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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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folks. we are in weather alert at 6:00, and thes wind i still going strong. d whipping outside our studios here in northwe. you can see the gusts are still in the 20s and 30s across the region. >> doug will let us know whatft comes aer the winds die down later on t.toni first we go to aimee cho who begins our team coverage with the damage tha aseady been done. aimee? >> reporter: a lot of folks coming home from work right about now to this. take a look, a huge mess and the power i out. the wind took out a tree and the transforsr, still l of branchs and rubble left behind. you can see wiresthanging from power lines. neighbors tell us they've been without heat forrs hnd they're freezing and hoping the power will be turned back on soon. crews tell us an estimate when that happened. earlier today the wind destroyed a carn i this neighborhood. this is all that's left of a
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fami's car after a transformer backseat, thehe rear windshield shattered and the trunk destroedestroyed. owner telling us he doesn't know what's next. >> i'm not feeling good now. >> reporter: the owner of the blue car said he just got home and parked before the transformerg came cra down. >> i was right inside when i heard a bang, i thoughtt was a car accident at first that's how loud it was. i missed it by maybe five minutes. >> reporter: in springfield, virginia, the weath destroying this brick wall. >> we came out the back and saw the wall had completely collapsed. it fell ove the sidewalk and into the cars. we were just very surprised. >> reporter: over in southeast d.c. ather close call. this tree fell into a house on highview terrace. they said no one was hurt.
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aop neighbor d by for support. >> the first thing i did was try to check on them, absolutely. you never know when it could happen. >> reporter: several neighbors also told news4 they've been tryi to get the city to cut down this tree for years because they were worried this would happen. >> called quite often but never got a response. i hope they take better care of it in the future. >> reporter: we asked the city for comment but not have not heard back. neighbors tell us they hope to see more takes down in the future to prevent accidents. >> want to reach out to someone about this see if we can get changed. >> reporter: in takoma park, the aty said you have to get permit before you can take trees down and you have to get a tree expert toome out and visit the tree in person. live in takompark, aimee cho, news4. let's turn to doug kammerer and find out when this is going to get calm. >> how far away before these things calm down out there?
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>> they are starting to calm now, still seeing the winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. no longer seeing 50 miles an hour we even saw 60 and 70 miles an hour. this is rivaling a storm we saw a year ago. a lothe current gusts right now, you notice we have 20s and 30s. where we don't have numbers here,u're not dealing with strong wind gusts at the top of the hour. .o we're not seeing them, that's good ne only 12 in easton, that tells you things continue tom c as we move through the rest of the noo night. winds diminish. a nice few days tomorrow and wednesday maybe thursday. then we're tracking our next snow chance, one o a couple over the next ten days. my updatedor 10 dayast up here in just about -- let me see what time'm up - 20 minutes. turning to politics. big week f president trump after saying he and north korean
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leader kim jong-un, quote, fell in love the two will be sharing the world stage yet again but the collapse of the president ump's long-term relationship with former fixer michael cohen will be on stage as well this week when cohen testifies on capitol hill. blayne alexander joins us now to break it down for us. >> reporter: we will be seeing an interesting split screen this week, a lot of focus on what michael cohen has to say to ha congress and wt his former boss, president trump has to say to north korea's leader. president trump headed for vietnam meeting with north korea's kim jong-un for round 2 of denuclearization >>talks. think we'll have a very tremendous summit. we want denuclearization. >> reporter: the p sounding optimistic despite u.s. intelligence officials saying there have been no steps from north korea to b scalek its nuclear weapons program since june whichummit last president trump called a success. >> he wrote me beautiful letters. and they're great letters.
