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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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had all throughout the morning. the thing about today the temperatures. mid 70s. it is a nice shock to the system heading outside. you can see theun coming down on the washington monument. cherry blossoms almost in full bloom. stage five out o six. the puffy white stage right now, it is beautiful down at the tidal basin. we have great pictures coming up, in case you can't get out there. mperatures in the 50s. look at this, mid 50s in d.c. by 10:00/11:00, the temperatures will already be in the low 60s. a few sprinkles coming down across the area, mainly to the west. not a lot getting rain. along i-91, you'll see a few showers. for the most part, we'll be dry. as far as the kite festival, i temperaturthe mid 70s. one thing, winds are picking up throughout the afternoon.
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after lunchtime. then big changes on the way for sunday and monday. we'll talk about those changes and what you can expect coming up. lauryn, we'll check inthen. from the weather to the roads, a traffic alert this saturday drning. we shoell you to enjoy the open lanes on the bw parkway because tonight portions will be shut down once again. all of this for emergency pothole repairs. crews have been blasting crumblysg road last night, they were working on the southbound lanes. the park service says last year's bad winter weatherea wrd havoc on the roads. a lot of w you drive endured popped tires and brutal traffic. some we spoke with say it is about time somethingas done. >> 95 to baltime, and it's horrific. it can cause accidents. it is really bad. it is not potholes. its more like craters. >> they really need to get it fixed. >> they sure do. they're working on that tonight beginnin 7:00. northbound parkway from maryland 197 to g 198ng to be closed.
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it will reopen at 5:00 a.m. . tomorr you can find more details about the permanent fix that's coming this summer. we've put those in the nbc washington app. just search potholeshi all new morning, an arrest made in a two week old homiciden northwest d.c. this happened on march 14th on columbia road. d.c. police say a was found shot. he later died at the hospital. on thursday, police arrested and chargednother 25-year-ol britain, in the crime. an update on abeloved maryland youth soccer coach facing deportation. we've learnedet he willo stay in this country a little bit longer. his na he is known as coach fofo. after an i.c.e. hearing yesterday horning, he wasck tol to c back in a month. coach fofo has been living in montgomery county nearly 20 years. he came from the west african country of togo. he has coached hundreds o kids
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at a soccer academy. >> i teach special needs. i continue to love those kids and share my passion in the community. >> coach fofo has been denied a asylum and is living here without legal status. a new round in the battle over the mueller report. attorney general william barr says a redacted form of the report woulddye r by next month. all of this comes as president trump is threatening to close the mexican border by nex week over illegal immigration. nbc's blaine alexander brings us up to speedith the latest. >> reporter: congress and the pul ic will see special coun robert mueller's report by mid-april or sooner, according omto a letter to congress attorney general william barr, who says he is currently redacting pieces of the report with mueller's help. president trump will not see the report before it is released. >> we'll have great confidence in the attorney geral. if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: barr says he will
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testify in ely may before judiciary committees in both chambers. the leader of the house committee, nadler, demanding tor see an uacted report by next week. president trump, during a tour of the everglades, issuing a nen wag on immigration, threatening to close large sections of the border unless mexico does something to stop an influx of undocumented immigrants from coming into the u.s. >> we'll keep it closed long time. i'm not playing games. >> reporter: the number of border crosses are spiking. numbers so high, agents had to release migrant families from custody into local communities. in a letter to coness, kirstjen niels calling it a dire situation, asking for authority to hold asylum-seekini fa until cases are decided, instead of the 20-day limit, and authority to speed up deportations for unaccompanied grant children. >> members of congress should have a problem with depriving an
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unaccompanied child ue process in our immigration courts. >> reporter: already getting pushback from democrats. blaine alexander, washington. >> blaine alexander reporting there. busy weekend in the district. you have thousands of folks packing the streets to see our beloved cherry blossoms. the flowers already look stunning. peak bloom, just days away. derrick ward is live along the tidal brnin this g, where folks are already out there. derrick, we've noticed some crowil ng, even folks behind you. awesome.oms look >> reporter: oh, they are. you know, this may not be peak bloom, but it ishe really next best thing. like the man said in the song, every picture tells a story, don't it? there are lot of stories being told down here. we can see from the folks who lined up with their cameras to get the one shot. the big picture is, of course, springtime in washington, when the tal basin gets this garland of blossoms. like we said, it is not peak bloom yet, but a great time to
