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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 27, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mistrial. doctors who exa fned him the defense say thate was in a psychotic state at the time of the killing, and hisgu lawyers he committed the murder because he thought johnson was a werewolf. northern virginia bureau chief at the courthouse right now gathering reaction and will jusn little later in this broadcastor an update. >> all right, thank you, erika. now to some breaking nths here i district. a young man on a dirt bike shot and wounded in a brazen daytime shooting. >> those shots rang out around busy good hope road this froob. and p nowice are shutting down several blocks in that area. >> news 4's pat collins has been talking to people in the area and he joins us live in southeast with details. >> reporter: you canve see we an extensive crime scene here. police tape, bac and forth across the road, blocked off for aumber of streets here. you know, neighbors say
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night dirt bikes zoong d.dow terhie r ey say they started buzzing up and down the road this afternoon. and then --th and, gunfire. we got to the scene early, and this is what wetwaw. shell casings in the roadway. down the street and around the corner a dirtike on its side. good hope road taped off for blocks as cops investigate this broad daylight shooting. the victim, a young man hit at once. neighbors say dirt bikes continually zoom up andod down hope road. today for some reason it got violent. joyce saucier, she lives nearby.
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>> last night there were severam of tut they started again today. i heardau gunfire b the gunfire was -- see how nervous i am? i had t come out here because i couldn't believe this happened in the daytime in washington, d.c. >> reporter: whe you heard that gunfire you hit the floor. >> i hit the floor. i'm 71 yearsm old. i' too old for that. >> repter: while the investigation is going on down there, look at the problem it's causing uper h bus after bus after bus after bus after bus all stopped. no place to turn around, no place to go. the victim was taken to the hospital. at this point his condition unknown. wendy, back to you. >> aright, pat collins. thank you, pat. on capitma hill lrs on both sides appear to be cherry picking the attory general's summary of the special counsel
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investigation. but until members of congress and the public actually see the mueller report there are very few people who actually know what it includes, and tonight we're going to hear from a central figure in the early part of thata rus investigation. joining nous ais nbc's chief white house correspdent hallie jackson. you know, earlier lester holt sat downith former fbi director james comey who said that this is a vfdication the process, that it was not a witch hunt andhat the justice department did its job. but even he's not sure what's in it. >> that's it, wendy. and it's really interesting this lester interview you're going io seen which comey talks about the mueller report and he says he has no regrets in pursuing some oflu these con questions in the first place. and i want to quote him pperly here. he says there was smoke and enough smoke to justify investigating. and comey remember was obviously central to so much of this during the 2016em campaign.
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iber being in this room actually in that chair behim be there when he came out and said james comey had been fired. the appointment of the specialu l of robert mueller, so lots of people at play he as on capitol hill lawmakers are talking about bits and pieces of this. i will say democrats in large pafrt have looked to pivot away discussion of the mueller report and instead talk about health care. ware going to look at all of it coming up on nightly news. >> the president yesterday on the hill said republicans are going to become the party of health care. do we have any idea what that's going to look like if obamacare is totally repealed? >> it's so interesting because administration officials today, here's what my sources a teing me that essentially they believe turning to obamacare, focusing t on this fig over the health care law could be politically advantageo for the president,
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but there is acknowledgement there's not arw clear path d on the replacement piece if the appeal piece happens. there is a sense in the administrati that they have some time given this is court fight now, a legal battle. it's going to take months a months and months if not years to play out. ndication ofs an where people are in this because remember protections for with pre-existing conditions is incredibly popular, and that's a part of obamacare. so if that goes away republicans are going to he to answer it for that. and i've spoken with republicans on the hill as well w do have concerns what the messaging would be. from my personal perspective this is something that is critical. 28 million people at risk here. >> and as we saw when they were creating obamacare, this is not something you flip a switch j a t happens. it's pretty complicated. all right, nbc's hallie, jacks thanks so much. and look for lester's exclusive sit down with james comey. that's ahead on nightly news and
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starts at 7:00. the self-proclaimed neo nazi pleads guilty t dozens of federal hate crimes. he changed his plea in court a short time ago.e he could faced the deathy penalt on the federal charges. fields plowe his car you'll recall into a crowd of counterprotesters killing heather heyer in 2017. he faces a recommended life seitans sentence on that ticonv. several people are facing prostitution related charges tonit after a two-day operation involvinglirlington and the fbi. this had been part of a human trafficking investigation to identify any underage people exposed and being usedn the x trade. police say they did not find any minors this time around, but they say this remains an important issue. >> we are still intelligence related to this
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investigffion. human tking is a part of our community and if you see something and you know this has occurred report to your local law enforcement so we can investigate. >> of the individuals arelsed in thiswo day sting most of them are facing misdemeanor charges. relief is finally on t way fo drivers who take the parkway. those massive strips of potholes as you know have been making a mess, and it's taken nearly a month of complaints to get anything done. at the start hof month parkland speeds had to drop 15 miles. well, this weekend the nationals park service going to start the repairs. news 4's cory smith is live near the parkway to tell youth how 's going to unfold. cory? >> reporter: ll, the park service says it is taking fullo rebility for what has gone on over this last month.
