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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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notice in o southern zones. look at the yellows here. all of this movg to the north. you see just how far we have to go. rainystrom the c toward dallas, texas. tomorrow and sunday. the entire area is under a flood watch through day tomorrow. and i do think maybe this could be extendedntosunday. i'll have it for knew about 15 minutes. now would be a great time to get the nbc washington app. >> i'm hungry! >> now we turn to a senseless killing a couple weeks before
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christmas. the district had marked 156 homici cases for theyear. that's a 43% spike from the same me lastyear. among victims, more than a dozen under the age of 18. >> reporter: in southeast, nother shooting, another homicide, another life cut short by senseless violence. this time it was 15-year-old gerald watson, gunned down in the stairwell of his family's house. >> give us sething that will resolve the issue.ep >>ter: it feels like the community is stuck in an endless cycle. >> ery time w walk away from another homicide, we're having the faithnd t belief that things will change. only for us to see them still remain the same. >> reporter: the frustration in his voice echos throughout
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peter newsom hears it loud and clear. watson is the 13th juvenile to be murder in the 2018. his death among the more than 150 homicide t.s is year despite the numbers, he says progress is being made. >> when something happens like what happened last night. we feel like we're moving backwards. >> he says the cmunitys committed to working with metro police to bring meaningful ge ch but after another death in what has been a very violent year, he wonders how longt will take and sometimes whether it is even possible. >> words are no longer acceptable when you see thes acti on our streets day to day. night after night. >> news4. >> at this point police are hlling us they don'te a good description of watson's killers but they're hopeful surveillance cameras capthred e incident. meantime grief counsellors have been made available to the
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students at the higndschool. mother putting herself in harm's way to save her child. the woman was pushing a stroller across b ay arlington intersection when she was hit by a trucked inly, the baby was not hurt. it is all thanks to a mother's instincts. >> reporter: aid chance to speak with the victim's father this morning. he said the family is shaken up by what happened here behind me yesterday morning. he saiug his er's leg had to be amputated. because of her quick thin ng, that little baby survived without ah. scratc some are calling it a mother's instinct. a woman was pushing her 4-month-old child in the crosswalk whenp this druck turned right into her. seconds before impact, the woman manages to pus the stroller out of the way so she was the only one hit by the truck. good samaritans, people this
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mother may never know, rushed over to help her and care for her child. moments later, police arrived os thene and spent hours investigating what could have been fatal accident. the driver was 63-year-old john washington from silver spring. he remained on the scene. police charged him with failure to yield to pedestrians a reckless driving. >> wow. thank you. an investigation is underway when a 7-year-old girl died while in custody. she was detained after she and her fathe were caught crossing into the country. the girl identified as kathleen was in custody about eight hours when she began having seizures and a high fever. she was immediately flown to a hospital but later died. today they defended the actions saying the little girl did not
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appear to be sick when she was detained. an autopsy is being done to determine the official cause of deats and t comes as newly released information from i.c.e. shows arrests are on the rise. according to this i.c.e. report, enforcement and removal operations made more than 2018000 arrests in and that is up 11% from last year. we also saw an increase in the washington region. nearly 200 more than last year. arrests weree highest in areas of dallas, texas before the spend the,000 people taken into custody in 2018. the b surgean after president trump took office in january of 2017. we know one moreerson who won't be taking job of chief. chris christie has taken his me out of running. his name had been floated as
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early as this morning as a possible top contender to replace johnke y. but he said i have told the president is not the right time for me or my family on ious ass thpr the ident, he asked that the president no longer consider him for the post. michael cohen said the presidt is not the same man he knew at trump tower. during a sitdown, michael cohen said he gave loyalty the someone who didn't deserve it. he said the president is lying when it colonels to the so-called husey m payments to the women who claim to have affairs with mr. trump. nothing at the trump organiti everon was done unless it was at the order plaintiff trump. he directed me to make the
