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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to the data collected by dna companies. we begin the hour with the weather aler the rad showing you the rain rolling into the region. >> that's not all we're facing for this weekend. some of us could see a bigger storm on sunday. that's right. doug has his eyes on all three days ahead from the storm. cent we start with rain tonight? going to be ugly? >> it is going u to bey everywhere tonight? mostly rain especially from the d.c. metro area down to the south. north already mixing in here sleet and freezing rain. that's going to be aig issue. and eventually snow in our colder areas, frederick, watchtown, martinsburg, out in these areas. tt right now it is the rain coming into area just in time for the evening rush. a lot more where this came you can see how extensive this storm is making its way across our region overnight tonight. it's causing big problems to the north and west. d.c. not in the winter weather
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advisory, but one issued for front royal, rtinsburg, towards hagerstown and frederick, maryland. going to see the potential for sn ice at higher elevations. and then look at this, a winte stor watch in our northwestern zones for sunday. have a storm now, we had a storm this morning, another one on sunday and that's not the only thing i'm watching in the ten day forecast. much more on this we'll see you back here in a few minutes. now is the perfect time to download our nbc washington app with the forecast updated by our storm team 4. >> a man is dead a woman injured after a mid afternoon shooting here on the suiand parkway. this was the scene near silver hill road around 2:00. park police tell us they don't know who opened fire or why. right nowhe eastbound lanes of suitland parkway remain closed
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from silver hill road to nailer road right here during e evening rush hour on a friday. stay tuned to news4 we'll bring you updates ase they c in. >> reporter: also in prince george's county, a tragic situationnvolving the death of a 1-year-old boy this evening, an 11-acar-old girl isg charges in the connection. police saying the child assaulted the baby. we are t the girl had been watching the baby at her family's home at the time. cory smith joins us live with details on the story. ry, not an easy one. >> reporter: erika, i'll tell you, this is just tragic all the way around. that little boy's name was paxton davis. he had just celebrated his first birthday on february the 8th. i spoke to his parents. they are shocked, they are saddened, they are confused about how this chald have ened. let's show you pictures of paxton first as we detail what
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investigators told us today. according to police that 11ear-old girl admitted t assaulting paxton when her mother left to run an errand sunday morning. paxton's tarents sayy were initially told his injuries were caused by a fall, but upon further investigation police say it was clear to them that paxton had been assaulted. hisay parents he was beaten with something that caused severe injuries to his upper body and a skull fracture. davis and the 11-year-old girl are not related but their families do know each other. tonight the one question detectives are still trying to answer is why. >> it was clear from the beginning that the injuries that paxtonfe sd were not consistent with normal play of a 1-year-ot . i doow what motive there would be in a situation like this for an 11-year-old to intentionally inflict injuries on a 1-year-old. >> reporter: that 11-year-old girl is being detained in a juvenile detention center, she' charged with first degree child
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abuse. given her age police will not release her name. we also ask the detectives if that 11-year-old girl's -- >>. it's hard to believe it's been five years since -- from that homeless shelter where she was staying with her family. today, d.c. police say they are no giving up trying to find her. police are releasing thisot raph of what s look -- khalil tatum, he was
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the -- her colleagues voted to censure her. tracee wilkins has a look at what happens next. >> we feel strongly that our representative, delegate lisanti should resign. >> reporter: some of the people who votedn for mary santi, are calling for her to step down after she admitted to ung the n word to describe a omprant african-american legislative district in prince george's county. >> she represents me and i take my time to make sure me and my children go to the polls and i'm
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really, really disappointed. >> reporter: they were joined by a number of leaders from civ rights and minority organizations around maryland, including the black caucus. >> now she's saying i didn't say that. to me sheoundsike governor ralph northam. >> reporter: on wednesday, angela bralks addressed the delegate's comments. >> her views and comments were hurtful, ignorant. >> resolution of censure -- >> reportehe last night general assembly voted censure mary an lisanti but she said she's not stepping down. >> rolling up your sleeves and attacking political and racial diversity that is tearing the fiber of our nation and state is hard work, but i'm up for the challenge, and that is why i am staying. >> reporter: she also said s'd like to meet with alsobrooks. apokesperson said that won't happen any time soon. >> right now the county
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executive's focus is not on the delegate. it's on serving the people of prince george's county, that's why i'm standing here today. >> reporter: why there are more calls for mary ann lisanti to be ex illed, the house making it clear they've done as much as they can because she has not done anything criminal > >> lisanti said she's planning on hiring a new staff member to help her reach out to minoritnts in her cou reaking news re this evening, one man is dead after being shot multiple times in southeast washington in a parking lot here on wade road southeast. that's near berry farm reck center. jackie bensen joins us from d.c. police's seventh district station. jackie, what are you learning? >> reporter: this murder is still underga active inveson and we do not yet know the
