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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 8, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new this midday, one of two students accused of a corado school shooting is a girl. we have new information on the suspect and the chaos inside of the school. a major announcement from e.e white hous as lawmakers debate contempt of congress charges for attorney general william barr. and we have the latest on both fronts. and the clouds are pushing into the area right now. we'llontinue to seecloud cover but do we have any rain for today? i'll show you the radar coming up. >> announcer:da "news4 midy" starts now. good morning. and welcome to "news4 midday." i'm erika gonzalez.
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>> and i'm cory smith. let's jump into the political drama. contempt proceedings on the capitol hil he house judiciary committee is debating whether or not to hold william barr in contempt of congress. d in response the white house is in volking executive privilege over all sought-after materials. >> so theeart of the dispute is the grand jury material in the mueller report. committee iary chairman jerry nadler wants the report in its entirety. the doj says no. and refused the subpoena adding that blaw it cannot share the grand jury material with congress. we're going to show you a clip t now fromhe opening statements a few minutes ago. >> this is not a step we take lightly. it is the culmination of nearly three months o requests, discussions and negotiations with the department of jucstice for the complete unredacted report from the special counsel mueller. we heard the department out and responded to them in good faith
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and after all was said and done we were unable to a reach agreement and we proceeded with our mark-up today. >> thiis not going to be a quick vote. keep in mind it is a constitutional fight. there is a separation of powers and anoversight fight as well. but if the resolution is approved by the committee, it would go to the full house. unclear.enalties are and we are keeping an eye on today's hearing so be sure to look for alerts and updates through the nbc washington app. now to some much lighter news. we could say the -- >> something we could all get behind. >> the duke a duchess of sussex sharing the first glimpse of the newborn son this morning. >> but as keir simmo reports, we are still waiting on a name. >> reporter: meghan looking glowing andaby sussex so well rubbed up that harry had to turn him towards the cameraso that people could take a look. the first glimpse of the new royal baby introduced i world in the historic windsor
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castle, meghan speaking first while harry was holding the baby, it is pretty amazing and now i have the two best guys in the world so i'm really happy. to e're just so thrill have our own little bundle of joy. >> reporter: they were asked the same question at allarents get asked when they have a new baby. >> is he sleeping well, the baby? >> yes. h heas the sweetest temperament. he's really calm and -- >> where does he get tha from -- >> and he's just been a dream. so it is a special couple of ay d >> reporter: they are really intimate but of course public meeting with the media. nothing like tomse mts we've seen before where royal parents walk out on the steps of the hospital in front of banks of cameras and cheering crowds. very different but of course that is harry and meghan's way. keir simmons, nbc news,. winds >> and i don't think that we should expect the name to be any
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different. >> what do you think it will be? >> i don't know. but i just don't think if we have some sort of a general list that we thin i don'tink they'll go that route. >> i'll say they're coming out of left field with it. >> my guess is deshaun. >> you're heart is in the place so place your moneyn it. and now let's send things over to lauryn. >> beautiful day. maybe not as sunny as yesterdayk but we'll tit. >> we'll take what we could get. it is not pouring outside or pouring outside. we doud have some clo cover. and if you are not seeing cloud cover and in frederburg or quantico and out through the northern neck and maryland, you are seeing more sunshine thandi the rict but eventually you'll have more clouds as we continue through the afternoon as well. country -- current temperatures again, 60 to the north and west, we have 70s for those inrene. a astt is the way it will be. cooler to the north and west.
