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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 21, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> one man needed firefighters to rescue him fromis car after he drove into water that wasoo deep for him. we're hearing he was not hurt. let's get the latest from doug and ameli >> that upsets me. that makes me mad. you look at ai situation that, any time we see this situations never drive through flooded roads. you could see that was way over the roadway there by at least a foot and a half you can never tell the dep. hat's why we tell you turn around, don't drown. i think we'll see more of these waer res >> looking at storm team 4 radar west of washington right now, the rainfall, look at those colors, doug. those bright reds, colors we don't see this time o year typically. >> we don't. that's where this storm came from, this storm brought this moisture from the warm waters of the atlantic, down around lo
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da, just south of the carolinas moving into our gion. look at the reds here, along the blue ridge. i want you folks in northern virginia, frederick county area, heplease be careful on roads. i think we'll see flooding issues throughout the night here. we havier rain coming into the d.c. metro area. we're getting reports of a lot n of through the winter green area, into west virginia. a winter storm warning now for parts of the blue ridge because of this. veverybody -- notybody but most of the area under a flood watch untilto midnight ght for green.ody you see in the even when you're not back here you'll see heavy rainfall. the storm system off the coast. this is a monster of a storm making its way north. we'll see winds gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour tomorrow.
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a lot to talk about guys. that's why we're in weather alert and here with you today. >> doug, thank you. we have breaking news that impacts d.c. and princetyeorge's co a man has been arrested for the alleged sexual assault of thr women. >> police tell us he targeted students at howard university ut they're worried even more survivors might be out tracee wilkins' join us live with more on this crime. f acee? >> reporter: onee victims was a 16-year-old in 2005 and then two movictims in 2015 and 2016, both of tho victims students at howard university. according to prince george's county police, the suspect in ll of this would pose as a howard university student and that's how he wasable to lure these young ladies. let's look at thes ct's picture. he is now in custody being held at the prince george's county jail and is looking at rape charges and a numb of othe
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charges connected to these cases. he's 35-year-old julian everett. he's of new carrollton, according to prince george's county police these rapesnd assaults happened at his home in new carrollton.po it's ant for the public to know this man owns and operates a barbershop in northwest d.c. and has for years. here now from the chief of police as he explains what happened to the victims. >> he would use b or social media sites affiliated with but not sanctionedby howard university and then he would cultivate relationships with thoseid indls. this would lead to a date. during the course of the date, heould offer them beverage to drink. they would do so and then over the next few hours they would p experiencriods of unconsciousness. it was during this time that wee alleg transported them to a residence in prince george's county where he would carry out e sexual assaults.
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>> reporter: county police believe there are other victims out there. they believe the victims may not know who the man is by his a government because he was using a number of aliases and poses in many case as a younger person and two of the cases aow d university student. so because of all this, they are saying if you know this man, i you have had any interaction with him or you were assaulted or you heard a storyisike from a friend of yours who dated this man or had interaction with man, they want to hear from you. they want to set up a tip line for this case. for that phone number go to our bc washington app or our website we haveis story at the top of both and prince george's county police would like to hear from youif you are a victim or know a possible victim. now to a case that is truly every parents' worst nightmare.
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that's how a prosecutor described preoo ser teacher taylor boykin of sexually assaulting preschoolersin his care. tonight he is starting a 41 year prisonterm. th sentence came after heartbreaking testimony from the victims' parents. julie carey reports on the final impact of this horrific crime. h >> reporte stole their children's innocence and shatter their normal family life. that's what this mom and other parents told a judge as they urged him to put taylor boykin for the rest of his life. we aren't showng this mom's face to protect her daughter's identity. on of5 young victims. >> he took advantage of our child our family in a trusting we deal with nightmares, we deal with anxiety. it makes it difficult. im reporter: even more heart wrenching tey from another mother who says her daughter now
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suffers from low self-esteem, telling her mom i wish i was never born, i want to die. the allegations against taylor boykin surfaced last bring, the allegations he would sexually assault children as they came down this slide at minnieland academy he also collected photos of their private parts. when his turn to speak came, lo boykin azed saying i hate the choices i made. i'm incredibly sorryor everything i've done. the judge imposing a 41-yorr sentence boykin. >> i personally wish we could go haveen a lifetime sentence. i feel he's still a threat to the community. >> reporter: this mom's other continuing concern, minnieland y acad response when taylor boykin's behavior was spotted by other teachers. >> my child specifically, a h teacher s in a compromised position with a teacher and it was not reported to me nor was anything done to report this to the authorities.
