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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2019 7:00am-8:30am EST

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good morning. breakils overnight, cal to resign. democrats and republicans ing virginia's governor to step down after he admitted appearing in this racist photo taken more than 30 years ago. the governor apologizing online. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> but is there any way he can i continue in ce? we're live with the>> latest. russia responds. vladimir putin announces russia is pulling out of a nuc ar reaty with the u.s., one day after president trump said they put the russians on notice puti saying the united states breached the treaty itself. are we headed for an arms race? 100 degree turnaround. a major waup this weekend, days after some areas sawmp
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eratures 50 below zero. the forecasting calling for the same places to be in the 50s. dylan is tracking it all. plus, speaking out. the "empire" actor who claims he was the victim of a brutal and racist attack says he is doing okay this morning, talking publicly daysfter the alleged attack. ready to retire. skiing great lindsey vonn announces she's walking away from t sport because her multiple injuries made comting just too difficult. and one day and counting. the new england patriots set to take on the los angeles rams at super bowl liii in atnta. a million fans pouring into the city with security a an all-time high. we're there with the fun, the football, and tim tebow, today, saturday, february 2nd, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" s withinelle jones, peter alexander, and
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dylan dreyer, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today." thk you for joining usn this saturday morning. >> i think it's something like t-minus 36 hours until the biggest day e the season. yer family is ready for this. >> these are the only seats you're allowed to sit in when watching the super bowl with the patriots. >> something is workavg. >> we'll more on that in a minute. we'll take you to atlanta live. there's a lot to get to, including the breaking news out of moscow. potentially putting the u.s. and russia one step close torer to nuclear arms race. we'll have more on that from all around the world. the president also taking nancy pelosi on again in a new interview. let's begin with calls for governor northam to resign after he acknowledged he appeared in this racist photorom his yearbook taken in the '80s. geoff bennett is in washington this morning with me. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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virginia governor ralph northam now says the photo in question is clearly racist and offensive. calls for his resignation have been swift and are coming from all corners,ncluding from some presidential kand candidates. northam, sofar, is resisting the pressure to step down. overnight, virginia's democratic governor apologized for this yearbook photo taken over three decades ago. saying this on twitter. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does n reflect that person i am today or the way that i haveed conduyself as a soldier, a doctor, and a publicservant. i am deeply sorry. >> reporter: the photo in question appearing on governor ralph northam's 1984 medical school yearbook page. it shows a m in blackface and another in a kkk robe and hood. northam did not specify which person he is but did say that he
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intends to finish his term as governor. the racist image originally surfaced friday afternoon on a far-right website that often promot promote promotes conspiracy theories. backlash was swift on both sides. f callin his resignation, republicans and democrats, including the former governor. major progressive groups, the naacp, and democratic presidential candidates. the virginia democrat was under fire from conservatives after icing support for a sta measure to loosen late-term abortion restrictions. >> in this particular if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what woulden ha the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated, if that's whater e mond the family desired. then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.rt >> reporter: m, a pediatric neurosurgeon, later said hisomnts were m
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northam has no plans to resign over the photo. if he does step aside, he'd be succeede by lieutenant governor justin fairfax. he is a 39-year-old rican-american lawyer who is considered a rising star in virginia democratic politics. peter? sheinelle? >> thank you. >> we'll have more on that in a moment. the other breaking news story we're coverin morning. russia saying it is pulling out of the nuclear deal with the u.s. just a day after the united states threatened to do the same thing. russia's president, vladimir putin, claiming the u.s. is actually breached the treaty. sarah harmon is following it from london for uhis morning. >> reporter: good morning. russian president vladimir putin announcing this morning his country is pulling out of the inf treaty, a key nuclear missile agreement. moscow claiming this morning the u.s. has been violating that eaty since 1999. now, putin himself described this as a tit for tat response,
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just oneer day a the u.s. announced it's pull out of the treaty. president trump accused the russians of violations. >> we can't be put at a sadvantage of going by a treaty, limiting what we do, when somebody else doesn't go by that treaty, okay? >> reporter: russia denies any violations. putin said thi morning that russia would start work on creating new missiles, including hypersonic es. also told his ministers not to initiate disarmament talks th washington, saying the u.s. is slow to respond to such moves. the inf treaty was signed in 1987. it is considered a cornerstone cold war reement. this morning, it is essentially allapsed, raising fears o new arms race. peter? sheinelle? >> concerns relating toan russi to china. sarah harman, thanks very much. predent trump is speakin out about the border wall he made a centerpiece of his presidency, saying there is a
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good chance he'll declare a national emergency, and slamming house speaker pelosi forng oppo him. kelly o'donnell is covering that part of the story. she'n west palm beach, florida, where the president is spending time in his estate kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. we are waiting to see if the president will unveil his decision about a border wall during the biggest night of his politiyear. the state of the union address. advisers say his theme will be choosing greatness,ll and h be laying out his views on immigration, trade, national curity, and drugprices. his high profile moment comes against a backdrop of political bitterness, especially over the border wall. for a change of scene, he is here this weekend, spending time with his family. trading washington's bitter winter for a rainy arrival inid fl the president's first weekend here in palm beach since thanksgiving. >> the president of ate united stes. >> reporter: days before his
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tuesday night state of the union address, where immigration will be a major topic. his possible plans for a national emergency declaration, still a secret. >> i'm saying, listen closely to the state of n.e unio i think you'll find it very exciting. >> reporter: in his power struvele with congress border wall funding, the president criticized speaker pelosi's refusal to negotiate money for his promised wall. in an interview with cb >> well i think that she was very rigid, which i would expect, but i think she's very bad for our country. >> reporter: turning to 2020, the president sized up newest democratic candidate to enter a crowded field. new jersey senator cory booker, who announced friday. >> no chance? >> i say no chance. >> iwhy? now him. i don't think he has a chance. >> reporter: booker is not alone. the president has commentedhen democratic candidates. he says that he believes he has weakened thedidacy of elizabeth warren, for example,
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by being critical of her. he did say that he thought that california senator kamala harris s had the best rollout and best crowds at her announcement running for president. peter, sheinelle? >> kelly, thank you. jake sherman is an nbc news political contrrutor and sen writer at "politico." he's the author of "politico pl book." he's joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> in 2019, the question that a sitting governor in the united states is being asked right now, are you the guy in blackface, or are you the guy dressed like the yet, this is real life for ralph northam today. is this politically survivable? peter, it seems that it would not be, obviously. i mean, this is incredibly rough stuff. 30 years ago. still, seems unsustainable, even in today's crazy political environment. the governor said he is going hold a press conference today. there is some -- there's a backstop for him, aright?