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a little warmer to the south and east. because look at this, there is the line of clouds. so you are getting that sunshine right here and what is happening is we've got a frontal system that is b ecting the area and bringing cooler and cloudy conditions to the north and went and sunnier conditions to the south and iast. but could it any rain. well it is getting unsettled starting today. today is the transition day. we'll talk about the end of the workweek and you'll need that umbrella coming up in a little bit. >> lauryn, thank you so much. now we'll go to the latest on that school shooting in colorado that killed one student. and wounded eight others. only three of the victims are still in the hospital. but they are in the intensive care unit. he student who was killed died while trying to save his classmates. two students were taken into custody and one of them is female. jay gray at the scene with the latest on the story. >> reporter: gunfire explodes inside of this suburban denver
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school. >> there is more gunshots coming from the office. >> porter: students scrambling as two classmates armed with pistols open fire. >> i need medical here asap.: >> reporterne students are hit including 18-year-old kendrick castillo, who died as he and two other students charged one of th shooters. >> the next thing i know he's pulling a gun and telling nobody to move. and that is when kendrick lunged at him and he shot kendrick. >> reporter: castillo being remembered as a hero, his life takenjust three days before his graduation. as the investigation continues, poliave now identified 18-year-old devon ericson as one of the suspects. the second is a female whose name is not being released because she's a juvenile. police din -- continue to pour through the school and suspect's home and a car covered with graffiti as they try to piece together how and whyit happen. >> too new.
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we're less than 18 hours into the case and still working toward as motive. >> reporter: this small colorado community on edge. >> why? with colorado and the school sheetingsit is tooprevalent. >> reporter: and like investigators, many here searching for answers. jay gray, nbc news, highland ranch, colorado. well back hereat home, we're learning more about the man arrested at the trump international hotel in the district. lee mccartney from pennsylvania is facing several charges including possessing an unregistled weapon, this al starts yesterday when he tried to go through security for an event at the hotel. police then found a handn and a high-capacity magazine with 15 hollow point bullets in his jeep. police say he did not make any threats. however d.c. does not recognize weapons registrations from other states except under limited conditions. he was accused of threatening a terror attack but christopher hasson may be released from jail. this morning we're getting a
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bett better -- a better idea of the strict conditions the coast guard faces if he is let go. an arsenal of weapons was recovered from his home and a so-called hit list was but a district court judge said because he hasn't been charged onth terrorism, only nonviolence drug and weap offenses, he qualifies for supervised home detention. his conditions for his release include at he can never be left alone, he has to have 24/7 ggps monitoring and dru testing involved, no firearms or weapons of any kind and also no access to internet or smartphones. there is another hearing ne week to determine if hasson will, in fact, be released to home custody. meanwhile damascus high school principal has resigned after the locker room assault involving the football team. she will take another job in montgomery county schools but did not specify. last fall hazing allegations were made against group of football players and now some
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are being charges on rape in juvenile court. krause said, quote, it has been clear that in order for dom as cuss high school to move forward it will require new school leadership. ken yates will serve as acting principal next monday. residentsowf the fl branch apartments say they've reported the smell of gas and management is ignoring them. you recall a glass esition at that silver spring apartment complex killed seven people back in 2016 and ntsb report vealed that a gas regulator wasn't properly connected to a vent pipe. tenants say they smelled gas but nothing is being done to investigate the problem so now ey are calling for ntsb recommendations to prevent another explosion. residents will hold a news conference tonight in front of the apartment complex. all right. beware of the one-ring call. >> got a love of them. a quick phone call in the middle
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of the night. coming up, you a closer look for the new scam and the country codes you need to look out for. >> reporter: we are in rgince geoe's county with all of these nurses for national nurses week. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: comin, we talk to these wonderful nurses about the important work they do here at the hospital. at the hospital. we'll be back. t u know when you're aross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything y 6r pet needs at 20 to0 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. if you got someplace to be todau yay have trouble getting a ride from uber or lyft. >> within the hour drivers for those ride-share companies are supposed to be goi on strike. among demands, better pay and better benefits. >> darcykjfr spencer live at re airport with what you can expect. you're talking to the drivers. what are they saying? >> reporter: that is right.
