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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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let's start with chuck bell how cold is it? >> w iring lie sol this morni morning. it's cold and flu season, everybyy. take it e out there. make sure you wipe down all those shared surfaces at the office, otherwise, you'l suffer the same fate melissa and i did. enjoy the sunshine becau i the ra coming back tomorrow and it could be a lot of it. maybe an inch orutwo we'll get here in time for the weekend. righ now it is a chilly 21 in gaithersburg, 28 in quantico, 20 in manassas, 26 in upper marlboin this mo these temperatures are almost 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. so wayolder thismorning. put your big, puffy coat on. temperatures will c upper 40s to near0degrees. that's good news. you will need the seat heaters.
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nothing to worry about. i'll track out the timing of the rain for now, melissa mollet, a lot of nighice on the road even tho it didn't come from the sky. >> i weow. l talk about that. chopper 4 over the beltway, outer loop near colesville. not seeing anything from above.j right nowt seeing delays at the top of the beltway. green belt, a few roadways there. crash with all lanes should down. telegraph at south vandoorne in ton, southbound near oak wood drive, an accidout there. sout on 270, nice and clear. we'll let you know if we hearor an ice coming up. >> melissa. thank you. >> thank you. >> it is 6:01. libraries are supposed to be safe spaces f learning. >> this morning montgomery unty police are trying to track down a man who inappropriately touched a girl
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at the rockville memorial library. justin finch is there toxplain what happened. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. lice say thi 5-year-old girl ran screaming to her parents after she says ach man t her inappropriately. they're out there trying to gather. when they say this man approached a 5-year-old girl, pulled down her pants and touched her inappropriately. she did run over and tell her parents right away. her parents called 911.nt pa who bring their children here, they say this story, this news is shocking. >> when you come into a place like the library, you expect to have solace and be able to concentrate and b safe at least to a certain extent and notwo
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y about your surroundings. this is the last place that you should actually have to wor about anything like that. >> reporter: yeah. the last place tha moms like her say they worry about their children's safety. shsays now she will keep an extra eye on her son and you can bet other parents will, too. police say at this point ty do have surveillance video of a man hanging out around the kids' section of the library on that saturday evening. they believe that this could be theerson but they're not quite sure at this time. h stiling -- patrons and others who are here at the library they're hoping they can help them connect the dots and lock in on a suspect. live he inrockville. i'm justin finch, news 4. 6:03. breaking news in d.c. there was a deadly shooting overnight. chris law vens at the live desk with details. s, what happened? >> eun, police say all of this unfolded around midnight.ou let's get straight to video from the scene. it happened right in frontf a neighbor's home. we're told a f man wasound shot
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to death in northeast c. this is on west virginia avenue. a few blocks from gallaudet this sounds like a story you have heard far too much. 6:04. the suspect accused of shooting a d.c. teen to deathill be in court. homicide detectives are looking foa second person. sterday they arrested 16-year-old malik holson. they chased 15-year-old gerald watson and shot him several times last week. officers spent part of yesterday searching his apartment for evidence. it is a block or tworowhere wa watson was shot. grntnbelt iied the victim in a late night deadly shooting. they said-y r-old abdul
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karim thomas was shot and killed. chopper 4lew over the scene. they were called there for reports of gunshots. no wordn yet possible suspects. we are learning more about the arrest of redskins safety monthy nicholson. he and sidney mazure wereed arrest and charged with assault.nv antigation showed that they assaulted tn. ma majure hit the woman with the bottle as well. nicholson and majure left and returnedhile theeputies were there. the skins released a statement saying, quote, we are gathering more information and will not comment until we have further details. right now nicholson's status is unknown. >> the judgeyn told quote, you sold your country out.
