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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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chuck bell is here to tell us about the calmefore the storm. another storm. weekend means storm,right? >> yes. more rain coming our way. the last thing we needed for sure. rain and a lot of it. even with the rain we'll be near degrees again. ight now though skies are clear. the winds are calm and temperatures are below freezing for most of the area this morning. mid 20s, 25 in leesburg. 32 at national airport. waters ofe unfrozen the potomac. dog walking forecast, johnny is owailable for adoption. temperatures b freezing for the next couple of hours.
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traffic wise moving well. nothingr in y way. lower volumes. lighter traffic. in virginia, no mn line issues. hov restrictions in effect. if you're on holiday, consider yourself lucky. tolls in effect. in clarksburg, we have a crew heading to the structure fire. 121 was blocked near little seneca lake. e'll have more on this coming up. traffic watch, not a hugele pr we will keep you posted. right now it is a light rush hour. erica and aaron, back over to you. >> dave, thank you very much. 5:01. g,developing this morn we're working to learn more about a serious overnight crash in rockville. this happened after midnight on rockville pike near rollins
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avenue. itarppears two c were bothly damaged. least two people rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. several fires kept irefighters busy on christmas day. >> news 4's justin finch is livs at thene of what is left of a home in capitolheights. >> reporter: busy night, indeed. s across for firefight the region on christmas day. it was a rough night for families who were displaced, including one living in this capitol heights home behind me here. the family in this case though, some goodnews. they were able to escape when this fire broke out close to 4:30 on christmas afternoon. smoke shown from the upperasevel well as the lower level off dade place in capitol heights. we spoke to a man who was inside
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of the home. he said he was relieved after the fire broke out so quickly they were able to escape as quickly as they could. >> a bang. i had my rents, my kids running out evacuating the house. i come outside. smoke coming out the front door, smoke coming out the leside. we cd 911 immediately and here we are. >> reporter: some good news there. we'll take you now to d.c. here where you'll see a few hours ago d.c. fire crews responding to a house fire on the 6100 block of fourth street in northwest. two story home. all able to escap with minimal injury. another fire in d.c. on the1600 block of 17th street in southeast, an apartment fire there also knocked down. as you're seeing back out live, a very busy day for firefighters across the day tackling fires large and small. we are hearing at least 22o people or dispoliced in all
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of these fires. they're going to be okay. live from capitol heights. i'm justin finch. news 4. in>> ju thank you 56789:04 now. while the investigation into the causes of the fires have not been completed, the national fire protectio associati does have a warning for everyone. when the holiday i over, many people begin to neglect their live trees. if you don't keep it watered, it can become dry. a good rule of thumb, when the tree starts dropping a lot o needles, that is the best time to take it out, go ahead and recycle it. today isay five of the partial government shutdown. for congress at home, there hasn't been any progress t get the job done. >> nicole jacobs is live for us. >> reporter: erica and aaron, the holiday i season over but the partial shutdown of course
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is not. and we are here live this morning at ragan airport.fa in , we're entering day five of what is expected to be an incredibly busy travel day as everyone heads back home from the holiday. the tsa agents, one of hundreds of thousands working and not getting pa p. sident trump and lawmakers continue to spar o irssues of president's the campaign promise of a border twall. over holidays trump told reporters he heard from many federal workers who told him they want funding for the wall. he's eve willing to call it as in tg else as well end he gets the wall. until some sort of agreement is reached, trash pickup is not happening on the ma no one can answer how long the
