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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and could the trick to our ng weight be hiding in dna? we're showing you the new wayle peopre dropping the pounds. good morning, everyone. i'mya eun . >> i'm aaron gilchrest. it is 6:00 a.m. i want to start with the forecast and the check on the commute. melissa mollet standing by with first 4 traffic. >> weh begin wite birthday boy, meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, happy birthday. >> thanks. you know, you get older every day as it is. >> gee, thanks for that. >> 52, party. all the way to the break of 7:00 p.m. tonight when i go to bed. cloudy skies for tonight. dealing with rain across central virginia. it's generally coming in our direction. keep the umbrella handy. not expecting a lot of rain, but a couple of showers around. mainly dry during the afternoon hours and warmer for sure.
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yesterday, temperatures were driven back into the mid 60s during the afternoon. nicely.e will recover tomorrow we'll start out dry and end with thunderstorm chances. right now, most of the rain, west of richmond, south o charlottesville, trending generally northward. a dry start for now couin ude hit-and-miss rain showers between now and lunchtime today. 5 temperatures, in the shenandoah. low 60s around town. your planner then for today, clouds and rain chances throughh lunme. peeks of sunshine this afternoon with highs in the mid 7s. more coming up in a few. melissa? looking at northbound bw parkway after 198, brand-new crash. choer is headed that wa to show us what's happening. should be there in the next couple of minutes.op outer lobefore river road, still slow here. earlier crash caused some delays. it's just not recovering quite as well as it might on maybe another day. right n, outer loop before river, we are pretty jammed there. up top here, everything looking good.
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bw.arkway right now remember we do have that situation near 198. you'll s o a little bit a slowdown there. 95, northbound and southbound, maryland, just fine. northbound 95 a a staffoer stafford a crash on the left shoulder. 66 looks good. aaron? >> all right. thank you. 6:02. happening in the district today, a very busy road will be shutting down through the weekend. >> that meanssome big changes coming to your commute. news4's justin finch is on the road near the kennedy center this morning withore on the closure coming to northwest washington. this is going to be problematic. >> reporter: yeah. if you travel this area a lot, you likely saw this coming in. now buckle up. the changes are benning tonight, and they will impact drivers, walkers, and even cyclists here. we do have a map here showing you the area in question. we'reg talkin about the road shutting down at virginia avenue northwest just behind the lincoln memorial at the
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i-66-potomac river interchange here. this is the rock creek parkway/potomac parkway area here. traffic is going to move on to the virgini avenue, and the interchange ramps here for a few days here. pedestrians and cyclists, again, you will be impacted ere, as well. we're talking about closures at f street northwest, at the kennedy center, extending to the roosevelt bridge, as well. traffic will move to virginia aven and 27th northwest for bikes and pedestrians, as well. again, this will all begin tonight, 8:00 p.m., until tuesday about 5:30 a.m. so you -- you know what it means wants if -- it mns you're going to see changes and backups. might be smart to plan ahead, find your work arounds to yourself around just g know that this will be around for a few days. and on top of that, the benefit neill be a pedestrian bridge
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going over the parkway that's set to openpt in seber. more on that when i see you at 6:45. back to you. >> in the meantime, we'll have tdeal with traffic pain for sure. >> thank you. it's 6:04. breaking news, a second local person has dia as result of the sri lanka attacks on easter. >> cory smith is in the newsroom ith the latest on all this. cory? >> reporter: that second victim has been identified as chelsea decamanata. she died on saturday. she was an employee at the u.s. dertment of commerce. secretary of commerce ross released a statement calling her a dedicated public servant and model employee at commerce. she was an international program specialist in sri lanka on assignment when the bombings happened. secretary ross goes on to say, quote, my prayers are with chelsea's family during this time. the bombings on easter sunday killed 258 and wounded hundredse at three chuand three hotels. so far police have detained 73
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suspects for investigations since the violence started. as we learn about the passing of decamanata, we're also mourning the loss of a fifth grade student at sidwellfriends school who was also killed while in sri lanka on leave. back to you. >> all right. thank you. 6:05. we're following more breaking news. south korea confirms to nbc news that north korea has fired at least one unidenfied projectile. this is the second such launch in about a week. last week north korea launched what were descd as several short-range projectiles. pyongyang and the u.s. have beel deaocked in talks meant to rid the north of its nuclear arsenal. also breaking this morning, montgomery county police are investigating a homicide in silver spring. a man was found just before st 11:00 la night on piney branch road. officers say the body showed signs of trauma. this morning, we e still working to learn his name and whether police have any suspects. anger, frustration,nd violence erupted outside the
