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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 8, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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iis 4:30. we're taking a live look outside as you get your websar std. the washington monument ere. today is going to be a better
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one to spend inside maybe. >>ay. >> not so butiful. it happens. >> thanks for joining us early. the whole team is with us. of course we are working with you as we get your day started. storm teamlo 4 meteorost chuck bell is here with your forecast before we check in with melissa mollet. what kindf day are we going to have? >> if you can't find the umbrella, you're probably going to get away with it for toda a lot of cloud chaps and rain chances are fairly low. temperature wise, it is a mildb nning to your wednesday. upper 50ed to near 60 in the shenlldoah va. low to mid 60s. don't expect a big warmup today. northeast winds are moving on in and as a result klutz will continue to lower and ol-day forecast for kids, plan on low 60s at the bus stops this morning. not much of a rain forekacast.
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yesterday's high, 81 degrees. today's 71. the daily grade, satisfactory. it's the weather equivalent of meh. >> i was going to say it's kind of anmeh, it's okay. we don't have any issues around 125. eastbound, two right lanes getb hat work zone. inner loop and outer loop, no issues. b.w. parkway, left lane is the only thing getting by the paving there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 4:32. >> s corth has information about a deadly fire.
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>> we don't have an official number. the victims are all part of a mily of 6. mother, father, four children. this is video from the scene outside of their apartment building there in harlem. right now it's not clear what started this fe but officials tell us it began on the fifth floor around 1:30 this morning. it took two hours to get this under conteol. several pple killed. all part of a tragic story we're following. >> developing this morning, a colorado community is hurting after a deadly school shooting. two students stormed the s.t.e.m. school killing one student and injuring eight others. one suspect has een identified as 18-year-old devon eriksson. detectives swarmed his home overnight. a white car was taken away from eriksson's home. officials are expected to give another update around 8:00 this.
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mornin 4:34 is your time right now. happening today for drivers in d.c., traffic could look very different this morning. uber and lyft drivers say they are going on strike today. the drivers protesting today saying theet want bter wages, they want more clear policies on tips and fares. the drivers also want benefits like paid time off. d.c. is one of several citieser whe drooifrs are planning to strike. >> they saiuld get p more. >> now it's not clear how long this reported strike could last. some say it will be just for the morning rush. others say it will be all day. meanwhile, kasey krause has
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resigned. she didot specify what it would be. last week hazing allegations were made against a group of football players. four teens are being proseeted on rapnd attempted rape charges. in her letter to students and parents krause said, quote, it has become clear that in order for damascus high school to move forward, it will require new rohool leadership. kevin yates julius west middle school will serve as acting principal beginni next monday. now to a developing story in that college admissionsscandal. a california man accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dolls to help his son secure entry to georgetown has pled guilty. corey smith has it. >> here's a look at sven semprevivo leaving court inst boon. he pleaded guilty to paying $40000 to get his son in. he's facing the possibility of
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going to prison. sentencing is scheduled for september. back to you. >> cory, thanks. it's now 4:35. taking a look at our other top stories. police arrested 49-year-old l mccartney from pennsylvania at the trump international hotel in the district. as he was going through security for an eveye sterday, officers asked him whether he had any weapons and he said he did. he faces several charges including possessing an unregistered weapon. d.c. does not reckon niez weapons registrations from other states except under limited conditions. today the house judiciary committee i expected to vote on whether to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. barr refused to comply with a subpoena. coming up at 4:45, news 4's tracie potts will tell us wt the cops sequences could be. we now know montgomery county police are monitoring suspects in connection to atm thefts in the gion. officers in an unmarked car
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spotted two men being dropped off at a 7-eleven in lockwood county. they were spray painting cameras. that's when officers swarmed in. today we could meet the newest member of the british family. prince harry said he maye introduc his son to the world by today. we will let you know if we hear anything early thismorning.
