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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 16, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EST

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he initially shared his painful story with us. we is he acting to the vatican's decision. i'll share that in a moment. first, a pleasant surprise to the weekend forecast. snow chanc we've heard earlier in the week seems to be dwindling. lauryn ricketts trackingsthe la changes. wet but farther soh? >> solutely. for today, david, because i think by tomorrow afternoon, we'll all be wet, and we c sld have somet in the mix, as well, but for the most part, we're just looking at rain chances as we head into this weekend. possibly some more snow and a mix coming our way d-week. what changed today? in case you missed the weather yesterday, i know amelia and doug were tweaking the forecast, we we watching the system to see where it'd go. whether staying to the south or go to the north. for now, farther south, north calina. if you travels take you to southern virginia, north carolina, you'll run irain, and tell be heavy. 40s right now, so we're talking
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about rain in our area with some spotty, wet snow. you can see that wet sno coming through portions of culpeper ounty, southern culpeper and orange county. fredericksburg, up to the northern neck and into southern maryland, tha looking at that rain moving through. again, the dynamics continue to stay south through north carolina. we're just mainly looking at rain south of us. we'l all get some clearing this afternoon. talk about tomorrow and let you know what to expect, then talk about that wednesday/thursday forecast. that's coming up. >> a lot to talkabout, lauryn ricketts. we'll check in with you then. 9:01. weo want get you back to the breaking news out of the vatican overnight. alo once d and revered leader in the catholic church, the former archbishop of washington, both popes and presidents sought his advice this morning, theodore mccarrick, no longer a catholic priest. this is the bull lyetin the vatn put out. he is no longer cardinal,
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of father. we've been tracking this story since allegations of sexual abuse against mccarrick surfaced last summer. derrick ward joins us and he has the latest on the developments. we're hearing for the first time from the archdiocese of washington. how are they reacting to this? >> reporter: well, indeed, they are responding. scoring the f und gravity of mccarrick's actions. here's what they say. they say, our hope andrayer is that this decision serves to help the healing process for survivors of abuse, as well as those who have experienced sappointment or disillusionment because of what former archbishopccarrick has done. they also go on to say, we also pray the church may be guided to move forward in her mission. overnightin ernight, we heard from the vatican about how the decision was arrived at. they tell us the process began on januath with a decree issued, finding mccarrick guilty
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ofati solicitation in the sacrat of confession, as well as sexual misconduin withs and adults. he gave a counterargument. yesterday, the decisioigwas upheld,d off on by the pope himself. s have been weighing in the vatican's decision this morning. here's what they had to say. >> mccarrick committed a crime. the church acted, perhaps not as quickly as some would ke, but in church time, they acted very quickly, i think, to reach a good judgment about the crimes that mccarrick had committed. he can't hold even jobs in universities or hospitals that ar associated wit the catholic church. he is in no way a part of the church's ministerial life. e can't enjoy any of the
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privileges of being a prelate or a priest within the catholic church. he doesn't enjoy even the support of retirement within the church.or >> rr: so this comes at a pivotal time. next week, there will be a meetin of the world's bishops in rome. of course, they're going to discuss how best to handl the sexual abuse scandal within the church. we're live outside the cathedr of st. matthew, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> no question, they'll have a lot to discuss this coming week. 9:04. we want to bring you up to speed as to how we got to where we are today. this most recent scandal started back in june. a man came forward, arieging mcc abused him when the man was an underaged teen, altar server. soon after, james grein spoke up anonymously, then identified. he sckd mccar was a close family friend. the abuse started when he was 11 years old. it lasted for years. in july, the pope stripped
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mccarrick of his cardinal title. he then inrded him to a life of penance and prayer as the church investigated. mccarrick is currently living in a residence in kansas.h i spoke w james grein, the alleged victim, shortly after hi testifie front of a vicar last year. he shared what he wanted from mccarrick. >> what i would like to see is mccarrick to be up in front of all of us in a room where there's just him. a single pole microphone. he can lean into th phoneopmine say, i'm sorry, jimmy. that's what he always called me. >> you want him to apologize? yes. >> do you think he would ever apologize? >> . >> thismorning, james, who is out of the country, sharing with me his reaction to the vaticas decision. quote, for years, i have suffered, as many others have, at the han of theodore mccarrick. today, i am happy that my troubles have been verifd by