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come take a look at them before peak bloom. we talked about the weather. there may be a change in temperature and things like that. as we heard from the ceo of the cherry blossom festival, it predicted there. peak bloom may not be until monday. now is a good time. take a look. >> i think people are thinking that the peak bloom is monday, and then that's it. i would really like to get the word out, there is most likely going to be two weekends of beautiful blossoms.ep >>ter: we talked to people who were pleasantly surprised by the crowds but manageable crowds for this cherry blossom year. later on today, there's going to be the kite festival. as we heard from lauryn, the wind is going to be picking up. that sho sd make thate fun. the temperatures will definitely ate with the day. great time to come down and take a look at the cherry blossoms. that's where we're live.ic de ward, news 4.
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back to you. >> sure is, derrick. outside on can see this saturday morning, 9:07, as derrick mentioned, the slight out a beautiful start. lauryn ricketts is going ton explhy today may be the best day toheck out t cherryho blossoms, th peak bloom is on monday. she' explain ashe looks at the week to come. what a difference a yr makes. how one town in virginia is cleaning up the streets and recycling their cigarette butts. this is an
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toda begin s phase two of the wharf project in the district. this afternoon a 00, mayor bowser will kick off the festities with a groundbreaking and community celebration and family fun day. the wharf is getting revitalized with new homes, hotels, offic and entertainment space. >> no ifs, ands, or buts. virginia has come a long way
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with its efforts to go green. middleburg has even been recycling cigarette butts, and it is having an impr:t. >> reporteiddleburg was being buried in butts. thousands of them. not just an eyesore but also a hazard. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of children are on po by eating cigarette butts. in addition, they're hazardous to petand wildlife. >> reporter: something had to be done. >> it started as a result of cleaning the town's streets and finding so many cigarette bus and trying to find a way to dispose of them in an environmentally sensit manner. >> people see an issue. they get engaged. they get involved because they e want to makeommunity a better place. >> so we came up with receptacles like this, that re collect the cies. >> easy to do. not time consuming. it is just part of taking care of -- keeping thtown clean. >> reporter: tim cole is the cleanup guy.
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he doesn't mind the extra work.w n you do see it helping, it's worth it. >> reporter: there are 15 ektt collectors around town, and every couple of the butts get shipped off to the recyclers. >> mission is to eliminate the idea of waste. we create collection programs d lution systems for hard to recycle waste, things you wouldn't put in your normal blue box, all the way to cigarette butts, which can be recycled in nine countries. >> reporter: since the program began, 7,000 sounds of cigarette butts have been recycled. >> looking good there. the community cleanu is scheduled for saturday, april 13th this year. let's give you a live look outside. 9:11. 55 degrees in the district. we'll check in with lauryn ricketts, who is looking through the rest of your weekend forecast. plus, you can check out theew park at the alexandria waterfront, opening today.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." years in the making. today at 10:00, the ribbon will finally be cut at alexandria's newt waterfr park. this addition connects with the original king street park on the trounds of the former old dominion b club. it has an open plaza, waterfront promenade,nd shadedatio with tables and chairs.
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it'll host temporary art projects. the first you see there, called mirror, mirror. it is interactive, acng to sound and light. >> the outside of the piecethas sawtooth mirrored surface, so it produces a panoramic reflection of both the water and context of old town. we chose to make the inside the more explicitly vivid part, which has a range, spectrum of color. >> having a waterfront park with seating and then demonstrations from local artists i think is really, really cool. >> sot this is w the art looks like at night. look how cool that is. there is goi to be a grand opening with a bunch of festivities at that park from 2:00 until 9:00 today. this particular piece of art is only going to be out there on the waterfront until november. check it out while you can. ow dntown mexico now, where thorities are on high alert after a volcano unleashed a powerful explosion. take a look at that.