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that's just over 7 thousand on this envision premium. you're watching "news 4 today." your time is new this morning, police have made an arrest in a smash and grab robbery in the district. you may remember this story. surveillance video captured the thieves robbing the sucondy
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store. they werein smash the glass and grabbing handbags. jamar wiggins and davonte brooks are wanted for stealing items such as designer handbags worth dollars.undred police are looking for information that leads to an arrest. today baltimore officials are looking for who was responsibleor a cyber attack withansom wear. phones wouldn't ringce polind 911 systems are all still working but most of the city's computer servers were shut down. baltimore's mayor says there's no evidence any personal information was stolen. the city is trying to figure out how extensive the damage is. good morning, everybody. 4 things you need to know about the next 4 days. cloudy and cooler for today than what we've been enjoying. tomorrow most of our rain chances ithe first part of the
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day. friday it's the second half of the day. i've had to release the four day forecast coming good wednesday morning to you. >> w all want to eat healthier to live healthier lives. >> that trend be is covssing er to how we feed our pets. susan hogan takes a look at a feeding frenzy of fresh pet food but is it the right diet for your pet? >> they feed their dog like they would feed themselves. >> we're working for you before
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you're watching "news 4 today." > right now at 4:43, coneaess is gring up for a showdown onpi
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catol hill. a congressional committee is pected to vote on whether to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. this is in response to barr's refusal to release an unredactee version of th special counsel's report into rsian meddling in the election. news 4's tracie potts is going to be on capitol hill for us this morning talking about f some othe repercussions of what w think could happen. she's joining us live. tracie, what consequences might the attorney generalface? >> reporter: we're a bit away from that, aaron. he could be held in contempt from the entire house. if so, in the worst case scenarios there could be penalties or even jail time for being held in contempt of congress. there was a lot of back and forth last night about whether this vote would even happen. the justice department telling lawmakers that they would claim exece privilege over the whole mueller report. all the underlying eviden, the democrat in charge of that committee shot back that they are going to hold this vote
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anyway. the justice department wanted em to cancel it. so basically the negotiations at were going on back and forth over this fell apart overnight. the vot is set to happen. it's not a final vote, it's a committee vote, but it begins the process and a pretty unusual, unprecedented process of holding the attorney general following for not that subpoena, not complyi with that subpoena to turn over the entire mueller report on russian election interference. >> tracie potts for us this morning on citol hill. thank you. a saddened to a weekend dedicated to honoring a hero. world war iieteran frank daschle died on return from his flight. a nonprofit paid f him to tour it. on his way home the ea95-yold collapsed. american airlines has offered to
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fly his family and body to thee finalng spot in michigan at n cost. today the residents of the flower branch apartments will call on the government to prevent another explosion. s tenantsay they've beenon reporting cnued smells of gas and management is ignoring them. a gas explosion at the complex killed 7 people back in 2016. an ntsb report said a gas regulator wasn't connected to a vent pipe. it led to that tenants now calling for ntsb recommendations to stop it from happening news conference is happening tonight at 6:00 f inront of the flower branch complex where that gas explosion occurred. 4:46ow. four people are hurt after ahe kitcn explosion and fire at an arlington. restaurant an aerosol can of cooking spray overheated and burst at dirt.
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three workers were taken to the hospital. one of them has serious burns. asew effort underway to try to stop a poultry slaughter house from opening in alexandria. a group callingf itsel alliance for a slaughter free alexandria filed a complaint in circuit court. the case cges the city's decision to allow the slau they plan to kill, clean, sell several hundred birds every week. the lawsuit claims the city failed to analyze it. the council has not yet responded to the complaint. 4:47. the don't mute d.c. movement continues. thousands filled the streets in c.'s historic shaw neighborhood to sing, dance, protest the message, preserve the culture, peaceful protests g includ go music meant to make sure that many long-time d.c. residents and culture -- and the culture of d.c. aren't silenced by gentrification.
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the movement began when a cell phone store on florida avenue was asked to stop their tradition of playing go go music outside. >> long time residents of d.c. and i think it's importa have a culture here in d.c. i've been here all my life and i'm years old. >> the piece was interrupted as illegal atv and dirt bike riders rode through the protests. police too photographs of some of the riders and they are going to try to identify them as part of an ongoing investigation. sandra bland was pulled over for failing to use her turn gnal in 2017. her death was ruled a suicide. this morning we're seeing cell phone video showing the traffic stop from her vantaget.poin corey smith with the story. >> this clip which aired on the dallas station wfaa was showing everything from bland's
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perspective, what happened during that 2015 encounter in ich she was pulled over for failing to signa a lane case. the trooper as you canee is pointing a stun gun at her as she was ordered out of the car. bland was ultimatelyound dead hanging in her cell three days after this incident. so we are getting a chance to see things from herpe pective. back to you. >> cory, thank you. 4:49 now. if you'r hoping tolace your bets on the kentucky derby winner, you're out of luck. country house will not be coming to maryland for thene pre steak stakes. the horse has developed a cough and can't train. maximum security will not travel to pimlico. it's next saturday up in baltimore. it's now 4:49. let's check inith the forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. smallhance of rain, very small. >> very small.
