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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i'm tracking thet n storm. valentine's day is a week away. i'm tommy mcfly tracking dyi love. developing as we come on the air right now the crisis in the coonwealth grows bigger. a new revelation against another leader. >> this te it's the senator norman. >> this as lieutenant governor justin fairfax navigates a sea of cameras and reporters but declineso comment further on the sexual assault allegation against him. we have team coverage. we begin with northern virginia bureau chief julie carey le in richmond. julie? >> reporter: leon, as yount ned another lawmaker here being called on to explain images fro his past. images that are especially disturbing in modern daylight.
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the governor he reached out to the other top two democratic leaders today by phone. all three men seem determined to continue to try to work past the controversy that grips this capital. >> lieutenant governor justin fairfax mobbed by cameras as he arrived at the capitol confirming he took a call today from governor ralph northam. both men battling their own controversies. also called attorney general mark herring w is staying out of sight after a disclosure of once when he wased 19 appe black face as a rapper. democrats facing the toughest part today, the budget. >> it's been a very, you know, tough week to say the least, y. obviou a lot of serious issues to focus on, but we really onre
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esenting -- we're here to do our job. >> reporter: later she echoed those words in a speech on the house floor, never directly referring to scandalsacing the leaders but calling the last few days pain bl. thatan last week when the governor first apologized for this racist photo in his med school yearbook tn said he didn't believe he was in the then a college professor accused jusn fairfax of saully assaulting her 15 years ago. m whilet democratic lawmakers have called for the governor to step down, they have not done down they have not done the same with herring and fairfax. but republicans may have trouble on their side of the island, tommyorman edited a yearbook
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in 1968 that included black face photos and racial slurs. aaron gilchrist got this response when he asked about about it. >> anything to say, sir? comment. >> reporter: he did issue a statement shortly after, he writes with 114 editions of the bomb, the name of the yearbook, dating back to 1885, i wasn't surprised that those wanting to engulf republican leaders would highlight the yearbook from my graduation a half century ago. condemn black face. he was the managing editor of the publication, but he did not appear in any of the black face pictures. aaron gilchrist also with me here in richmond. of course, the chatter, buzz not limited to the capital here. this is spreading acrossmo ri, nationwide.
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>> they're talking about it here, d.c., and places all over the country this has been a point of conversation about what's happening in virginia. as a matter of fact, reverend al oush the video of the town hall he held just up the road from the state capital where he wanted to talk to students about all that's been happening at the capital and wanted to talk about race retions in erica. this is a conversation that has come up time and again in america and spoke about how this issue has come to the fore several times here in the commonwealth. listen. >> one minute it's charlottesville. next minute it's black face. virginia was the main port 400 years ago, and iteeps popping up in virginia today. why would we march against statues of dead folks and not
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hold accountable living folks today? ion isorter: and the que what does accountable look like in the instances we're talking about here with both the governor and the attorney general. pat and leon, i think reverend sharpton makes the point that a lot of pple have been making as well, the conversations around race and racism and the conversations around sex and sexual violence. those are things that need to be talkede about m openly than they are here in virginia. >> and he put a fine point on it that it keeps happening in virginia. at least it seems to be that way of late now. >> rorter: he really wanted to drive home that point. obviously virginia has a dark st. once the capital of the confederacy here in richmond. jefferson davis' home is behind the capital a few blocks over. one analyzest i spoke to said ts
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could be anpportunity to talk about those things more openly, hans conversatnd dialogues and address things in a unified way and the men in the center of these controversies could play a part leading that effort. >> do you get the sense these scandals are having a bigger effect perhaps even changing some people's perception of then coalth, whether or not they're from virginia? >> reporter: as i mentioned before, a lot of peo e are watching this. people all over the country are watching this. we saw the cover of the new york post today saying virginia is for losers. virginia is for lovers is a slogan here. people are evaluating on their own what's happening in virginia d making evaluations on the lead at the same time, julie carey has noted the same thing, there's been a lot of quiet here today. are they thinking of how to move forward? maybe. or are they waiting for it to
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die down and blow over. maybe. the woman accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault, allegedly told bobby scott about the allegation more than a year o. erika gonzalez is live with this story now. >> unnamed aides within mr. scott's office brought the information to lightda yester it was first reported by abc news. dr. tyson allegedly told the congressman via text message about a quote/unquote me too movement against lieutenant governor justin fairfax, this was allegedly back in 2017. the congressman said he learned about it after the post. the post said it could not corroborate her story and did not run with the people. >> she told me s had reported it to "the washington post."
