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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00, for the first time, virginiagoieutenant rnor justin fairfax speaks to the general assembly about sexual assault allegations against him. fairfax compared himself to lynching victims. >>e allow for political lynchings without any due process, any facts, any evidence being heard that i think we do a disservice. >> you're going to hear more of senate floor, he and we're going to have reaction to what some are calling shocking comments. > some of you under a high wind warning. wind gusts approaching 40 miles per hour. that's leading to a storm team 4 ather alert. >> i'm darcy spencer live outside the chipotle restaurant inar the university of maryland. you can see the is out the
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door. they're havingra a fund-iser here. i'll tell you what it's all t, coming up in a live report. news4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> good evening. i'm erika gonzales. you are looking at the flag waving outside our studios here in northwest d.c.dv a windory in effect for our entire region. as storm team 4 meteorologist somara shows us. >> things are changing fast.t just in the l five minutes, we saw that wind shift from the south to the west. and now we'reoing to start to see things really turning up. let's take a look at the current temperature. current feel like. not much of a departure. 61 degrees. might i add, very nice that we hit the 60s today. more importantly, t winds. initially 8 miles per hour. in a couple minutes, they were up to 15 miles per hour. but that stained. here's a look at the gusts that we're getting. right now, 29-mile-an-hour wind gusts in the district. but you head farther west along i-81, we're talking 49 year
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50-mile-an-hour wind gusts in martinsburg and frederick. and we see the increase in wind speed as we get closer to the 8:00 hour. now, if you a headed out maybe to a watch party to watch the oscars, what you need to know, it's going to be gusty out there tonigh so where there are loose trees, be careful where you are going to be parking on the street to tght. somethin keep in mind through the overnight hours. temperatures will drop into the 30s, so it's really going to add a chill to the air along with that wind factor. i'm going to help you get ready for your monday, because we could see these dangerous winds following us into tomorrow. erika? >> somara, thank you. embattled virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax stu ied lawmakers richmond today in an impromptu speech onen thee floor, fairfax compared himself to lynching victims, saying he too is beid denie due process. fairfa is resisting calls to step dten, promp by two allegations of sexual assault against him by african-american women. he has stronglyie d any wrongdoing, saying the
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encounters were consensual. in those comments today, fairfax referenced legislation passed in the general assembly that expresses regret for in virginia's past. >> we talk about hundreds, at least 100 terror lynchings that have happened in the commonwealth of virginia under those very same auspices. and yet we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing but accusations and no facts. >> there was an awkward silence that followed fairfax's five-minutepeech. some gop lawmakers calling the comments highly inappropriate. republican house majority leader delegate todd gilbert said the comments were the worst, most disgusting te of rhetoric, quote. much moren this story in our nbc washington app and tonight on news4 at 11:00. those same lawmakers just passed their state budget, and thanks to a strong economy in the commonwealth, teacher could be taking home a bigger paycheck.
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the budget includes matching state funds f teacher pay raises. on to collegemil and universities if they freeze tuition and fees. the budget also iludes aax overhaul that will mean refunds of up to $220 for many taxpayers. a new way to remember the legacy of a university of maryland football player who dig,. last spr jordan mcnair died dallowing a workout on the field. organizers with his foundation held a fund-raise s news4's darncer is live in college park with how people are helping raise money for a good cause. darcy? >> reporter: erika, we are here outside the chipo erestaurant, just steps away from the university of maryland campus. and i want to show you what it looks like. bsit isutely packed here. but for a very good reason. they are hosting a fund-raiser re for the jordan mcnair foundation. 5:00. started at and you can see the line is very long, and it's been that way ever since.
