleeding. >> reporter: she said others h stopped traffic and caring for the woman. >> she was in afuge amount pane. she was able to talk and miraculously, the baby seems to be fine. he woman is the mother. pleasant say the reason the baby did not get hurt -- >> she was able to maneuver the stroller away from the crasht when appeared she would be struck by the vehicle. >> reporter: but questions remain unanswered.>> e want to talk to any witnesses in the area.
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meantime, reflecting on how strangers responded. ll>> there r is good in people. you try to do whatever you can to make sure the person is okay. >> an example of taking action when someo needs help. a few questions remain. was the woman in the cross tlk at te of the incident? and will the driver be charged? we do know the dver stayedn the scene and is cooperating with investigators. >> it could have beench so worse. >> day's section part of a growing problem. pedestrian injuries are up 15 over ten-year span. highway deaths rose 50% sense 2009. safety experts blame higher speed limits and distracted g. drivin they say many pestrians are
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looking at their phone and not the road. >> now, the manhunt for the suspect in this week's christmas attack is over. authorities saying he was shot and killed. here's what we know at this point. >> we're still waiting on officialio confirm from french personnel. this happened in strassbourg. the same area where police conduc d a search earlier today. the 29-year-old cherif chekatt killed.been his parents and two brothers are already in custody at this point. we'll ctinue to follow the breaking developments and we'll update you as w learn more. we've confirmed donald trump was the third person in the room when hislawyer, michael cohen,
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and the "national enquirer" david i pecker metthe room when mr. trump was running for president. the meetingnvolved strategies to suppress potentially damaging story about mr. trump's relationship with women. prosecutsoutlined the agreement yesterday. the revelation has the potential to directly tie the president to a campaign cover-up >> and it comes the day after his fixer, michaelhe was extensioned to prison. >> susan is on capitol hill to break it all down for us. >> this new revelation about the meeting as well as a investigation opening up in new york reportedly has many wondering if the president needs to be more concerned about his own legal exposure. >> president trump on defense.
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>> i'm the only one this happens to you. >> the president lashed out. >> let me tell you. i never dird him to do anything wrong. aever he did, he did on his own. he lawyer. >> cohen admitted he faltd payments to two women who claim to have had affairs with trump. david pecker admitted to one of the paymentsnd helped corroborate cohen's testimony. nbc news confirmed that pecker, cohen, and the future president met in august 2015 t discuss ways to counter negative stories about his relationships with women. the president tod downplayed the president's role as a trusted confident. >> very low level work. >> reporte the president continuing an onslaught that started this morning on twitter, investigation as a witch hunt.
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>> every indication, the desperate tweets he's sending out. he has good reason to be alarmed. >> the president has said he is not concerned about impeachment saying he hand done anything wrong and if that happens, the people would revo but privately nbc news has learned from those close to him that he is alarmed. also, the "wall street journal" is reporting that the inaugurs committee you said criminal investigation into whether it ss nt some of the $107 million. a record number pa. d whether don't oz paid into thed f for access or to influence policy. a woman has pled guilty to being a foreign agent and
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attempting to influence the national rifle n.associat the 30-year-old entered a guilty pl and a mitts she acted as an unregistered foreign agent.te she ope in plain sight. she was a graduate student at american university. she lived at mclean gardens and participated in yoga and othern activities northwest washington. now she's held in solitary confinement. the judge said she made a phone call from jail to a rotter. the judge appointed aj claimer to speak with her and help determine if she was coerced by anyoneak intog a guilty plea. >> what i said to the judge, she was satisfied with her lawyers and made the decision
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voluntarily. >> in court the judge read the statement fromyi , butina predicted political candidate number w oneld win election as president of the united states. prosecutors say she was acting with an american boyfriend, aan russianer and financed by a russian oligarch, built ways to the national rifle association and influential republicans. now she is agreeing to coorate th prosecutors in this butina wilrought back to court in mid-february. she won't be sentenced. prosecutors want more time to see how much inf shares with investigators to determine what stems they will recommend the judge imposen this case. reports of a second