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payments, he directed me to become involved in these matters two weeks or so before the election. post the billy bush comments. so yes, he was very concerned about how the would affec the election. >> in that interview with abc news, he said that he would continue to cooperate with the special counsel and new york's southern district. >> a facility that helps people withhe mentath problems destroyed by flames. tracee wilkins is learning new details about the possible motive. >> john kincaid is movin out of his office in this burned out strip mall. he said 31-year-old paul willis became a problem for all the
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businesses here. it reach its peak yesterday afternoon. >> they tookim out to the hospital. when he got out of hospital, did he this. >> willis admitted to it. what is left is a hollow shell. people who know willis say he would come to the central for say this and they alleged arson may have been the result of an argument he had with someone he was dating here. matthew who works here says it is a loss sore so many. >> to take away a resrce for people, to gut a facility that welcomed evyone. i don't have words. it's g.devastat >> reporter: and they're working on finding another location. in the meantime, willis could be
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looking at up to 30 years in prison if convicted. tracee wilkins, news4. the damage assess mated at $250,000. a pilot ended up in thit ho badly hurt after this small plane crashed in fredericksburg, virginia. it landed on federal land around shannon airport. the pilot was the only one on board. investigngors are pie it together to figure out what went wrong. deloping tonight, prince george's county police swarming the mall. the officers are telling us around 1:00 this afternoon, a man showed up at prince george's hospal with a gunshot wound to his neck. first he told police he was shot near the metro station and then
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he said it happened at the malli ce couldn't find any evidence of a shooting. we're told the victim no longer cooperating. a big shi in care at the hospital. right now any part that doesn't supportrg the ecy care will be closed. those who do support it will be open until the end of april. you can find mor on this story in our nbc washington app. tis s theeason for giving. and for some others, for taking. >> a clumsy porch pirate who can't seem to steal this. plus,ho tse of you giving or receiving gift cards,an s hogan has the story on those who are seeking to steal themoney.
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and doug is tracking the timing of the rain and h
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today is the last day you can send by regular mail and
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make it by christmas. >> we're going to start with derrick ward at the post office. what you need to know. >> reporter: you need to know these folks are indeed busy. we're pack here athe processing center.s thisaw mail. this comes out of your mailbox and this is what happens. you don't get to st that often. this will get dumped on to that conveyor belt. it will go on its mer hway. th been automated which makes it easier. they have 16 pieces of mail to deliver. the folks here are happy. with me, the retail manager. this is a busy time for you but
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it is also a happy time. >>yes, it is. we look forward to this all year long. this is our happiest time of year. you delivered on christmas day. what is it like? >> it's pure excitement and joy for the families. you're getting the packages home they waited for and it is getting there on time and making our customers truly happy. >> indeed. today is the dayor retail mail. >> retail ground. today is the recommended mailing. they can still get it home where they need to get to it and playing their family happy. december 19th is the recommended day forirst class mail, along with december 20th, priority mail, and then you have december 22nd, priority mail express. that's the day to get it home and make your familyhappy. you're saying you've seen a change in the mail this time of year.
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people want to give that they want family members to know they care. so they're mailing the cds more. this is what you need to today is the day for retail ground. and fedex and ups. you'll have to pay more if you do it that way but these people are ready to serve and youri ma mas special for a lot of folks. we're live in shady grove. >> hard not to be happy if you're wearing such a festive outfit. of course. i forgot to mention that. our coverage continues with the gift cards you may gg e b getting.
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>> susan hogan is working forroo youct your money. >> i have to say i'm a little underdressed. however, holiday gift card purchases have topped about $27 billion. some important tips to protect you and the gift cards you by. what's on your holiday wish list? if up gift cards, you're not alone. >> love gift cards. >> their easier. >> but consumer reports says those physical cards for specific stores that you by off a racky can be an e marshall. >> scammers copy the gift card codes is that then they scratch off the strep to get pin. >> always check the packaging for physical tampering. make sure the coding is attached and never buy a card if the pin is reveal.