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this is near mexico city. it erupted onthursday. the explosion firing hot lava and ash into the air. police are warningre folks who out there, a lot of the locals, to stay away from the volcano and just keep away from the area all together until things calm down. wow. look at that. rather insane. >> that's crazy. i hadn't heard about that. interesting. >> none of that here. >> yeah. we have the big, puffy, white cherry blossoms to talk about. tt>> the sun came out a , too. i thought a little more cloud cover today. >> right. >> when derrick's live shot came up, sunny skies. we knew it'd be a mix of sun and clouds. don't matter because the temperatures are so warm. >> we're looking livetoow. y is the day to check them out? >> definitely. look how beautiful they are.iv stage is what they are right now, the puffy white stage. six is peak. that happens, 70% of them are open.
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they're really delicate. the thing is, david was saying, i was saying, today is the best day to get o there. because we have breezy conditions. we've got some chilly headed our way after today. we're going to talk more aut that. today just looks like the best day. if you want to wait unfill next we weekend, go ahead. i'm waiti until monday to go. a lot will still be there. it'll be cold monday and we have winds picking up ts afternoon. they're going to stay with us until monday. live city camera, not a lot going on. iad friends down the earlier today, laura and tyler dye. look at this. just about sunrise. just beautiful out there. if you want to send me your picture, please do you have my twitter, instagram, and facebook there. it was gorgeous. she was saying it looked likern sunday afn at 4:00 p.m. that was at 6:58 this morning. that's how many people were dow there. if you're headed down there, not only put on the sunscreen because we'll have a little bit of sunshin out there, but also
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take that allergy medication. trees running modate right now. that's why you may be sniffling a little bit. today is the best day to see them because we have rain tomorrow morning, moving in at daybreak, and it'ro continue h the early afternoon. just a few showers. that.have some of then it is going to be chilly and windy tomorrow. then we're cold and brisk on monday. winds will be about 10 miles an hour on monday. breezy winds the next few days. if you want to wait goahead, but take your chances. i think today is probably going to be the best bet to see agthe. five. it'll be stage six on monday. again, it is going to be chilly on mon with temperatures only in the upper 40s to right around 50. yeah, it is going to that cold. we have some rain. after tomorr no chances of rain until next friday. we do have a few sprinkles out there right now. a lot of this isn't hitting the ground. shenandoah tlcounty, a l shower. most isn't hitting the ground. few sprinkles, especially i h you'reded west. we're otherwise dry in d.c. temperatures mild.
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already mild, just after can 99. low 60s in southern maryland. we'reovg the temperatures up t today. the wind is picking up. now, just a breeze, but after lunchtime, winds preking up, which will make for interesting kite flying ability o there. if you don't know how to fly a kite, hopefully the wind will do its topping out temperatures in the 70s by mid-afternoon. we have the breezy and chilly conditio for monday. brisk and cold. winds gusting up to 30 miles an , but they're coming out of the south, helping to bump up the temperature. tomorrow, they're coming out of the northwest. temperatures are actually onlyb going tn the 50s. like i said, upper 40s on monday. here's some rain. we'll start at midnight tonight. no rain toda a few showerst. a few showers tomorrow. this is it. we're not talking about rain downpours. we are talking about a few light showers, maybe 1/10th. in it moves out through the early
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afternoon. then we'll have late-dayhi sunsne around for your sunday. temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 50s by the afternoon. lo at this. we'll fall to around 62 at midnight and kee falling from there. then you wake up on monday morning, look at thatte erature, 34 degrees. as we head through your day on monday, cherry blossoms should be all right. it takes abo7 degrees for them to really be impacted. temperatures cold, u we mov from there. friday, we've got plenty of sunshine.
