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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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not tomorw but tonight. we are seeing some moderate rain right now. all seeing the rain. we'll continue to see that tonight. there is a little spin in the atmosphere. there could be a thunderstorm watch in the carolinas. what do wecare? >> well, it is moving right up toward our are by aroun 11:00 fd 3:00 a.m. theod watch includes
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everybody in our area. please turn around and don't drown. we saw a lotf water rescues. and we want to remind our viewers at a stay ahead of any severe weather coming through. you will get all the latest updates. >> one step forward, two steps back. before the house took up the measure, the president threw a wrench intol the d saying he wouldn't support it. now, lawmakers are heading back to the drawing board no clear options. >> this all starts with the president demanding $5 billion for a border some the senate left out of its temporary funding bill. now the president said h won't sign that doesn't address border security. and there's anoer issue.
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many members have already left town. the u.s. house is getting ready $5 a procedural vote that billion for a border wall. they're also voting on $8 billion for disaster funding and t ting resolution, or cr. meantime, we jlared the president in the last couple hours. he said to given lawmakers a out, he wouldn't call it a wall but said there must be some funds. >>here has to be something special to do the job. steel veats. made my position very clear. any measure that funds thent govern must include border security. >> we'll see what they come up with. we'll see. in terms of wall funning, that's a nonstarter. >> in the meantime, a man in florida has started a go fund me page.
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democrats say it is worth pointing out the president. mexico, not american will be paying for a border wall. thank you. >> thank you. e threat is having an impact on your 401(k). the dow fell more 46an points today. closing down about 2%. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also off today. all three are now trading at their lowest levels in more than a year. >> audible gasps in the prince george's county courtroom today after a jury acquitted a manho is accused of setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire. p laquinnllips will be released later today. this attack hapd in september 2017. today jury said there was not enough proof to convict him of
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this crime. tonight, newti reon the victim. >> it is still hardo believe that they found him not guilty on all counts. reporter: anda grinage -- >> what about my safety?a what i a supposed to do now? >> reporter: phillips was accused of setting then girlfriend andrea grinage on fire while she was carrying their daughter journey who was delivered prematurely. phillips was charged with attempted murder, arson and aisault. his attorney they didn't have the evidence. >> my suspicion is that she herself on fire. the reason i say that. there was no gasoline found in the bathtub. no dna. no finge prints. none of her stories matched up. her medical records didn't even match up with the things she was saying. >> reporter: phillips had just been accepted as a d.c. firefighter when he was charged.
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his attorney said he is focused on getting his client's life back together. >> now what i am a supposed to do? >> reporter: there was a second suspect arrested and charged. they are going to t move forward. tracee wilkins, news4. >> and none of the jurors have spoken publicly about how they came to that decision. a trip to see the christmas decorations ended in trage for a mother and daughter. g.e family is thinking with an unthinkable th the mother and daughter killed by a tour bus down by the national archives. mark segraves is there with what we're learning about the victims. >> reporter:yeah, jim.
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one woman has a son who is an active duty marine and now they're working the bring them back them to alaska. they were there to visit the white hous this was the season last night. this tour bus struckd and kil two women as they crossed pennsylvania avenue. according to police, the women were in the crosswalk when they were hit. theville, 61-year-old monica carlson and her mother cora adams. they are just finished touring the white house. carlson was the mayor of skagway, alaska. a town of about wound,000 people. we spoke to her brother-in-law who spoke of how active she was in her community. >> she leaves some very large shoes to fill in a very small town where we watch after each other very closely.