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reon why thisonfrontation turned deadly. it was 11:00 this morning, we have some video to show you, when gun shots wered heard in the 2600 block of wade road. video from the scene shows a bullet hole through thewi shield of at least one car. now the shooting leaves a man dead. he is said to be an adult, but his name and exactlyhere he lives has not yet been released. >> so we have a neighborhood dispute. somebody decides to introduce a firearm into that dispute. and now we have a family who's lost somebody. >> it's unfort sate but itms to be pretty much the norm. >> reporter: now the shooting happened not far from a.c. charter school, just about a block or two away. it is not clear at this point whether or not that school was placed on lockdown while police were on the scene this morning. live in southeast washington,
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jaie bensen, news4. an environment group says the trump national golf course in virginia is putting voters at risk. we explain the tree cutting controversy. >> reporter: from chopper 4 flying overol trump national club you can see trees cut down, trunks leftrin the r. a local environmental group received a complaint this week about the trees from a school that teaches kayaking on the potomac. >> our concerns are thing cut caused damage to the river and this created a potential safety hazard for kids taught to paddle in white water right at the river front near thisci ty, near the golf course. >> reporter: loudon county tells us it sent inspeors to look into the complaints, they sent us a statement saying there appears to be a number of issues with trees removed from the flood plain. the statement from loudon county says i hopes to determine by next week whether a violation of
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the ordinance. occurred and if so, what the appropriate course of action would be. about ten years ago, members of the community reacted when trump national cut down hundreds of trees toimprove the view of the potomac river from the golf urse. people who live in the community now differ over wheth trees should be cut down or not. >> growing up here, i personally enjoy the view more. >> i know along the river there's many other places you can get a goo look at the river without taking down more trees. >> reporter: we've reached out to the golf club for comment, but so far we have not heard back. reporting from loudon county, chris gord news4. a 13-year-old arrested and charged for a local crime spree. too young to drive, police e say he used a getaway bike after breaking into stores.wa what h stealing and how
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they finally caught him. there are more women inof ce than ever before so why is it against t law to call someone anchairwom? someone anchairwom? a look
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all this week we've been looking at the impact of dna testing from the good and the bad to the . unexpect >> we have learned a whole lot. tonight we end our series with a glimpse into the future. here's news4's doreen gentzler. >> chances are you or someone you know has done one of those do-it-yourself dna test kits to learn about your ancestry or your health. have you ever wondered what happens to that genetic data that's being collected? it's theny silicone valley compa with the world's largest data base for genetic research.
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over the past 12 years ann -f nder and ceo of 23 and me has turred her into a billion dollar empire. >> we have 5 million customers people are empowered with their genetic information once you get this first taste of lrning about yourself it changes how you think about your health overall. >> now she's venturing into new territory, offering customers a irchance to give t dna a second life through medical research, searching for cures through age-old diseases. >> how can i crowd source this information? i can, i can partner with cademic researchers, bio tech companies, how can we all who have an interest come together and say i want a solution and information. >> more than 4 million customers have pted in, tand results
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come through on migraine and cancer. d a genetic link to depression. >> i think about success for me for the company is the impact we have on human life. >> she's not done yet. now, turning her attention to a topic that hits close to him. >> myx-sband has the genetic risk factor for parakin son's. >> he found out he was a carrier of parakin son's after taking his then wife's test. last year, 23 and me announced a partnership with glak koe smith cline to find a cure for the disease. the company's massive data base may be making strides for science, yet it also poses some
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serious questions about privacy. but she said your participation doesn't have to be permanent. >> you can delete your account. if you don't want to participate any more, withdraw, totally. >> there's a setting toll you to withdraw on the 23 and me website. we're told that 80% of customers have in to have their dna used for research purposes. as for the company 23 and me, it continues to grow. the ceoays they get a lot of job apicants and their acceptance rate is .4%. compare that to harvard and stanford, about 5% o12 times easier to get into those schools than to get a job at 23 and me. one out of eve o five their employees has a ph.d. it's mind bogglg to consider the research capabilities if you combine the kd of money
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they're talking about with the genetic data available. so there's a l of promise to what's being done with these do-it-yourself dna test kits. >> a whole new world out there. doreen, thanks so much. all week we have learned a lot. >>o have i. howard university is celebrating its 152nd anniversary of its founding students and alumni commemorating the founding today with an address from charles d. king, the founder and ceo of macro, a media company representing people of color. during the event he was awarded an honorary doctor of humane tt s. all right. friday night we're in storm team 4 weather alout. so ifre headed out this evening, messy hair,on't care, take the umbrella, nobody is going to look at you, stay in a dark corner.