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>> a more attractive option is to get a reloadable card from a credit card company like advise or american express. they will lit your liability to $50. sometimes zero. if you report the theft within two days. benefit, additional they're more widely accepted as a form of payment. what about egift cards? the kind you send by text or social media? they are convenientfast. but are they safe? >> first, make sure you're sending it to the right person. before you send it, depending on where, get the right e-mail address, phone number or social media account. >> reporter: and revealing personal information about yourself and the recipits, buy egift cards only from trusted merchants. if it concerns you, justck s to the plastic cards you can buy right off the rack. and be sure to keep thed receip
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opy down the card numbers. some stores will l replacet or stolen card. when you do guy gift card, get that receipt and give it to the person you're giving the gift card to. if there's any issue,sh they ca it was definitely loaded. >> they'o trying t stay one step ahead. now here's hungry doug. >> he was looking at those cards. >> i'm still hungry. >> andnde hope you f a granola bar. now people are like, somebody feed ma t >> kitchen closes at 5:00 here. our little kitchen. i misse that, too. normal will he it is chilly this time of day. >> we digress. tomato soup and grilled cheese >> t exactly what we've t'weather. got. yes. whatever your fancy over the next two days.
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i've heard people saying, i'm excited. i'm bakingt it is j a nasty night across the region. 47 degrees. winds out of the northeast at six miles an hour. when you add in the rain with these cold numbers, 37, winchester, that just makest nastier. wove got some rain out there and it is all over the region. this is some heavier rain trying north.e it to the the heaviest rain will be d.c. southward. and then tonight we all get in on it. from down toward raleigh, back to the west. the l upperel low. way back. way back toward dallas.
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look how big this system is, from dallas, new york, they have some thunderstorm watches. a nasty event for most of the y. coun all day tomorrow for most of us and into early sunday. we know we'll break the record r the wettest year ever. just because of all the rain we'll seeonight and tomorrow and then it continues into sunday as well. we may get a little break around 10:00 or 11:00.'l get more at 11:00.
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how about early sunday morning? now we're just in the showerri y. now we've got the thupper low. back toward the mountains. all in all, this is all a rain event for us. and it is on the colder side. tuesday, it will be rather breezy and cool. we do rebound temperaturewise. nto the 50s, just in time for another storm to come in. next weekend. >> wash, rinse, repeat. the lakers and the wizards face each other this weekend. ahead, the special donation for leames ahead of the visit. and a walk to be proud of.w ho this student was able to it's not the holidays until...
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the strasbourg christmas market reopeni in frangs today. the death toll from the attack also rising today as a fourth person died from their injuries. last night, the suspected attacker cherif was killed by police. authority say he was born in strasbourg had been on a french
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watch list for radical i. they're now trying to figure out why he was not stopped beforeyi ca out the attack. a threat today at san hook elementary school exactly six years after the shooting that left students and teachers dead. police got a call at 9:00 in the morning that a bomb was in the school. officers rushed to the scene and didn't findanything. they say the threat was not credible. the school was evacuated and the tudents were eventually sent home for the day. coming up next, hear from the woman who had a tv stolen right off her porch. meanwhile, a young man arreed for vandalizing a wish community center is wish community center is sent
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james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. dney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn'know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation r visit the and joy paul kidney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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the rain coming to a end on sunday. it is a mess out there and it will only stay that way. the storm system is well back o thwest.
