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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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at? because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. don't you guys want all of the tech on your wish list to work as awesomely as you dreamed? i'm back! and he's back. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get fios internet for just $39.99 per month and get a $50 amazon gift card when you install by december 31st. only on news 4, a scathing report about hiring practices at a police force i'sprince georounty. tonight, we demand answers from the mayor and chief about what's really going on. the shutdown showdown shows no end in ght, and now, the
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d.c. mayor is turning up the heat on president trump. christmas is behind us, and santa delivered a brand new television. well, tonight, montgomery county police are issuing a warning, and they d't want you to put the box out on the curb. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. and good evening. a local police force is under fire tonight. >> news 4 has obtained a scathing report that you won't see anywhere else. this audit retreating questionable hiring practices at dirict heights pd. >> jackie bensen joins us live from police headquarters. jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, people ask, why is this important? this department has just ten officers. the issueaddressed in this report are at the very heart of the trust relationship between police and the public. >> the report came back and it wasn't a good report. >> rorter: the district heights mayor talked about
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maryland's police and cessional training commission's report on the small police department ten officers and a chief, that provides safety and security to es5,800ents and those who work in and travel through the community. >> they found a lot of irregularities in the police department, hiring practices and just things in general. >> reporter: mayor martin says an ongoin investigation prohibits him from elaborating. but the report makes some disturbing allegations, among them, of theolice department's ten officers, six are mentioned by name as having deficiencies in their training records or background process. the report claimsff oneer admitted during a polygraph he had been disqualified from eigic other p agencies. he was hired despiteda a recommon against it. in a phone interview, the police chief told news 4 that is not the whole story. >> the training commission provided that you may get second opinion and we did that.
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>> reporter: the report says anher officers w found to have 12 traffic citations on his driving record between008 and 2017. the report claims he failed to appear in court five times and had five instancs of his license being suspended. the most recent, four months before he wasre >> and there were maybe one or two, maybe even same violation. >> reporter: the report says another officer showed a significant response on a polygraph examine and his f noted he admitted using marijuana twoks w prior to the exam. chief gibson tells us he expects the commission to issue som o ty updated statement, saying that all the training records that they found not to on-site here, that they have been provided with those records. he also tells me that the city is on par to have a significant reduction in crime this year. live in district heights, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. as interesting as that all is,
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the news 4 i-team goes even more in-depth into the issue, andn yu find that in our nbc washington app. new at 11:00 tonight, d.c.'s mayor is putting pressure on present trump, asking him to end the partial government shutwn, for the sake of everyone in the district. she fired off a letter today, explaining people who live, work and own businesses in d.c. suffer exponentially when the government closes. she also points out that the s picking upent the tab for federal services during the shutdown. all while being, quote, the only citizens within the continental united states without a vote in congress, end quote. >> well, the shutdown continues to impact tourist attractions acrosshe district. news 4 stopped by the lincoln memorial, where the bathrooms we found there were closed. instead, they've got port-a-potties and unhappy visitors who say these
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facilities are grossly inadequate and unsanitary. not just that mess, though, is the big issue, because both federal employees and people who work in the arearr are also d about money. >> i make maybe $60, $70 only. so far, i'm working together, but i can't guarantee anything after tomorrow, so -- >> federal workers may get some when theomorrow senate returns to washington. meanwhil those port-a-potties, they will sit unattended. resident trump makes another unannounced visit to u.s. troops abroad the pre stopped at ram stein air base inermany after a surprise trip to iraq. buff as news 4's blaine alexander shows us tonight, domestic politics threatens to overshadow the president's urney. >> reporter: to y, president trump making a surprise visit to u.s. troops in iraq. his first trip to a combat zone as commander in chief. something he had faced criticism
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for not doing during his nearly two years in office. >> thank you. >> reporter: the president and first lady thanking troopsr for thservice. >> we came to al asad to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do top kee america safe. >> reporter: but president trump also focused on the battle over border wall funding back at home,s the partial government shutdown reaches day five. >> how long do you think the shutdown will last, mr. president? >> ah, whatever it takes. i mean, we're going to have a wall. >> reporter: something democrats have said they will not fund and work.s say will n >> they will neither stop willal immigration nor they stop drug trafficking. >> repor ar: negotiation a standstill since saturday. the stalemate coming as customs and border protection faces new scrutiny following the death of an -old migrant child in u.s. custody. the agency says the child was taken to a hospital for treatment and died lateev christmas becoming the second migrant child in u.s. custody to die just this month.