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so that's -- he>> you knew were allegations against lieutenant governor before? >> no, not before "the washington pos" >> do you still have faith in the lieutenant governor? >> i don't know what the facts are. i know what you know. >> whenf askede congressman was friends with mrs. tyson, he said they had not spoken in some time. dr. tyson's accusation was made public by big league sites, the same one that made the photogr photographs on governor northam's page known. we posted stories baking down each allegations and lawmakers' station. open the nbc washington app and search commonwealth. let's get to changes in the forecast. this time tomorrow it's going to feel like winter again. >> >> let's geto doug kammerer. >> a significant drop.
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when we wake up tomorrow morning temperatures will be about or above where they are right now. it's tnks to this big storm, a monster of a storm making its way our way. the storm itself will go far enough to the north, there's been tornado warnings today in parts of ohio. it goes far enough to the north that we're going to get in on the isture. what we get in on is the backside and that's the much colder air. 55 d.c., 72 in roanoke. tomorrow it'll feel about 30 degrees colder by about this time. wel talk about that and the next winter storm in just a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. to sad breaking news, a man who left his mark on basketball here in d.c. and around the world has died. >> frankl robinson w the first african-american manager in history. sherree burruss joins us more on the life of this trail blazer. that's the bt word tose for
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him. >> yes. a casual basketbaeball fan may remember him as the skipper. but he was a hall of famer, a 14-time all-star and mvp when the orioles brought a title to baltimore in 1956. he was named player manager in the cleveland indians. and in his firstt bat he hit a home run. in d.c. he was ae fatherly fig managing the first year of the nationals' existence. his 152 wins and 72 losses wasn a reflection of the team's leadership of region in the nation's capitol. coming up at 5:00, much more on frank robinson, including how he took his firing from the nationals with a smile. we'll see you in just a bit. now to a shaool scuffle t has a principal on leave and
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parents looking for some answers. video captured in the hall way of charles herbert flowers high school appears to show the principal slapping the trstuden. ee wilkins has been working to get some answers about how all of this went down. >> reporter: prince george's county police are desiring what's in this cellhone video shot inside charles herbert flowers high school cording to a letter sent to parents, during the school day there was an alter designation, deo of the incident was widely shared on social media. at first glance it appears brown struhe student. prince george's county police said the video needs to be slowed down to show what happened. thedeo, when slowed down demonstrates that the student places his hand in the face of the principal. what is viewed by some to be a
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the we believe is actually principal swiping the hand away >> a school resource officerng standi by during the incident spityed the student a foaming pepper spray. the 17-year-old has been taken into custody and charged as a juvenile. >> the juvenileas charged with assault. >> reporter: brown has been placed on ave. these seniors are supporting their principal. >> i know they have to do an investigation. that's the correct thing to do. but they should reinstate him. >> mr. brown i a good person, a good principal. he cares about the students. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the prince george's county school system tells me once the police department has done its investigation, the school will then begin its administrative ocess to decide if mr. brown has a future here at flowers. i'm tracee s,wilk news4. a rare but deadly cancer now linked to certain kind of breast implants. >> coming up what the government
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is doing to step in and protect women. midair mess up, delta airline and coca-cola apologize for a push to start inflight romances that didn't take off. >> reporter: nothing
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storm team 4 radar. this is the soitem that's to knock out our spring-like
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stretch ofr. weat doug is back in a few minutes and e had eel look at the return of winter. admissions by two virginia lawmakers brought the topic of black face back into theational nversation. now gucci is apologizing for a sweaterhat some say resembles a black face. the black wool turtle neck covers the nose and has a red cutout for the mouth. ey recently pulled the sweater. shomari stone had an interview why black face is bad. >> it got people talkingbout e topic. just a week untilda valentine's perhaps you'd like to go nontraditional this year with your special someone. >> how about a do it yourself