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at one point the judge asked the prosecutor if flynn could have been charged with treason. flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. the special counsel and the defense agreed that flynn should have leniency because he cooperated with the russia investigation. hower, the judge saide could not guarantee flynn no prison time. the clock is ticking. d we are twos away from a partial government shutdown. the drama is growing from th capitol to the white house. the fight is over funding for a ll along t u.s./mexico border. the president wants more than $5 billion. the white house is signa ng it wants to avoid a government do sh saying it wants to shut down the border from illegal migration instead but democrats have rejected the latest offer in the republican ntrolled congress. and federal employees are concerned about the uncertainty thousands of workers would have to repor d fory without getting paid just days before christmas. >> others would be some without pay. news 4's chris gordon ha more at what's at >> reporter: almost 400,000
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federal employees face furloughs if the government shuts down. >> affects my whole i'm the only one that works in my family so i'm the sole supporter. definitely, it will make things even more harder than they are already. orter: would it affect your holidays? >> yes, it would. wouldn't be so happy or merry. >> reporter: federal workers now hope that an c agreementan be worked out before the deadline and that the government may not have to shut down after all. >> reporter: if they'll be happy, i'm a happy. one federal employee told me he is not only concerned about his fami there are furloughs, but as a federal employee he says he wants toor keepng and keep the u.s. government open for business. reporting from southwest washington, chris gordon, news 4. and stay with news 4 forov continuingage on air and
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online as the deadline to a partial agovernment shutdown looms. the u.s. house could take up a sweeping bill. it gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehab efforts. it reduces the life sentence for some drug offenders with three convic5ons to years. president trump claimed victory or twitter saying it providessi chance to those who earn it. house speaker paul ryan says it's soon easier o becausethe news 4 iteam. heyo wanted inuncover this story. they were parking personal
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hicles overnight and swapping in trucks. they say they have to do this because there aren't enoughde signated zones for them in the city. the higher fines will effect next year. c> that wasn't the only law passed by the d.ncil yesterday. they gave the green light for sports betting in the district. the leglation would make d.c. the first juroisdiction to allo sports betting. muriel bowser is expected to hesign the bill and it needs to pass a congressional review. nbc's "the voice" has crowned a new winner. >> and this season's champion is once again a teenager. >> chevel shepherd, you are the winner! >> kelly looked more surprised than chevel. >> a little bit,ou think? >> yeah. >> the teen from new mexico beat out the competition last night. shepherd's w makes this the second victory in row for coach kelly clarkson. >> she's good. >> she's a lot of fun to watch.
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>> ecyes. >> sd place went to chris and ant cou sunger was third and a 13-year-old finished fourth. >> the door is open and it will just keep coming. ten minutes now after 6:00. new this morning, a glimpse into the fure of travel? a first look at the tunnel elon musk claims will revolutionize the way we handle traffic. and good morning, everybody. wake up weather time. if you're getting ready to go out for your morning jog, you better put that extraer l on this morning. degrees and ere's plenty of sunshine in your wednesday forecast. more news about the rain. >> we have visitors in our studio gotoday. morning! coming up, the special reason this group of dancers was invited to "news 4 today." stay with us. don't miss it. don't miss it. 6:10 is your time.
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here at the live desk we arg aler you to an important recall. recall for insta snow sui which could put babies at risk of choking. take a look at your. scre the children's place metal snap could detach and enough for a child to choke on. the recalled snow suits are all sized 0 to 18 months. sold fromov august tober of this year. take a look at the side seam label and it will have style numbers 21187 or 21 v88. thedor number is going to be 7000028. anyone who purchased that snow
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suit should take it back immediately for a full refund. eun? >> thank you, chris. >> we areetting our first look at what could be a way to beat traffic in our region if you're into this thing. >> tech giant elon musk unveiled the newtunnel. 1.4 mile tunnel running beneath the streets of l.a. under the spacex headquarters. it ran at 40 miles anhour. the future speeds will be 150 miles an hour. elon musk owns tesla and spacex. it would take passengers between them. right now family and friends are remembering penny marshall this morning. she died yesterday from f complicatirom diabetes. she is known for beinghe laverne in laverne and shirley
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as well as being a trail blazing director. she is also known for directing some major films including "the preacher's wife" starring whitney houston. "big" topped the boxfi . tom hanks said, good-bye, penny. man, did we laugh a lot. wish we still could. i love you. another star of the movie, rosie o'nnell, said she is absolutely heart broken. she tweeted a picture and video clip with marshall from a 1996 episode of saturday night life rsand marshall was 75 yea old. 6:16 is our time. do you remember back in october. >> this is where the dancers are practicing. this morning moletterought them to the studio for an update. so nice to see you, ladies.