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shutdown will last as you take k live l here again as tsa agents are working without pay. we know lawmakers return tomorrow but, again, just how long the shdown will last is the big question. many are assuming it could lt well into january as a compromise seems fairly distant. aaron, era, back to you. >> nicole jacobs at ragan national. and a christmas holiday is over as nicole mentioned but the partial government shut down is not so we are entering day five of this shutdown. we're going a to have article or we do already line explaining what isopen, what is not. stay with us this morning. e're following a developing story. u.s. customs and border protection has ordered medical checks on every child in its
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custody after a second child died. an 8-year-old boy died on monday. he was detained with his father sinct week. a border patrol agent noticed the child was sick. he was taken to a hospital in new mexico. he was different medication and released. he later died at the hospital. we have new information about the t m who were stabbed near dupont circle in d.c. early yterday morning. the trouble started with a fight on connecticut avenue northwest. >> so far no word about any arrests. police are also investigating a shootingthear capital heights metro station. an adult was seriously wounded eat 3:00 in th afternoon. the victim's namen has not b released. somber christmas holiday in indonesia as residents held mass
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after a deadly tsunami slammed the region.n more tha 420 people aredead. 1400 are injured. they're desperately searching along the coast hoping f any sign of survivors. it struck without warning saturday night. it swepteople out into th street stree streeten meanwhile, t moments for survivors after they were talkg about another tsunami hitting. hundreds of people ran to higher ground andome were scream that go water was coming. about 30 minutes later the tsunami warning was declared a false alarm. residents are being warned. a mexican governoried in a h christmasve helicopr crash. she was the state's first female
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governor and her husband who w a senator was killed in that crash. this morning thousands of people in new jersey are undergoing hivesting after possibly being exposed to a s. vi it happened at a surgery center outside of saddlebrook. they're urging anybody who had a procedure in thin past months to get tested. ie risks low but they want to make sure nobody contracted. the centers for disease control are saying flu activity is picking up acrosshe country. it hasn't been reported in our region yet. delaware is among six states where flu cases are widespread. you still have time to get the flu shot. remember wash,wash, wash those
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hands. all right. this morning almost 5:10. nobody won last night's mega jackpot. >> bad news and good news. >> we also get another shot. the jackpot now stands at $348 million. the next drawing is starting on friday. there h only been four christmas day trends. we'll give it another shot. a newffort to help our naon's veterans s up. plus, a mystery 2 a miles in fact that sparked criminal investigatio goodmorning, chuck. good morning, erica. it's hump day. time to start thinking about the weekend. a saturd sunday not going to be cold. most of the weekend will bedry.
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you're watching "news today." ♪ oh, come let us adore him cardinal donald wuerl leading the mass yesterday in d.c. he spoke about the imptance of families coming together and newing aommitment to kindness and compassion. meanwhile, compassion was on full display in the basilica's dining room. meals were served to hundreds. a group of volunteers spent their christmas morning helping those most in need.
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volunteers from the dunkirk baptist church served meals. this was a day filled with hearty meals and fellowship that meant so much to tho in need. >> it feels great, you know? they've given out, takenti thei on good christmas and helping the community for those that need it. you know, it just feels good. >> a lot of love out here, you know what i saying? santa claus, he's here today and we're thankful. >> dunkirk baptist has been providing the service on christmas day for the past ten years. now to a new tool for veterans going through a cris. >> aotline is up and running for veterans who need help with anything from not having any heat to maybe a health care question. it called white house v.a. hotline and it's staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in sh shepardstown, virginia.
