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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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news4's erika gonzalez is following developments from our li desk. what's the late snes. >> we've been trying to get answers from the governor. the "the washington post" says the photo is from h medical yearbook page. he went to eastern medical 'rhool. this is what putting up. the disturbing image is o a page with other photos of noham. as you c see, the page is labeled with his name. the pictures of himnclude one with him in casual clothes that you see on the left-hand side of the screen, and then on the far right, the website originally posted the picture this afternoon. they'reow demanding he respond to the photos. you can see somebody in black ce and another person wearing a kkk hood. we're going to continuell to the story and let you know as soon as the governor reactshio growing
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controversy. turning to our other big story, the winter weather adsoryxtended for parts of our area. today's snow is coming to and. en >> get ready for a weekend 180 we're calling it. some relief en route from these bone chilling cold temperatures. doug and amelia with the latest. day? a >> we can't wait for the warmup but we are dealing with snow across the area. most locations picking up an inch to two inches. toedrrow you mentihe 180. we're talking about -- i don't know if you n go 180 and all the way around and just -- it's incredible what we have the next days. >> i think you'll be stepping out the door tomorrow sayin i cannot believe we were dealing with dangerously cold air this week and snow today. >> i think we're going to double tomorroweratures but let's talk about the snow first. most of it is on the light side.
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the darker purples, that's where you have some moderate snow. but for us it's on the lighter side. st some flurries left over. as we move the system out it will connue to move out and behind it we get a little bit warmer. it's 56 right now in north ca lina. the warm air doesn't have to come up that far. t first, look at the snowfall totals 1.5 in d.c. 1 1.5.2 in rockville,n frederick. a little over what we were predicting. we'll talk that and more about the ten day forecast. we have some warmth, incredible warmth compared to where we've been, and more storminess as well. this winter blast is felt all over the dmv. students i montgomery county got a jump start to their weekend thanks to the snow. aimee cho joins us live. schools there released two and a
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half hours early, huh? >> reporter: as can you imagine we have happy kids who were excited they got to leave school early but they couldn't run home too fset becauook at the sidewalks, many n have been shovelled. it's slippery and tough to walk on. we're talking to families who are making se their kids stay safe. as schools let out early,li fa pitching in to make sure all the kids get picked up. she came toet her niece and nephew. >> the cstant releasing, my sister can't do it every day. 're all taking turns. that's what we have to do. >> this morning was a mess, rprised we had school, but it seems okay now. >> reporter: next door at the high school, one student learning a valuable lesson, that crocks maybe aren't the best shoes forinter weather. >> i completely forgot and i came to school in crocks, and then this happened. so my feet are really, really cor:. >> reportehoe missteps
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aside, people of all ages enjoying a little extra time at home iktoday. >> i it, too, it's nice when the kids get out ande theyot cooped up. >> reporter: for many braving the winter weather, they say they'd rather be saf than sorry. >> the safety of the kids is what's most important. as a family we have to wor together to make it happen. >> reporter: and montgomery coun public schools tells me it was a tough call to close schooly, earl they said they'd rather kids be in school learning but safety comes first. a call for help today after car goes into a icy bond. police tell news4 the car slid off pentland hills drive this afternoon, several p were inside the car but we're told ivey got out before the fire department arred and they're doing fine. this is a reminder we ne s to take iw on these roads. can you keep track of the shifts
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in the weather by downloading our nbc washington app. you'll get alertsor b the bad weather moves in, search storm team a fairfax county kidnapper who held youngirl as a sex slave and triggered a national man hunt in 2002 is released from prison now thathe's out of prison, he's being allowed to liv just minutes from that victim'sli fa home. scott macfarlane reports. >> reporter: scott tyree met and groomed his victim, alicia kozakiewicz online. then he drove to pittsburgh to kidnap her. then he returned home to sexually abuse her for days. posting images of the abuse online. tyree pleaded guilty to federal sex crimes in 2003, a judge sentenced him to 19 years in prison. but 16 years later, he's been transferred to this halfway house in pittsburgh, just four miles, a short drive from where the victim's famy still lives
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and the sight of the kidnapping. he'll be released from custody in april and could be living in pittsburgh after. the u.s. bureau of prisons says they place people in halfway houses nearest their future homes. >> this is unreal. this is unreal. this is something that should not ever havehappened. >> but it wasn't the feds that notified dalicia, we by phone. >> this is just such an injustice. and at the very least my family should hde been infor and they should have been informed by armed officers. >> reporter: this neighborhood in which scott tyree held alicia hostage, it was the middle of winter back then, too, january 2002. the four-day man hunt to rescue her garnered national attention, and she would become a national figure againfter her release when she became a nationwide safety haadvocate. sh lobbied ied engthen
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laws in 11 states. but told us she isn't done. >> 1tates isn't enough. woing on getting itast everywhere. >> reporter: the bureau of prisons refused to answer why they placed him so close to h family. and when asked why he only served 16 years, they said, inmate release dates include projected time for goo behavior prior to a sentencing dates. she said she now feels unsafe. >> i'mcad to return home. that my home has been hijacked. i'm in fear from -- my family and for everybodyd i know frankly for pittsburgh. the place that i love and adore. >> reporter: scott tyree is in the halfway house through april. he'll get his full release right after that.
