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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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knew him describe him the same >>ediately he sees you, he way. smiles, hugs you. >> reporter: it makes it harder to understand why his nephew, osman lokoh, would allegedly shoot and kill his uncle and injure his aunt sunday morning. police are now searching forol 20-yea osman kalokoh he's considered armed and dangerous. >> he has msed usll up. >> reporter: this close family friend talked with kalokoh's wife about what happened when he entered the bedroom 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> the boy walked in, shot him right in the chest. >> reporter: police have not confirmed details of the deadly c confrontation but this man said the alleged gunman did n stop at one shot. >> he went back and shot him in his back, madeure the guy was dead. he was going to kill the wife, too. the bullets went through the nd, went through the door, went through that lady's house.
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if you go there you can see the bullet holes. >> reporter: police confirm that osmakalokoh was at his uncle's house earlier helping outside but family friends said he was not allowed inside the me. >> he was not in the house. he grew up here, but he became a bad boy. he had been in prison before. >> reporter: prince george's county political wanthe public to understand this man is armed and dangerous. they'ron asking a with information about where he could be noto approach him, but to contact them because they believe he's armed and dangerous. this murder investigation in prince george's county, this is one of the most read pagn our nbc washington app. go to that app and search lanham murder if you would like to read more about this case. >> a man accused of a possible terror attack is in custody in the netherlands. police say he killed three
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people. scott macfarlane is at the live desk tracking the latest developments on this. >> it's been a busy day tracking this story. theuspect wounded at least five people on a tram this morning, that touched off several hours of searching for the suspected shooter. you're about to see new video of police driving off with the suspect. the photo shows him aboard a tram earlier today. there' photo. the city is about 350,000 roughly half thef size d.c. police armed with high powered rifles and flack gear monitored this crime scene. authorities immediately raised the terror alert to e area for the highest level. they dropped it after officers say they arrested t suspect. the gun fire erupted at a busy intersection in what's a residential neighborhood there. investigats are not ruling out the possibility that more people may have been involved in a pl . german officials say they
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stepped up surveillance of the dutchborder. the attack came three days after 50 people were killed in new zealand when a white supremacist opened fire at two moses in christchur christchurch. it's unclear w motive was in that case. the d.c. sniper case goes to the supreme court. the justices have agreed to review a lower court order that requires a new sentencing hear for lee boyd malvo. he was one of the two snipers terrored this area 17 years john allammad was executed mago. but asmalvo who w 17 at the time of the murders is now serving a life sentence in the deaths of 10 people. the s court has already struck down mandatory life sentences for juveniles but virginia isha arguing malvo's case is ae discretionary sente imposed by a injury. updating a story you saw on
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news4, virginia police are now manually checking the record on defendants found not guilty by reason of insanity to make sure they cannot by guns this comes after news4 discovered the man who shot alexandria police officer peter laboy was able to buy a gun after he was released from a mental institut kashif bashir was found not guilty by reason of aninst in the laboy shooting. human error kept his name from the do not sell list. state police are double checking to make sure there are no other similarse historic flooding in the midwest thanks in part to last month's record snowfall. this is the omaha, nebska area. water is moving into areas there that it's nev been before. it's washed out entire neighborhoods. 10 million families may be impacted as this water moves to the missouri and mississippi river basins.