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we've been here at reagan ki airport t about the uber drivers that are supposed to start and many of them skedme, what strike? if you need an uber to get where you need to go, be prepared to possibly wait. be prepared to possibly pay more. uber drivers are expected to go on strike for 12 hours today. so we found a lot of driver at reagan national didn't know the strike is even happening. >> it is happening here? >> reporter: today, yeah. >> i didn't know. i thought it was in texas or something. >> i don't know if they have a strike today. >> reporter: there may be a lotr of drivs that don't know about it. >> i don't know. but it is good. >> reporter: the stike is meant to sent a message to uber, a multi-billion dollar company as they prepare to go public on friday. they want clear policies on tip and f and paid time off. some drivers told me they are not participating because they need the money. but they do want better working
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conditions. >> reporter: do you think there eeds to be more pay an benefits? >> oh, yes. every car -- sometimes you can't drivee. for a long but you don't make that much. >> reporter: taxi drivers culd benefit if uber goes dark. re are expected to be on hand at reagan national and dulles during the strike time from noon to mhanight. >> wdo you think about uber striking? >> they should, actually. >> reporter: why is that? because it is only uber that is making the the drivers are underpaid. >> reporter: some drive for theú
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airport to catch a ride. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. a deadly apartment fire in new york city has killed several people, including several children. >> what we're showing you here is cell phone video from ine scene harlem. u say those children ranged y just mention in ages from three to 11 years old. there were four of them along with mother and an adult male relative killed. it is not clear what started the fire. but firefighters think it may have started in the kitchen of ththe fifloor apartment. it took firefighters about two hours to get this fire under control. traffic is moving again on -270 in montgomery county but 5:00 this morning a tracrer-trailer caught fi near clapper roa fire isut. the truck was crrying organic food. the southbound lanes are back open and traffic is slowly moving.
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this morning we're hearing from the husband of the won found dead in the potomac river. 72-year-old barbara bushkin was ning from a charity event when her vehicle plunged into the river on sunday night. it took all day monday for cre to locate her suv and pull it from the water. her husband lls us they were high school swehearts and now he must go on without the love of his life. he tells(s8> there was probably some medicalnt. i hope she didn't suffer too badly. >> the bushkins were active in local philanthropy and her husband wants people to honor her by doing something nice every single day. to a new development in the college admissions scandal. another parent has pleaded guilty and this one has connections to a local school caught up in he scandal. we have new video from our sister station in boston showing steven stam vivo leaving court
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yesterday. prosecutors say he pled guilty and admitted to paying $400,000 to help his son secure entry to georgetown university as a te recruit. now the tennis coach who allegedly accepted bribes no longer works for the jollas. he faces 18 months in prison and fines of u to $95,000. pnç a new strategy for getti you to takec ls. >> all it takes is a single ring from a caller who hangs and they hope you will call them back. tom costello has more. >> reporter: chances are you've already been robo targeted. the so calls one-ring scam is just the latest attempt to get your money. a single ring from an overseas number, could be country code 223 or 421 from slov aquio or any other country. >> starting at 1:15 a.m. my phone stard ringing incessantly.ha >> reporter:is how they got keith walk ear wakened from
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a deep sleep and hit redial and was connected to a costly 900 number that will soon appear onh his e bill. >> they get you when you areu a most vulnerableso it is extremely aggravating. especially for those of us who u put in many h at work and look forward to getting our sleep at night. >> reporter: americans received 4.9 billion robocalls just in april. that is 1 millioncalls a day. many from numbersto spoofed look like your number or area code. now the fcc is demanding phone companies deploy new technology to verify legimate phone calls. >> and the best way to thinko ab this is essentially a digital fingerprint for every phne call. reporter: and congress is expected to pass tougher criminal robocalls but in the me ntime don't answer numbers you don't know and don't call back. >> that was tom costellore rting from very good advice. all right. what would the world be without nurses. >> they are often considered the