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>> no restrictions? >> the whole thing is a head scratcher. >> the hfway house - >> when he's released. >> he'll be under free man. >> the fact you had to notify her is that negligence or -- >> is that standard procedure? >> we're going to look into that. a lot of time officials notify victims, but they were not notified. we're going to continue looking into that. nearly four years ago the d.c. manon murders rattled a region fp three family members, eir long-time housekeeper murdered horribly, the house set on fire uo cover the crime. today the man convicted learned he will die in prison. a judge handing down four life sentences. >> there's no remorse. in his mind he thinkshe's a victim in all of this somehow. evil, i guess. >> megan fitzgerald covered thie rom the beginning, and has
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details from an emotional day in court. >> to do what he did to four people, including a 10-year-old y, i think is just beyond words. i can't imagine what those parents were going through. >> reporter: it's been a long and emotional f journey family and friends of the victims. but today theyut walked of court for the last time with justice. >> hopefully this gives them small measure of closure. >> reporter: the family gathered behind the lead prosecutor moments after the judge sentenced daron wint to four consecutive life sentences without the possibility o release. more than 3.5 years ago, he held stage, tortured and brutallymu rdered amy and savvas savopoulos and their son phillip and housekeeper veraliciz figueroa. before the ruling, the savopoulos's daughter, spoke about her grief.
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she stood before the court and said, quote, on july 24th the man of my dreams proposed to me. at that moment iy realized parents wouldn't be there. my family will everyone meet my fiance. her words didn't seem to phase daron wint, who sat emotionless throughout the morning. even when a letter written by abigail's younger sister was read in court, quote, thinking about my brother being eternally ten hurts like hell. in the days after the murder she wrote, quote, with my sister we planned a funeral in two weeks. we toured funals instead of colleges. most people never got a chance to meet amay ay and savvas. but prosecutors say their strength and kindness will live on through their daughters. reporting at d.c. superior court, megan fitzgerald news4.
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>> daron wint is expected to appeal the judge's sentence but legal experts tell little likelihood he will ever step outside of a prison agn. >> after all the speculation, new jersey senator, cory has officially launched his bid for the white house, announcing a 2020 campaign. >> together we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose. together, america, we will rise. >> booker is the former mayor of newark and has served in the u.s. senate since 2013. he made history when he testified against a fellow senator during jeff sessions's confirmation hearing. he said this afternoon, too many americans are losing faith feeling like they'll be left behind. >> they're beginning to think th forces tearing us apart are stronger than the forces that
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bond us together as a people, as a country. i'm running for president because i want to address these psues. >> bookerns to travel to iowa and down to south carolina next week. emotions run high in a d.c. couroom. why one man was thrown out as seven people charged with the murder o a 10-year-old girl appeared together for the first te an i team investigation prompts new actions for renters dealing with mode. dealing with mode. oug is back wit dh
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we continue to follow that breaking news rocking politics this evening. ralphograph from governor northam's medical yearbook in 1984 has surfaced and it sws an image of a person in black face and another person beside him wearing a kkk robe and hood.