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doug kammerer joins us now. when are we going to get a break or when are these folks going to get a break? >> let's look and show you what happen satellite and radar showing you what's happening here, we have a storm sysm around our area, providing cloud cover and a cool day across ourregion. it has not been that nice at all on our monday. a ltle storm system developing around the norfolk area. 50 degrees that's it. average high is 57. we're wellel that. it's on the chilly side everywhere. we'll stayhere the next couple days and then temperatures going in the right direction. wel show you whathat means for your weekend in about 15 the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow in the murder trial of man accused of killing a young d.c. area
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artist. >> carina mill was rapednd killed in her basement apartment yar the eighth street corridor some twors ago. megan fitzgerald was in the locourtroom during the cng arguments today. >> reporter: it was an emotional day for friends and family v members of thtim as both sides made their closing arguments but the defendant, elijah torres didn't show any emotion at all. the prosecution went first walling a diverse group of jurors that i torres who raped and murdered 34-year-old carina mill nearly two years ago, she was wn artist wanted to change the world through art. she was in d.c. working on an exhibit. prosecutors went back through the evidence telling jurors that his dna waser found on body and on a backpack he was arreeyed with. said after he left her en northeast aparon march 20, 2017 he took her blueoya prius. the prosecution said he was seen
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on surveillance video using her debit card at atms across t dmv where he allegedly took more than $2,000 in cash. but the defense tried to tear down that argument s their client was innocent and the police didn't investigate and follow-up on other leads. they reminded jurors two weeks before carina was raped and immurdered aar situation happened to another victim who lived to tell her thstory. 're hoping that sows doubts in the mind of jurors that the wrong man is on trial. i spoke with carina's step mother, she said, quote, we're very pleased with the work police did andk the w the government has done. the evidence is overwhelming and we feel confidend hopeful that the jury will make the rightdecision. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in a case tha a
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could have dramatic impact on the way virginia governs. last yea a federal court ruled that 11 virginia districtstr conce black voters. the coat approved new district lines that would make it ep difficult forlicans to retain their current power in the virginia general assemblyhu reds lined up this morning to get in to hear the argument.a republicans trying to convince justices that the rulingl gerrymandering should be thrown out. >> the argument about whether it's racialr political gerrymandering, personally i think it's time to get the politicians out of it and do a neutral, morema matcally based, gis based kind of plning. >> all 100 virginia house seats and 40 senate seats will be on the ballot thi year in november. it's not the first time we've heard about this kind of thing but school officls are treating it as if it was a case
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of bullying. we have a case of boys being disciplined for distributing a list rating theiremale classmates on physical darcy spencer is live with reaction from students at the school. from yourtept w aomen at that s are not puttin rg upor with thi. >> reporter: you're exactly right, wendy. i was surprised as well just to hear that strong reaction these young obviously taking this very seriously. the students here at bethesda chevy chase have gone home but i was able to talk to them at dismissal time, they said what disrespectful to their classmates and they support the boys being punished. it's one of the top performing high schools in montgomery county today it's caug up in
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had a social medirs controve boys disciplined for creating a list of senior girls ranking them on a scale based on their appearance and sharing it ona. social me students told me it was upsetting. >> i feel that's what start bully. that startsnd bullying, aot a of people can be suicidal based on that thing. >> reporter: the list targeted els, with a rating beside it. ocial media didn't say what social media platform was used to share the >> do you think it's attitudes or social media? >> i think it's a social meina i think it's a way people think thing that needs to be changed. >> reporter: the school system issued a statement qusaying, e, this incident has been very upsetting for students staff and families. bcc high school has no toll ransz for bullying. ou school striveso e kroo yat a sense of belonging and respect
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for all students. this does not respect those. valu the students we spoke to agree. >> we think our school is not a bullying school, we're loving and passionate tot each r. so for it to happen at our school we're taken aback. >> reporter: the boys involved were discipled and school officials did not say how many were involvedon and what ac was taken. the school officials are saying there will beongoing discussions about bullying here at bcc. >> thanks, darcy. there's a new effort to crack down on the leadn levels the water at local schools. >> coming up how local leaders are trying to protect o children. a new procedure promising to tighten up your skin, i'll get a firsthand look for you at threat lifts. spotting the errors on your credit
