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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 20, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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look outside on what's shaping up to be a busy thursday morning. not only will the roads be more congested as r holiday travelh begins, a big storm is headed this way and threatening plansho ofands who are getting out of town. >> making me nervous. ks feeling lot of f that way, i think. we're working for you to help you get through it all.
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good morning, evonyone. i'm ailchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is here with everything you need to know about the morning first, we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with more on this forecast. >> goord morning, everybody. yes, indeed, if you have holiday travel plans that will start today, you're already up at 4:30 in the morning.oi get. get out the door. this is going to be the best part of the day for travel. traveling conditions will go downhill fast later on this afternoon and later this and tonight. it's going to be crazy rainy sround here. right now ielow freezing this morning as clouds continue area.e into the nothing on radar just yet. 20s and 30s to get your day started. school day forecast, belowee ng for most this morning. only near 39 degrees with a lot of clouds for recess. outdoor recess today but rain likely for afterschool activities today. that rain will be coming down in buckets tonight. put your winter coat and hat on. take the umbrella. with y rain is likely to be here at
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2:00 in the afternoon. download your nbc washington aapp. we'll haeal wallop from mother nature coming later today. big travel disruptions for big bs like atlanta and charlotte later today as well. >> messy, busy day for a lot of people. alexandria, outer loopamp to van dorn street, left lane is still the only thing getting by that crash. we hadt the ramp s down. it's reopened. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, earlier roadwork, don't worry about any of that anymore. nothing really causing any delays. arlington, northbound 395 near washington boulevard, left lane is getting by that work z ze. as wem up here this morning, you can see 95, bw rkway, 29, route 1, everything there northbound, southbound moving along quite well. eun? >> lissa, thank you. that storm chuck mentioned is heading our way as the r holiday traveh kicks off. 112 million people are expected to travel somewhere to see family and fri between christmas and new year's
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that storm will impact travel hubs, including atlanta, new york, and boston. those airports will see heavy rain and possibly flooding, which will impact travel nationwide. as for our area, today will be ffl about the traffic. the worst t will come between 1:00 and 2:15 p.m. aaa says it could take up to duron times asg to get to yourtination. makes you want to change plans. we caught u with some travelers last night at the maryland welcome center right off 9 many said they were getting a head sta because of the incoming rain. we're working for you on this terrible trafficco day. ng up, news 4's chris lawrence will have a live look at the roads and traffic. and we are staying on top of a developing story this morning. lawmakers are working on a pla to oid a partial government shutdown. last night the senate passedte shor spending bill to keep the government running until february 8th. that bill does not include president trump's demand for $5 billion to build an walle u.s./mexico border. the house still has to pass this
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bill, and there's no indication about whether preside trump will sign it into law. the deadline is tomorrow night to avoid the third shutdown of the year. in a few minutes, we'll check in with news 4's tracie potts on the hill for theatest. christmas eve will be a paid federalha holiday some employees thank president trump for. loe president signed an executive orderng most federal agencies and excusing employees from work on monday. certai people with jobs connected to national security, defense, or other public needs will still have t report for duty. this is not an unusual executive order fn times w christmas eve falls on a monday. president b obama signed similar orders. president trump says isis has been defeated in syria, and u.s. troops will retn home. about 2,000 troops have helped get rid of isis in syria.en however, thegon says the work is not done, and it will transition to the next phase of the campaign. middlebrook road is back open in germantown this morning after a car hit a pedestrian.
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this happened right at the intersection with ridge crest drive offun i-270 a 8:00 p.m. the 50-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. now to the district, where two pedestrians were hit and seriously hurt near the national archives. police say that tour bus hit those people on pennsylvania avenue northwest last night. it's 4:35. we have new video of a violent ogtack in the circle neighborhood in d.c. police are looking for two persons of interest this morning. you see they're following a woman into the o courtyard her apartment on rhode island avenue wh . when she gets to the door, she puts her bag down. that's when t attackers hit r from behind and steal her bag. this happened last thursday just after 9:00 p.m. if you know anything that could help tief the attackers, call police. well, we hope you dn't procrastinate and you shipped your holiday packages earlier this week. for everyone who didn't, the deadline has arrived. today is the last day you can mailirst class and priority mail for delivery by christmas.