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>> welcome back! welcome back. >> you look fabulous for 6:16. >>hey're very excited about something they don't know anything about. we have a big surprise for them. because they came up a little bit short on their goal of $5,000, the coach, we have been checking in with her throuthout whole fundraising effort and so when the national cheri blossom festival folks found out about this, they wanted to do something and so diana mayhew is here with a surprise announcementve what do you o say? >> good morning. as we heard about this amazing fundraisin effort, we kno that so many people contributed. we also understand that they ca a little short so we have decided to pay for the uniforms. >> oh! >> not only pay for the uniforms, the uniforms are here! yeah! >> let's do the big reveal. come on. come on,aaron.
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>> whew! >> wow! >> coach sharika, what do youll think aboutf this snnchts i don't know what to say. i am so excited and >> are you surprised? >> i am. >> you didn't know? >> no. >> you had no ea? >> no. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> this is so much fun. my photographer worked really hard on making t all ofs happen and pulling all of this together and look at that. you can't wait to put themon, huh? they have a dance coming up later onorhisng with the 5 d police department. maybe they can wear that for their dance. we'll see. >> they're ready. >> absolutely want t to tryse on. they're gorgeous. bd a shotout to the police officers fornging them to the station because transportation not as easy as well with a n ber of the dancers who have to be in the studio. >> especially at 4:00 in the morning. >> thank you,officers. >> we have more coming up later
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on in the ho. >> big thank you. >> fun to be here, right? >> big community effort. >> we'll talk a little bit more in a second. right now we want to check our forecast. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center >> thanks, aaron. thank you to the cheri blossom festival for i know those are going to wave a great time and make them proud. to go. love that spirit here in the d.c. area. right now it is a cold32 degrees. kids, put your warmup leggings on before you step outside this morning. not much of a wind so not much of a wind chill to worry that being said, flat out cold. 32 in mainsburg, virginia. 21 in gaithersburg, maryland. 28 in quantico. 32 here in town. so your school day forecast, sut is up until 7:22. these are some of the shortest days of the year. winter solstice coming up two now. from on saturday we'll get three seconds more daylight than
6:20 am
friday. on sunday, four seconds more than saturday. the days will start getting longer. there's your school day forecast. it will be a chilly one today with temperatures up near 50 degrees. you'll need your winter coat, hat, gloves thismorning. sunglasses, too. it will be bright and sunny start to finish today. could even get the car washed if you wanted to. keep in mind, it's going to rain tomorrow and it's going to rain hard. this storm down across parts of texas now, that will bring us another incredible soaking of rain. flood watches wl be posted for ay evening into friday. so we're probably going to have to be in storm team 4 weatheral t mode as well and f aday mornin well. >> by 8:00 tomorrow morning, skies will be mostly cloudy. rain will arrive during the afternoon and rain will be hard at times. thursday night late into early friday morning. so with that in mind, here's your 500 day stfore
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heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. tapers back to showers. incredibly mild with a high of 64 degrees. no sunshine. sunshine returns in time for the weekend. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> we have. a lot of ice being reported here. alexandria, telegraph n roadr south vandoorne street, we still have this shut down because of ice reported on the adway. that section there is closed, chopper 4 showing you. take a look at that. not how telegraph road typically looks at this time ofday. you can see the sheen causing potentially big issues for folkne loop and outer loop of the beltway, okay right now. upper marlboro, northbound 5 at woodyard, left side blocked by a crash there. ice here in accokeek. oatomac, river at bradley boulevard, lanes shut down and ice there. arlington southbound gw parkway, icy conditions t reported int spot as well.