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project. not for everybody but tommy mcfly has a project idea that you can start tackling. >> reporter: so valtine's day doesn't have to be ability roses and flowers and sak dinners sometimes you and your person can get together and do a diy project around the house. you have classes where come in and make decor together? >> absolutely. we areng offering somet different. diy love. come in and do a little paint and power tools. we do custom projects. so everything from scratch. you're working with your hands.i becauses valentine's we're doing a love theme. and we're going to make a signa ou can use for your favorite person. >> do we need toand this? >> we sand the freshman. typically you're doing that oni board and all the frames. >> how many couples start this andou get honey, you're doing it wrong or do it harder, make it easier? >> i'll y tell that all the men who leave say, wow, that was
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more fun than i expected. >> sometimes people get in tifit bs, though? >> bickering, yes. >> it's part of thes. proc it's cheaper than therapy. >> once you are sanding that, you are going to be you do all of your frames like this and the edges and ends as well. people do these boards where they bring in their wedding song. we can do that using your weddg date or anything that's kind of personal. that's the nice thing. >> it's lik instagram but in real life. >> assuming this is dry whare yo going to do is frame your project. >> nice. power tools. >> so we get to power tools. >> this guy cohere, whad go wrong? we're going to keep working on the weather terrace. we'll see at news4 at 5:00 how this goes. >> we're going to nail the board and not the fingers. >> right. nail the board, n fingers.
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back to you. >> careful. >> nothing is more romantic than splinters. speaking of romance, delta airline is apologizing after an attempt to spark passengers onboard. deltaanded out these drink napkins encouraging peopleo write down their number and give it to their plane crush. the protion didn'to over well with some of the passengers as you might image. ma people thought the napkins were creepy. delta apologized and stopped using them. a spokesperson said this was a partnership witht d coke adding they missed the mark on this one. >> it landed flat. >> perfect. >> that was good. >> perfect. >> thagowas really . >> turning to the weather, which is not turning too good. it's to make a turn for the colder? >> it is. temperatures today not bad. we have cloud cover, in the 50s. >> it's still winter.
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>> it is still winter. nter isoing to make a comeback tomorrow. the cloudsourtesy of a warm front trying to move across our regions but for we have the clouds and temperatures at 55 degrees, winds out of e southeast at 6 miles per hour. nice afternoon evenhoh we have the clouds 52 in r fredericksburg, 54 in leesburg, 45 along the water towards annapolis. no rain around much of the area. looking at aouple showers around the hagerstown region. up towards hagerstown you're seeing showers along and north of 70. fulton county, in pennsylvania, weu're seeing s too. that's with a warm front. you can see it clearly defined. look at it there. also had thunder associated with it as it madeay its to pittsburgh. and a tornado warning into ohio. yo notice all of this moving our way, but we're not going to see much in the way of rain at all. this whole system, storm, moves
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the moisture and gets cut off. for us it's about the temperatures, 55here. 78 down around raleigh, 80 arou the atlan area and the warmer air moves in first along with the front, thense the cold ai in, wind chill 26 in icago. bismark at 30 below zero. we're not going to get i on the coldest of the air but it is going to feel colder tomorrow t. ni tomorrow, 59 degrees, a warm start. becoming windy and colder in the afternoon. 59 goes all the way down to the 20s and 30 for the wind chills tomorrow evening. if you're heading out tomorrow night for dinneun bdle up. on saturday. 43 on sunday. and watching monday and esday. that's when we think we'll have a wintery mix both day potentially. we'll talk about that at 4:45. amelia is going to join me and
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we'll takee you m indepth for the next storm. the rising cost of college is putting state run savings plans at risk. >>usan hogan keeping a close issue.that she joins us with how that can affect your family. growing concern over the flu. the cdc says the virus issp widead in virginia. now local
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more women have been w diagnoseh a rare but deadly cancer that's been linked to breast implants. the fda says there are now 457 women in the u.s who have anna plastic large cell lymphoma. the cancer has been linked to textured breast implants andct affe cells in the immune st . nine women in this countr have died from it. next week they'll meet to review the implants. esearchers at mit have come up with a pill that could replace the daily injections.
