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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 9, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, new defiance by virginia governor. ralph northam will stay on and promote whate calls racial equity and the lieutenant governor faces calls for him to step down ove t.ccusations of sexual assa a state of emergency in seattle and beyond as a major snow aorm hits region that rarely gets snow. he stole hundreds of thousan from his clients and now this disbarred lawyer is m wanted for turder of his own mother. was this m killing by an fbi agent a tragic mistake or negligence. the latest case calling for greater transparency in the fbi. and the big announcement from buckingham palace rtoday as one membe of the royal family reaches a milestone.
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>> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. >> good evening. tonight the governor of virginia has decided he will not resignespite a week-long onslaught demands that he do ocust that. both dts and republicans said the racist yearbook photo and the admission that he wore blackface should disqualify him but today in an interview with the washington post ralph rtham said is committed to staying in office and will focus the rest of his racial equity.e all of this athe state's lieutenant governor is barely hanging on it his job after a secon accusation of sexual assault. geoff bennett has the latest on this unfolding drama. embattlrte governor ralph northam tonight telling "the washington post" he plans to spe the rest of his term pursuing racial equity. saying of the scandal, we're ready to learn from our mtakes. the governor today seen in public for the first time since he denied appearing i the racist med school
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yearbook photo. virginians divided on his future. >> the governor needs to resign. >> he should be given a chance. >> reporter: but the pressure is mounting on lieutenant governor justin fairfax as he confronts another sexual assault allegation. meredith watson said fairfax raped her they were both students at duke university in 2000. in a statement, watson described the attack as premeditated and aggressi that charge comes after doctor vanessa tyson accused fairfax of sexually asulting her in 2004. fairfax fighting back saying, it is al demonstrably f. i have never forcedmy self on anyone, ever. fairfax defiant hours before waon's allegation became kn own. >> do you support investigation into the allegation against you. >> we will have oursa and i am confident in the truth. >> reporter: prominent democrats now lining up to insist he step down. as a virginia state delegate piles on. >> on monday i intend to introduce articles of impeachment on
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lieutenant governor justin fairfax. g>> reporter: still hangon, virginia attorney general mark herring who, like northam, admitted to wearing blackfacen won 1980s, but has some support for his admission and apology. virginia's top three te el officials swept by separate scandals yet still on jo th for now. geoff bennett, nbc news. the state of washington tonight, a different kind of emergency. as seattle and the deal with the rare major snowstorm. almost 50,000 peoplee ithout power tonight. nbc's morgan chesky is following the rthwest whiteout. >> reporter: tonight a winter blast socking the west with a punch.o from california to washington, storms dumping feet of snow hiding icy roads, causing dozens of accidents. >> even with chains on we're doing 10 miles per hour. >> reporter: in seattleeven inches of snow in two days. not much to some but more snow than the ci usual gets in an entire year. th inic space
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needle spektd aclar in the snow but back on the ground, everything ground to a halt. at sea-tac, de-icbag ly made a dent as storms delayed more than 300 flights, canceling 40 others. >> we sat on the tarmac for two hours. >> reporter: travel so treacherous former first lady obama rescheduling her book pour, saying my biggesriority is making sure everyone stays safe. as the storm gripped the sierra's too. crews reeked 120 visitors and staff from anking'sn park after snow cut off access to roads. back in seattle, the pike place market fish market trading and streets turn ski runs. >> it feels like sugar. ed >> reporter: a city making the most of a snowfall. morgan chesk nbc news. a manhunt for accused of murdering her otherr. mot
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the suspect, a disbarred lawyer who admitted stealing hundreds ofhousands of dollars from his clients. we get the latest from nbc's tammy leitner. >> reporter: richard merritt once ran his own law firm, a business he show cased in this tv testimonial. >> the response has been great so fa>> eporter: but tonight he's the subject of a nationwide sud of murdering his own mother at her georgia home. >> he could hurt someone el sfwlfrmt last month he was disbarred and pled guilty to theft and exploitation. accusing him of taking more than $120,000 from 17 different clients. a judge sentenced merritt to 15 years in prison but approved his request tor time in get his affai order. instead of turning asmself in lt week, authorities believe merritt cut off his ankle monitorb in c county and drove to dekalb county where he allegedly murdere his mother shirley merritt
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and stole her 2009 silver lexus. >> the whole family is concerned -- >> reporter: rober merritt has no idea why his brother would kill their 77-year-old mother. ak >> had they him into custody immediately, she would ay and he t wouldn't be a fugitive. >> reporter: in a statement, richard bcerritt's attorney tellsnews, mr. merritt sounded upbeat and optimistic about his chances of after serving just five years. i simply cannotbe eve this is happened. more questions than answers tonight as the hunt for an alleged ller intensifies. tammy leitner, nbc news. president trump announced new details of his sec meeting with kim jong-un of north korea at the end of this month i vietnam. he said it will be held in hahe capital. though some u.s. officials wanted it held in the coastal resort city of da nang where mr. tru attended an economic conference two years ago. and this was a big