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the pope. i have been grieving since july, and i am hopeful now i can pass through anger forhe lasttime. this great historical and holy situations giving rise to all catholics and victims of abuse across the wod. it is tim for us to prepare for the complete cleansing of the church. he goes on to say, i must thank my family, for without their belief and guidance, i would be somewhere else i must thank my lawyer, patrick noeker, for helping me through . the legal wo i must thank the important journalists who have listened to me, believed me, and backed me. my intention in july was to put forth all my energies to cleanse the church, to purge it from the evil. i have been doing so for this period and promise to continue for the remainder of my erfe. is a lot more that will come out of this story. the developments we'll continue to follow for you. as they come across this morning, you can keep up with anything in our nbc washington app. the church scaal, of course, ll have more developments throughout the afternoon, as well. when we get those, we'll pass
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them along. let's get t other headlines at 9 vrm:07 on this saturday. into the district. d.c. police searching for a shooter who opened fire in northeast. esterday ened afternoon in broad daylight. you're looking at eckington place in q street. one man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. an eye-witness describing the gruesome scene. >> i see somebody drop in the middle of the crosswalk. come outside, and the guy's head is wide open, blood a everything coming out of it. >> this was the second shooting in northd.c. in a 24-hour span. a murder arrest months in the making. a man accusedho ofing his wife in virginia now facing murder charges.t. s.w.eam members took laszlo pentex into custody. years ago,fficers responded to a shooting ifa fax. they found 51-year-old donna pentex and laszlo shot. donna was pronounced dead, leaving behind her two children.
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laszlo was charged with her murder. they didn't say whether they think he shot himself. authorities sayhis man robbed 20 banks over the past year in the d.c. area. right now, he is wanted by the f fbi. the man is coined as the beltway bait. he wears different things to disguise himself. he passes a threatening noete, then runs away with the cash. he's even pulled out a gun. >> he hits once a month, sometimes heavier tn that. he's escalated his violence, to the point he went from notes to displaying a handgun. >> fbi is offering $10,000 for information on who this suspect is. notorious drug kingpin who ran one of the most violent drug trafficking operations in our ge region could bing a ereduer ereduc sentence. his drug operation in the '80s
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was at the heart of the plague in the city. he ran drug ring before going to prison in '89. prosecutors say he break and wants his d s his se reduced. they say held close cold case murders. major developments in the alleged attack on e""emp actor jussie smollett. chicago police releasing the two brothers questioned in connection with the alleged assault without charging them. officers had seized several items from their home, a ski mask, bleach, and an "empire" script. the men were tied to the show. smollett follows the brothers' shared instagram account. some say smollett mad up the story because his character was written off "empire." the show said he was not being written off. this is a story only on news
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4. accused of trying to kill a police officer, but someivil rights groups say he is actually a victim of police brutality. this imorning, there a plea deal in place. t advocates areing to stop it. we'll have more on this complicated case ut of prince george's county next
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some civil rights groups are coming to the defen of a man charged with trying to kill a police officer. that man claimse is a victim of police brutality. he is considering pleading guilty to aesser crime. advocates are calling the plea deal unjust, saying he was falsely accused in the first place.or prince 's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, working this story, one you'll only see news 4. >> reporter: it's hard to see from this convenient store security camera, but there is a prince george's officer hanging out of the driver's window of
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according to charging documents, officers stopped the suv because of a broken taillight and into the an robberye immediate vicinity the previous night. in the arrest report, the officer says he dove into the window because he feared the driver had a gun. he says the driver accelerated whilenge was hangirom the vehicle. the family of the driver and a number of advocacy groups that have taken on this cive say the was being beaten by the police officer, causing the rift forward. the officer's report says after searching the vehicle, no guns or drul drugs were found. >> iimad to fight for to get out of jail for injuries he suspected from pg county police cers. >> reporter: the driver and 20-year-old kevin sneed had bruises in his mug shot after the arrest. he was charged with attempted murder of a police officer. do yters sneed is being offered a pleaeal from the state's attorney's office.rg he'll be cha with disorderly conduct and given a probationt before judgm he signs a