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we fell in love. >> reporter: as the presidentep ares for hisalks in vietnam, back in washington h former attorney and fixer michael cohen gearing up for talks of his own. three days of capitolonill test both private and public. >> i think michael cohen poses a far greater definitely reputational risk to the president than robert mueller does right now given all the information he has about the president. >> reporter: last year cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and lying to congress about a scrapped trump tower proct in russia. his testimony s coming ascial counsel robert mueller is expected any day to hand over theng findi of his investigation to attorney general william barr, raising questions about what congress might do to make that report public. >> it will be leo go to the courts and subpoena mueller to testify and subpoena the administration. >> reporter: the president said he'll let his newly-appointed
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attorney general decide if he wants to release thepo . >> reporter: michael cohen's public testimony comes on wednesday before the house oversight committee. nbc news is covering the summitd aro the clock. lester holt is in vietnam, live coverage from him begins tomorrow with a special edition of nbc "nightly news." after a violent weekend in svenezuela, the u.s. increasing pressure on the maduro regime. mike pence putting sanctions on the venezuela.po the tion was trying to bring food and medicine in the country. pence flew to columbia overnight to meet with opposition leader, juan guadio. the u.s. right now represents
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guadio. in virginia the chaotic 2019 general assembly session is other. but lawmakers are bringing one debate home with them. w do you investigate sex assault allegations against the lieutenant governor. in controversial remarks lieutenant governor justin fairfax warned against what he called political lynching. even some democrats are pointing out not all accusers want to take their case to court. >> reporter: kerry delaney is a democratic delegate who has a th perspective o debate how to handle sexual assault allegations gainst the lieutenant governor. she used to work a as a rape cris crisis counselor. she makes the case you can lieve women and at the same time support due process for the accused. >> to be able to look a survivor in the eye and say i believe hat might hat person
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be their first feeling that they have a chance for justice. and that they have an opportunity to be heard. and i feel that that is an important part of due process. >> reporr: but in comments from the senate on sunday, lieutenant governor justin fairfax blasted the house republicans' version of due process to invite both women and fairfax to testify at a public hearing. fairfax insists the counters with the two women were consensual and saidl the crimi justice system is the right place for an inquiry. >> if we rush to judgment and allow for political without any due process, facts, evidence being heard i think we do acedisser to this very body we all service. republican party leaders call the lieutenant govern's comments self-serving writing asking for an investigation andf an opportunity the women to speak before the general assembly should be standar practice. as for delegate delaney she's learned not all survivors see
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the courts as a path toue process, justice. she also warns if the general assembly holds its own hearing itve could have nega consequences. >> it could hinder a future process, we don't want to do that. it's important we do this right and get this right. >> reporter: in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. an unfortunate turn into the investigation in a tragic carci nt. sources are telling news4 this vinging a mother was d drunk when she crashed her car earlier this month ine, bo six people died including five children. tracee wilkins hlo the new deents. >> reporter: six people died as a result of this single car crash in wie. the question then was why did the mini van leave the road, throwith five children fro car and later killing one adult. now sources with direct knowledg of the crash investigation tell news4 the
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driver and only survivor come dominique taylor waser u the influence. taylor sn here in aeck brace attending the funeral of the five children who were killed, including her two daughters, their cousins also died, zyair bradley, ryan mas anda marie harold. policeay none of th children were properly restrained. and then cornell simon, a passenger, was taken off life support and died because of his injuries. >> my child is gone. i will never see my child walk through my door no rmore. orter: his mother didn't want to speak to us but befse she had to say. >> an accident is an accident.
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>> reporter: a memorial sits here in honor of the six lives lost in the tragic acnddent. mary state police tell us they are still investigating once they are done with their t investigatioy'll pass their findings over to e'e prince geocounty state attorney's office. until then they have no further comment on the investigation. in bowie i'm tracee wilkins. we tried reaching out the to dominique taylor's families, but theyd decline comment. still to come, new revelations about robert kraft and his arrest in tha prostitution bust. these charges stem from an incident that occurred hours before his team reached the super bowl. a bit of a best picture surprise at the oscars last night. why "green book's" win is generating controversy. and amtrak wants to speed hings up on the northeast corridor, adam tuss will elain
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are. back at 6:15, we are still in weather alert mode for the strong windsn we've b dealing with for just about 24 hours now. >> it's likerd cup b shaking, rattling. we should be done with the strongest gusts by now. >> amelia draper joins us in the studio to tell us why the wind has been so fierce today. >> to talk about today we have to look at the weather pattern the last few days. the weekend you were dealing with rain saturday, saturday night and showers lingering aaround thea on sunday. that associated with low pressure.