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this is cool. this is how it works. the capsule contains a tiny field. there's a needle in the pill that's held iny place a disk of sugar, once the pill is swallowed, the water in th stomach dissolves the sugar disk and the needle injects itself into the wall, the rest of the contents pass through digestive system. it passed research on pigs and theye h human tests to begin in threeyears. novant health is asking rents not toring children three and under to three of their facilities, due to the flu. restrictions start tomatrow morning :00. working for you with a consumer alert for drills made by dewalt. the drills were sold online and
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in hardware stores between november of 2017 and december of 2018 check the label if you have one of these. dewaltays if there's an x after the date code, it's been inspecte that's safe to use. new clashes about when students go to the classroom. >> ahead, both sides of the debate and the idea maryland's vernor is calling, quote, incredibly stupid. breaking news, a baseball great has died. at the p next looking life and legacy of frank robinson. i'm adam tuss, a major change coming inside one of
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you're watching news4 at 4:00.ow t 4:30, the republican leader of the state senate in viacinia now fg questions about his involvement as editor of his college yearbook. a book that contains photos of people innd black face contains rational slurs. mmy norman says it's distraction to take the focus off issues involving democratic state leaders. reverend al sharpton held an event today. he called on governor northam to reaign. he there are some trying to reduce the seriousness of black
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face. he said governor northam an serve ihe's willing to sacrifice his position. > governor northamca made s today to the lieutenant governor and attorney neral as they're all facing controversy. one of baseball's true pioneers has died. frank ybinson passed a today. >> he left his mark on the game of baseblal as ar and as a ground breaking manager. his legacy extending well beyond the game. curt gregory now wh look back at his extraordinary life and career. >> and a high drive - >> reporter: frank robinson was among the most talented baseball players to pick up a bat. 500 homeuns, a triple crown, and he's the only man to ever
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win most valuable player honors in both national and american leagues but the 14-time all-star wanted more. >> what i want to do is manage one y, but also want to further the cause of other af r african-americans that come after me that want to manage at the big league level. >> after experiencing racism on the field, he became vocal in the civil rights movement and named player maner with the cleveland inans. known for his intensity and slides on the field, he retired as a player in 1976 but using his drive and determination, he imnt on to manage in san francisco, balte, montreal, and washington. then served as a consultant and advi adviser his elder years and hin
4:32 pm
mission cod. >> i'm trying to make it better for the kids coming after me. doo they want a baseball player, a front office person? >> reporter:robinson was induled in the basebal hall of fame in 1982 and was presented with the presidential medal of freedom in 2005.'l be remembered as one of baseball's greatest talentsnd a a ground breaking manager. curt gregory nbc news. >> maybe awn lesser k fact he played baseball on the same high school team with hall of fame billss l. e> how about that. charmed lif and we were glad to have a part of it here in washington. maryland governor larry hogan is blast an appeal to his school start time. the democratic leader wants local jurisdictions to decide
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their own schedules. hogan who is a republican called that an eadibly stupid idea, that's a quote. >> for them to say we're going to try t change that, we're not going to let it happen. we're going to stand up with the people. >> hogan s td longer summer break benefits families, sinesses and tourisms in the states. some schoolte s have complained about the lack of flexibility under hisxecutive order. teachers in county could get the largest ra raise they've seen a decade. it would go up by 4.8%.e oard of supervisors has to approve the school budget by the end of april. families are struggling to pay for college. and the rising costs are putting
4:34 pm
some state-run college savings plan in jepry. >> one of virginia's plans isel g the impact so much they've temporarilyuspended enrollment in it. susan hogan working for you with more on that. >> this is a big deal. we're talki about virginia's prepaid 529 program. one ofns several opt offered by the state. we learned enrollment has fi dropped signtly over the past few years. in 1996, aeight semester contract cost $14,000. today thatame contract costs $67,000. an increase, 478%. t no plan ceo tells me that a lot of people can'the afford prepay option anymore because of huge increases in higr educatio costs. there are two bills making their way through the virginia legislature, that would help lower the costs for families. because of this uncertainty, enrollment for the prepaid 5 plan has been temporarily
4:35 pm
suspended. it will reopen for a brief period between march 1st andt april 3h. this does not impact virginia's two other 529 plans, only the prepaid option. we're going to continue to track the bills and let you know of any developments. my husband and i figured it out when we went to reenroll jasa, that it was suspended and we couldn't. >> which means you're going to stay on top of this. >> absolutely. i'm invested in this. what w found out, only about 12 or 13 states in the country offer these prepay options because they are so expensive t manage. so it's a big deal. >> certainly is. >> thanks for the education. new sign of trouble for jc penny, they'll stop selling major appliances and furniture at the end of the month. the previous ceo brought back appliances for the first time in