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there a concerns tonight over the safety of drinking water in montgomery county public schools. elevated levels of lead could put students at risk. chris gordon spoke with health officials and county leaders who say now is the time to act. >>eporter: lead in drinking water can damage a student's a brain. the state of maryland requires all publiool systems to test their water fountains and outlets. montgomery county completed its review last june >> roughly 2% or less were above the 20 parts per billion standardhe state required. >> reporter: the acceptable level will be lower to 5 parts per billion if tom houcker's new bill is. pa >> the state standard is outdating, it was set years ago. prince george's unty follows a lower standard, d.c. does, it's
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time aontgomery county has lower standard as epwell. >>ter: a member of the county council urged this action to restrict led levels i water in montgomery county public schools after an experience she had with 4-year-old daughter. >> she tested positive for lead? >> she tested -- yes. she was above the guidelines. the amount per rdeci considered at risk. >> she doesn't thinker daughter was exposed at school dt she worries about other studentsnking the water if there's lead in it, and she's not alone. >> i'm a schl nurse i understand the importance of children not ingesting lead. we have them ested forit. >> reporter: there's a pubrrc hearing to on the bill. later this month there's a work session and then a vote. if it passes within montgomery county could also impose stricter led standards at public libries, child care centers,
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playgrounds and recreational centers. chris gordon news4. in e first hours of his campaign for president, beto o'rourke already stands out. the texas democrat took in more donations in his first 24 hours than even bernie sanders did after h kickoff. the campaign said $6.1 milln was raised in the first day after his announcement. sanders' donations were about $5.9 million. beto o'rourke came to family last year where he lost to senator ted cruz by 3%. >> kris yen gillibrand is bringing her campaign to a town hall in michigan at 8:00 tonight. sheoes to iowa tomorrow in her presidential campaign kick off, she calls for universal healthcare and a green new deal. this weekwe're working for
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you, helping you make sure your credit is on thek. right tr you get a free copy of your credit report once year from each of the credit reporting agencies, but do you know what to look for when you do? susan hogan is here with four steps to make sure your credit report is accurate >> akmi are common on credit reports according to the nationalaw consumer center, 42 million americans have errors on theirs. for 10 million the mistakes are so significant they could be denied credit. here's what you should pay close attention to on your reports. identifying information. look carefully at the top of naur credit report to make sure your , current, and previous addresses and employers are correct. glaring errors such as a wrong address could be a sig of identity thefts. minor mistakes like inmisspe are probably harmless but still work fixing.
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make sure the creditor names match up with your accounts. and look for duplicate accounts if you inland vall've never had place of employme payments make sure you haven't been flagged for any. d look for collections and public records. they'll appear in tn ir own sect credit reports fp if you don't recognize a collection account, contact can creditor s the lastion will show a list of companies that have recently looked at your these are most likely lenders but could also include insurance, utility or cell phone companies. if you see a suspicious inquiry, alert the credit bureau and freeze your report. not sure how to file a dispute with a credit reporting agency we have a link for you right now that wl walk you through process in our nbc washington app, seah credit report. back to you.
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>> susan hogan, of course, the bay way to protect your credit is putting a freezer lock on your credit reports. but what is the differenc f between aeze and lock? susan is working for you and helping you decidne which is best forro you tom on news4 at 5:00. still ahead, scooter safety is called into question. a local woman sharing herte ifying story that's now leading to a lawsuit. and we're talking a chilly night tonight. storm system making its way t the south, dragging in some more
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kind of gray, kind of cold, but spring is coming eventually, right? >> it is. we had a shoot down at nats park. we were inside the park,ll ght, springtime and you're sitting there in a coat. it was chilly this morning. right now a little bit bettetu but tempes below average are only inst of us the 40s. that's actually anhi okay t because we predicted the cherry blossom tot come april. now this cherry blossoms have reached stage 2 of 6. we're going to track this the next couple days. cool for this weekend but later into the weekend here looks like temperatures going into the ri if you're hoping to get down to see the cherry blossoms right eyw, e in stage 2.
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torm team 4 projection comes in april 4though the 8th. right now we think that's looking good. out there right now only in the 40s to around 50 degrees. it is a chilly afternoon. we have nshine, though. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. only 45 in martinsburg, 46 in gaitheburg. 45 in fredericksburg. look at the river, 42. 41 in cambridge. cool numbers across our region today. shower activity but most of it ground.itting the every once in a while you get a little sprinkle here. a storm system to the south. that's really it across the entire nation. but colder air coming anin. if youto get to florida to get away from it and into the warmth, no. they're going to see a lot of rain the next couple days. orlando, 61 degrees right now in orlando, florida. they are freezing right now.