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that low pressure was f mainly up in canada and then we had high pressure that started moving in, moving in to parts of the midwest as that area of low pressure stayed up in canada. typically with low pressure this is where we get our storm systems, rain, snow, hurricanes, tornados, with high pressure this is where we see sunny skies and we have to talk about how e winds move. winds always move from high pressure to low pressure and en you put two different air yas of pressure next to each other, this creates the pressurr ient force. what we saw and are seeing right now is winds goiig from to low pressure. we get the gradient force trying the pressure is to equalize. we're trying to get in a state of balance out there with the weather. as that happens you get your winds and wheny you have two v different areas of pressure, you have those strong winds. we'll continue to see strong winds aoss the area over the next few hours. not an issue tomorrow b we
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have snow potentially in the forecast. doug has more on that at 25 guys? new plans tonight to push your arak ride to higher speeds on the northeast corridor. the fastest trip right now is about 2 hours 45 d.c. to new york. amtrak wants to make it even faster. our transportation reporter adam tut is union station tonight to explain why it's all about the tilt. >> reporter: theortheast corridor amtrak experience is going to change. and soon. >> looking at every curve, every possibility where we can improve the trip time. >> reporter: look at this new video. amtr amak trains, tilting, leaning into curves to get as much speed as possible. current trains can go a high as 150 miles an hour, they do tilt a bit but rarely do they maintain that speed.
6:17 pm
actrk telling news4 these next ineration trains are going to be rollingn a coupl years and should d shaven time on the trips. >> if you did a nonstop train, so you're eliminating your stops between here and new york, you could look at a 2 and a hal hour trip time. >> reporter: why has it been so hard to get faster trains between d.c. and boston. >> y need a straight right of way in order to pick up speed. and so for many of our communities who are clustered ound the path of the tracks, you know, it's difficult for them. >> reporter: that's whychilting logy and smoother more now weight upgraded trains in the works. the reality is amtrak doesn't just havela p for the trains, it has plans for union station in washington and that could have a big effect wn youther or not you take the trn.
6:18 pm
a massive renovation scheduled to start in the fall. here are some of theri rens what it's going to look like. some areas havetaed to change, railings have come down, giving more walkingspace, for example. >> when customers get here, we want them to have a first class experien >> reporter: amtrak putting huge plans in motion to brieng the northeast corridor up to speed. >> reporter: hunt is on for the black boxes in the cargo plane in houston. those bay waters are shallow but the debris field covers roughly 180,000 square feet. investigators are concerned the plane's flight recorders will be buried so deeply in the mud it y be almost impossible to detect theng pingi gnals.
6:19 pm
the flight was contracted by amazon prime. break for thousands of local federal workers who were facing a year's long wait to find child ce for the kids. scott macfarlaneew and the i-team first revealed the problem a year ago. scott joins us with an update. >> for years congressional staffers have faced the mot of all child care back logs, with 15,000 congressional staffers across the country, there were just a dozen spots available. our report last year showed a two to three year wait list and parents told us they had to quick workingnor congress some cases because they couldn't secure spots there. renovations are complete, a larger childare open has opened in southwest, a walk away self.the capital here's an imagine of the new space. house administrators say it's larger and the wait list is smaller. the u.s. house of appropriations
6:20 pm
committee held hearings onhe oblem, saying the new child care center was a priority to ensure the best and brightest parents remain on the hill scott macfarlane, thank you, scott. thousands of 9/11 survivors and their families are still dealing with health issues caused by the toxins at ground zero and the fund set up to help them is almost out of money. three months was spent digging through the pile of toxic debris at ground zero and many as a result have developed cancer or other illn ses. the victim compensation funds awards to help them. comedian john stewart has come to washington so many tim to champion this issue. he returned today asking congress for a permanent solution. >> we brought friends down here fore they're not here anymore.