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day for some of those twho thinky can become the next president. leading democrats making apprances around the country today. as another officially entershe race. white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has more. good evening. oo >> reporter: evening, jose. add another top tier democrat to the 2020 mi the ballooning field of candidates who hope to win their party nomination and then battle their way here to the whiteouse now formally includes elizabeth warren. the o-term massachusetts senator defined her candidacy as a syemwide fight for economic opportunity, racial and gender equality. warren's crowd of supporters weathered below freezing atures in the mill town of lawrence today to hear the former harvard law professor make it official. >> this is why i stand here today to declare for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: there was a bitter windchill from the president's releeeks campaign
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n hitting warn a statement that accused her of fraud over claims of her native american heritage and argued voters would her socialist ideas. tomorrow it is amy klobuchar's turn. the former prosecutor is expected to jump in the re at a rally in minneapolis sunday afternoon. her advice to supporters, bundle up. jose. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you. inyria tonight, u.s.-backed forces have launched what is being called the last battle against isi in that country. the spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces said they have started to move on two villages in northeast syria, still under isis corol. esident trump has said he plans to full u.s. forces out of syria but some military officials say they worry about a resurgence by the militants. and now to the political and humanitarian crisis in venezuela where the em nattled president is maki accusations against the united states and still refuses to let large shipments of u.s. aid
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into the country from nearby neighboring lombia. we have two reports beginning with kerry sanders in caracas. >> reporter: nicholas maduro claims an assassination attempt with drones last summer was backed by the united his government showing dtaped confessions from allegeonspirators saying the u.s. tried a kill himin last weekend. meanwhile, the u.s. id maduro must leave peacefully. >> venezuelas that h its socialist revolution for 20 years now, why do beu eve that now president trump and the united states wants you gone, especially when oil is tso cheap? sflvaduro said i don't care how much oil costs, it is ours and no onein is to take it from us. not donald trump, not a thousand donald trumps.e twuring yesterday's press conference -- maduro
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palace lost power. his power over the country's military m also be tenuous. u.s. officials believe he's protected by cuba secret service. cuba is venezuela's strongest ally. >> venezuela intelligence services s ar corrupt and so incompetent that maduro cannot count on his own personal safety on his bed at night on his own >> that is a fair assessment as i understand, senator. >> reporter: many venezuelans now ld emened by interim president juan guaido, isefiant. >> i simple. maduro is a killer. [ chanting ] >> reporter: but the defiance amid the political power struggles is tempered by desperation as so many wait for life-saving food and medicine that is now out of reach just across the kerry sanders, nbc news, caracas. this is gabe gutierrez on the colombian side of e nezuela border where
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truckloads of humanitarian aid are sitting unused in this warehouse. the u.s. is -- is ourging venezuela let it through. >> this is the first shipment of what we hope is a great of humanitarian relief. >> reporter: over the last three yea theis has given $140 million to several sourj american countries suffering with migrants, many ending up here in neighboring colombia. >> this soup kitchen hands out thousands oal every day and many wait here for hours for milk and bred. >> reporter: this couple worries about another daughter still in venezuela. >> translator: i don't know if she's having meal today, her mother said. >> reporter: this dr. told us he treated patients at somalia and afghanistan andsy a. >> this is one of the most serious humanitarian pricrisis i have seen in the st years. >> reporter: anna acaring for her sick
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four month old ughter and left because she couldn't find food. it is a terrible situation she said. like so many others here, she doesn't know when she'll be able to go back home. gabe, gutierr nbc news, colombia. and now to a bing case in texas. we first told you about one year ago when a kidnapping victim was killed during a rescue attempt by the fbi. authorities now say an fbi agent may have lied about happened raising new questions about whether or not the nation top law enforcement agency is holding itself accountable. nbc's ken delanie an has the story. >> reporter: it seemed like a tragic mistake. a young father in houston held for ransom was shot to death last january. not by his kidnappers, but by an fbi agent trng to save him. his 13-year-old son now on orphan being raised by his half sister >> his heart is hurting. >> reporter: authorities called the death a simple de ac. the fbi agent told houston police he uses
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m-4 rifle to break window at this house where the suspect was held captive. he saidomebody started to pull on the rifle from inside. >> when he felt he was starting to lose control, he intentionally discharged his rifle. >> repter: but now new questions about whether valla dareez died because of a fbi agent negligence. 10 months after the shooting, the houston police chief took the step of announcing the fbi initial story doesn't add up. >> our investigative findings do not support the description of how this incident occurred provided by the shooting agent. >> reporter: the family is suing the i allegin wrongful death. the fbi deck liern -- declined to comment but it is one of several incidents under which the agency has come under tiny over the use of a gun. last year a fbi agent ngwas accused of lyi about firing his weapon against right wing extremi in oerg and he was found not