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venezuelan embassy in georgetown. we have images from that incident. at least two people were arrested last night. d.c. police briefly had to shut 30th and m as they tried to get the crowd under control. right now antiwar groups supporting the embattled socialist president nicolas maduro occupy the building. they want the u.s. to stay out of venezuelans' political issues. e protesters outside support u.s. regnized president juan guaido and claim the building belongs to them. >> have broken into our house, our embassy. they have nobe right to there. we are venezuelans. they're americans. their issue is with the united states government. >> protesters say u.s. economic sanctions are worsening venezuela's already dire financial crisis. it's 6:06. the manhunt continues this morning for a hugetive who ran from -- fugitive who ran from police, then crashed his car twice. trying to ls are track down victor charles johnson. he also goes by the name victor
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jackson. he's opted a p ole --nted on a parole violations. he has a historyof drug offenses. he drove off and crashed into a car on route 50, then wrecked his car near the bw parkway in cheverly. he then took off running into the woods. cked ls in the area were l down, and residents were told to stay inside as police searchor him. candles flickered in southeast d.c. last night as people remembered a man killed n in a hirun. joshua williams was hit as he walked across southern avenue over the weekend. people comforted each other and told stories about williams' life. police say he was trying to cross the str near ft. circle park. the driver ditched the suv and ran off. investigators have not found that driver. 6:07. hea fairfax county te walked into court facing a handful of misdemeanors on wednesday. >> but he left in handcuffs, arged with nearly two dozen felonies. rafael shegloveski was on leave
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from his at a herndon high schoolment he was arrested after a live-in nanny found a secret camera in the bathroom. hwas charged with unlawful filming. in court, investigators revealed they had o found thousands videos on cameras taken from the suspect's home. >> he wasn a position of trust. he was involved with the youth in our community. nothing that we've seen ties him in to his role as a public educator. >> he's now in jail without bond. we're following the latest developments in the showdown between the white house and congress. sources tell nbc news the senate intelligence committee subpoenaed the president's oldest son, donald trump jr. the committee wants to question him about a project to bud a trump tower in russia. donald jr. previously testified e had only limited knowledge about the moscow project. however, p sident trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, testified that he briefed the president's son and his aughter, ivanka trump, abo
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ten times. meanwhile, the u.s. is in a constitutional crisis. according to the chair of the tthouse judiciary commiee, this comes as the battle between the white house and house democrats is e alating. for the first time, president trump is asserting executive privilege to prevent the redacted portions of the robert mueller report from being given to escongr the house judiciary committee voted along party lines that recommend that the housefind the attorney general, william barr, in contempt of congress for not releasing the full report to congress. >> there can be noigher stakes than this attempt to arrogate all power from the executive branch away from congress and, more important, away from the american pekle. we've t for a long time about approaching a krunl cri constitutional crisis. we are in it. >> the full house couldte vo on
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citing the attorney general with contempt next week. uber drivers hope a work slowdown will help them get more respect from their ride-share companies. they're demanding more money and benefits. >> i feel upset. i could work at mcdonald's and make about the same amount without all the risk. >> two dozen drivers at reagan national airport participated in the protest for higher wages. it wasn't just here. demonstrations took place in ten cities around the country. drivers say they've been fighting for years for the right to unionize and negotiate better pay. in a statement, uber said it is constantly working to improve the working environment for drivers. happening today, jeff bezos wilcome the latest to enter the billionaire space race. t amazon ceo will talk ou publicly a his secretive rocket company called blue origin at an event inhe district. his first has spent the last two decades -- his firm has spehe t last two decades testing the rocket. this was last week in texas. bezos says he hopes his firm can lead the way toward a world
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where people live in outer space. >> i ss coming. >>e day. 20% of students aoss the country are unsupervised and uninspired between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. every day. last night i spent time with an organization that works to fight theprogram. after school all-stars d.c. held the gala downtown. the dirtor next to me, daniella, and her team work with about 600 kids. mostly in ward six. some ofus joined us, as you see, to perform, show off great artwork. afternoon all-st build on what kids learn in school but also picks up where school leaves off. they try to expose kids to skills and careers and mentors. you see theids in the photo. they want to show them all the things that are possible in their lives if they take what hey learned in school, reall dedicate themselves to that, and then work on building other skills that will benefit them socially,nd emotionally, a expose them to things they might otherwise not be exposed to.