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ieutenant governor who is very, very popular, seen as a rising star in virginia it iclear. litics. i mean, everybody from across the spectrum, democrats and s, republicalled on the governor to step down. it is increasingly difficult to see how he could have a sustaining governing relationship with the members of congress and the national community. >> let me ask you about another hot topic. senato senators rebuked the president about his withdrawals from afghanistan and syria. now, the proposal to pull out of the russian treaty. are we looking at a arms race here? this is a paradox of donald trump hec sai trump. he said he doesn't like that countries are stocking up on nukes, and he's just done away with an agreement that prevented rush jsia and the united stines from sto up on nukes. the senate has been finding n their voice wt comes to foreign policy. i expect we'll see that.
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i expect a backlash from peoplel on capitol it is unclear to me if that moves donald trump in any direction. again, this is just another example of the president blowing up the post cold war international order that has kept, according to almost every analyst, kept america andsa rusa for many, many years. >> jake, i dare raise this topic. we are still 21 months away before the 2020 vote. nonetheles the democratic field is diverse and growing. cory booker, of course, ther senarom new jersey, the latest to add his name to the list of presidential candidates on the democraticside. it feels like it is getting late early for democrats. now ishe time for democrats to get in. how much bigger do you think the democratic field will grow to be? >> it looks like it could get muchbigger. we have joe biden, who obviously would immediately be a front ruer, the not the front runner, has not announced his intention. michael bloomberg is exploring. sherrod brown of ohio looks like he could getth in. field is going to grow exponentially. it's not close to set. remember, t iowa caucus is
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still a year away. we have an entire year of speculation about this field, which seems like about ten years intoday's time. could get much bigger. >> have an idea of what you and i will be doing t next 21 months. jake sherman, thank you very much. s> thanks. excitement building in atlanta as the cit and millions of fans around the world get ready for super bowl liii. we're one day from kick-off, as the patriots and rams finish last-minute preparations before the big game. let's go to craig. he's where the action is about to happen. he's live in atlanta. goodorning to you. >> reporter: hey there, my friend. good to see you. you can feel thexcawement in the air here in atlanta. on this february 2nd, groundhog y, perhaps it is onlyfitting the pats are playing in their ninth super bowl in this tom bradyera. they are favored to win this by three. they're taking on a rams team that's young, peinenced, but they were the third highest
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scoring team in the nfl during the regular season. nonetheless, tomorrow, they'll have their hands full, astr the and topple one of eae grtest dynasties in the history o football. the song of celebrations i in the air even before the first sngo. >> pats, go. >> reporte atlanta seeing a sea of visitors, most wearing their team's colors, patriots or the rams. a million people are expected to descend on the city. the excitement over this gridiron matchup leadi to gridlock in many downtownet st some of that due, of urse, to street closures. part of the layer upoer l of security in place here. more than 100 million people will be watching the game at home. after ratgs slipped last year, the nfl is hoping an rebound viewership during the season will carry on through the big game. >> alexaam >> on's alexa lost her voice this morning. >> reporter: so are the advertisers, atea those who
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paid a record $5.25 million for a30-second ad sunday night. the game promises to be asi cl matchup of youth versus experience. not only will we be seeing future hall of fer tom brady going against jared goff, a quarterback 17 years his junior, the rams head coach, sean mcvay, at 33, will be the youngest coach in super bowl history, facing off against bill belichick,en a legdary wizard of big game with both teams out of sight, players from other teams are here, moonlighting as pitch men. we spoke with the chiefs' patrick mahomes, sponsored by hunts ketchup, and j.j. watt here for gatorade. who you got? >> the experience the patriots have, it gives them the edge going into the game. >> reporter: first, your ? predicti >> i predict it'll be a good game. tom brady is the best to ever doing it. he is the greatest of all time. >> reporter: neither nfl star has had the chance toy p in a super
7:15 am
bowl, yet. where is mahomes going to watch the game? >> on my couch in my condo in kansascity. i've never been to a game. i'm not going until i'm in it. >> reporter: you're not playing, you don't stick around. >> it is don'tphy until it is yours. >> reporter: hee said it is l watching your ex-girlfriend get married, watching the game witht being in the me. on the security front, there is a growing concern this morning, drones. yesterda fbi agents say they confiscated six drones. this is no drone zone. 30 mile radius, no drones are supposed to be in the air around the stadium. the concern istwo-fold. one, they could crash and iure someone. two, the authorities are spending time confiscating the drones, tra,ing them do and that's time that could be better spent patrolling the area. back to you. >> a whole new lane ofno concer that we have to worry about with the drones. >> after the week of weather we've ha americans deserve 4
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to 14 hours sitting on the couch watching football this r:ek. >> repormen to that. >> good to see you. big announcement this morning from skiing great lindsey vonn. the three-time olympic medalist revealed she going to retire next week because her many injuries simply won't let her compete the way she wants to anymore. kathy park is here with more. >> the crashes, thees inju the triumphant comebacks bave alwaysn a part of lindsey vonn's career. she said it is time to quit after p hing herself to the limit. >> reporter: this morning, skiing sensation lindsey vonn, just one week away from retirement. on friday, announcing on facebook, after many sleepless nights, i have finally accepted i cannot continue ski racing i will compete at the world championships in downhill and super g next week in swthen. will be the final races of her career. the long list of injuriesy fina caught up with the 34-year-old knees damaged from
