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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 27, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EST

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developing overnight, police in southeast.ople shot to death this morning investigators scrambling to collect evidence and track down the shooter. >> flames in the night. fifthers have been on scene all nightince thisire broke out at ay is strikelin center in prince george's county. >> plus a post-shutdown noclean. maintenance that the popular park. we'll show you who shipped in to spruce up mother nature's backyard. >> good morning to you. i'm david culver in for adam. >>nd good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. temperatures thisorning are still a little bit chilly. we want to check in with our girl lauryn ricketts to find out what is the rest of the week
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looking like? >> it's going to be a roller coaster the rest o this week. >> icy spots possible tomorrow morning, gu, and the tuesday, we've got some snow in the specifically tuesday evening and tuesday night, so let me go ah d and start saying this. tuesday evening commute. you'll have to pay attention to this quite a bit because it will stt off asain and change over to snow. it will be a little bit dicy and weesday morning willikely be icy out there, so, again, want to go ahead andno say that. today though. we do have the isolated icy spots out there wnly because had the snow that melted yesterday with temperatures in the low 40s, and that ran off into the road and with temperatur 20s early this morning, that's when we got the refreeze. elevated surfaces be careful the cloud are moving our way with a weak frontal system. gaithersburg already up to 40 degrees. our way to surpassing daytime highs yesterday and into the 4s
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for daytime highs today. you can't see. here's the weak front that will bring us the clouds and much cooler temperatudas for m maybe a few light snow showers out there, but for the most mart we'll stay dry and we're notin expemuch out of that. we'll let you know what to expect in terms of totals coming up at about 10:20. >> lauryn, thank you. we're following break news in alexandria this morning. police there have responded to thepparent swatting call at home of homeland security director >> swatting is a fake reason to get someone to respo-- getting respon someone's home. there is no danger. on therials today national mall will be up and running and that's where we fin take ward who is live this
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morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. 35 days of ashutdown, and finally now we're on the other end of it. we'r here at the national mall. t's not looking too bad. that's because park service actually did go back to collecting trash on the mall ter the city kicked in. immediately after that shutdown started and that trash wasn't getting picked up. that's an important thing. park services had some catching up to do. take a look yesterday. we were down at fletcher's cove, and there's a lot of work down there that needs to be done as long as the 400 or so national park under the national park service control. they are going to be prioritizing and getting to the ones that need thet m work and balancing that with the personnel that they have on hand do it. as for the smithsonian museums and national zoo, they will reopen on tuesday and the actual -- the washington monument behind us there when you're looking live. it won't be open until spring but ty can get back to work at
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least on rehak and doing the refurbishing that' done. you'll see a gradual reopening things around here as we get on the other side of that shutdown, and, of seco there is that looming concern that in another three weeks or w so could be right back here again. let's hope not. live on the national mall, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. let's talk numbers when it comes st the shutdown. the lon one in u.s. history, not cheap. according to financial rating agency standard & poor's the price tag was at least $6 billctn. s&p pro the damage from the 35-day shutdown likely worse than previously expected. we invite you to keep it here with nbc 4 andmeet the press" when chuck todd. that's coming up less than 30 minutes fro now. we'll take a look at the political fallout of w the longest shutdown in america. industri we'll check in with s chuck to 15 minutes from now. we continue to follow a developing story and a trouk one
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at that. >> it's within a dangerous night in the district. is happened last night ant fort davis place. police arrived on scene just after 10:00. they found two men shot to death inside their car and a third man was lying dead in the middle of the street. we w spokeh the police chief who wheyedn -- who weighed in on the rising homicide week. >> always go back to what i think is the hea of th problem in washington, d.c. is the gun play we have in our city. too small of a city to have the number of guns that we have. we need to roll up our sleeves. the split arresting a lot of nokes caring illegal firearms. we have to make sure that we have consequences in this city to change behavior, and right now we don't have hrthat. >> suspects left the scene in a dark blue or black van towards the alabama avenue area. >> and staying in the districts
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another murder that they arein investig a man shot and killed in broad day light. themcene f yesterday on hayes street just off minnesota avenue in northeast. officersg say gunshots ran around around 3:30 in e afternoon. police not release the victim's name nor the circumstances surrounding the murder. the murder rate in d.c. is double what it was last year firefighters remain on the scene of a massivearouse fire in cheverley. you can see the huge plume of smoke billowing into the sides from the roof there. fire crews say right now the fire continues to burn and flames broke out at around 6:30 last night at a recycling facility. the fire so intense that fifth hers to evacuate the building for their own safety. >> being recycling facility, a lot of bulk build materials
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throughout the "strek" tour along with mechanical equipment. the fire quickly spread which osulted in basically almost a 100% collapsethe roof structure which prevented us gomting to many areas of the building. >> fire crews could be on salne for sev days. no word on what sparked the flames. a firefighter is recovering in prie george's county after battling an intense house fire. let's show you the scene. flames shooting through the roof of this home on brierdale lane in bowie. everyone got out safely. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay. here's what we know. bowie police were on scene as well. they detained a-y 18r-old in connection with this fire and held him there until investigators arrived we're told the 13 undergo a mental evaluation. not clear wt relationship he had with the fire. >> 10:07 right want to update you this on this starry. update mn a hut in
