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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:50pm EST

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ability -- >> the mayor says the president's event cou pull police resources alreadedicated fourth of july president trump is headed for a second summit with kim jongn. he sait could lead to something great but maybe not. it's not clear what he's going to be offering but it's concern this could serve as another photo op for the north korean t meeting, president trump said north korea isn' a nuclear threat but other testimonies have painted a difficult picture. officials say north koreaction l at production sites and in recent weeks researchers discovered a new secret blas llistic camp in north korea. meanwhile, the president's former fixer and personal
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attorney testifying on capitol hill. on tuesday and thursday, michael cohen will discuss issues related to the russia probe in closed door sesons with the house and senate intel committees. sandwiched in between those wednesday what's likely to be a speckal. public testimony. cohen is set to report to prison in just a few months after pleading guilty to severales federal chancluding lying to congress. a woman tied up and stabbed to death allegedly for access to her bank aount. now the man charged in that crime is going on trial. just ahead what we're hearing from the witnesses as the case is gettingnder way. a family secret leads a local woman to turn to dna test kits for clues about her past. ahead at 5:00, the results that anged everything she thought she knew about herself. we're in weather alertode
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because of the high winds. coming up we'll find out when they're going to go away or at least calm down andhen we can expect our
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it's a pular end. you've seen the commercials eillions of people are turning to those h dna test kits to unlock information about theal and their family history. >> tonight news4'sge doreen zler has reaction from a northern virginia woman who took several tes and is now sharing her story on the surprising results. >> reporter: more than 18 million americans have mailed in their saliva torc a coml lab in hopes of retracing their aboutand uncovering clues their family tree. we spoke to a northern virginia motheree who took t genetic tests to connect with long-lost relatives and the ending changed everything she thought she knew about herself
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> you it's a secret julie' grave. took to their >> i was adopted at birth, but it was a secret. there was a cousin who cameo me. >> reporter: so began the journey to find her bth parents. >> at that time i was interested in having a child of my own. and for that reason and others i wanted to learn more about my ancestry and health history. >> reporter: with her adoption recordssealed, she turned into the dna test sites. >> this chart shows each of my cousin'roowns a wh whrom coverlap. >> six months later she got a i close match,was her uncle. >> he was relatively anonymouro
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h google searching and amateur detective work i was able to figure out who he was. >> reporter: as julie poured over the complicated strands of her family's dna, she tracked down more relatives and finally connected with her biological mother over the phone. >> i think the first thing she said to me was julie i was 15 when i got pregnant. >> reporter: turned out her parents were high school sweet hearts but they weren't ready to raise a baby. >> when i first saw a picture of my birth dad, that's when i knew it was real. >> reporter: after putting their baby up for adoption, thewe coue their separate ways, only to reunite years lar. >> but later on in life they found each other again and got back together and got married. so they had two children of theirown. my full biological brother and sister. >> reporter: at one point all of them were living just a few miles apart in new york. >> there are many possibilities for us hing crossed paths.
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and the fact that they had tried to find me and we were so close together but weren't able to, it's just incredible we had to go through this. >> reporter: and tdna test revealed more than a new family. >> were there things thatsu rised you when you along your journey? >> yes, in my adoptive family i was told i was russian, german polish, raised in a jewish family. when i tested my dna, itame up i was primarily italian. so that was a bigho because, you know, when you grow up feeling this kinship with a group of people and then you find out thatno that'really who you are -- >> reporter: julie's search had an amazingly happy ending but she knows it couldchave been mu different. >> i know it opens up doors to, you know, conversations and family secrets that people may