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>> announcer: you'reing "news 4 today." shedding light on a global issue by goingdark. >> yeah, tonight, david, millions will participate in earth hour. people in their homes, local sinesses, and iconic buildings, landmarks across the globe will turn off their lights for one hour to bring attention to climate change. >> you're looking at footage from previous years. tonight at 8:30, this is going to happen. all those places going dark, showing their support for the fight against climate change and the preservation of wild oceans, and forests. earth hour started in sydney, australia, in 2007. it is now global. >> i like that. good idea. springtime in the district, it'snghy we're wea pink, cherry blossom colors, right? a lot of folks waitingat for something else is going on, another waiting game. talk about panda watch.
9:24 am
so exciting. this is at the national zoo. they're hoping mei xiang will get pregnant. they artificially inseminated her last night. not too much information, right? >> getting her business out everywhere. >> the thing is, they have a small window to do this. pandas can become pregnant 24 to 72 hours each year. the zoo has been watching changes with mei xiang. they'll monitor here to see if she cou be pregnant or experience a pseudo pregnancy. we'll be watching that. >> for the nextmo hs. panda watch 2019. here we go. >> it'll last a while. >> that's whatt is. >> then they'll have to maybe bring some nice jewelry over to her. >> look a that. a present. one jewel at a time, learning about the past here. >> iconic pieces of presidential history are on display to the public. it is not a museum. the new tiffany and company location is in northwest d.c.
9:25 am
every girls' ears perked up. this was a piece given after the birth of john f. kennedy jr. in 1960. also this pearl necklace and broach that president lincoln ve to his wifeor his inauguration. >> back in the day, we're talking 1862, this was only $180, which you can imagine how much it'd be in day's value. >> that's a bargain. >> yup. >> nothing under $180 a tiffany and company today. the exhibition is open to the public through next month. we've also posted a photo galler on the website, if you want to check it out. one of broadway's biggest noshows right and has been the past couple of years really, talking about "hamilton" the musical. if you did not get a chance to see it the last time it was in d., you're going to get another chance. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. s to laurynis is n >> i did not know that. >> lauryn, "hamilton" is
9:26 am
returning next summer to the kennedy center. tickets go on sale next ring. ranging from $99 to more than $500. you may recall last time, they sold out really fast. >> yeah, they did. >> hot show. an alexandria man waking up lia maire after winning the powerball. >> he was hoping to win the $750 million jackpot, but he'll settle for $5 million. . at's fine. >> that's ni >> i'd settle for $5. >> true. >> it not from the powerball. it is from a scratch-off ticket he bought in addition to the powerball cket. he says he couldn't believe his eyes when he scratched off the winning odnumbers. for him. congratulations. >> wow. that is awesome. >> $5 million. >> looking good. >> take you down to the tidal basin today, maybe buy your way throug>>the crowds. uy your own paddle boat. don't wait in line for that. that's what i would do. great day. you can see lightackets now. hed they be able to
9:27 am
jackets this afternoon. may need the tinter coat byhe start of the week. we'll show you the temperatures coming up. a number ofusinesses concerned after an armed robber hits local shops. i'ms. tracee wilk coming up on news 4, prince george's county police believe they have evidence to get this guy in custody, but they need your help. coming up next week on "news 4 today," i'm working for you in the community, checking in with my personal trainer on my journey to get fit for spring. whether to weigh or not to weigh. plus, we'll check out a really cool insulation in northern virginia, fun y for and the whole family. also, we have a prom d
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> hey there. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this saturday, the 30th of march, 2019. the last weekend in march. lauryn ricketts, it is shaping up to be aic pretty one out there, especially for folks who want to check outse what yo behind me here, the tidal isbas. >> it great out there, david. i mean, those temperatures are already on the mild side. we are headed into thid 70s through daytime highs today. a little moreloud cover than we'd like, but we'll take what we can get. we're going to be mainly dry today. i say that, but i know there's a few showers, light stuff the west along i-81, maybe
9:31 am
coming around the blueidge mountain. a few sprinkles is about it. look at the that color. absolutely beautiful. once we get to this time, itel like spring, even though it is going to feel more like winter as we get into your monday. we'll talk about that coming up. let's talk about the nice temperatures.0s mid out there right now. southwest winds not bad. however, afterlunchtime, that's when they'll start to pick up. it is going to be breezy this rn afn, but winds are bumping out of the south. it'll pump the temperatureight on into the mid 70s for daytime highs today. lunch hour looking good. it is going to be a little on the warmside. peak bloom on monday. a lot of people there now,is whh good idea. temperatures will be the biggest variable. we'll get cold on monday. we'll let y know how that could affect it. peak bloom lasts a couple ys. we'll show you which days you should see them. we also have a nats that forecast is coming up. >> clearly, a pink theme, as i can tell from ournstagram post there. thanks. from the weather, we'll take you to the roads.