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louisiana. they were looking for a man accused of killing five people. they have found him. he's 21-year-ol damage to theriot caught in the commonwealth of virginia, richmond county. theriot allegedly shot his girlfriend and her patients and his brother and father and then took off. >> we were tble get a dying declaration from theriot's father, only enough information to know that it was his son that committe tthis act. arrest was made within the last few hours. we'll ton update you on this story given that it's made its way to virginia. check out with the nbc washington app. >> and chaos in venezuela is drawing harsh criticisms.rom secretary of state mike pompeo. pompeo says venezuela president nicolas maduro has turned the country into an illegitite mafiate s the trump adminisation is backing the opposition leader
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juan guaido. venezuela's parent named him as interim presidentnd a military leader also broke ranks with maduro and encouraged others from the military to leave from the government. >> the 10:09 ithe time. temperature rising here in the northwest. not quickly enough f meagan though. >> no. >> lauryn rickettsw tracking sno >> lauryn rickettsw tracking sno and a roque they are of z339bz z16fz
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ome bad news if you're a fan of facebook moments, the app that allows to you privately share photos on your phone is utting down. the reason, not enough folks are using it. if you would like to save any of the photos or videos you can do so by downloading the content or export them to a private facebook album. >> and a big win on the ice.
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a young woman known for her infectious smile andy bub personality and we can't get enough of her. >> maame hebiney, short trackor juniorld track champio in speed skating. u.s. speed skating tweeting this out lastt. ni she will give a high five celebrating her win. she took gold in th 500 meter up in mont great. she's originally from ghana and grew up in reston. her dad worked as a maintenance man to help paid for her daughter's train. last year'sinter games in pyeongchang she became the first black speed skater to qualify for a u.s. speed skating olympic team. hking her win even sweeter, tomorrow she wilave births day cake. >> s's 19. happy birthday to her. >> she's an athlete, may not have any cake. >> or she will just burn it off. mm-hmm >> let's go outside and take a look. lauryn ricketts will be back to let us know when we'llarm up w
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your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, $1 delivery fee. a 35-day shutdown comes to an end, and another major indictnt in the russiarobe. it's been another wild week in the white house. >> here to help us catch up and break everything down for where we go from here moderator of the "meet the press" chuck todd. let's start with the end of the shutdown t.35 days. moving past it now. okay. we've got this temporary i ems reopening. you think it's going to last
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though? >> i do think that's going toau last b i think just the political pain that particularly congressional republicans felt in this one means that they won't do it again t inee weeks. there's either a shocking grand bargain on immigration. i tend to be pessimistic on that, or the president ends up going down the national emergency route. i had someone said that the president believes the wall is hi read my lips moment. he thinks if he's not fighting for it he'll lose his base. not everybody thinks his political analysis is correct ot it doesn't matter. if that's what the president thinks, at the end. day it's his sigture that matters. so if that's the scenario you're looking at this national emergencyaybe the way he feels politically he needs too,ll but i' tell you, he's -- they are in a weaker position than they. we not the -- about the only glimmer of hope i would put for my show on t shutdown business
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there was bipartisan support to pass bill thatld not allow it to happen again. to make it any time we're in situation like there. the only members that don't get paid, the members of congress, the west wing and their staff. the government workers, politicalappointees gheir paychecks >> i with want to get to the latest indictment real quick. what political ramificeeions do youhere being for president trump should he declare, you know, an emergency to get thatunding for the wall? >> what it does it's a route that will divide the replican party. some small government conservatives don't like that kind of strong government use because they -- marai rubio it. today, it's the republicans on immigration and tomorrow it will be the democrats on climate change. >> sure. -- and the same case you can make only gracious is a national emergency and legitimate case on climate. so nobody wts to govern that way. i think it -- ip s tied
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lawsuits. it will be tied up in the courts so then he ends up without anything. >> right. >> it is all about whether he is bring his at least base along or buck his base at all, and so far the answer has been no. >> to that meindi, we just saw roger stone, longtime ally of president trump being indicted on friday, so what does thisean for the investigation? what have we learned from this indictment? >> personally from the president it's another indictment on him that could flip on him. michael cohen said i'd take a bullet for this president and then he found out what the fed had. he's not bearing false witness for the president and if you're the president i'd be concerned about that hf i'm about roger shown because i think att end of day if roger stone says i won't lie, what does mueller have? >> the bigger concern for the president should be this. mueller seems to essentially hint in this indictment that he's got evidence to prove collusion atea l to prove
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collusion betweenhe trump campaign and wick leerksz and, of cours he believes he's already prove th wikileaks is anor arm the campaign. the fact that roger stone seemed to obstruct the invintigation that indicates that he certainly didn't want people to know. >> marco rubo is on the show. >> hakm jeffries and jen mccarthy. >> "meet the press," i won count you down. >> right after "news 4 today." >> thank you, chuck. >> what a great segue. >> roger stone to weather. >> it is stoneold out there. >> stone cold. >> there you go. >> certainly got me. >> it's a little chilly out the. upper 40s though today. we're all right. it's going to be fine. >> you happybout that?