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>> if they're lonely,fr separat om their family, homeless. when ty call, they're looking for someone to listen to. >> over the past few years the team has answer i remembered more than 130,00ll president trump promised he would set up the hotline. 5:16 your time now. hang this morning, a mystery unde t investigation moren 200 miles above the earth. >> earlier this year a hole was und on the side of the international space station as nbc's kerry sanders reports. a criminal investigation may soon be underway to find out what caused it. >> reporter: it sounds like a plot line from a deespace movie. a soyuz capsule losing pressure. at first they subs spektdspec m
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your hit i butow a sinister plot twist. coonauts discovered the hole half the size of a match stick was drilled from inside the capsule. a criminal investigation not ruled out. questions investigators want answered, was it drilled while in orbit or did someone the capsule on the ground? russia says u.s. astronauts august tely drilled in saying they needed toet a si sick, kerry sanders, nbc news. 5:17 our timw. chuck bell is back with us. we have the cold air to deal with us this morning. >> right. >> sun is coming, and then iin. >> going to start reading the news. kill mylead. >> why did you even come to work today. >> i wanted you to know'm
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paying attention. >> you're doing a great i'm going to leave, go home. and that way when it rains oid , people are mad at you, not me. i'm okay with that. it is a clear sky and as aaron mentioned, a very cold start this morning. most of the suburbs way down below the freezing mark. it has been a m relativeld december. in fact, the last 13 days in a row have all been warmer than average. might be the first one to break that string but even that is n guaranteed. afternoon temperatures should be a few degrees above average. itll r depends how far below average we g on our morning low. 43 degrees so far before the month. that's degrees warmer than average. another waabove average for rainfall. 32 in arlington this morning. but a big jump coming. sun's up at 7:25 this morning and itill be all sunshine all day long today.
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nice one to be outside. high temperature rightround 47. our average high is 45. so a tick or two ave averag not much of a breeze to worry about today either. next stormystem will a rain maker for sure. he rain/snow line is already into parts of know brass kampt as a result that's where it's going to stay. way north of us. all rainhe around . not today and most of tomorrow looks dry too. let me walk you through future weather. hardly a cloud to be found anywhere in virginia, maryland and the district. tomorrow during the day clouds will thicken up. here's 6:00 tomorrow evening. dry through sunset tomorrow. rain chances goup, up, up. there's your five-day outlook. dr today, mainly dry tomorrow. all rain all on cloudy and and a chance of rain late on sunday. let's go over to wtop.
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>> full speed ahead,chuck. no highway delays on the beltway and beyond. the routes heading toward it are in good shape as ll. 95 to the washington beltway. i-95 and i 66 heading towards the beltwayithout issue, without delay. the blip is pbably an anomaly. hov resictions in effect. potomac river bridges are in good shape. structure fire on 1 in boyd. fire department had marked on scene and theylo haveed traffic both ways north of the lake. that is probably still the se. we will keep you posted. that is the very latest. back over to you. >> dave thank you, sir. 5:20. still ahead this morning, changes to tax law may put more money in your pocket, but not everybody is cheering. we're going to explain why. be sureoheck out "ellen"
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3at:00 and
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you're watching "news 4 today." if you're getting slammed outh scam calls this holiday season, ye not alone. a new report finds that scam calls have spiked 129% since last year. more than half those surveyed said they had received a call within the last week. expertsay s holidayms with the best chance for success ask for a caller to make a donation to a fake charity. -ojenn turkey store are recalling more than 160,0
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pounds of ground turkey due to salmonella warnings. it includes plain ground turkey and turkey with taco or italian seasoning. there are some concerns that it ay be in people's freezers. recall follows similar warning that happened in november. remember, it made more than 200 sick in several states. for more information on the recall go to the nbcng wasn app and search turkey. 5:24 right now. big changes to the2018 tax law could put more money in your pocket. >> but charities could be the es facing a big hit. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with what you need to knowbout filing your taxes this year.>> eporter: remember as we get closer to the end of the year we run into our closets to try t find clothes or other things to donate to t charity f big tax writeoff. that's going to change for an 21 estimated million americans. idoing goods its own reward. ta deductions for charitable
5:25 am
contributions does help shave money off of our tax bills if we itemize instead of taking the standard deduction, but under the new t cuts and jobs act, that threshold is tougher to clear. that's because the standard deduction has nearly doubled. >> standard deduction has gob up. for married couple that's $24,000 for 2018. for an individual that's $12,000. >> reporter: come tax time if yo t don't have more thant to write off, you're better off taking the standard deduction and it makes life easier without having to hold on to all of those receipts. >> reporter: now of c you still can donate to a charity without getting a tax break. you still reap the rewards of knowing you've doneomething ally good. back to you. >> 5:25 now. oming up, you shopped, you wrapped, you gave -- >> now it's time for the returns. what to know about getting the best for your buck on the gifts that you don't want. morning, chuck. >> good morning, erica.