6:21 pm
now it's coress' job to fund it properly. today a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the house and senate introduced a measure that called for permanent funding. appointment not only the flight attendant that could be watching you at 30,000 feet if you look closely some of the inflight screens on set back have cameras. before you fret, airlines say they're not using them to spy on you. airlines say the cameras are there for future options, like seat-to-seat video conferencing. and some airlines said they didn't know the screens had them, the manufacturers just included them as an option. breaking news tonight, singer r. kelly heading home.wh happened today in chicago after he spent the weekend in f ja the sex charges. doug is looking ahead for
6:22 pm
our nt chanc for winter weather and
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the guys are singing shallow from last night. i'm nokidding. >> it gets in your head. it's like wow. >> now you have to listen to the whole song. >> you dnin't rec it. >> no. >> it's a duet. >> it'sot as steamy as lady gaga and mr. cooper. >> it was quite something. >> yeah, it was. >> i'm going to do that, i'm going to just start singing. > let'alk about weather.
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>> why not? >> that's what i'm here for anyway. let's see how things are going on outside right now. still on the windy side. a nice shot, clear skies. ou can see how clear the atmosphere is. 48 degrees right now, winds out of the wes at 16 miles per hour. the wind chills down into the 30s. still sees winds upwards ofle 3 ger hour. 21 in fredericksb and leesburg. no more0,0 mile an hour winds, that's good news. we will not continue to see much in the wayag of d reports a few more trees down, it's possible. but look at the damage reports from earlier today. in the blue these areind reports of high winds. and the other color here, the greer color, you can see a house and tree there, these are ere trees fell, whether across roads or houses.
6:26 pm
this was one here in the dawsonville area where both directions of river road were closed. massachusetts avenue was closed. a lot of regions closed z because of downed trees and wires. the storm brought snow new england. for us look back to the west, not a lot happening here. we have some clouds that should stay to the north tomorrow. not a bad day tomorrow, 50 degrees. 49 on your wednesday. 50 on thursday before our next chance of rain and snow thursday night into friday morning. much more on this and theer pa for march. it's looking cold. we'llt talk about in 15 or 20 minutes. let's live to breaking news from chicagt r. kelly jus minutes ago released on nd. he's in the black car hding home. >> these are live pictures from our sister station in chicago after kelly leaves for his home
6:27 pm
after a weekend behind bars. after a weekend behind bars. mo onre
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>> announcer: u're watching news4 at 6:00. and we have breaking news now at 6:30, r. kelly just released from jail in chicago minutes ago. >> he posted a $100,000 bail allowing him to go free while awaiting trial on sex abuse charges. these are live pictures fromic o. >> where he had to spend the weekend in jail because he was not able at the time to put up that -- the singerid plead not guilty after he did spend the
6:30 pm
today. behind bars >> he came out moments ago. here's video of him walking alongside his attorney. now three of kelly's accusers were you teenagers at the time they say he abused them. he has denied doing anything wrong. again, kelly's bond was initial lysette at1 million and he's going free now. just left right now forhome. you saw the small caravanthere, a car behind a big van. as part of hisse r he must surrende his passport and avoid ontact with anyone under the age of 18. again, those were video shots just moments ago. let's listen to the attorney. o we're getti hands on these tapes through the tenth month investigation we've undertaken on a pro bono basis around the country. >> again, r. kelly a free man this evening. we'll have more on nbc "ghtly
6:31 pm
news" at 7:00. prosecutors in florida say new england priots owner robert kraft solicited a prostitute on the same weekend his team won the spot in the super bowl. charges documents allege he visited a prostitute on the morning of january 20th, he was in kansas cy for the champion game later that none. he's one of dozens of men charged in a largerve inigation. the county prosecutor did not talk about kraft specifically but mahe did discuss the issue human trafficking. >> in cases like this it's not n uncommon for w to be lured with the promise of a better lifend high paying job only to be stuck in a brothel or sweat shop. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have video evidence to back up their allegations against
6:32 pm
kraft and other defendants. kraft denied doing anything illegal, he is due in court in april. last year the red flag law went into effect in marylans its purpose take away or stop someone buying a gun if they're considered a threat to themselves or others. law enforcementells us it's helping to cut down on domestic violence cases. cory smith uncovers new details how it's working in montgomery county. >> reporter: last year there were 20 homicide h montgomery county. 11 of them were relate today domestic violence. nowov those 11, nine involved a handgun. the montgomercounty sheriff id those statistics paint a clear picture of how important the state's new red flag is. >> the red flag l is 100% saving lives. >> reporter: less than an hour ago, the sheriff outlined the impact of the red flag laws.