7:17 am
crashes. she pushed throughhe pain during her first race this season, but she had doubts. >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure if i can keep going. >> reporter: she confirmed ihe r friday post, my body is broken beyond repair. support immediately poured in. the president and ceo of u.s ski and snowboard sweeting, lindsey vonn will be celebrated as not only the greatest u.s. female skier of all time, but as an athlete who has ioppired around the world. v vonn will retire as the most successful fale skier in history, with three olympic medals, seven world championships, and up82 wor victories. just five wins shy of baking the record held by a sweden skier. as a fierce competitor,vonn can't stop fhakealling short, writing, retiring without reaching my goal is what will st with me forever. while this speed queen has been in the spotlight for her tumbles down theslope, she's also won
7:18 am
over fans with triumphant comebacks. like the 2010inter olympics, winning gold in the downhill. a storied career with many twists and turns, now headed for a new path. >> vonn hangs up her skis with twoore races remaining. for what's next, in a "today" show interview last year, she's consideringhollywood, and her friend, the rock, dwayne johnson, has been mentoring her. >> that gave us a lot of excitement. i was there that day when we interviewed her. we're all rooting for her. she talks aboutng meeer goals. it's because the goals are higher. the goalpost keepshanging because she kept doing great things. >> not the last we've heard from vonn. >> incredible career. >> thanks. . >> you can see that on sunday on nbc and the olympic channel. after the bitterly cold polar vortex -- dylan knows i've been wanting to savor tex.
7:19 am
>> sheinelle, you nailed it. we are done though temperatures will change now. we are chilly this morning. wind chills in the singlegi . we're not seeing wind chills well below zero. minneapolil the wind chs 16 degrees, which actually feels okay, compared to the 52 below wind chill. we are going to see high temperatures warm uuch more than recently. we're looking at temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. charlotte, 62. detroit, 35. wichita, 59 degree degrees. tomorrow, temperatures will stay in the 40s near chicago. 60s in kansas city. little rock, 66 degrees. on monday, the warm temperature continues to spread eastward. 64 in raleigh. boston should get to 52. cleveland, 53. st. louis, 68. a wcome store in ange. that's a look at the weather across the country. now, here's a peek out yournd . >> out our window, we have cloudy conditions. clearer skies happeningov
7:20 am
night. well, today, i should say. again, we're seeing a little bit of fog out there. be careful making your way out.o not onlye have the fog, we have icy patches. grab the snow boots light jacket tomorrow. no jacket on monday. then you'll want to have the shorts by tuesday. temperatures out there right now in the single digits and 20s. we are on our way to the low 40s after we warm up through the morning. enty of sunshine today. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. "empire" star jesse smollett speaking out for the first time since his alleged attack. whate's saying ase gets ready to perform live tonight. >> we're back after this.
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we're back with we're back with the weekly >> headlines were dominated by the polar vortex, but there are other stories, as well, starting with the backlash over a potential independent white
7:23 am
housebid. >> former starbucks ceo announced he is consideng an dependent run for president. >> whether the democrat wins the presidency or donald trump is re-elected, i hope not, nothing is going to change. >> democrats furious, concerned schultz will ensure president trump's re-election by taking democratic voters. four undercover police officers in houston were shot, and one more injured, when they came under fire a during drug bust. >> we have multiplefficers shot. >> the raid, the result of a pipi tip. >> enough is enough. >> both suspects were shot dead. es in i is digging for c florida after discovering a tunnel leading to a bank nearby. >> the fbi says mother nature soaked the soil with recent rains, likelyt causing par of the tunnel to collapse.
7:24 am
>> this is a unique case rhere eporter: michael jackson's family fired back against new documentary featuring two men who claim the king of pop molested them when they were boys. >> the jackson estate calls both men liars, pointing out they testified inport of jackson during earlier claims of abuse. unsuccessfully sued his estate, suggesting both men are trying to cash in on the performer. nfl commissioner roger goodell told reporters former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has not played since the controversy because teams hink he is good enough >> they want to win, they make those disions individually. >> kaepernick's attorney speaking out exclusively on "today," speaking about collusion with the owners. >> i think the whole is a ruse. apple temporarily disabled the group facetime app after ae 14-yold discovered a bug that allowed people to secretly
7:25 am
listen in on the people they were calling, even if the person didn't pick up. >> say something. >> this is so weird. >> apple told nbc news friday it fixed the problem and will issue a software update for iphone users next week. some of the week's most as sta astonishing moments. a teen survived after swerving near tractor trailer, causi the tank to explode. an employee dumped ice on the floor and faced a fall at work, captured on surveillance video. this ohio dad used his son as a snow scraper to clean off his car. finall party for one. justin timberlake called out his wife, jessica biel, for falling to sleep while accecelebrating
7:26 am
birthday. >> i'm preparing for the big nigh c out. >> w relate. dylan and i talk about that, we go to the date night at a movies, it is over. >> back after this. >> announcer: now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> well, i'm watching punxsutawney phil being pulled out now, and he is about to make his prediction any second. d is like winter aro here. temperatures are starting in the single digits and teens. the 20son our way int throughout the morning. topping out around 40 oegrees fo daytime high today. 41 in d.c. watch out for icy patches out there this morning. we'll talk more about that ti ten-,y forecast, more sunshi and a warmup coming our way, just after this.