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it's gross outside tonight it's prettyth getting >> that's the thing. i talked to a friend of mine who manages a i said tonight is going to be really nasty. tomorrow is the night to go out. if you have dinner ans, try tomorrow. i know it may be late notice for a first date, do you mind if we go tomorrow? >> it doesn't work on a first date. >> it doesn't. i'm saying, try it. >> you're willing to walk in a blizzard foromebody on first date. >> good point. i haven't done that in so long it's been 20-something years i wouldn't know. out there right now, dealing with rain, snow, ice. look at the map,rg northern ia right now, d.c. starting to see the rain moving in, even into montgomery county sre. looking like somt of a mix, even some snow in towards upper montgomery county, fredeckck county, towards winchester. if you're watching me right now, i want to kno wha you're seeing. the radar doesn't always do a
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great depiction what we're going, go to my facebook page or twitr, and let me know what you're seeing. pe're seeing different weather because of the tratures here. look at the rain coming in. this is the one thing we know for sure. it's goingbe t mess for every one tonight. snow to the north, about where it is rightno heavy rain along the i-95 corridor, continuing to snow toward the north. d.c. it's jus wet here. not white but white possibly to that's why i think we'll have vyissues. rain at times in the d.c. metro area. take the coat and the umbrella. this will all be okay tomorrow morning. so brunch looking okay. winter weather advisory not including d.c., all areas to the west, hagerstown, martinsburg, along the i-81 heads up in this area. another storm on sunday. amelia for this same area that storm will most likely be
5:20 pm
bigger. >> absolutely and more significant snowfall potentially. the national weather service has a weather o alert for our frnday storm for the counties in blue. erick county in virginia, as well as maryland, washingtonan county, thendle of west virginia. this starts sunday morning and runs through monday morning. this is issued because of heavy snow in the forecast. that's going to lead to snow covered roads and not only delays but potentially cancellations monday mornings. here's future weather for sunday, 10:00 a.m. we're dry, get out during the morning hours no problem for most of us. but midday hours notice snow moving in, with snow in parts oy nd, the district seeing a bit of a rain/snow mix as we move into the late afternoon early eveningur the rain snow line along the i-95 ecorridor. asead into the evening and overnight hours, temperatures will be nearsteady, eve slowly
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warming. what that means we start to see rain for the entire d.c. metro area, snow to the north. ht.s is midn notice how most of the area is just seeing rain but the snow hanging on in areas like hagerstown. this system is out of here by about 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. on mond i but this is what e leaves behind as far as snowfall totals go. don't think anything for the district and areas south and east. parts of montgomery county, prince willm, inch or areas like hagerstown and north couldee 4 to 7 inches. so an incredible snowfallnt gradn the forecast for sunday into early monday. >> not a good date night sunda nigh either. just putting it out there for you. saturday is the good date day, 53 degrees. 39 on look at all next week. 32 for a high on wednesday. that is close to 20 degrees below average.