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they are leading eve newscast with how cold it is at 61 degrees. no real heat anywhere in the country. 70 back towards dallas and houston, that's about it. warmer temperatures, we have to wait until the weekend. tomorrow, going to be a chilly one at the bus stop, 33 degrees. sunshine at 7:14. 47 at recess. up to 52 and withore sunshine tomorrow will feel a little bit better than today but still fairly chilly across the region. wednesday into the mid 50s, high of 55. thursday, 30% chance of showers during the day. breezy conditions on friday. saturday still cool and breezy. but sunny saturday and sunday, nice and wm ase might get to stage three of the cherry blossoms because they like the
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wa warmer can you temperatures as do the res us. >> we're ready for stage 5. >> it moves ft once you get to stage 2. historic and deadly flooding in the midwest. >> unbelievable images there as thousands are forced to leave their homes. >> we're taking you to nebraska where entirety communities are cut off tonight. cosmetic surgery without the knife. a new procedure to keep your skin from sagging that won't break the bank. and maryland's star,no b fernando sitting down with news4. news4. >> we have to make sure e
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. a look at our top stories. police inrince george's county are looking for 20-year-old osman kalokoh he's accused of illing his uncle and wounding his aunt. dutch police have arrested a man today who they say shot a killed three people on a city tram. surveillance video shows t suspect on board. that shooting happened this morning about 30 minutes south of amsterdam, five people were
5:29 pm
wounded. dutch officials are calling this auspected case of terrorism, not clear on the motive at this point. mourners caytinue to tribute to the 50 people killed in the new zealand mosque shootings. the country's leaders agreed in principal to new controls on gun ownership and some gun owners have sol up tearily given up their weapons. historic flooding in the nation's heartlanas month's record snow sending water to places it has neverbeen. >> the forecast not good and millions of people could be in trouble ashe floodwaters roll down river. nbc's jay gray has the latest from plat, nebraska. >> >> reporter: the water may be starting to drop off a b but make no mistake, conditions are style dire re national guard choppers and boats have pulled dozens to higher ounds.
5:30 pm
pets scooped up in front loaders as the waters continue to rush across the plains. >> just the amoedt and s of it. >> reporter: melting snow and rain he fuelled the floods. ice breaking part tearing away lea levees and ges. >> insane the amount of money. >> reporter: dozens of communities remain islands right now,no way i or out. >> this was the edge of the water. >> reporter: in areas families can get back to their homes, the damage is overwhelming. >> the sad tj is the personal mem a bab biel ya and heirlooms that can't bepl ed. >> reporter: a warning for communities downstrm scrambling to prepare for the water that could threaten more than 10 million families over the next several days. the faeorecast is here is not great, the area will likely see
5:31 pm
more raintomorrow. virginia state policeto wan know who shot a man after f thnd him dead inside his pickup truck. detectives found theft truck it crashed in clark could be dy at the loudon county line late yesterday morning. authorities the victim and another man got into a fight on castleman road. shots were fired, the victim drove off and crashed into an the gunman has not been arrested. d.c.l mayor murwser delivering her state of the dr district s. be sure to stay with news4. we're monitoring and will update about any developments in hsp ch about her plans for the district. jack evans will be doing more listening and less talking with his colleagues tomorrow. the council will be officiallyr imanding him. evans is accused of trying to seek business opportunities with law firms that lobby the d.c. government.
5:32 pm
he has publicly apologized but hasn't scifically said what he's apologizing for. the district's board of ethics in government accountability and a federal grand jury are also investigating his actions. let the madness begin. some area teams are hided to the big nc the virginia cavaliers are the number one seed in the south region. they face 1seed gardner web friday. and virginia tech no. 4 seed will take on st. louis. and the other team, liberty. and that is the maryland terrapins finding out last night they will be the sixth seed in the east region and will be playing thursday afternoon, facing the winner of play in game between belmont and temple. on the women's side, the selection show is tonight. maryland will receive an
5:33 pm