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all hail-
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>> looks like punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow, and that means that we are going to have spring early. thank goodness. no more six weeksf winter, according to punxsutawney phil, eesince he didn'tis shadow. that is breaking news. that came out ten seconds before we came backn air. look a this, he may be on to something. punxsutawney phil, statistically, not always the most accurate. again, he didot see his shadow. we are looking at a spring coming our wayrlier. look at these temperatures. he might be right. today, 41 degrees.e yesterday,re at 24. plenty of sunshine today. plentyf sunshine tomorrow. 51 tomorrow. 56 on monday. cod have p.m. sprinkles, mainly to the west. tuesday, 62. we hit a litee blip in radar as we get into your wednesday temperatures. 40s in the afternoon. evening, rain showers on wednesday. then we start to go back up on thursday and friday. chances of rain o thursday.
7:30 am
chances of rain on friday. look at the temperature as we get mpto friday. atures are going to be back in the mid 60s before we start to fall saturday and sunday. we are back on this saturday morning, february 2nd, 2019. classic scene for the bill murray movie "groundhog day," because, ocourse, this is groundhog day. >> we're trying to give youap wt justned -- or tell you what just happened. punxsutawney phil, we were watching it live, just made his prediction. th question, of course, will we have six more weeks of winter, or four more iseks? hat the million dollar question? >> this happened moments ago. >> yes. >> here is our prognostication. >> faithful followers, there is no shadow of me. a beautifulspring, it shall be!
7:31 am
>> all right. >> phil delivers. >> you know the best part about it? when it snows in march, it is not my all on phil. >> this started in 1887. this is the 19th time, is that correct? >> only the 19th time he has said spring is quickly on its way. 'ster the week we've had, we all deserve ph prognostication this time. >> makes people happy. >> we thank him. it'stime. let's begin this half hour now with a check of the other headlines we're following this morning. we're starting withni vir governor ralph northam, facing calls from democrats and republicans to resign after admitting he appeared in a racist photo back in the '80s i his medical school yearbook. the governor released a video on twitter saying he's sorry and he would try to rebu td thest of his constituents in virginia. break iing over night, russia's preside announcing russia is planning to pull out of a nuclear arms treaty with the united states. the news comes a day after t
7:32 am
president trueatened to do the same thing, saying russians were chaeti incheating on the dw mosc denies the allegations, re claiming the pdent is making false allegations. significan it could lead to a nuclear arms race if the two sides do not come to a new agreement. students battle with police at west virginia university on friday. an outdoor party got out of hand and turned into a riot. irlice had to fe pepper balls and smoke gre yanades to get th crowd to scatter. jesse smollett is getthig ready for first performance since an alleged attack days ago. the actor is speaking out since d thanking fans for their kay support. nbc's morgan chet ssky has more >>eporter: he will be performing at a sold-out show in
7:33 am
west hollywood. police are pouring over orveillance video in chicn search of evidence of the alleged assault. it's the voice that made jesse smollett a starn "empire" that tonight will be back in action when he performs for the first time since this photo erged. showing smollett following an alleged assault in chicago on tuesday. in his first public statement, the actor said, let me start by saying that i'm okay. i am working with authorities and have been 100% factual. smollett told police after he left this subway restrant, two men attacked him, shouting slurs. and homophobic >> listen, the allegations, as described to us, a horrendous, horrible, and quite frankly, cowardly. >> reporter: chicago police released this image, showing two people of interest, and are now examining hundreds ohours of surveillance video. so far, no evidence of an assault has been found.
7:34 am
detectives say security cameras inside smollett's building showed rope around his neck when he walked in but he otherwise appeared normal and didn't tell security about an assault. smollett's manager told police he was on the phone with the actor during the encounter, a later called 911. to pinpoint the moment of the alleged attack, investigators say they asked both if they would turn over their phone records. so far, neither has. >> he is a victim. we treat him like a victim. he's been very cooperative. >> justice for justin. >> reporter: in new york city, dozens turned out to support the "empire" star on friday. pleading for justice in a case raising more questionshan answers. >> this morning, police tight lipped on the investigation. after reviewing more than 20 cameras near smollett's building, they have yet to find evidence of the allegedau a. >> morgan, thanks. dylan has another check of the weather. >> we're keeping a close eye o big storm system moving into
7:35 am
california. lots of heavy rain there. san frcisco, also mountain snow, extending through l.a. and san diegl as well. weee this move inland with a lot of weather alerts associated with it. we have winter stormarnings in pink. high wind warnings in purple along the coast. flash flood tches, wind advisories in the blue the, too. not only is it going to be very wet, but it is going to be windy with gusts up near about 30 to 40 miles p hour possible. the flooding rain continuing all through the weekend. the sw continu to push into the rockies as we go into monday and tuesday. we are looking for as much as about 4 to 5 inches of rainfall. this could lead to some mudslides, especially in the burn scar areas. we're also looking for a significant amount of snowfall, as well, especially in the highest elevations, back through stherra mountain range. we could see possibly up to 3 feet of snow. that's a look at the weather across the country. now, here's a peek out your window. >> out our wwindow,have a beautiful sunrise right now. you can see the reflection off
7:36 am
some of the buildings tthere. gr pink hue to the sky. we'll have plenty of sunshine for the day today. now, we're starting offn a chilly note. watch out for the fog. watch out for icyhe pa everybody is below the freezing mark. some areas, most rtareas, sg in the single digits. we'll warm up today. temperatures are going to be around 40ee de melting taking place. refreezing overnight. back in the 50s tomorrow. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, the surprise of a lifetime for the los angeles rams team custodian. if you're watching the game for the guacale and commercials, the best commercials you should be out for this sunday that's after these messages. (vo) they're all going in the same direction. but in very different ways. and pampers gives all of them our driest, best-fitting diaper. pampers cruisers. with 3 way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom.