6:33 pm
422 petitions have been filed i maryland and nearly have have been granted, 203 cases in which police officer or mental health expert asked the court to take dwguns out ofs the hands ofeone they thought was a danger to themselves or others. the sheriff said taking guns out of their hands makes everyone fer. >> t most important part is during the week after the order has been served many of the responders have been taken for treatment. >> reporter: one more thing to mention, m tyland is only state where these red flag petitions can be filed 24/7. the sheriff said that has also played a major roll in curtailing domestic violence here in montgomery county and across the state. we're in montgomery county, cory smith news4. the 29 red flag petitions in montgomery county have resulted in at leas 80 firearms being taken by police.
6:34 pm
and today was gun day in napolis. delegates heard argument on 16 gun related bills, one would allow pa rischers to be armed inside church, another requires a license and a background check for all rifle and shut begun purchases, anotheroutlaws the possession, sale or creation of 3-d printed guns. later this week the senate will hold hearings on similar trial resumes tomorrow for a man accused of raping, robbing, and murdering an artist living in the district. prosecors said surveillance images and dna evidence connect the defendant to the murder of the victim. on the stand today, artist mel chin and one of the victim's
6:35 pm
other colleagues. through emotional testimony they toldhe jury about finding her tied up in her basement ap ctment aouple blocks off the eighth street corridor. investigators tell us after stabbing knesta stabbing neil he took her debit card and rer. dent trump promising a huge celebration on the national mall for the fourth of july, which is making people in d.c. say, wait, don't we already do that? andd ho celebrates the history made on oscar night. but there is a bit of backlash over the winner of best picture. >> 29 in hagerstown, 42 in d.c. i'll show what you the rest of the week holds,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
president trump says he wants to host a fouh of july
6:38 pm
celebration at the lincoln memori memorial, complete with fireworks. if his tweet had you scratching your head today, you're not alone. the district already hosts independence day festivities every year, including a parade, fireworks and concert. and mayor muriel bowser says making sure the 1 million people who come into town are safe takes significant planning. >> to make sure that all the larticipants are safe down on the m is not something you can wing. and moving the president during that, it could be a very coiderable undertaking for our mpd. >> the national park service says no decisions have been made. adding it will work on creating a salute to america program that will bring americans together from in celebration of our great naacon. bklash surrounding the
6:39 pm
oscar's best picture. thegr "n book" polarized critics. some say it candy coated the racism he faced coming into theo uth. his family said they were notac cod until it had been completed. spike lee who won best adapted screen play for his work on "blackkklansman" did not hide his feelings about "green book" last night. lee became disgusted and tried to leave the theater when the winner was announced. afterwards lee was askedesbout the picture winner and responded this is my sixth gss and you know why. >> enough said from him. >> a woman's plan to start a family sends her in search of her biological parents. and after several online dna tests. >> the first thing she said to me was julie, i was 15 when i got pregnant.