9:32 am
this traffic alert to passdalong this sat morning. enjoy the open lanes of the bw parkway because tonight, lanes will be shut down for emergency pothole remains. crews have been blasting crumbling roadways. they were working on the southbound lanes last night. the national par s services last year's bad winter weather wreaked havoc on our roads. a lot of you who hit the roads each and every day endured popped tires and brutal traffic. tonight at 7:00, the northbound parkway from marylan197 to 198 going to be closed. this should reopen by 5:00 tomorrow morning. you canmore details about the permanent fix coming to our roads this summe in the nbc washington app. all you have to do is search potholes. this morning, atlanta's catholi ark bischbishop is mull over a job offer that would bring him to d.c. pope francis asked bishop gregory to succeed cardinal wuerl. ife accepts, he'd become
9:33 am
washington's first black archbishop. while stepping into what is no doubt a very challenging role, espeally given recent sex abuse scandals. it could make the once prizedpo tion less appealing. >> i think a lot of people are looking for closure. they're looking to move on. we've had a year of scandal. people want to see a clean break, a fresh start. >> wuerl resigned in october after a pennsylvania grandrtury reas released. that report alleged that he, while serving asp bisf pittsburgh, did little to stop predator priests, something he and hisrt sups have denied. the catholic news agency believes that when itomes to gregory, the announcement could be made official as soons next week, something we'll be following closely. as washington catholics t prepare f transition, the vatican has issued a new law aimed at stopping sex abuse. pope francis' new law requires vatican church officials to report sex crimes immediately. the law is meant to protect
9:34 am
minors and vulnerable adults. there could be prosecution and sanctions for any sex abuse claim not reported right away. th new law is supposed to be a model for the catholic church worldwide. ame new devel in the ongoing saga of the completion of the mueller report. yesterday, attorney general william barr sent congressional leaders a letter, telling them a redacted form of the report would be ready mid-april. house judiciary chairman nadler says that is not acceptable. he is demanding to see the full report by next tuesday. that is the original deadline set by democratic leaders. president trump is setting a hard line when it comes to mexico. he is demanding that all illegal immigration stop from coming into the u.s. or he says he is goingo shut down the southern border next week. the president has made this threat before. this time, he say he is not playing games. yesterday, he also suggested that he could close thede bor
9:35 am
to all trade. the u.s. chamber of commerce says that would be, quote, unmitigated economic debacle. they say that could threaten 5 million jobs. officials in mexico say they b don't acted on threats. new this morning, hc. polie tracked down the man they believe is responsible for more than 20 burglary5ies. ear-old richard dorman of germantown was arrested yesterly. officers ts he'd force himself into a location, steal cash or property, and take off. these incidents all happened in northwest and northeast. police have charged im with21bu city. five robberies in ten days. police believe the same man is responsible forg breaknto several businesses in prince george's county. they released the video you're looking at there, surveillance video. they hope someone will recognize the tracee wilkins explain what all
9:36 am
the crimes have in common. >> reporter: prince george's county police are desperately looking r an armed robber who has hit a number of businesses. this one was the latest. there is a sign on the door of th pawnshop on martin luth king jr. highway. he heldes emplot gunpoint for cash. this was wednesday. the day before, police say he pulled a gun at this 7-eleven in district heights. su the video of the robbery, you see the suspect ly pulls out a gun and waves it around as he demands cash.ot cash that he >> handgun. obviously, people are going to comply because they fear for their lives. he's been suessful in his robberies. >> reporter: detectives believe this guy has robbed five different businesses in the last ten days. they wt him in custody before the armed robberies become more violent. >> we try to get him off the street. he is clearly dangerous. >> reporter: police say in this deo, you're seeing the suspect leave the bathroom of a fast food restaurant, minutes after another robbery. he's changed clothes, almost looking like a different person. police believe someonenows