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not be rea to talk about and ar abou >> reporter: for julie the benefits of finding her birth family outweighed any privacy concerns. her biological parents have since passed away but she'el maintained aionship with her newly identified brother and sister and they have welcomed her.mi up tomorrow on news4, a closer look at how police are using forensic genealogy to cases.cold and why your information could be examined even if you've neven ta one of those genetic tests. >> wow. >> incredible. how close they were makes a smaller world. >> i thought coming up with all the spit makes it the hard part. finding out youave all this stuff going on. let's turn to doug kammerer an w this day,t a way to start the week. it just -- talk about whiplash. >> really whiplash. normally you see the strongest winds in the afternoon, today it
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was in the morning hours. elthat you how strong the storm was. we saw winds gusting over 60, 70 miles per hour. outside right now you can see the wind blowing in our cameras here, blowing our flag right outside northwest d.c. the flag still blowing. blueie s, look at the wind, currently winds northwest at 14. we can take that. twot ours agowas 31, last hour 27, now down to 14. these are sustained winds. now gusts are still on theigh side, though. 37 in leesburg, 37 in d.c. so it's stillindy but we do not have the gusts over 40, 50 miles an hour le we did earlier this morning. look at the wind reports, though. these are all wind reports. look how many there are. especially right around the d.c. metro area. anything in bl are high wind sts anything in the greener areas these are trees down,
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numerous trees asdown. this one of them, partially uprooted tree ang ssachusetts avenue, closed massachusetts in both directions, part of river road sclosed, part of the beltway, 270. now the wind advisory has been shaved back. eastern deshore, phihia they're still under the wind advisory. they saw stronger winds to the north and west of us, no longer under the wind advisory for most of us, this will be allowed to expire in about 40 minutes for those areas. right now clear skies. you can see that. here's where the storm is, way up toward the north. and ok,snow, this is lake effect snow and blizzard warngs, lake effect snow warnings here towards lake ontario into parts o new york. that storm system moving out and that's going to be leaving behind train quill weather thep next c days. tomorrow high temperature of 50
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degrees, wednesday high of 49, that's average for thie of year. 50 on wednesday. iditing to see what happens thursday into . a couple different computer models d giving usferent answers that's why we have a chan of rain or snow. the american model has rain. the european model, normally the better model, has snow thursday night into friday morning. that's what we have to wait and see as we get closer to the event. the small erstorms are harder to predict than the bigger ones. chance of rain on saturday. notice the nltemperatures, in the 30s. another chance for rain/snow. and possibly a coastal storm into next wee as ll. a lot to talk about here as we head into the first full week of march. breaking news next. r singerkelly has just posted bond. 're expecting him to be released fromit jail whin this hour.
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we're watching chicago as an vitorney for one alleged victim promises more ence to come. also the snubs, the i'mrises at the oscars, i'mrises at the oscars, going to have more on a c
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(sons) hey, daddy! (vo) there for you when it matts most. unlimited on the best network now comes with apple music on us and $300 off our best phones. only on verizon. that's like a cow bell at the end of seven. >> that's good? >> that's ""green book" brought home the best picture trophy, not
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without controversy. and earlier i talked to reporter sonya roll. >> the oscar goes to "green book." >> the best picture race wasss up this year, nobody knew what was going to come out on top. and "green book" had a weird path to that top slot. it generated a lot of ontroversy, more recently in january with a screen writer, who's actually the son of the man tha viggo more tenson plays in the movie. an old tweet of his resurfaced, which has been a theme of this oscar season, it was a racist tweet against muslims. he apologized for it but it left a mark on the movie, which was already controversial to begin with. people weren't all happy with the way it depicted race, the black manan and white who set aside their differences to come
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together. ome said it was kind of sugar coating, it was too simple for our current era. >> let's look at e one that knocked the wind out of me was my girl glen close notng get the best actress. although i do love olivia coalmn colman, but that surprised olivia colman. >> it did. glen g up to the show, close has been taking home most of the awards for "the wife," i know t many people have seen. but it felt like it would be a career win for glen close. what we saw for leo decap rio. soeo i thinke were expecting that to happen and then we hear colman, her name called, and she was just as surprised as everyone else. >> sheave a great speech. >> she was fun. i love that they didn't have a host. >> it moved. >> it was refreshingly briskly d re liked it a lot better.