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>> reporter: they had come to d.c. for a spur of th momen trip to see the christmas decorations at the white house. >> both were avid loves of washington, d.c. the nation's cap was the place they love to visit.>> eporter: police say the driver has been cooperating with investigators. they're stillrying to determine whether or not the two pedestrians had the green light when ty were crossing pennsylvania avenue. >> we knew they we in the crosswalk. that's the other information we're verifying. what was the timing for both the vehicle and the pedestrns involved in the crash. >> we can tell you, they're reviewing the traffic cameras is that the witnesses. >> the verlatest, northwest. news4. at this is not the first deadly crash at intersection, seventh and pennsylvania. a metrobus hit and kild two
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won't valentine's day in 2007. metr wound up settlin a lawsuit with one of the ctims' husbands for more than $2 million. the crash led d-dot to make somh ges at that intersection. an update, police have identified a woman struck and killed last night. joyce brown lost her life while crossing the street at middlebrk road a ridge crest drive. a driver hit her just after 8:00. she dd at the hospital. the driver identified as christian martinez ended up h i thpital as well. is expected to survive. we've got an update after a 5-year-old girl was groped at the rockville library. the parents say this past saturday, a man came up to their
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daughter, pulled down her pants and riinapprely touched her. it happened at the rockville emorial library right in the rockville town square. if you recognize this man, you're urged to call police. still ahead, a woman followed intoer courtyard at logan's circle and attacked. the violent inciden was caught on camera. what we were learning about the crime and about the victim. some holiday travelers that yo might be seeing at the airport this year. not who you would expect. wait until you catch this story. and the heavy rain rolling. doug is bac on the other side of this short break.
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a live look at the . conditio doug is back with the hour by hour breakdown of whate n expect. >> so you dragged that heavy suitcase. you stand in a long line, you push through crowds and then see these guys. and all that stress melts away. adam tuss explains why united is letting air travel go to the dogs. >> a friendly furry face. >> i haven't seen anything like
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that in an airport. >> meet lily, brooks, and oliver. >> she just left her dog and this brought bapk a hpy feeling. >> there's one that looks just like mine. >> reporter: these dogs bring smiles just about everywhere they go. and that's t point. that you forget with p thiart of the trip. they come from pal and it stands for people,s, anim love. >> here at dulles, we're planning on serving about 200,000 customers this holiday season. and bringing relief from stress is what we're all abou >> you can see people physically decompress. >>is i nice being around here.
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airport. >>hese guys will be working three shifts a day over the next couple days. map' best friend, now travelers' best friend, news4. >> ise want t dogs so badly. >> come over here. come sit with me. come sit with me. >> this is how bad it will be. >> look at that, that's florida. >> you can see in pascoe county, it is all just in time for the holiday rush. not so fun. >> and you're ready for christmas. >> yeah. >> i'm baby sitting. >> go stand overthere. >> we put her hair in a pony
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tail so she wouldn't have rain hair. this is 295. this is maryland 197. it is a mess out there. take a look right now. the radin tra the rain across the area. the heaviest toward the baltimore area andn right d through parts maryland. look at some o heavier rain back toward the mountains, you can see the heaviest rain is making its way in. it will be making its way. if you think we have problems, wait until it gets a little heavier. let's go to shomari stone. i don't know if you broughtki yr with you. you might not know this but it is a bring your kids to workday.
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>> reporter: no, my kids didn't comeoork today. they actually had school. i'm sure they're happy now though because now they have christmas break. take look at it is an absolute mess. people are moving at a snail's pace. we're heading to 95. people are getting ready for christmas next week. right now the traffic is moving rather slowly. you have the evening rush hour and people decided to go early to start christmas vacation. e worst is about 8:00 through
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about 3:00 a.m. i'm watching this area right in here. th a little bit of a spin in the atmosphere. this is what will come through. we'll take it hour by at the airport, we could see some delays. the northeast wind, keeping us on the colder side. we are goi to get a lot warmer especially into the day tonorrow. right the rain. 9:30, heavy rain across the area. steady rain as well. weee start to it move in. notice this to the east. this is where we could see the 40r 50-mile-an-hour winds. the wind threat is gone.