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decade but the current leader wants to focus on clothing, bedding and curtains. sales were down last season and the company is planning on closing dozens of stores in the months to come. trouble for a traffic app. >> why the new york police department is suing waze. what that could mean for your ride. nen airli offering free flights to age 14 andnder as ng as they're traveling with an adult, but yes, there's a catch. for tomorrow we're tracking a big temperature drop. here's your feels like temperature at 4:00, 29 in hagerstown, 51 in fredericksburg. also tracking a wintery mixp coming umonday and tuesday. i'm gog to break that doinwn
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virginia may join maryland and the district in requiring hands free cell phone usehile driving. the state senate and house have both passed bills banning drivers from using hand held devices. right now virginia prohibits reading e-mails or text messages or entering o letters texts while driving. the new york city police department wants the traffic app waze to sto revealing dwi checkpoints and speed traps. they sent a cease and desist letter to waze. they said it helps intoxicated
4:40 pm
drivers evade checkpoints. google owns waze and says informing drivers allows them to make saf decisions on the road. >> interesting to see where that ends up in cour >> it will. new research from nasa shows 2018 was earth's fourth h test year orecord. >> this is a warning and there is an unmistakable warming pattern. >> amelia draper joining us with a look at that. >> check it out, this graph kind of ss it all. it's the hottest years on record, globally. this isn'td he unistates, this is globally. out of the top five hottest year all o them have been in the last five years. 2018 comg out as the fourth warmest year on record globally. agaiind of astounding to think that five out of the last five years are the warmest everr thort also said that theans had their warmest year on
4:41 pm
record. means we're seeing more coral brealeaching, seeing the levels rise and cyclones developing. out of the top 20 years on record. we've seen them happen in the last 22 years. now as far as weather and climate disasters go, 2018 was the fourth worst in u.s. history. so check out this graphic. what you'reer looking at is the number of billion dollar disaers, 2018 we had $14 billion disasters, a few of them that come to , mie wildfires in california. the worst in history. we had michael and florence impacting the carolinas. i posted more about those billion dollar disasters. also alarming, number three, 2016, number two, 2017 and number one, 2011. so again we've really seen that
4:42 pm
switch flip when we started the 2000s with overall warming. we'll have more on when we cool back down here locally coming up in our forecast. and also we're tracking a bit of wintery weather. we'll have that at 4:50. >> that islaing. >> yes. that's the average there. >> that's the average way there. >> right. >> thanks, amelia.ou >>and amelia are going to be back in a few minutes to track the return of winter in our area. the major changes coming to the way you travel if you fly out of reagan national airport. transportation reporter adam tuss shows us how construction is going. breaking down a new report that shows a growing number of americans can't spot the signs of a heart attack >> we are celebrating black history month all february on news4. >> go to break now wit these
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words from muhammad ali. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ wn the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ]
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if youre just joining us at 4:45 let's get you caught up. new revelations about another this ia state lawmaker, time a republican. senate majority leader tommy norman was managing editor of a yearbook that included racial photos and slur. reverendal sharpton said if governor northam wants to help withealing he mus resign. he must put aside his political ons to show he is growing. sharpton said racial issues have been a flash point in virginia for centuries. hall of famer frank robinson has died. he was the first black manager
4:46 pm
in major league baseball and the only player to win the mvphward in bot leagues. he led the orioles to their first title and first manager of the nationals. >> police are trying to figure out what's in this video. it appears to a show altercation between the principal and a owstudent. appears to strike the student. the principal is on leave while the police try to figure out what happened there. back to you. we are working for your money tonight wi news that could cut the cost of your family vacation. frtier is letting kids 14 and under fly for free. >> one adult seat has to be purchased for every free 14 and under seat. it and only app teso select es you c domestic flights. >> however checked bags aren't
4:47 pm
included. >> kid flies free but the gym bag will cost you $1,000. the way you get around reagan national airport is changing as a wall is going to eparate parts of the b and c terminals. adam tuss has been tracking the progress for us. he's joining us live with what we need to know. adam, what's the word? >> reporter: never a shortage of stuff to talk about it comes to construction. outside the airport life is going on,nd a inside you may have niced something pretty different. inside the iconic b and c terminals at reagan nationa airport, a wall is born. e> change is hard to get used to, but all of airports are going through a variety of readjustments. >> look and you can see on the ticketing level, metal beams, fencing and walls will put this space behind security. change is the biggest inside reagan national airport.