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the wind has been kicking all day. winds upwards of 40, 50, even 60 miles an hour, the peak wind gusts 80 miles an hour around wint wintergreen. just amazing. 37 in d.c. 37 in leesburg. no longer under a wind advisory, at least most of us, as the winds are under the 50 miles an hour threshold. the wind bringing in coldeair, down to 32 in hagerstown, 18 in state college. 44 in d.c. it is going to be a chilly night tonight, a cold start to your day tomorrow. we'll have the bus stop forecast in a couple minutes. we're talking about the first week of march, what can we expect? colder air and more storms. see you back here in about 15 minutes. now at 5:30, the trial of the man accused of raping,
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robbing, murdering a woman in her .c.apartment. that trial is under way and the victim in this case an artist from north carolina. >> the jury saw a number of pieces of evidence that prosecutors hay tie killer to that crime. >> let's get to megan fitzgerald. >> reporter: prosecutors told a packed courtroom that it was dn evidence found on the victim that matches that of the suspect. they also showed jurors there were pictures and videos of e suspect using her atm card in the days after the murder. it will be twoears next month since 34-year-old carina meal, an artist from north carolina was brutally murdered inside her basementapartment. she was in town working for mel
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chin on a project at the corcoran a week after her murder, elijah arrested. prosecutors began their opening statements saying it was to who walked into her apartment, tied her up, raped and stabbed her before taking off with her purse and blue prius. prosecutors say he useder atm card,er jurors shown pictures and surveillance videofn the act using her card. the defense argues that he didn't commit the murder and the police didn't do a thorough job of investigating to find the real suspect. her father ronald was the first calledo the witness stan he said he found out his daughter was murdered when he got a call from the homicide
5:23 pm
director. mel chin said carina was heading out of t town day she was murdered and was supposed to call him before she left. when heea didn't from her by the following day, he checked her apartment. that's when he found her tied up and dead inside. the trial will resumero tom morning. jurors are expected to hear from a metropolitan police officer who processed the evidence shortly after this murder. back to you. >>egan fitzgerald. thank you. a former church youth leader pleaded guilty today to inappropriate contact with two more girls. jordan baird was the youth worship leader and music teacher at the life church in massas where his father is senior pastor. he has previously been convicted of five counts of indecent liberties, he faces up to five yes on each of those counts. he'll be sentenced in may. d.c. firefighters say an
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electrical overload caused the fire at a row house in colombia heights. an appliance was plugged into an extension cord. crews were able to get the flames under control. appliances, air conditioners, heaters, they need to be plugged in directly to an outlet. it is highly dangerous as we just saw to put them on an extension cord. scary moments in laurel after two people were trapped inside a burning ce george's county crews were searching for one man theyd knew to be i when they found a woman there unconscious. both victims taken to the hospital, they're in serious conditions.s officiay the fire was started by some sort of cooking accideld. how wou like to to new york city in two and a half hourset by tr tonight, amtrak is giving news4 an exclusive look atlans for faster train rides and express routes. it'sf part a high speed
5:25 pm
makeover for the northeast corridor that is just getting started. our transportrion repor adam tuss is at union station. >> reporter: the northeast corridor amtrak experience is going to change. and soon. >> looking at every curve, evere possibility we can improve the trip time. >> reporter: looks at t new video, amtrak train tilting, lean cg intoves to get as much speed as possible. current trains can go as high as 150 miles an hour, they do tilt a built but rarely dohey maintain that speed. amtrak telling news4 the generation trains are going to be rolling out in two years and should shave time off the trips. listen to t this thougt's being considered. >> if you did a nonstop train, so that means you're eliminating your stops between here and new york. you could look at approximately a two and a half hour trip time.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: there's still akot of w to do on that plan. why is it harder to get faster trains between d.c. and boston. you need a straight right of way in order to pick up speed. who are clustered around the s path of the tracks, you know, it's difficult for them. >> reporter: that' why tilting e chnology and smoother, mor rkghs. twghei the reality is amtrak doesn't just have plans for its trains. it has big plans for union station in washington. that could have an effect on yo whet not you take the train. >> the portion of union station ieds yu scheduled to stathe fall. >> we'll have regular service. it's the customer area where peoplereoarding that will be disrupted for several r years. orter: bottom line amtrak putting huge plans in motion to bring the northeast corridor well u to speed.
5:27 pm
at union station, adam tuss news4. looking forward to that. right now the fastest train from d.c. to new york makes it in about 2 hours and 4 minutes. new developments in the r. kelly saga as he pts bond and what his attorney is now saying about the case. the fute of a prince george's county landmark about to go before the supreme court. what to expect during arguments about the peace cross. we've had strong winds all day today. gusts still close to 40 miles ai hour some locations. here are the storm reports over the last 24 hours, over 50 reports of wind damage. the wind subsides tonight but what does it mean for tomorrow. plus dou