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we could s t somees down. then dry spot. in between two storms. right into the east. to the east and the wel. wetill see showers but a lot more drier air. into the 60s toorgs. 4:00, we've got rain showns. and t look at this. here comes the cold air with the front. th is aittle area of strong storms as well. that could come through tomorrow evening. and then back to the west. maybe even some snow backthere. the next couple days. 63 degrees on your weather alert 47 on your saturday. 50 on sunday. christmas eve, a temperature of 47 degrees. as looks , chris pretty good. around 46 degrees. all right, all righ not just take your daughter to workday. that's right. you have to get equal time. thank you, thank you.
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>> and by the way, i said doesn't daddy look handsom on tv? and she said no. he looks better on television. >> how many tvs are you on? >> i'm on a few tvs. >> yeahat wh a smile. thank yo >> we kammerers! a consumer alert for but the safety of some off road nearly a half mlion have been recalled. concernse are some new concernse are some new and surgery is put on hold
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he vice president is visiting the wounded warriors. another series of surgeries postponed for the washington, d.c. v.a. medical center because of problems with supplies. it is just the latest in a long and growing stripping of delayed procedures linked to mismanagement. the report from scott macfarlane
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has revealed manyf e problems. >> reporter: we've learned they have postponed at least eight surgies since october. three were orthopedic surgeries. the other five were dental surgeries. some but not all have been rescheduled. the agency says the i-team poor communication between teams is to blame for some of the delays. we've reported a series of these delays inside the flagship hospital. in one case, we learned a patient was put under anesthesia before a supply shortageas discovered. we're told the patient was awakened and sent hom without the procedure. internal investigators have said the fryquency of sur delays is unacceptable and highly abnormal did he d.c. v.a. medical central. a new director has been hired and told us last month, he will
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fi this problem. >> we should never have a patient in thera ong rule under general anesthesia and have to cancel a b caseause we didn't have equipmentil ale. >> there has been a new inventory check and them there is no need for more supplies. a woman followed int her apartment courtyard. what we're now learning about the suspect. plus, what is in a name? the debate among a loc high school community.
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the rain is still here. just in time for thend of the week. out there now, tracking through parts of the area. we'll see it making its way in here in the next couple and the heaviest rightnto virginia. and this could produce some winds up to 40 to 50 miles an hour arod ourregion. we'll talk more about that hour
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by hour. all right. we'll see you then. thank you. if you're just joining us, we have a look at capitol hill. >> a measure would include $5 thllion to fund border wall. >> this comes afte president said he would refuse to sign the temporary spending measure tha would have kept the government working through february. a shocking verdict today in prince george's county. a jury fednd a man acc of setting his girlfriend on fire not guilty. she had wurns to boer 70% of her but the jury said there wasn't enough proof to find him responsible. and a deadly collision between a tour bus and two women who were crossing the street in front of the national archives. they had come to d.c. to see the christmas decorations and had
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just toured the white house. we're told the women were in the crosswalkt seventh and pennsylvania. not clear if they had the light. the drive is cooperating. ambushed and attacked. >> a woman targeted as she was walking home near logan circle. the suspects following her to then artment door and robbing her and the whole thing is caught on camera. >> a witness w saw the woman just after the attack. >> reporter: it was a sense of comfort and safet that should come along with the place you call home. >> this is a place i chose to live. i've only been here three months. >> reporter: but feeling hor changed a lot of residents on rhode island avenue northwest. take a look at the surveillance video from last thursday. a wanalking home just before 11:00 p.m. looked for her keys the enter e building. when d.c. police say two women creep up behind he punching her in the head and face.