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waiver, saying he won't sue the police departmt later. >> it is not about suing anybody. i don't care about that. i just want my lifeback. >> i can't stop him from taking plea. i'd rather fight. if he wants to take the plea, that's what we're going to do, so we can be over this. >> reporter: the aclu of maryland is trackingases like kevin's. they're concerned about folks signing waivers, prosing not sue. >> it doesn't make thean communy safer. it doesn't hold police it canablca accountable. it silences victims of police brutality. >> reporter: the attorney's alway office released a statement. after reviewing the video of the arrest, the state's attorney felt snd deserve add disorderly conduct charge. it appears that is what he actually did. the sneed family is questioning fair one. option is a >> we don't have the luxury to pay for a lawyer. we have to deal with what we
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got. >> reporter: ms. hutch said she was worried about the charges against her son, she never considered filing against the police department. as it stands, conversations are continuing about kevin's future. his case is expected to head to court next month. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> tracee reached out to prince george's cnty police for comment. they said they couldn't comment since it's not yet gone to trial. 9:15. a live look outside on this saturday morning. in the 40s her in northwest. lauryn ricketts tracking some rain, possibly some snow. we'll break down where folks might be seeing thisng
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welcome back. the bond between two retired montgomery countyole officers just got even deeper. one officer needed a kidney, and his former partner happened to be a perfect match. news 4's amy cho brings us their touching story. >> reporter: being a policeea officer answering the call. stanley bach and amber know that well. >> you don't know what you're facing every day. it is looking after each other, making sure each other, you know, does good by their work and gets home orsafe. >> rr: the two used to work as beat partners in silver aring, putting in ten hours a day together even hanging out in their free time. stanley is the god sqfather for megan's daughter. >> it is a brother/sister hood. >> it is. >> it is a type of lifestyletou ca describe.
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>> reporter: yrecently, stanley learned he has cysts on his kidneys a nee new one. when meghan learned she was a perfect match, she gav a card for valentine's day to share the news. you always had my back on the road and now, you can have my kidney. >> there was no hesitation. i always knew i was going to do it. you not only work with th b, they become your family. they rely on you, and you rely on them. you take care of family. >> reporter: the surgery is may 19th. stanley has one worry. >> interesting to see if my food taste changes. >> i do clean, healthy eating. >> oh, my gosh. >> ate lot of p shakes and exercise. >> see, guys,his is what i'm in for. >> reporter: even so, it still is a gift of a lifetime. >> you know, you take care of yourself on and off the job, and i mean, you're really taking care of me. i appreciate that,ou y know? it goes beyond. >> repter: in silver spring, amy cho, news 4.
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>> speweet story there. e.> live look outs lauryn ricketts joining us on this saturday morning. lauryn, it's mild out there right now. i know,initially, the concern was for this saturday, we'd start to see snow comingyo down. re thinking there's going to be precipitation, but likely th farther s and likely rain? >> a little wet snow mixed in around orange county, the southe tier of our area now. orange and madison county, even some other counties getting snow. no accumulation. >> nothing for us up hereyi >> s to the south. >> good by me. >> that's fine with me, too. i thought today was goinga to b ittle busy. we got that out of here, to the south. >> you're tracking what could be a messy week ahead. >> a lot of things going on this weekend. >> all right. including another chance for a wintry mix as we get into your wednesday and thursday. that's going to be something we're going to hav to wat as we get into your wednesday and thursday. even a little chance of some rain with somleet mixed in
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tomorrow. w.t's go ahead and take a look out there right we'll talk about what's happening. as david was mentioning, a lot of this stuff to the south o our region right now. again, through the frederic tburg area, northern neck, into southern maryland, a lot of rain. we do have a little bit of snow trying to enter portions south. even porons of orange and green, madison counties. again, all this staying to the south. you can see, just some light snowflakes moving. not expecting much accumulation because the rain is going to move in after is. if you do get dusting on the ground, it'll wash it right away. our friends in southern maryland, out to th northern neck, mainly rain that could be heavy to moderate at times before this is all said and done. what changed? from yesterday and even the day before, we thought maybe we'd get some snow around here, but really, the area of low pressure that's moving through moved to the south, into north carolina. all the dynamics are to the
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south. really, we are dry. over the next couplur look at this, it moves through, as mainly rain. could be heavy at mes, especially for friends in the northern neck. this is lunchtime. then we get clearing. even to the south, we'll see sunshine later on this n. aftern all clear skies overnight. temperatures falling into the 20s and 30s. no we're rather war out there right now. that's why we're kind of hugging on this rain/snow line. temperatures around 40 degrees in most parts. 30 degrees to the north. for today, temperatures 43. we already hit the daytime high, and it was aft midnight when we hit 50 degrees. 65 degrees yesterday. now, the temperatures are we'll stay around the 40 degree mark for thisrn afn. as we get into your sunday, we'll start off sunday dryith sunshine. take a look. as we get into sunday afteoon, we see rain moving into the area. could be pockets of sleet. should be done by monday morning. we'll time out wednesday and thursday, as well. look what's coming wednesday and thursday. wintry mix. we could have snow and iceon