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backbone in hospitals because without them things would be a lot more difficult. and that is why new is elebrating nurse appreciation week. our molette green is live at the university of maryland, prince eorge's hospital center in cheverly. and you have a big crowd around you. good morning, my friend. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. happy national nurses'9sweek, everybody. [ cheering and applause ] these nurses here at enough of maryland in pri'se george love home-made frozen custard. nbc4 and the guys from goody's delivered this up. and look,we brought everybody out. >> thank you. >> reporter: all to say thank you to thesees nurs the backbone of any hospital system. so i want to introduce a coupleu of nurses who talk about being appreciated this week. we have janet and we have judith
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kknel to talto this morning. good morning. how does it feel? >> good morning. it feels good. it feels so good to be appreciated. my co-workers work really hard and we sometimes don't get breaks and somethings simple say a lost. thank you, we appreciate you guys. >> reporter: and judith, what do say about you. you'b!5m(h!een doing this to he to save lives for a long time and we want to say thank you from nbc4 and goody's guys. >> thank you. thank you for seeing the amazing work we do. we save lives and we work tirelessly and it is great to bea appreciated. we have a wonderful team and we hank you for coming and stepping out to come see us and appreciate us. >> repoter: who knew you had such a sweet tooth. [ laughter ] >> reporter: janet is on her second cup of ice cream. okay. but right after this, we're going to go back in and save some more lives. they're from various departments inside of the hospital and i love your sign. soof them read "i am
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knowledge, i am compassion, i am healing." i think this is awesome. so thank you all for the work you do to save lives. hip hip hooray [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: happy national nurse's day from prince george's county into youuys. >>f you want to have a third or fourth cup of ice cream, you do that. don't let molette intimidate you. >> so good to see that. we appreciate erything they do. up front pricing. the changes coming to ads for prescription drugs. and it could be a wet end to your workweek.
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breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and this morning smucker's wantu to make s those who served our country started their day off right. the company held a big feast
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down at quantico in 3,000ce members and veterans and families were provided a big breakfast all for free. >> and it is all part competition that smucker's holds every year. this morning we spoke to al roker live at the event for us this morning. so here is what he had to say about it. > repor ter: they have this battle. if you wl, it is a competition between commissaries in the military across the country. well this year quantico was the winner. and so they get a great breakfast, pancakes, coffee or dunkin'nuts and all sorts of stuff and so we're here just taking part in it. >> that breakfast included a buffet of smucker's food like biscuits, pancakes, sausages and that sounds good. a great t waysay thanks to all who served our country. so good to see that. good for smucker's. and lauryn is her to talk about the weather. you look so nice today. aren't you little whiskey in a
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teacup today. >> i've never been described that. i like that. that's go to be my new profile. >> talk about today.le a littray out there. feels a little sticky. >> it is misty, gross. that is how it will be through the day today. and if you are not seeing any sunshine or cloud coverñ ñcñt, marine corp base quantico is not seeing any cloud cover just quite yet. moving in thousand. but fredericksburg and stafford getting sunshine but here in d.c. north and west getting the cloud cover. but eventually the clouds will sink to the south and move right into those areas, stopping the temperatures from going up more. but there is a big spread in temperatures out there today. so that is the first line of the headlines. and just a small chance for rain outohere. we dave better chances as we get into thursday and then evenc betternce, of course, on friday. for the last six fridays, this is the sixth friday we'll have nain in the forecast. so today here id.c., 73 degrees but cooler to the north
