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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 6, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EST

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just about soc on this sunday morning. here's what we continue to today.for you on news 4 firefighters pulling a woman from a burning he in the district overnight. the latest of several fires that were sparked tn southeas weekend. >> and the vatican says they don't want to wai any longer to put former washington cardinal on trial for sexual abuse charges. find outhy they are pushing ahead. >> no progr it's a new day for congress and the white house to hopefully hammer out a new dealo get the fact back open. thanks so much for sticking it out with u if you've been with us since can have in the morning, congratulations. you made it until sock in t:0 i morning. >> i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> yesterday afternoon was very nice, lauryn, after the rain ended. we wut and shot some hoops, myaughter and me and we can go
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out there and do that again. >> it was gorgeous yesterday, one the rain passed. they cleared rapidly which i knew was going to happen but just didn't know how long it was going to take. all the rain was done by 3:00 and those skies just followed suit. the clouds went with the rain andght bned up the skies with some sunshine hand now we have clear skies overnight and it was chilly overnight manned now we have l clear skies andk at the temperatures responding. you can see in the bottom right corner of your screen. temperature already up to 53 degrees so it's wonderful out there right. however, the only cav vat is we've got these winds. we're going toe h winds out of west northwest at about so to 20 higher gusts and even with mild temperatures it won't feel that bad out there, but it will be a little bit on the breezy side and these are the gusts right now. look at that. leesburg. a little on the windy side out there at times. listen, enjoy today. 57 degrees today. 50s tomorrow. a lot of places aren't getting out of the 3060s. n tuesday and then back in the mid-to upper 40s on wednesday.
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weenjoy today. l talk about any snow on that ten-day forecast. that's coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. well, developing thi mornings an overnight house fire is under investigation in southeast d.c. >> ah, one woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. it happened on pope street not far from a deadly fire. we told you about saturday morning o eli place. two people were found dead in that homeir afterighters got a handle on that fire. this is footage of the scene from pope street earli this morning firefighters found the woman in the front of the building with some serious rns, but she is expected to be okay. and derrick ward is live on eli place in southeast this morning. >> yeah, derrick, what do we know abo t all connections between these fires? >> well, that's what investigators are indeed looking into. there was the fire and the housu thatee behind me hand a fire on the other house and the
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alley and two people died. it was saturday morning, halfpa st 6:00 when firefighters came to thecene and whe they got here they found two adults that had been pronounced dead on the scene. they don't know if they died from the fire or injury suffered before the fire. we were told some of the injuries appeared not to have been from the fire. we're waiting word as to the determination of death, but, again, there's a connection with the fire that happened just across the alley at about the same time. lots of things to be suspicious about for investigators in this fire and the other one and the family members of theti v. now, police have not officially released all of the names or both of theames b we did talk to one other person. her name -- we talked to the victim's aunt and her name was gina bowman. this is what her aunt had to say. >> well, she was a mother and she was a very good person, and we just -- you know, we don't
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ppow what ed, and we need help finding out now we want closure to find out what happened, and it's a suspicious investigation is what we've been told. >> andio because of the suspic this essentially remains a crime scene. the p metropolitanice cruisers, crime tape still up and the investigation ensues as to what causes the death of two people burning in a home. live in southeast, derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> meantime firefighters had a good reason to wear their masks after a marijuana dispensary caught fire in northeast d.c. this the happened yesterday on fenwick street. firefighters keeping the flames om spreading from the first floor. ite firefighters had to go to the hospital w minor injuries and investigators re still trying to figure out what caused all of this. new this morning, a major development in a story that gripped the nation.
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texas officials announced an arrest in the shooting death of 7-year-old jasmine barnes. investigators say they are continuing to interview persons of interest. jasmine was killed last sunday when someone opened fir on the car that she waslo riding in with her family. her mother was also hurt, but officials believe that jasmine haer family weren't the intended target but possibly this was a case of mistaken. identi and it's a story you're seeing first on 4. d.c. police, t continue their renewed efforts in searching for relis relisha rudd. our mark segraves announced a search on the old d.c. family homeless shelter. take a look at the search from yesterday. officers used canine dogs to search underground service tunnels in the now closed homeless sheer where rudd and her mother were staying. is little girl was 8 years old when she disappeared back in
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2014. she was last seen on hotel surveillance video with janitor khalil tatum. d.c. police believe he later took his own live and police believeore's responsible rudd's disappearance. 'r> the vatican wants to try former cardinal thdoor mccaracas early as this week before the fate can can be etermined on next month's summit on sexual abuse. "the wall street journal" is reporting pope francis wants o vaticaicials to act quickly so the mccarrick scandal doesn't overshad the summit set for february 21st. it's the former archbishop of washington and in an exclusive interview james green said mccarrick abused him for years. his testimony is part of the mccarrick trial and nbc news has not independently confirmed the "the wall street journal" report. tense moments outs house after counterprotesters confronted a right wing political activist. take a look.