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our nbc affiliate obtained this from the yearbook. we do not know who the people are in this photo but other images on this same pag show ralph northam. he graduated from eastern virginia medical school in 1984. we have reached out to the governor for comment. stay tuned to news4 for updates s an emotional day in a d.c. courtroom. seven people charged wh killing 10-year-old makai wilson were in one room together for the first time. but mark segraves reports it was a friend of the spects who created a scene after he taunted the victim's mother. >> reporter: she never misses a courtring for any of the seven suspects charged with the murder of her 10-year-old daughter. >> coming to court is emotional and overorelming. >> rr: today was stressful for wilson, not only was it the first time she saw all seven
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tfendants together at the same time but before hearing began, she said friend of the spects, taunted her outside the courtroom. >> the guy was singing the songe this is reason why the murder rate up. that made me very emotional becae this is not just a tragic case, this is my life, my child. e was 10 yearsold. >> reporter: one of the e of the s in cha case, along with several u.s. orrshalls removed the man from the courtroom b the hearing the chief haher mother and reacted to today's incident. >> the look in her eyes after e lost her 10-year-old daughter, it's something i will never forget. there is a spot in ll for anyone who would harass that o womar her family after whats sh been through. >> as formakiyah's mother, she said having to sit in the same coetroom with friends of suspects won't deter her from showing up at every court date.
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>> i'm never going to stop supporting my child. but it's emotional alwaysru ing into them. >> the trial is expected to last six weeks and isn't expected to start until august of 2020. the chief said more suspects may be arrested as the investigation continues. mark segraves news4. the attorney for one of those teens who's charged plans to ask the court to remove the 16-year-old's case or move it to juvenile court. marquelei cobbs is b tried as an adult but his lawyer said he shouldn't be because he didn't take part in the actual shooting. > the weekend is on the way and we can't wait. >> not just the weekend, but also some great temperatures this weekend. nice.going to be a lot of melting going on, too. normally with melting we get refreezing, we won't have that. that'she warmth we have into early next week. right now, the flag not doing much out there. we had a little bit of wind
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earlier but not much wind. it's still snowing at the station but not a lot. what are we currently dealing with? here's the current temperature right n with the snow that's still coming down in parts of the region. most of it is on the light side, you see it around baltimore, really lightsnow, just flurries left over from the storm system that came through the region. the whole clipper came through, we started seeing it early today and it lasted most of the afternoon. an inch and a half in rockville. 2.2 in frederick. says 1.1 in leesburg, but a buddy told me i got more snow than that. i told him, you have to measure it, makeci it of and send it in. this is what we had yesterday forur map, coating to an inch around the d.c. metroaire.or balt towards leesburg not much at all. and then 1 to 2 i frederick. this is what we should have
5:19 pm
done. bring that line closer to d.c. because we did see 1 to 2 inches in parts of montgomery county, leesburg as well. coating toown inch to the south. we did pretty good on this, but we could have brougn that d by 30 miles. it would have been better for you. theiginners to the west, 8 inches towards parts of the mounrgins and west ia. what are we dealing with currently? cold factor, too. teens across our area now that theun isoing down. we are going to see a lot more ice again tonight. so especially the side road that is we saw that were those. what is wet will become ice. slick spots through tomorrow morning. and thenuch warmer tomorrow and the next couple days, look at this, the 50s are just down to ourso h, 56, look at raleigak anyone want hour drive and move up in temperatures 32 degrows.
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tomo 45, sun and clouds. lots of melting.s and le keep the melting coming. 53 on sunday, and look at monday, 57, and tuesday 64 degrees. right now, look at the next four. that's what y need. two weeks to go before another big de deadline and contractors ati seere fll checks from the last furlough. a aheadt 5:00, the plan to make sure they're paid too in the o even another shutdown. >> the secret to a good epn't's sle
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are you struggling to sleep through the night? there's an app for that. >> who hasn't been there? doreen gentzler is working for your health tonight andla es why your cell phone could be the llcret to sweet dreams. >> we talk about this a lot. we know a good night sleep is good forour mood, mind, and health too and can improve your oductivity at work but millions of americans are not getting enough shut eye. it turns out the solution might be here in your phone. are you tossing and turning a night? well, you've got a lot of company out there. 60ilon americans suffer from
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insomnia. >> people expect to slide into the sheets like sliding into third base, i'mleeady to now, go. it doesn't work that way. >> repter: dr. katherine sharky is a sleep medicine doctor who spoke at a recent conference. she said insomnia impacts more women than men. >> the eouraging news for women who are struggling with insomnia is, there are more treatments available than ever before. >> reporter: thatncludes smart phone apps like sleep better, which tracksverything from light sleep to deep sleep and how much time you spend moving around restlessly trying to go to sleep. sleep time is another popular apf with the tap a button, it analyzes your sleep cycles and creates graphs to analyze yourbe vior, and features white leep to help you fall faster and it can double as an
