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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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all right, take a live look outside our northwest washington studios, you can look at that and allefhat the calme the storm. >> right now, we're in the driest stretch of weather that we've seen all year, b that's about to change. storm team 4 radar shows you the potential rain that's leading to a flood watch for us, and a weatheray alert d tomorrow. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking all that for us night, and doug, you are expecting this to be a record breaker, right? >> i d i think this going to throw us over the record for the wettest year on record rross region, beating the record of 1889. that's how long that record has stoo we'll see well over 60 inches of
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rain when this is all said and done. look at what we've got going on out there. we've got thenm ring its way down to the south right now, making its way from the south. upper level low to dallas, we've got one system here and one system here to go through. c one wile through during the day tomorrow. that will bring us some heavy rain, just in time for evening rush, and especially for thosea of you hng out on your friday night. and then the next wave moves in for the weekend, saturday and sunday. that's why we have alood watch in effect. goes into effect at 6:00 all the way to saturday. that floodatch in effect for everyone, the potential is there for one to two inches ofrain, maybe more with that, that's why we're in weather. alert mo we'll have much more on this and the timing. i've got that for you in minutes. >> all right, doug, thank you. det,loping toni masked gunmen target, chase down and kill a 15-year-old boy. shocked neighbors react to the shootingnd d.c. place are focusing on a critical clue that could help them track down the killers. news 4's shomari stone is at
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police headquarters with more about this. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. d.c. police are reviewing surveillance video from that block, knox place southeast. people tell me that they heard dt least 16 shots fired. one woman t me it was ten shots fired. and they're wondering, who shot and killed this 15-year-old and why? somebody so young, life cut so short. >> yeah, it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: d.c. police chiefr pe newsome questions why two masked menow gunned dn a 15-year-old in southeast. >> who isot going to s a kid? this is the holiday season. it's supposed to be a se celebratory time and we're out here with a young kid and a family that's devastated. >> reporter: officers responded to fhe scene a minutes after the shooting, with their flashing detectound the 15-year-old, who was a student at anacostiaigh school, shot several times. >> we couldn't do anything to
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save his life. say the men polic targeted the teen, found him in the parking lot, fired shots, chased him into this stairwell and took off running. people in the neighborhood tell me the heard at least ten shots fired. police believe security cameras captured the killers. this woman tells me this neighborhood is dangerous. >> to drive into this is ryvery scary. that's all i can say. this area is known to be, i ess, violent. >> reporter: so violent that many of the people who live in that neighborhood toll me they are too scared to evewn be s sitting next to me or talking to me, because they say that people arewatching. meanwhile, police urge anyone with information, if you know who is respons kle forling this 15-year-old boy who is a wudent at anacostia high school, authoritit to hear from you. police have not released the boy's name. we don't know if there g areef counselors that will be at the school tomorrow. police are in the processth of notifyinschool. live here, shomari stone, news 4. >> thank you, shomari.
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breaking news tonight. "the washington " is reporting a 7-year-old girl from guatemala diedk last w after crossing into the united states from mexico illegally with her father. hae girl began having seizures after more eight hours in border patrol custody. she haa high fever and reportedly went days without eating or drinking. he child was flown to hospital, but doctors say they believe she died from septic shock, fever and dehydration. the border patrol says its investigating to makehe sure appropriate policies were followed. more than a dozen bomb threats in our area are believed to be related to the hoaxhat gripped american cities this afternoon. tonight, we know a threat was u sent to theversity of maryland. the threats targoted schools, rnment buildings and businesses from coast to coast. most locations received an e-il claiming a bomb was planted in the building. some apparent e-mails warned the only way to prevent an explosion was to pay a ransom, i bitcoins. locations in d.c., montgomery county, frederick and northern
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virginia were evacuated. the response tied up first responders and snarled traffic during rush hour. the fbi says it is working now with local police to find the 0 febder. a mother put her safety on the line to save her baby. she was pushing a strolle across a rosalyn intersection when a dump truck hit heruring th morning rush. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver spoke with lppeople who jumped in to >> pedestrian struck, intersectionay of lee hig and ft. mooi ere drive. >> reporter: fm the congested backup on the key bridge, you >>uld see the flashing lights ahead. e have a female and a baby. >> reporter: it is not until you get closer asour heart sinks. an officer pushing an empty stroller across lee highway. a woman's shoe next to a truck's tire the remnants of a horrific crash. >> it's very hard to even describe it just sheer terror for the person, you know, you just -- my first thought ywas, oh, god, i hope she's not dead.r: >> reporrom her office window, she could see the chaos.