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and west. warmer to the south and east. becoming all cloudy for everybody out there. look at these temperatures. again look at that. everybody to the north and west, stuck in the 60s. this is where they get sunshinee you are in t0s. fredericksburg at 74. we have a frontal system bisecting the area from the north to the south could spark t showers bothing happening right now. as far as wednesday outlook is concerned, taking the kids out to the playground, it will look clobut mainly dry. exercise comfortable conditions, after school could have a few spot f showers as thental system sinks to the south and i think mainly the showers will be south of d.c. so we'll start at 11:00 and knocking on the but ag you could see a few showers popping up. it is about a 20% chance- chance you'll see them this afternoon. but we'll keep 30% to 40% in for thursday and then we up thatce chano about 60% for friday as a frontal system comes
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through the area. so temperatures will go up a little bit for today. especially if you are d.c. and points south and east. otherwise stay in the 60 -- 60s north and west. everybody near 80 on friday and then weekend, we have rain in for us, of course. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up in ten minutesy, does this keep happening? >> summer all over again with rain every weekend. >> a every friday. >> just get the rain out of here, lauryn. all right. coming back, student protests the b dramatic peaceful ending to a standoff that lasted more than a month at a maryland university. and president trump is defending his tax tacti as a re
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this morning police arrested
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several protesters at john hopkins university in baltimore. students were staging asit-in for more thob a -- than a month stop the plans to create a private police force. they chain themselves inside of the building. they were taken out in handcuffs and no word on what charges thel students wiace. so you've likely heard of habitat for hunity and work done by the crews and a few weeks ago a crew t arrived find thieves had already been -- >> no good deed goes unpunished. the toolssh in the tool were gone. drew wilder is at the site for us right nowew >> dr it looks like the house is going up any way? >> reporter: yeah, they're making really great progress on it. they showed up to the work site on saturday and the tool shed had been raided. they had to cancel work for saturday but then quick thinking
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about the team leaders and a heart-warming response from the community got the project going toove forward again. very build is special but this build in prince gege's couy nt an crew. al >> we have some women with us and we're here celebrating strong woman that could build uses too. >> reporter: and it is special because the crews overcame a cruel setback.h so t say it was supposed to happen on saturday but when the crew showed up to start working they went in the tool shed and saw that someone had broken in and stolen the tools. >> especially for a habitat. >> and s trying toick to a schedule to get the project done to move on to the next project and the new homeowners into this place and it is a setback and sad. >> reporter: so they turned to the community and put together a last-minute ndraiser. >> they raised over $700 right
11:32 am
away to get any extra tools if anybody is looking to make a donation, habitat for humanity is great to take it. it is a great cause. >> reporter: and the community as got the crewback at it trying to get a family into the home as quickly as possible. >> there is nothing better than spending a day just doing something good for the people that are inur community. >> reporter: so back on track now. hoping for some good weather so hat this build could mean moving forward and then the know. part of this finding the family that is going eventually live inside of this home. that family hasn't been selected yet but i'm told we should have news on thatng comi up any time in the next couple of days. guys. >> and i'm sure they'll be a very deserving family. we look forward to seeing their reaction when they walk into the home. >> and hats off to that crew. and president trump firing back at a "new york times" report that he lost mo-- more tn a billion dollars. the tweet he called the report a
11:33 am
hit job and fake news. >> so according to the "times," the information is based off of tax information that the plication acquired from a source with legal access to the documents. krist kristen welker with more. >> reporter: this morning a bombshell report in the new york 'smes is casting doubt on president trump self-proclaimed wealth. the times reporting it has obtained years of previously unrevealed income tax returns, from decaes before he was a candidate indicating that the real estate mogul spent at least ten years in the red, reporting business losses totaling over $1 billion t from 1985 1994. according to the "times," year after year mr. trump appears to have lost mo money than nearly any other individual american taxpayer. overall the "times" reports mr. trump lost so much money he was able to avoid paying income taxes for eight of the ten years.