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>> reporter: even when taylor prison, ets out of sometime in his 60s, he faces another decade of supervised probation and a lifetime of her rules. if he slips up, that life sentence can be imposed. >> we contacted minnfoland academ comment today. their attorney issued a statement that readsin part, minnieland academy remains appalled by boykin's violation l of trust of fes and his coworkers. we took immediate action to plement enhanced security measures and are moving forward from this ordeal steadfast in our commitment to provide the safest and mosttu nng environment. there is no threat tonight e to the peoho live near a hazmat leak reported in fairfax county. hazmat responded just south ofh oute 50 interchange. the hospital tells news4 it is
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working to figure out how an underground diese tankilled 4,000 gallons of fuel. me of the fuel got in nearby streams. >> we gotti it ided, isolated. it's a diesel fuel product so it's not a hazard for wammability, especiital iouf r ea you shoulwd see a sheen in the next few days call the firefighter and they'll check it out. the end of an era for a restaurant inanacostia, cheers at the big chair is serving up their final aeals. derrick ward takes us inside the bittersweet good-byes. >> reporter: the midday crowd at cheers at the big chair, it's all about hemiles and good food. >wasn't expecting this type of atmosphere, it's small,
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intimate, i like it. >> it's bittersweet, we love this place. >> reporter: in a matter of l hours they have to close this place after four years in this location. the lease is up and the property owner won't reknew it, despiteh years of negotiations and a renaissance all over anacostia. >> it's family. a lot of people no weon't want to go. one young lady didn't work today. she's just here. wanted to be here the last couple days. >> reporter: just when they've didn't have to come out of pocket to pay a bill or toy payroll or pay ntre. >> reporter: at this place wherb evey knows your name they hired from within the community, set an example of social responsibility. the only thing they havendo't ne tishat's the rub ford them an other businesses along the strip. >> i'm at the power of m landlord. >> reporter: he doesn't know if the next month or the one after that will be the last for his
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eatery. >> we'll keep trying. >> reporter: they're going away, but j t fromis location. if the owners have their say they'll be back or won't be far away. >> we hope to comeack in this community soon. >> reporter: till then they plan to say a long good day on fri y friday, their lat day. in anacostia, derrick ward news4. >> we wish them the best. good news for folks who live in parts of washington where health care access is limid, a new urgent care center is approved to serve wards 7 and 8. there's only one full-service hospital in that area which has been under fire for health and management issues. the location for the new facility has not been determined but we're told it'll open later this year. they hopei it'll f the gab in service while the city hopes to bring a newhospital to ward 8.
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leon harris here at the live desk with breaking news abo the man who sent pipe bombs in the male tosi former pnt obama, cnn and other people he believes were political opponents to president trump. cesar sayoc, reports s sobbed in court this afternoon when he pleaded guiltyth before a federal judge in new york, he said, quote, i'm truly sorry. he's been in jail without bail since his arrest in south florida facing a possible life stntence on 65 criminal counts. over the la couple days the president h made no secret about his dislike for the late senator john mccain.of now on his comments is leading to pushback from officials at the national cathedral. 've been there. now i'm on the other side of it. >> working for your thheal. can ow this digital tool help cancer patients navigate a
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diicult diagnosis. start of baseball just a week away. what fans can expect to be different at the ballpark. there's a lot more to eat than just hot dogs and chicken tenders. we're in storm team 4 weather alert mode tonight with heavy rainfall falling west of washington. look at the bright reds in af rd, fauquier, and loudon county. a good portion of virginia is under a flood warning tonight. never driv
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it is it is the diagnosis no one is ever prepared to hear. >> the reality can make your head spin. there's no way to think of everything you need to ask while sitting in the doctor's offic. w there is a free app designed to help answer your questions when you think of them from the comfort of your own home. doreen gentzler is here now to
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show us just how this works. >> the information about cancer can be overwhelming and hard to process. well, now instead of ju getting a brochure or maybe watching a video at the doctor's office, there's no technology hat takes cancer patients into a virtual world to better understood their course of treatment and possibleoutcomes. >> do you feel like you have i enouformation -- >> it's a digital tool to help people come to terms with a difficult diagnosis. >> i understand you got a diagnosis, i was diagnosed five years ago, went through surgery, chemo, radiation, the whole thing. >> reporter: that's linda, a h virtualth coach for cancer patients, designed to help educate peoplebout the disease and their game plan for treatment. >> i've been there. now i'm on the other side of it. almost five years cancer free i anould be happy to answer any questions you might have. , reporter: through the a