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so starting thi weekend repairs will be made to the potholes along a stretch of the bw parkway, and in addition to that they are fast tracking the repaving of the damaged stretch of the parkway. it was supposed to happen this fall. it's happening next month. you've seen all these pictures of thebw parkway actually looking more like the surface of the moon. well, drivers complained about it, congressional lawmakers kplaene kpla complained about it, and the park service is finally doing something. gointo be shutdown fridaynd saturday. so they can get this work done. they're going to be taking a different approach than what they usually do to do thosete orary fixes of potholes. they say that approach will make these patches a lot more durable. we spoke with senator chris van hollen who met with the federalt park service leek and said, look, you simply have to do something. here's what he had to say.
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>> it just should not deteriorate to this point. obviously therwewere r there other conditions and winter conditions. the nional park servi we got them to focus on this and hopefully we'll have a road in good repair and reliable for ople in the very near future. >> reporter: again, soubthbound portions of closed, and just to t this into perspective the park service tells me they have already used more than 130 tons of asphalt to fix the potholes that all of you drivers out there have been complaining about. finally something is being done. >> all right. let's hear it for tpu asphalt. a for answers after two overseas crashes in six months.
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what officials are now saying about oversight as boeing shows off what i says is a software fix for the problem affecting tear m 737ax jets. plus the reaction this evening after education secrety betsey devos proposes cutting nearly $20 million in federal funding for the special olympics. ha working for your health tonight andt includes what's on your head. some people are banking on their own blo to get a full head of hair. okay, interesting. take loo 50s around our area, 60s just back to the west. 60s move into our area over the next couple of days. not just 60s,
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back now with the future of sports bettingth i district. city leaders had hoped to have online betting up and runningtin for baseball's opening day. while that won't happen for tomorrow, new 4 has learned
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when you'll finally be able to place your bets. news 4's mark seagraves broke the new and has our story. sports betting is big money and will mean millions of dollars in big revenue for businesses and local governments. the district has been racing to be first in the region to have it. and while d.c. is still on track m offer sports betting before virginia it's stiths away from reality. >> i think we need to get going rightnow. >> reporter: here's what needs to happen before the first pick can be wagered. first draft regulations hgoe to up for public comment. that's expected to happen in june. have to e regulatio be adopted, which is expected in july. that would all betting to begin in september, in time fen opg day off the nfl. but only locations operated by private companies such as capital one arena and nats park. >> i'm tired of waiting. i think everybody else is tired of waiting. >> reporter: if y 're looking
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forward to placing bets for from your smart phone that' going to take even longer. first the city has to reach a deal with the vendooi who's to design the app and then that contract has to be approve bide the mayor and d.c. council. then officials estimate six months to develop, test and implement the mobile app, which means january of 2020 is the soonest the mobile app would be up and running in the district. now, if you've been paying attention to social media today you have seen some chatter about the owner of the caps and wi saying he was going to put a sports book inside the green turtle restaurant here on se first floor of the capital arena. ke to one of his spokespersons this afternoon and they tell m that's n true, he never said that. he is committed to having sports betting inside the capital arena but they have d yet toermine where inside that arena. >> mark, will people ber
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tofessional? >> reporter: wellt's one of the big questions that has yet to be answered. wh they have public hearings on that, that's one of the questions that will be decided. as you know some states do allow sports.on college other states that have sports betting now restrict which coege sports you can actually bet on. he think it should be pros first and bring on college betting later on. >> well,e to say a lot of people are very eager to get this thing going. thanks so much, mark seagraves. and hapning right now on capitol hill, congress demanding answers after the grounding of khe boeing 737 max jets. here's a live loo at a senate safety hearing wnd gayonerlez b desk. tell us about this. >> swendy, ts the first of many congressional hearings planned about the safety of boeing planes, and it comesf course aft those two deadly accidents invving the new max
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8 jet. the lion-air crash back last october, and then the ethiopian crash earlier this month. lawmakers have two big questio they want answered. first, how had both boeing and faa responded to the crashes. and then the second big question being how was the max originally certified for flight and why is it that boeing isssentially able to certify itself? that program was actually appred byongress. in its opening statements just in the last 15 minutes the transportation department's inspector general admitted there are weaknesses. >> faa plans toevamp its oversight process by the end of july019. sustained management attention will remain essential to ensure oda companieset comply with s regulations. >> today's hearing comes on the same day boeing showed off what it says is a new software fix for the 7 max planes. ta the update is for the automated anti system.