5:22 pm
overnight low temperatures in the teens andow 20s and there's a few more storms late next week. maybe you guys can sell a dating forecast tinder or something. >> i'm working on that. patent pendingy. alread don't start -- >> thank you, doug. from 55 tore 40, theoing to drop the limitffective tomorrow. how this move will keep you safe. a new name for the wte a new name for the wte house people aren't talking about how much a new name for the wte house money they saved buying giant brand chicken. they're not talking about how our
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this afternoon president trump touted that his administration ooto warmbier and three other americans freed from north korea. while he says he holds the north responsible for warmbier's death, mr. trump did not walk back his statement that he believes kim jong-un had no knowledge of it. in a statement warmbier's parents wrote kim and his regime ar responsible for, quote, unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity, addino excuses or lavish praise can change that >> we are 11 months out from the first primary of 2020 and as of today democrats officially have at least 11 different candidates to choose from. >> climate is changing.
5:26 pm
>> new ergy future. >> climate change. >> we should be dealing with climate change. >> that's washington state governor jay inslee entering the crowd field earlier, and he mawasted no time making c change the main focus of his campaignlaunch. >> this is our moment to put the greatest threat to our existence, to o onomy, to our health at the very top of the nation's agenda. >> inslee isn currently his second term as governor. before that he spent 15 years in congress. a major change in the speed limit on a busy highway in the area. the reason driversave to slow down to 40 on a part of the bw rkway this weekend. the push to ban styrofoam everywhere in the state of maryland and the penalti for those that don't obey the law. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in
5:27 pm
mcclhere police have put a stop to a cone-kidme spree. coming upe'll sho wwnasty frida
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
area. area, a the d.c. metro little bit of a mix here, sle freezing rain around
5:30 pm
gaithersburg, leeshrg. wa out jefferson county, forwards west virginia you're seeing some of that snow. it is one nasty night on your friday, but we're just getting started, the weekend looking nasty as well. especially on sunday, a winter storm watch in effect for sunday, some of you could see a lot of snow. >> you got our attention. doug we'll seeou in bit. a look at our top stories. an 11-year-old girl is facing charges in connection to the death ofr- a 1-yd baby. police in prince george's county say that girl had een left in charge of the baby. they say she admitted to assaulting him at some point. the baby's parents say he was eaten with something tha caused severe injuries to his upper body and a skull fracture. maryland delege mary ann lisanti has been censured by her colleagues now there are more calls forer to resign. she admitted to using a racial slur to descbe parts of prince
5:31 pm
george's county. today civil rights groups called for her resignation. she said she won't step down. >> breaking tonight, a man is killed and a woman injured after they were shot inside a car on suitland parkway. police tell us someone opened fire on their vehicle. ouard bou suitland parkway is blocked off at nailer road as police invest he's one of the youngest accused criminals we've ever hearabout. ou might call what he's done a one-kid crimespree. >> here it is. all unfolding behind us. the suspect accus of breaking into more than half a dozen businesses and doing thousands of dollars in damage. >> in a story you'll see onl on news4, julie carey explains what got s after and how he stopped. >> reporter: he enters in the middle of the night holding a flashlight in his mouth.
5:32 pm
with security camera video showing a burglar with skinny legs and an uncertain manner. the owner of this cigar store figured it was someone >>young. thought someone in his 20s. >> reporter: he never imagined what news4 told him toda this criminal just 13 years ol he caused thousands of dollarsa in dand stole thousands of dollars in tobacco products. seven businesses were hit, some multiple times. >> 13 years old. >> that is really shocking. absolutely shocking. >> reporter: at mclean cigar, h got in by busting out the front door, bypasses $3,000 humidors, $1,500 lighters, as his flashlights leads him to cigarettes. surveillance videohows his getaway vehicle, his bicycle.