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>> i don't care. the weather only matters to one person in my life, a guy named mr. tony. he's the only person who criticizes our weather coverage. it's cold and he can golf. and he gets upset with melissa with traffic and all sorts of stuff. >> i've got snow on tuesday afternoon. fyi, snow on tuesday. the tuesday evening commute will be a little dy. wednesday comes after tuesday. ednesday could be a little dicy there we go. >> thursday, friday. that's what we've got problems. >> snownd combed. >> snow and cold out there as we get into tuesday. now one thing i do wan to mention. the tuesday evening commute and wednesday morningth commute. e are the days that we'll real very to watch. ut're not that you canning about a lot of snow, we're talking about the timing of this. no snow outhere today. i say that because we're mostly dry. we've seen a few flurries oth
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eto but they won't amount to anything. some areas especially north of d.c. areeeing flurries and it won't amount to everything. the tuesday eveningve could amount to some minor snow accumulation. we're talking about less than 2 fwhches. there could be isolated spots esnorth and that get over two inches and we'll talk about that, but it's a long s t. abou25% of wet snow coming our way, but, again, not today. clouds are filtering in right now ahead of aeak frontal system. we're fairly mild as we continue through your sunday andur temper in the upper 40s compared to the low 40s where we were know snow pack that we have out there. saw some sun youtside apartment will melt and then we'll have ice spots. sunny and cooler with temperatures in the upper 30s and by tuesday afternoon and evening, we had the ryan to snow change and then wednesday is going to be blustery and cold. we're talking about windchills on wednesday. single digits and teens once again. current temperatures out there
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right now. can you see mostly everybody above freezing you but still watch out for the elevated surfaces for slick spots. headed near 50. a few passion flurries west and north and it will be fairly mild out there. the breeze will pick up a little bit and the passing flurries because we've got a weak frontal system that's passinghrough the area so that's bring cloud cover and a chance of flurries out there and also bring those winds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. so your sunday outlook looking too bad. headed to church services and tffee. light winds earlys morning that will pick up in the middle of the day and sunday brunchisuy to mild. local city resorts got snow overnight. much cooler tomorrow. a good ten w degrees frore we'll be today but plenty of snipe and then we stepr into y tuesday. 8:00 a.m. no issues for tuesday morning
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and then as we go throughyhe ain is moving in from the west to the east ahead of an arctic cold front that has really cold air behind it for wednesday, so it will start off as rain and the reason this is problematic is because as they la the brine down on the roads. look at this time right now. 5:30 on tuesday. evening smartroutes could be snowy and ice, and we'll continue with snow as we go through tuesday afternoon and evening and getng out of here well before that wednesday morning commute. that means temperatures will plummet. that means that roads could b on the ice side. we might get a couple inches. maybe a little more or less north of d.c. a wet, slushy snow in our area and tuesdaye afternoon o that rain starts, might want to download the nbc washington app to when the changeover
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happens in case you need to duck out of work a little early. and e on thursday, quite back in the 50s by next
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hat breaking news update started in louisiana. a manhunt is under way for a man who killed five people. he's now beengh c in richmond
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county, virginia. he allegedly shot his parents, his atgirlfriend, herr and her brother. for the latest on this story, check out the nbc washington app. >> all right. now we want to get to lauryn real quick. a cold start. >>emperatures warming into the upper 40s today and upper 30s for tomorrow. have to watch that evening commute on tuesday for rain changing to snow. one to two inches. an icyin wednesday mo >> sounds good. >> that's it for us. >> that's it for us. "meet the pr z34hcz z16fz y34hcy y16fy
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truce. a short-term funding deal to end the government shutdown a >> in short while i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks. >> democrats get what theynd de, talks without a wall. >> have i not been clear on a wall? okay. no, i have been very clear on the wall. >> no one should ever underestimate the speaker as donald trump has learned. mr. trump hints he may declare a national emergency to get what he wants. >> i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> but after 35 days what did president trump gain? plus, ourra b-new nbc n


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