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it's called the mcast. boeing proposed a preliminary upgrade on january 21st but it still wasn't finalized or approved two months later when the ethiopian jetliner crashed. >> erika, tnk you. >> it takes a lot of math to make space explorati successful, and today congress is honoring four women mathematicians whoped nasa's efforts get off the ground. among them christine darden who is known for her work and the late mary jackson who was represented at the event today by a granddaughter. >> it is inspiring to know that the hidden figures being honored today who gavhetheir best to their country is no longer hidden. our friends and family deeply appreciate the opportuo be a part of this celebration, and it will always be treasured. >> catherine johnsnd dorothy vaughn are the oer trailblazing women who were
5:18 pm
honored just a short time ago on capitol hill. nice. the special olympics got it start rightere in the district founded camp shriver at her home in the '60s. now there's growing anger at the education department's plan to slash its funding. today maria shriver tweeted at betsey devos writing, don't try to balance our nation's budget on the backs of those with special needs. news 4's meaganer fitd has more on the fallout. >> special olympics is really important because they off these different programs and es activiti >> reporter: if there was a moment that gave eileen cayo enormous joy it would be seeing her 42-year-old brother ryan who has down syndrome feel like he's living his dream.
5:19 pm
brian has won dozens of at the special olympic games over the last three decades. >> sometimes i play bowling and tennis >> the sense of accomplishment and achievement, it's something that willng actually b tears to my eyes. >> reporter: education secretary betsey devos was grilled by members of congress on tuesday after wanting to cut all $18 million in federal funding for special olympics despite the organization having bipartis support. a spokesperson for devos said, quote, the special olympics n raises more t0 $ million philanthropically every year, and while the secretary is personally supportive of their missionnd work, the activities of special olympics are better supported with other state, local and private funds. tim shriver is the chairman of special olympics. ays a lot of supportersd. are
5:20 pm
concer >> they say to me is it going to be okay. i keep telling them we got this, we got your back, don't worry, this work will not die. >> reporter: the organization says they're going to continue to work with supporters in congress, and they'll never stop advocating for those special athletes who don't always have a voice. >> the thought that theirnd g would be cut is devastating. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. this afternoon we're heang from t republican senator whose committee sets the funding levels forca the eon department. senar roy blunt, sending a statement saying his committee will not cut funding for the special olympics. more than 150 people infected during a measles outbreak near newa york city. ahead at 5:00 a look at what caused it and the unprecedented steps being taken to get under control. and after some chilly mornings and evenings we have some warmerth
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all right, doug joins us now. we're going to have aood day bring in some baseball. >> that's right. one of us is getting there a lot earlier than the other. >> that would be me bundled up.