5:33 pm
here he took a hammer to what he thought was the security system an headed to the cigarette rack. in late january he g caught smoking with buddies on the roof of this elementary school and the custodian thatth caught , caught up to one of the kids and got their names. >> i'mis glad for sake. if somebody that age is committed this kind of nonsense, maybe somehow the system will coehect hisior or go through some therapy or some punishment. >> reporter: the boy faces nine juvenile petitions or charges. he's released on court ordered super on. we have a warning tonight for drivers who use the bw parkway. starting tomorrow the stretch of the highway between routes 197 and 32 will have a lower speed limit. much lower. it's going to be reduced from 55 to 40 miles an hou the national park service tells ust's making this move because
5:34 pm
of potholes. chopper 4's brad fray us the. has mo. >> reporte this stretch of the bw parkway, these hug potholes causing flat tires and car damage. ttarol with the national park service said it will increase safety for both road crews and drivers to drop the speed limit down to 40. now 60 tons o material has been spread across this roadway and they're going to do a full reconstruction in the fall of 2019. from chopper 4, back down to you. maryland is one step closer to going styrofoam free. yesterday the state senat gave preliminary approval for a ban on styrofoam. it would allow county governments to fine businesses $250 per violation if they continue to use styrofoam. each business would be given one written warning before being
5:35 pm
fined. un loudon 's board ofsc superviso s chairman wants a new title especially after a group of men voted against her using chairwoman. david culver has the story tonit fromleesburg. >> reporter: looking around phyllis randal's office, a variety of titles, chairperson, chairwoman, chair at large. but this ishe only title she can use for officialounty documentation. >> i sign my name, do anything legal, i have to put chairman. legally it's chairmano matter what. >> reporter: randall stresses she has more important this to focus on. >> in the space of things it's not that bportant. >> it dates back to 2015 when she was elected and i asked her what she wanted to be called. >> phyllis. randall, chair -- chair -- >> reporter: this past session,
5:36 pm
virginia delegate david reed tried to change the law to allow for chair, chairperson or chairwoman to used. it got voted down in sub subcommittee. said thereed first delegates against the change were concerned it would restrict free speec because they'd be required to call the county executive a specific term instead of what they liked. thenes that voted it down were five men. >> five men told me i don't have the right to be called chairwoman. >> reporter:he does have support including this comment, i am pretty sure males would not want to be called chairwoman if the roles were reversed. >> it's silly. >> reporte speaking to virginia lawmakers last week -- >> i have not menoned it before, and i'm not going to mention it again. i will say, gentlemen, women are watching and seriously, we've
5:37 pm
had enough. thank you. all right. next item is the -- >> reporter: and justike that moving on to governing her county. esburg, virginia, david culver, news4. theize of a mini van and weigh about 1,400pounds. ahead at five, how a lego replica of our national cathedral will help rebuild from damage suffered during the 2011 earthquake. a place to rest, relax, and a place to rest, relax, and uggle withsn
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things. if you fall in love, y even adopt one. >> i sit down, the cats came up to me. it's like you can bond with one re you take it home. the cat picks you. >> our goal is to save 500 kittens and get them adopted maybe we can domo re. >> the kitten lounge opened today on m street in georgetown, just in timeim for the of year when kittens are overrunning adoption centers. it's like y can take them for a test run. >> when you put together that business plan, what does it sound and look liker?n pa >> my guess is they're busy. >> go to the pet shop you can get the same thing. we'll be right back. we have much more ahead including the latest on the storm coming in. >> reporter: there's big work to be done on repairing the washington national cathedral we'll tell you how a miniature
5:42 pm
project will help get that work done coming up on news4. for tonight dealing with wet roads acrossost of the area. but slick spots north andest of the metro area. on saturday we're dry out there. sunday wetor areas of d.c.nd south. south. but snowo the north. t i've talked on th s phone throe happiest times of my life, and through the saddest times of my life. but i never dreamed in a thousand years at it would save my life boom! i fell 22 feet, completely shattered my pe tis,
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we'veot rain already moving in as storm team 4 tracks what we'll see tonight jorm over the weekend. doug's forecast iust a couple of minutes. no doubt by now you've seen the work being don at national cathedral here in washington, it is costly, time consuming, but the church is getting a helping hand, lots of tiny ones. some building blocks are going to do the trick. derrick ward explains. ♪
5:45 pm
>> reporter: most lego builds don't happen with this much ceremony. >> we give you thanks to the good people gatherle today to ate this building project. >> reporter: if you ever stepped on one barefoot a prayer probably wasn't your first inaction. there's purpose b this project. >> a new lego cathedral. >> from thisp table will grow a scaled down version of the national cathedral, with a purpose toonaise the needed to finish the repairs and rehab on the original after the events of 2011. >> we e still maintaining andor resting this building. with the earthquake 'rwe back to construction or reconstruction of some of the elements that were destroyed in the earthquake. >> for visitors to come in place the bricks on a part of the model that's being buil i think will help them appreciate this building. >> reporter: it was 1907 when the corner stone was laid by
5:46 pm
tey roosevelt. project partner bright bricks has done this before. a model of england's cathedral.d they s this one will be bigger. >> this particular model is going to be around5 feet long when it's completed the central tower will be.5 feet. >> reporter: for the dean of the cathedral, the foundation is impressive. >> showing the elevation and how the elevation changes from the west end of the cathedral to the east e of the cathedral. >> reporter: strides have been made in repairing the damage from the earthquake but they ghave a ways too and they hope the lego project will be what they need to g it done. at the national cathedral, derrick ward, news4. that is going to beool to see. it's going to take about three year 400,000 lego bricks to finish the model. if you want to build it,ll i cost you twoucks per brick.