9:37 am
him will recognize him. >> he's trying to change his appearance so he won't get caught. >> reporter: police are looking for information to find this robber. they're asking anyone who can assist in this investigation to give them a call. there is a cash reward being offered. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. let's bring you back here to the district now, where it is busy weekend and a crowded one at that. thousands of people packing the streets to see our beloved cherry blossoms. they're always a huge draw. th flowers look stunning. peak bloom is still a few days away. derrick ward is live along the tidal basin where i'm surprised you have some shoulder room there. it's getting crowded, right? >> reporter: indeed it is. thu know, it has since we got here. is is one of those great days to come down herend take it all in. you don'tave the brightest sun. photographers tell me that's always s also a chance to experience living history. these trees, the originals, wert from the mayor of tokyo
9:38 am
city way back in 1912. they keep on giving. every year, they regenerate themselves and an interest in this area down at the basin. a lot of folks are surprised they had such good weather for came,day but glad they like this lady. take a look. >> yeah, we've been here before. this is crowded for 8:00 a.m. >> we were a little surprised. didn't used to be this crowded at 8:00 a.m. >> we're glad we picked 8:00 instead of noon. >> reporter: she's going to be here the rest of the day, taking this in,ots af people are. later on today, you have the kite festival. we're toldhe winds are goi to pick up, so that should make that even more funllas well. hope not enough to blow away the cherry blossoms before the official peak bloom date of monday. live on the tidal basin, derrick ward, news 4. >> you bring up monday being peak bloom. lauryn ricketts is looking into what exactly the weather willap up to be for that day. she'll break that ahead. derrick, we appreciate it.
9:39 am
another live look of the cherry blossoms. beautiful. here we go unionation, you see the slight breeze that derrick was talking about. perfect forhe kites that will out there today. we'll check in with lauryn on the other side of this>> break. > also ahead, we'll introduce you to an award-winning chef from arlington ho is making a ho is making a name for herself.
9:40 am
you can make roomancial cfor everyone. get rewards and more with suntrust advantage banking. not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth, with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water.
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born better®. an caward-winninf born and raised in arlington is blazing trails for women in the culinary world. amy brandwein is the owner of centrolina. hae's a top chef for more just her cooking. we have quite a story. take a look. >> everybody thinks they hate anchovies. you love it but don't ou love it. >> reporter: in the kitchen, amy
9:42 am
brandwein whips up broccoli rob in way this food lover hasve had. i love the sign of a good chef. you didn't know what you'd make. you come in here, what do i have? >> this is what i do every day. is is why i like to cook >> reporter: it is a simple dish full of flavor and texture. so pretty and smells wonderful. >> isn't it beautiful? >> reporter: it is. >> i think it is bea. >> reporter: this is why she's been nominated for a james beard award for best chef mid-atlantic three years in a row, and is the reigning chef of the year for the restaurant association greater washington. >> what i realized, once i started cooking from the heart and stopped worrying about what everybody was thinking, and tried to make people hstpy, everybodeally took to it. >> reporter: centrolina has been open for four years now, but the chef spent 20 years working in several premier local to restaurantuild her dream. >> i cooked every single type of food known to man. i mean, you name it, we had it.