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grabbing her purse before running off. >> it isng concer you can't even feel safe literally onour front door. >> she just looked broken. >> reporter: this resident didn't want to us use his name but he saw the woman moments after the attack. >> it is terrifying. police want you to take good ok at these two women suspects. because third still on the run and that's giving residents who live aund here more of a reason to be concerd. >> in theory, yes, i'm more aware of who is around me. >> reporter: while the victim didn't do anything wrong, there ar some takeaways. be sure to have your key in your hand when you approach your home or your car. especially at night. be aware of your surr sndings. if y a potential suspect, they say it's possible that could be a deterrent so they
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don't attack. meagan fitzgerald, news4. a group of bystanders are being honoredfter saving a man who had a heart attack while he was waiting in line to vou. see mayor bowser. the former school employee had collapsed election day. a group of good samaritans grabbed the school defibrillator, shocked him twice and got his heartbeating agai mayor bowser -- >> our responders will get there quickly. there is tip clay bystander therequickly. a neighbor, a co-worker, that can behere first and render an assi. >> she also recognized the first responders who took over. tonight the arlington school
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board will talk about new name for washington lee high school. back in june, the b trd vot drop lee to cut ties with the confederate gene it sparked emotional reactions from students, alumni and parents. so what's in a name? david culver spoke with folks on both sides of this debate. >> reporter: what's in a name? e answer is complicated. >> many were concerned that owanging the name would som etrace legacy. i think it enhances it. >> reporter: pet sits on a naming community. the task, what to put after washington instead of lee. robert e. lee was confederatera ge some believe using his name honor as hate-filled time in our nation. the arlington school board voted in june to remove lee from the title. in the alumni, using school board meetings to vent
5:33 pm
frustrations. >> don't take away the name and lose a unique vibrant history. >> she feels it is not worth it. >> not just b monetary cos a loss of name recognition and history, stability, a sensef pride. >> they recommend the this. >> they're just everyday people but they had a significant impact. >> for chloe and other students, it means they can keep the logo, w.l. >> we changed lee to loving but we still keep the brand of w-l. just yesterday, a group
5:34 pm
filed agast the name change. they'll have a chance to refile their case on the day before the school board votes. general jim mattis will be retiring after having served. during his tenure, tremendous progress has been made. especially with regard to the purchase of new fighting quilt. general mattis was a great ally to me and heot. a new secretary of defense will be named shortly. i greatly thank jim for his service. jim mad dog mattis, an original member of the president's cabinet. the position is usually reserved
5:35 pm
for civilian employees. this comes 24 hours after the president announced the pullout of troops from syria. project, arsial controversial announcement that has been criticized among other people by senate republicans. at the live desk. back to you. >> all right. thank you. it's estimated, t average american puts on about six pounds during the holidays. jim handly, that's like 10 for you? >> hey! >> the growing problem of americans andheir waistlines. >> that's where it goes. >> and as job tha high stress. the n proewgr
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geico. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the heaviest rain coming in over the next couplehours. tween 8:00 and 3:00 a.m. pretty good wind threat as well. i'm back in about seven minutes. >> all right. wawa opens a second d.c. location. you'll find the usual hoagies and coffee i know what the georgetown themed drink. the double shot of espresso with caramel and whipped cream.
5:39 pm
up next, wawain planng to open shops in columbia heights. >> there we go. >> hold the hoagie. as we all get toward eat and drink with family andie frs, waistlines in our country have expanded quite a bit over the last few did he go aids. in the 1960s, the average man was 5'8", weighing in at 6 pounds. the average woman, 5'3", 140 pounds. but new figures from the national center for health stveistics showge weight for each increasing by more than 30 pounds. and bmis getting worse. for guys, the average is 5'9", 198 pounds. women have added just over a half inch. the average weigh is 171. local firefighters are taking a new kind of training
5:40 pm
for their >> theseighters may look like they're lik down on the job but they're going through training. they're learning yoga and meditati o. it is par a revolutionary program called o 2 x human performance. it was developedavy former s.e.a.l.s and is being used to help these firefighters cope with stress. >> if they arrive on the scene of a house fire, a lot of adrenaline is flowing, a lot of emotions to get lot done at one time and all of that stress has a specific physiological stress on the body. >> reporter: firefighters engage in physical training for their strength. this new humanerrmance regime helps them train their minds.