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>> it's an really important time for the kids to t getat experience. >> yeah. and start to think about what they could do, might want to do lives.heir great organization that has been doing great work in our communities and is growing. the mystery is over. the world has been officially introduced to great britain's newest royal. >> the duke and duchess was sussex pheed for t first public pictures with their son, archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. the sussexs have rortedly elected to not give til chd a royal title at this time. i thiee it would have bn earl if he did have a total. a lot of people are surprised with the name archie. this iso a lok at reaction. many are gritted with theame archie while others are not so sure. i don't think anyone guessed archie. a lot of short list names but not that one. let us know what you think. adorable babt >> i a cute baby. the name -- you know, think what you want. the baby's cute, hands down. ahead, a new law impacting the prescriptions drugom cmercials you -- the prescription drug commercials
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you see on >> the infon companies will have to includes. chuck? good morning, everyone. raindrops on lingering near charlottesville. they're coming in our general wdirection. ll time out when it's going to get herend who's most likely to see the rain coming up in a few. >> reporter: eisenhower middle school is on fire here in l. laure ike, the eagle, is out, as well. coming up, we'll meet one of the teachers nominated for teacher of the year in prince george's county. while shopping at sears,
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only apply to drgs that co $ more than35 for a month's supply or usual course of therapy. these ads will also mention tat he price may be different for those with health insurance. the new ads are expected to begin airing in a few months. "news4 today"oves teachers. the celebration continues for rs national te week. >> we have more from melissa mollet with the teachers and students in laurel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you gus. i have never seen such energetic teachers in my life. eisenhower middle school, you rock. [ cheers ] they have a cheer -- [ cheering ] >> reporter: who knew they were this excited about school? okay, 70 teachers, 950 students at this school. and our -- this is home of the
6:17 am
eagles. o ike, the eagle here, happens to be a teacher, too. 27-year-old first-year teacher. and that's why they've got him in thecocks tuse, the masco -- m in the costume. we're going to go to mr. kelly burge us. you're holding thes n, "teacher of the year nominee," second runner up. you've been doing this a long time. >> long time. >> how does it feel to still be passionate about teaching? >> it's feels great. getting here, put wind in my sails, get a different type. position, teaching the electric class. i feel blessed to be surrounded by such educators and glaed to be teaching. >> reporter: it's good to see you because we need more black male teachers in the classroom.n there's be huge hole in the area. and celestial is hiding. she's one of the teachers also called out for her great work
6:18 am
and leadership especially in working with girls. i just know this band is ready to get started. we're going to let them do it and close by saying we've got a treat that nbc 4 isng givi you all for being outstanding. and of course, for teacher appreciation we'll. tal about that ine 6:00 hour of my favorite. back to you. ♪ >> thank you. awesome to see all that energy this early. thank you, teachers. >> always right in the classroom. >> for sure. 6:18. let's check in on the forecast with storm t m 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what do you say? >> i like that song. a little queen first thing in e morning. "we will rock you." >> good ear. >> but you're a young man -- remember? we know all the lyrics -- ♪ wow, no more caffeine for eun. off to a mild enough start. 62 here in the washington area. again, a lot of cloud cover this