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a woman pus bng ay in a stroller, crossing lee highway. a dump truck hitting here. you decid to go out there. why? >> yes. my colleague and myself, we decided to do whatever we could. we ranelnd got t from our gym. our first thought was, you know, try to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: she says other good samaritans sorrted caring the woman. >> she was talking. she was conscious. god bless to be in, her, a huge amount of pain, but she was able to talk and, you know, t baby seemed to be fine. >> reporter: bystanders taking turns holding the baby boy. police say the woman is the the reason the baby did not get hurt. >> she was able to maneuver they stroller aw from the crash when it appeared sheas going to be struck by the vehicle. >> reporter: but questions in this case remain erunan. >> we're going to be looking at any evidence that we can find in the areas of surveillance, w want to talk to witnesses in the area. and that will determine if charges are sought. >> meantime, pushing past the troubling sights and sounds of the crash, reflecting instead on
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how strangers responded. so, i think it just shows, there really is good in people witness something like that, you try to do whatever you can to make sure that the person is okay. >> reporter: tonight,sthe woman ck by that truck is in the hospital. we're told by police that her v injuries arey serious, but she is expected to survive. reporting in arlington, david culver, news 4. the russian gun rights activist and former american university grad student now admits she was a secret agent for the kremlin. maria butina bleeding guilty to a conspiracy. charge in u district court here in d.c. today, and she's agreed to cooperate with investigators. butina admitted to trying to infiltra i the nra order to push moscow's agenda. she's facing up to five years prison. this case is not related to the special counsel probe, by the way. theintense manhunt for the shooter who killed three people at a christmas market in france is over. >> the gunman killed in a shootout with police, and we're on aing the suspect was watch list of potential
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extremists. >> nbc'sha r engel with new details tonight on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight, french police say a nationwide manhunt ir a terrorist over. cherif chekatt killed in a shootout with police, not far from theas chrismarket. police say chekatt, a life-long criminal turned isis supporte was hiding out in a warehouse, that they spotted him by helicopter with thermal imaging. when he came out, looking for a newiding place, authorities say police confronted him, he fired, and they fired back, killing him. he had been a target of a nationwit, drag including checks at the nearby german border. but police found him in his old neighbor whe his relatives still live, and police may have set a trap to flush him out. hours rlier, they searched the same area. police have now cordoned off and are searching this neighborhood,
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just about a mile from wherehe attack took place. in france, there's been criticism that chekatt, who o h n a terrorist watch list, a wasble to carry out his attack in the first place. tonight, isis claimed chekatt as oneutf its own, there's no indication the group directed him. tomorrow, the christmas market that is so central to this city's identity and economy, richard engel, nbc news, strasbourg, france. >> one more note here. police arrested five others in connection with the at investn, including the suspect's parents and two brothers. new at 11:00, u the. senate took a stand today against saudi arabia and president trump's relationship with that country. a bartisan group passed a resolution recommending the u.s. stop helping the saudis fight the war in yemen. a second measure blames the saudi cwn prince for jamal khashoggi's death. president trump has avoided directly blaminghe saudi leader for the killing of the
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journalist. u. intelligence reports show mohammed bin salman knew -- at least knew of the plot orib ly even ordered it. the two separate measures face an uncertain future in the house. alp sre swiped. the pricey piece of art vanishes from a local man's yard. tonight, the victim with a clearer picture of what went down. metro's locked in a battle with d.c. over late night hours. ra'll reveal if the transit agency is on to expand service. and we see a lot of porch package thefts this time of year, but this one really stands out. a suspected crook falls down on th job while struggling