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accumula as we get into your wednesday and thursday. it is pretty unsettled as we go all through this work week. we have more news rig afterht
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here we are right after valentine's a bald eagle drama. this is unfolding in the district. really fortunate. beloved bird couple liberty and justice may have called it quits. 14 years, we've watched -- taking off. >> where isinhe
9:26 am
>> we watched the webcam as they raised chicks in the nest in southwest.s wtop reporting justice has not been seen on camera in days. now, aew man dubbed aaron bird is hanging around the nest. >> yeah, guess what? complicate things, just a little bit, liberty is sitting on an egg. no. >> oh, yeah. this is a live look at her nest right now. at this point, no one knows who the father is. >> telling you, we need a paternity test. >> maury povich, as you were saying early. call maury in on this. that is some drama. >> it is drama. wise.olitical i mean, animal wise here in the d.c. area. >> she has to get her life together. >> going off partying on the weekends. guys, are you in need o any organizational overhaul? we've all put o cleaning off closets or straightening up our desks at work. did you give me that line to read? >> there is a reason you're reading that. starting monday, we're working for you to clear clutter from
9:27 am
our lives. we're testing out the kon mar trend. we talked to a local consultant who describes why declustering could have major impact on your entire lifestyle. >> tidy space is very efficient. you don't look for things. you really save it is very peaceful. also, it relieves stress. >> see, i can be less stressful for you. getting started is the biggest challenge. that's why we're asking the questions you might have for de-cluttering at home and at work. find out how to startg clearin the clutter monday morning, right here on "news 4 today." >> every time i clean up though and un-tidy -- or tid, up it is un-tidyain. >> magically, that happens. >> magically. i don't know what happened. >>ut it away right away. >> then i can't find it. >> you need to be watching on monday. it'll help you. >> i need to get my life
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togeth,. liste have sunshine out there to the north and cloudsh,o the soven rain and snow to the south. we have more rain, possibly some sleet and wintry mix on the way. >> uh-oh. >> we'll talk about that all >> we'll talk about that all coming uig r so you finally got fios, huh? yep, and wanna know what the best part about is?
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. goodin mo welcome back to "news 4 today" on this saturday. i'm david breaking news we referenced coming out of rome from overnight.
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the vatican dismissing ex-cardinal theodore mccarrick from the priesthood. the man who was once among thef most pow leaders in the catholic church, this morning, carries no religious title. mccarrick can no longer semibraseme celebratass as a priest, not even in private. he was found guilty of sexual misconduct with minors and adults, abu power, and susing the sacrament of confession. we'll walk you through the timeline of how w got here today, what's next for the catholic church. i'm hearing from one of the local accusers ofck mccar this morning. he shared his painful story with us. this morning, he is reacting to the vatican's decision. fi thabefore that, lauryn rs is standing by in the weather blnter. we are expecting py some snow. it is likely rain, and it is pushing far away, right? >> it is already falling, and it is mainly south of our area. we are not looking at much around the d.c. area
9:32 am
quantico marine base, points to the north, not aooking much. maryland, you'll be mainly dry. southern maland, you're arting to see rain there in st. mary's county. southern portions of charles county, southern portions moving our friends in the northern neck. south ofed icksburg. even wet snowflakes mixed this here, but we're not expecting much in accumulation from that. area of low pressure scooting through norrolina. that's where the dynamics lay. again, that's where a lot of this is headed off to. so you can see this line right here. andl continue to move up out through southern maryland, off to the eastern shore, then out to theatlantic. here, we're dry. we'll continue to stay dry. you can see some sunshine, especially if you're in maryland early this morning. all of s us will sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures, we hit the daytime high just after midght at 50 degrees. sun came up before 7:00 a.m. that os going to continu this trend through february. in fact, we'll be gaining da
9:33 am
minutes ofight before the end of february, daylight saving time begins march 10th. current temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now. that's pretty much where we'reh stayingghout the day. we'll talk about more chances for some rain and possibly sleet tomorrow. a wintry mix coming our way for mid next week. we'll show you that and time it out for you coming up. >> sounds like you ain tra a messy week ahead. lauryn, we'll check in then. 9:33. t we want return to the breaking news out of the vatican from overnight. a once belovednd revered leader in the catholic church, the former archbisho of washington, both popes and presidents sought his advice, well, this t morning,odore mccarrick no longer a catholic church. iscording to the holy sea, h not archbishop, priest, or even father mccarrick. he's been defrocked. we have been tracking thie story sihe allegations of sexual abuse against mccarrick surfaced this past mmer. we've been following along with what exactly the reaction has been this morning. we're going to learn more from