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>> i was thinking temperatures around0 degrees. wave got you covered for opening day all day and we'll be down there starting at 4:00 a.m. tune in to seem. hi he hadn't woken up before 4:00 a.m. since 1987, so this is going to pea really intesting, folks. i'll be down there during the afternoon. let's take a look and show you what's happening. going to pea a fantastic day tomorrow. tomorrow will be great for baseball, that early 1:00 game, really looking good. out t nre right 54 degrees. not much wind. we told youin the would be lighter today with plenty of sunshine. it's really nice in the su in the shade still a bit on the chilly side. you may still need the jacket today. i don't think you'll need it tomorrow afternoon, however. temperatures warm tomorrow by about 5 to 10 degrees area wide. i really think it's goi to be fantastic thursday for you. on our wednesday, hump
5:25 pm
nothing going on out there. we're going to be dry for the next couple of days. once again we move from a wet pattern to a dryer pattern a we move into the month of april after last night's deluge. showing there are clear skiesou there except for florida. i saw nickel siz hail reports, which doesn't happen. but they got a nor'easter. the storm is just down to the south and east. temperature-wise, no real warmer air any we're in the 70s back to the west. 72 jackson, 67 nashville. so these warmer temperatures will start to move o. w even orlando right now, 67 with 30 mile an hour winds and rain. that's kind of a nasty day for thespring break down there. hopefully for most of us we'll
5:26 pm
have spring break coming up in the next couple of week. new york, only 44 degrees. so tomorrow for opening day and i'm not giving t 4:00 a.m. forecast. but for the rest of us out there, for you it's going to be cold, bdy. going out by 11:00, take the jacket. again, 54 ld ct that time. 65 degrees by 1:00, and come and see us by 4:00. 64 degrees at that time. we're going to be right over towards the salt line, going to be a really nice day for that. remember if you're in and around the baseline or behind home il plate, you get a little bit cooler. you folks out at right field will have a lot more sunshine. some rea nice spring weather coming in, and then that chance for rain on sunday. not a lot of rain. we're not expecting too but the big deal i think will be 59 and falling temperatures all, nd then cool again as we
5:27 pm
start off early next week. >> you said the line was going to be open at 4:00? >> they have a special door for you, jim. ia just knock on it and say i'm here for the pie. >> they'll want you to start cooking and breading -- >> but if they don't open it don't force yourself in. that's not good. >> well, it could be genetics, aging, a number of reasons. now there may be a way togrow it back. doreenentzler on the treatment thathat has promising results. plus recycling rules. the big change comin to one youty as some of the items think you're recycling wind up in the back of the trash. and of course the breaking news that we're following, a hung jury and a mistrial in the murder of a popular storege ma in old town alexandria. why the jury
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breaking news from alexandria. a mistrial in the murder of a store manager. >> jus a short time ago jurors told the judge they were deadlocked. >> julii carey joins us from the courthouse. do you think his mental health was an issue here? >> reporter: i think that was definitely something the jury nd of course h, this outcome has to be very
5:31 pm
tough to take for friends and family of brad jackson, the victim in this case. after three full days of deliberation, this jury said deadlocked. they could not reach a unanimous verdict, and that gave theumg no choice but to declare a n mistrial ie case. here's a look at the jurors as they left the .courthou you could see those very somber oks on their faces. i approached themll and tried to find out where they were divided, conflictef but all o them refused to answer my question. we do know this was a really difficult case. ey had to deal with a bizarre crime, gruesome crime scene photos. the evidence shows he was suffering from severe mental illness when he lt his home on july 13th. he came to old town, walked to theecond floor of an old town store and attacked the manager ther brad jackson. those men total strangers until
5:32 pm
that day. he grabbed a box cutr in the office and stabbed and slashed jackson 53 teams, als beating him and breaking his neck. doctors say they believe he was in the midst of a psychotic episode ipwhich he had a delusion and he thought brad jackson was a werewolf. oat want him to be found not guilty by reaso insanity. the prosecution seeking a first degree murder ver the next steps somewhat unclear. the defense attorney saysli he' to see prosecutors avoid a retrial, eagree that the defendant was insane and commit him to a mental health facility for treatmt. >> it's clearly a tragedy out of mentalss ill the jury recognized that. that's why they struggled with this for three days and we're hopeful that the commonwealthha will agree the place he needs to go will be the hospital. he can beer treated. s great facilities and
5:33 pm
programs in the commonwealth, and he's notetting out anytime soon even under that scenario, o we're hopeful that the commonwealth will consider a stipulation in that regard. >> reporter: and a briefro statement the commonwealth's attorney this afternoon. e says our office will be meeting early next week to determine how to proceed with this matter. >> real quick, where is he now? where is he being held or treated now? >> reporter: he is being held at thexa aria detention center. shortly after his arrest he was taken to central sta for a while where he was stabilized withon medica he is competent to stand on trial but right now he's being held at the jail. >> and one other question, if they did, if therosecutors decided to go with the reason od insanity, he be put away for life. i mean he was just released from a psychiatric hospital before he committed this crime. >> what the defense attorney is