9:43 am
i cooked it, and it was arn terrific lg experience. >> reporter: brandwein kept her talents in the washington area where she was born and her was an nbc news photographer and told her to work hard and stay humble. >> i'd open a betty crocker cookbo, figure out what ingredients i had and get to work. >> reporter: when setting out to pursue cooking as a profession, she first struggled to find her footing and her voice. >> people really didn't look like me. they didn'really act like me. i wasn't exactly sure how to -- how to kind of be myself. >> reporter: less than 7% of restaurants in the u.s. are led or owned by women. the chef's own experience has inspired her to work to change the ndscape of the industry. >> i always felt when i was leading kitchens, it was very important to have diversity. you need to vove different es to sort of have a whole restaurant, a whe culinary experience. not only is it spirituality great, but it is also really good business. hi, everyone. >> repter: when brandwein
9:44 am
assembled her team, she hired a fema general manager and lat a female pastry chef. she says her restaurant is a representation of who she is, so it feels like home. >> i have an environment here that i was hoping when ipened the restaurant that maybe one day, if i did everything correctly, i would have that en type of envit where you go into a restauranand just everything feels good. >> reporter: the chef is as proud as thaas much as she's proud of her cooking. news 4, washington. ri lauryetts is up next with your cherry blossom forecast. unwanted pictures popping up onrdrop. i'm aimee cho. on news 4,
9:45 am
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if you have an iphone, then airdrop can make it pretty easy to send pictures to your friends or family. recently, some folks have en sending inappropriate photos to complete strangers. at least two women reported getting unwanted images while riding metro recently. amimee cho has details on thi disturbing trend. she'll also show how to protect yourr:lf. >> report can happen anywhere at any time. minding your own business when, all of a sudden, an inappropriate picture pops up on the airdrop on your phone. could be from this person or that person orhat person. all you know is it is someone near you.
9:48 am
>> i don't like strangers in sepictures to me. i'll have to turn my airdrop off. let me do that now. >> reporter: crystal powell says just the other day, an inappropriate picture popped up on one of her friend's phones. >> it s creepy. i can't believe somebody would do that. reporter: metro says if it happens to you, report it to police. because of the way airdrop works, there's no way for them to track who sent the picture. >> it is ridiculous. people should really close their airdrop on their phones. i don't have an iphone, but i know it is something you can turn off. >> reporter: others dot think it is fair that the burden fallt on you ton your airdrop off. the people who send the pictures should be held responsible. >> i don't want to see nothing like that on my phone. >> you have to accept it, right> eporter: you don't have to, but you can see it in the preview. >> oh, my god. w. >> reporter: the best way to keep yourself safe, set airdrop so only contacts can send you pictures, or turn it o together.
9:49 am
aimee cho, news 4. these are the type of photos you want to be airdropping to rlks. live looht now at the tidal basin. take a look at thbe. tiful. you know, 9:49 in the morning on a saturday, look at the crowds. crowds are there for good re ton. >> yeahy should be out there. those temperatures are so nice. i just see a few light jackets outthere. that guy is wearing sleeveless, as i say a few light jacks, guy wal across with a tank urp. par for the . >> great day for a run. >> especially talking about the tidal basin. it is gorgeous out tere. look the sky right now. listen, we're going to have a lot of cloud cover at times d throughout t than sunshine. right now, we're getting the sun out again, not looking too bad. the winds have been picked up yet. it ing to be a beautiful day. another picture that i got this morning. again, lookt this sunny skies.