5:41 pm
>> a lot ofta mhealth issues, ptsd, it is very ev ent. >> they teach sleep deprived firefighters how to get more rest. eaw to dwith nightmare scenarios like the 9/11 attack on the pengon when some of these first responders came face to face with death and destruction. >> it just brings back memories every september 11th. so things like t do help. it helps channel your mindrom those events and they are daily events for the firesmen who are firstresponders. they're out on calls right now. >> this training is designed to help firefighters stay on the job for longer, healthier careers. >> if you or someone you know needs help, you can go to our
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justrch changing minds. app. ahead at 5:00, the impact of the new partnership with a leading e-cig maker. and a news4 consumer investigation. the concerns about the safety of pop hard off-road vehicles's not the holidays un
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e>> look at that. live look at conditions out there. the big green blob on theleft how it will impact your holiday travel plans. doug has the forecas in just a second. >> we've learned the danger still exists. >> a story susan hogan has beeg followor months with an update. >> so last december, the
5:45 pm
consumer product safety commission released this joint statement alerting the public about the fires. they promised they would work together to resolve the issue. tonight, safety experts say little has been done to keep you safe. ey were so excited for the joyride. their good time turned on horror in an instant when the vehicle ebecameulfed in flames. >> the whole two hours, pe kept screaming, why is nobody helping me? i'm dying. why is nobody helping me? >> reporter: she died from her esjuries. josh lith the scars. they've recalled nearly a half million vehicles related to fire risk including the onea joshu and page were riding in. however torsion this day, there are accusations that the fix isn't stopping the fires. and rovs not partf the recall
5:46 pm
are also catching fire. something polaris and the consumer product safety commission acknowledged last year. both promised they would work together to ensure fire risks were addrsed. >> there's a big problem. polaris has conducted more recalls than any other manufacturer. we feel like thereee n to be more looking under theoo and more trying to understand what's going on. s says despite all the recalls, consumers still don't have the i normationded to protect themselves. neither polaris nor the cpsc will say wt is causing the fires in the first place. >> or whether or not there are still vehicles out there, the manufacturer and cpsc know a po. >> reporter: in a statement to t news consumer product safety commission said since the 2017 joimt state,t issued nine
5:47 pm
more recalls including four fire burnlu hazards ing 2017 and 2018 vehicles. but she says it is still unclear whether their hazards have been resolved. polaris tells us it made additional investments over the last two years t improve the safetyf the illness, they issued a voluntary safety blutin despite having reached no calls on polaris. >> they had on pay a penalty f failing to repair the vehicles. that was the largest fine in th historye cpsc. we'll continue to stay on this story. there could be a steering problem on some popular ramuc pickup trucks. a driver complaining the federal investigators after rthning off road.
5:48 pm
that driver was going about 65 miles an hour and lost control of the truck. transportation safety investigators say a complaints so far. investigators are looking into how often the problem happens and if a recall is needed. >> we have some big winds coming in. we've seen so much rain. then you get some wind. that's what we're worried about. i'm not worried about a lot of wind coming in but it will be stng enough that we could see some issues between 11:00 is eeat 3:00 a.m. in the morning. you the traffic flowing pretty good.
5:49 pm
that's where the cloud levels are. i've got the temperatures going up to the 50s by around 9:00, 10:00. right now. leesburg, a very cold, nasty rain. the heaviest rain in the southern zone down toward the fredericksburg area. even some moderate rain in and around the beltway. the wider view showing what's happening with this system. such a big thsystem. whole thing rotating around the big area of low pressure aloft. the surface low right in here. notice thuorm activity all the way down into idfl that will bring us the wind.