at-large bid in this tur knee. so ifer the men want to make noise in the tournament they need a spark fro their big man, bruno fermnando. >> he'll be looking to make maryland oud. >> we have our own big spark. >> johnny >> the voice of the terps for the last 40 years. welcome to the news4 team. >> thank you. >> we were so excited when you came in. >> you said you're exted, i'm excited to be here. great to see you guys again in . pers instead of watching you onhe re. >> weov ae you, your voice, we all go way back. >> way back. f i've seen about all 40 years doing marylantball and basketball. just to get to the ncaa is a major step forward because of all the teams in the country, all the competition there is. i think maryland knows for sure
5:34 pm
they have to play a l better than they did last week in the big ten tournament in chicago. they got beat by nebraska, a short-handed team, antho collin and bruno fernando are going to have to play better for the terps to advance, and i think they will. i had a chance to sit down with bruno earlier and one thing he emphasizes is the team has to have fun. people ask me, describing bno fernando, what's the best wor to describe, i say fun. he has f t playinghe game and it shows. >> i try to enjoy everyou secon t there. it's what i say allhe time. at the end of the day, not a lot of people get to do what we a lot of people wish they're in our position. we can't take that forte grd. we have to make sure every second we're on the floor we're having we have to smile. it t good smile. >> nobody from angola has ever
5:35 pm
made it to the nba, eventually you'll be the first guy from the country to make it. when you go back you're like a walking god in that country when they see you? >> people show a lot of love and support wheneve m they see there. just the fact i'm here playing basketball and getting education here is something special not a there get to from do. >> talk about your mom and dad and sister. >> the hardest part for me is not having them. i tell my teammates every time, you have to cherish thi moment because not everybody gets them. like you on the court playing, you look in the stands and see your mom waving at you, that's something everybody would like to see. that's part of the sacrifices in life. >> this ring is from 2002, what's it goiak toe for maryland to get one for you? guys >> staying in the little things. it's easy to get caught up,
5:36 pm
everybody says it'she best time of year, and everyone wants to do what they want to do for their individual success but this is a team, we have to stay together, connected, and just keep believing. we got to have fun more so than anything. >> i have the same ring here, national championship from 200 they win the first couple games, you come back to washington, play in the sweet 16 here downtown at capital one arena. who knows whathey can do after they get past the first gam >> you've seen these young men grow up and do wonderful things. >> i ve. and bruno will be one of those guys. f has so much going him. he gave up soccer at the age of 8 or 9 when he was 5'10". >> basketball was calling. exactly. he said i think i'm going to go a different sport and i think he made a right decision. they'll have their hands full.
5:37 pm
belmont plays tomorrow night against temple. they play the winner of that thursday afternoon. i'll be there and reporting for you guys. i can't wait to go down and see what happens. >> we can't wait to conhanue to you here and start this new life with us. >> i appreciate it. >> gladyou'rehere. >> great to see you guys. >>ny john holiday. >> thank you for being here. march madness distraction. how many billions the annual tournament is costing businesses. a local woman is injured while rg one of those really popular scooters, what went wrong downhill and what to do to protect yourself. as skies clear out overnight it's a cold start tomorrow morning, most of us at 7:00 a.m. are below freezing. make sure the kids grab jacket as they head to the bus stop. when do we warm to 70 grees? i'll be breaking that down along with doug coming up. i'm scott macfarlane at the tion desk watching the sit in houston where smoke is pouring thousands of feet into
5:38 pm
the air at a chemical plant fire in n dear bark, these are a half dozen tanks with gasoline-type chemicals. it may take two days to get the fire under control, and they're worried about the air
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
possibly the largest heroin
5:41 pm
bust ever in the history of the virginy state prison satur in craigsville, police say an alexandria woman smuggled in drugs by hidingn them her private parts, uoquote,/u. police arrested two other people in connection with this. not clear if the two peoe arrested were prisoners. an arlington county resident said she took a nasty fall after the brakes on her rental scooter failed. she said she was going down this steep hill when she tried to push the brakebutton, the bird scooter she was riding did not stop. e said she had no choice but to jump off or go into oncoming traf she suffered head and leg injuries, been unable toork for weeks and wants the company to help with bills as she continues to heal. >> i had to get five stitches in my head, two in my knee and i have road rash all over my body.