6:40 pm
>> next at 6:00 we kick off dna week with a success story how woman found her parents and a lot more. doug is bac with th 10 day forecast and c
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checking our top storiest 6:42. a storm team 4 weather alert because of the dangerous winds. the gusts so strong they knocked over a brick wall in sp ngfield. in southeast d.c. this happened, the tree coming down on a home. president trump on his way to vietnam right now for another summit with northkorea. u.s. intelligence officials say the regime has taken no concrete
6:43 pm
steps to scale back its nuclear weapons program sin the first summit last june. it won't be nuclear, c but ould be fallout on capitol hill midweek when the president's former fixer, michael cohen delivers public testimony to congress. following that breaking news out of chicago, singer r. kelly, as you can see in the video, just released from jail after posting bond. he's accused of sexually abusing four women, three allegedly thnors at the time o incident. the 52-year-old has denied any wrong doing. millions of people are turning to home dna test kits to unlock information about their health and family history. >> tonight doreen gentzler has reaction from a northern virginia woman who took several tests and is now sharing her story and the surprising eesults. >> reporter: m than 18 million americans have mailed in their saliva to aab commercial in hopes of retracing their
6:44 pm
trots and uncovering clues about their family . we spoke to a northern virginia mother who took three genetic tests to connect with long lost relatives. and the endinghaed everything she thought she knew about herself. it's a secret julie newberger's parents took to t iir grave. >>as adopted at birth but it was a family secret. a cousin came and told me she felthi there was som i had a right to know. >> reporter: so began the journey to find her birth parents. n stat i was interested i having a child of my own. for that reason and others i my ed to learn more about ancestry and healthst y. >> with her adoption records sealed, julie turned to those at-home dna tests for clues. >> this chart shows each of my
6:45 pm
cousins' chromosomes and where we overlaszlo pentek. >>. >> reporter: it looks like a lot. she finally got a close match, her uncle. >> he was relatively anonymous but through some amateur detective work i was able to e figure out whos. >> reporter: as julie poured over the complicated strands of her family's dna, she finally connected with her biological mother by phone. >> i think the first thing sheo said me was julie i was 15 when i got pregnant. >> reporter: turned out her parents were high school sweet hearts but they weren't ready to raise a baby. >> when i first saw aficture knewrth dad, that's when i it was real. >> reporter: after putting their baby up for adoption, the couple went theireparate ways, only to reunite years later. >> later on in lif they found each other again and got back
6:46 pm
together and got married. so they had two children of their own, my fullgi biol brother and sister. >> reporter: at one point all of them were living just a few miles apart in new york. >> there are many possibilities for us having crossed paths. and t fact they had tried to find me and we were so close together, you know, but weren't able to is just incredible. we had to goth through is. >> reporter: and the dna tt revealed more than a new family. were there thingshat surprised you when you -- along your journey? >> very much so. in my adopted family i had been told that i was russian, german, polish. raised in a jewish family. and sure enough when i tested my dna, it came up that i w primarily italian. so that was aho big because, you know, when you grow up feeling this kinship, you know, owith a group people and then you find out that that's not
6:47 pm
really who you are -- >> reporter: julie's search had an amazingly happy ending but she knows it could have been much different. >> i know that it opens up drs to, you know, conversations and family secrets that people may not be ready to talabout and hear about. >> reporter: cingp tomorrow night doreen has a closer look at how police are using dna to cack cold cases and why your genetic informati be examined even if you have never taken one of these tests. a big night. jimmy fallon is marking a huge anniversary on "the tonight show." celebrating five years as host with a special episode. it will be sort of an homage to the sitcom, "the larry sanders show" taking people behind the scenes and lots of celebrity guests. and before jimmy whereby at
6:48 pm
11:00 tonight, dangerous cook ware, tune in toews4 at 11:00 for something that could easily happen in your kitchen without a warning. a popular type of cook ware exploding. it's happening. we're goingo tell you what's behind it and what you need to know to keep everyone in your house safe from flying shards of glass. this has nothing to do with the wind out there. >> no. >> this is -- >> although we did see that. >> this is the glass at a certain level. in >> that's somecompletely different. i saw pictures of signs down,s tr down, power outages across the area. it was a windy day. that's an understatement. we don't see days we have 50, 60 miles an hour in our region often. this is how it was looking earlier today as planes were landing, the pilots they get their work in on days like this. if you're on one of those planes, i'm sure u many of have been on planes like that, it's a tough one out there. tch this. made it down okay, though.
6:49 pm
those winds now beginning to b subsi subside across ourgi . the wind gusts, 44 around d.c., 58 leesburg, 61 cumberland, ryland. these are other numbers, silver spring 60. gats 58. hagerstown 65. look at wintergree yes, elevation on the mountain, but 81 mil that's just incredible. let's double that and go to 162, that was mount washington today, mount washington, new hampshire, 162 mile an hour wind gusts with this same storm system. the sun made its way a downost an hour ago, looks nice, temperaturesdropin to the 3s by around 11:00. we're not goihe to see wind gusts over 20, 30, 40 miles per hour. still a little bit of wind. and that's going to give us a windchild.