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game. >> i'm liking this seat. i might stick around. along with the big monitor. people will be more excited haabout the ads the football game. james cooper is the editorial he is r of ad week, and here to show off the hottest commercials airing tomorrow. james, >> happy super bowl. >> we've been releasing some of the ads early. one you like, i was looking at this this morning, the amazon commercial. should we look at it and then talk about it? >> absolutely. let's do it. >> it's cool, right? >> yeah, i didn't know you put exa in a microwave. >> we're putting her in a lot of stuff now. trustre me, there a lot of fails. >> like what? >> like wade an alexa dog collar. for >> ordering dog food. ordering dog food. >> you can bark all you want. i'm not paying for any more dog food. >> ordering gravy. ordering sausages. >> you better cancel that order. >> that's funny. i haven't seenha one. >> i mean, the amazon ad is
7:41 am
ally sleek and simple but, you know, veryfunny. everybody can relate to an alexa fail. the capper is harrison ford. he's really funny with the dog. really simple and funny ad. >> celebrity cameos are big. jason bateman is in another one of these, a hyundai commercial. it is about an elevator ride at you'd rather avoid. we'll give folks a preview here. take a look. >> hello, folks. what floor? >> we're carsh ping. >> you're going down. way down. fls isisoo r,bad. >> this stop, jury duty. remember, innocent until ll proven -- he did it. we all agree, he did it. car shopping, off you go. >> no, sorry, we're getting a hyundai. >> we used shopper assurance. it was really easy. >> hyundai, going up. >> that one is entertaining, as well. bateman is a popular figure. hopefully, the end of the day, hyundai thinking is we'll be
7:42 am
talking about cars though?lu >> ably. humor is one of the best-served tricks you can click into these you know, it makes them shareable. people love to see celebrities. i mean, this is almost 80 separate celebrities in this, garobably the most ever in ads. adds instant recognition to the response. e ad,an is hilarious in that is also relatable. we all have been in the terrible satio situations. >> when we talk about super bowl commercials, you have some that are the humor, and others are socially conscious. one has been getting a lot of attention already. bueiser releasing one. we'll talk about it really quickly. >> great. ♪ how many times must the cannon balls fly ♪ >> as we loo at this, for the sake of botime, talkut what is unique about this ad. >> thisne is very interesting because it is the return of the clydesdales. they weren't in the game last year. >> true. >> dalmatian is ba. it has message about renewable
7:43 am
energy. it is an interesting twist. ten years ago, 6% of the ads in the b supl had social messages. today is almost a quarter. it's come more important, a the growing millennial audience demandsomni ces thave more of a soul in marketing. >> in the old days, you didn't see the ad until the super bowl itself. now, we debut it on the "today" show. an ad for doritos withance the rapper and backstreet boys. we're getting previews. what is the strates, to get talking about it before the super bowl arrives? >> yeah, it's a lot of money to spend on 30-seconds, $5 million. you want to stretch theve ment out pre, during, and post. if you create a great teaser ad, you build anticipation for tl ad that w in the actual game, you know, it is a strategy to get the biggest bangor your buck. >> $5 million for 30 seconds. >> a lot of money. >> don't mess around with that cash. better get it right. you.s cooper, good to see >> enjoy the game. >> james will be back in the seats on monday on "today" witk a l back at some of the most
7:44 am
talked about commercials. >> sounds like a plan. coming up, how did she raise five professional athletes? pell talk with new england patriots surstar rob gronkowski's mom, right after this. am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? oatthey're actually kind ofht? extraordinary. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting. this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so it traps some of the bad cholesterol and shows it a thing or two.
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signature cheddar, simmered to perfection. with big flavors, not artificial ones. enjoy 100% clean soup today. panera. food as it should be. we are back thisorning th our series, through mom's eyes, where sheinelle talks to the moms of some of the most famous faces in the country. this week, the mom of the patriot tight end, rob go
7:47 am
teonkowski. >> you have a b chance of hitting the lottery twice than you do having four kids play pro sports. she had five kids become pro athletes. five pro athletes. with the super bowl this h weekend, w to talk to her about rob, his time in the spotlight, and how she helped get him t where he is today. >> gronkowski. gronkowski. >> gronkowski. >> gronkowski for the touchdown. >> reporter: your son is to the super bowl for the fifth time. >> oh, yeah. it's great. it is lwciting. theys say, oh, it is a dream come true, but it is a dream come true. >> reporter: eve though it's e fifth time, is it just as sweet? >> oh, i think that it is. they give up a lot to get where they are. when i haven't had a thanksgiving or christmas with my kids since20 . >> reporter: you're packed already for the super bowl, right? >> bag h f been packe 30 years, yeah. since i started all of this. i wash everything. i put everything back in. i just put a different jersey in, depending whose team i'm going to see.
7:48 am
reporter: have you had moment to let it sink in? >> i remember the very first time. it was at gillette stadium. rob was jus starting out with the patriots. this girl down in front of me had a jersey on thatsaid, gronkowski, on the back of it. i thought, why is she wearing my n's jersey? well, now, you look, and there are millions of them, everywhere you go. >> reporter: when you're watching, do you feel nervous,c d, all of it? what do you feel? >> you feel everything. sometimes, you're very nervous.s you your son hurt on tv, there's nothing you can do. i just hope it is not his head or his back. >> reporter: do you worry about the future? h do ye to live in the now? >> if we're talking about rob gro man. he knows this is a possibility. he knows down the road what, yoe know, t things lead to. i can't say to him, you have to stop playing because i'm your mom and i'm telling you and you don't like this. he has to decide on his teown. >> rep i already know what you'll say when people say, is this rob's last season?