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now, this is supporting a very good jordanr was the 19-year-old university of maryland football player who died of heatstroke last june. that was weeks after collapsing on the field d a preseason workout. after his death, the jordan mcnair foundation was set ura this funer is going to support the foundation with more than 30% of the receipts that will benefit this cause. andy m the people tongue o turning out today for this are university of maryland students. hat do you think it means to come out and participate in and raise money for that foundation? >> inally think it's good. it's a way of showing support to the football team and through their hard times. >> what brings you out and what does it mean to you to help with the cause? >> i also have friends on the football team who knew jordan mcnair. and i'm here to support his foundation. >> reporter: back out live, you're seeing a very good turnout for this cause this afternoon. this foundation sports player
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safety, also providing scholarship money. the fund-raiser continues until 9:00 tonight. erika, back to you. >> all right. so if you're hungry this evening, you knowhere to go. darcy, thank you so very much. doctors and nurses aresa trying t a man's life after a deadly double shooting in the d ltrict. gunfirt one man dead overnight on georgia avenue in northwest. a second man, we are told, in critical condition. investigators are not saying what led up to the shooting. so far, no one has been arrested. a top house democrat is threatening t callpecial counsel robert mueller to capitol hill to testify. intelligence chairman adam schiff says he will also subpoena documents and sue the trump administration if the full report on russia is note m public. schiff says his committee will be watching to see if attorney general lilian barr tries to bury any part of thenb report. c news reports that mueller is close to finishing the investigion into possible collusion between president trump and russia. >> next on news4, notice
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anything different about this nest? obviously you're hearing the winds out there that we're talking about tonight. but that's an empty nest there. liberty, she's flown the coop. what the
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tonight, there is a literal empty nest at the earth conservation corps in southwest d.c. we're going to show youome live pictures of that empty nest, where liberty, the bald
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eagle,ee had staying. scientists say she left because she was stressed out. justice, her mate, disappeared. two weeks a this is video we've been kind of showing you over the past couple of weeks. so he flew the coop. justice and liberty had raised eaglets in d.c. since 2004, but a second male bird ned aaron bird moved in. but he soon moved onsotoo. nother male named m-2 swooped in. he and liberty mated in the middle of last week. but then they both left. the eggs were later deemed unviable. researchers say before flying the co-op, liberty sat vigil near her nest, almost like she was grieving through thepr ess. so scientists have been able to learn a lot about these birds through all of this drama that we had been playing out for you on these ceras. now,ere's a story, right around dinnertime and should make you hungry. mess hal in northwest d.c. held its fifth annualve ramen
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today. restaurants putting their noodle-making skills to the test. wow. is that a onesie around -- a onesie? as you can see, some very enthusiastic ramen fans out to indulge in goo old comfort food. >> we're celebrating ramen and all things noodle. i love ramen because it's so gl glutovous and naughty and to stuff my face with it. >> who is that guy? a portion of the profits will go to the capital area food bank. i sawohe beer next it. that sounds really tasty for dinner. cycling for a c goodse. thousands of people in our area joining a nationwide movement to save lives. >> protest and pamphleting outside the basilica in support outside the basilica in support of the v
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> asheatican wraps up its landmark summit on church sex viuse and srs in our area say they are concerned that no real progress was made. as news4's derrick ward reports, they have come up o with their sort of list of things that every catholic can do to help end the crisis in the church. >> reporter: visitors to the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception had more than just programs in their hands as they entered on this sunday. >> this will be held. i have all girls. >> beautiful girls.
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>> reporter: members of the group s.n.a.p., survivorsor ne of those abused by priests wanted those to had come to nurture their souls to have food for thought. the yellow sheets contain a 2ist of steps they say catholics, survivors, supporters and the church itself should take to end sex abuse.>> first, fire any bishop and cardinal that has covered up the abuse of >> and most importantly, protect the children in your life by being educated and remaining vigilant. >> reporter: they read out their actions in response to those announced in rome at a conference of bishops. that conference's focus this year is incidents of clergy sex abuse. and the mass following the onference the pope called for anall-out war against sex abuse. >> i'm struggling with anything that comes out of the vatican at this point. as being helpful to survivors. >> reporter: s.n.a.p. protesters acknowledge, the steps talked about in rome, but they say those steps too often miss the
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mark. >>, eig combat sexual tourism around the world. again, what does that mean? how is that going to protect our kids? ♪ >> reporter: some members of this group struggle with coming forward about their own abuse. surrecting pain theyere dealt years ago, but they say they want to do what they can to see that others don't suffer the same fate. ind, northeast, derrick w news4. this weekend, hundreds of people from across the country are working a good cause.t for ♪ folks had packed equinox in bethesda to raise money for cancer research. ever dollar goes toward clinical trials to combat rare forms of cancer. similar events are being held16n cities across the country. yay! right on, guys. right on. all right. so somara is joining us.