6:50 pm
32 gaithersburg. 45 in leesburg. it's a chilly night. a cold start tomorrow morning too for the kids at the bus stop or you're out and aboutad early g to work it's going to be chilly, 29 at the b. st cooler to the suburbs, colder in the suburbs, recess around 45 degrees and 50 in the evening. wednesday and thursday right around average. thursday night into friday we're tracking a storm system that s could bring rain or snow. we'll track it forov you closel the next couple days but the pattern changes again. chce of rain on saturday most likely staying to the south of us. on sunday noticeow much colder we get, the cold air moving back in for really the first half of march. the jet stream dipping down acss the east. much of the country will be
6:51 pm
below average as we head into the first couple of weeks of march, and that means a couple storm threats, too. i don't think we're done wh snow chances, yet. a chae nex tuesday and wednesday. something we'll track for you in the next ten days and beyond. isn't it flying again, the year? >>yeah. doug, thank you. coming , still no idea where bryce harper will.nd but an interesting new offer to keep him in.c. >> sherree burruss is here with >> sherree burruss is here with sports next.
6:52 pm
>> sherree burruss is here with sports next. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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nnouncer: this is the xfinity sports desk. where will bryce harper end up? where oh >>ere? hat is a wonderful question. we keep checking twitter, media everything, wondering where will bryce harperst go. hen it seems like the bryce harper sweep stakes nearing an end another team
6:55 pm
reentered the bidding, the los ith him dodgers met over the weekend. so we're still waiting to see where he will sign. ck in the district a local donut shop trying to convince him to stay. district donut tweeting hey, at bryce harper we will give you unlimid donuts for life if you day with the do-nats. >> that's clevt. >> got us thinking, what would you do? what would yout that much to keep you in d.c.? i'd say i want a lifetime supply of pancakes from martin's tavern. >> nice. >> if you haven't had them, i recommend him. >> i'd like the salary they're offering him, that would keep me here. but i want the krispy kreme donuts from route 1 in alexandria. that's the original -- >> they have to be ho
6:56 pm
placethat's the original >> doug, what would entice you? >> for me it's t gotbe maybe lifetime caps tickets and pregame wings. >> good luck. >> you have to do the good luck wings. >> you look good with wings. >> yeah. >> n you'der go hungry. >> for me, coffee 24/7, different coffee shop in d.c., they're springing up every day. how fould you be? . >> is it all caffeinated? >> you may be running laps around d.c. >> that may be enough to out of d.c. >> i'm going to live at the kreme pl what enticed patrick corbyn to come to d.c., how about $140 million, he was nearly picture perfect in his first start, first inning gets a
6:57 pm
ground out to defoe at short. a one, two, three inning in his first start. and then facing the reining rookie of the year, catches a look in. doesn't wait long for his second, striking out tyler flowers. hetruck out two, but the braves got the win 9-4. last week weea led pep hamilton was named the general manager and head coach. today former redskins head coach named seattle's xfl team head coach, his last head coaching gig in 2008/2009 with the washington redskins where he went 12 and 20. zorn known for his time with the se hawks.
6:58 pm
the nhl trade deadline happenin the columbus blue jackets busy this week. a lot to report. including the athletic reporter tom reed. he used his phoneo record the interview. check out what happened when the coach saw t phone was ringing. >> i -- this is reed. mrs.eed? this is john tort relow, i'm in the middle of a press confence here. that's okay i'd rather talk to you than your son.on i'll be -- i seen you call a few times. sot' rude of -- it's rude of him not to call you back but 's busy right now. it's nice talking to you. okay. have a nice day. >> nice. >> that was brilliant. >> seems polite. >> i'd be so embarrassed if i was him. >> i like he sided with the
6:59 pm
wife. thank you. thank u for joiningyo
7:00 pm
tonight, the new intimate details police are revealing as they issue an arrest warrant for the billionaire owner of the new england patriots, now officially chged with soliciting prostitution. prosecutors in florida take aim at a larger problem in society. >> it's about time the country has a real conveation about human trafficking, which is modern-day slavery in our midst an urgsearch in texas. why did a massive 767 suddenly h fall out of sky, plunging 6, 000 feet in just 10 seconds, killing evyone on board? our team is with investigators diving for those black boxes, critical clues to those terrifying final moments. president trump on his way to that second summit with kim jong-un, and lester is tre. his report on the ground from


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