5:47 pm
we are in storm team 4 weatherlert mode. here's doug and amelia with your date night forecast. >> notur date night -- >> they're not dating. wait a minute. >> no. >> i got you. >> you, t viewer, your date night. >> way to go erika. stirring up trouble. >> our director scott had a good point. he goes iff you want to do date night or any night to go out it's alwaysue on aay because we've had something on, snow or rain, every weekend for what seeike the last year. this is no different. >> rain to north and west, and a bigger storm on sunday. i have my gng out clothes here at the station tonight because i knew we'd be tracking t storm and then date night with my husband. >> to go out with your husband. >> yes. >> out there right now, looking at r to the south, snow now, some sleet mixing in at times parts of our area.
5:48 pm
you see around the d.c. metro t areas is steady rain and a nasty rain. arou frederick and leesburg, a transition there. better chance of snow in the northern zones. you can see the moisture moving in here again a lot of rain tonight, a half i inch most locations maybe three quarters of an inch before it's said and done. you see here, rain coming down, snow to the north t and mix could be some freezing rain in some of the higher elevations. look at the snow, frederick, hagerstown, winchester, martinsburg watch out in those .areas. 1:00 a starting to move out but still a nasty night. in theesorthwest z winter weather advisory in effect through tomorrow morning, fredericndcounty, maryland virginia, all of the panhandle of west virginia as well. this is one mess of a storm tonight. mainly rain d.c.south. this same area is going to get hin very hard again sunday. >> right. take out the ice and it's all
5:49 pm
about the potential for significant snowfall. i'm starting with our d.c. metro zone, prince william, fairfax, howard, anne arundle county, arlington and the district. in this zone on sunday you have rain moving in during the mid-morning and midday hours. some snow isoing to mix in, especially to the north of washington, that includes bethesda. as far as snowfall totals go sunday into early monday morning, 3:00, 4:00 a.m., just about a coating to an inchin i don't we'll see much in the way of accumulation through washington, camp springs, burk and manassas. but areas like bethesda, gaithersburg, rockville, you could see around an inch of slushy snow. in the mountains, this is where u see the most snowfall, #4-8 inches. cumberland, maryland, 4 t8. this storm is not set in stone
5:50 pm
but in our mountain have rain and snow moving in during the morning hours and overall 're talking about more snow than rain with the event on sunday and talking about snow covered roads. delays likely on monday and i thinkancellations as well based on the latest forecast. in our west earn zone, look at the gradient here, from 5 inches to frederick, and then nothing inculpepper. after that we're talking about really cold air for the first full week ofmarch. >> here we are in march and it's going to feel more like january. look at the jury ronumbers. 53 on saturday, 39 on sunday, 39 monday. look at wednesday, the coldest day here, very breezy, frigid temperatures, wind chills in the teens and single digits, before another chance of rain and snow late nextweek. a lot to talk about over the
5:51 pm
first full week of march. >> hollynd matt are on the phone holding for both of you guys. head home on your dinner break. >> i was very specific. i meant for the viewer. >> we got it. >> everything we do today revolves around technology from the phones in our pockets to the computers at our desk. >> it can be tough for the grownups who can't afford all the devices to embrace this digital age. leon harris is here with an organization that wantsse to c the digital divide. >> it's not about what you can afford. some o us are more familiar with writing a note with a pen and paper. w it's aboutt you're comfortable with. for 21 years bite back has been helping adults who feel left behind in this computer age. the organization teaches people step by step not only how to use computers but understand them. this week's harris' hero. today denise john is here at
5:52 pm
bite back teaching a seminar. she's come a long way from being homeless seven years ago. >> i had to meet requirements to ue my benefits, that's what put me here. i am the e commerce project lead. >> reporter: the same for bern dean ramsay. >> the way they taught, held my hand throu experiences -- >> reporter: bite back teachest adow to do everything on a computer. no step is too small. >>e believe that everyone should have enough tech skills so they can really fully participate in society. >> reporter: they offer free classeshacover everything from lerarning how to send an mail to fixing software. every lesson is in person. the students prefer that approach. >> i have to be present classroom focussed with a teacher in front of me to help me to move forward.