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this is into this is sunday's rain. i'll have more on what to expect an when this finally gets out of here. breaking now, president trump announcing his next chief. >> he said i am pleased to announce thatick mulvany from the office of management and buet will be acting chief john kelly who has served our with distinction. the preside won't to thank john kelly and he said he will stay through the end of the year. now a look at some of our othe top stories. police are trying to figure o who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy. the death now marking the 6th
5:31 pm
homicide in 2018. watson is the 13th victim under the age of 18 > reckless driving charges who hit a man pushing a stroller across the street in arlington. the woman saw ahe tru was able to push it out of the way just in time. she was forced to have her leg putated. but her baby girl didn't even have a scratch. a mans facing felony charges, accused of setting fire to a drug andte rehab c in college park. paul willis admitted to burning do the on our own prince george's drug ata menl health center. owners say he went tthe center for assistance and it may have been the result of an argument with someone that he was datingh e. a young man who spray painted messages of hate on a jewish community center and a church is heading to prison for nearly two year dylan mahonere consi himself part of the underground when he vandalized the college
5:32 pm
last year. >> only news4 was in the court when the judge posed her punishment. julie carey hashe details. >> reporter: leon and erica, when he was arrested t day after those words of hate were sprayed on those buildings, he told police he would do it all over again. that will not be any time soon. his anti-semitic first plastered onld bings and tables at the northern community college in 2017. a few weeks later organization the first day of passover, he hit the jewish community center r that the little united church of christht next door. among the images, swastikas and the words hitler was right. you probably remember dozens of vonteers stepped forward to clean it up. but the hate crime baded rat many. in fact, the church of christ
5:33 pm
said they have lost t members fearful to return. the attorney said h his chinlt been turning his life around. he asked for no jail for couns instead. the judge imposed 21 months behind bars and restitution of nearly $700 for all the damage done. >> the personal punishment that i believe that he deserves because of his actions and lack of remorse, and perhaps even more importantly, this case was a high profile case that needed to send a message to the entire community that hate is not tolerated here in fairfax county. >> reporter: when he was asked if he had anything the say, he told the judge, didn't know a little page could do that much. the judge had stern words for him saying, i still don't hear an apology for p all theple you harmed. the pastor at the church of
5:34 pm
christ sayingis congregation is very conflicted over whether there should be prison time or mercy for this you man. >> porch pirates, how tricky it can be. this persodidn't know how to get the 65 inch flat screen into his car was stealing and walking is hard. but in sheer determination, he drives off with it. some safety tips so this doesn't happen to you. >> i was shocked. very upset. frustrated. the list goes on. >> here's what she saw on her me security camera video. when the large screen tv she bought fm walmart didn't arrive, she tracked and it discovered, it wasy delivered fedex days earlier. she watched this thief stealing the inch sharp tv from the front of her ing and bumbling,
5:35 pm
struggling, trying unsuccess 40 to fit it into his car. finally, jamming it into the rear door and then driving o with the trunk open and the tv hanging up. >> what is it about his technique you don't like? >> the lack of. falling over the tv multiple time it was ridiculous. everyone else on the video was laughing at the time. >> for years, they've used security cameras is that now you're finding them on more and more home. police say iis a valuable tool to help solve crimes and make arrests. >> we take those and we put them out on various sociamedia platforms in hopes that somebody in the county will be able recognize those individuals. >> police capital third still photo of the suspect seen taking the tv. they wantour help finding him.
5:36 pm
she got a free replacement tv from walmart. >> reporter: are you happy now?i >> i . i got my tv. but this guy is still out there andhoho knows else he's doing thisto. i'll be happier if he's caught. >> now you know why that was the most watched video on our website. >> if you're going to drive away with the tv hanging out, nothing to see. nothing to see. >> i hope that tv was busted. now a much more positive view of humanity. one shoe was black, the oer e is white and both have the words, equality etched on the heel with the word stitched throughout it, the shoe, rather, in multiple languages.
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james, as you know, has been a citizenice of the president, wore these shoes last year to make the point. he and nike donated the shoes to the museum to show how athletes can highlight social and politica su when athletes are engaged in political action and thinking about how we can make a bter world, that their contributionss their wore things that help facilitate co>>ersation. the museum is hopeful that lebron himself may stop b see these shoes on display. a localtudent has done in two years what typically takes four. how this 19-year-old is nowble call herself a college graduate.
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at gw or call 1-833-kidney3.