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it is porch pirate season, and you have g to take a look at this new video in tonight from ft. washington. this suspected thief snatches a flat s tv that was delivered to a home on gable lane. he had difficulty making it bac. to the as you can see, he drops the tv and then he falls and he gets up and he almost drops the tv again, but that was not the only truggle in this robbery, because heed to cram it into the backseat of the car. didn't work there, and the trunk -- doesn't fit there, either. so, he goes back to the backseat, still doesn't fit, but the tv is sticking halfway out with car, he takes off the door open and the trunk open, too. this happened about two weekso. police are still looking for this guy, so, call them if you have any information. ifd you've ever wal in the capitol hill neighborhood, chances are good you may have stopped to marvel at a piece of art. for decades, it decorated a garden on eastst capitol et,
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but the sculpture, one of only three in the world,di ppeared. new at 11:00, news 4's cory the owner's ' message to the thief. >> the corner o ninthnd east capitol, so, it's -- hard to ignorear >> reporter: is used to people stopping and staring at the artwork in his northeast garden. >> that's part of the beauty of having inner city gardens that dyou can walk aro and enjoy. >> reporter: for nearly 25 years, the piece that caught most people's eyes was double l, a nearly six-foot tall sculpture that moved with the breeze, catching sunlight as the shapes spun. >> the debate was, is it motorized or not? is this motorized? no,ust the wind. >> reporter: as of last atturday, the deb was ceased. >> it was right here. >> reporter: okay. he returned home fm an overseas trip to find the sculpture had been stripped off its base. >> it was sense of disbelief and a sense of sickening loss. >> reporter: and not just for him.
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>> art theft deprives not just me, but people who walk around the neighborhood. >> reporter: with the weight somewhere around 50pounds, he believes this was no smash and grab job. he also thinks he was. target >> reporter: it's people who know what they're doing, go afterpecific pieces and often these are commissioned thefts. >> rorter: he says his biggest fear isn't that the sculpture will be sold on the black market. melt it down for scrap. that would be my biggest concern. >> reporter: and while his sculptures may speak volumes, the art collector had just a few words for whever took it >> bring it back. >> reporter: that simple?in ortheast, cory smith, news 4. >> he says the piece isin red, but he's resigned himself to the idea that he may never see it again. >> be a shame to have that melted down. >> yeah, it would. metro shortened their operating cours sows could fit in more track maintenance, but now people want the old schedule back. at today's board meeting, d.c.
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leaders pusd for trains to run until 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday night. but metro leaders say devoting extra time to maintenance is leading to fewer issues these days. >> the position of the district right now is to restore the hours as they w two years ago. but we're not going to do that at the expense of keeping the system safe. >> by the end of that board meeting, both sides agreed to study ways to keep maintaining the system and potentially bring back those longer hours. we're working health, with a remainder that saturday is the deadline to sign up for health insurce under the affordable care act. starting on the first of the year, more virginians will qualify for medicaid. a forum hosted tonight on medicaid expansion. 64 who aged 19 through don't have medicare and who meet incomeig requirements can up.
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>> doug's signed up for the 2018 record rain act. >> yeah. >> we're going to do it, aren't we? >> we're goi to do i and everybody is going to get a medal. there's going to be confetti that comes down here. this is -- >> drip down. >> yeah, exactly. you know -- >> that's not confetti. >> these aren't the records we want to break. >> no. k which means we've seend of a dreary year. that's exactly what we've seen with all of the verain. well 60 inches so far, we're going to go above that the next couple of da u, makin the most wettest year ever recorded in d.c. go all the way back to 1871. that's a long time ago. temperature-wise, sitting at 45 degrees. at least we're on the mild side. going to stay mild for most part. you can see what's p whatting, though. cooler weather back to the west. 34 in winchester. lighter cloud cover out here. instill s some clouds, but not as thick as we are here, and a little bit of wind, too. that keeps temperatures on the milder side. and we'll see temperatures above where they've been the lasup of nights. flood watch in effect from