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only a 20 perceer hanging out there. that's the good news. it will be a lot cloudier than yesterday for sure. winds today will eventually turn northeast. any time we have an east to northeast, especially in the springtime, that means cloudy emskies and tratures struggling to get above 70 degrees. close enough to 70 where i think it's within reach today. mperatures will drop later on into the afternoon as that wedge of cooler air settles in. right now 66 in arlington, 62 for gaithersburg. 57 in winchester. 63 in fredericksburg. not much of a rain chance early. a sprinkle.ha maybe tt's about it. otherwise, justdy clou. temperatures will gradually climb into the mid to upper 60s. today's high, right aund 73. that's probably going to occur today.around noontime plan on temperatures being back in the mid to upper 60s by 00 5:00 when you're leaving school
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and work today. for tomorrow, a cloudy day and higher chance of rain today. couple of showers in the morning. another little chance of rain during the afternoon. tomorrow's high temperatures in e mid 70 but with a 40% chance of rain. that storm out to our west omises a big impact on our weekend weather around here unfortunately and usually when the weather man says big impact on your weekend weather, that means rain. increase our cnces for rain on friday, saturday, sunday. it's all about the clouds building in. that wedge of cool air may ring out showers especially the farther south you live or travel today. the higher your rain chances will be. should be dryer up across maryland. scattered shower or two. breaks of sunshine before rain chances increase a little bit again later on into the afternoon. dry start on friday. likely to have some thunder showers during the evening commute on friday. now for saturday i still think it's going to be moreha dry t wet but rain chances which i
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thought were confined mainly to the morning hours, now there's a little c betternce for a shower just about any time on your saturday and sunday it will solutely positively rain around here. ten day forecast -- woops, i forgot to hit save. payo attention to those numbers there. here's 70 for today. we'll be talking about the weekend coming up. melissa, back over to you. thank you, chuck. taking a look at the ads. 395 at crystal city into town. out of town, no worries. everything is rolling alongni ly. same situation on the beltway inner loop and outer loop. between 197 and 198, we still have the left lane. the only thing getting by is the paving. after 16th street has you getting by. northbound/southbound on 270, no lookg quite good. eun? a news 4 i-team investigation raises new questions about one of our aas
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busiest and most dangerous roads. maf those who crash theirvi cars while drunk on indian head highway avoid going to jail. according to years of court filings reviewed by our scott mcfarland. >> reporter: using a p lic records request, the news 4 i-team reviewed 45 drunkriving crashes between january 2016 and december 2018. we found as few as five of those drivers were sentenced to jail time. w even those whoere had their sentences reduced to just days. despite an increasing number of crashes and dui. cases were stead proof and lighter steps brought it out. >> i think the justicediystem d not take these cases very seriously. >> reporter: in a statement they acknowledge they used a unique
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system for duis with one judge pushing them through. the system has just changed. the judge left the bench for unrelad reason bes and now all 24 judges in the circuit court system can hear and rule on duis. >> reporter: our further review showed prince gorgesou cy has the second most dui arrests. 5 we found each month and the peak month was in the summer, in august. along indian head highway, scott mcfarland, news 4. 4:54. a story for many of the soon to be graduatesut there. which stateset arer to launch a career? >> a new study by go banking rates showsarand is the best enate for rect college grads. median inme, rent costs, home prices, j availability and quality of life. >> massachusetts comes in second. nevada is the worst state for college grads. montgomery county is working
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to make the drinking water safer at schools. the county council voted to drama if i can l-- dramatically change led s.rate experts say led exposure can affect the cognitive and bone development of children. teacher appreciation week continues here on news 4. our molette green stopped montgomery county yesterday tos say thank to teachers at the st. mary's school. today she's headed to garfield elementary in southeast washington. you can see her live reports coming up in our next hour. cooking can sometimes be al chale for some people, aaron, but having the right tools can make a chef's job a whole lot easier. yesterday the executive chef can help themch aieve their culinary
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dreams.e they werven sharp knives. this was part of 100th anniversary celebration. >> knives are expensive. it makes a difference. >> i'm not cooking that much. i'm not cut ng fishever. >> ever? >> ever. >> ever? >> no. i don't like the way it feels. >> how are you going to eat fish? >> i don't eat fish. >> okay. >> takesare of that, right? >> still ahead on "news 4 today," improve the look of your property without breaking the bank. >> we'll show you ways to make yourawn the envy of the neighborhood plus new details of the arrest of a man with a gun inside the trump international hotel in dc. where he was headed when police caught up with him. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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don't patronize me... the new urick envision is full ises. get up to 16 percent below msrp on most of the 2019 buick models when you finance. throughl that's just over 7 thousand on this envision premium. now on "news 4 today," it's happened again. one student is dead, another seven recovering after two gunmen stormed a school in recolorado and opened fi. we have the latest from the scene. today is the day uber and lyft drivers going on strike by turning off the app. what this mouns for y if you're hoping to catch a ride.
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does your property need a pop? this morning we're talking curb appeal. how to improve the look of your property without breaking the bank. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morng, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with check on your forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your first 4 traffic. >> we'll beginh storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and what we need to know about your forecast. >> you need to know a couple of things. the bright sunshine and the weather we enjoyed yesterday, that's officially a thing of the past. northeast winds coming ck. cooler. most areas, 10 to 15 degrees cooler. doesn't necessarily mean that much of a rainat thre there's a chance of a few sprinkles and a very unsettled pattern has returned. that means chances for rain each and ehery day t next couple. today's rain chances


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