5:53 pm
and my instructor, he was so positive and he saw my potential, and, you know, he really -- i felt like he really invested in me. >> reporter: that investment reallyff pays for the students. >> on average when studentsgr uate and move into a job, ear 're making $24,000 a more than they were before coming to byte back. we had a student last year living in a storage unit and would be here at our doors at 7:00 a.m. and he now is working in it. >> reporter: she's proud of the example she's setting for her daughter. >> i can see the proud look s gives me when she knows i'm doing mething better for her and myself. >> reporter: denise said she found the purpose of her life. >> i never go in with the idea i'm going to make money. i go in with e idea how can this help someone else. >> it's amazing w what take for
5:54 pm
granted sometimes. but if you'd like to lrn more about byte back, we have the information on our website. >> what a win why are all these business ners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. comcast business is for me. it's switch and save days at comcast business. t riw, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year.
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just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. i can't wait to go home and ll everyone about it. but hurry, switch and si just wanna get it right now. ' guess wha'm gonna do. (laughing) call today. comcast business. beyond fast.
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it's a case we've cover extensively over the years, pamela butleanhed a decade
5:57 pm
ago never to be seen again. february 2009 the young d.c. woman had been set to have dinner with her mom and boyfriend. when the time came she didn't show up. >> pam is still not answering her phone, something ain't right. she wouldn't disappointment me like that. >> reporter: the case is now t subject of "dateline" nbc's the golden joining us with a preview is denis murphy himself. i think in understanding the story and what a lot of people might have perived as a close in this case when huh the family of familiar la butler and police making an official death declaration, but what this did g point for art police to go after her boyfriend as a more serious way. >> reporter: shelways believed to be a victim of foul play but with no body, no crime. so if they had proceeded and filed charges against the man, the defense might have stood up
5:58 pm
in court and said she could come in the door now. we don't know if there was a crime. parts of the most bizarre is last year we learned police identified remains foundye 30 s as cruz's ex-wife. >> the police realize there's another woman in his life that have gone missing years ago. it turned out they had her body all along. she was identified as a jane oe, her body had been found in a field invirginia, and the remains were processed for dna, and the cold case detecti realized that the boyfriend of pam had a woman who was missing from his early years and he put it together and all of a sudden now you had two women missing in this guy's life. one resulted in a confessurn to ar and the other case still to be adjudicated in >> so many twists and turns to this but what has remained a consta over the years for
5:59 pm
pamela butler was her brother. >> pam was the golden child of her family. it was her brother to keep her case alive. they suspeuted foul play the case was going nowhere. whetr or not derek's pursuit, this probably wouldn't have been solved. >> the golden child, starting a 10:00, "dateline" nbc. now at 6:00, a child facing charges in the death of a heyear-old. >>'s no words, no reason for this to take place. >> what police say happenedthhen baby was left home alone with an undered baby sitter. morealls to resign. >> this is not tolerable. >> local groupsga unitest a delegate who used a racial slur to describe prince george's county. and sudden slow down the speed limit on one busy area road is dropping drastically starting atomorrow.
6:00 pm
ouncer: news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. to start off tonightew breaking that could have a huge impact on our evening rushr metro has suspended train service at mcpherson square and farragut west because of smoke. >> this impacts the orange blue and silver lines. no word on what'she causing smoke right now. jackie bensen is headedthere, >>e'll update us as we learn more. tracking two storms on this friday night. >> one of them is already ure. an see the rain and mix moving in right now. doug said this is going to be a wi wicked ght, nasty too, battling the elements on the drive home oni-66. >> a bigger problem for some of us over the weekend. we'r tracking the chances for heavier snow but it depends on where you live.le s get r


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