5:42 pm
hifeel tis something that needs to be takenare of you and you take care of me as your custnyer. >> the c tells us they do regular maintenance on their scooters. coming up a baby aspirin a day, maybe not. a reversal fromdo ctors, news4 working for your health. a new procedure to hel reverse the signs of aging without surgery. taking you behind the scenes for taking you behind the scenes for threadlessa eo [female voicr] with the penfed car buying service from penfed it union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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college of cardiology, experts say it's more important tol contro cholesterol, blood sugar, through lifestyle changes. however, doctors can recommend that you take a low dose asprin if you are a high risk patient as long as there's noincreased risk for internal. bleeding and those sugary soda pops are not good foryo researchers at harvard say sugaryrinks may lead to early death. the studyt looked information from 118,000 people those who drank sodas or sports drinks are more likely to die from heart disease or artificially flavored drinks slightly lowered the risks. now to a cosmetic procedure that promises to tighten up lose, sagging skin. it's like a temporary facelift at a fraction of the cost with
5:46 pm
little to know down time and c some peopl fit it in during their lunch break. if needles make you squeamish, y foray want to look a the next 30 seconds or so. onceeserved for the rich and famous, cosmetic procedures have gone main stream with americans spending $16 billion last year to look and feel their best. >> it's not age, it' anatomy. people want that natural look. that's what we do. we make them look like themselves just better. >> reporter: she's a board certified dermatologist in mclane, virginia. one of the latest procedures to reverse the signs of aging en't new at all. >> threads lifts have been in europe for 20 years, only in the last 5 years was it fda approved in the united states.
5:47 pm
>> they get theook without going under the knife. these tiny needles are injected into the part of the body that needs a lift. >> when it goes under the skin, it encouraging ing cojen to ow,t can have a lifting effect on the skin. >> think of it as a fishhook lightly lifting the in. while the threads are in place, the body's healing response kicks in. we do thread lifts fo area. we do it on the eyebrows, the cheek just to tighten the cheek, e most common area is the jaw and neck. in the arms, if you have loose knee skin, we can put it in the knees. if you have loose belly skin and you don't want to get surgical treatments. >> it may look painful, but a
5:48 pm
mbing cream is applied beforehand, and there's n risk if the thread breaks. >> after a surgery or c section it the same stitches that go into the scar. if the thread snaps s it'sll under the skin. >> the price ranges from 1 to $3,000, depending on how many threads you use and where you put them. for some peopl it's a good alternative to a traditional facelift, that can cost 10 to $15,000, and the downtime can be costly, too. a thread lift lasts about 12 to 18 months. i sos temporary. the risks are minimal with patients experiencing redness, bruising or swelling for a few days. otherseturned to work and normal activities right after the procedure. >> andte you w me to emphasize you did not have this done. yore merely the messenger. just the messenger. >> just sharing an option. >> an option you can do --
5:49 pm
>> that's less expensive. >> and not asve inva >> and downtime. people's lives are busy now and recovering from facelift can take a while. so there you go p p. >> did you nice -- >> he was really -- >> doug was really into it. >> i'm not getting younger here. >> i couldn't even look. i kept saying can i look now. >> that's veryinterestin you said there's not a lot of pain with that. i know you get theca to >> topical anesthetic, right. >> okay. >> there you go,w let us k how it works for you. >> i'll let you know. i've had it don before. let's see what's going on out there right now, guys. have some clouds, some sun. it's really kind of a cool day across the region. h averageh is 57 degrees. right now sitting at toward the nl wheel you can see the clouds in the distance. theemperature dropping through 11:00., down to 39 b
5:50 pm
tonight is a cold night. a chilly start for tomorrow morning as many of you will be in the 20s tonight. right now 48 in leesburg, 46 in gaithersburg. 50 around manassas. take 20 degrees off these numbers and will be aut 28 in leesburg. 26 in the gaithersburg area. d.c. down t about 32, 33 tonight. even inside the city it's going to be a cold one for sure. mentioned the cloud cover, the shower activity, too. most of this not reaching the ground so it's not a big issue. you will not need the umbrella but probably need the coats. seeing this little system around the norfolk ea, it is helping to drag in cold air across our region. with the colder air that's helping allergieiealle they've been way up. just the other day we were at record levelor tree pollen this time of year. a lot of people suffering across our region, a little bit better for today and theest of the
5:51 pm
week. >> absolutely. because of the cooler temperatures. the pollen report from today. on frida tree pollen count was running extremely high at record levels, mold spores and grasses low, weeds are downo e absent territory. as we talk about temperatures through saturday, check i avege. tomorrow, wednesday, we're running below normal. thursday and friday right around our average high. saturday it's tcooler. nly is it cooler but it's breezy out there. as we talk about thet weekend rinow. it looks like sunday will be the better of the two weekend days. here's your weekend planner. it's monday i'mbo thinking the weekend, i don't know about you. saturday we hit a high of 54 but with breezy winds it will feel like temperatures are in the 40s throughout the day. sunday is warmer, we lose the winds keep the nshine, a temperature on sunday of 68 degrees. so we have another dry ekend,
5:52 pm
overall a nice weekend. and that 68 is going to help to the cherry blossoms out, which as we know the national park service is saying they're in stage two out of six. but our peak bloom we think is still on track for april 4th through the 8th. >> one reason why is the continued cool air over n theext week or so. another cool day tomorrow, a little bit more sunshine, will bery again on your tuesday. tuesday cool. 55 on wednesday. still a little bit below average but a little bit better. 58 on thursday. thursday tracking the system. we have a 30% chance of showers, that's a system we'll watch and see how mh rain we're expecting. right now not a lot. breezy on friday behind the system, temperature 57. cool on saturday with a high of 54. and then two days at 68 degrees or better. wouldn't that be nice. tracking a storm next tuesday and wednesday. yeah, storm tracking but that one well over a week away. >> doug, thayou.