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electrical issue. mgm says a worke wasxamined by medical person and he will did not want to be taken to the hospital. the he wi vaet shut down. it was inspected. a girl touched a hand rail at at mgmnal harbor. she went into cardiac arrest and is now permanently disabled. her family has filed a lawsuit against mgm. >> wre not just talking about rain but potential flooding. ch yes. a flood w goes into effect tomorrow night. we're thinkingo one two inches of rain likely. nothing around our region and it was a beautiful afternoon. right now tracking the storm
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system. look at the snow breaking out. the heaviest rain right into tomorrow night. another soaker in the makin for sure. you mentioned the flood watch. it could be extended. i'll have much more on this and show you the timing tomorrow. and we'll talk about your weekend in minutes. >> all right. we'll see you. mother of three seeks sanctuary in a church. >> reporter: a mother t ofee who is in this country iegally has escaped to thisehurch becahe is afraid of being deported. we'll hear from her and speak to the pastor aut why he believes it is his mission to t tryo save
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a mother is taking sanctuarn church and fears for her family. >> reporter: if you live closely on the outside of this church, it will give you an idea of whae the peo are like on the inside. >> we are a welcomingng coregation and everyone is welcome here >> reporter: if you didn' know y better, you would think rosa has been part of the congregation for years. she just arrived sunday night. >> we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. that means people like ros who trying to avoid being deported to el salvador is
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welcome, too. theay pastor she can live as long as she needs to stay. >> the reason i left is because i feare f my life. she had three children. one ofld her cn has special needs. she ccked in with immigration officials last week and that's when she was told to leave.>> ss have an ankle monitor. they preured me to buy a plane ticket for december 10th. but i decided to stay. >> reporter: so this is rosa's new home now. a it is place where immigration and customs enforcement don't typically enter because it is interested a sensitive lo tion. a place rosa says she feels safe. there's word from the hil that republicans are floating
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several ideas to avoid a government stdown next saturday. in his meeting with top democrats, president trump said he would shut down the government and take the blame if congress doesn't give him the moan to build the border wall. meanwhile, virginia senators are weighi in. they say they don't believe there will be a shutdown. mark warner spoke with julie carey. >> i hope t president will do the right thing. if we have to continue this t,fi l atst continue the resolution so w don't put people through holidays with this pressure. >> i've been long before. and he has been teatening a shutdown in some ways since he got into offe for reasons i can't understand. my gut, i think we'll get through it. >> but john hry disagrees. he said he thinks there there be huaown because he doesn't think the president is bluffing.
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and nancy pelosi won't say anything because she's worried about her speakership. jamal khashoggi sparked a sguk a revolt on capitol hill. senators just pass a resolution to cut off military aid for the war in yemen. but the house is not expected to take it up. the votes rebuke for failing to hold saudi arabia accountable. the governor of virginia is calling it a meerg. hree people who disappeared in an abandoned coal mine saturday were rescued. their families cheered and cried. after four days in a cold and dirty mine, there was relief. >> we appreciate every one of you guys. >>veverybody inv searching for us, thank you with everything inside of me. >> a p fourthson who found his way out monday was able to tell
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er where to find his friends. police said it could result in criminal charges. they believe they may have be t in mine looking for copper wire that is often left behind when a mine is shut down. and regardless of the intent, it is illegal and dangerous to enter a closed mine. it is a noisy and a special tradition in our area. next year could be the last time that we their chorus of thousands of motorcycle engines roar on memorial day weekend. talking about rolling thunder to honor military veterans and those missing in action. the costs for the demonstration ha skyrocketed. he expected 2019 to be thet l big demonstration.
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>> it is our sponsorships that have sustained us. >> they said the tod i prepared to support the ride but after 2019, they'll ask each of their 90 chapters to support regional rides. and students that aren't getting the science education that they deserve.