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tomorrow night all the way through 6:00 on sathrday. includes everybody. flash watch for one to two inchesraf , maybe even more. and that means the creeks and rivers would begin to rise out of theirbanks, potentially. that's why we have the flood watch in effect right on through the day through saturday. could be expanded if the flooding continues. nothing around our region right now. we're not going to see all that much in the way rain until tomorrow night. and we're talking about around 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow. right now, not much going on across our area. it's all down to the south. you can see the stormpinning right around dallas. look at this. the upper level area of bllow pressure, bringing snow to the west of dallas. a lot ofoi youeeest m our itut the atlantic ocean, too. two moisture feeds, one out of the gulf, one out of the atlantic. und ourng to converge a region. the rain moving our way, during the evening tomorrow night, 9:00, 10:00, that' when it really gets heavy. if you're going to be out, make sure you bring that um bella. th one. you'll need it. that area of low pressure moves
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through. the heaviest night.tomorrow but then the upper level comes through, and we'll see showers,y both saturda and sunday. so, it will not be raining the entire ,timeut we are going to be seeing quite a bit in the way of rain. rain heaviest friday night. keep the umbrella around all weekend. one to two inches expected. next couple of days, weather alert day toucrrow. bell will be in with you early tomorrow morning explaining the weather alert, taking you hour by hour. 54 degrees on saturday. 50 degrees on sunday, withnc another c for shower activity. and look at monday. high temperature of 54, drying out, some sunshine, yeah, the ground will be wet, but monday is looking like a good day. another system through on tuesday,it's dry, but cools things down a bit. wind chills in the 30 we'll be breezy on tuesday. but most of the next ten days re at a little bit above average. that's a big change from what
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we've seen. b we'vn below average so much. might as well go above average. we'd like a littl warmer temperatures. >> and there's still hope for next weekend -- >> ah,yeah, yeah. >> in terms of rain, i mean. >> still hope. might geton another dry >> thank you, doug. , speaking of hope the redskins won't stop believing, despite this four-game losing instreak they're >>sherree's got you have a lot of deadlines in your business, right?de we mislines, we don't get paid. what if you lost your network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> hate to call up on the dumb and dumber guys, but so, you're saying there's a chance, huh? >> yes. there is. >> that's what -- >> one in a million.
11:25 pm
>> i can't tell you what the percentage is, but -- >> okay. >> yeah, i don't know if you call it hope. sunday is the start to an unusual week to the redskins. they are playing two games in seven days. trying to qfockly et that whooping by the giants andin turng their attention to the nrst game this week jacksonville. so, if the redskins wan to make the dance, ty might actually need santa's hed. he was breaking it down. the redskins turning in one of their worst performances in recent memory against the giants. loss. fourth straight but they're holding onto hope, at 6-7, still in the playof picture, they know how important a win sunday against jacksonville is. and they know they need to ut that nightmare against new york. >> you have to learn from losses ke that, and you have to do everything you l cannot toet that happen again. that's whate're trying todo, but you also have to forget out it as fast as you can and moveorward and understand we're in december, we're half a game out of the playoff huntat th's the fact. >> you look, they show the
11:26 pm
playoff pictures, we're there, we're only half a game t, so, i'm not looking at, hey, four losses in a row, a i'm looking the bigger picture. we got three games left and we control our own destiny. >> a lot o people are going to question, why do you believe, you should just tk -- whatever. any time i sfip out on the eld, i have faith that we can win the game, you know, we g go threeames left and my mentality is to go 3-0. not all bad news for the redskins,hough. jor n josh norman doing good in the community. he went downtown d.c.,assing out blankets and more to the city's homeless. the cornerback, whose birthday is saturday, chose to give rather than receive this year, and helping keep those in need warm this winter. today, norman was asked about the reason he chose to do this. >> soit's the s of giving, you know? i love to give out. i think that's the biggest thing for me.s hee out a whole lot, i mean, that's just -- its
11:27 pm
brighteny day. if i can help somebody else out. why not give it? so, it's like, you, kn you receive, you give. i try to do that as much as i possibly c to help me get over my humps when i'm down. it's my birthday gift to myself. it was really sweet. we do have a score update for you. chiefs/chargers going right now, chargers just scored, 28-27, chiefs lead wh five seconds left. patrick whmoemmahomes doing somc against philip rivers. >> that could be a really good one. >> i. kn it's exciting. >> they could be at it for >> they could be at it for awhile tonight.
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you ok there, kurt?
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