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at gw or call 1-833-ki♪ ♪3. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. a lot ofainushing through our area and you can see, areas of steady rain have yet to make through. and this will be moving from the south to the we're looking at steady rain
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overnight. we'll time out the rain and let you know how much to pect. we do have flood watches posted. we'll let you know when we cane see s sunshine. that's coming up in a couple minutes. for now, check this out. there were plenty of college graduations today but one local grad is receiving her degree and she is only 19 years old. after oy two years of college, we graduated today from bowie state universith a bachelors of season degree in communication. sh first enrolled in bowie as a junior in 2016 after earningsc both her higol diploma and an associates degree through a dual learning program in her native ns, new york. she said she plans on making the most of this fast track. >> most people are starting college and going through the cond year. that i'm finishing my bachelors, it is the best birthday gift to me ever. >> she said she's heading right
5:42 pm
into gra school. she will focus on broadcast journalism in her undergrad years but moving toward screen writing and directing for grad school. >> go ahead. go ahead on. congratulations to her.ld >> wt bet against her. 19 years old in grad school. she'll doe som amazing things. >> it's humbling. >> way to go. congratulations. supreme court justice ruth baderinsburg had a message for newly sworn citizens of our country. >> congratations to all of our citizens. >> she spoke at aat naturaln ceremony this morning. 31 people from 26 different countries now officially u.s. citizens. rbg told the crowd, she herself is a daughter and grand dghter of immigrants. with both sides in fact coming through ellis land. >> what is the difference between a bookkeeper andew york city's garment district?
5:43 pm
a supreme court justice. one generation. my own life bears witness. >> if this video seems a bit dark, it is nothing to do with your tv. the national archives is dimly lit because it protects some of our nation's most importa documents. some good news for an afternoon peck me upffill your co may be able to come to you. when starbucks will start deliveries. plus, a program that expresses itself in some very s.werful way
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james beard was a renowned chef who shaped theulinary industry. he has invited chefs to come cook at the james beard house.
5:46 pm
that is an incredible honor. up with of the chefs he'll beki dinner with next week is from right here, montgomery county.. >> >> reporter: while some of these ingredients may be reffing -- the chef certainly is not. >> e, two, three, four, five, six. >> reporter: he is the bethesda restaurant owner warming up for what he calls the super bowl of his coug >> it has to be perfect. >> reporter: next week he'll head to the james beard house in new york and make dinner for some of the top chefs. >> i feel like the hard work that i put in every day, that my team puts in every day, i think this is a direct result of that. >> reporter: it is based on the reputatich. >> did i w a lot of the food network. >> reporter: h n owns three
5:47 pm
restaurants. pretty good for a guy who never chef.d to become a >> i tried the college thing a couple times. oimy parents were not to pay for another college class for me ever. why don't i try culinary school? i fell in love. >> reporter: he is now aut to try a new challenge. kooging five courses next being r 80 people. >> i've been sleeping not at al yeah. we've done a couple of dry runs. you can only do the best job you're going to do. >> reporter: a jobf a lifetime for the chef who made theut c bethesda. amy o, news4. so cool. in the coming months, getting your fix from starbucks may be as simple as pushing a couple buttons on your phone which we already do now. it is expanding dlery t about 2,000 locations thankso uber eats. they plan to offer it in nearly
5:48 pm
a quarter of locations. if you're worried about quality, starbucks is planning to make them hottero when they get to you, they're still the proper temperature. thumbs up. >> don't spill it othe way. it's been said that our imagination and our thoughts create our future. here in d.c., there is a local group encouraging kids to let their imagination run wild. the goal is to get children to love writing instead of fearing it. >> reporter: she loveswr ing. loves dreaming up a story in his head and making it come the life. >>ee in rain forest. i thought of cut down trees there was one beside it. i couldn't get it because there
5:49 pm
wask a p of pumas. > reporter: once you get him going on about one of his stories, his imagination tes over. >> i imagine things from books and try to match with a sentence. >> reporter: this is how 826 d.c. teaches students how to develop an avid love for writing. >> it doesn't matter if you're writing a policy brief or a compelling yelp review. you need to know how to write. >> reporter: 826 d.c. is the cal chap of an organization that started in san francisco at 82 valencia street. thus the name. it is run out of the old tivoli theater. if this doesn't look leak your average tutoring scenter, that' on purpose. the moment kids walk through the door, they're surrounded by magic. the fake store front putsts studn the right space to create. they attend writing work shops and afterschool tutoring.
