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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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your day tomorrow. an important mother's day weekend. much more on that. breaking st up, a massive search for a wanted fugitive that locked down schools and has residents sheltering in their homes. >> it began when they spotted the guy in a car on d.c. hetook off eventually rear ending a car near the bw parkway and pai bailing out at the prince george's hospital. >> more on this search for the fugitive. >> reporter: they tell us this suspect is victor charles johnson, who also gthes by name of charles jackson. we were told he was driving erratically on the bw parkwe bef taking this exit towards
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the prince george's hospital center and ultimately collided into that berm. this was a scene shortly after the suspect crashed his white sedan before taking off into the wooded area. chopper 4 was flying above capturing the u.s. marshall and park police using k-9s to scout the area, going through neighborhoods where residents have been told to stay inside their home. some schools were placed on lockdown. police want you to tak a good look at this suspect in this wanted poster last seen in a gray new balance shirt. >> porter: police are saying if you see him, do not approach him, call them. >> thank yo meagan.
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moments ago we heard from another hero in yesterday's shooting in colorado. an aspiring -- and aspiring marine talked about his role in toppla shooter in the classroom and talked about his friend who wasn't so lucky and how he's able to smile after such a tragedy. >> someone entered the building with incredibly malicious intent and using their weapons. they lost and completely utterly lost to good people. why in the world would i let this coward get what he wants? i'm not a victim. i refuse to be a victim. kendrick refused to be a victim. the other students refused to be a victim. >> that was brendan talking. kendrick castillo w killed in the shooting but likely saved many lives.
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one of the suspected shooters was in court today. >> wearing a jail jumpsuit and ackles. >> no. >> sitting with his head bows, seemingly hiding behind his dyed hair, 18-year-old devon was in court. former classmate said there were signs. >> we weren't surprised who it was. you could see it coming from a mile away. the fact he actually did it. thentire time, he always joked about it. >> reporter: monday afternoon was no joke. investigators say the pair walked to the center of campus, armed with pistols.di metholly firing at helpless students. >> the next thing i know he's
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pulling a gun and telling nobody to move. >> reporter: nine kids were hit including 18-year-old kendrick castillo, shot and killed as he charged towards erickson. >> kenngick towards him and he shot kendrick giving all of us eugh time to get underneath our desks. >> reporter: police moved in going to separate classrooms. >> there was no waiting and knew there was a shooter and went to the shooters. >> reporter: 48 hours later, the let the was gone. >> out of everybody there, he ewas really the of us. >> reporter: but the heartache and loss lings. jay gray, nbc news, highlands ranch, colorado. we have shown you video case after case. these men suspected in a string of atm hices may be linked to as many as 18 robberies and
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attempted robberies over the last year. pat collins live for us in white oak with the day after on the story and how officers busted these bad guys. pat. >> reporter: they were in the right place at the time, police say this ring of robberies required a lot of planning and plotting and scheming. investigators went out to gathsgat gathser gather more evidence and clues to piece it together. in upper marlboro the 711 smash and grab. she said she saw the cops make their move. th reporter: what do yohok ck e. really shocked, basically. then again, that's the times we're living in. >> reporter: montgomery county police arrested three men in connection withhe atm thefts. 27-year-old deandre jackson from
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uppermarlboro, 27-year-old hewitt and ld28 omar barnes from d.c. police made the arrest yesterday morning after they say the suspects went into this 711 in white oak and sprayed black paint on surveillance cameras and prepared to stealhe t atm. but the cops had the place staked out. wha the suspects m their move, so did the co . >> it takes a large amount of bravery to step into that and stop that activity from happening. that'shat they did. >> reporter: police say they used stolen trucks t disbreak into the 711 and dislodge the atms. april 30th, atm, 711, new hampshire avenue, police say they got $28,400. may 2nd, 711, atm, tech row,
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police say they got $68,480. thees yrday, this 711, white oak, they got nothing. book 'em, dano. police continue to investigate, to see if these suspects are linked to maybe 15 other atm the efforts in and around our area.w there's a lot more to be known here. watch this face. jim,oreen, back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat collinsrt repog. turning to our weather now, big changes over the last 24 hours. it was kind of warm and sunny yesterday. >> it was. a lot of clouds rolled in today. any raindrops in our future. sounds like a lot. perhaps tonight? >> yeah. perhaps tonight, jim.