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saturday is your last day for priority mail express. for other carriers outside of the u.s. postal service, today is the last day for fed and u.p.s. two-day delivery. even if you paid for the priciestnext-day delivery, tomorrow will be the last day to get those packages in before the deadline. >> yeah, i'm not even trying to think about getting anything shipped. u have to go get it now. go to cvs and 7-eleven. >> and deliver it too. >> right. there's just no way. the caps' five-game winning streak has officially come to an end. >> last night the caps fell to our arch rivals, the pittsburgh penguins 2-1. the game was neck and nec until this goal gave the penguins thea win. fans this morning are talking about this fight. ihi saws. things were srting to get physical. did you see him just knock him down? >> right in the face. there you go.
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>> i think both parties knew. you know, the stuff said after, last season, leadi up to it. i think it probably had to be done sooner or later. he went a long way to make that hit. right woon wed at each other, it was on. that's hockey. >> that's hockey. >> that's hockey. >> there you>> go. mean, he threw down as he was approaching. go new what was about to down >> do you think they get bonus money for fighting? >> i don't know. tom wilson is the enforcer. the caps are back home tonight. they take ouf thelo sabres. and everyone says he's the nicest guy, o the ice. just don't get in his way. >> pay attention, kids. all right. 4:37 right now. wiming up, a common crime with a new. a look at the 5-year-old caught stealing a package o a porch and who's accused of putting her it.o and trading his sleigh for a
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santa made a special stop in the district last night. he and several police officers brought some early cheer to the benning road>> area. hey handed out gifts, hot chocolate, candy canes to the kids in the neighborhood. this is an area often plaguedy violence. >> everybody still has love i their heart. if we ha love in themm counity. >> neighbors say they appreciate the early dose of christmas cheer. >> i love this timeyef ar, chuck. >> i don't blame you, eun. i like this time of year as well. looking forward to getting my socks from justin finch a little later w asl. our weather is going to be topsy turvy around here t fors evening into early tomorrow.
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your planner for today, if you have stuff to get done outside, get it done early while it's still just cold and dry. rain could be crazy heavy later on tonight. more about that coming right up. stay with us. > plus, a christmas classic with a modern spin. thed that's bringing a former child star back to his "home alone" role. we'll show it to you just ahead. kayla: our dad was in the hospital.
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15 before the hour. the clock is ticking to a possible partial government shutdown. the senate passed a short-term ending bill last night, but we are not in the clear just yet. >> that bill now goes to the house for its consideration. if approved, on to the president. the deadline to come up with a deal is tomorrow at midnight. news 4'sracie potts i live on capitol hill for us. tracie, good morning. tell us about the short-tm spendieal. what's in it? >> so what's not in it, no new spending for a significant chunk of the government, and importantly, no money for the president's border wall, the $5 billion that he insisted on for the wall that he first said mexico would pay for. there is n wall money in this compromise. the senate passed it. the hse is expected to, possibly as early as today, i t
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se on to the president's desk. the big question, with no wall money, will he sign it? first of all, hele signad through the white house that, yes, he is willing to make a deal re,nd republicans here on capitol hill say that the president has accepted the reality that he's not going to get the wall money for now. the question is, wl heet it next year when democrats are in charge? >> tracie, thank you. former first daily michelle obama wrapped up her nationwide book tour. she held her final event last night at ts barcl center in new york city. sarah jessica parker served as a moderator to discuss the book. it's called "becoming. people have been talking a lot about who the moderators ares a much a michelle obama. her memoir chronicles growing up in chicago and balancing her time as a working tom. >> man accused of kidnapping and murdering a prince george's county teenager
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could face the death penalty. eric brown was indicted yesterday in norfolk federal c court on thrge of kidnapping resulting in the death of asthanti billie. brown is accused of abducting billie from virginia beach and later killing her. earlier this month, we spoke with billie's parents after a bill was created in her name. ashanti was 19 years old, too old f an amber alert. if convicted, brown faces a nimum of life in prison. more bad news for skins safe safety montae nicholson.