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clear sky and a cold start this morning. temperatures in the 20s to get your wednesday ♪
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it is 5:29 now as we take a live look outside across the potomac river here on this esday morning. we're still a few hours from sunrise, but the sun will make an appearance tay as you continue your holidayse on. >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> days off. >> watchg tv. we're working. >> we're here. >> other people are off today. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erica gonzalez in for eun yang. we're suree waking up after very big christmas dinners. i can already feel it. >> oh, yeah. >> no belt today. don't need it today. >> and the sweater, it's a bold choice. >> thank you. i like. >> ilike. >> a little different. >> we are working for you to get you back into th swing of things. if you're heading back to work. wtop's dave dilldine is in. >> and chuck bell israing
5:30 am
rain. >> the last thing we need isra . no snow this time around. there is a chance that next monday morning we might have a little wet snow mixing in with rain drops. this friday event will be all sdrain. your w morning is starting off considerably colder than yesterday. temper 1ures 5 to degrees colder this morning than yesterday morning. everybody in the d suburn below freezing. the only spot above freezing. national airport next to the unfrozen potomac and annapol next to the unfrozen bay. once you're away from the watere eratures are way below freezing. planner, mid 20s this morning. mid 40s at noontime. 100% sunshine. it is off to a cold start. you'll need to put your warm o jack this morning and have the sunglasses ready to go. umbrellas, dave dilldine, won't need those until friday. >> won't need theei wipers er, i guess. right now traffic is moving quite nicely. marylandmajors, 95 and baltimore washington parkway,
5:31 am
it's a good go heading south of the beltway. in virginia, traffic is moving wellnd if you're heading north from stafford, garrisonville on 95, take you on tour. easy shot from quantico to 123.f 18 minutes i you're heading all the way up to washington into the southwest. st under 1/2 hour. that's the very latest, aaron and erica, back over to you. >> dave, thank you. 5: now. developing this morning, we're working to learn more about a serious overnight crash in rockville. >> it appears that at least two cars were involved here and you can see that both of them had a lot of serus damage. we know fort people were hu. at least two of them rushed to the hospital with some serious injuries. prince gorges county family's christmas was interrupted in the worst kind of way when their home caught fire. it started around 4:30 on dade streetn capitol heights. >> news 4's justin finch is live on the scenet capitol heights
5:32 am
with how everybody made it out okay. rjustin? orter: well, erica, aaron, that family describes a very quick and intensifier burning in their home on christmas day. if you look you can see from the front door here that you will fire and smoke was raging from the front. they were called to the house just after 4:00 or s on christmas day. responding here, they saw seven adults and two children who made their way out from this home, but it was not easy. a close call outhere. one next door neighbor says he and another friend hadel to a man escape from a window at this home as that smoke was billowing over their heads. also, too, the family here said they d w not knowt to do at first but were able to make it out just in time as thatbeire n to intensify. the fire was broken out on the first floor of the home and was brought under control close to 5:00 p.m. the cause othe fire is now
5:33 am
under investigation. the red cross from the national capital region telling us they attended some seven fires yesterday and now working to assist more than 20 people who are now displaced, pushed out of their homes due to fire on christmas day. live from capitol heights. i'm justin finch, news 4. in the district a family with several children escaped a fire. that fire started in the kitchen on 17th place from southeast last night. d.c. firefighters were ableep t he fire from extending to the second floor but unfortunately the apartment was destroyed. good news is that everybody made it out safely. a christmas tragedy in frederick unty, maryland, after a kennel went up in flames. crews in middletown were called around 11:30 p.m.he when arrived the building was completely engulfed in es fl four dogs and a few rabbits were
5:34 am
killed. several other dogs were so severely burned they had to be put down. no people were hurt. now to the partial government shutdown that doesn't seem to have an end in sight. >> congress returns tomorrow but president trump is still insisting on fundi to build the wall on the u.s./mexico border. news 4's nicole jake skobs live at ragan national. crews are working but they don't know where they are going to g paid. >> reporter: they don't and of course it's a big question as to exactly how long this shutdown will last. i can tell you federal workers have seen shutdowns before, but some experts believe this could end up being one of the longest as it's expected to last well into january. as you mentioned, tsa agentsth one o hundreds of thousands working and not getting paid. they won't see the paychecks until president trump a lawmakers end the dispute over the funding for a border wall. president trump heard from many federalorkers who say they
5:35 am
want funding for the wall. he's even willing to call it something else as long as he gets the wall in the end. as we enter day five and an agreement seems to be very distant, services like trash pickup at the national mall are not being handled by federal workers. d. mayor muriel bowser coordinated that trash pick by d.c. workers. on this very busy travel day and holiday travelers head back home, tsa agents are once again working without pay. as you mentioned, congress does head back to capitol hill tomorrow. of course the hope is there is progress. aaron, back to you.35 staying on top of another developing sry. u.s. customers toms and border protection ordered medical checks on every child after another child died.