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yesterday, i was getting a lot of high-fives and today, i ven't gotten anybodyo look at me. i don't understand it. a chance of showers increasing as we move into the day tomorrow and the weekend as well. the clouds, yesterday, nothing but sshine, a high of 81 degrees yesterday. right now, sitting at 66. significantly cooler by 15 degrees from where we were yesterday at this time. 70 degrees in richmond, 80 degrees in roanoke. the chanc of rain and boundary to the south will all make its way back to the north overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. i'll show you what it means importantly, e mother's day weekend. >> thank you. some breaking ws, the president's eldest son, donald trump senior has been subpoenaed. and saying he has very limited
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nowledge about building a trump tower in moscow. michael cohen told congress a different storysaying he delivered about 10 briefings tom president trp's daughter, ivutnka and him a that. congress is locked in a re the truggle so sev chairman of the house judiciary committee just said, as of tonight, we are in a constitutional crisis. the mueller report at the heart of aine alexander on catal hill tracking every moveor of this us. >> the unredacted mueller t, repornd there are certainly strong moves on bth sides. president trump is invoking his presidential powers to block its release and democrats areaking strong action of their own. in an explosive new step, president trump exerted executive privilege over special
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idunsel robert mueller's report. >> the present now seeks to take a wrecking ball to the constitution. esident's r: the decision giving new fuel to demoats on the house judiciary committee, today, voting to hold attorney genera william barr in contempt for not complying with the subpoena. >> we have talked for a long tim about approaching constitutional crisis. we are now in it, in a constitutional crisis. >> what a cynical me-spirited counterproductive irresponsible step it is. >> reporter: telling jerry nadler, his decision to move forward with the contempt hearing terminated good faith talks with the two parties. t was barr that urged the president to invoke executive privilege in a letter citing milons of documents classified and unclassified noting the committee's abrupt resort to a coempt vote does not give
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enough time to fully consider the matter. >> jerry nadler is asking the united states to break the law and commit a crime by rineasing rmation he knows he has no legal authority to have. >> reporter: all of this fueling more impeachment talks from use speaker nancy pelosi. >> every single da the president is making a case, becoming self-impeachable. >> reporter: likel setting up a long lega battle over eller's report. >> reporter: as for mueller's testimony before congress, that eis still on th table. today'saction on executive privege has no bearing on mueller's ability to y.testif >> blayne alexander, thank you. tonight, a "new york times" bombshell undermines the core of prident trump'sbrand as a savvy businessman and may shed ght on his refusal of income taxes. they contain years of previously
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undisclosed income tax returns from decades before a candidate as president. he spent 10 i years the red with losses, totalling more than a billion dollars from 1985 to 1994. according to the times, year after year mr. trump appears to have lost more money thanearly any other individual americ taxpayer. nbc news has not independently reviewed or confirmed that tax information. pritident trump reacted w tweets suggesting real estate developers in the 's and '90s purposely showed losses for tax returnses and called the report highly inaccurate and a hit job. uber and lyft drivers t pledging rn off their apps. >> was today's strike a big deal or bust? adam found drivers still out there taking fares today but has details of a protest later
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tonight. up in the skies, the blue angels in town for the weekend and where you can see them together for the first time in years. >> it's baby archie. don't even think about calling him lord or duke or anything like that. we'll he why
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a fairfax county teacher alked into a courtroom facing misdemeanors today and walked out in handcuffs headed j tol on multiple felony charges. today, he is charged with child pornography. david culver hasthe story. >> reporter: herndon high school
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drama students likely have to finish out thechool year without teacher raphael schklowsky and likelyci fa more serious charges. >> we have a lot of digital evidence in this case and not done yet. >> reporter: fairf detectives uncovered more than 00 videos and some imageshowed child pornography. >> this case was heart breaking, a member of our community we trusted. >> reporter: they arrested him in early april and charged him with secretly recording his nanny and placed this inside his weston home he shares with his wife and two kids andound a device inside an air vent inside the au pair's bedroom. they showed up with a search warrant and got a long list of electronics including a smoke etector camera and charged schklowsky with unlawful recording. given he is a teacher and has
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two child pornography charg added against him, one quest comes up, might there be any students involved? we gave to the head of the crime decision of. >> he was in a position of trust and involved with the youth. nothing to tie into his role as public educator. >> reporter: the principal echoing no high school student was involved addingy schklowsk has been on leave in his drama teaching role since a hisest last month. so was the ride share strike a day a problem or was i bust? the rides were still available out there. but some uber and lyftr ders say they hope this at least gets the attention of both companies. news4 transportation reporter, adam tuss is livewith what's playing tonight that could still create sruption. >> reporter: that's right. what you talked about with the messaging, that's the important part for the drivers.