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alarm clock, too. e pillow app uses advanced science and math to track how your weight, blood pressure, di and stress level impact your sleep pattern. is to bethe k consistent on your sleep, even on weekends. >> make sure your sleep times between work day and nonwork days are not deviating too much. if you're asleep for three hours later on the weekend than you week.he rest of the then monday morning your brain is going to say, weren't we asleep yesterday? >> reporter: anoth piece of advice, take notes. >> they say you can lose weight if you keep a food diary. keep sleepiary to see if you're cheating yourself. >> adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night. children and teenagers need more. we've posted a chart that breaks down those recommendations for
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sleep by age group. i'm in the camp that tri to catch up on sleep on the weekends. probably not whelping. >> ih you. >> the other thing is pets. i sleepntell nina starts walking across my head at 3:00 in the mornin dogs and cats are a big factor in people not getting a good night'he sleep. >>want you to play with them at 2:00 in the morning. close your door. >> then they howl outside the door. >> in the basement. that's what i do. thanks doreen. just ahead, the i team investigating gaps in the d.c. housing laws. new changes to make ieneasier forrs to get relief from mold. >> we're at the mercy of people doing their job the right way. ot reporter: prince george's county schools g out two hours early. early.
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ok, sasha here is yo replacement debit cardwow, just. yup. so, what do we do with the rest of the time for this commercial? oh, we can donate it.
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that's a great idea! hi, i'm om treephilly. our goal is to cover 30% of the city with trees, and promote clean air. (sniffs) hmm... that's good air! city with trees, visit i'm glad we did that. me too. thanks again. fast debit card replacement. even on weekends. td bank. unexpectedly hun. back at the live desk i'm scott macfarlane more breaking news, the virginiaepublican party says governor ralph northam must his medicaol yearbook page shows a man wearing black face next to a man in a kkk robe. the photowas obtained from original yearbooks from his medical school. we have to tell you at this timn
5:30 pm
we do know who the people in the black face and hood are. n news4 an news have both reached out to the governor for comment and we areaiting to hear back. the image is in a 1984 yearbook from eastern virginia medical. you can see the page isle t ralph earrer northam. this statement from the republican party, racism has no room here. if this is him, he should resign. and this is a disturbing photograph, in need of immedia word from the governor. a news4 weather alert tonight as toy's snow comes to an end. >> we have a weekend warmup on the let's c in with doug kammerer in the storm center.
5:31 pm
about time, doug. >> yeah. about time for sures. you see tracee down there in prince geoe's county all bundled up. you can put away the coats the next couple days, but not right now. still seeing some snow, but most of it starting to exit the area. we're not too worried about it for the rest of the night. you can see some lightre snow anne arundel county still under the winter weather advisory. the rest of the inea, ther weather advisory has been allowed to expire. no more issuesto ght. the big issue now though, now that the sun is down, we are going to see a refreeze of anything wetut there. you want to make sure you pay attention to that, one of those area is in prince george's county. tracee wilkins is out there nowe you're going tble to put away the coat,scarf, hat for about six or even days. >> reporter: exactly. to be honest with you this is what folks were concerned about.
5:32 pm
you can can sees the snow tapering off, but it's still just happening here, it hasn't stopped all the way yet. that being said what is going on is our rush hour. as you can see on route 1, primary road, the roads are wet. as you said, with these wet roads we are concerned about the possibility of black ice. t's part of the reason that in number of counties in maryland, including prince seorge's county decided to c schools two hours early. the brutal cold made the beginning of today's snowfall difficult to manage. ck salt doesn't help with pretreatment and extreme temperatures. so crews had to tackle this one as it came. what did you think of the roads coming over? >> they're not in great shape. pretty icy. >> reporter: primary and secondary roads were treated right away in prince george's county. neighborhoodsere trickier. >> slip and slide a little bit. >> reporter: a fewft hours
5:33 pm
school started, kids got a taste of a school day. prince george's county school hs a two-hour early dismissal. some parents questioned that decision. >> they should have called it last night because they knewr te weatas coming. it's fine they want kids to go home early. it makes sense they want the buses off the roads during rush hour, but calling it at the last minute like i this hard for parents. >> just time management thinking how is this going to impact families, getting on the roads, getting there in time, whato e roads look like in comparison to the snow? >> i think alles par involved could have planned better. ifhe schools had thad delayed, they would have given them more time to clearhe roads, less issues. but right now they're not bad. >> reporter: i spokeith a spokesperson who told me this was a tricky cl to make. but the last bus is on the road till 6:30 and they did not want
5:34 pm
bus on the road with the chance for black ice. we have more breaking news from prince george's county police investigating a suspicious death in oxson hill. police said they found a man with a gun shot wound. and homicide detectives have been called to the scene. we'll bring you more information it.we get the chairman of the d.c. council said he wants to toughe thedistrict's laws to make it easier for renters to get relief for problems with mold. >> this comes after the i 4 team began digging in. >> we have the problem and a potential fix. >> it's been very difficult for my children to understand this. >> reporter: e's one of several local ridents who contacted the i team because of mold in their apartments. in monique's case, the inspectors foundhe it on wall, floors, and ceiling.