9:50 am
it was beautiful sunrise out the thisrning. sun came up 6:56 this morning. it was just absolutely gorgeous. if you have any pictures, follow me,st ram, twitter, facebook. all over social media, of course. we all are. dave and i just posted a fun picture on instagram. check out our stories. i love to see it. i'm not going downhere until monday. i'm hoping most of the cherry blossoms will be there, which i do tnk they will. okay. what to wear. you're losing the jacket out there today. some people already lost the jacket. light raincoat tomorrow. winter gear on tnday. li jacket on tuesday. typical d.c. weather ass we get to your rain outlook, the only chance of rain we have is going to ben sunday. again, a few showers possible sunday morning. but the main story is going to be the winds. winds are picking up after thnch, gusting to 30 miles an hour. kite festival going to be breezy. the winds will be out of the south, bumping uhat temperature. windy northwest winds on your hr
9:51 am
sunday, allghout the day. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. temperatures only in the 50s. then the wind will be 10 miles an hour through the day on monday. temperatures in the 40s. again, we' dropping after today. that's why i think today might be the best time to see the cherry blossoms. we have a few light showers falling in the wind chester area, i-81, hagerstown. everybody else staying dry. not ongy loo good for the kite festival but also the nationals game. oh, yeah, amts have a at 1:05, playing the mets. again, it's going to be breezy. we'll have some sunshine with cloud cover at times. testimo temperatures in the low to m 70s. it is mild with temperatures in the 60s to the south and east of d.c. everybody else reporting temperatures in the 5 we'll talk about the mid 70s today. we'll have some clouds around. more clouds tonight. tas we head throuorrow morning, look at this, by daybreak, a few light showers. light showers is all it is going to amount to. they'll move through during the morninghours. you'll have some around lunchtime, then it'll scoot off
9:52 am
throug afternoon. we'll get sunshine before the sun goes down. a're looki little brisk tomorrow, 58 degrees. temperatures will actually drop through the day. 60s in the morning. 50s in the afternoon. again, turning a little breezy out there. cherry blossom outlook, go today, mild and breezy. we'll have the chill through the evening. monday, of course, is the peak bloom. days.last for a couple want to go tuesday and wednesday, i'm just worried about the wind, temperatures go next chance of rain on friday. ore news right after this.
9:53 am
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i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
9:55 am
"saturday night live" is back with a new show. for the first time ever, sand d ra oh will be hosting. >> i was totally way off. >> i didn't hear a thing you said. >> reporter: sandra oh did visten when her golden globes co-host offered about "saturday night live." >> that andy samberg told me, oh, you're hosting "snl," it'llr be so easy afthe globes. it is not, andy. absolutely not. >> reporter: oh can joke about her nerves, but she admits to being star struck by the "snl" cast. >> i am scinated by the place and the people who are in it. because it's such an immense cultural institution. >>eporter: oh has made an impact herself, winning a golden globe and a sag award this year
9:56 am
for "killing eve." she plays an obsessed mi-6 agent tracking a female assassin, a pursuit that resumes next week >> if i could pick one word to describe the new season of "killing eve," it'd be dark. dark. dark. >> reporter: all the more reason for oh to lighten up this weekend. >> shut it. crazy. it's so exciting. >> first time. are you nervous? >> i don't know. you tell me. >> ice col >> reporter: nbc news. four things to know on this saturday. there could be a new baby panda in the district. scientists artificially inseminated mei xiang last night. the window for a giant panda to become pregnant is 24 to 72 hours each year.c. police caught a man they say is responsible for more than 20 burglaries.ha 59-year-old r dorman of rmantown was arrested yesterday. police charged him with multiple
9:57 am
counts of burglary across the city. an arrest is made inwo a week old homicide in northwest d.c. d.c. police say a 25-year-old was found shot on columbia road. later died at the hospital. police arrested a charged another 25-year-old. portions of the bw parkway going to be closed tonight as they continue from 7:00 a.m. to 5 -- 7:00 p.m. to 5: a.m. thank you for sending pictures of the cherry blossoms. beautiful day. .
9:58 am
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