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users can have a private conversation with an emotionally virtual characte perform. >> >> are you planning to pursue chemo. >> reporter: after the question comes a seri of prompts and ou make a selection to get a response. >> i see, do you feel like you have enough information to make that decision. >> reporter: patients may be uncomfortable asking questions or may not kow what to ask. the idea is to help people comprehend the often difficult information from the comfort of their home, not a sterile of doctor'ce. this is the woman behind the comforting voice on the screen. she spoke to us onkype from her home in atlanta. >> since i was dgnosed, i've just become a strong advocate for women to get their mammogram. >> reporter: taylor helped create the talk to someone simulation rough her own experience with breast cancer. she knows what people are going
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through because she was in their shoes not too lo ago. >> i think it's designed for any woman who may have some kind of fear or apprehension. so you could actually just click on a button or click through a series of buttons and get every question that you can think imaginable answered. h >> reporter: tompany cog any toe teamed up with the centers for disease contro and prevention, to make this project a reality, a project two years in the making. ic once you come out of the doctor's o you're alone and people turn to the web for more information or flyers for more information and that doesn't really help theor >> rer: using technology for good to help patients navite the unknown during one of the most challenging times of th>>ir life. you'll have more discussions with your medical team. and in the meantime. >> reporter: dell feen taylor is
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a triple negate breast cancer patient. she's one of many people who have contributedo this online answering opportunity. more than are going to be diagnosed with cancer this year and this tool can help them, as well as their family and friends as they t try figure out how to talk to their loved ones about the disease and how to make difficult decisions. the talk to someone app is free and we posted a link f you on our website. jim and erika, something we found out after started working on the website delphine taylor who you saw in that story is actually leon harris' aunt. >> s is. what a great bedside manner she has. >> she's a great spokesperson e and a advocate for people diagnosed withca er. >> whichever way people can digest the information. now they have every tool
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imaginable. thank you, doreen.t' turn to the weather now. super nasty outside. and it's only going to get worse because then we start dealing with heavy winds and you know that story around these parts we deal with downed power trees, all of that is a potential. >> i think we have 24, 46 hours to go. if yn add saturday too because saturday is going to see some strong winds. that's a full 48 hours we're going to be dealing with this mess. and it's been that way all day. over 2.3 inches of rain has fallen in ashburn. you see outside our door in northwest. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour, and that is only going to increase. look at the radar right now. the yellow indicates areasaf rain. we have that all across our region. the reds seldom do you see a sto like this with reds in here during the month of march. justncredible rainfall rate if tr this time of year as we
5:20 pm
have a ton of isture along the mountains here. right down 15, this is incredible amounts of rain. we are under a flood warning here. l watch out, turn around, don't drowned. we've seen one water rescue today, we don't want to see more. >> heavier rainmaking its way downtown. in through northernin vi this is a flood warning. ost of i is through 10:00 tonight. not just heavy rain. look at this, snow not just along the ridget'tops close to 1,000 feet ntown low ray that sits at 790 feet, it's now snowing. this is towards winter green where they're picking up inches and inches of rain. right now it is fogged in. we showed this picture earlier you could see how much snow is falling but right now they are
5:21 pm
fogged in.s there it there. that's all new snow on the benches today. incwdible the amount of s they're getting in the winter green area. numerous reports down into the shan doe a county, page county t of peoplek on the roadways because they've seen so much snow. th is a monster of a storm. thunderstorm activity just offshore. we won't see thunder today but we could tomorrow. behind the system we see another round of showers tomorrow. tonight here's heavy rain across our area. through about 7:00 still going. frederick, leesbu, warrenton, seeing heavy rain. looking at a nasty thursday night forsure. in behind this it gets colder, here's the snow back towards the west -- well west of thepp achians here. nd windy conditions overnight and tomorrow. overnight winds gusting 25 to 35
5:22 pm
tomorrow into the 30s. by tomorrow evening up to 40 to 45 miles an hour winds. this is when we could see atree dowell and like i mentioned a rumble of thunder or small hail tomorrow. 61 on sunday. that's the one nice day i see out of the next four. and really out of the next ten we have sunday and go all the way to next thursday, which is the nats home opener, at looking good too, and a high of 60. your 's a measure financial well being. . the better your credit score, he better deal you get on a loan or credit card. >> simple steps to take your credit score to the next level. life saving resources found in the er that come