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morning. we will see a few peeks of sunshine later on in the day today. your commute may be a hit-and-miss chance for raindrops for the morning up to lunchnkme. i do thihe ride home from work and school will be milder. temperatures well up into the mid 70s. and drier. rain chances don't go all the ro way to this afternoon, but they do drop considerably. eventually we will get back into the warm air. the warm front is just down to our south. it will be lifting through here during the day. as it comes by, that's the reason we have a chance for a few showers. most of the rain for now is confined just to the south. you can get a trend. over the last two hours, it's lifting north of interstate 64, coming north of richmond. so giv h it anotherur or two, s will be moving in toward fredericksburg andfford and between now and lunchtime. o i think and off a 40% chance for rain around the washington area. later on, once we get past lunchtime, we'l get breaks of sunshine. things will warm up quickly. near 77 for the high today. just warm enough and with a su little hine, we might be able to pop up an isolated
6:20 am
afternoon shower, as well. 40% chance for rain this mo ing. drops to only about a 20% chance later. tomorrow, we'll start off with dry conditions across t region. but rain chances move up quickly during the afternoon tomorrow as a weather front comes through. maybe a rumble or two ofthunder for the friday evening commute. keep that in mind. saturday will likely start out dry. in chances are back again by about 5:00 or 6:00 saturday afternoon. %ain steadily saturday night and a 100 chance for rain right smack on mother's day. hate that. let's go or to amom-ager of her own, melissa mollet. i don't love rain on mother's day. one day, come on. eun and i are unhappy. northbound bw parkway after 198, a disabled vehicle. chopper 4 is show toing that in the left lanes -- showi that in the left lanes. we have delays northbound because of that. terrible.not southbound bw parkway at 410, disabled vehicle on the right. southbound there before 193,
6:21 am
greenbelt road, disablehi vee on the last. bw parkway having a lot of action here. stafford, northbound 95 after stafford, a crash on the left shoulder. timing here for you this morning, 50 miles per hour on 66. 58 there on 95. no worries. 270 southbound, 57 miles per hour. top of the beltway, 35 miles per n hour. liste wtop
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6:4. getting in shape and losing weight can be a battle in itself. could the secret to being fit b locke your dna? >> more and more companies are offering at-home testing kits to try to shed light your genetic make-up. we have more with 4 your health. >> reporter: to say that connie sperry was frustrated with her health might be an understatement. >> i've been to about 15 doctors in 12 years. >> reporter: she had high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and couldn't lose weight no mter how hard she tried. >> i'm doing every diet known to man. i'm living with a competitive i bodybuer so i know what i should be eating, know what i should be doing in workouts. i'm in the gym six days a week, follong a competition prep tiet and not lose -- diet and not losiei wt. >> reporter: she went to a
6:25 am
nutritionist. it turns out the problem wasn't in herkitschen, it was in -- kitchen, it was in her dna. she took a dna test and found because of her genetics, too much protein spikes her insulin which keeps her from losing weight. her make-up also doesn't let her absorb all the vitamin b12 in her diet. >> without the nutritional support i'm always going to be inflamed. when you're inflamed, you can't lose weight. i've got this prepped for the week. >> reporter: some laay out the right nutrition plan for you. connie used her nutritionist for guidance. >>no i plan on, you k being healthy for absolutely as long as possible until i fall off a cliff somewhere. >> reporter: using her dna as a roadmap. coming up, they're the devices made justor kids, but this morning new concerns your family's smart speaker is spying on you. e wn deleting your data may not protect your privac thanks, kraft, for the gift
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busch gardens is sending you... over the edge! the new finnegan's flyer is n open! scream and swing 80 feet high in the air! save $12 on a single day ticket. only at busch gardens. right n at 6:29, we take a live look outside as we get this y started. we're almost there to friday. you will need to dig out the umbrella out of your car or your closet. mayben your handbag. you're going to need it, keep it handy as we head into the weekend. get ready. good morning, eryone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest.