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they say they wanted to get through to the companies about the pay and benefits. not having that ripple effect we were worried about. you can still get an uber and lift. later on tonight, aother protest. so far, so good for any sort of uber other lyft traffic fcatastrophe. m dupont circle, the gallery place to the national mall, every time we checked today we found plenty of uber a lyft rides available. >> seems like a normal day. >> reporter: some were counting on picking up additional rides but haven't seen it. >> reporter: you think it's having an effect? >> i haven't seen any. >> this should get hazard pay. a hazardous drive. >> reporter: we do know some riders areoff the road. >> all righty, turni itoff. >> reporter: see you later. >> see you later uber, lyft.
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>> reporter: pam higgins drives for bot uber and lyft and we were with her as she switched off the apps for the day. >> i will do what is right for me to do. >> reporter: whether or not some are still driving, the larger uber andy lft community is these employees need to be treated better, pay, benefits or being part of a company. >> i believe as a group, we are very important to the public as well as to the companies we work for. we have to believe in our own importance. the only way to do that is toa st up. >> reporter: it will be usteresting to see if any changes come beca of that. drivers are organizing in alexandria at 8:00 and plan to go to reagan national airport. we'll see if that has any impact. >> there is an already traffic
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at reagan national airport and they can only make it work. now to our changing climate and impact on your health. if you're an allergy sufferer, maybe you noticed that allergy season is getting longer. the nonprofit group, climate central analyzed temperature data over the last half century of 242 cities. 97% of the cities recorded an increase in wm spring days since 1970. allergy season has grown longer by about two weeks on average and cases of hay fever and asthma have really tripled. >> don't have to convince some of us. >> that's right. it's been bad season so far this ar. forthe first time in neay a decade, we will get quite a treat. h> news4's chris gordon talks to
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the organizers w it takes to put on this amazingw. air sho >> reporter: for the first time in 12 years, the navy's blue angels and air force thngnderbirds will be flyi at the same air show. watching it from the ground you hear the roar of theengines and amazed to see how close together they fly. i asked pilot kerry, how they do it. >> focus and make sure every f.tail is taken care it's very exciting as well. >> reporter: retired navy commander teaching history at annapolis. he's here to meet oneof the pilots, andre webb, who flies the number 6 jet. >> as a hobby, i've been tracking african-american historyelated to the naval academy. and he will be the very first african-american from the naval academy to fly with the team. >> reporter: as a child i was
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fascinated with their power and precision. my father was pilot what yagars was called the u.s. army air corps. he was a flight trainer. late in life he took up painting. the only painting he ever did was this one, blue angels. nancy gore rel is one of the founders of a group called the blue angels supe fans. >> the roar of thees e and the way they fly, my hair stands on the back of my neck. it's awesome. >> reporter: the entry for saturday and sunday is free. >> let's hope they get it in with the rain. >> and great to hear about his dad and history of flying. coming up, a new interview wi o white house chieff staff, john kelly, who talks about challenges of working in the trump white house and trump's
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wmily. wmily. rain chances us forit
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in sect cities othey're neglecting small towns tand rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands
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no pressure, doug, but with mother's day and graduations and festivals all over the area -- >> don'tet your wife down. you don't want to do that, doug. >> no, you don'tnt wao do that. >> go change that map. >> back to you guys. it will be sunny sunday. >> and wednesday, too. more days to continue to harass him.ab >> ala is looking fantastic
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on sunday, you're headed there. it looks quite nice. >> that'sxactly what it will look like on sunday for mother's day. >> no! >> the only difference? there will b rain. >> there will be rain. >> it really is not looking good or this weekend. 66 degrees right now. look at that wind, northeasted a 15 miles an hour. because of the temperatures, look at that wind and we will see the increasen chance of showers and maybe fog. 63 in gaithersburg, 73 in fredericksburg. and cooler air has moved in because of the cloud cover. it's all south of fredericksburg, south of fredericksburg closer to richmond and i-. traveling there you will run into heavy rain. it's starting to creep to the north. the front to the southmoves to the north. you can see it right there, a