11:34 am
and nbc has not independently reviewed the tax information.h mr. trump as touted his skills as aanusiness tit for decades. promoting the "art of the dea 1987. "today" in the >> i go by instinct and my gut feel and it has worked out well for me. >> reporter: later casting himself as areality tv sta on the apprentice. and boasting during his 2016 presidential run. >> i'm use my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists, i'm not using donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. >> reporter: as a candidate and now as president mr. trump has consistently refused calls to release his tax returns insisting they are under audit. >> until such timem as i'ot under audit, i would not be inclined to do it. >> reporter: the new york times is revealing details about the sourcing saying it did not obtain the actual tax returns buted receivhe information contained in the returns from someone who had legal access to it. the "times" adding it was able o match the information with
11:35 am
publicly available irs data on op earners. >> that was kristen welker reporting. and the president said real estate developers back in the '80s and '90s were, quote, entitled to massive writeoffs. and now the trumpni admiration is expected to issue aalú= final regulation to and it will require drug companiesto list prices of medicines that cost more than $30 for a month supply however the price may vary depending on your health insurance. a news4 i-team investigation is raising questions about one of the busiest and most dangerous roads. of nd according to yea court filings reviewed by our scott mcfarland, many of those i crashed their cars or -- should say many of those who crashed cars while driving drunk one indian had highway avoid going to jail. >> using public records request, the i-team reviewed 45 drunk
11:36 am
driving crash on this highway between january 2016 and december of 2018 and we found as few as five of the drivers were sentenced to jail timeand those who were had sentences reduced to just days. despite a fast ring number of deadly crashes and dui arrests on maryland 210, prosecutors point to a uniquehaváuqs ince prineorge's county court in which cases were sped through and lighter sentences dolled out. >> i think the state's ff attorneyice did a good job in bringing foird -- forward the cases but thejustice system did not take it seriously. >> reporter: they acknowledged theyere use a unique condition for duis and one judge wasng comi through and the judge left the bench and now all 24 judges in the circuit court system can hear and rule on duis. our further review of maryland court records found prince the e's county, also has
11:37 am
second most dui arrests and found about 500 each month and the peak months was in the in august. along indian head highway, scott mcfarland, nbc4. >> thank you, scott. your next visit to virginia beach could be filled with extra four-letter words. >> coming up, the changes comg to the summer hot spot. good wednesday morning to you. > we all want to eat healthier to live healthier lives. >> and that trend is crossing pets. how we feed our today susan hogan looks at a -- a feeding frenzy of the appreciate pet food. >> theyeed the dog like they would feed themselves. >> what you need know beforeto
11:38 am
11:39 am
right now road crews have lanes close thenon the thbound side of the gw parkway between turkey run park
11:40 am
and the beltway. this is the same area we saw this massive sinkhole back in march and the park service said today's closures are needed to ensure that the roadway remains stable. all lanes should be reopened by about 2:30 this afternoon. if you've been to virginia beach you've no doubt seen the hanging signs near the surf warnin⌟j'yot n to curse. >> those signs have been up for 20 years now but they're about to come down. >> a group has worked for months to get rid of the signs sayinger they we not welcoming and they didn't do a whole lot to influence behavior. >> they agreed after a little while that the signs should come down. so we're really thankful for the city for doing that. >> flowers and public art and things like that for the community to enjoy rather tjn t tossing the signs in the trash. >> now the city has agreed too take down the signs but it is unclear when that is going to happen. >> should have just put up one
11:41 am
of those curse jars right along -- >> the swear jar -- >> yeah. drop a quarter every time you do. >> and somebody comes in, oops, i'm going to ta that for me. >> and wth is with the weather. see wt i'm doing there. >> well played. >> i like that. >> no, we have a frontal systems biting the area that happened last week. we have the spreadingur temper north and cold areas and south and warmand into t will be that w the weekend. so unsettled conditions. today was the transition day so hopefully you enjoyed yesterday because it was absolutely beautiful. even last night was absolutely gorgeous. as well. so as far as what we're looking at for rain chances, spotty rain showers a less than 30% chance where you are. now we up that chance a little on thursday. even more on friday. w ldown it atle bit on saturday. but then rain likely on sunday. this looks almost exactly howas
11:42 am
lweek played out. as far as what the radar is talking about right now no much. there is no rain on it. but the satellite is showing the cloud deck right here and points back tohe north and west. if you are south and east, northern neck, pulling down through southern maryland, fredericksburg you are not seeing the clouds but this is a leading edgee+jt of a frontal sm and that will dropto the area and continue to move to the south and east and fred those clouds into the region. as far as current temperaturesco are cerned, they are responding to the cloud cover. here is the front right there. you could see it right there. areas south of the n 70 andth in the 60s and that is how it will stay throughout the day ioday. so it kind of hard to get a planner, but just know most of us are cloudy and dry with spotty showee to th south. looking like they do pop up. mainly staying to the south but only about a 30% chance we'll see them out we'll possibly have some rain and fog and drizzle overnight, that is what it picking up on right now. but more sctered showers
11:43 am
through thursday. and then even some storms as we g t into your friday. so that is go be something that we'll have to watch. so tomorrow temperatures are in the mid-70s c and a 4nce of rain. if we talk about the weekend, so let's talk about it in detail. that is coming up in ten minutes. >> we'll do so.u thank yoma'am. >> what could be done to lessen the stigma around mental illness? we talkl%b to a psychiatrist af the break about that. cracking secret codes. that the one of the many activities you could do at the new international spy musm.