5:34 pm
talking about i a stipulation. in that casehe prosecution is saying he'd go to a mental health facility but he would be eventually be able to be released. parents who falsify city sidency to send their kids to d.c. schools for free. well, today the attorney general's office announced a new six figure lawsuit against s adults including some current and former school system employees. inne instance t a.g. says in addition to cheating the tuition payments one parent also committed fraud to receive public benefits. non-d.c. residents can send their children to city schoy s, but tve to pay out-of-state tuition, up to $14,000 a year. and in maryland lawmakers bare considering al that would increase funding for
5:35 pm
school conceruction. prgeorge's county executive testified in annapolis today supporting the build to learn act. the county currently has an $8.5 billion construction and renovation backlog. also prooks says the measure could allow the couoy build 18 new schools over the next seven years. it would also increase annual funding by up to $30illion more over 30 years. ut sources close to a deadly shooting investigation tell us that a local boxer was the gunman. and police are investigating the shooting as abl pos case of self-defense. prince george's county bureau chief takes us through what led to this deadly confrontation. a gunman they searched for monday night is now cooperating as they investigate aes dc shooting in district heights.
5:36 pm
sprins george's county police searched for the individual on monday. one man and an injured woman. initially they believed he was holedp in a home. it prompted a s.w.a.t. team response, road closures. idighborhood rts were told to shelter in place and nearby schools were on lock down well into the evening. according to multiple sources who they were searching for was williams. he promoted the match on this instagram page. sources tell news 4 the domestic dispute involved how he was going to dive his winnings that night. the argument began in one location between two groups but ended in front of williams home where the shooting happened. sources close to investigation tell me police are iestigating if williams shot i up to defense. police say the gunman turned himself in and was released as the vgz continues.
5:37 pm
a woman was als injured by gunshots. we spokeith his family. they declined comment on the case. a family member ofilliams tells me the boxer is still dealing the trauma of what ofolded in front that house. he says he nor any of the will be able to speak right now. meanwhile police are continuing their investigation. alexandria gets a council green light. up next at 5:00 what residents are saying now that plans to slaughterhouse are moving ahead. and working for your money. and working for your money. why it's getting more expensive something very important. and working for your money. why it's getting more expensive not everybody can be a winner like aldi. their products have won over 400 awards for quality.
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welcome back. future temperatures at tomorrow 8:00 a.m. a chilly start but not as cold as we have been. coming up doug and i are going to let youw when we reach 70 degrees plus we'll have the latest timing on weekend rain. breaking news from the live desk. maryland governor larry hogan has just announc he willeto measure that raises the state's minimum wage to $15n hour b 2025. the general assembly passed the law earlier this yea the vote fell largely along partyines, but it did pass with a veto with the jury so it will still bome law, but the governor had offered a
5:41 pm
compromise. he wanteto increase the minimum wage by $2 to $12.10 by 2022. ould go the minimum above only if the states reach an average that equals 80% of may recall's wage. and he wants the increase to be earned income tax but a the assembly bill passed with a veto proof majority. >> erika, thank you. this afternoon president ar trump d a posthumuson medal ofer to staff sergeant travis atkins. atkins acted quickly, jumping on top of him as the man detonated the bo. >> in h final moments on earth
5:42 pm
travis did not run. he didn't know what it was to run. did not hesitate. he rose to the highest calling. he laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warrio. in so doing he embodied the deepest meaning of the motto of the tenth mountain division. he climbed to glory. >> the san you in that video right there was atkins' s oliver who was just 11 years old at it time of his dad's death. new car buyers getting hit with a double whammy. not only are the prices going up on the vehicles but so are the rates on the loans that finance them. averaging more than 6% last month, the highest in a decade. one factor behind the higher cost is the fed raising its rate and that affects all sorts of loans. doreen gentzler reports how
5:43 pm
doreen gentzler reports how some people are banking on their
5:44 pm
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you takehe exttep of sorting your trash, separating your recycling from the rest, but what if we told you -- a look at why your ryclable items end up in a landfill. >> reporter: these purplens bee will soon be the only place where you can guarantee your glass will be recycled. what you're looking at here in this landfill in prince william county are items they consider wishful or aspirational recycling items. they were rejected by t recycling plant simply because they cannot be processed. so those of you at home put them into those bins thinking they'll be repurmsed and perhaps then