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> it is going to be a long week for bl fans. the down is on. >> you need to be prepared for a few changes before heading to the stadium. cory smith has everything you need to know. >> reporter: play ball, not in this weather. good thing opening day is next week. fly plenty of time to see what the
5:26 pm
nats are serving up this year. we start our sneak peek w something you can no longer do, that is bring a backpack inside. the stad >> there's a lot of different things, capabities this bag can do. west virgin we felt eliminating it would protectoneve >> i love baseball as much as the next guy but this isi where is. the food. with no one around to help i took one for team and tried itt myself. korn chicken wing, goodness gracious. that's good.s was the empanada, taco in a bowl and new york pa stra my. and fans can skip the line and order from theirseat using the app to pick up their food when it's ready. >> the important thing is makin sure thve as much time to watch baseball as they want is hing we can bring them much better.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: good food is enough to get me t, but it's more than that. >> it's a lot of fun. we're always listening to feedback from our fans to listen to what we can m do toke it better. >> reporter: first pitch and first taste are next thursday. cory smith news4. cory is downing tums about now. >> he's a go texas boy he knows how to dig into good barbecue. the nats are doing what they can to protect the environment. all the plates and utensils are yclable and composting will be available ll. news4 will have live team coverage one week today as the nationals take on the mets. >> i want to be there at 4:00 when it is tch black. alone with a camera. it was aha dealwas too good to be true but zens of people say they fell for it anyway.
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now a travel agent is behind bars for flying the coop with her clients' money. how maryland governor larry hogan is issuing a wake up call to end the nightmare for driver why are all these business ners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it 's going to add to th productiv. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month 0 and save $year.
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prevenlems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is nya, i work in the network operations nter for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and aweme. tracking tracking the latest on our storm. a very dangerous situation out
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there. across is a nightmare the area. just saw a report that canal road had a little bit of a landslide. so part of that road is closed off. ou know what that means to commuters getting out of the city. look at the rainug coming th the d.c. metro area, probably the heaviest rain of the day. back to thewest, this is where we've seen 12 even 3 ifrnches of rain falling. remember pleas turn around don't drowned, we're not done just yet we have a couple hours before this is all said and done. as this movesout, the wind moves in next all right gusting 25 miles an hour. more on this in about 14 minutes maryland governor larry hogan is calling for a state takeover of the bw parkway to ur smooth commute. >> the governor says state crews could hel fix the potholes on the road but only if they get the authorization to do so. >> chris gordon explains what
5:32 pm
the governor wants to do and has new reaction from the park service. >> reporter: some commuters say the baltimore washington parkway is in such bad condition that it's become a joke. >> lovely, isn't it? >> reporter: it seemed that every driver i spoke with today had an opinion or a horror story from their time on the baltimore washington parkway. this car lost a front fender a two tires. >> it's bath bad out there, like moon craters. >> reporter: he says he drives 30,000 miles a year, he frequently calls t national park service to complain about the bw parkway. >> for probably fourr five years the roadway had fallen below the bridge. and they put up signs like bump, dip, got speeds down to 30 miles an hour. and that was their solution. >> reporter: maryland governor anrry hogan sent this letter asking the mar congressional delegation to
5:33 pm
support the transfer of the prkway from the nationk service to the state of maryland. >> we want to get it fixed from washington to baltimor it's one of the most heavily travelled roads. it was built for 10,000 cars now i think it has couple hundred times more than that. reporter: ialled the national park service which sent this statement saying we've asked the federal highway administration to expedite the process to get the work done. in the short-term we're filling potholes every day th weather allows. we found some drivers want to give the state o a maryland chance to fix it. >> i don't know the politics of it, but if it fixes the roa maybe that's the best thing to do. >> reporter: reportingn the bw parkway, chris gordon news4. speaking of traffic we know it' around here but a new study says the roads in marylan ae most congested. maryland ranks first in the ntcountry for the am of traffic per lane mile. thear averageand commute is
5:34 pm
nearly 32.7, minutcond only to new york state. nationally the average commute o is jur 26 minutes. so the most onjested road in maryland is the outer loop of the beltway or the i-279 spur. the national caedral is pushing back against what ent trump said yesterday about the funeral for john mccain. here's what he told a rally in ohio yesterday afternoon. >> i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. which, as president, i had to approve. i don't care about thi i didn't get thank you,ok that' . we sent him on the way but ia wasn'n of john mccain. >> the cathedral says that's not how it happened. it just released a statement today saying, quote, all funerals and memorial servicest he cathedral are organized by the family of the deceased.