11:44 am
11:45 am
. may is mental health awareness month and marks the five year anniversary here at nbc4 for the changingds min campaign. in the u.s. roughly one in four peopleacyear is diagnosed with a mental health but despite the illness it still carries a
11:46 am
stigma. to discuss what is behind the stigma and to lessen the impact is psychiatrist dr. joshua winer. change over lot of the last decade in terms of mental illness but why is this stigma still there and how do cast it away. nt there are a fewactors. first of all, meal illness is not easily visible.i go on with somebodik it is not le a broken leg. end we don't know what causes this stuff and there is no proof that somebody has al menta x-ray , and there is no or study that could show a t problem with brain. so that is hard for people. but i also think that people need to realize that mental llness is just normal behavior carried to the extreme in most cases. o when you are depressed, everybody kind of -- can associate or familiar with being down and it is really hard for people to appreciate that for some people that feeling is much, much wore intense. and so they just think, well, wait, a minute, i've been down
11:47 am
before, pull yourself up by your dootstraps and put on your big boy pants an be okay and people can't appreciate this stuff that occurs in other people until it happens to them o somebody close to them. thenhat stigma starts to go away because then they realize, wow, this really is a real deal and it could really impact people's lives. >> do you think more people are coming around to that, this whole notion of oh, just tough it out and get over it isn't exactly the best approach and now you are hearing more people say, hey, yoube should may seek help. >> yeah, the stigma is improving. more and more people are willing op seek treatment but the vast majority of pele who are n'periencing problems dot seek treatment. so there is still a lot of people out there who feel like they want to tough it out or they need to give it time or too embarrassed to seek help. i think people need to shift the way ty think about it. i think you need to not worry about sort of having some sort of diagnosis, you need to think about it as, look, this is a lifestyle issue.
11:48 am
if i'm struggling with something, whatever it may be, s anxiety, deon or coming home and i have toave my wine in order to relax afte work, that is something that is having negative health impacts for you. you needog to recnize, look, be re are things that coul done to help this. why not try to improve my life some way, whether that is through changes in the way i medication or a combination of all of it. >> we're celebrating the anniversary of changing minds. wh tn you talk abouthe media landscape d how the media deals with mental illness, we do talk about the celebrity suicide deaths. we talk a lot about whether or not to show or name a mass shooterring a shooting. how could the media better approach mental illness and castaway that stigma. >> i think this is a doubl double-edged sword. when there is t ak about suicides, robin williams or anthony bourdain there is a
11:49 am
spike in suicides following that media attention. but what we don't know is how many lwnves potentially do the road are saved because of that conversation. so it is really difficult. i think the media should report on these tgs. i think that the more it is talked about and, quote/unquote normalized, it is important for people not just the media but in general day-to-day onversation, it is important for people tost op trying to put the best face forward constantly telling everybody how wonderful their ves are. we have to get more real with each other and say, yeah, i'm struggling, my wife and kids are struggling. most of the time when people do that, what you're going to find to ther people will open up you and share their own t struggles orhe struggles of somebody close to them and that is going to help destigmatize this over time and forge the bond with the people you are talking to b are sharing something personal it tends to be reciprocated. >> so hopefully we could change off and continue to cast that stigma mental illness.