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un? >> thank you. counting down until christmas, sings days to go and we are work
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dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more thanust your bipolar i. heaask about vraylar. trouble swallowing may occur. you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 6:24. just days away from christmas and many of you may have finished your holiday shopping. before you start wrapping presents, don't forget about the stking stuffers. news 4's justin finch has last-minute ideas to help you get ready for the holidays. >> reporter: it comes when yo least expect. once the tree's already trimmed,
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the stockings hung with care. oh, no, stockings. yeah, you've still got holiday shopping to do. now it could be for family or friends but more likely for those office ort school s. you know, the stocking stuffers. good thing here, nots much pressure to impress so try going for useful, like a phone charging cable, maybe even with a car adapter. th're easy to find in a pinch. won't break your bank and will get used. maybe you're shopping for a coffee connoisseur so go for coffee subscription. blue bottle coffee sends your iftee a select bag of beans starting around $8 a month. wine fan, there are similar services but the bottles cos more. lead them into low tech, crayons, markers, colored pencils.e theyost effective and let your kids be creative. >> if you're still finding
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yourself in a down to the wire stocking stuffer mission impossib impossible, there is still kohl's. they're keeping round the clocks hours until cas eve. i'm justin finch, news 4. good luck. >> we're going to need t. out of time. >> 7-eleven will be the place to go. whatever you can get. >> gum, s.m all week long we're working for you for ideas for last-minute gifts. >> tomorrow justin will show you the results of a shopping spree for us. he had 1 hournd $100. >> 75 for you and the restor us. >> really? go to the 7-eleven, get me one of those, i'm good to go. >> tune in tomorrow morning, we'll see what he bought. you know, a nice bottle ofu chatla fete will fit in my stocng just fine. probably set you back ten grand.
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"news y" starts now. 6:30 is your tim rightnow. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the whole news 4 team are back in action. chuck bl and melissa mollet are here. we begin with chuck bell. very cold. >> very cold, indeed. skies are cle overnight. the winds are calm. that has been a help, not a hindrance. not much of a wind chill. with that being said, it is cold. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees colder this morning than yesterday morning. in the 20s through the san then doe a valley. low toos mid 20s throughof suburban maryland. only downtown and bay side 30 tions are anywhere near degrees this morning. your planner, cold and sunny to get the day started. it will be a great day to be outside.
6:31 am
temperatures up ner0 degrees. sun is town at 4:49 this evening. lot of rain is coming. we're likely to be in storm team 4 weather alert tomorrow. potentially one to two more inches of rain tomrow into friday. download your app and you'll find and follow me on social media. i'll be tweeting and posting about iheoming rain drops. more about the weekend and christmas week forecast coming up in a few. for now it is time to go to first 4 traffic and melissa mollet. >> good morning. icy conditions on the road. talking about the alexandria section of fairfax. telegraph road. we have the roa shut down. this is why, ice on the roadway. making it dangerous. earlier crash and now nobody is allowed throughnd as they try get that fixed. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, approaching colesville slow from an earlier crath.
6:32 am
thrash is now gone. other icy spots. sohbound g. parkway, ice reported there. potomac, river road b anddley lanes blocked by ice. upper marlboro, inbound at woodyard. be careful out there,ro >> melissa, thank you. 6:32. folks in d.c. waking up without water. chris lawrence. >> 'tis the season. never a good thing. >> this is happening in adams morgan. two emergency water outages due to the fact they're repairing two eight inchmains. we're told these are scheduled repairs but they had to be extended. this point officials hav't said when that water service is going to be restored. eun? >> the clock is ticking. we are two days away now from a paial government shutdown. the drama is growing from the capitol to the white house. the fight is over funding for a wall along the u.s./mexico
6:33 am
border. the president wants more than $5 billion. the white house is signaling it wants to avoid a government shutdown saying it wants to shut down the border from illegal immigration instead. democrats haveejted the latest offer in the republican controlled congress news 4's darcy spencer is live on capitol hill. how many federal workers would a partial shutdown affect? >> rorter: good morning. we're looking at hundreds of thousands of federal government workers facing furlough just days befor christmas. we spoke to many of them just yesterday and many told us they oping this whole thing can be avoided and that they can stay on the job h ande a good holiday season. lawmakers and the president have just a couplef days to get this whole thing worked out so that's creating lot of uncertainty. workers have to be prepared to be out of work. they're hoping that won't happen. 400,000 workers could be furloughed. the military, that wil as well as other essential
6:34 am
services. senior citize, you will get your social security checks. the mail carriers, they'un still come a and bring your mail. this would significantly affect people working families who depend on these paychecks every week to make endsme . let's hear from jim vinegar. >> i think thatthere's going to be a psychological hit that ybe keeps people from spending money during the holidays. they're not sure if this president is going to fund them afterwards. >> reporter: he also tells us this could have an impact on tourism here in the nation's capitol. people think that the government is closed down, the museums. they may think there's nothingt do here so many hope that is oided. >> darcy spencer on the hill. thank you. 6:34 now. we're learning more about a murder/suicide in northern virginia. dlice say a mother is dead
6:35 am
after being runn by a car and shot by the father of her child. katheryn martell was struck yesterday just before noon at the woodlake tower condos in falls church. she was in th parking lot when a white nissan suv ran into her. christopher brooks was driving the suv. is also accused of shooting martell. he then turned the gun on himself. the child was not in peking lot when this happened and is now safe with other family. working to learnore about a threat that forced great mills high school to cancel all after school activity. the st. mary's council said the threat was called in just afters 3:00 yterday afternoon. they issued a lockout. earlier this year one student was killed and a classmate opened fire. the sheriff's office is investigating this latest threat. new this morning, the insurance institute for highway safety is out for top safety picks for 2019.