5:35 pm
only a state funeral for a former president involves confrontation withgovernment officials. no funeral at the cathedral requires the approval of the president or any other government official. endquote. what began as a trickle has turned into a stream of complaints. many la tee owes say they've been scammed out of thousands of dollars and they're pointing the figure at a supposed travel agency. earful stories of people claiming to have beclai claiming to have been taken. now an investigaon have blown e lid off an alleged travel scam. alberto sat down with 25 people all of whomaid they gav money to a woman named maria. she was supposed to book airline tickets to el salvador for them. instead people say they gave her their hard earned money and got
5:36 pm
nothing in return she's been arrested th it. pce she's no stranger to the law. in fac just two years ago she pleadedaguilty to the sme charge in the same county. then more than 35 people said they were scammed lucero travel. she was ordered to pay $30,000 in restitution and sentenced to five years probation. now under this new charge, she's expected to bert in cou next month. we'll be following details as they erge. march madness is here, folks. for many that means office pools and brackets, o eye on tvs at the coup, sherree burruss picks her final four. look at this heavy rainofll westwashington. we're hearing a lot of reports lo flooded roads in loudon county. at that rain just to the rth of leesburg. how longthis c on
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you realize your voware a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. so first r games of the ncaa tournament kicking off od y. work production across the country not so productive. >> especially when the terps are playing in our news roo you could hear the calls from right out of the gate. we're putting sherreend doug to work today showing us their
5:40 pm
pick doug your alma mater northern colorado notn the dance this year. >> no. we're dealing with the storm and you guys are in there screaming we had to close the door in the weather office. we're focussing on maryland's section. those teams could be heading here to d.c. for the sweet 16 d elite 8 at capital one arena. let's look at what is happ today. starting with maryland their game just wrapping up the terps beating belmont 79-77. did you have maryland winning? i did. but that is as far as i've got maryland going. they go up against lsu next a i think lsu take that is game. look at my finalfour. i have duke. we have gonzaga, tennessee, north carolina and then north carolina against duke. if that happens, that's going to be epic.
5:41 pm
andio the nl champion zion. many of you have picked duke. >> i get a little bragging right for now because i'm going to milk this as long as i n, my bracket is still perfect. i had minnesota beating louisville earlier today. i do have a iburn there, my final tennessee, duke, having du going all the way like many other folks in this country. we'll have much more coming upa ut march madness at 6:00, including reaction from the terps winning in jacksonville. guys. >> it's big. looking forward to those highlights. we're working for you this week. talking about your credit score. ahead at how to fix it if that number isn't where you want it. >> only on 4:00,
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[ ding ] show me the crown. mi[ ding ] show me home. [ ding ] baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you, uh, mind giving someone else a turn?ad oh, yeah imyself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video,th and youtube wihe sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet. so... that's simple. easy. awesome. switch to xfinity and get started with this great offer. plus, ask about 4k ultra hd and packages that include netflix. click, call or visit a store today. ton> ht night we're giving you an itsusive look at a first of
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kind lifengsa it brings resources from the emergency room directly to the scene of an accident, a building collapse, even a massshooting. our northern virginia bureau reporter dav culver shows us how this could benefit everyone living in our area in a story you'll see only on ne >> reporter: september 2017, nschopper 4 above evergrills road, below first responders trying to free family members trapped in their car. dr. john morgan got calledeo the . >> we had multiple patients trapped in excess of a couple hours at that epint. >> rorter: it would take several mtre hours to ge the patients out of the mess but every second that passed, the victims were losing blood. dr. morgan call the bloodbank and asked. >> i'd like to see if we can
5:45 pm
brought to ood to be the scene. >> reporter: ems crews is rushed the bod to the accident. they began transfusions, buying rescuers more time to extricate the family. ultimately four of the five trapped inside survived. that created the program. >> someone stuck in the situation with lots of blood loss we can get the protocol to the patient. >> so we can start the care. >> reporter: inside a hospital we got a look at how t program works. starting with a call from the medic to the blood bank. >>ctivating blood protocol. >> reporter: in a factor of minutes, the team packs the blood. handing it off to emergency cure yors, theyd bring the sh to a iff's deputy cruiser, an