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the video shows him punching and kicking a man outside of bar earlier this week. he and two others were arrested and charged with assault and battery. ach jay gruden says he's aware of the video and will take a look at it. nicholson will not take the field with the team on saturday. our coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. with the skins pregpoe . 4:48 now. you've heard of people stealing packages from homes. a maryland man mayave hit a new low, though. gary smith is accused of coercing his 5-year-old daughter into stealing aackage for him. now there is a warrant out for his arrest. police say thi surveillance video led them to smith and his daughter. you may rember we've shown you this video before. you can see a little girl loing back, apparently looking at someone who's instructing her, before running up to the porch and grabbing the package. then she ran away. police say they questioned smith about this video, and then he disappeared. he apparently blamed the theft on his daughter at the time.
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once he's caught, he'll face multiple charges, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> the sad thing s even at 5,sh probably knew there was something intrinsically wrong with what she was doing. just a sad story. it's now 4:49. a local academiandout is waking up with her dream of going to college a reality. us to's cory smith takes prince george's county to show us the moment that a young woman's life changed forever. >> reporter: her life is aboutt change. look.s the in walks thepr sure. and, wait for it, there. the nervousaughter behind that wide smile is understandable. how would you react to seeing ckur name on a c this bill? a check that means everything to your future. >> we would likeo award you scholarship uiti for four yearsat valued $129,000. >> i was like, oh, my gosh, ire this al? i didn't think it was real.t' >> reporter: i very real.
4:50 am
she actuallin had to w this full ride at a competition. >> i've butn praying a this. i've been praying really hard. i know my parents have very high expectations for me. all i want is the best. reporter: today was a big first step. though she admits she had herts dohe would ever get here. >> i've been working very hard. i'm just happy for this opportunity. >> reporter: and while we'd like to wish her luck, after today it's obvious that ayodele doesn't need it. >> i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: cory smith, news 4. >> it's a small school in northwestern pennsylvania, about an hour north of pittsburgh. >> i am so happy for her. the fact she already knows -- she id, listen, i know i have to work hard. the sky's the limit. >> and it likelyve won'thelm her because she's clearly work hard already. well, it's really not christmas without the holiday"h classie alone." >> we've watching that way too many times in our house. ther- nearly 30-yd film is
4:51 am
making a come baback in a new a. backeady to be transported in time with a twist. >> someone's at the front door. >> what do i owe you? >> looks l you paid online. >> keep the change, ya filthy animal. >> okay, cool. >> do you recognizehim? that's kevin mcallister, all grown up, still living at home. this time he has gooe home to keep him company. remember when he used a michael jordant- cuout to fool the burglars? this time he lifted kevin durant. >> that's cool. he's every second of 38 years old now. >> oh, stop it. when you'r macaulay culkin and you become famousn a world that -- he will never live that down. he'll always be kevin mcallister. >> i just remember the disaster became as an adult.
4:52 am
god bless him for finding work. >>ar! >> i put on my facebook page yesterday, the package stealers, porch snatchers --o a nasa engineer engineered a glitter bomb with fart spray. >> of course it's a nasa person. >> hilarious. go to my facebook page. 's hilarious. >> i will have to share. a glitter bomb? you don't understand, glitter i. the dev >> you're not getting that out of the upholstery, ever. the skies are going toy go mos cloudy for the rest of the morning here. may have a little sunshine very early, but it's going to be a cold, cloud diry, and dry start the daytu evly this big winter storm, which is coming at us in
4:53 am
two pieces is going to have a huge impact on travel weather today. heavy rain atlanta towards tampa, orlando, and miami. charlotte, raleigh also going to be impted by that. air travel could be serioused hamp later on in the day today and early tomorrow. here's future weather. may get a peek of sun early, a fewhowers early this afternoon, but the heavy rain -- and i mean industrial strength c rain --es in after the sun goes down tonight. rain, 1 to 2 inches widespread, and localized amounts of potentially 3 to 4 inche of rain in the next 24 hours. heaviest of it coming in late tonight. lymorrow morning, pouring down rain e a few breaks during the middle parts of the day. another shot of rai friday evening. maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. download yourbc washington app. that'll be your best friend over the next 36 hours.