6:36 am
>> this eyear's listned the top safety pick or the top safety pick award. they lead with seven top safety pick araw. all of theehicles earnedood ratings in five crash tests and have automatic emergency braking systems that rate advanced or superior. they also scored well in which evaluate passenger safety and headlight performance. head to the nbc washington app list for the safest vehicles. tonight at news 4 at 5:00, consumer reporter susan hogan will take you behind the scenes at the lab and see what it takes to put on these crash tests. see what they're looking for in 6:e aftermath. . coming up, facebook accused of giving more companies mor access to your personal information. a look at whether it could happen again. all ght, your new surprise
6:37 am
costumes. okay. well, we're not done yet with the surprises thanks to the natialheri blossom festival folks. we've got more coming
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you're watching "news 4 today." 6:40 right now. you probably msed it last night. former first lady michelle obama stoppedy the "tonight show" starring michelle >> lt night did not disappoint. ♪ ♪ >> in a true surprise people were taking a tour of "30 rock." mrs. oma was on the road omoting "becoming." i love the reaction in the elevator. here's your cnbc morning business report. >>ood morning.
6:41 am
i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. facebook may have shared mor of your personal information than it's admitted publicly. facebook gave companies such as microsoft, netflix, spotify and amazon extensive use of ser data including contact of friends and even the ability to read private messages. more than es150 compa were given access as recently this year following a series of privacy scandals. facebook said it implemented strictls privacy too and users havequote, complete control over its facebook is denying people were misusing the data and saying it didn't break a deal with the government. i'm frank holland. and good morning, everybody. we're still talking a chance for some heavy rain tomorrow, but i'm very optimistic abohe big travel weekend leading into the christmas holiday. saturday and sunday will both be filled with sunshine and temperatures just about average.
6:42 am
more abo that big deluge of rain coming in just a nute. and chopper 4 showing you some icy conditions. telegraph roa here dunsmore, alexandrea. this is not theck only spot around town. around town. moren our trouble spots co omi
6:43 am
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you're watching news 4 today. 15 before the hour right now ticking.clock is we are two days away from a partial government shutdown. >> the dramawi is g from the white house to the capitol. the fight is over funding f a wall along the u.s./mexico border. nbc's peter alexander has more on whatsthe president w from the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun. new indications the lawmakers may have a way out that avoids the way out and kicks the can early into next year. democratic aides say they would not oppose a short-term spending deal that would take it into early february if republicans proposed it, we're told by some republicans that they are working on a draft to that effect right now.
6:46 am
this would effectively give both sides more time to make a longer term deal. the white house importantly has not said whether the president that. board with on tuesday we saw what amounted to an apparent retreat by thewh e house and president's aides. press secretary sarah sanders saying the administration would now ask federalo agencies t pony up part of e $5 billionhat the president demanded for the border wall. that is a turn around from what mr. trump had said he wanted last week, which is for congress to foot the bill. you rememberte thae oval office meeting. we saw those democratic leaders in there when the president said heoould be proud shut down the government if he didn't get what he wanted. h we're going te a lot more on this and how it may impact people around this area when we see you coming up later onay "t >> peter alexander live for us. thank you. coming upll report is on the "today" show. it's 6:46. the trump administration has banned the use of bump stocks. the devices allow semi-automatic guns to fire faster an automatic weapon.