7:49 am
what is your response? >> my response is youprl obably know before me. i think no matter whates he do he does not sit still. >> reporter: where doe get the joy? they all have it, the spunk. >> he's always wanted t entertain his brothers. he always wants everyone to laugh at him. it's just in him. >> reporter: where does the spike come from? >> i tried it. it is a little difficult. the thing with that is, you'rea ways afraid the ball is going to hit you in the face. r>> reporter: id this quote from tom brady, he says of your son, i know everyone doesn't know him personally, but he is a greatman. just so happy to be able to play with him for as long as we have. >> that'sery nice. yeah, i would like to meet tom brady's mother one day. think the boys play together, and i want to know who my son is playing with. thehing i want rob to learn from tom brady is to say, hi, mom. it's been nin years. after every interview at the end of the game, tom brady says, hi, mom. >> hi, mom.
7:50 am
>> i see rob in an interview, and i'm like,e'll say,hi, mom. they say, thanks, rob. he says, thanks, and wal away. where is the hi, mom? tom, teach that t rob. >> update, turns out, rob did hear when he m saidthat. he or somebody was watching. on thursday, he told everybody that he does say hi, mom. he sent her avideo. it was cute. >> i wonder what will happen after the super bowl. >> no matter what hope he does that. there is a ten-minute conversation about all the boys, their shopping sts. he shows the favorite recipes, all that, on we'll get vegas odds on whether he says hi, mom, after the game on sunday. still to come, the patriots and the srams. we'llhow you how the rams surprised one of their hardest workers. we're back after this. stronger is blasting her tumors...
7:51 am
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7:52 am
still ahead, super bowl weekend is finally here. from the security to the last-minute preps to you team,
7:53 am
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>> announcer: this is a "news 4 today" news break. it is 7:56 on this saturday, february 2nd. i'm meagan fitzgerald. you. morning to we continue to follow the developing news out of virginiah major backlnd calls for
7:57 am
governor northam to resign over this photo on your screen. it was taken more than 30 years ago and has suddenly resurfaced. the governor admits he is in one of the two people seen there. oneaied in blackface. the other in a rokkk hood and . the picture appears in northam's medical school yearbook from 1984 he's now apologizing for it. we have a crew on their way to richmond right now. continue to wil stay on top of this story and pass on developments as they come in. new this morning, a deadly crash is slowing traffic in princeungeorge's . the crash happened just after 4:30 on crane highway, just south of pointer ridge drive. ate police say this is a single car crash, but beyond that, not muckn else is n. right now, several lanes of traffic are shut down to letig inveors do their work. news 4'ri derck ward is heading to the scene now. we'll bring you the latest up te. and it is a chilly saturday. lauryn ricketts is going to be back with a check of your
7:58 am
forecast. stay with us. when you shop with us, you know how to score. but did you know you could be saving even more? with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day.
7:59 am
beautiful view outside right now. plenty ofut sunshine there today. dry. watch out for those icy patches early this morning. the temperature, single digits in some spots to rightround 20. that's the warm spot in the d.c. area. 41 today. 51 tomorrow. both mornings, i think we could have icy patches, since we'll
8:00 am
have melting today and freezing overnight. looking completely d and completely dry even monday and tuesday. maybe a few sprinkles monday night. next chance of rain, wednesday night to thursday. good morning. good morning. break iing overnight, calls to resign. virginia's governor northam fang backlash after admitting he is in this racist photo from the '80s. lawmakers, including prominent democrats, saying he n step down immediately. the governor apologizing online. >> i'm deeply sorry. keep himt be enough to in office? one day and counting. less than 36 hours to go until kickoff for super bowl liii. patriots taking o theams in atlanta. security at an all-time high. many more than a million fans expected to turn out. a custodian for the rams who had
8:01 am
his dream come true >> invit you and your son, josh, round trip to the sup bowl. you mean so much to us. sprin is coming early. >> there is no shadow of me. a beautiful spring it shall be! >> punxsutawney predicting the bitter cold will be out of here after heailed to see his shadow on this groundhog day. it is the news we're all hoping to hear today, saturday february 2 2019. >> hey! >> thanks, dylan. >> new york strong. >> i came here 20 years ago. >> celebratingur anniversary. >> it's mybi hday. >> happy birthday. >> good moing. lcome back to "today" on a saturday morng. we have to work on our routes,
8:02 am
our patterns. >> i don't smell an oscar for that. >> yeah. >> i hope the groundhog is right. four more weeks. >> we deserve springonso. >> absolutely. breaking news at home and abroad. we want toegin with today's news and the calls for virginia's governor to resign, after he admitted he is in this racist photo from three decades ago. despite that and the calls for him to step down, so far, ralph northam s ws hel stay in office. nbc's geofbennett is in washington this morning with more. geoff, good morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning. virginia governor ralph northam says the photo in question is clearly racist and offensiv he is facing widespread condemnation and calls for his resignation are coming from all quarters, including from some 2020 presidential hopefuls. northha no so far, is resisting the intense pressure to ste down. overnight, the democratic governor of virginia apologized
8:03 am
for this yearbook photo taken overhree decadeso, saying this on twitter. >> that photo and the racist and offensiv attitudes it represents does not reflect that personay i am tr the way that i have conducted myself as a soldier, a doctor, and a public servant. i am deeply sorry. >> reporter: the photo in question appearing on governor ralph northam's 1984 medicalye arbook page. it shows a man in blackface and another in a kkk robe and hood. northam did not specify which person he is, but did say that he intends to finish his tm as governor. the racist image originally surfaced friday afternoon on a far-right website that often promotes conspacy theories. backlash was swift from both or sides, calling northam's resignation, republicans and democrats, including the former governor,re major pszigressive
8:04 am
groups, the naacp, and presidential candidates. the democrat was alreadyer u fire from conservatives after voicing support for a ste measure to loosen late-term abortion restrictions. >> in this partilar ample, if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. he infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be amsuscitated, if that's what the mother and they desired. ensuea discussion would between the physicians and the mother. >> reporter: northam, a pediatric neurosurgeon, later said his comments were mischaracterized. northam says he has no plans to resign over the photo. if he were to step haside,d be succeeded by virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax. he is a 39-year-old african-hoerican lawyer is said to be a rising star in virginia democratic politi peter, sheinelle? >> as remarkable as anything, this had nevereeen found bef during the heated campaign.