5:46 pm
ambulance or a fairfax county it up chopper, loading and sending it off. >> the hospital visit begins when paramedics rooif on the scene. >> reporter: out of this wreck, an idea that can help in northern virginia andyond. >> we hope it's reproducedos ac the country. now inova's program officially started last month but to keep it going first responders need your help and david explains your role in this tonight on news4 at 6:00. >>we are in weath alert mode. you have obviously been in the thick of all of this all day day, but then we start talking about the strong winds we're gog to have in the area. does that mean tomorrow we get a combination ofos both of things or just the focus on the wind. >> just the wind. because of both of those things that's why we have ae for trees down. numerous reports of roads closed across parts of the area because
5:47 pm
we've so much rain. even along canal e road, the thoroughfares to get out of the city, part of that lanecl sed because of a rock slide that happened there. a big boulder on the side of the road now. i've seen pictures ofthat from our partners at wtop. ight now we have the rain coming down, storm team 4 radar showing the heavy rain coming through the district through parts of frederick, loudon county, notice how in western loudon county we continue to see the areas o red along the mountains here. this is from what'scalled upslope. if you look at the way this is moving from southeast to northwest, the mountains oriented like this so as you move up the mountainsou ring out more moisture. look what's happening around the ard.c. metro , some of the heaviest rain of the day hapning around bowie, towards the lar go area.
5:48 pm
heads up there. here's the heaviest rain, this n has been goinll afternoon. a dangerous situation in loudon county, fauquier county, manassas. that's why we have flood warnings in effect for all of these areas, numerous roads closed. remember please turn aronnd drowned. we don't want to e soo any more road water rescues. we've already seen one in annandale today. snow reported as far as lare earlier. as the storm moves out we will see the rain come toan end but then the wind comes in as phrase 2 of the storm takes over and we're talking abdsut the w gusting to 45 miles an hour tomorrow. >> the win pick up overnight tonight as the system pulls out of thearea, especially around midnight and the early morning hours. it is going to be windy with gusts up t 40 miles an hour.
5:49 pm
this is where you want to secure the trash cans. friday is not just windy in the morning hours but throughout the entire day. we could see a wind advisory issued for the area, something we'll continue to monitor. but know it is goingyo be wi and cold on your friday with winds this strong. we could see downed trees and spotty power outages on friday. and saturday it's still windy out there. you think about thewind and temperatures in the 50s, that puts wind chill temperatures in the 30s and 40s tomorrow as well as saturday. check it out, tomorrowor ng, 42 degrees is going to feel like 33 at the bus stoak sure the kids have the warmer coats. a highof tomorrow 54 feels more like 44 in the afternoon hwirs scattered showers out there. saturday morning it's bitterly cold, start at 37 degrees but withinds gusting up to 40
5:50 pm
miles an hour, it'll fel 20 out there. winds wealk about the think the strongest winds could impact the area tomorrow night. keep that in mind if you have dinner plans out friday >>eveni. riday always a good date night but it might not some of showers may produce thunder, maybe even hal, that's the kind of cold air we've got. cold erly saturday as amelia said. 61, sunshine on sunday. sunday looks great.ov we to monday, look how much colder we are on tuesday. high temperatures in the 40s. lows in t 30s wednesday morning into the day on thursday. thursday opening day for the ts looking good there. i will be there live and it's going to be 60 grees. ere will be food and a lot of other things i'll be dealing there.own but thursday looking good. and i have 72 now. at least we ve one 70 in the ten day forecast. >> i'm there opening day 5 and
5:51 pm
6:00 a.m. how cold it going to be? >> are you really? >> yeah. >> 39. i'll be there in the afternoon when it's this high. >> you planned that. smart man you e. >> did you get lured inmiith the p or breakfast or something. >> exactly. >> when's the last time you checked your credit score? it's so easy to do these days. most banks and credit card companies post it right thereurn account. >> a low credit score can affect everything, like buying a house acar, maybe getting a new job. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with tips to repair your score if it's in the dumps. dialect is a rap arti and educator. about eight ago he decided to settle down and buy a housit his partner pamela. but a credit score came back to
5:52 pm