9:34 am
the archdiocese of washingto. right he they're just releasing this statement. they say, this decision, quote, underscores the gravity o mccarrick's actions. shey go on to say, our hope and prayer is that t decision serves to help the healing process for survivors o abuse, as well as those who have experienced disappointment or disillusionment, because of what former a eer archbishop mccarri done. a lot of folks are expressing concer i want to walk you through what the vatican is saying about this process. it started back o january 11th. it was then that this tribunal procots underway with issuing their decree, saying essentially, that mccarrick violated three main things. they say he sexually abused minors and adults. they say helssolicited within the sacrament of confession. and they say he abused his power. on february3th, this past wednesday, mccarrick made his
9:35 am
appeal ofrt he had his chance to counterargue. well, that appeal was denied ye erday. the pope himself, pope francis, upheld thison deci meaning, mccarrick would no longer beart of the priesthood. we're hearing this morning from church experts. they are explaining what exactly this means going forward. take a. list >> mccarrick committed a crime. the church acted, perhaps not as quickly as some wld like, but in church time, they acted very quickly, i think, to reach a good judgment about the crimes that mccarrick hadte commitd. he can't hold even jobs in universities or hospissls that areiated with the catholic church. he is in no way a part of the church's ministerial life. he can't enjoy any of the privileges of being a prelate a priest within the catholic
9:36 am
church. he doesn't enjoy even the support of retirement whin the church. >> you have to put thi perspective. this major decision coming days ahead of what is a conference of the world's bishops. they'll et next week in romeow to discusso better handle sexual abuse in the church. let's go back to how this started. in june, a man ce forward, alleging mccarrick alleged him when he was an underage nteen, altar server. soon after, james mgrein f loudoun county said he, too, had been abused by mccarrick, who was close family iend. he said the abuse started when he was 11 years old. he said it lasted for years. in july, pope francis stripped mccarrick of his cardinal title. he orderim to a life of penance and prayer as the church investigated. currently, mccarrick is living in a residence in kansas. i spoke with james shortly after he testified in front of a judicial vicar back in december. he shared what he wanted from mccarrick.
9:37 am
>> what i would like to see is mccarrick be up in front of all of us, in aoom where there's just him. a single pole microphone. he can lean into the phone -- into the microphone andsay, i'm sorry, jimmy. that's what he always called me. >> you want hi>>to apologize? yes. >> do you think he would ever apologize? >> no. >> this morning, james is out of the country. i've bee in touch wit him though. he shared with me his reaction to the vatican's decision. quote, fore years, i h suffered, as many others have, at the hands of theodore mccarrick. today, i am t happyt my troubles have been verified by the pope. i have been grieving sin july. i am hopeful now i can pass through anger for the last me. he goes on to say, this great historical and holy situation is giving rise to allatholics and victims of abuse across the world. it is time for us to prepare for he complete cleansing of the church. adding, i must thank my family, for without their belief and an gu, i would be somewhere
9:38 am
else. i must thank my lawyer, patrick noeker, for helping me through the legal world. i must thank the important listened to me, believed me, and backed me. adding, my intention in july was to put forth all my energies to cleanse the church, to purge it from the evil. i have been doing so for this period and promise to continue for the remainder of my life. incredible about james is he still has hopech in the ch, and he hopes to return to it one day. he has shared that with us. tia lot to ce to follow with developments out of rome this morning. we'll keep you up to date h if note on air, through our nbc washington app. 9:38. let's bring you t back local headlines at home. a springfield, virginia, man facining a second rape charge. betts-king was arrested in connection to a sexual assault of a patient at the mvle community center in springfield. in august, detecti s were notified by the victim's family that she had become pregnant and was not capable of ofnsent
9:39 am
becaushysical and mental incapacity. investigators used dna evidence, leading them to betts-king. last week, police charging him in another rape of a second woman, likewise, mentally that happened in early 2017. betts is currently behind bars, being h.d without bond police continue to look for more ctims this morning. less than two months away from the deadline to file your 2018 tax returns. a lot of folks already seeing smaller refunds, and some are having to pay more taxes for the first time. news 4 working for you this morning. we've got some advice before you get a surprise from the irs. we'll walk you through that
9:40 am
9:41 am
have you done your taxes yet? if not, you may be in for a surprise, thanks to the changes in the tax code. we've seen complnts popping up on social media from folks who normally see a refund but are now owing the irs.