5:46 pm
put back into good use. well,haunfortunately is not the case. >> i've seen a lot of changes, and this is the wst've seen fo recycling markets since i've been working here. >> reporter: they are putting t new guidelines when it comes to recycling certain items like glass. tom says theost to transport and recycle glass is going way up, more than doubling in the past coue ofonths. add to that increased standards from china and india who purchase many of our recyclables. all of taktg glass here not worth the cost of recycling. >> so all t glass that's going in your bin, right now it's just ending up in the residue and going back to the landfill. >> people need to pay what they put in their recycling bins right now. >> reporter: to help guarantee certai items get recycled scott mcdonald says you should take ai focused rec approach in your home or office. >> right if you focus on newspapers, cardboards, aluminum
5:47 pm
and steel cans, plastic btles and jugs it's going to get recycled. s q colberg news 4. >> our news 4 digital team has looko the rules for each jurisdiction in our region. search recyclingur in nbc washington app to see how you should be recycling in your neighborhood. a green light forha chicken slaughterhouse in alexandria. last night the city council approved a special use permit for that business. the slaughterhouse is going to be located on colven street, an industrial area. it specializes in the huloll method of slaughter which follows islamic law. the owner vows there will be no noise, no smell, very little traffic. the council vote was 5-2.
5:48 pm
all right, doug joins us now, andhe weekend is getting better and better. p suddenly over the cold h now? >> well, not really because i think the coldest air like this morning was 19 in manassas. it is going to be on the chilly side until wha it goingo be a transitional day on sunday. people walk by and say i'm loving this sunny day out there, doug. nice job. 54 degrees the k temperature. dropping through the 50s and into the 40s by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. average high is arod 60. 53, and warrington coming in
5:49 pm
right now at55 streeess and annapolis right along the water we're sitting there at 47. now, radar is dry. it's going to stay that way. so for it nationals game tomorrow, no problem. i'mriot w about rainfall. not even worried much abo cloud cover. sunrise tomorrow is at 6:59. so hly is going to be out there at the ball mark starting at 4:00 a.m. so you've got less than three hours before the sun makes its way up. so that's good news for you. we're getting into lon longer days and that means warmer and warmer temperatures.s 40 degt the bus stop tomorrow. 55 by recess, and up to 64 by the time we're picking up the kids. hat about the rest of the weekend? it is kind of a half and half weekend, but what half i so good, the other half we don't really care it's that bad? >> you're right. because saturday is going to be so nice. we have a high temperature of 75 degrees. look at your temperature on
5:50 pm
sunday. we're only about 59 degrees. sunday is one of those days where temperatures are near steady maybe even dropping a new grees as the day wears on. that being said, we do have plenty of clouds o there kind of hazy sunshine throughout the tay, and you will be noticing aia breeze espy during the second half of the day. but your saturday is completely dry. rain i in the forecast on sunday, and the timing for rain right now is favoring the morning and midday hours. so that being said, the weather having a moderate to low impact youreekend. great to get out on the lawn and garden on youry. sun know that saturday you're going to be dealing withaiand cooler temperatures. you may be able to get out there on sunday after t rain exits the area. again i would pick saturday where it's breezy, nice, probably long sleeves down i don't think you'll need a jacket. but remember right by the water as dou showing you annapolis, temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler. outdoor exercise fantastic on
5:51 pm
saturday. sunday still not all thatd, but you might want to reach for the rain gear as you head ofo that run or bike ride on sunday. f weave the kitival on saturday. i've learned too things as i showed this graphic last hour. first i called rihovis kite company, but professional kite fliers not going to have any problems. and i also learned, doug, you built your own kite with your uncle when you were in fifth grade. i still have my ribbon. >> blue ribbon. >> thafs right. onehe cool experiences and one of tho things in your head you never forget. uncle jim, thanks. 74 degrees on your friday, 75 on saturday. so a couple of really nice days. but then watch how we go back wn on sunday. starting to see that tperature decrease, and then warming back into the 60s by next thursday
5:52 pm
and friday. >> all right, thank you, sdoug. >> you might have heard about the vampire facls. that's arendy skin care treatment. dermologists using your blo to give your skin that kind of youthful glow dewiness. doesn't sound very nice. i'm trying to sell it. >> now the same concept is being used onon a pe scalp. using your blood to help with hair growth. there you go. >> i'm sorry, needles. needle alert. it's called prp, and as doreen gentzler shows us those three lett ls could hold a of promise for people who have thinning hair. >> reporter: hair loss can be an emotional and embarrassing issue for men and women. >> for a decade if not more than a decadee have very few treatments to treat men and even fewer to treat women. zblu now there's some new hope with doctors using your own blood to stimulate hairit growt.