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rain is coming. i think we're going to break the record. just weazing. e seen so many of these major storms come through the
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are area. le many on the weekend. we're dealing with cloud cover will theemperatures have been on the mild side. sunshine earlier, the temperatures around the low 50s at a time. i3aw today. dropping into the 40s, 41 degrees by a lot warmer handle thet has been. we have some snow cover around fredericksburg. now, on the current reradar, t is nothing around our system currently. this is future weather to the south. i think it movesn around 00
6:26 pm
there's anf area low pressure at the surface. behind it, the upper level that just sits and then meander the next two days. saturdayndsunday. it is going to be a rather wet ekend. from 6:00 p.m. tomorrownight. you won't need the umbrella tomorrow morning or for rain chances, but around 3:00,, 4: that's when it really starts to come in. rain chances right through saturday and sunday. it's looking good. a new push for hate night metro service. but the transit agency i pushing back. why they say the shorter hours
6:27 pm
have made things safer. police officers are suing. police officers are suing. itcloser look at the su,
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we're learning mor about
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discrimination complaints made against the prince george's police department. >> a group of officers saying in one hecase, circulated text messages about bringing back tblic hanging. >>cee wilkins is taking a closer look at the allegations. >> the attorney for the washington lawyers committee helped write the civil lawsuit filed by several prince george's county police officers of color agai the department. in the suit filed in federal court, it lists examples of what the officers call a hostile work environment. chug this office here had this license plate. and text msages sent betwe white officers saying in part, we should bring back public hangings and we should get rid of the black animals.
6:31 pm
no investigation was conducted following complaints. >> we call this situation, the 2018 rosa parks case. a black undercover officer was told to move by a white uniformed officer. she refused and reported the white officer. she said the black officer was charged for ming a report. >> why is there a complaint on her in. >> because she should have kept her mouth shut. >> the corporal was found guilty for choking a homeless he served time in jail. he was still working for thepr ce george's county police department in his community services division. the former officer was rnlgdag ch after an offduty incident. they said they cannot comment because of ts penaltying
6:32 pm
litigation. the u.s. justice department is still investigating similar claims. there are nearly 120 officers signed on to that explain. bus driver error may have ended one a student dropped off in baltimore. he was supposed to get off in silver spring. the driver whoas a six institute, noticed student still on the bus after dropping off a different child i baltimore. they said the student has autism. the student did eventually get reunited with his parents safely. breaking barriers. chief amal awad is a prince
6:33 pm
geor's county resident and decades long police officer with strong ties to the community. she most recently served as the terim police chief. we spoke to her about being the city's first black female police chief. >> we are theost underrepresented. i think, i hope that i serve as an inspiration to hated highs are up and coming through ranks to continue to move forward. to move upwards. >> she began her career 27 ago as a prince george's county police officer. metro shortenedts riding hours so it could get more maintenance work done. now riders and high profile leaders are tryin to get that service back. >> this is really putting d.c.
6:34 pm
leaders a odds withhe metro staff. they want more trains outthe track metro is saying not so fast. should metro h bringe night service back in or should they keep the hours shorter so there are more hours to maintain the system? >> 5:00 a.m. to 11:30. we would like to go back to a.m. to midnight. >> reporter: saying they want longer hours tom c back sooner rather than later. you may remember, d.c. never wanted to cut the hourse in th first place. >> we belve we've compromised enormously. their o data says the extra time to fix and maintain the
6:35 pm
system is leading to fewer track fires and delays. >> we won't do that at the expense of keeping the system safe. nth end,er in studying ways to maintain the system and have longer hours. that seems like a tough task. america's physician trillion-dollar company is heading east but not coming here. appl will build a new $1 billion campus in austin, texas. apple looked into bringing a campus to northernirginia ich just landed amazon. the company has several stores in our region. it is expected to houses between 5,000 and 15,000 workers.
6:36 pm
. at a for xting? really? california wants to bring a tax. it wouldn't be per word or message, it would be a monthly fee. right now cell phone companiesc ge a flat fee. this could open the door to big changes. coming up at 7:00, the odds of a. at a on text messages happening outside california. >> an insure heist. how local high school students are helping children in need this holiday season. >> this is the rain making its way. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season.