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breaking right now we've learnedge sin r. kelly has posted bond in his sex abuse case. the star is expected to be released c from acago jail in less than an hour. these are live pictures at the jail where you can see if people are gathering. kelly spent the weekend behind bars after he was not able to put up the cash to make bail. we have a report from chicago. >> reporear:ng an orange department of corrections jump suit hiseh handsd his back, singer r. kelly stood before the judge for his arraignment. the star and south side native
5:31 pm
is facing sweep sex abuse charges involving f victims, at the them minors time. the 52-year-old surrendered to police on friday hisail set at a million dollars. michael aven michael avenue gnat tee said he represents two of the >> if these victims had not been black and come fr disadvantaged households, this guy would not be walking free today. avanati said he turned over a videohat shows kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. he said there's a third videotape but wouldn't provide details. >> we're getting our hands on the tape in the 10 month investigation we've undertaken cases.o bono >> i haven't seen any videos. my position it's not r. kelly in
5:32 pm
the video. >> reporter:. kelly has been in this position before. in 2008, a cook couy jury cleared him of child pornography charges but allegations of sexual misconduct gained renewed attention with the release of the docuseries urviving r. kelly". the singer is expected to be released in the next half hour. we're going to continue to monitor the snguation and b you updates as we get them. >> reporter: we have new developments in the d.c. bald eagle drama. two weeks after her 15-year-old mate justice disappeared, mother eagle liberty appears to have done thesame. signs say it's because she's stressed out. last week she mated with a new eagl l andd two eggs but then they were deemed unavailable. then her new mate left the nt
5:33 pm
and she left the nest. you can see it empty there. we've been keepingyen on the live stream all day, and we did see an eagle stop by in 15 minutes. we have calls out to see if that was libertyaking areturn. >> or it could be some other eagle, like when aou heardut a rent-controlled apartment available and everyone starts hovering. hat's too much drama. this is upsetting me. >> what a beautiful shot, look at that. some called it a spy in the sky. a report of airplanes with cameras on the back of the seat. just ahead what the airlines are saying about this dvelation. >>'t know about that one. a new gun law in maryland meant to save lives. ahead at 5:00 we have a
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last year the red flag law in maryland went into effect. its purpose to take away or stop someone from buying a gun ifhey're considered a threat to themselves or to others. news4's cory smith uncovers new detailsn how it's working in montgomery county. >> reporter: last year there were 20 homicide inontgomery county, 11 related to domestic violence. of those 11 nine involved a handgun. the sheriff said those statistics paint a clear picture of how important the state's new red flag is. >> the flag law is 100% saving lives. >> reporter: less than an hour ago the sriff wrapped up his briefing, in it he outlined the statend localimpact. since last october, 422 red flag petitions have been filed in maryland and nearly half have been given.
5:37 pm
that's 200 cases in which the cour was asked to take hands out of the hands of someone who was a danr to thems or someone , se. in montgomery coun least 30 cases that resulted in the return of guns. >> someone who is despondent, in crisis,z epressed, if they have access to a firearm, that's where it's likely to have a dangerous effect. if you can remove the firearm, remove that moment in time it will make a difference. maryland the only state where these red flag petitions can be fil 24/7. the sheriff said that alsoaj played a m roll in curtailing domestic violence here in montgomery county and across the state. montgomery county kroer smith. >> when it comes to domestic vience news4 is here to help, head to the washington app and
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search safe more for. sater t week the supreme court is going to hear arguments about this. this is a well known landmark in our area. does iteed to be removed? this is a 40-foot peace cross. it's been at baltimore avenue and route 450 in bladensbumo for 100 years. it's meant to be a tribute to those who died in world wart t sits on land that a state commission pays to maintain. a federal appeals court ruled it is an unkwons tugsal endorsement of leon. an@iest group wants it moved to ivate land. airliners are admitting on some of their jets the seat
5:39 pm
backs have build in cameras. the airlines said they never activated the devices but it's possible other carriers with similar equipment could also have ercameras. an says in the future teny could pottially be used for coi how announcing would that bill belichibe? you heard someone next to you. >> please, try to sleep through that. t>> speaking of that, it was tough sleeping l night. >> with the winds rattling thes ens. >> and everything else in your house? >> nina was flying around living room. >> that's her cat. >> it was nasty out there. it was quited amazing the w gusts we saw early this morning, some of the highest wind were in the overnight hours. take a look at these peak wind gusts today, 44 d. atc. i, this, 61 in cumberland.