5:50 pm
that could bring us some heavier wind as well. so we tracking both of these. most tomorrow, just showers. not an all day rain but something we could be watching for. we have flood watch. we'v already seen some rain out there. that's why we have the flood watch in effect for everybody. now we haves flood warni in an effect for the shenandoah river. the potomac flood watch, rappahannock. we're already seeing these flood warnings as a result of we've seen. look at the winds. 30 to 40 miles per hour. the system moves in but how about thby? about 2:00 a.m., 40 to 50
5:51 pm
miles per hour. out there along the tbay. west. if you're east of i-95, you have a chance to see the winds by tomorrow morning. it is rather breezy but we're still warm. the winds in the 60s. a high of 63. again, some heavy shower activity at times. but not an all day rain. a much better travel day.n we're still weather alert because of the flooding. >> christmas eve, looking od. 47 degrees. and christmas day, not looking bad at all. 46 before colder weather moves in to the middle of next week. >> and in the world of big tobacco, the world's largest cigarette company is getting into the ecigarette busine. altria is spending a whopping $13 billion to b a huge staying in the ving company
5:52 pm
juul. vaping is growing,ll espec among teenagers. juul remains an independent company for nowow but has access to all of altria's services. vaping is now a $6 billion business. 15% of adults in this country still do snoke traditional cigarette. but one in 20 says they have switched to the ecigarette. and there's growing concern in the spike in use. more than 3 million high school students say they smoked ecigarettes this year. that's a 20% jump in the last seven years. officials say vaping with the sleep packaging and kid friendly flavors is getting a new generation addicted to nicotine. h about a holiday decoration that you can eat rather than give away?
5:53 pm
the houses are to fund scholarships for students. >> i feltike it was with my family, we got to bring o in uniqueness and all of these houses. >> they made a ginger bread house involving the caps. the team actually bought it. if you're interested in bidding on any of these houses, contact the school. a famous civil rights law is at the center of a case. a case of cyber bullying and how critics say could it impact free speech college campuses. and president trump o secretar defense resigning. he will leave at the end of br
5:54 pm
ry. the departure raises serious questions about future decisions the white house will be making the white house will be making on a global stage.
5:55 pm
james: this is alana, a very busy she and her hureginald wanted to grow their family. buthanks to a kidney donation in the dc afrom reginald,y disease. alana is healthy and enjoying a full life. i'm james brown andy donation in meet my friends,inald,y disease. alana and reginald - soon to be parents of two. to learn more about kidney donation, visit the gw ron and soon joy paul kidney center at gw or call 1-833-kidney3.
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a group filed a tit 9 complaint and said the school
5:57 pm
was not doing enough to protect them fm anonymous online threats. an appeals court ruled in their favor. critics say it is a blow for free speech on campus. from some h reaction of those students. >> it was horrifying. i remember being afraid my apartment. >> that's the reality tse former mary washington students said they faced. they were feminists and they said once they started a campaign against sewell violence, that's when the violen started. they said can we euthanize? gonna tie these femme niflts to the radiator. >> it was frustrating to see this university that i called home had turned against me in such a violent, horribl way. >> you can't make these cyber harassment cyber and expect to get away with it because it is anonymous.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the students filed a lawsuit saying it didn't do enough to protect them. and the federal appea court saying the school should have done a better job with the threats. >> they've ruled on the side of common sense and juice. ubling as a very t decision for free speech. >> reporter: samantha harris works at the rights and education, and she wrote an article saying she doesn't see them as threats. >> just saying i'm so angry, i sauld like to kill someone, is not necly threatening. >> reporter: they said in part, the university remains committed to the safety and well-being of its students. in the meantime, she said she was diagnosed with ptsd but she will continue fighting to ming sure students feel safe. it.i will devote my life to >> reporter: amy cho, news4.
5:59 pm
hate word, the secretary of defense is on the way out. general james mattis is leaving the administration. and the federal government seems to be barreling toward a shutdown. president trump sd he won't sign a funning bill. plus, we are in weather ert mode right now and this is why. storm team 4 lit up with a powerful rain storm. what a mess out here. here's a look at the heavy rain in florida. oh, it's coming dow there. now all that moisture is headed our way and it could makeor a nasty couple of nights. >> doug kammerer is here with what we can expect and when.
6:00 pm
this will be soaker. >> ah, we'll expect it to continue through the night. right now, mostly on the light to moderate weside. move through the next couple hours. this is a big storm system. affecting about half the country right now. even the tornado in parts of southern florida. the heaviest rain through morning hours. we'lch talk about w days are the best to travel if you're thinking of heading out. that's in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. the holiday travel rush moving slowly ase look toward


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