haunt ho . >> we hadason to think it was bad. >> we checked the score and it was basically in the 500s. >> his bank refused ve him a loan because of his credit. >> depending on the reasons for a low credit score it can take m tths or year raise it to a good score, say 700.he >> one ofost important things to do is to pay all of your bills on time. that accounts for about 35% of your fico score. the most common credit scoring system. if you have credit cards, try to keep your balances to no more than 10% of your available credit. >> another tip is to consider taking out a personal loan to pay your credit card debt. having ara ac egreater variety loans m help your loan. >> go for a secured credit card,
5:53 pm
it requires a deposit to protet issuer, make timely payments and your score couldinclude. >> don't forget to request a freear credit report once a from each of the three reporting agencies to monitor your progress and spot any errors. back to yo what about folks with no redit? how do they even get started building a history? it's a problem that ma young adults face as they head out into the world and may have trouble getting a credit card or a loan. a n scoring system is coming this summer that could help with that. susan will break down the details on that tomorrow. a local artist won a national competition and she's only in the fifthde. today the virginia lottery surprised her at a school assembly. the 11-year-old earned topno with the lottery's thank
5:54 pm
a teacher contest. her design is one of three that will be featured on thank you notes. the lottery sends during national teacher aepreciation >> i first don't believe it, and i was like what'soing on. i was so excited and happy. >> authentic surprise there. the winning designs earn a $150 gift card and $1,000 for the artists' school. congratulations. that's excing. it a story that made national headlines, a woman stabbed to death while giving money to a pan hahandlepanhandl >> we remember this but police say it was a ruse. now the husband and stepdaughter at the center of the saga are at the center of the saga are back inbaltimor e.
5:55 pm
[female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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[female voiceover] today, people across the nation are
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experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at ly final a father and daughter are back in maryland tonight after trying to flee the country. >> they are charged in a murder that made national headlines after they claimed a panhandler killed his wife her step mother. >> barry sims from our sister station wbalt have this story.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: police released this video of keith smith and his daughter after they arrived back in baltimore early thursday morning. they're accused in the killing of jacquelyn smith, stabbed five times according to the medical s examiner, mth blamed the muer on panhandlers. they were arrested in texas at the mexico border, w were they there? a vacation says o defense attorney. >> why don't we take a vacation, a little r&r, i don't see any problem wi. that >> reporter: they remain held withoutobail. y the lawyers slam the case. >> the last line in the statement of probable cause says it all, up unl the time they issued a warrant they didn't have any other suspect. valeria smith's attorney called it 15 pages of fluff.
5:59 pm
>> there's zero evidence linking ms. smith with a crime. >> reporter: in court we learned that valeria smith has gotten psychiatric treatment and admits to using heroin and cocaine. keith smith has a master's degree in theology and military experience including a less than honorable discharge from the army. he also has past convictions of eluding police and robbery. >> he's innocent until proven guilty. >> i 100% believe in her innocent. first at 6:00, weather alert. rain and flooding today and the wind tomorrow. storm team 4 tracking the one-two punch. a serial rapist caught in prince george's county. breaking tonight, the search for more victims. and a day carer worke sentenced for moledring ch only on news4 parents of the victims sharing their story. >> this wrasn't a er at a park. lhis was someone we into our
6:00 pm
family, someone wetcrusted to our children. first a 6:00, a storm team 4 weather alert. a day of nonstop raining leading to flooding inur area. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harris. right now flood warnings in effect for almost all of northern virginia and the threat notver yet. >> we have team coverage tonight let's get to doug and melia. when does this let up? >> the rain doesn't let up until early tomorrow morning. by the time the morning rush comes around we should be on the dryer side but the winds start to pick up then too. >> we're seeing new flood warnings being issued by the national weather service. it's coming down west of washington. >> numerous roads closed in northern virginia, and this is the case through the rest of the night, too. still seeing pictures out of areas around lare, front royal seeing


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