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boundary right in the . that's what i'm talking about, moving up to the north towards our region and a much better chance of showers overnight and today and tomorrow. cooler washington, d.c. in our area. and to the south we get back into it. i mentioned the chance of showres. hethey are overnight tonight. not everybody. don't be surprised to see areas of drizzle and shower activity early tomorrow morning. heads-up there. ba to 77, after a cool part of the day, most of the day will be cool and we start to seein ease seeing clearing late in the day. 60% chance of showers and only 40% saturday. there's mother's day. temperatures around 57 with rain, heavy rain. we'll talk more about that and h hour-byr as well. see you back here at 6:45. >> thank you. a local policehief speaks out about thee i report
6:28 pm
revealing dozens of drunk drivers going free after deadlya crashes on road. and two former service members, family members tell us a tragic case veran e.icid and from the d.c. family homeless shelter, orgetown university, a young woman's journey to her college graduation almost complete. >> we're doing something we didn't think we could dond a
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alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckl eads. hand em over. alrighhand what over?r bed. video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch vids of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's i'm gonna sw the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll. now that's simple, easy, awesome. switch to xfinity internet for $29.99 a month12 foonths and get the speed, coverage and control you need with xfinity xfi. click, call or visit a store today. prince george's county police chief says changes need to happen on one of maryland's
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most dangerous road. >> the chief is talking about indian head highway, justays after an investigation revealed dozens of drunk drivers cr hed on the road and avoided jail time. >> new reaction to the i-team's report. scott. >> our i-team investigation showed 44 crash investigations since january 2016. we also found only five people served any jail time. each of those jail sentences was reduced to a handful of days. the counts top prosecutors says that's unacceptable and blamed the circuit court system that for years assigned one judge. it was known as ack roet docket for handling cases quickly but f not knownor handing down tough sentences. the police chief, hank, says it has not reduced the number of
6:32 pm
crashes with more officers, and now asking for more highways. now, what the . i-team found >> the percentages surprised me. i'm concerned but confident the leadership of the judiciary in seeing that will take a hard look at it a come wake up a resolution to get this community and their constituents where they need to be. >> in a statement to the i-team the maryland court system acknowledged the system used to n prince cases george's county is unique and recently changed and more judges can hear and rle on drunk drivers. back to you. >> thank you. to see the i-team's original report or to send them a tip, select "investigations." >> a marine who made one of the
6:33 pm
longest sniper shots in afghanistan, said he drove from ft. bragg to a friend in rural virginiaounty to check on ai frd who might be suicidal. how the tragedy he discovered led to charges against him. >> report:e srgeant nicolas radstad has been a celebrity of sorts for using a gun made in the state for making a shot that set a record. early sunday morning, nicolas was arrested near front royal for unlawfully discharging a gun and unlawfulpossession of a firearm. he traveled from ft. bragg, north carolina, to check on a marine he was worried about, sean miller. inside, a tragic discovery, his friend was dead and itas too
6:34 pm
late. >> he located mr. miller with a canshotra wound. >> reporter: he lled 911. when deputies arrived he said he became so distraught he fired his own gun. >> he was very upset. had d taken a weapon he carried into the residence with him and fired four shots into the floor. >> reporter: this is how sean miller's father wrote on social media responding sayin it with a heavy heavy heart and sorrow that i must report yetan her brave marine, my son sean miller, has fall onto ptsd and suicide. he fought it but they were too overwhelming. >> reporter: they have more investigation to do before making a final determination. we just arned the medical examiner's office just ruled the death a suicide. it will be up to the commonwealth attorney to decide whether to proceed or dismiss
6:35 pm
charges. news4. news4 is committed to changing minds about mental illness for veterans anybod in ed. o we have help apps, just search "changing minds." i'm erika gonzalez with breaking news at the live desk. we take you too live pictures outside the venezuel embassy outside washington. we have been watching the situation unfold the last couple minutes or so, demonstrations getting heated. somes protester taken into custody. we saw a man seated on the ground, a bloody face. you are seeing ts man taken into custody. this whole situation has become like a flash point in the confrontation between supporters for embattled president maduro and aido that this country
6:36 pm
recognizes as president. you are seeing some altercations getting heated there. we believe there was at least another person in handcuffs. very tense situation we are watching play out. if we have any other further details we'll be right back with you. >> thank you. some revealing comments today about the trump family from the president's second chf of aff, john kelly. as a retired marine corps general, kelly's first instinct was to impose order and act as a gate keeper to the ovalce o that policy set him on a collision course with the president's daughter, ivanka and her husband, jared kushner. david rubenstein asked if it was complicated to work with the president's family? >> they're an influence that has to be dealt with.
