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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. breaking news breaking news t, a stunning turn for an infamous terror plot ngleader. he was sentenced to life in prison for threatening to bomb the w york city subways but can be set free in days. what he did to earn freedom. one of the biggest flips on the warn terror. the hot seat is set and william barr refuses to show for round two and the house speaker unloads. >> the attorney general for the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united th a crime. >> democrats threatening to hold him in contempt, republicans calling it a circus andhy one congressman came to the hearing with a et of chicken. new alarm over that cruise ship packed with passengers quarantined over a
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measles case on board. doctors requested 100 doses of the vaccine and tonight, there is word of a scare at one of the busiest aiorts in america. your money, your life, a staggering look at the number of americans under the crush of medical bills. the biggest expenses and what states are doing to fight back against your rising st co don't wash your raw chicken before you cook it. the reminder from the cdc that has the internet divided. why you shouldn't wash it and what you should know when cooking for your family. >> announcer: this is "nbc nig news" lt with lester ho good evening. at the time the news jarred an already terror conscious city, a plot to bomb new york subway system. today the al qaeda trained mastermind behind the 2009 plot learned he will likely be a free man within days sentenced in new york to time he's already served, avoiding a life sentence.
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it a reward for his cooperation turning on his al qaeda backers and closest friend to isork with counter terroragents, assistance the government said led to terrorism charges others. several our ron allen has details. >> reporr: tonight, an extraordinary move, za zazi, the would subway bomber set to be released from prison of a decade of cooperation with the authorities. pled guilty to a plot in 2010 when the young follower of al fr qaeda and two nds planned to detonate suicide bombs at rush hour in the new york city subway around the anniversary. zazi who was aested in 2009 faced two life sentences with no chance for parole. in court he apologized, i'm sorry for the ha that i caused. i'm asking for forgiveness. the federal judge sentenced the now 33-year-old to time served, about ten
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years saying to zazi this one unthinkable second chance has come your way and you earned it. >> he's extremely appreciative and ankful for what happened today. >> reporter: prosecutors suggested a shorter sentence siting zazi's extraordinary assistance ing intelligence and insight regarding al qaeda. it lead to information with his relatives and friends and terrorist convicted of plotting to attack a mility base in afghanistan serving 45 years. prosecutors added his cooperation came at great personal cost to himself and his family. >> trying to find the needle, the proverbial needle in the haystack is so difficult and that's where you need informants and people to provide information. >> reporter:zazi's attorneys say they expect him to be a freeman in a couple days. the courordered strict lifetime supervision. lester? >> ron allen in new york, thank you. let's bring in our
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justice correspondent pete williams, pete this is a pretty stunning turn. how big of an informant was he? >> this is one of the fu most successl flips in the u.s. war on terror. ca he was a criti source of information about al qaeda based on the time he spent in terror training camps in pakistan and the people he met, he helped foil a terror attack at a shopping mall in england. he said in court today he's not the same person he was when he wanted to attack the subways and th prosecutors say they have no reservions about his mind set today. lester? >> pete williams, thank you. now to the dramatic fallout, the hot seat was set for a no-show william barr. the attorney general declined to show up for round two before ngress today and
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nancy pelosi accused him of ctting a crime. hallie jackson with the latest twist from washington. >> reporter: making a show of a no show house democrats aiming anger at an empty chair rather than the attorney general. >> mr. barr's moment of accountability will come soon enough. >> reporter: one lawmaker bringing a bucket of kfc. >> what is the message you're trying to send? >> bill bas a chicken. >> reporter: william barr did not appear because he did not want to answer questions from staff lawyers on the judiciary committee. democrats made that highly unusual demand, republicans saying it's theater. >> really, can you honestly say you're serious about this or is this a circus at a political tool? >> reporter: barr runs the risk of being held in contempt of congress but if that happens, it wouldn't have much teeth. ask former attorney general eric holder also held in contempt during the obama administration. for barr it's not the only flash point after this explosive comment from the house speaker. >> the attorney general of the quite
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n of america was telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that the ame. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi is referring to an exchange several weeks ago when barr was asked if the scial counsel's team was worried how barr descrid their findings. >> do you know what they are referencing with that? >> no, i don't. i think, i think i suspect that they probably wanted, you know, more put out. >> reporr: but it turns out days earlier, barr had received this letter from robert mueller expressing his concerns. the justice department callg pelosi's comment a baseless attack that's reckless, irresponsible and false. the president late tonight on fox news. >> nobody has ever done what i've done. i've given total transparency. it never happened before like this. >> so congress should y e -- >> theouldn't be looking anymore. this is all. it's done. >> reporter: also late tonight, a source familiar with the negotiations tells nbc news democratsre in talks with robert mueller's team to have hitestify but nothing has been
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nailed down, lester. >> hallie jackson, thanks. a dangerous night ahead across the u.s. 21 million people under threat of flash floods as a disaster unfolds in a city is along the missppi river. kathy park is tracking it. >> reporter: tonight, the water is still rising along much of the mississippi. davenport, iowa flooded after a barrier was breached. >> i'd say like three to four feet within less than ten nutes. >> reporter: emergency crews rescuing people by boat. >> the water just started like a river. it would have been up to my waist. >> reporter: the riv here topping an all-time record set in 1993. people in seven states are bracing for even more rain and possible flash flooding. the storms lighting up the skies. >> my god. >> reporter: the severe weather making its way from texas and o oklahoma intarkansas where today a possible tornado touched down flipping trucks and blowing roofs off