5:53 pm
called platelet rich plasma or prp. >> if you have hair loss in your 20s kroukd do this, in your 50u, uld do this. so coming in early is the key. >> reporter: she a board certified dermatologist who walked us through this cosmetic procedure. first she draws blood through a patient's arm. >> we draw the blood and thin the blood and use the plasma and inject it back into e scalp. >> reporter: this machine called a centrifuge separate the platelets in the plasma. >> it first starts off as peach fuzz and then grows into long thick tufrch presented at this year's american academy of dermtaelg conference in d.c. shows high success rates among patients with hereditary hair loss or baldness. >> this is all new hair growth. you come in for aie s of treatments once a month, and you can go back to work that day, thatut m
5:54 pm
there's no down time. >> reporter: each treatment costs about $150. the doctor says most patients need five sessions which makes this about a $750 investment. most people see hair growth after three or f treatments and the doctor says the results can last as long as you protect your ha that means avoid coloring it too much and stay away from blow driers, curling irons and extensions which can cause breakage. breakage. >> wow, i out.'m
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
you can make roomancial cfor everyone. get rewards and more with suntrust advantage banking.
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there is a state ofge emy under way just outside new rk city because of measles. and now a drastic step. as of today unvaccinated people under age 18 are bned from public places in rockland county. since october this outbreak has included more than 150 cases. with our sister station in new york has details. >> reporter: this mom feels it was important she and her two ds get the vaccine. they're among a couple dozen people who showed up to a free vaccine clinning in rockland county. on the same day the count implements a new 30-day ban. the first of its kind in the nation. anyone under the age of 18 who doesn't have a is now banned from public places
5:58 pm
until they're ?vaccinated. we've gotten to the point where people were not cooperating. >> the countyttorney says the measures were necessary. rockland county is seeing the largest outbreak in the united states since the year 2000 when the disease was eradicated. there e now 155 confirmed measles cases in rockland and perhaps man more. >> we do have a substantial number of cases we know are unreported. >> the only comfort is that the mother knowing this won't go t that restaurant because she's afraid they will question her. >> reporter: while many in the county are grateful for the new measures otherst wonder if will lead to discrimination. most of those affected by t measles outbreak are part of jewish orthodox icommunity. ould hope that the general public would not take it upon themlves to b discriminatory when they're looking at this problem. >> a mother of 12 didn't want to show her face but tells us she
5:59 pm
and most peo she knows make sure their kids are immunized. agree witnitely do the health department that it's important to be under control with the all the diseases. and we're thankful that we have help to get us well and just be normal people. >> reporter: as far as enforcement the county says police will not be patrolling or asking people for theircc ation records, but if a parent is found in violation and if they're psecutedd they co $500 or three months in jail. now at 6:00, an nbc nightly news exclusive. former fbi director james comey speaking out aut the mueller investigation. lester holt joins us l le with a firsook at the interview here in washingtonr a commu alert for drivers on the bw parkway. >> you need to get it fixed. >> you've got to do it. it's about time. >> reporter: construction crews will smoot the bumps, but the road will have to close to
6:00 pm
get it done. and first on news 4, a starting date for legal sports betting in the district. when and how you'll be able to placeour bets. battle lines are shifting on capitol hill. lawmakers told they'll have to wait weeks to see the special counsel's port, and they're now filling that time with the renewed fight over health ca. >> tonight the former director of the fbi says the summary we have seen of thear report so is good news. james comey sat down for an exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt late today. and lester will join us live in minutes to talk about his conversation with comey. but we're going to start with the tension building on capitol hill with blayne alexander. >> and that tension is building in part to this unexpected move by president trump's justice department tort sup ending obamacare entirely.


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