6:37 pm
i don't mean by no means, mrs. trump, the first lady is a wonderful person. >> john kelly served as chief of staff for 17 moths. president trump announced kelly's departure in december. today was a big royal reveal. archie is the winnf all those baby names. next, the duke and duchess of sussex present thebo baby y to the queen and to the wld. plus, walmart joins the list of companies making it toher for teens to get their hands on cigarettes. tr fking the rain chance tonight. there is a rain that will make its way back overnight tonight its way back overnight tonight andright to the ♪ here i go again on my own
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♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle.get it. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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prince harry and meghan markle finally shoed off their new baby boy to the world.
6:40 pm
>> they did and let us in on a e s his name. archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. >> archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. the name mentioned. archie harrison sounds very american and mountbatten-windsor is the last name taken by male members of the royal family modern times. it is also interesting they have chose innocent to give their son tale. perhaps that's a clue to the kind of parents they want to bea we think bck to princess diana and the way she raised henry and harry, making it clear she wanted them to understood ordinary life and be free from the royal life as long as possible.
6:41 pm
in the regal surroundings windsor castle, but it was very intimate. meghan was glowing. >> magic it's pretty amazing and i have the two best guys in the world. i'm really happy. >> reporter: they looked a little nervous. at one point, harry had to be told to turn archieamoward the ca. >> 2 1/2 days, three ys? >> yes. >> very thrilled to have our own hundle of joy. >> reporter: t were clearly delight with their son and answered the question every new parent gets asked, does he sleep well? saying he is a really good baby. keir simmons, nbc news, windsor. >> every baby is pretty good for a couple of days. they're barely awake. what do you think about the name? >> i like it. it sounds better with a british
6:42 pm
accent. archie's middle name,is harron, means son of harry. >> i think archie is a great name. off to a great start. college graduations just around the corner. one woman crossing the stage has overcome so much, from homeless to high school to georgy own universad. her story only on news fewer. >> pretty amazing. doug is practicing his apology
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
7-eleven 7-eleven 7-eleven 7-eleven a look now at our top stories if you're just joining us. u.s. marshals are looking for a fugitive who escaped during a pursuit this afternoon.
6:45 pm
victor charles johnsoned crash into another car near the bw parkway split. he ran off and left his car near prince george's hospital. he has a history. today, we lrned 18-year-old kendrick castillo ran at the gunman yesterday before he was shot anded kill one of the suspects, 18-year-old devon erickson made his first court aopearance ty. he kept his head down through much of the hearing and nodded frequently to the judge's questions. he faces numerous charges, including one count of first-degree murder. montgomery county police arrest three suspects for an atm robbery. the three men could be linked to nearly es robberind attempted robberies in the last ar. the smash and grabs are in virginia and the district.
6:46 pm
officers arrested them yesterday after ty allegedly tried to swipe an atm from a 7-eleven in white oak. cracking downon tobacco sales to minors. walmart will raise the age for 21.cco and e cigarettes to 18.sed to be they're stopping sales of desert and flud flavored nicotine products and goes in effect july 1st. and sam's stores announced similar changes last month. years ago, we introduced you to a remarkable young woman. rashema melson got a scholarship deite being homeless. her journey to graduation is almost complete. >> reporte: today, it was mayor
6:47 pm
bowser's turn to contribute. >> you make us d.c. proud. >> reporter: rasheema melson and her younger brother spent fivey ars without a place to call home. >> me and my younger brother were moving from house to house before finally making it to the shelter. >> reporter: whileh t did, melson stayed focus on one thing, getting to college. she graduated valedictorian and got a full scholarship to georgetown university. melson knew the hard work was just starting. >> i was there with the most elite people in the country. i'm this girl from southeast, agraduated fromntacostia high school. i don't know if i can meet these standards. i questioned myself a lot an doubted myself. >> reporter: melson m have doubted herself but never gave a
6:48 pm
pnd next week will get her diploma from georgetown. >> 's been a struggle and journey. this is me making it to the here are ne and know many more to come up. >> reporter: she has lined up and wants to go to law school. >> i want to to advocate for th impoverished. >> reporter: her brother also got out with a football scholarship to syracuse. >> we got out of something people didn't think we could do butre doing it. >> mark segraves, news4. >> very impressive young woman. >> and her brother, too, nice to see him follow in her footsteps. syracuse. pretty big. speaking of graduations, lot of them are coming up. >> including georgetown's, i think.