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buildings. millions now bracing as a dangerous system makes its way east. , kathy park, nbc news dallas. an emotional scene today as one of the two victims killed in the shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte received a hero's welcome home. residents lined the streets as police escorted the body of riley howl back to his hometown in north carolina. lice say howl saved lives when he rushed the gunman during tuesday's rampage. tonight, there say new measles scare at one of the busiest airports and the caribbean. doctors are asking for hundreds of vaccines where a cruise ship is quarantined with a confirmed case on board. we get the latest from miguel almaguer. c> reporter: the latee is newark airport, the traveler may have contaminated others at terminal c. passengers asked to wa
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tch for symptoms if they were here april 16th, this and there is also trouble at sea. id the voyage through the caribbean, the free winds is docked and under quarantined st. lucia. today a doctor aboard the cruise ship requesting 100 doses of measles vaccine after a crew member tested positive for the highly contagious virus. with roughly 300 people on the ship believed to be own ded by the church of scientology, island officials won't allow yo to disem mark. >> it's the health laws. >> reporter: the scare in the caribbean, a el warning for trs. measles has spread to every country in the europe union. the highest number of cases in italy, france and greece. the death toll at 29. >> it doesn't hurt to get the booster. it doesn't hurt to get revaccinateed to make sure youct yourself. >> reporte tonight in england, one mother posting photos of her newborn, little alba
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too young to get vaccined and now hospitalized with measles. her plea, getting vaccinated will protect your health and someone else's. miguel almaguer, nbc news. we're going to turn now to exclusive details now unprepared, the government was to reunite undocumented families separated at the border. tonight, we have an inside look at a tent s city in texabeing built to accommodate the rising number of migrants crossing into e he u.s. every day. nbc ea gutierrez is there. >> reporter: tonight, two new tent cities are opening along the texas border to help handle wt the border patrol calls an escalating crisis. nbc news getting a first look inside the facity in donna, texas. is it fair to say that the border patrol is overwhelmed right now? >> absolutely we're overwhelmed, yes. >> reporter: john morris is the acting deputy chief of the bord patrol here. >> this is not a long-term solution. this is treating a symptom right now. >> reporter: a band-aid. >> correct.
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>> reporter: the facility has air conditioning and portable toilets, these are the mats migrants will sleep on. it can holup to 500 people. this part of texas is seeing 1200 a day. fabio pena made the journey with her two sons. this is the moment she realized she made it to u.s. soil. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: both overcome as she tells her son they don't have to go back home again. but as the government struggles to handle the new influx of migrants, there are details of the trump administration's mi rescinded fa separation policy and how unprepared authorities were. >> agents kept very careful records of the relationship between parents and children. >> rorter: that's what acting homeland serity officer said and last summer a
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health and human services employee wrote to a top official at immigration and customs enforcement, we don'tany link from parents to unaccompanied children. as this tent city opens, a reminder of the high stakes at the border. a raft just capsized on the rio grand. one child is dead and three other migrants are missing. lester? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. now to the nbc news investigation into vulnerable voting machines. recent study found two-thirds of america's voting districts need to replace their often decades' old systems but they simply don't have the money and now ilhe largest one has a $100 mon ten-year invasion. here is nbc's senior investigative enorrespondent cynthia mcfadd >> rorter: tonight, more evidence from the
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largest voting precinct in the country that t way much of america votes needs desperate attention. >> the current system ls obsolete. deanogan shows me why. >> 1968. >> reporter: 5.2 million registered voters and 42 states are voting on technology dating back to the year richard h nixon defeatedert humphry. >> the idea it would go through here but this is complicated. logan agrees. n years ago he and his team decided the voter experience as he calls it needed a total overhaul, not just because the current system isn't user friendly. >> punch cards aren' used to computers anymore. you can't release it. n >> reporter:spare parts? >> no. >> reporter: the problem is nationwide and many experts believe is reaching a crisis point. 38 states currently use discontinued vetting machines in one or more jurisdictions. another seven states exclusively use such machines. systems this old not only break down,
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usually their security software cannot be updated. >> there was nothing on the market that could meet the needs of this jurisdiction. reporter: so you decided to build one yourself? >> exactly. we thought we can't wait any longer for a >> reporter: that's what they did. $100 million and nearly 1,000 engineers and designers later, ha l.a. county s produced its own system. designed to reduce mechanical breakdowns and provide sophisticated protection against hacking. so touch the circle to start. now i choose my veanguage. i ha lot of choices. insert my ballot. okay. did it. took it. it's built to be agile and interchangeable. if we do a write in candidate. should we pick? lester holt. don't say i never did anything for you, er le save. there it is. ite in candidate, lester holt. i'll cast my vote at
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this point. cast vote. >> and your ballot is now in theured ballot box on the back of the device. >> reporr: i got to tell ya, i'm looking for flaws and it looks good. >> we're pretty pleased with it. >> reporter: next march, all los angeles county voters will have the chance to use the system and vots will have ten days prior to election day to vote at the newly conceived voting centers. meanwhile, it's still 1968 in los angeles. let me be honest, it amazing that for so many years californians have voted with this system. it reall >> it is amazing. it is. >> reporter: why is all this voting stuff matter so much? >> that one place we all truly have an equal voice. c >> reporter:thia mcfadden, nbc news, los angeles. >> cynthia, thanks but i think i'll keep this job. your money, your life, staggering numbers with americans with crushing medil bills. one woman spending $15,000 a year out-of-pt to stay alive. >> the warning from
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the cdc about washing raw chicken. what you need to know before serving up dinner. hope you can stay with us.