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guilty and an agent lost control of his gun and shot a bystander while doing nightclub. each time a agent fired a gun the fbiin stigates. new data shows since i 011 there have been 228 ooting incidents and five cases where the actions of agents were found to be unjustified. the fbi defends its h process as thoro and fair. critics say the issue is that the bureau won't discuss the details. >> because they are investigating themselves, there is some question about the indnce and transparency involved in those reviews. >> i would like an f honest accounthat happened. you're not really reassured that the rson was given additional training or orut there with a gun. >> rr: a family shatter add waiting answers from an fbi reluctant to pvide them. ken delanian, nbc news, uston. still tonight, outgunned. the arm's effort t develop guns that
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capable than their soldiers. >> hans nichols got a look at some of the newest weapons in the works. >> reporter: when it comes to big guns, it is all about range. >> the oldest challenge for the artillery is shooting father. >> reporter: this doubles the current range from 20 to 45 miles. a barre feet longer means the army could pack i more propellant. the psics a basic and more propelland more bang and that is a longer shot. the army's aim is now shifting. after years of flighting in close quarters with insurgents in the middle east,st they play catch-up with old rivals. >> the russia ranges is out to 40 miles. >> but right now the russians can shoot father than the u.s. >> i thi they can in u.s. >> reporter: the yuma grounds is where we test our big gunsch dozens of sensors meare the experimental rounds first and final
6:49 pm
moments. >> they could see the ro the tube super slow motion like 20,000 flames per second. >> reporter: this show an xlm 1113 doubling e. ra and airborne for more than two minutes the winged scal ber round goes 30 miles out. the direct hit is good news for engineer ho chael george works side-by-side with the army developing long-range capabities. >> we're pretty happy with the test results today. >> does it give ypa e when you think of the human deaftation it could do on the ground? sure. all of this is sobering. if we're successful in army future's command then the wars we do fight were about short is andive because we'll have an edge. ep >>ter: a demonstration designed to make the enemy think twice about trying to out gun america. trying to out gun america. hans nichols,
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it is a decision most older people will face at some point.en o put down the keys to the car for the last time. for britain's prince phillip that time was
6:53 pm
today. the decision comes after a recent accident and questions abilityis behind the wheel. nbc's sarah harman has more from london. >> reporter: the duke eofnburgh no longer in the driver's seat. buckingham pace confirming the 97-year-old decid voluntarily surrender hisse lic this just weeks after prince phillip crashed his land rover into another car. inside, two women and baby. the prince not injured but one of the women broke her wrist. he later apologized, but days later prince phillip wk behind the wheel without a seat belt. in tonight's decision, some see the delicate fingerprts of the queen. >> sure, she has said to her husband, look,is this really necessary any more? you've had a b smash. let's not tempt fate. >> reporter: two years after he officiay retired from royal duties, the fiercely independent prince now taking the backseat.
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-what do we got? might get windy. have a good shift. it. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "promicted by alan and " -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. fiechblly tonight, at arlington national cemetery tid farewell to a pioneering officer in the u.s air force. in her long career, marcelite harris broke through race and gender and leaves a
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legacy of achievement and inspiration. lester holt has her story. >> reporter: major journal marcelite harris didn't envision making history, just wanted to be the best, serving in the air force and repairing planes in vietnam. she tol an audience at the b.e.t. award show she was deteined to break barriers. >> it waswonderful. they said a woman can't do this job. being told couldn't do a job just because i'm a woman, that is probably the silliest thing you ever heard. ep >>ter: she quickly moved up the ranks, becoming the first female aircraft maintenance officer and one of e first two women commanding at the air force academy. by 1995, she was the first black woman to ea the rank of major general. harris retired in 1997 as the highest ranking female officer in the air forcend the highest ranking black woman in the department of defense. she worked ithe white house under four
6:58 pm
presidents. her daughter tenecia >> when doors were closed because of the fact that she was a woman or black woman, it rattled something in her because she just saw herself as a military officer doing a job that was in front of her. >> reporter: harris died in september at the age of 75. on thursday, this american hero who achieved her goal of being the best was buried in arlington national cemetery with full honors. it.she earned she did that. she made that happen. and holy cow, that is my m>>. thanks to lester holt for sharing major general harris' story ea and you could about other incredible african-american women ieharing their commun on a special section of our webse thrives. and that is nbc "nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz-balart reporting from new
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york. thank you for the il pre of your fintime and good night. lights, camera.
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>> whoa. d the headline screahess difficult. >> know it didn't. >> yes, it did. >> i'm scott evans. ovthis is kit . >> what do we make of this? can we leave this poor lady alone? meghan markle has had enough of the bad president. five of her closest friends coming fwardn a "people" magazine cover story. >> kno how to get in touch with. her telephone number hasn't changed. he's never called or texted. that's what meghan's long-time friend says about thomas's claim that will meghan wouldn't return his messages. >> all i can say is i'm here. she knows it. r and i'veched out to her and need her to reach back to me. >> we a


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