5:35 pm
the problem got so bad she said she had to move her children and their dog outf their northwest apartment and into this hotel as they waitedeeks for repairs. >> we're at the mercy of people doing their job the rig way. >> reporter: d.c. officials said concerna top rental that's why in 2014 they passed a law requiring landlords to send a licensed inspector when mold spreads more than 10 feet. but there's little enforcement of theaw when landlords don't comply. >> we have hundreds of individuals who walk into legal aid with housing condition issues. it's fai to say that half of them have concern about mold or mildew in their >> reporter: beth oversees the housing lawl unit for led of washington. she said when d.c. has done more than most when requiring them to deal with mold she said they needo do more with the law.
5:36 pm
most times people have to go to court. >> that's hard to do. >>heeporter: plus license mold inspectors but doesn't conduct s.inspecti and the department of consumer and regulatory affairs say it only sites for problems that cause mold not for mold itself. >> it should be easier for tenants. >> reporter: after the i team contacted t chairman of the council, he said he promised legislation to require mold certified inspectors, and the district would have the power to remove dlords who don't the mold. >> in my view, courts should be the last resort. it's the hammer for when the administrative process doesn't work. >> reporter: she was able to find a new apartment and hope it is law will help other tenants from going through what she did. >> it's a situation where people are left in limbo. >> reporter: there is so much expense for renters in this
5:37 pm
situation. the cost of moving, replacing furniture, the cost of an atairney. the an says he hopes the law will force land lords to fix the problems before ito comes that. he plans to introduce the bill next week. this story started with a tip for the i team, if you have something for them to investigat visit our app and send them the details. the steps taken to make sure deral contractors a
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this is the first day of black history month. and today we want to recognize the courage o four college students down in north carolina. 59 years ago today, those four ung men sat down at an all white lunch counter in greens borrow. they remained in their seats despite being rused service. their sit in launched a six-monthprotest that drew national attention. demonstrations like this one helped lead to the passage of the civil rights act of1964. a section of that counter is at the african-american museum downtown. annie's paramount steak house in the city's dupont neighborhood. honored by the james beard foundation. it's been a fixture on 17th street for decades. it was one of the first to welcome the g community in the '60s and became a gay cheers, if you will.
5:41 pm
the james beard foundation is giving atsrican classics award to annie's because annie's has beeno inclusive and so supportive of the lgbtq community in this town for so long. it also mentioned the hefty steaks, juicy burgers and strong cocktails. this award is given tost rants that reflect their community. annie's is onef just five restaurants in our country to receive this award thi ar. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. coming up a local program works to help teenagers avoid the wrong path. ahead at 5:00, leon harris shares a success story in this week's harris' hero. >> an uber driver picks up ar passenge and disappears. now he's looking for answers. we'll have the latest on this missing person's case coming up.