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the first ladyru melania toured the neonatal intensive care unit and met with children and families being treated there. she also read a story to the older parents. this is a tradition that dates back 60 years, all the way to bess truman. a groom of local hh schoolers spent their school day at build a bear today. all for a good cause. they'll be donating the bears to kids with cancer.e >> mor on their mission to spread some holiday cheer. >> cse your eyes. make a great big wishful. >> as they take on the tax of bu disilt. >> reporter: they will go to the friends at enova hospital to hopefully help make things a little more bearable. >> around the holiday season, a lot of the families go home and spend time with
6:40 pm
their family. they're stuck in th hospital. >> these kids are myge or younger. i can't imagine doing that. >> all ght. everyone is getting two bears. >> reporter: as part of the students wanting to give back, the money came right from the students' own pockets. >> we're just a small part of someone's holiday. to think we could put a smile on some kid's face is awesome. >> it would be a great addition. >> as they stng,ndickut the s utch p perfect thoutfit. >> take the tags off. >> reporter: the months of manning has been well worth it. a sweet story. >> it looks le fun.
6:41 pm
cutting back on science and social school classes. >> is that short-sighted? >> yes, yes, it is. >> get the umbrella ready.
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6:43 pm
snmpl reading and writing but not enough science orocial studies. our i-team reveals d.c. public schools are breaking their own rules and cutting back on required classes. it is the end of the day in southeast. after hours of sitting in class,
6:44 pm
but for most students here, some subjecn were note lesson plan. >> very disappointed and very concerned. >> susan wells' daughter and hundreds more kids are getting short changed on scice or social studies classes. it has rippling effects. >> it makes school a less joyfun expe and a less well rounded experience. >> there is a policy of 45 minutes per day of science and 45 minut a day of social studies for students. but a i-team investigation found that some students were achieving far less includi at elliott hine, brookland, and kelly. >> d.c. public schools acknowledge, middleschoolers, your daughter's school, are not getting enough science and social studies. is that a problem? >> yes. it bothers me tremendously.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: t i schedulenot adequate and cites constraints on the duschele. one official cites budgetary short falls a trouble hiring science teachers. and instead, they're getting more math and english coursesn effort to boost test >> t just, the schools are under intense pressure. it is happening in the poorest schools. they debated wther making the scheduled changes is fair to those children. >> is that shortte sigh >> yes. it certainly is. >> michael cohen is the policy maker during the clinton administration. >> if we areiving short shrift to science it is aecting them with their understanding.
6:46 pm
>>hey've issued us a written statement in which they confirm the i-team findings. they today they'll take steps t supplement next semester with field trips, hands on day. to make up for the lost time. but untilthen, stephanie russell worries about what message it is sending to students like her daughter. >> you can't take a break from science and education and then come back >> there's no minimum requirement in maryland law so we checked one schooldistrict, and we found every middle school in the district offers at least utes of science every day. d.c. public schools says it is taking steps to address this problem. it will add sigs intensive days. of course we'll k>>p watching.
6:47 pm
hat's a shame. that's time students never get back, too. >> they'll try to get the close. but it seems clear, they won't get this. >> it is a remarkable inory. and to it all started with a viewer tip. if you have a tip for the i-team, to go our app. you can send a note there. a search for an art thief after nearly a six-foot sculpture is stolen. called double ls,nreated i 19 yooflt it is worth $15,000. it was purchased in 1995. it sat thereor nearly 30 years ago and was slen when he was out of the country. doug is back the heavy dut rain we got tomorrow. what time will it start? >> i think right in time for the
6:48 pm
evening rush. as so many of our storm systems do, they'reck sg around for the weekend. >> yeah. like that family member tt you can't get rid of. the rain that we have this weekend. yeah. starting around 4:00, 5:00. in the d.c. area, quicker to the southwest. right now though, it h been on e nice side. down to 47 degrees. winds out of the south. the winds will keep us wa.rmer all that much. area woid, flood watches in effect. the potential is here for one to two inches of rain. maybe even more as we make our way into the weekend. we saw some sunshine earlier. that was beautiful. but all eyes on this stm.