6:47 am
the gunman in the las vegas shooeng massa used bump stocks. owners now have 90 days to destroy or turn them in. the nra said it is disappointed. people who already own bump stocks won't be grandfathered in. a surprise twist during thei sentencing heang for former national security advisor michael flynn. a federal judge agreed to delay flynn's hearing but not before some drama in the courtroom. during the hearing the j ge told flynn, quote, you sold your country out. at one pnt the judge asked the prosecutor if been charged with treason. flynn pled guilty of lying to the fbi. they agreed that flynn should have leniency because he cooperated with the russia investigation. however, the judge said he could not guaranteeou that held not send flynn to prison. soflynn's team chose to delay the sentencing for at least0 days. montgomery county police and the parents of a little girl arr
6:48 am
looking help solving a disturbing crime. >> someone touched her inappr priately at alic library. news 4's justin finch is live at the rockville memorial library to explain what happened. very disturbing, justin. >> reporter: very disturbing indeed, eun. this whole area of rockville is considered to be family friendly, which is part of why this news is just so chilling. we have a map here showing you the la you'll see the rockville memorial library is just off the town square, a central location where there's a christmas tree up as well as an ice skating rink. next door at the library someda before last saturday evening a 5-year-old girl said a man aroached hern the library, pulled down her pants and touched her inappropriately. she says she screamed and ran over to her paren who were able to call 911 but that man in question gas able to away. so police right now are looking for more patrons who were in thattibrary l weekend hoping
6:49 am
they could help them piece together some details here. they also have surveillance video showing a man in the kids' area momentsefore that girl says that she was attacked. those patrons could possibly help police connect the dots in this case. we're live here in rockville, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. 6:49 w. the d.c. council has passed a red flag law as part of a series of gun safety laws. a judges police to ask for permission to seize legal guns if a person poses a immediate threat to tmselves and 13 states already have the law. the law bans bump stocks. mayor muriel bowser is expected to sign it and it could take effect earlier next year. it's 6:49. we'll check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, eun. a little hint of daylight coming up. sun is not up until 7:22 on one of the shortestf dayse
6:50 am
year. the winter solstice is coming up on friday. the days will start to get longer as we get into the weekend. not by much though. rainfall. national airport already has the record for yearly rainfall. so does bwi marshall. we have another one to maybe two inches of rain coming late tomorrow afternoon up through the day on friday. so there's a chance that bwi marshall could cross 70 inches of rain for the year. it will all brain, too, because these sub-freezimp atures will be scoured out of here before the rain moves in. but it is cold ands dry t morning. temperatures only near 20 degrees in the shenandoah valley. 20 in manassas, 20 in chantilly, 20 degrees in poolsville. 22 in arlington. your planner for today is filled with sunshine. sun is up at 7:22. down at 4:49. highs today, upper 40s to right around 50ee s. no weather concerns for today. have your nbc washiton app downloaded and ready to go because thi storm down across
6:51 am
texas and louisiana today, that spells rain and a lot of it for us latern in the day tomorrow. future weather keeps us high and dry for your wednesday. clouds quickly moving in during the overnight hours and it's t likelyo be a dry commute tomorrow morning but rould be heavy at times tomorrow afternoon and evening. heaviestaif the will be from sundown tomorrow until friday o one to two inches of rain is a real possibility around here. and then on friday it's going to be super warm. in the low to mid 60 around here on friday even without sunshine. heavy rainbe wil gone but showers will linger. the good news is dry for the weekend and dry for christmas eve and christmas day. a lot of ice on the roads that did not come from the sky, melissa. >>know. i know. you're telling me over here. telegraph road, alexandria section of fairfax county, osed to south vandoorne. police, everybody turned around here this morning because of
6:52 am