5:36 am
>> the child was taken to the hospital twice before he died. >> pope francis hopes the message of unity will remain. >> tens of thousands hit the outdoor mass yesterday in st. peter's square. he urged people of all faiths and races to come together. today begins another winter holi celebration. kwanzaa kicks off today and runs new gh the first of t year. >> kwanzaa is a pan african holiday. to all who celebrat happy holiday. 5:36. 'tis the season for gift giving and gift returning. what to know before you start shopping those after christmas sales. plus, some tips for those electronic gifts the kids will be playing with today. the parental controls
5:37 am
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lebron jam will be spending the day with doctors. the nba star is suffering from a groin injurs after last night's game between the lakers and golden state warriors. james told team officials he heard something pop before he was taken to the locker room to be evaluated. it's not clear if he will be able to play on thursday. his streak of playing in 11ig st nba games is in jeopardy. it'sci of. d.j. swearinger has a new home. he's going back to play for one of his former teams, after last weeke weekend's loss. the burgundy and gold will play
5:41 am
without him. that t kicks offs sunday against the philadelphia eagles. go fund me has returned all of the dations on its website with aes homel veteran. it appears to show a homeless man giving his last $20 to help a stranded driver. people donated $400,000 for johnny bobbitt. it turns o it was fake. he conspired to collect donations. the story unraveled when bobbitt sued the company saying they kept most of the money themselves. now they're all facing criminal ges. 5:41. let's turn to mr. chuck bell. >> thank you, it is a cold and dry start today. it will be bright and sunny for all of you tdoor plans today. all of you tdoor plans today. rain chances are ceping everre
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you're watching "news 4 today."ce members celebrating christmas overseas ur from home. nbc news caugh with some of the soldiers in poland who are
5:45 am
trying to get into the holiday spirit with a visit to the christmas market in the ukraine. america's military is stationed in more than 150 countries. today is the fifth daye of partial government shutdown. congress returns to washington tomorrow. ey've been away from christmas break. scott mcfarland is live onl capill. has there been any progress on the budget negotiations? >> rorter: if there's progress, it's happening behind the sceneid, a, cgrs bause aou isn y'ts back town until tomorrow. the only major player who's in town a talki is president trump who says there is no timetable for ending the il shutdown u this approval of a border wall or a border fence. and h says sts federal workers who have told him they support wall. they made references to the wall being 30 feetigh in certain sections. here's what he said yesterday from the oval office. >> now there may be the case o
5:46 am
an olympic champion who can get over the wall, but for theost part you're not able to do it. very high. going to be 30 feet. much of it is 30 feet. some of it's lower, in some areas we hav it as high as 30 feet. that's like a three story building. >> reporter: a new report from the national treasury employee's union said they surveyed 1600 federal workers and four out of five workers expressed concern about paying the rent, the mortgage, o basic household expenses because of the government closure. u.s. senate back tomorrow. until then whatever is happening is happening behind the scenes. live on capitol hill. i' scott mcfarland. >> thank you. now that christmas is over, some of you may be wanting to return some of those gifts before you start make sure you have the gift receipt. dou t assume that ve all the time in the world to make the returns. nordstosm, although of us know is really good, they have
5:47 am