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let's head over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell before we get an update on the commute with melissa mollet. chuck, what do you have? >> cloudy skies, a gray-looking start to your thursday morning.e it will ban improving weather picture as we get farther and farther into you for now, all about the cloud cover. not much rain around the city just yet. rain chances are going to be hanging around for at least the first half of the day. four things to knowabout the next four days -- best chance for rain is in the morning today. best chance for rain tomorrow is in the ternoon. another chance for late-day rain on saturday. and i've moved the sunday rain chance up to 100%. right now most of the rain is inching northbound through the and ottesville area, north west of richmond. eventually that will find its way toward culpeper and orange, fredericksburg, and some ofos thshowers are likely to drift up into the metro area here between about, say, 9:00 a.m. and noon. not -- notnythingheavy. but just a couple of drops. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s now. once we get thnt warm fro to go
6:31 am
through, it will allow for breaks. sunshine later on in the day today. high temperatures easily getting ck into the mid 70s. so the daily grade for today is satisfactory. the ten-day forest coming up ater in the half-hour. melissa? all right. thank you. inner loop, outer loop could no major issues. sorry, a slowdown here, inner loop as y cross the woodrow wilson bridge. that's pretty normal. sohbound bw parkway at 410, disabled remember on the right. southbound 193, disabled vehicle on the leftide of the road. a delay northbound 95 after stafford much the crash on the shoulder. slow approaching woodbridge, as well. into town, out of town on 95, looking good. taking a look through prince george's county. no major complants inbound on 210, 15 miles per hour as you y approach kirbll.0 27southbound at montrose, slow in the lane and local lanes. aaron? >> thank you. breaking news at 6:32. several people are dead after an
6:32 am
apartment fire in harford county, maryland. >> what's going on? >> repter: in is happening in edgewood, about 45 minutes northeast of baltimore. owwhat we know right n is three people have died, and three more have been injured. let's take a look at some video from the sce. a spokesperson for the office of hee state fire marshal tells our affiliate that t fire started around 2:30 this morning at this town home-style apartment. there you can see all of the damage done. one victim was injured while jumping from a window. another person has burns on 70% of their body. just horrible details coming out eventually is morning p. investigators are trying to determine exactly how this fire started and exactly where. again, the sad news, three people have thed, and e more are injured by the fire in edgewood. 45 miles northeast of baltimore. back to you. >> very sad indeed. thank you. this morning, u.s. marshals are searching for this man. he's wanted for parole
6:33 am
violations and for setting off a chase that ended on the bw parkway. >> news4's megan mcgrath is live in chefrl -- cheverly with more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you can see we are just off the e parkway here right at exit for the prince george's hospital center. this ended up here in this grassy area that abuts the heavily wooded section right here. and police this morning are still searching for victor johnson, w sometimes goes by the alias victor jackson. now he was wanted for ae parol violation. police say he has a history of drugs and weons charges. the capitol regional area task force spotted johnson in d.c. yesterday. he fled and crossed over into marchltd police say he -- maryland. police say he was driving when he ly on route 50 hit another car from behind on the bw parkway. he continued on the parkway, took the exit for prince george's hospital center, and's thathen he crashed his car into this grassy berm. nowohnson bailed out of the
6:34 am
car, according to police, and ran into the woods. two schools were actually put on lockdo while this unfolded. k-9s were brought in, but no luck. k lice were not able to tr down victor johnson. he was last seen weing a gray new balance shirt, blue sweatpant and a jean jacket.s ll looking for him at this point. police are asking anyone with information to call them, do not approach on their own. back to you. >> all right, thank you. this morng we're learning new details about a deadly colorado school shooting and the teenagers at the center of it. two students are in custody accused of shooting nine of their classmates. there would be more victims if it weren't for kendrick castillo. the 18-year-old charged th preventing gunmen from shooting at more people. his father tells nbc news he feels pride and that his son died helpingot rs. >> i'm going to have a lot of
6:35 am
guilt for a long time by raising a good individual. his actions are heryic -- eroic, but the consequences on st >> police say the gunmen are in custody. an 18-year-old appeared in court yesterday. a judge will decide whether the 16-year-old will charged as an adult during a hearing tomorrowo much more cming up on "today." 6:35. you may rember that deadly explosion at the flower branch apartments here in silver ri sp. seven people were killed. angry residents say three years later, gas leaks at the apartment complex are still a problem. last night they gathered with county and local leaders to make a call for action. one tenant said he reported smelling gas in the basement of a building there. the advocacy group says that washington gas did not fix the issue for more than 20 days. >> we want to have a county where tenants feel safe in their
6:36 am
own homes and where theirc cerns are being heard. >> i can't imagine how dramatic it must be to live hereou r residents have the right to go to sleep every night knowing that they're going to wake up. >> washington gas says it has fixed several minoraks in recent months. the company saysf a resident smells gas, that person shtds call 911 and -- should call 911 and then call them. today the 2018 boston red sox will meet president trump at the white house. >>not everyone will be going. several players and the manager, alex corra, say they will skip the ceremony in the rose garden. corra is a native of puerto rico. he's upset at the way the uhas. treated the u.s. island territory in the aftermath of hurricane maria. some of the players may be tired today, as well. the boston red sox had a late night. they wt into extra innings with the baltimore orcales at mden yards. boston ended up winning 2-1 in 12 innings. 6:36. we are still celebrating teachers this morning.