6:49 pm
>> symptom are outdoors and indoors. >> the gymnasiums are fantastic this weneend. the on saturday looking better. better chance for rain on saturday. ifanou have pl saturday, stay tuned the next couple of days. this is very tough forecast heading to the weekend. where is the front going to stop? around our area? we have the cooer numbers. 66, temperatures dropping, but t that much. showers on the increase. 64 in rockville, 66, camp springs. what a difference a day makes. we even had a couple 84s yesterday and now down to 64. 20 degree temperature difference from where we were yesterday afternoon. we continue to see the rain. nothing around ourarea, up from
6:50 pm
the south. fredericksburg and spotsylvania county doing this as it makess ity north and you will see the chances of rain here. watch as it starts to slide up to the north. this boundary moves tohe north overnight tonight and see an increase in showers tonight and into the day tomorrow. friday, we're tracking this storm system here. a big storm. look how much of the country encompasses the great lakes. it will bring a chance for showers d thunderstorms friday. this is the storm we will wait for on friday. tomorrow, cloud cover early. 68 at recess, maybe a little cooler and thenpick up n h. shower activity, 75 degrees, 3:00, 4:00 in the possibome sunshine tomorrow night. you might see a pretty good sunset tomorrow night but wh you see sun in the d.c. area.
6:51 pm
friday, everybody gets in on this. 80 degrees, showers, thunderstorms, one or two strong, although i'm not anticipating much in theway of severe weather. saturday, there is a40 chance and temperatures to the north cooler and temperatures to the south warmer. sunday is mother's dty. s is what i'm thinking for mother's day. rain likely, cooler, rain heavier at times, flooding is possible. doesn't sound like a good mother's day. it's supposed to behe most joyous day of the year and fortunately we got rain out aere. much better tuesd wednesday and showers wednesday and thursday. thursday is weather day at nats park. team 4 wil be down there. nats have the 1:00 game in the afternoon. 'll be right back. demonsrations continue to intensify outside the venezuelan mbassy.
6:52 pm
take a listen. we have seen at least two people now in custody. this man being one of them. it appears to be by the secret service on the scene, what we're seeing. keep in mind, there's been ongoing chaos last week. there was a failed attempt at spking a military uprising against president maduro. hese are pictures from the scene outside the venezuelan embassy, look like a more tame scene than we have the ud states and other nations have recognized the opposition leader guaido asfo
6:53 pm
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r the first time this
6:56 pm
season, the nationals fail to win at least one game in ase es. milwaukee sweeps the nats. we said the wheels have fallen off and dominos keep falling. they continue to take a spiral out of control. smiling before the game, not so much after. if you like theis nats, th isn't a good matchup. christian yelh, last year's mvp up against hellkson. advantage, yelich, solo home run in the bottom of the first. qb brewer slide. milwaukee up early. nats had a lot of densive problems. shoots one into left. adam eaton takes an awkward angle, the bar falling fair right behind him. the run comes in. take another look at this missed play on defense. here is the immediate reaction of the meet writers, mark
6:57 pm
zuckerman, i'm speechless. >> and todd dialla n, my gosh. and that play in caps lated the national series. and i'm starting to think the nationals are not very good. rallying in the ninth and all-star closer, bases loaded o but strikes independent the game. nats fall, 7-3 and swept by the brewers. while you were sleeping, history in oakland either didn't happen or 90 plus minutes because the lights are only partially lit. umpires eventually determined s there w enough light to play a full game and good news for as starter. and aiv ding catch keeping the no-no alive. and mario makes the home run
6:58 pm
save. flyers thrilled, received. this strikeout will do it. me spires tosses his second career no hitter and made baseball history. and st. louis blues fans today, all day fans and local radio stations playing the victory song "gloria," one station plaing it for 24 hours straight. blues are headed to the western conference final thanks to a double overtime win over the stars from ahometown guy. pat maroonth scoring e game-winner signing with them in off-season taking less money to be closer t his 10-year-old son and ty face either colorado or san jose and sang gloria as their winnin song in the middle of an 11-game win streak.
6:59 pm
>> 24 hours of it would give you
7:00 pm
breaking news toni es scen of sheer horror and heroism emerging from inside that school in colorado where police say two stufints opened on their classmates. >> the next thing i know he's pulling gun on all of us, telling us not to move. >> it could have been much worse if not for a young man days from graduating and preparing to enter the marines. he charged the attacker sacrificing his own life. donald trump jr. slapped with a subpoena by the tr republican cled senate intelligence committee, the for subpoena for one of the president's children and the bombshell news coming one day of mitch mcconnell declared the russia investigation case closed. also democrats votetoo hold the atey general in contempt. >> we are now in a constitutional crisis. >> the battle ov t


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