no time limit o returning products, macy's shoppers have 120 days. amazon only gives you 30 days to send something back. the national retail federation says 20% of consumers will return or exchange an unwanted gift this iyear. learned that you can buy things planning for them to be returned. >> what >> i gave gift that i fully expect to be taken back. >> really? >> why? >> i know it's not -- >> you didn't try? there's no i made an effort and i got sick of it. bought whatever -- >> this i why gift cards are a good way to go. you can't go wrong with a gift card. av the kids probably't come up for air since opening n all of t tech devices. >> before they take them to school, there are some things yo should know about setting them up. nbc's liz mclaughlin explains. >> its a it's a phone!r: >> repor they got more
5:48 am
phones andel tronics. >> just like you wouldn't give the kids the key to a car car >> reporter: start with a conversation about ground rules, consequences and online safety. according to parental control app bark, thege average of online sexual harassment and cyberullying is 13. >> over 50% of children each month wit accountsonnected to bark have issues like these flagged and sent to their parents. we know this is really happening. >> reporter: for about 10 bucks a month bark can monitor your child's social media accounts, texts and apps and identify causesor concern. there are a number of free parental controls available and built in on most devices. >> both android and i0s for apple devices have great pareal controls now. you can even set things like the amount of screen time for various types of apps. >> reporter: be sure to protect new accounts with passwords.
5:49 am
>> that way it can generate a strong passwor a for you it's very easy to look up that password any time you need to use it. >> reporter: and before this happens, protect the device itself with a screen protector and shock proof case. just a few ways to keep kids and their devices safe. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. well, nothing beads ait handn note. you may is heard that before. now that all the gifts are open, how about writing a thank you note today is national thank you note day. if your kids can't writeyet, parents can write the note and ask kids to scribble or write their name on the cards. >> i must be a horrible person because i've never sent a thank you note for agi christmas . did you do this? have you done this? >> we didn't live close to the grandparents. >> right. >> they were a thousand miles away. they would mail the presents so we would then have to write mail back a thank you card.
5:50 am
i'm with ya. >> it's also sort of a life skill to teach the kids about anatitude. >>ore, people type it out and bang out a text. i don't know how kidsearn how to write ianymore. t is true. not well is the problem. >> exactly. what we've learned is to keep the umbrellas handy. >> i will be so glad to be able to wipe these numbers back down to 000 o the first of the year. annual rainfall records alr broken at ragan national and bwi marshall. i dull only about half an inch away of breaking their all-time record of rainfall in a calendar year. look at the surpluses. more than two feet above average. one of the most impressive, wilmington, north carolina has 101 inches of rain. even without the hayne that dropped 2he i of rain in a week, even if you took that out, they still would have t broken record this year. that's amazing. temperatures this morning, cold
5:51 am
endeed. 23 in fairfax county. 21 montgomery county. if you're getting ready to walk the dog, put your coat on, put the coat on the puppy do re's johnny. cute ears on johnny. he's available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. temperatures ithe cold zone this morning, but bright and sunny, perfect day. if you have the day off, it will be a perfect afternoon to spend so quality time outside walking off some of the christmas roast from yesterday. highs today, mido upper 40s. you can download the nbc washington app which is tracking rain. it won't be here today and be here until after dark tomorrow. a lot of moisture and probably nearly an inch of rain. friday probably raining from start to finish. all day friday. saturday will be the dryer half of the weekend.ay suill be the colder half and maybe a little chance of a rain/wet snow mix coming up next monday morning.