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rainfall at least 1 to 2 inches. hcalized could beher than that. flood watches are posted. temperatures will go up after the sun goes down. we'll be in the low 40s all day. 60 by midnight tonight. in the 60s tomorrow morning. good news, melissa mollet, quieter weather returns just in time for the weekend. >> i do like that. alexandria here, outer loop ramp to van dorn street the only thing we haveoing on right now. let's keep our fingers crossed it stays this way. left lane is gettingha by t crash this morning. everything else through that area, 66, 95 looking quite good. 270 southbound, 70 to the spur, 67 miles per hour going to get you there in 27 minutes. northbound on 270 also rolling along nicely. through prince jojgeorge's coun everything ise and clear at this point. same thing 95 in maryland and the btway erall. just that one issue near van dorn street. >> melissa, thankou. it's 4:54.
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tomorrow we're going to the community to bring you thest chs spirit. >> there is a special sing along at firstrc baptist c in prince george's county. >> it'soing to begood. you can hear them here on news 4 today tomorrow morning. you know how much iove christmas music and a choir. those two, epic. here's a story about nbc's hit show "thi is us" that won't make you shed a tear. >> you sure? >> i can't make any promises. >> that show kills me. it's still going strong. in fact, it was one of the most popular shows in our area and across the country this year. a recent survey of all comcast subscribers shows that "this is us" is coming in at number three on the list of 2018's most watched programs in the dmv. >>thow about .
4:56 am
"power," "game of thrones" andd" "west wo also made the list. nationally, "this is us" did even better atbe n two. "game of thrones" was the most watched show in the country. we should note that comcast owns nbc universal and this television station. >> i have noteen a single episode of "game of thrones." >> me either, n once. i'm okay with that. >> i've missed so many, i feel like it would be impossible to catch up. well, this is the busiest day of the travel season in the d. area. we're live on the roads with the crowds. more problems for major projects aimed at expanding metro. bad told you about the concrete and potentially dangerous tracks. the latest problem for the silver line coming up at 5:00 on news 4 today. i'm jimmy dean and thank you very much for lettin'
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us become just a littlepar. and we sincerely hope that jimmy dean sausage might make your holiday just a little bit brighter. happy holiday to ya.
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uou're wakingp to the busiest travel day of the holiason. millions are expected to hit the road and take to the skies today. what you need to know to handle the crowds. > a late-night bargain in the senate might be the move that keeps the government open past friday. there is still a big sticking point between congress and the white house. and the movie mogul at the center of the me too movement is set to answer for some of the most serious allegations against him amid concerns the charges could be thrown out. well, this may just be the most peaceful view of any road you' see today. aaa says today is going to be the busiest travel day of the
5:00 am
holiday season in the d.c. area. >> news 4 today is working for you to make sure your holiday trips get off to a gard good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchoust. even ife not one of the millions taking a trip today, you'll still have to deal with traffic.y melissa mollet is tracking road conditions for our commute this morning. but let's start withll chuck it is a weather alert day, chuck. >> you bet it is. it'snd all cold a quiet and cloudy outside here early this morning, but our weather is going to go downhill fast as we get into the later parts of the afternoon. crazy wind and rain mov in after the sun goes down tonight. so storm team 4 weaer alert. the flood watches have already been issued. they go into effect at this evening and last through tomorrow. on average, a sol inches of rain is coming. localized amounts could be three ches or more. heaviest of the rain from sundown tonight until srise morrow. in fact, temperatures are actually going to go up after the sun goes down. flying today, good luck


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