this. take aook as the chopper pans down. you can see the sheen on the road. very icy. keeping everybody away at this arlington southbound gw parkway at windy run bridge, icy conditionseported there. ice blocking lanes of poe tomac, river road at bradley boulevard. inbound by woodyard, left side blocked by accident.oa icyay by farmington road. gainesville, eastbound 66 at 29, crash on the on rp from gainesville on to i-66 right now. and college parkniversity boulevard ne metzrott, crash there. travel times in maryland, 270 southbound going 40 mil per hour. taking a look in virginia now. 66 in bound, 95 north quantico to the beltway, no major problems there. remember to listen to wtop when
6:53 am
you hop in your car, eun? >> melissa, thank you. i52. working for youthe community this morning. remember back in october molette green told us about a local dance team that needed help raising money for uniforms? >> this morning tny b road dancers are joining us in our studio for a special surprise. molette is with them. what's going on, molette? >> 6:15, earlier in the hour, the national cheri blossoms festival folks surprised these ladies with these new stumes. hold them up. back in october when we visited them at their apartment community where they have their community center we saw themda ing then and we showed their costumes. sharika robinson is the coach and they talked to a usut their plight trying to raise mopy. they came short. they came up short but the national cheri blossom festival came to the rescue with these costumes, paid for them. diana mayhew is still because she has one more
6:54 am
surprise announcement. and what would that be? >> so we are excited to invite you allo join us for this coming spring and perform in the nation cheri blossom festival. >> that is cool! and you'll be able to wear these new costumes. isn't that awesome? and i've got o more quick surprise. they have their holiday in the park. you know about that. you allke have t to go to the holiday in the park. and can i just thank the m nderful police officers f 5d community outreach program. they transported all of the t girls a coach here this morning. the girls spent the night at the coach's house. thank you so much for coming in diana mayhew, you are awesome. thank you so much. >> it's our pleasure. we can't wait. >> thank you. >> surprise! >> yeah! >> we love surprises. thank you so much, girls.
6:55 am
we can't wait to continue to follow your story, okay? all ght. >> keepp the good work. >> happy holidays. holidays >> hold up those costumes. let's see them. >> eun, aaron, isn't this the best? oh, my >> so awesome. such a great time of year do see the smile giving and on the faces of those young ladies, just priceless. molettegreen, irene johnson, you put in a lot of hard work to make t shappen. >> can't wait to see them perform. >> yes. >> me, too. >> thanks, ladies. all right. 6:55 right now. to know four things this morning. d.c. police are searching for the suspect who killed a man overnight. this is video from the scene in the 1700 block of west virginia avenue thnortheast. victim was shot around midnight. you can look for updates in the nbcapashington in a rather moment of bipartisanship the senate passed the first step act last it gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehab efforts. it redes the life sentence for
6:56 am
some drug offenders with three convictions to 25 years. stay with the nbc washington app for dates. fans and friends are remembering actress and director penny marsha. she'est known for her role as laverne in laverne and shirley. she directed in"big," "a league of theirown." >> wewi have a new er for nbc's "the voice." 16-year-old chevel shepherd on "the voice." they will be back in february. nbc 4. watch it on there's your ten day forecast. sunny and dry today. rain and a lot of it today and tomorrow. mild on friday. drying outor theweekend. dry weather for christmas eve and christmas day. i like that. santa needs to be able to see where he's going. telegraph rode near dunsmore near southdo vne street. ice on the road has it shut down. we have several other spots that
6:57 am
are icy around town as well re's one of them. southbound gw parkway near win run bridge, icy conditions reported. crash is out of the way. please be careful. melissa, thank you. that is the "news 4 today." we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. untilthen, enjoy your day. >> make it a great day, everybody. >> thank you!
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
bracing for it. nasty weather set to blanket the country creating christmas chaos for 110 million americans during the peak of the holiday rush. heat you will face on t roads and airports. plus, al'satt forecast. stalema with the clock racing towards friday's deadline. ovtheernment inches close -- closer to shutting down. zeroing i investigators return to the home of asi mis colorado mom's fiance and carry out a newse ch for includes nearly one month after her disappearance. >> we all miss her. we want her back.


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