9:42 am
this morning, susan hogan, our consumer reporter, is working for you with what you need to know aut these changes. >> according to the fuirs, s so far this filing season have dropped more than 8%. the average yrefund lastr was just over $2,000. this year, the average is coming in at about $1,865. so we wentax to a expert to find out why. >> people are ,saying, we what happened to my tax cut? i thought i was supposed to pay less in taxes. r >> reporter: jner is a certified public accountant in arlington. he says there are two main reasons people may n a big refund check this year. >> the long and short of it was they weren't having enough tax withheld. >> reporter: if you didn't change your withholdings a year ago when the new tax law went into effect, chances are, the irs started taking out fewer taxes, meaning, your take-home e pay up, even if you didn't notice it. the other reason you may see a smaller refund, a cap in the
9:43 am
deduction for state and local taxes. also known as s.a.l.t. it is limited to $10,000. >> in high-tax states, even around here, arlington county, where you have people who are paying $10,000, $15,000 plus on real estate tax alone,ou're limited to $10,000 not only for the real estate tax but the ax state income tlso. >> reporter: whilet is too late to make changes for the 2018 taxes. >> what is done is done. >> reporter: there are ways to r makeyou don't get hit with a big tax bill next year. >> look at 2018 numbers. if they have a balance due, potentially, they need to have more tax withheld from their paychecks in 2019. max out on your 401(k) to the extent that you can take it out of current cash flow and not miss it. if you have pre-tax flexible spending accounts for mecal purposes, pre-tax health savings accounts, try to minimize your income and maximize your deductions. >> it is important to remember,
9:44 am
just because you are getting a d smaller rehis year doesn't necessarily mean you are paying more everyoneheir own unique set of circumstances. your tax pparer should be able to answer any questions you may have and get you on track for 2019. back to you. >> susan hogan with good advice from our newsroom. 9:44. a live look outeid right now on this saturday. 40 degrees here in northwest. lauryn ricketts tracking some wet weather. she' break that down aso where it might impact yo
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have you heard, whiskey making a comeback. the person lifting the glass is not your old granddad. women and younger drinkers are invigorating the modern whiskey t industry. the district has i first dill stillry owned by women. >> at republic restorative, where thebourbon, like owners, is becoming a big deal. >> nice. that's cool. >> yup. ter: two years ago, two childhood friends opened this craft distillery. >> it was not over a glass of water. it was over some whiskey that we came up with this idea. >> carusone comes from politics, working with gabby gifford. it gave her business skills that
9:48 am
lp with whiskey skills. >> you have to make something happen, advocate for yourself. >> reporter: i2016, republic restoratives happened. in a storefront on new york avenue northeast, the elixers will make up the products. bourbon, rodmam rye, in honor of hillarclinton's presidential run,ncnd vodka. filly, a young distillery will crush your wallet before you raise your first glass. y >> majority r capital expense goes into a product that sits in a barrel for a few years, right? >> reporter: the ladies put their vodka to work. vodka can be made in a week. civic doing its duty. you know, when bourbon is initially distilled,t is clear, like vodka. how does it get to be this color? barrels. oak barrels that have been on charred he inside. as the spirit rests, it takes on
9:49 am
a deeper amber color. >> my name is nicole austin. >> i'm ebony major. >> reporter:ore women are seeing their reflections in this amber spirit. elizabeth mccaul is the assistant master distiller. ebony majors is the whiskey blender at bullet. nicole austin is gm and distiller at cascade hollow,me hof george dickel, one of ene oldest tennessee whiskeys. they credit "madfor getting more women into the spirit. >> you saw women, men, drinking a lot of brown spirind cocktails, manhattan old fashion, et cetera. t reporter: the female palette, they deserve crer creating today's smoother brews, so you don't feel like you've been kicked by your horse when it goes down. >> as a team, we think about, would we drink it? would we order it? if we wouldn't, we're not going to put it out. >> reporter: carasone feels the rising tide of craft spirits will make smaller distilleries big. just get the glass to their moh. >> i don't want to be a specialty, buy it once a year,
9:50 am
t it as a gift. i'm looking to be your every day spirit choice. >> reporter: corason blending politics with whiskey. ving a portion of the proceeds to emily's list, which helps female candidates. everyday nts to be the spirit choice. a drink a day. >> i like it. >> i was surprised. i was looking for you in the piece. >> i don't know why -- i'll have words with wendi on wednesday. i don't know why she didn't need a producer or something. i'm aourbongirl. >> you pitch a winery story, and she'll go with you. >> i pitch one every week. >> republic restoratives isni broa into california and new york. they're getting big. >> good for them. women-owned, i like , it is a bourbon kind of day. >> is it? >> a little chilly. >> yeah. >> it's going to continue to be chilly, not only today and tomo uow, then we goin temperatures, then we go down, then we have a wintry mix. >> the ten-day is looking messy. >> it is all over the place.