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last week, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen grilled about the first death. who m talking about people have died in your custody. you don't have the number? er i will get back to you with the nu >> reporter: and today, nielsen says she iseleeking from outside agencies to help with medical care. top house democrats say they will hold hearings into both deaths when they take control of the house next week. blaine ewalexander, nbc ns, washington. turn now to the weather. we enjoyed a mostly clear day today, and clear night tonight, as well. >> yeah, pretty nice out there. but those sunny skies are not going to last, lks. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the big tim all right, doug. >> guys, right now, we're dealing with cold renditions. y in the 20s in some locations. clear skies, a very nice night, but a cold night. dealing with some frost out there in some areas, too. tomorrow, pretty niceday, too,
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and then the rain moves in. take a look. clear skies currently, but all we have to do ist. widen look at all of this rain and severe weather back into parts of xas. this rainmaking its way our way and so is the warmer weather. tomorrow, a pretty nice afternoon, but then watch this, as the rain moves in. here it is back to the west motoday. ow, it moves right on our do ste doorstep. and 9:00 tomorrow night, it's already raining, before the main storm actually moves across our region on friday. we'll talk about how much rain we can expect and not to mention this storm, we've got another one just in time for new year's i'll talk about that one, too. see you in ten minutes. >> oh, boy. doug, thank you. a medevac helicopter pilot s to abo a mission when someone shines a laser into the cockpit, inj eyes.hat pie lot's the crew was traveling to help a teenager injured in an accident christmas night. the pilot was wearing night vision goggles, trying to land at a parkcon wisin when a laser pointer's beam lit up his
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vision.>> t appeared to the crew they a e purposely targeted by , asr that was tracking th well, which is very different than aed f christmas, you kn, around one sightn the ground, which is shining on the house. >> the pilot had to go tosphe hoal for treatment, but is going to be okay. shining a laser, by the way, on an aircraft, is a federal crime. punishment is a fine of up to $250,000 and five years in jail >> not funnyl. tonight, stock market whiplash, after an historically brutal christmas eve, record gains tod on wall street the dow jones posting its largest daily point gain in history, closing m than 1,000 points higher today. retailers were among the best performers today, with shares of wayfair, cokohl's and dollar general rising up to getting boxes and wrapping paper out of your house is a
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good first step in u cleanin after christmas, but it can also make you a target for thieves. news4's shomari stone fmand one who put himself at risk. his story, all new at 11:00.r: >> reporood evening. christmas is behind us, and santa delivered a brand newte vision. well, tonight, montgomery county police are issuing a warning, and touy don't want to put the box out on the curb. because you're making yourself a targ for thieves. >> we love putting all the decorations ouhere. >> reporter: clark's festive house withrmanta claus, s troopers and reindeer is popular in montgomery county. >> hopefully itg entertainhe friends and family that pass through here. >> reporter: but the 65-inch sony tv box could also attract crooks for the wrongns. urb for t out on the trash collection. >> we made the mistake by making ourselves a target that way. >> reporter: thieves could steal his joy like the grinch, leaving
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him shaking in anger. like this snowman. >> we do have suspects who drive through neighborhoods and they look to see what kind of items ere put out. >> reporter: polecommend you break down the box or remove it. >> you're basicallied a verve tidesing what's in your moment. exactly whatthat's clark is doing. >> probably next step, thanks to you is, take it inside, come out when i bring it out in the morning when ill seehe truck come by. hopefully it will be safer in cre. >> reporter: so h continue to have -- >> happy holidays. >> reporter: hspy holid to you, too, clark. f the bigve one ticket boxes, cut it down, put it in a recycling bin, or take it to a facility. i'm shomari stone, news 4. it's the day after christmas, and that means holiday returns. >> one size too small. >> it's not the right look. >> i don't like it. >> in fact, retailers are wracng up murtha $70 billion
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wortu' yo hear some of the most popur excuses. homes flying off the market in one local community. realtors reporting a 600% spike. we'll reveal why. mentoring kids to build bonds and bridges. >> w yout to play i spy? >> yeah! >> the big sister's day
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have you been out in it? the mad dash to the malls isn't over yet. the rush to retur gifts tha were too big, too small. >> or the gifts that simply missed the mark this christmas. news 4's cory smith went out to
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the mall and talked to folks about why the gifts weren't just right. >> reporter: receipt, check. return item? >> ah, a pair of shoes fm my daughter. >> returning a pair of trousers. >> reporter: check. excuse for your return o >> size too small. >> it's not the right look. >> i don't likit . >> reporter: check. a grin and bear it attitude can't hide the disappointment of receiving a gift that just isn't right. so, you have to return it. >> you can see the expressionen face, they really didn't want it. >> we wait to get the gift, we don't want it and take it back. why are you returning the headphones? >> becse i want to get something else. >> reporter: at least he told the truth. some folks can't bring themselves to tell a loved one they swung and missed with their gift. >> i don't tell people when i return something, i just do it in secret. >> reporte according to the national retail federation, u.s. retailers are expectedo handl $72 billion worth of holiday returns this year. speaking of money, returns usually come wh this dilemma.