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we are talking weather alert this evening. it was such a nice day outside. i think just like you said, i -- it t was kind of was -- we were able to miss that it was so nice outside because it was breezy out there. the wordsinre esc me this evening. but that's the reason why we're in weather alert mode tonight. >> because of the wind. i would have love to have tald abouttemps, but we are seeing the winds kick up. it's been breezy compared to our friends in the west, but that is changing. ll show in a moment. let's take another look at the advisories and warnings in effect. dark orange, frederick county, maryland, for our friends who can see us in carol county. you all are under a high wind warning. that means winds could gust up to 60 miles per hour for you. for the rest of us, it is a wind advisory. so here's what you need to know. the strongest gusts are actually going to take place between now and about 8:00, 9:00ey tonight. l actually drop a little bit. thanks will calm down or i'll say they'll jt be breez before picking back up again
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monday morning. okay? so here'sur look at thent gusts. 48-mile-an-hour gusts right nowe beeny steady, seeing gusts near 50-mile-an-hour towards fredinick. just sta to see things rev up inside the beltway now in manassas and camp springs. as we head through tim pushing through 3:00 a.m., notice more widespread, gusts in the 40s and 30s. as we head into monday, notice how we're still pretty gusty through the after i mean, 41-mile-an-hour gusts after a night of winco itions could still cause some damage there. and as we move into tuesday morning, that's when we'll finally see things begin to calm down. so he's a look at our power outage map. now, it's saying yellow pretty much for everybody. and that means that there's a slht chance that we could see a power outage. where those areas are in ocknge, along i-81 and into the blue ridge where they have seen stronger day with that power outage as more moderate, that chance there. so what toxpect if weo see any, they will be scattered in nature. and the risk forower outages
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sticks with us through monday morning. so we're not out of th woods yet, folks. speaking of which, let's point out that monday commute. temperatures tomorrow will be in the low 30 as we head through the 9:00 hour, it will still be gusty out there. winds could still gust near 50 miles per hour. that's why we've got anoth wind advisory going into effect tomorrow morning, and that high wind warticks with us through 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. lots of temperattill will manage to make it to the mid 40s. but the wind will impact your so one of the big impacts you're going to see tomorrow morning for the kiddies at the bus stop, how cold it's going to feel. wind chills around 20 degrees in the morning. feeling like the 30s, even though we hit the 40sor tomorro. team 4 ten-day outlook. gusty through monday. obably a weather alert in the morning. and then plenty of sunshine. erika, know how much you wanted to wash your car. >> did it this boom!ing! got it! >> you did do it, okay. >> got it.
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>> and one last thing i wantn. ment >> yes? >> is be careful where you park tonight. >> yeah. >> if you do street parking. >> that is really good advice there. as soon as you said last night that i w good to today, it was -- >> of course, you did, first thing i did. now i've got five days ahead of me with a super clean car. ay. sti ahead, theit caps power past the rangers and mite power past the rangers and mite a sunday fun day shouldn't mean going back to the doctoro just for a shot. with neulasta onpro
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this is the xfinity sport desk. >> well, it was a good day to be aps fan. on a sunday, when you can enjoy a little mimosa. >> yeah. >> and alex ovechk's wife posted a picture of him scarfing down spaghetti before the game. so you knew. the capitals back home, and man, it fee good. the caps return to capital one arena for the first time in 12 days, and what a show washington put on for the fans who have waited nearly two weeks to see them in person. the newest capital, nick jensen, lacing up in washington. a part of a wild one. caps with two goals in 21 seco ts to takehe lead in the first. but in the second, tom wilson scoring on the power play.