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we have a huge breaking story unfolding on this friday evening. a photo from governor ralph northam, the virginia governor, edical yearbook in 1984, it has surfaced. you see it there on the rig, it shows amage of a person in black face and another image of a person wearing the kkk robe. the republican party said ralph northam must resig he's in this photo. "the washington post," and the virginian pilot all obtained thm image friginal yearbooks. we do not know who the people
5:45 pm
yearbooke other images on the page show governor ralph northam. we reached out to the governor for comment and we'll have live team coverage for you at the top of the hour. the man convicted in the d.c. mansion murde will spend the rest of his life behind bars. daron wint sat emotionle today as the judge handed down foure consecutife sentences without the possibility of relief. a fairfax county kidnapper who held a young girl as a sex slave triggering a national man hunt, this was in 2002, he has now -- is about to be relsed from prison. and o t im has learned he's being allowed to live just four miles from this victim's family home in pittsburgh. the victim herself is calling it injustice. we'll hear from her coming up on ne>4 at 6:00. ew information tonight in
5:46 pm
what began as a murder mystery in montgomery county. two men found shot to death in a crashed car earlier this week now two teenagers have been charged with their deaths, and what policere calling an execution-style killing. news4 chris gordon reports on what happenedn the moments leading up to their murders. >> reporter: this car crashed into parked vehicles on stewart lane in silver spring monday night. police found two young men dead inside. prosecutors say they were shot t execution sty r cloge in a drug deal gone bad. >> there was going to be $600 paid for a quarter pou of marijuana. in court, dante hunt i charged with two counts of murder. 18-year-old noah barnett is charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. both are being held without bond. the victims, found dead ithe
5:47 pm
car, 23-year-old jordan radsway of laurel, and 24-year-old christianoberts of silver spring. >> shots rang out quickly andth e two young men lost their lives trying to sell mariteana. >> rep although legal cannabis is available, bla rket marijuana is considered cheaper and stronger. they say there has been an alarng increase in the number of young people locally who have been killed recently in drug deals involving illegal gorijuana. chrion, news4. destroying a real forest to create a solar farm. that is the controversy that is surrounding ay plan georgetown university. a plan for a massive solar farm located in chaes county. b told this farm, which would have 100,000 solar panels, the university would have to cut down 240 acres of trees in la
5:48 pm
plata. georgetown said that farm would help t school cut its carbon footprint by half. environmentalis environmentalists, some of them are concerned it could harm the planet, by losing the trend it could impact the bird population that relies on trees. maryland's environmental agency hasn't yet approved this. no sun today, doug kammerer. mightr we see some ohe weekend? >> sure. the weekend looks great. eeearly next looks great. late next week -- early next week looks great. let's show you what we're dealing with right now. we have light snow falling ins paf the area. most of the region snow free. s let'w you out there towards theok capital wheel, g beautiful tonight. look at the potomac. a nice, train quill calm river out there.
5:49 pm
look at the radar, really here as to get out o far as the snow is concerned. we were thinking earlier yesterday i was thinking this would be out of here by0, 1 2:00, but still sticking around in some places. some flurries that's all it is. light snow, not going to accumulate anymore. flakes.are seeing some the whole system itself, the clipper, continues to move off wards the east. as it does we stay on the cold airside ofth gs. there's the front. cold airown torichmond. raleigh 56 degrees. some of the warmer air is moving our way, but not yet. these are the actual temperatures, 19 in gaithersburg, 20 in rockville. let's double it. let's go to 46 degrees, amelia. we're talking about doubling the temperatures from where we are today, into tomorrow and get warmer on sunday. >> absolutely. we're talkingbout high
5:50 pm
temperatures tomorrow around 45 degrees. right on track for this timearf nd then we're warmer on sunday with a high of 53. but it is going to be a cold start out there tomorrow morning, as you're seeing the current wind chill in the teens. n the have lows tonight teens and 20s for washington. tomorrow morning you want to bundle up, but grab thes sunglasseswell. but you don't need the warmest jacket throughout the weekend. it is looking completely dry out there fro start to finish. that's white tail in the background for you skiers and snowborders out there. this looks like the perfect weekend to head out skiing. conditions are goingo be fantastic, especially with the cold air we had this week. and next weekend, the second weekend in february, it might nott be grcause of the warm air we're going to have we're going to see melting snow and they're not going to be able to makeoohat much.