5:53 pm
march madness as begun as if you need us to tell you that. >> but the tournament takes its toll on businesses. according to wallet hub, cooperations lost $6 billion last year during march madns. d a separate survey found that march madness ranked third among tech related office di ractions. wonder what the first and second were rig behind texting and facebook. wallet hub found 90% of workers agreed that march madness was good for employee morale,t' t worth $6 billion. there you go. >> i don't know how they can measurethat. where's interest and instagram. new developments coming up in the death of a reputed mob boss. >> the man accused in the killing making his first court appearance.
5:54 pm
the hand sign he flashed in court and why police say don't believe the murder is mob related. >> one of the stores tha changed 14th street in northwest d.c. is closing its doors. why the owner said he's moving on coming up new at 6:00.
5:55 pm
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a courtroom surprise from the man accused of killing the gambino family crime boss. the man known as frankie boy wau ed down outside his home last week. erika byefield reports from the suspect's court hearing i new jersey. >> anthony camel low was staring at the media as soon as we got in our seats and got settled he pulled his hand out with the blue markings to us, united we stand, maga forever. the message of man police say red a new york city mob boss and murdered hke. he only s when the judge asked that he understoodhe tha was willing to be extradited back to staten island where the 24-year-old is accused of
5:58 pm
shooting and killing frank cali. police tell u he was home enjoying a late night dinner with his family when camelo hit his suv with his blue pickup cktruck. they t him to a new jersey where they say they found his truck. >> we do have t vehicle recovered. there have been multiple pieces of evidence. >> reporter: t motive for eali's murder remains unclear. sources tell us eading theory is that camelo wanted to date frank cali's niece and he told him to back off. >> we're aware of his past and that will be part of the vestigation as we determine what was the motive for the incident on monday. >> reporter: his attorney stayed away from motive talk or what was on his hand. >> anthony is resolute and
5:59 pm
willing to on go back to new york to face these charges. >> reporter: police say won't be back inew york. now att:00, an urgen search in prince george's county. >> a man accused of killing his own uncle he's considered armed and dangerous. loc high school gir ranked on their physical appearance by the classmates. >> we want to be safe to learn. we want to be loved and 'spreciated. it disgusting with be i think the worldit for >> reporter: a terrifying split second decision a local woman telling news4 about the choice he she hopes no one else ever has to make while riding an electric scooter. >> i tried to use the braking mechanism and it didn't work. when i was on the hill i had to make the decision whether to hit
6:00 pm
oncomiffic or jump off. >> announce tonight a local neighborhood is on edge as policeor search a man accused of turning on members of his family. >> police say this man, 20-year-old osman kalokoh is armed and dangerous. he allegedlyisilled h own uncle and seriously injured his aunt and now he's on the run. tracee wilkins is live for us tonight with new details about this deadly confrontation. tracee? >> reporter: i spoke with that aunt, her hand was still from the gun shot that she took to the hand. she wasn't interested in talking on camera, f she's still, course, going through a horrible time dealing with the death of her husband and deang with the fact that police say her nephew was the one who was responsiblw hile we didn't talk with her on camera, we did talk to people who she talked to and described what happened to


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