4:48 pm
the ticketing level stays the same but over here in national hall, wihere you're used to coming andng out, that goes behind the new mesh fencing and the wall that's a change. brian confirming the big change. national hall where ben's chili bowl and so many other restaurants a will be post security. he said the idea is to add more space security checkpoint to give travelers moreoptions. >> the entire national hall will be available. it'll be more convenient for traveler. >> it looks confusing. >> reporter: passing through today, he believes the airport e will be bette the work is finished. >> i like good flow, clean airports. >> reporter: for now you knows what t all about. completion for all the construction here at the airport set for 2021.w irport leaders tell us they
4:49 pm
don't expect the construction of this wall to have m anyor impact until it actually opens. so we'll keep our eye on it. pat and leon back to you. >> we'll see. >> it can't be e simple. >>ve questions about that. we have a lot more questions about that one. >> they didn't bring us to the meeting. they should have ask to join. >> does that mean there's more agents there? more lines to go through? there's not that many -- i don't know. a lot of questions to be asked. but you can take a chick-fil-a drin and get on a plane. a question for tomorrow, am i going toee my heavy coat? >> not in the morning but you'll need it in your yog. will need it for the afternoon for sure. a lot of people are going to o wa tomorrow morning and it's a beautiful day, what are they talking about? it's not cold. wait. it's tomorrow afternoon when the weather turns sour. 55 degrees right now. it's been cloudy all day, fairly dry for most of us.
4:50 pm
temperatures drobiing a little but then going back up. i think we go back up tomorrow morning, maybe higher thanthis. 54 in gaithersburg right now. manassasin c in at 52 degrees. not a bad afternoon. we have seen a couple showers. here's what here around frederick. i'm not sure it's reaching theg nd. most of it has been to the north of the mas dixon line. the big storm system,th derstorms around cincinnati, flash flooding there. thunderstorms around pittsburgh earlier. it's not the moisture we're going to see, though, it's the change in temperatures and it's a big change from tomorrow morning to when you go out to dinner tomorrow night. amelia, i know you'll be ready for it i you have dinner plans? >> yout know w my dinner plans are? >> grilled cheese. .> yes. tomato so as we look at how the weather is
4:51 pm
impacting your weekend, having a low impact on the weekend. the tree pollen has gone up today with the warmer temperatures, the goods the cooler temperatures is going to put a halt to thaol treen this weekend. it's going to be a great weekend to go skiing or snow boarding, especially on sunday. as we get into this time of year, you know it can get dicey and estionable, with heading up to the resorts. traveling out there, no issues. i think it would be a great weekend to heado one of the outdoor ice rinks saturday and sund. ase look to monday and tuesday we're tracking a chance for wintery mix both days. can'tule out a windy mix sunday night. and monday a chance for wintery mix and maybe scattered showers during the day tuesday. but there's still a ton of uncertainty in the forecast
4:52 pm
monday and tuesday. we could see roads impact and schools potentially dealing with m some delays out there. so you want to stay tuned as we get new information in. this forecast is still evolving and it's still going to be changing as we get closer to monday and tuesday. >> the storm producing this is still out in the pacific ocean so we have a lot of time to watch that. know this, turning muc colder tomorrow. 39 for a high on sad. sunday e's your winter storm on monday that amelia was talking about. this is one we're going to be watching closely. all eye monday night tuesday morning, that's where we think we could have the significant delays. another storm later next week but it looks like that one as of right now shoul be light. we are working if for your e th. >> next, a refresher on the five most common signs o a heart attack. let's get a look at what's
4:53 pm
coming u all new on news4 at 5: with jim and wendy. >> we have team coverage on the new twist in the crisis in the commonwealth. >> we're going to be taking you live to richmond for new reaction and yet another name added to the controversy. zonlso, consumer reporter is going help you cut back on your energy bill. headaches, burning throats because of smell. >> chris gordon tries to solve that mystery at 5:00. and also tonight, we are rolling wh robertots. it's hands free. >> sounds like fun. >> so he can do i while he's driving. >> in certain states >> see.