9:51 am
we have something for everybody on each and every day. >> making a bunch offr nds. >> that's what i'm trying to do, make everybody happy. >> you're doing it. >> you want someom snow, rain? listen, a lot of people wanted snow out there today. just not looking like it. in case y missed the forecast over the last couple days, that system that we had that was going to bring us snow for today slipped through the south,na noh caro some portions of our area are impacted but not everybody. today, we have colder conditions. yesterday, we were at 65 degrees. we h the daytime high after midnight, around 50. now, we have rain to the south. we'll all get some clearing this afternoon. more rain on tap for tomorrow ternoon, maybe pockets of sleet. and tuesday, we are cloudy, and we've got dry conditions before we head into your wednesday. now, take a look at the radar righe now. you can lot of this is to the south. we're seeing wet snowflakes filling in through portions of the northern neck. n.mainly, this is just rai i'm not expecting accumulation. even if you get a little
9:52 am
dusting, it'll bete w away by rain as the rest of the system puing through the area. temperatures are warming, so i'm not expecting much around that this is the sn tier of our viewing area. this will continue to move out of here, then we'll all get sunshine later on this afternoon. let me sho o you. here futurecast. 9:30. you can see it slips on by. rain could be heavy at times, especially through the extreme southern maryland. i know we've already had a little bit of downpour actio today. we get clearing by this afternoon. if you haven't ian cleseen clea yet, we have sunshine through maryland. a all of us will start to see clearing skies later on this afternoon and through tonight. temperatures out there, as i said, we hit the ytime high just after midnight. right now, temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. over the next 12 hours, we'll top out in the low to mid 40s for daytime highs today. it'll be quiet as we head into the afternoon and ening. weekend outlook, i know it is a holiday weekend, traveling today, it is wet heading south. skiing not looking that bad. skiing all the way through this
9:53 am
weekend, breezy on monday. out and about, you're going to e on the umbrella l sunday. we do have rain moving in tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow night. 39 degrees will be our daytime high tomorrow. we do have sleet mixing in tomorrow. we'll start this at noon. yo can see, sunday morning looking good with some sun shine. clouds fill in quickly, then ra in the afternoon and evening. again, pockets of sleet, not expecting issues on monday morning. if you are commuting on monday morning, though it is a holiday, most of this rain should be out by then. we clear as we get into tuesday, then we that's our next big change. look at that. oh, by 8:00 a.m., we have snow. we had wintry mix in the overnight hours, snow by the wednesdayorning commute. i do believe there's going to be issues on wednesday. eventually, we warm, and that we headover to rain as into thursday morning. for the most part, we are going to have a wintry map possible on wednesday. rain on thursday with temperatures around 50. another chance of rain and saturday. more rain showers possible on
9:54 am
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theodore mccarrick has been dismissed from the priesthood. the vatican announcing the decision overnight. mccarri was accused of sexual misconduct iolving adults and minors. we are going to continue to update you on air and online through our nbc washington app. a lot more to come on this
9:57 am
story. we'll have updates on4 new 6:00. oanother big story, the weather. next wy.k is going to be me >> today, n that messy. if you're headed south, we're seeing rain with a little wet snow mixed in. no accumulation expected. all of us clearing this afternoon. then some rain, maybe pockets of sleet tomorrow afternoonow and tomo night. nobody has school monday. wintry mix on tuesdao >> that'llt for "news 4 today" on this saturday. we hope yo see you tomorrow mornckg. you'll be ere, 6:00 a.m. >> 6:0
9:58 am
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