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>> let'shrow him down. >> yeah. >> that was the scene. >> seone threw a water balloon while the secret service, fire and polic. all r four people were arrested for throwing water balloons, and they face assau> charges. nother day of negotiations on capitol hill seemed to go nowhere ashe government shutdown continues into the third week. >> yeah, but while essentially no progressing made on the budget standoff over a southern border wall, hundreds of thousands of government workers, you probably are watching, still left wondering whether you're going say a paycheck. nbc's crystal yoep has more -- polle h more. >> we look at each other and, you know, it's like, wow, going to get paid.
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>> reporter: friday president donald trump promised progress to come. >> i've designated a group, and we'll meeting over the weeken that group to determine what we're going to do about the boarder. >> reporter: but it appears tt eeting nd a half-hour saturday did not deliver. vice president mike pence aching with white house officials around top congressional aide repeated the demand that any funding nodes to include some to build a wall along the southern border whi is a non-starter for democrats. >> we can't resolvehis until we open up government. >> the president confirming on twitter the meeting resulted in not much headway but he's confident government employees unable to pay their brussels in hiscorner. >> i think if you ever really looked at those people, i think they w pld say mr.sident, keep going. this is far more important. >> reporter: the same group plans to meet again on sunday. chris pollone, nbc news.
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now before the talks resume again you'll want to catch "meet the press" that comes up in just about 20 minutes right here on nbc 4. acting chief -- white house chief of staff nick mulvane wi talk with chuck todd about the ongoing negotiations and before that chuck will join meagan and i in the studio. >> anc pgeorge's county school board member wants to help kids whose parents are federal workers so he's proposing to make food free for kids until the shutdown ends. uncilman alexander wallace says prince george's county school's ceoled can waive the cost on her own.os the of meals are fully funded in the school budget. the count memorization the money made from students pays down as ch of the meal budget as possible. h wallace sayse expects to hear from goldson today. >> and a panicked woman says she was trying to get away from a
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well, we are learning more about that massive data breach at marriott international. we know that than 5 million passport numbers from citizens around the world and at says the total number of people hacked is down from a hundred million to 380 million. .el investigatorsve chinese intelligence agencies are behind the hack and could have access to everything from travel itinerary and bothered crossings o people from many different countrie we have some tips on how to keep your information as secure as possib y.
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first, keer software up to date on your devices. that's because new software often has new security patches. when making it count, use long and strong passwords. you should change themften and use different passwords for every account that you have and do not share your personal info online like your birthday or your address. often gives hackers the last cluehey need to break into your account and be suspicious of e-mails. more than 70% of hacks beginen ou click on a fake e-mail link. the most download weather app in the w fld nowing a lawsuit for allegedly sharing millions of users' data. prosecutors say the weather channel app collected, shared and profited from the private location data its consumersey th claim the app mislead users into thinking their data would only be ud for personalized forecasts. ibm which owns the app has declined the allegations, denied them rather. prosecutors say the lawsuit coul cost t weather center, yee weather channel millions of
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dollars. . okay. so this story ended probably how expected it. a karate class comes to the rescue in charlotte, north i recall can a, after a woman runs into a studio screaming forhe . >> the woman claimed that a man was chasing her, and the unidentified woman was walking by herself thursday night when police say this man, augustia wi approached her. they say the man began chase the woman and then she ran the karate studio. well, she told the head instructor that show was being followed and then you can guess what happened next. >> pick it up from there. the instructor pulled o one of his lethal, not lethal. >> take down moves. >> took down this guy and waited for police to arrive. authorities believe williams may have about on drugs. they are investigating whether there was some sortf relationship between the suspect and the woman. right about right place time. >> for sure. >> the right place right now is outside because the sun isnd shininghe temperatures are going up.
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days after a big power shift on capitol hill we seem to be no closer to seeing the federal government reopening. the president even teting that not much headway was made. >> yeah. joining us now to break it all down, moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. you are going to speak with the acting chief of staff for the
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white house, and what is your sense here about when this might end? >> he's not fully on the same page as the president. he's out there tweeting this morning wall, wall, wall and here is theef acting c of staff, he and i spoke earlier already, and he's saying, you don't have to call it a wall. we're wilng to compromise a little bit on this, so even those odd he. look, i do get the sense, and you'll see this with the chief of staff, the concern about missing this pay period that's coming up on friday, right, this is where the rubber meets the roadches that's the concern. u heard it from both lawmakers, steny hoyer on the democratic side and even the chie of staff is going to say, look, we're trying to get to figu out how to get people paid before then but if they don't come up with a deal before tuesday, no chance of pay on friday and that would mean the next possible pay period is january 25th. ey were last paid on december 28th.