11:50 am
thank you so much for being here. ut we're wondering abo this. when would we know the name. the baby's name. breaking news. buckingham palace said meghan and harry's baby is named archie harrison mt. baton windsor. so take that and discuss amongst n ourself. coheoy today's water cooler talk with that. be obviously send our at congratulions to them. so the new and improved international spy museum is about to open and theew location is in the plaza.e aimecho takes us inside for a sneak peek. >> reporter: from games that let you play a pretend spy mission to a wheel that decides how your mission went there i something for everyone in the new s internationapy museum. it is twice as big as the old one and filling it was artifacts are no small w sk. >> you find things that
11:51 am
are secret because the defendant intelligence operations we may never know about. >> reporter: but we know about these. the invisible link and the rocks for making dead drops and the disguises. >> learningre the vance of the world of espionage that impacts all of us and we can't wait to share this with the world. >> reporter: part of the museum is about t tryingings out yourself. in this exhibit you could see if bháo crack a secret code. but the museum is also about honoring real-life spies who risked lives to keep us safe. like francis gary >> it is a honor to have my father honored here. >> reporter: sharing his dad's story. his father was a pilot for the cia during the cold war. > he's captured by the kgb and interrogated for three months and it is verifying to know that people who visit the spy museum inar washington will le that my father is a hero to our country. >> reporter: the museum opens the sunday. whyou walk through the doors, what can you expect? >> the intrigue, the espionage, it is spying. what is more cool than that? >> reporter: at the
11:52 am
international spy museum, aimee cho, nbc4. google changes. >> coming up, why searchresults wi ll
11:53 am
[music playing] (vo) this is matt ath rachel. and this is few minutes they have until naptime is over. this is rachel depositing a check without leaving the house. (rachel) [whispers] have you seen my debit card? (matt) [whispers] no. (vo) this is rachel turning off her debit card. (matt) [whispers] babe. (vo) and back on again.
11:54 am
this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo. s big changere coming to google. the most popular products. >> the tech giant announcing them at the biggest event o year yesterday. google said the new version of he assistant will be ten times faster than the current model. the company is alsoolling out a feature that lets you control
11:55 am
how long it stores information on your location or web oactivity. gogle is also adding an augmented reality feature to the search. > that ans you'll soon be able to see a 3-d model of the object in your search. results >> hmm. >> be careful searching. all it takes is two words to let a teacher know how much they mean. thank you. >> all week long we're thanking the heroes in the front of the class. thisen morning molette gre stopped by a school in southeast d.c. for teacher appreciation week. >> reporter: we love our teachers here at garfield prep, don't we? [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and our proud parents love the teachers here. and nbc4 loves them so much we brought goodies. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: all right. shand raw saunders is one of the
11:56 am
fabulous psychologists here at the school. what do you want to say. >> we're very proud to give the students the math and the english language as well as thel technology st but most importantly we're teaching our students social and emotional learning to be effective citizens. >> 30 teachers raise their hands. some of them. and principal banch what do you want tohxtó say? >> our teachers are the best in the world at what they do and they come to southeast d.c. every day to provide a world class education for our students. >> reporter: cebrating here in southeast. let's strike up the band. lame on, keep it going. [ cheering and appe ] >> good for them. and thank you to all of the teachers out there. >> exactly right. so let's get one final check of the weather. 70 degrees on this wednesday. hello, ma'am. >> hello. yes. 70s here. mid-70s south and east. 60 toss t north and west. big spread in temperatures out there as the frontal system
11:57 am
hangs over our area and that w frontal systeml hang out until friday. friday a cold front will come through and drop our temperatures and bring us rain chances for this weekend. but it will look like better rain chances come on sunday as opposed to your saturday. want to givewh you the le ten-day. there we go. so again 40% chance of rain on saturday. 80% chance of rain on sunday. and again, we will he+in better chance of showers on sundaynd that will last into the monday but then we start to dry out but expect rain as we head through the end of the workweek. >> thank yo, ma'am. that is it for "news4 midday." us.k you for joining we're back on at first at 4:00. >> and get your updates any time with the nbc washington pp. enjoy your wednesday. ♪ is
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, there he is. meet the royal baby. we've been waiting for this. mehgan and harry finally introduce us to their son. >> they were at st. george's hall, the same place where they had their weddingieception. now you were dying for them to lift -- one year ago. you were diagnose to have them lift u that hat to see if his hair is red. little red hair right there. and a lot of talk about what mehgan's wearing because she's wearing this beautiful whi


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