6:49 pm
look at the back side. the upper lev w. some snow to the west of dallas. we'll be watching two pieces here. the surface l gives us the rain tomorrow. it looks like it is moving across our gion. mostly just shower activity. if you think of getting lunch tomorrow, no problem. 4:00, here comes the rain. back toward winchester. we're seeing some heavier rain. the yellows, the oranges, some
6:50 pm
heavy rain coming you this area. around 11:00omorrow night. friday night won't be nice date nigh right back into the shower activity. it won't be raininghe entire time saturday and sunday. another round of heavy rain comes in. we get a little rain and then the rain comes through. here we are, you are looking at a lot of rain. keep that umbrella handy all weekend long. 51 tomorrow. dry earl rain moves in through the eveng rush. the next ten days, i've got just about every single day above
6:51 pm
average. the middle of next week, not bad at all. at all. uorts is
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all right. we're talking little sportsni t. what's going on? >> it will be a tough stretch here for the redskinsey ave a game sunday. thenhe another oneollowing day. now a losing record. i am here t tell you, there is yoill a chance the redskins can make the ps. outsidey, to and despite the circumstances whiche went over. yeah,eeling pretty omod. the looks of it, maybe on the injury report this week. it is a tough week for josh jones since makin his first
6:55 pm
start sense 2011. a lot of doubters. >> the reality is we're on a four-game losing streak. a lot of people will question why do you belie? any time i sten outthe field, i hav faith we ca win the game. any hlete, any competitor should feel the same way. >> all right. that's simple. on the practice field today. not sure he's too happy right now. brown benched t start the game due to missi practice with an illness last week. 80 tes this seas, just
6:56 pm
signed a theae-yearwith the redskins. brown thinks he's on his way out. >> you say it's timee for m to leave. what does that mean? >> that means you see the writing on the wall. >> i hope to get to the playoffs. he hasn't talked to me. like i said, i don't read anything. we might not be seeing the eagles carson wentz for the rest season. it'sor accding to reports that te underwent tests showing a
6:57 pm
fractured vae that the quarterback has been dealing with for a couple weeks. i don't know how he's been playing on it. i he expected to play the rest of the season but reportedly will avoid any surgery. he just sits out. last year's sboeluper bowl mvp, rememberk n foles? he'll be starting. that bheens the redskins play the final game against the eagles, t by might facing nick foles, not carson wentz. josh norman's birthday is saturday. instead of asking foran ything, he is giving back to the homeless in d.c. >> what aree giving out? >> what's going on? you want a blanket?
6:58 pm
you can have at, too, if you want it. you're welcome. you're welcome. it's like, what can i give? you want at? bl i don't really have a need for warmth or anything. what's the next best thing? giving it to someone else. >> you get to do things le this. when you give they will the blankets and the socks, do you grantehings for >> absolutely. this is something, you never can. those other things, they come and they hego. you go, man. cherish it. that makes it all worthwhile >> and he's saying that is what helps him get through the bad
6:59 pm
times. times. >> h gets me jameors: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousands in the dc area with kidney disease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healthy and enjoying a full life. i'm james brown and meet my friends,ld alana and re - soon to be parents of two. to learn more abt kidney donation, visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at gw or call 1-833-kidney3.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. a dramatic end to the terr manhunt in france, a shootout with a gunman suspected of the christmas market massacre. here at home, a nationwide wave of hoax bomb threats. the face racg to find out who's behind them. a mass shooting stped at a middle school.rg ent tip sending police racing to the ene exchanging fire with an armed 14-year-old. the u.s. senate defying president trump and pointing the finger of blame squarely at the saudi crown prince for the murder of that "washington po journalist. fifighters caught in a terrifying backdraft. the sudden violent emergency.


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