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his 17th. caps take a 3-1 lead. in the third, rangers back within a goal. niklas backstrom already with one, adds a second. niklas backstrom with a snipe. two-goal game. alex ovechki even saying, thank you! caps back up two. but in the final seconds of the game, new york down a goal, empty net, extra attacker o brady shea makes it pay. shea shot off former ranger carl h haglund's stick. rangers tied the game ate. lat so you're headed to overtime. and caps survive plenty of opportunities from new york. orlove fakes the shot, off the puck, on the goal line. but cuzzi finishes off. kind of a combo between ovechkin. ps get the win, 5-4 -- excuse me, 6-5 in overtime. afterwards cues netsoff asked, who got the goal? him or ovechkin? >> it doesn't matter.
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as long as we got two points. that's all we need. t >> take us thrhe last play. how were you reading the play? >> it was goi to happen when you've got three russia guys. and i feel like we'reth sharing e puck well. andefter you up that late to get u kind of work the goal back. because that was our game, and we almost gave up the extra points. >> hey. a win is a next game at home on tuesday. turning our attention to baseball, the bryce harper ieeepstakes is still on. reportedly the phi owner in las vegas. mark t lerner saiy have moved on. hopefully we will know where the 26-year-old superstar lands. with or without bryce, the nats till playing baseball. nats facing suis, and this is one patriotic cardinal fan. eric feddy on the mound getting eflp from hisense early. matt adams, theca former rdinal, with a nice stop, tosses and
6:26 pm
gets carpenter. the fifth starter role, had a nicehowing today. strikes out mun here. gives up just one hit, no runs, over two innings, striking out three. and in the sixth, here's carter kieboom. drops one into shallow righ the rbiignal gives the nats a 2 lead. nats win 12-2, improving to 2-0 in spring training. t> and scherzer got the start for nationals and likely on the bump for opening day. th three-time cy young award winner turni heads. his intensity has led to thena nime, mad max, a mind set he carries throughout the season and off season be, leading to some of his teammates trying to avoid him. >> he's in his own world. he's max. he has two different color eyes. i just wat from a distance. and just -- i'm in
6:27 pm
awe. i don't just watch him do his thing. it works. well, you don't nadd to avoidmax. he joins us on the round table on sports final. scherzer talks about bringing the intensity all year, and what he'sro learnedm fatherhood that he's bringing to the field. and tells us hisho thts on baby shark.f all othat and more after news4 at 11:00 tonight on sports final. now to the pga tour. mexico championship in mexico cisn. and this a good place to be. rory mcilroy on the 6th yes, he is snug up next to a tree right there. but guess what? he hits out oft successfully, but his next shot, his ball rolling down the hill, and mcilroy going for a little swim. finds the water. bogeys the hole. finished in second at 16 under. but the day belonged to number three ranked golfer in the world,ustin engijohnson. check out this landg, landing just inches from thecup,
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birdies the hole on 18. finiing 21 under. his 20th career pga tour win. and ter tied for tenth today. at least a beautiful day. congrats to dtin johnson. >> thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. we will see you again tonight for news4 at 11:00. in the meantime, you've got "nbc nightly news" next.
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to tonight, the pope's call action on sex abuse. the pontiff condemns predator priests, calling them tools of satan. after the lvatican'sdmark four-day summit, what wa really accomplished? a deadly dose of winter with much of the country in t crosshairs, from a tornado in the south to a whiteout in the midwesed unan questions. a family seeking justice, a new investigation after nbc newsue asksions about a man's death,wa days after he s arrested for a the high-profile meeting in vietnam after months of flattering talk about the north koreer le. president trump privately lowers expectations for their historic face-to-face. nbc news exclusive, inside mar-a-lago at last night'


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