5:51 pm
ou exercise, looking comfortable for february. travel, heading to the super bowl parties, no weather issues at all. look at our temperature trend. our average high 44, not just for the weekend are we running above normal, but monday, es y, wednesday, even into thursday and friday, it's looking really nice and we'll keep the temperatures above normal. only for the work week. the cold returns forhe weekend. a dry start to the work week, some rain chances and maybe a wintery mix in the forecast. >> yes. right now, sad, sunday, monday, tuesday, really nice. monday and tuesday we get warm, 64 degrees on tuesday. 46, back down to 46 on wednesday. 47 on ty with some showers, not the best day but not terrible. up to o 62 possible friday. and we really have to watch really this whole period. he
5:52 pm
friday all the way through monday. i've talked about this on my twitter feed the last couple of days, 62 to 36. some models giving us colder air on friday first and snow for the weekend. let's focus on this,everyone. the nice weather. i'm looking at tuesday. that's the best day i think out of the next ten. this week's harris' ho revisits a story we first shared with you about aag yea >> we remember this. the credible messengers program figured out a t way help wrongers heading down the path the teenagers are paired with men and women who know that path all too well. >> i just got my high school diploma on april 5th and i got accepted by two colleges. >> reporter: the last time we talked was last elyear,me what your life has been like since then. >> i'm seeing new things. >> reporter: those include finishing his first semester at thenirsity of maryland,
5:53 pm
jamal is the first person in his family to go to college. lhe's come ag way since being locked up 10 months ago. ytell me how wound up in the program to begin with. >> trouble, robbing. trying to be cool. >> reporter: he credits his attitude change toge a l support system, starting with his mentor in the credible ra mentor's pr >> he said, jamal, look, you got to st. he said, i believe in you, but the minute you stop believing in urself i'm done. >> i was once jamal, you know what i tan? that's wind of made it work for us. i believe in the young man thei very first i met him. and i made it my business to show him that hey, look, you can believe in yourself. >> in a nutshell that'st w creditable messengers is about. >> that's what's it's about. >> a credible messenger is someone once on the wrong side of the lng u their experience to put youth on the right side of the law.
5:54 pm
>> he told me right up i think i'm going to go to college. i'm like, okay, let's do it. you can do it. i helped him with the fancial ai process, we applied to four schools and he got accepte every one of them. >> reporter: he's studying construction management. his can see jamal havin own business and managing it well. look at him w, he's in college, you know what i mean? he went from banging to college, you know what i mean? that's a big thing. >> i had to do better for myself. i had to feel good -- if i want to feel good, i have to doep go. >>ter: he has a message for other kids who aren'te makig ight choices. >> don't wait until it's too late. stop waiting until it's too late and already in trouble. get your mind right and do something diffteent. >> rep doing something different certainly saved his life. >> that young man is going places. if you'd like to learn more about the credible messengers program search harris' hero in
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
so with the deadline looming for anoth gernment shutdown, federal contractors are venting their frustration to virginia lawmakers hoping they can be reimbursed from the last one.r david cul explains the effort to get them back pa >> reporter: fred picket walking
5:58 pm
into this springfield conference room wh smile, shaking hands eager tois share story again. >> cut a few corners here and >> reporter: for 27 years he's worked out of the epa mail room. during the shutdown he was stuck at home. he's now back on the job. >> good to see my coworkers, supervisors and customers. >> reporter: but like other contractors gathered here, fred is not getting reimbursed for the weeks of work. >> i'm o fixed income. >> reporte fred sharing his flight with virginia senator mark warner who sat through more than an hour of heartbreaking stories. >> i'm glad to getack t work. >> reporter: barbara mitchell describing her pain saying two missed paychecks left hergg stling to pay for her granddaughter. >> i didn't pay my rent, she schoolgo to >> reporter: across from barbara, con stahae summers said
5:59 pm
of her team couldn't work. like wise, no back pay. 't it shoule a question as to you're working but not being pa . that's sounconstitutional and un-american. >> it's like we're doing quadruple the work>> eporter: senator warner promising this group he's pursuing legislationo get them paid. >> if there were to be another shutdown these contractor workers get protections. >> that's frustrating we serve the government we should get equal treatment, back pay as well. >> reporter: you're hopefu >> very hopeful. >> reporter: these contractors ctpeful that bill gets tn before the next >> annou news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news right now, outrage aimed at virginia governor ralph northam, a photo on his page from his 1984
6:00 pm
medical school yearbook showing two men, one in black face, the other in a kkk hood. >> that photograph first surfaced this afternoon on big league politics just a couple hours ago. nbc has confirm it is from the yearbook. have not confirmed who's in the photo. >> still rtonight, noponse at all from the governor. we have team coverage this hour. starting with erika gonzalez and the latest on this story from our news room. eri erika? >> the virginia gop says governor northa must resign if he appeared in the photo. and the virginia medical school irming that is from their yearbook. we do not know w is in the photo in question. news4 and nbc news have bot


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