6:37 am
>> our molette green is in laurel where one school is going all out. molette? >> reporter: full out celebration here at eisenhower middle school. nbc 4 delivered to these teachers for teacher appreciation week. don't go away. we've got sething special coming up. >> good thursday morning. >> let's talk about home rental websites. they're more popula than ever. >> lots of people use sit like vrbo to bookn lodgings big cities. >> a local woman did just that,m but shing happened that had heralling us for help. >> itaid this property is not available your date.le se cancel it. >> today at 4:00, she shares her cautionary tale wi news4. and the warning for
6:38 am
6:39 am
a reunion just in time for a local couple's big day. a priceless heirloom vanished in
6:40 am
the mail whilehi being sed from texas to maryland. the family did not give up. they came to news4 hoping to get the word out about a lost dress sword. it's been use ieveral family weddings since 1918. to cut the cake. after our story, u.p.s. promised to use additional resources to find it. orand guess what -- the sw turned up. today it will be hand delivered to the couple just in time to cut another wedding cake. this is a unique item. yoocan't just lose a sw. >> good for them. now to a warning for parents concerning a device that could be in your child's bedroom. >> amazon is being aused of spying on kids -- accused of spying on kids through the echoi dot des. the campaign for a commercial-free childhood is accusing amazon of listening in when it shoobuldn't and keeping recordings after a parent t deletm. any time it asks a child to remember something, the data is
6:41 am
oermanently stored. there's a call t the ftc to iestigate. spokesperson for amazon tells the "wall street journal" that it's compliant with federal privacy laws. >> here's your cnbc morning business report. >> reporter: good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. mraft wants to givems more than just a cheesy gift for mother's day. the company is offering to pay up to $100 toward theco st of a babysitter and has $50,000 total to give away. kraft isra encoung moms to leave the mothering to someone else. you can take advantage by uploading a recept or an invoice with the payment to your babysitter to with your cnbc business report, i'm fnk holland. and good morning, everybody. rain chances aren't too high today. they increase tomorrow afternoon, saturday afternoon, sunday plans are in trouble.f car-washing ecast, probably not. no heavy rain for now, but lots of rain coming our way on sunday. (vo) morning, noon, night;
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indulgent, delicious, irresistible. fancy feast makes delighting your cat deligllhtfuy easy. every recipe, every last detail. another fancy way to show your love.
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fancy feast. introducing fancy feast gourmet naturals recipes! >> reporter: i'm at the live desk where we're following breaking news out of the vatican. pope francis has issued a new ak groundbreg law in response to the church's ongoing sex abuse scandals. it requires all catholic priests and nu to report clergy sexual abuse and cover-ups by their superiors to church authorities. the new church law provides whistleblower protections for anyone making a report. this is just the latest effort by pope francis to respond to the global eruption of the sex abuse and cover-up scandal
6:45 am
within the church. again, we want to poi out that the law is requiring clergy to report any claims of sexual abuse. we should also point outhat it does not require them to report that abuse to police. so something interesting to watch ase continue to monitor the updates out of the vatican. back to you. >> all right. thanks. president trump i hitting the campaign trail rallying his base in florida. >> meanwhile in washington, the battle b weene white house and congress is escalating. nbc's white house correspondent, kristen welker, is live with tht lst on all this. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. and we do start with what wappened overnight. president trump energizing his supporters in battleground florida. but not without blasting congressional democrats first. had came after a surprising development. the republican-led senate inedelligence committee issu a subpoena to the president's son, donald trump jr., demanding he return to congress to answer questions if his previous claims
6:46 am
he had limited knowledge of a plan to build a trump tower in music. the white house and democrats are locked in an escalating standoff over the mueller report as the judiciary committee voted yesterday to hold attorney general william barr in contempt ll congress for refusing to turn over the fu report, including that redacted material that we've talked so much about, as well asev underlying ence. some temperatures even invoking the word impeachment, but the white house is blocking the releasof the full report by exerting executive privilege. we'll have all of it, all the gl angles, reaction, and fallout in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. again, more coming up on "today." it's 6:46. we have more breaking news closer to home now. montgomery county police are investigatoring aomicide in -- investigating a homicide in
6:47 am
she's was an international program specialist in sri lanka on assignment. secretary ross goes o to say, quote, my prayers are with chelsea's family during thisdks difficult time. anger, frustration, and violence erupted outside of the venezuelan embassy in georgetown between police and protesters. at least two people were arrested last night. d.c. police briefly shut down 30th and m streets as they trieg toet the crowd under control. right now antiwar groups supporti the embattled socialist president, nicolas maduro, occupy the building. they want the u.s. to stay out of venezuela's political issues.