5:50 pm
all for free. >> more than engage with creativewriting, express themselves creatively. even if it doesn't make sense. i want stts to take that >> reporter: it doesn't stop with home work. the books were written bile of the students. >> when a young student walks by and sees their book next on an adult author, they know my stories are as important as any other stories that can be told. >> reporter: the first story was published when he was just 6 years old. and we can tl more a coming our way. i can't wait to see where tse kids go. you see the passion. everyone you saw there is working there for free.if ou know of a hero of your own that would you like to us
5:51 pm
feature, tell us abom t and send them to nbc washington on our app and search harris's heroes there. >> verycool. a sweet, sweet story. kids don't normally write now. >> that personal one-on-one attention. the weather alert mode can be nasty.>> aybe decorating the tree. you were able to get when it it was dry. you can decorate your entire hoe and maybe inside everyone else's house too. can we take a welcome? something is going on with my computer system. let's show you the wet rain. well, the rain is always wet.
5:52 pm
the wet roads. we're in for a nasty night. the rain will sweekenomd. take a look at the rain. special sbli fredericksburg. all of this moving to the north. and i think d.c. southward, you have a chance to see it tonight. the rest of the area a with half inch of rain. u can see the rains moving in. and showing just how big it is. the entire area under a flood watchful we're not just talking a half inch.
5:53 pm
ches or more. upwards not only today but through weekend. we'll have an ih of rain on the ground we're going to have one to two inches. i do believe there will be some breaks in the rain through the dayn saturday. so you need to head out shopping tomorrow. grab the umbrella. grab all the water proof gear. it won't be the steady rain. it will taper down. if you're planning to head out,
5:54 pm
several cemeteries are joining in across our area. we will have swers through middle part of the day. bring some extra socks. especially when you getack on to the metro or your car. you ln see temperatures w only be in the 50s. it will be fatherly mild but still a cold rain. we've had one of the wettest years on record. we need a half inch of r moren to be number one. 2018 would be the wettest year we've hadn record. and we are actually forecasting one to two with locally higher spots. we've got more rain in the forecast. >> the amazing part, it is n just another area of rain. another area of rain nextd. week we've seen a lot of wet weekends. the weather alert because of all the rain and flooding potential. showers continuing. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're dry. tuesday, another storm system moves by. it could be rather breezy windchills in the tris. and then this one we'll watch
5:55 pm
it could be very similar to wha we havnow. it is definitely on the warm it is definitely on the warm side. this is a fight. not to the finish. it is definitely on the warm side. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, r if we stand together e cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning.
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d.c.'s new director of flight life and culture, also known as the night mayor, while
5:58 pm
he's committed to helping restaurants and clubs grow some aren't happy with his choice. the federal government is by far the biggest industry in washington. when the sun sets over the nation's capitsl, the str come alive with our second biggest business in town. hospitality. with more than 2,000 bars and restaurants. more than 68,000 workers. creating more than 3.8 billion in sales. so when mayor bowser noumsedhe was creating an office of restaurants and culter, we're complicated. >> finally, someorecognition the amount of money, the employment, what you add tthe culture of the city. >> reporter: the idea of being director of f night lifor d.c., the mayor got more applications for this job than any other h she'sed for. the mayor chose shawn wnsend.
5:59 pm
>> my sleep is all messed up these days but it's worth it. >> reporter: as for his work experience, most recently, he's worked as an vorg enforcing d.c. alcohol laws. it is that resume that has some upset with the mayor's pick. >> it is an insult to the industry. they knew they were putting i in the hands of an enforcer and that's not what any of us looked for to. >> he acknowledges, his expertise is in eorcing regulations but he says that's a good thing. his focus now isng on buil bridges between the business community and residents. i'm looking to make sure the city night life is inclusive. >> i'm not the night life mayor. the office of night life and culture will be supported by a 15-member
6:00 pm
tonight at 6:00. new clues about the man who wdr ing a dump truck that hit a mother who was pushing her baby in a stroller. she was seriously injured. the president's former attorney and fixer is heading to prison but he is not going quietly. and a porch pirate caught in the act.up >> i was vert. >> watch the kold of errors as the thief swims aig screen tv. and what you can do to keep this om happening at your house. take a look at e radar behind us. >> we're on track to bre a long tim


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