8:05 am
geoff bennett, thauc you. more to get to, including russia's response to president trump's threat to pull out of a long-standing nuclear trea treaty. breaking ts rning, russian president vladimir putin announcing his nation is planning to withdrawal from the treaty, with the u.s., as well. it comes a day after mr. trump made theame threat, claiming russia cheated on the deal. moscow denies the allegations and now says it is consideringi ng new missiles but won't deploy them unless the u.s. does. it could lead to an arms race if there iso agreement. the lawyer of stormyls danie is breathing a sigh of relief. he was arrested forlleged domestic violence. he won't face charges, at least for now. prosecutors say they will continue to hold hearings on the allegations. avenatti has denied thecu tions. super bowl is finally here. super bowl weekend at least. it is the time that football eans have been waiting all year
8:06 am
long. atriots and the rams ready to face off in atlanta. that's where craig is this morning. how is it going? >> reporter: goes well, my friend. good to see you again, sheinelle. more than a million fans descended on atlanta for super bowl tliii, set kick off a few hours from now. this is always one of the largest security events every year. this year, no exception. you have thousands of officers fr literally 50 separate agencies patrolling thestreets. in the skies, as well. yesterday, there was a concern that emerged, drones. six drones confiscated yesterday by fbi officials. those fbi officials say that there's no immediate danger, but the concern is two-fold at this point. that rources are being diverted away from patrolling the streets to confiscate the es dr the other concern is one of these things could crash and hurt someone. on the field, rams, pats, the la
8:07 am
rams, the high powered offense, tey're three-point underdogs. it is ae of two teams here. you have this young, upstart team, inexperienced. youngestoach to ever go to a super bowl. sean mcvay just 33 y old. on the other side, oh, yeah, by the way, on this groundhog day, once again, the new england patriots find their way back into a super bowl. tom brady, 5-3 in the super bowl. this will be his ninth. he's won the super bowl mvp four times. yesterday -- or earlier this week, i should say, sam adams, thatto b brewery that everyone has come to know and love, they released this limited edition can. you see there, there's brady on the goat. thewi goa brady's uniform. greatest of all time. to old, too slow, still here. a reference tom brady's comments after the afc championship game.
8:08 am
the rams not to be outdone,hey put out their -- brewer out there put out their own beer. i think we have a picture of that beer. this is a mango west coast ipa. there it is right there. put out by the hamilto family. some fun being had on both sides of the ball. guess who is here with me for per bowl liii? tim tebow. of course, heisman trophy winner, former nfl player, baseball player now,ph anthropist. all around nice guy. >> appreciate it, man. thanks for havin me. >> reporter: let's talk about the patsrom badom brady. what makes him a remarkable quarterback? >> he is all in. he is totally all in. he bought in as a young age. everything he doese does it with one goal, and that's winning a super bowl. having the chance to playmith or a couple of months, you could see that. everything he does, everything he puts in his body, getting perft amount of sleep, perfect amount of erapy, that's why he
8:09 am
can play at this level at the age of 41 and other people can't. they talk about being all in. b tomdy shows that he is a in. it means the world to him. he does everything for these moments. >> reporter: sounds like you think the pats are a shoe in for the super bowl tomorrow. >> i don't think they're the sh in, but i give them the edge. they have brady. belb chick has two weeks to prepare. greatest nfl coach of all time. >> reporter: you have baseball starting up again two weeks from now. >> two weeks. >> reporter: get me the mascot again. >> binghamton rumble ponies. minor league baseball, you have unique and funny namer: >> reportef course, aa team that feeds into the mets. is tim tebow going to be a professional baseball player here? >> well, i am. i haven't been in the big leagues. hopefully. that'd be a goal. i love, you know, every part of it. the journey from starting out at
8:10 am
low a, working my w up to aaa. you know, it is a journey. it is not easy, picking it up after 12 years. i can tell you what, every day, i'm living out a dream. >> reporter: we got to spend time yesterday doing work with our friends at home depot. i think we have the video from this project. what exactly w happening? what were we doing? >> we able to serve a veteran who has been going through a tough time. mr. hadi. so many people from home depot rallied. the home depotouation came together to make an impact in his life. i was glad i could be there and help. i didn't know exactly what i was doing, but i'll do anything to help. i got my hands dirty, you know. we>> reporter: neither did thanks for having us along. it was good to talk to him, vietnam vet. y he was gratefu guys were there. >> he was. that's what's special about coming together to giv back you can make someone else's day, but at the same time, you can have a lot of fun. al the people at home depot really did that. i'm grateful for their service. for an organization that cares so much. >> reporter: next week, you say
8:11 am
it is your favorite day of the year. what i t it? >> nig shine. it'll be next friday night, february 8th. it's night to itshine. s a worldwide prom for people with special needs. we'll have 656 proms around the world at one time. over 200,000 lunteers. ll'll crown over 100,000 kings and queens, which e the people the special needs. >> reporter: between the yotball analysis, the baseball, foundation work're also getting married. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: how plans coming? >> you have to ask her. >> reporter: smart man. you'll be a good husban tim tebow. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: we'll send it back to you in the studio. sheinelle? >> great interview. >> you have to acknowledgesi he been his celebrity platform to do so mu. leturn to the weather. >> it is still really cold rht now. we have a great crowd of people
8:12 am
on the plaza this morning bravinghe cold. temperatures this afternoon, with the help of sunshine, will finally get above averagre that's a for the northeast, the mid-atlantic, also back to the midwest, the upper midwest. it is going to be messyst on th oast though. we have rain, lots of it. 3 to 5 inch of rain. mountain snow up to 3 feet in the sierra mountain range. that moves easay into su as we go into the super bowl, yes, it is a dome game, but people outside enjoying the festivities beforehand will see a lot of clouds around and spotty showers. temperures by kickoff should be around 55. sounds nice. that's a look at the weather across the country. now, here's a peek out your window. >> out our window, we have plenty of sunshine. temperatures around 20 degrees. warming up rather quicory. watch outhe icy patches early this morning. also a little bit of fog. en our news partners at wtop told me there's been a couple accidents alady. 41 is where we're headed. we're going to have melting today, especially for areas in