6:48 am
the protesters outside support u.s.- u.cognized president juan guaido and claim the building belongs to them. embassy.broken out they have no right to be there. we are venezuelans. they're americans. their issue is with the united stes government. >> protesters say u.s. economic sanctions are worsening venezuela's already-dire financial crisis. 6:48. today in d.c., a very busy road will be shutting down in a few hours. >> the rock creek parkway will be closed through the weekend in one section. justin finch is on the road near the kennedy center with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. at a stw,ndstill no but we can tell you this -- this will not be a fly-by-night closure. talking about several da of no access on the rock creek parkway as crews get to work installing critical instruction right at the kennedy center.
6:49 am
let's see just what we're talking about here. the rock creek-potomac parkway shutting down at virginia southwest and descending to th i-6 i-66-potomac river inter pedestrians and cyclists, you will be impacted, too. you will see closures at f street northwest at the kennedy center that will continue to the rooselt bridge. 23rd street northwest. over the next few days, while 're off the roads, the pedestrians going up here at the kennedy center will go over the rock creek and potomac parkway from, again, the kennedy center. as we come out like, you can see the cones are up. the track has been shut down to one lane on either side. again, tonight at 8:00 p.m. it will close down completely and will remain closed until tuesday at 5:30 in the morning.
6:50 am
you know what that means -- friday and monday, critical crunch days for commutes around here. and even overekhe wed, as well. if you travel this area often, go ahead and start working on your arworknds. we're live on the parkway, justin finch, news4, back to you. >> all right. thank you. it's 6:50. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for he hook at teather ahead. are those the kbulleheads? >> right there. yesterday after a bright and sunny strt, the east/northeast breeze brought in the clouds. perfect walking weather. i got 14,000 steps in yesterday. i'm not sure how much these two did because it was a lot of back and forth around the national mall. good day outside for taking e advantag of the cooldown.e today, we' flipping it around, cloudy,chance of showers, cool this morning. turning milder and warmer this afternoon with sunshine coming bac back. right now 62. averaging mid 3vebetween fi and
6:51 am
mile-per-hour winds. 59 in loudoun county now. 58 in montgomery county. 61 prince george's county. planning out the day, once the wedge starts to break down andw ds come back around to the south and southwest later today, look at that jump in temperatures from clouds and 60s this morning breaks of mid sign and mid 70s this afternoon. probably up to about 77 in town. a milder finish as the warmer air scours out the cool air. that's tay's rain chances. the warm front coming north. tomorrow, the front near annapolis today, that's going to brng a chance for thundershowers tomorrow. right now most of the rain is still down to our south. it is inching its way northward. heest rain chances will be from fredericksburg to the northern neck into southern maryland. everybody gets a chance of seeing a draindrop or two. turecast shows sunshine later in the afternoon. warm and unstable enough for a
6:52 am
pop of shower later. i think most of our rain chancea done by noon. for tomorrow, highest rain chances in the anderson and even, rumbles of thunder, as well. the weekend will stay dry. a sure, you it will end wet. mother nature probably going to be raining start to finisha und here. this is not good news. melissa mollet, maybe that means that your kids and husband will give you break in bed? >> that better becoming no matter what. i don't care what the weather is, right, eun? in bed no matter inner loop, outer loop, no major issues. earlier problem outer loop at river has edclear 270-middle i 270-midd 270-middlebrook looking good. two problems on bw parkway. both are southbound, one near had 10, disabled victim on the right, then greenbelt road, ve disabled cle on the left this morning. stafford, northbound 95, a crash has cleared out of the way. 66 looking okay, as
6:53 am