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when you return something, you are store creditr cash person? >> cash. >> reporter: why cash? everybody is saying cash. >> because i can buyhat i want with cash. >> i prefer the cash. and i can get what i wa. because i might not want to shop of that storus >> reporter: remember this, if you didn't find what you wanted under the tree this year, there's always next year. >> hang in there, always next year. now, to that amazon effect. new numbers out show how the hq-2 announcement led to a spike in home sales in our area, already. according to the real estate website d.c. urban turf, in the p code that includes what will be known as national landing, this november saw 22 homes go under contract, compare that with just three this time last year. that's a whopping 633% increase. realtor katie westman experienced that huge increase first-hand.
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>> we had at least two listings that had been sitting and they were priced appropriately, but were not getting much traction or any offers for more than a month and within days of the amazon announcement, they both had multiple offers and sold at or above list >> reporte >> she says while arlington andal zand alexandria will see a boost, the entire area will he a bump in the housing market. real estate experts tell us they don't expect it to last. kwanzaa begins tonight. that's a pan aican holiday that focuses on family and culture. a celebration was held this evening in northwest west. unity marks the day. kwanzaa runs through the first to all those who celebrate, happy kwanzaa. happy clear a cold kwanzaa.
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>> right. it got cold quick. it really did. clear skies, light wind us, that tlowsperatures to cool really quick thly. we're already dealing with some frost. you may need the ice scraper early tomorrow morning. now, getting up, after the 8:00, 9:00 hour, no problem. tomorrow is looking like anodaer beautiful out there right now, what are we dealing with? well, it is a chilly night. in the city, always on the warmer side. 38 degrees. winds out of the south,es m an hour. clear skies. but those same conditions in the suburbs, things cool a lot more efficiently. 5 right now in manassas, 27 in culpepper. 32 in frederick and gaithersburg. just about everybody below eezing except for areas that, a, have the urban heat island ef ct, or b, are around water. annapolis. there you go. a little lson for you. 27 in culpepper, one of the cooler spots. no rai r to talk aboht now. storm team 4 rail dar ddar, trd,
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dry tomorrow. satellite radar showing the the clouds moving in, though, ahead of this storm system. look how big this stormis again, another huge spin, area of low pressure spinning out here. severe weather down around dallas. severe thunderstorm watches in that area. and this rain goes from ghef coast, new orleans, all the way up towards minneapolis, where it starts to chge over to some ow. but this is going to bring not only rain, but very warm air in with it, as well. let's talk about the rain first for tomorrow. 1:00a.m., rather, 1:00 p.m., around lunchtime, no problem, if you're goi back to work tomorrow, no problems. sunshine, high temperature around 50. the clouds move in tomorrow morning, the rain follows. around9:00, 10:00. there's the rain around the i-95 car door and everybody seeing light showers overnight. and then the heavier rain starts to move through during the morning rush. and look at this. move through to late in the day, but earlier, we're going to see this little system move through a look at that, heavier rain right around
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the noon hour along .i- kind of sticks around down to our south. but that's going toe the bulk of the rain. half inch to an inch, some locations wards of an inch and a half. that's something t i'm goingo track for you. friday looking wet. but aft5:00, most of the area is drive, so, friday evening looking okay once again, let's talk about a nice day tomorrow. 50 degrees. clouds late. but a nice december day. i really think tomorrow is going to be pretty nice. temperatures way up on friday with that storm system. 60 degrees is where i'm going on friday. 100% chance of rain. 55 on saturday. saturday looks good, too. skiing looks good on saturday. 44, chance of showers on sunday. much colder on sunday. with just a chance o showe activity. but the big deal is monday into tuesday. new year's eve into new year's day, expecting another storm could bring us some rain jus in me for the festivities, if you are heading out on monday night. take the brella. think you're going to need it. >> every time you say 60, it s with rain. >> this time of year, if you get warm, it's got to come with