5:40 pm
ese were not official numbers but look at these numbers, silver spring, unofficially 60, gaithersburg 58, hagerstown 65. look at this, wintergreen, 81 miles per hour. that is at elevation up on the mountain but1 still miles an hour that's a good storm and that storm was well to the north we didn't s any rain across the area today. we did see some yesterday. right now 48 degrees, wind chills tonight isoing to drop quickly as well, 41 by 9:00, bnd cold 11:00. it's going to be a cold night, a cold start to your day tomorrow. getting to the b stopn tuesday, wind not as much of a factor but still achilly. lutdly. we're starting the day with temperatures area wide in the 20s. so the kids will want the jacket at the bus stop tomorrow. but plenty of sunshine to kick off youruesday and we'll have
5:41 pm
a few clouds developing in the afternoon hours. g lookind for recess with a high of 45. a high temperature right around 50 degrees. with theighter windst's going to feel warmer compared to today. 50 is our h averageh for this time of year. it's dry from start to finish tomorrow. you leave the umbrella at home, you're not going to need it on your wednesday. the day oo thursday is dry. by the evening hours, some showers maybe some snoweang into the area. friday we're tracking a storm system right now, but there are a lot of questions with the stm system. here's what we're thinking right now. this is all about the imperatures. cold enough for all snow? is it rain? is it a little bit of a mix?om bo line a storm system is looking likely thursday into friday. there's aor chance some rain and snow right now. doug,e this is one of th things where we have to get a little bit closer to friday to get more details. >> it's another small storm and these smaller storms are hard to
5:42 pm
predict, are they farther north or soh? north we get the snow, south is their warmer and rain. increasing clouds on thursday with the impending storm wednesday night into right now calling it a chance of rain or snow temperature around 47 degrees. chance for rain on saturday, not a big chance butomething we'r going to be watching. behind that storm system we dchangestically for the first week of march. hello, march bringing in the cold. i think it's going to sit here, not just the first week but maybe the first two weeks of marchta we'll below average, haveumerous storm chances maybe even a couple coastal storms, what's that mean? right now still way out there. i don't think we're done yet snow.he chances for we'll have a couple more into next ek. could be another one, right now it looks like it stays to the
5:43 pm
south sunday and monday. watch a lot over the next couple days. i can put my feet up tomorrow but -- maybe wednesday too and they're back down hitting the ground running for the thursday intoriday storm. maybe the storms and the snow and the polar vortex will all be done by april 22nd you think? >> april 22nd looks good. >> that's when we have the white house easter egg roll. it's set, the monda right after easter. families with kids under the age of 13 can enter for ticket it'll be done through the online lotto system. that opens up thursday morning. nners will be notified by the middle of march. this popar tradition on the south lawn, in case you're in a ifl ya pursuit thing it takes back 142 years to rutherford hayes. >> there have been years of discussion about where to place
5:44 pm
it and how to und itzblooe. the district has a new center for the homeless and it's in a key location. the news4 e-mai-team told y abou
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
it's taken years for a new d.c. homeless day center to
5:47 pm
become a reality. but today it opened a block from the white house. >> this is exciting. mark segraves introduces us to the woman who wl run the center and who spent ten years living on the streets. >> reporter: the new day center for homeless is located just a block from the white house in the heart of downtown d.c. tokyo derrickson n run it is center and says location is one of the most importants a pecks of the facility. >> we wa g to people job ready so we need downtown. >> reporter: the mayor agrees until now they had to be bussed to the closestocation in northeast. that's why this location was choser. >> close to transit, jobs, and not shut off in the corner of our city. >> reporter: she knows firsthand the struggles the homeless go through, shent s ten years sleeping on the streets. >> i slept in front of hous >> reporter: today she helped
5:48 pm
mayor bowser cut the ribbon on the new facility. >> in a city as prosperous as hours, we canet dor by our homeless neighbors. are you with me? >> reporter: the new center is a place where homeless canet basi comforts many of us take for granted, like laundry, computer access, a hair cut, a shower. but also, health care, job training, and help finding a home. >> are you okay there? >> i'm good. >> are you sure? >> reporter: derrickson something beyond those services to every person who walks through the doors. a smile and some love. >> i'm not going to do you like that. >> reporter: the district hasn't had a day center for homeless io wntown d.c. for more than a decade. and since the closing of the mlk center t homeless haven't had anywhere to go. it's located in the basement of the historic new york avenue presbyterian church, the same
5:49 pm
church abraham lincoln once worshipped. in the district, mark news4. if you'd like to help out the day center is looking for volunteers anddonations, too. pull up our nbc washington app eless center for the information you need. we may have seen the last of the falling trees but you need to hold onto yourll hats s when you head out tonight. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly, it's stillwh ping out there, folks. a lot of damage anready done to the gusting winds today, brick walls toppling, cars crushed. we're live with the impact across area. president trump is on his way to vet nam for his second summit with kim jong-un. and whilehe's overseas, michael cohen is going to be telling all to congress. live pictures from chicago as weawait r. kelly's release from jail any minute. the latest on the case against
5:50 pm
the star after a weekend behind bars. with a weekend begin storm team 4 weather alert. >> it's not done with us yet, folks. we are in weather alert at 6:00, and thes wind i still going strong. d whipping outside our studios here in northwe. you can see the gusts are still in the 20s and 30s across the region. >> doug will let us know whatft comes aer the winds die down later on t.toni first we go to aimee cho who begins our team coverage with the damage tha aseady been done. aimee? >> reporter: a lot of folks coming home from work right about now to this. take a look, a huge mess and the power i out. the wind took out a tree and the transforsr, still l of branchs and rubble left behind. you can see wiresthanging from power lines. neighbors tell us they've been without heat forrs hnd they're freezing and hoping the power will be turned back on soon. crews tell us an estimate when that happened.
5:51 pm
earlier today the wind destroyed a carn i this


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