you c see going 42 miles per hour, inbound on 66. 48 miles per hour northbound on 95, quantico to the ltway. 270 southbound, 28 miles per hour. top of the beltway outer loop, 31 miles per hour. >> and what a thrill for me to speak at nasa headquarters yesterday for asian american and pacific islander heritage month. thanks to cryst, daphne, and eve for inviting me -- such a great event. the east rising lion dance troupe also performed. ere they are. also amazing. there are a lot of early risers at nasa. look everything they, do top-notch event. of course my thanks to teresa halliwell who is a lawyer viewer. she initial reached out. >> we talk a lot abo o facebook. >> that's right. salute e continuing our to teachers. we're in prince george's county this morning. >> our molette green is live at
6:54 am
eisenhower middle school in laurel. good morning. ♪> eporter: good morning to you. eisenhower middle school is celebrating 56 years of education excellence. [ cheers ] home of the eagles. there he is. 27-year-old english teacher, dwight mckay davisotas the masc thank you. ♪ okay, i want to bring out the -- one of the nominees for teacher of the year, mr. kelly burgess. longtime teacher at the school. then the principal,ohn mangram to talk about your passion after all tese years. >> i'm passionate about teaching because of the kids. we're here for the children. we're involved because weanan e the troj ecodry of a trie -- tragedy tariq -- trajectory of child's life.: >> reporterey're dedicated to the professional. the principal made it his business to make sure there are men in the classroom.
6:55 am
>> yes. we have 17 male teachers. our focus this year is to make sure that we have afric-americans as mentors for our students. >> reporter: love it. we're brought out nbc 4 delivered morning treats to get them started. and they are energized. okay, let's go. [ cheers ] ♪ celebrating teachers. ♪ >> reporter: i had to step out of the way. these teachers are so energized. look at them. [ applause ] >> love it. great energy. >> that's the way to t your day started. right? >> going to be ready for school. >> thanks. 6:55. here are four things to know. the south korean defense ministry says two missiles were launched by north korea. this is now three such launches in just one week. pyongyang and the u.s. have been deadlocked in talks that were
6:56 am
ment to rid the north of its nuclear arsenal. look for latest on "today." the manhunt continues for an fugitive who from police, then crashed his car twice. u.s. marshals are trying to trackown victor charles johnson, he also goes by victor jooregs and is wanted on a par old violation. more in the nbc washington app. uber drivers hope a work slowdown yesterday will help them get more respect from their companies. uber and lyft employees are temding more money and benefits -- demanding more money and benefits. amazon weo jeff bezosl speak publicly in d.c. today about his secretive rocket company, blue origin. news4 crews will be at the event. check out the non-gaap later for a full recapof his announcement. c>> and the five-day forecast, a couple of ch for rain. me although the first half of today, second half of tomorrow. the second half of saturday. all dayondis. the first half -- day sunday. the first half of monday. good thing it's not going to rain every minute of every day. sounds like a lot o rain.
6:57 am
>> boy it does. hank you. a big happyrthday -- ♪ happy birthday to you >> that is chuck bell. >> the picture is older than some of you. that's 1995 right there. >> i love that you remember. >> we have cupcakes for you. >> have a cupcake, the waistline can be the first thing to >> that's ri >> have many cup takes. happy birthday, chuck. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross.
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6:59 am a price that has you, like...d.hmmm. yes for okay. at's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off
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department store prices every day. ross. yes for less. good morning. eaking overnight. trump?g north korea testing out a new missile just hours before a u.s. team arrives in the region. the second test just this week. we're live wh the very latest. hitting hard. congress demands donald trump jr. testifi before lawmakers. republicans joining in on the first subpoena issued to a member of the spresident' own family as docrats in the house take a dramatic step. holding the attorney general in contempt. >> we did not relish doing this, but we have no choice. >> what's the president's next move? we're live at the honoring a hero. a community comes together to remember the bravetu


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