8:13 am
direct sunlight. 51 for tomorrow. any melting we getil today refreeze overnight. another day tomorrow with icy patche dry this weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> when you look cold it is cold. >> you know it is real cold. dylan, see you outside in a second. > we're back right after this. >> the dylan shiver. but they can be welreally expensive. a puppy, so to save money i jt found them a possu dad, i think he's dead. obably just playin' possum. there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutcould u fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. new cinnamon toast crunch churros. perfect for breakfast time, snack time, and night time. introducing new cinnamon toast crunch churros. churros for breakfast or whenever. we are back this morning with the incredible surprise for a man who works tiresssly behind the sceor the los angeles rams. >> he got called into the noneral manager's office last week. because he was in trouble. >> nbc's ron mott is in atlanta with his story. hey, ron. good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. good mning to u. quick story here, so many, many moons ago, i spent several seasons working in the front office of the kansas city chiefs. my hometown team. i remember get tng calledthe gm's office for the first time. let me tell you, it was a scary i know exactly how this guy felt when he got called into the gm's
8:17 am
office, except his little visit there ended with an incredible surprise. >> how you doing, man? good. >> don't be scared. >> reporter: l.a. rams wide receiver brandin cooks saw fear, then relief. erswe'd like to invite you and yo bowl. you mean so much to us. >> reporter: something alfonso garcia found out. >> youan keep, as well. two tkets tiso ththe super bow >> are you serious? >> absolutely. >> it was important just the fact that, you know, how much he means to us, everything that he does for our facility. you know, it's one of those things that, as a team, we wanted to make sure he didn't go unnoticed. >> reporter: garcia's tireless, selfless work keeping the la memorial coliseum and the locker room looking great for game day isn't unnoticed. all expenses paid trip for him
8:18 am
and 8-year-old son josh to see the patriots take on the ramsn atlanta. >> makes me feel really happy. i've never been to a super bowl before. >> jumping upgi and down ans me a hug. he's so excited. >> reporter: the emotiona video has around 3 million views. more than 100 million viewers expected to watch sunday's battle. a grateful dad and his little boy among them, but in person. >> i'm so excited. i can't even sleep at night, y know. it's just like, can't wait for the day to come, to be thtee. >> rep win or lose, a gift of a lifetime. >> good catch. >> i think it is probabl going to be like 27-20. rams are going to win. >> reporter: i just love this story. i'm not sure who to be morr, excited josh or his dad. going to your first super bowl is a life changer. gu, back up to yo >> fantastic. >> awesome. >> josh, you deserve to enjoy that game. a lot of people will be rooting for the rams to see that guy enjoy a good one. for alfonso, think about it, the
8:19 am
custodian, he is wasuch of the organization as anyone else committing himself day in and day out. good way to celebrate super bowl sunday. b we'll be rightk.
8:20 am
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8:21 am
welcome. that's going to dot for us on a saturday morning. >> good to see you out here today. tomorrow on "sunday today," willie will sit down with oscar nominated actress amy adams,lk g about her most recent nomination for "vice," and why she doesn'tike being called a movie star. >> it was a good interview. have a great weekend, everyone. thank you, guys, for coming out. it is cold. >> enjoy the super bowl. you got yon own car, with your surance. no more driving that old hand-me-down. did you trade it in? my parents handed it down to my little brother. you ready? yeah... surprise!
8:22 am
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good morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald. ahead on "news 4 "toda resignation rumors are swirling this morning for virginia governor ralph northam. less than 24 hours aft a controversial photo from northam's past resurfaced, his politica future appears to be on life support. and officials are still on the scene of ash deadly c in prince george's county. traffic is going slow, and it could s last foreral more hours. we'll check in on the situation uryn is tracking a warmup on the way. >> oh, yes, meghan. we have a big way.up on the today, warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, warmer than today. wa until y see monday and tues any more snow? we'll show you on the ten-day forecast. all that when we start "news 4 today." we're back in just a moment. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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starts now. less than 24 hours since a shocking picture from virginia governor ralph northam'sast resurfaced, resignation rumors are growingtronger in richmond. leaders from both sides of the aisle have made their message to northam very clear. they say it's time for him to step down l and virginia move on. gunfirin maryland hits woman while she was holding a small child. an update on the victim is coming upni good m to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. thank you so much for joining us. we've been tracking developments surrounding governor northam all night. this g,mornhere are still growing rumors of a resignation announcement,ossibly made later today. we'll catch you up on everything you need to know first, we're seeing some relief on the way from this polar
8:30 am
vortex that's been gripping us all. lauryn ricketts is tracking a warmup for the weekend. good morningoo lauryn. >>d morning, meghan. it is a great morning outeth ie. patches, so i want to go ahead and tell you right now, a youz mas you make out the door, driveways, sidewalks, icy, especially if you didn't treat it. travel on the roadways could be stret treacherous, especially bridges and overpasses. alread morning according to our news partners at wtop due to some of the slick spots out there. just be careful. it is a beautiful morning. we also have a little bit of fog out there, as well. that's starting to burn off. 20 here in d.c. outside the beltway, we have single digitshi mightyy out there. we're warming up today. yesterday, we were in the low to mid 20s. g today, we'ng to be in the low 40s. even by 1:00, we're already in the 30s. a good deal of the morning spent below the freezing mark. again, we'll haveom


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