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rain. >> okay. >> thank you, doug. coming up, d.j. swearinger now in arizona? the former teammat react to his releas his releas >> sports
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♪ his releas >> sports not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >>ll right,george, no drama on the field, so, why not create some off the field? >> goingut with a bang. >> right, exactly. that's what's t supposed happen around here. it's almost over. one final game this season on sund r, and theskins will head off into the offseason, plenty of question marks. that doesn't mea that this weekend is meaningless in ashburn. in this week's episode of "as the redskins turn," there's
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plenty of reaction to d.j. sweaennger's co. jay gruden checking his list, cheqck checking ittwice, no d.j. swearing r. he was releasedfter critici criticizing defensive calls. gruden said when continued to go to the media, it was best for the redskins to move on. the redskins losing a leader and a pro bowl alternate. him, notmates will miss all agreed with his comments. >> he felt that was the good thing to do, cool, good for him. i just disagr with what said. so, that's just my topinion. do hate the guy, still love the guy. unfortunate what happened. wish him nothing the best. >> it wasn't my role to call out ene defsive coaches. we had a relationship, me and the coach, we hadip good relati, you know, but, you know, it's just learning -- keep my mouth shut next timend play
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football, do what i need to do. butt is what it is. everything happens for a reason. i'm happy and ready to move forward. >> the redskins making moves today, sing good-bye to brian lafemina. the redskins moving on from their chief operating officer, and three others i the business side. he was hired to improve the team's image and ticket sales as the team srches for a site for their next stadium. he came from the nfl league office, where he was highly regarded. he spoke of the erlong-t plan that he had to turn this organization around. that long-term plan lasted seven months. >> yeah, he's the problem. he's the problem. >> no way. a number of reasons the wizards are 13-21 heading into tonight's game in detroit. injuries have played part of itd missinght howard for a long period of time. otto porter missed his eigigh ht game tonight. oh, and being 4-15 od the roa has a lot to do with it, asll we bradley beal and the wloards
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oking to solve those road woh. beal wit21, but early on, it was their big man getting involved. first quarter, mahinmi throws down the big slam. putting this piston on a poster. ten points off the bench. second quarter now, satoransky cants to join the party. he throws this one down with authority. a huge slam for sato. but those were his only two points of the night. skip ahead, third quarter. pistonsown one. over to blake griffin. you know things are bad when he's knocking down threes. detroit takes the lead. then, in the efourth, from blake. postckp, steps , hits. 23 for griffin. pistons beat the95 wizards 10 > oh. the roadwarriors. >> ugly, ugly game. >> that's a good way to sum it up. >> 22-3 to start the third that many we gave up. hquarter. that's just terrible. >> that's what happens when you play inrenas with empty seats like that. >> did the caps not play ttonight? >> wre the caps doing? come on. >> thursday. >> okay. we'll see you then.
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>> a only half the story?
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before we go tonight, we've got a heartwarming connection between a little girl and her big sister. 7-year-old nila and her sister, kristie, aren't related, but ith how much time they spend together, you'd never know it. kristie and nila, through the big brothers/big sisters program, have come together. she's considered a big blue in dallas, that's the dallas police
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gang unit. >> they're so young and they're involved in really violent crimes, and so it's just -- they s.ed ment they need someone. >> past few months, officers there have challenged each othe to becomebigs. now, participaon has tripled. nila and kristie planning trips six
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez,


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