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try it. try that. try going without a month. you may eventually getouray, >> righ >> that's -- and you can -- i will just say this. watch the body language of all of them. this is what could end the steal meat. nobody wants to own denying a paycheck. >> for 800,000 federal workers nationwide. >> tright. >> b contractors won't get back pay so this is an even bigger - >> that's another and we heart word contractor around the town they t defense contractors. contractors sometimes are people working hourly jobs, second jobs for some people and when you hear the word contractor, don't it's some high-powered defense contractor. >> right. >> thiss, you know, working people as well. >> sure. >> we want to talk impeachmen switching gears. we know some incoming freshmen members of congressre talking
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about impeec about impeaching the president. they went there to condemn the sentiment, can't rush to impeachment. you'll hear steny hoyer say verbatim that and here's what i took away from t.notice what congresswo congresswoman tlaib said in response. she believes that's her mandate and she's not alone. it's an interesting test. the same way john boehner was coming in and n he was tryin to do all these things at first. he was trying to hold back that conservative base. eventually he had to releapt. he could delay and i thinkea impeachmentngs are inevitable. the question is just when. >> long-term plan. doesn't seemingly -- >> mueller report could change everything. >> for sure. >> thas what they are tryin to do. i think she's at least trying to buy enoughtime, meaning speaker please, to the mueller report and then i think all bets are off. >> sure. >> much more to come on the show in just abouten minutes.
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>> thanks for stopping by. should be a good one. a lot of peopleis in own are interested in what the chief of staff has toss stay, and a reminder that "meet the press" comes up every sunday at 10:30 right here after "news 4 today." this is the favorite part of the show when we go from chuck to lauryn. >> i like this part of the show because i like when you throw to theather. >> i've taken the mike off and we have the uncomfortable th ofmike banter. >> i like when you toss to the weather. >> i really do. >> i woke up, you know, seemed like it was going to be okay today. no overcoat again. g >> going to beat out there today. >> see, chuck. >> comfortable. >> g the forecast in here. >> are you for the sun or the snow? >> oh, please, the -- i spend time with tony kornheiser. >> i know about tony and chuck and melissa. >> i think i've been there before. >> that's exactly right.
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>> something he loved. >> listen, hopefully tony will like this forecast. i think everybody else does. >> probably is golfing. >> probably is because it's so nice. >> get out there on the links to y because,listen, those temperatures, mid to tupper 50s, and as we go into the nextay couple of as temperatures gun, they go down, and not a lot of rain chance. we have a few passion slawers monday night into tuesday. you can see it's dry out there right now thanks to high pressure in charge so not looking too bad. listen, if you want to wash that car takee a chas we have a few passing showers late monday into tuesday. going to be rai and anything we do see will be light and only a 30% chance to see it where you are. >> four things, haul sunshine today. much cooler for your monday, tuesday, warm, right around 60 degrees before and windchills-in-the-20s and 30s on wednesday and thursday. temperatures will fall through the day on wednesday. current temperatures out there right now not bad. look at this. anywhere from the mid-40s to
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d-50s and tomorrow only at 40 degrees. that is it with that late day s passinwers, and can you see any time after 9:00 we could have a light passing shower. tuesday's temperatures g up, but we'll keep a chance of a passion shower in there, especially through the evening. anything we see will be rain. wednesday we're dry with temperatures falling throughout sday ay and breezy on wed and thursday and windchills in the 20s and 30s on wednesday and thursday. not looking too bad as we head intondext week maybe a late chance on saturday. more news on the ot
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it's s10:26. he's efour things to know. another fire happened overnighe on pope s the woman was found in the front of building with serious burn injuries, but she's expected to be okay. an arrest in theilling of 7-year-old girl. >> and the vatican wants to try former cardinal theodore mccarrick this coming week. "the wall street journal"t reports thaope francis wants vatican officials to act quickly so that the mccarrick scandal does not overshadow their summit on sexual abuse that's set foru fe 21st. >> stay right here on nbc 4 for
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the latest on the government shutdown. acting white house chief of staff nicy mulvane will sit down with chuck todd. that starts next on "news 4 today." >> and it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures mid to upper 's. wouldn't be surprised if some areas make it to the 60s. going to be breezy. >> loving it. gorgeous. 4 is tomorrow and 60 on tuesday and then windchills in the 20s and 30s on wednesday and thursday. so typical d.c. weather. >> right, exactl >> i can live with this for january. not bad. >> that's goingo to it for "news 4 today." "news 4 today." >> thanks so much for so you finally got fios, huh? yep, and wanna know what the best part about it is? gaming with less lag? nope. watching movies in 4k? nope.
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presid trump insists no wall, no deal. >> you can't really do the kind of job we have to do unless you. and tt's what we're going too have to have. >> but now he faces a new democr the speaker of the house nancy pelosi, i extend to you this gavel. >> and a new speaker. >> we're not building awa ll. does anybody have any doubt that we're not doing a wall? the preg tough. >> he said he'd keep the govern closed for a very longtime, months or years. >> absolutely i said that. but exit strategy? my guest this is mornin nick mull


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