5:52 am
that's new year'sve morning. dave dilldine, 2019 starts out onudhe c side. >> on the cloudy side with brighter skies iahead, sure. it's not exactly bright literally speaking on the roads, at least it is traffic moving well in most cases. had a minor crash on the outer loop beforeoute 1. that has likely been moved out of the way. there's no delay on the baltimore washington parkway. 95 in virginia. trip tim look good from quantico towards springfield. it is a ne-minuterip towards 123. just underalf an hour as you zoom north at full speed. not too fast. a 395 heading for the 14th street bridge. let's go to upper montgomery county. had the fire, mostly as they say knocked down. 121 still blocked north of sene ♪ ♪
5:53 am
>> these kids sound good. i like this. a festive visit at the dialysis center in waldorf, maryland. r patients who have to receive dialysis. >> news 4's amy cho brings us the storyth from soun maryland. >> reporter: this christmas for people who have to speys the holidat the clinic, the carol letters want to make their day brighter, if even for just a minute. sharon rouse started the group and she has gift bag for those on dialysis. >> we have blankdes con kidney disease forced her to go on dialysis for three hours at a time three times a week for yeeth arso is.s an be loncay bee it's you and your machine. i vowed once i got well i would
5:54 am
come back and help other people in situations like mine. >> reporter: thanks for a kidney from her sister, she was able to keep her promise. >> she was my donor. i used to come here. >> james spends so much time at dialysis, he says it's like a part-time job. >> i was surprised. it's really nice. really, really nice. i love it. >> let them know that they're thought of. you're not in that chair by yourself. they're praying for you. you're warriors. >> reporter: they hope to make this a holiday tradition and do this every year for years to come. in waldorf, amy cho, news 4. 5:54. members of the jewish community in the d.c.a are spent christmas giving back to those in need as well. a jewish community center held a day of service at the hyatt
5:55 am
gency. among the activities they made instant meal kits and they had emergency personnel working on christmas day. they held the winter blood drive. ri the bsh royal family celebrating christmas by attending a church service together. the queen's d,husb 97 years old, did not attend.s meghan i expecting the couple's first child in the spring. it's also her first christmas as part of the royal family. goodmorning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. for the 12 straight year, gift cards were one of the most tquested gifts. here ares on how to best use them. read the terms and conditions as certain cards are only redeemable at certain stores. if you have an unwanted card, many of u do, you can sell it for cash ates s such as
5:56 am with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> frank, thank you. still ahead on "news 4 today," a change in tax law could mean you have more cash in your pocket. >> while that's good news for you, not everyone is happy about it. plus, a mystery in need of solving some 200 miles above earth. 5:56 is your time right "news 4 today" will be right back after this.
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"news 4 today" starts now.
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5:59 now.rn good g, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erica gonzalez in for eun yang. want to check in on your commute and forecast. >> dave dilldine is in this morng and let's start withor team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. going to be a nice, calm day for us. not too busy, right? >> yes. let's just go with that. cold and calm. cold and calm this morning. not much of a breeze out there now. as a result, temperatures overnight with a clear sky and very light wind have really dropped off, especially away from the city and the water. 22 now at dulles airport. 20 in martinsburg, west virginia. 24 in fredericksburg. 24 i prince gorges county. very cold start. day planner sunnyta from to finish. sun is up at hardly even a cloud to be found for today. so for those of us that have to get out a commute on in to work, no need for the wipers.
6:00 am
ou'll need the seat heaters cranked up and folks may need the ice scraper this morning. a little frost on my windshield. tomorrow increase in clouds and you know what'soming next .riday, here comes another shot of rain we'll time out the arrival and departure in a bit. good morning, dave dilldine. you're the last person in the world who doesn't have seat heaters. in virginia, the coast is clear on 66. no early morning tieups. travel times are good into the beltway. this is a normal rush hour even though a lot of people are sti on holiday. chopper 4 is flying into boyd. the remains of a structure o 121 north of little seneca lake. no injuries but a


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