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ck now with your money, your life and that new look at the financial toll on so many families from rising medical and drug costs. adults under 65 have struggled with medal lls and debt and delays or forgoing care all together. here is tom costello. >> reporter: jackie trapp is facing threats, the gency. >> the biggest fear is leaving my husband bankrupt. my life expectancy isn't that lonto begin with but the longer i do live, the more expensive it is. >> eporter: with insurance, her cancer medications alone cost $15,000 out-of-pocket each year. >> it's probably the most valuable thing i have any single item in the house right now more ways than on >> reporter: they have drained their life savings, sold a classic car, took a home equity line and avoid ea out and more. they struggle with
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hardship including the insured and uninsured. the biggest expense prescription drugs for tiancer, ms and arththat could run $100,000 or more a year costing patients $20,000 or more out-of-pocket. reasingly, we hear stories about cancer patients that have to make choices between taking medical care or cancer treatment and paying for groceries. >> reporter: now with rising drug prices ra sting medicaid and latate budgets, mary is going to review and cap the price agencies pay for prescription meds. >> we need to look at making prescription drugs more affordable. >> reporter: in inwisconsin jackie i remission and hoping for a few more years. >> my concern is that i'll lea my husband fairly young all alone and with nothing
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because we know mom wants what's mo beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. all right. we're back with the reminder from the cdc that has the internet divide. don't wash your chicken before you cook it. most peoe think you do. >> it's using a lot of conveation but turns out that chicken can be contaminated with bacteria and when you wash it you can cross contaminate other foods in particular the vegetables. make sure number one you use a clean separate cutting board just for the ccken so it doesn't contaminate anything else and when you cook
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it, the washing itself won't kill the bacteria, the only il thing that wis cooking it to 165 degrees. you need to use a meat thermometer. >> important news. c over 100ollege acceptance lettering and counting. the high school senior who is inspiring ameri america. "nbc nightly news" is broht to you by weather tech. the ultimate american-made vehicle protection. each day justin chooses to walk.
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about xeljanz xr. in tonight's inspirinica, the high school student that has her pick of more tha100 colleges and scholarship offer to the tune of millions. her story from kevin
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tibbles. >> reporter: another day, another stack of fan mail, college acceptance letters to antoinette love. omthe 18-year-old fr new orleans has been accepted to 116 schools. total scholarship offers. >> reporter: $3.7 million? >> yes. >> reporter: the oldest of five children born when her parents were still teens. her pants struggled to make ends meet but here, love goes a long way. >> it makes me want to go back to school to kind of get my ged and just to try to -- >> keep up with her. ep laughter ] >> rorter: where are all of these colleges coming from? >> let me tell you. google has been my riend for the last couple months because i'm like, where are these schools? >> reporter: antoinettets to become a teacher herself and inspire the next generation. you can do whatever you want when you grow
7:29 pm
up. >> that feels amazing to know that i can be er i want to be. >> reporter: no matter which school she chooses, we'll all be the wiser. kevin tibbles, nbc news, new orleans. >> now all antoinette has to do is pick her school. that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt. have a good night, everyone.
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it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doubted yrself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit. ♪ but you didn't. ♪u because yohad the courage to venture into something powerful. edation. if i leave you with just three words of advice: never...stop...growing. if i leave you with just thr[cheering]f advice: lights, camera, "access." >> you look so good! you're killing it tonight. >> i love my body. you like my body? >> and with that we're off and running. backstage and beyond the billbod music award moments i


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