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a r miraculousovery as a child is pulled out of the rubble of ant collapsed apartme building in turkey. e 5-year-old was rushed to the hospital. shortly before she was discovered alive a 9-year-old boy was rescued. crews searching for survivors at the sight. at least 11 people confirmed dead. news4 is working for your health about 750,000pl pwill have a heart attack in this country this year. >> would you know the signs if
4:57 pm
if you were one of them? >> erika edwards tells us how to spot a heart attack. >> reporter: the body has several ways it can alert someone he or she is having a heart attack. but a new report from the cdc finds only about 50% of americans know all five of the most common signs. >>ly it is important, espe when it comes to heart attack that we recognize what' going on to get life saving strategies. >> reporter: the five most liken symptoms are feeling you can't catch a breath, pain ck.your jaw neck or feeling weak or light headed. pain in your arm or shoulder. and the classic chest pain. >> when we look at the data, chest pain, chest pressure, an elephant sitting on the chest is the most common sign. >> reporter: it's one thing to know the signs. it's anothero seek help when you have symptoms. >> i didn't want to overreact. >> reporter: being real life
4:58 pm
drama queen september susan lucci from seeking help when she firstav started hg heart trouble. when she did see a doctor it was discovered she had major blockage. her message now. >> put yourself t on youo do list. do not dismiss any symptom that seems irregular for your body. >> rorter: the faster you can recognize the signs of a heart attack and call 911, the more likely you are to survive. erika edwards, nbc news. right now at 5:00, tracking a major system ming our y, it's going to have a big impact on tomorrow and your weend. crisis in the commonwealth. >> three elected officials and three scandals rocking chmond. >> it's sad because there's some very talented leaders there. >> the new virginia lawmaker in ouble today a the political ramifications that could echo for years to come. we he team coverage live from richmond. >> what's the big stink?
4:59 pm
>> it smelled like burni diesel fuel. >> it was one of those you get out of bed. >> news4 get to the bottom of a mysterious order in a d.c. neighborhood. plus the tricks to saving ca while you shower. susan hogan reveals water bill secrets.ew >> announcer: at 5:00 begins with breaking news. yes, one of baseball's pioneers and a man who had a huge impact here locally has passed away. >> former nationals manager, frank robinson is dead tonight at the age o 83. our sherree burruss will join us in jt a few minutes to talk about his trail blaze legacy. >> we are going to start on this hour with the crisis in the commonwealth and a new revelation this afternoon about another stay lawmaker. >> and this time it is a . republic senate majority leader tommy german facinns quest about
5:00 pm
editing a colle yearbook that containe racist images and slurs. >>his as lieutenant governor justin fairfax navigates of reporters, but declined to comment further on the sexual assault allegation against him. >> we have team coverage, aaron gilchrist and erikale gon are standing by but we begin with julie carey live in richmond on today's twist. julie? w reporter: well, as you k it's been a grim week for virginia democrats will onelo dire after another now impacting all three top elected leaders. but today a little bit of discomfort on the republican side as the top leader in the senate, tommy norman is called upon to explain disturbing photos in th college yearbook he edited. now this was back in 1968 and that yearbook contained photos of students in black face, also some racial slurs. this was also a day in which governor northam reached out


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