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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:55pm EDT

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like this areunconscionable. my committee will insist on accountability and proceed with the planned oversight heing on the d.c. v.a. medical center next month. the medical center told the loteam they quickly identified the patient'stion and quickly contactedirginia police. it is currently reviewing its policies and procedures. in the newsroom, scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> to see more of the coverage, visit the nbc washington app and select investigations. certainly easy to understand the republican congressman searly killed at the congressional ball practice in alexandria is struggling to forgive his shooter. steve scalise is the number two house republan leader. today the louisiana lawmaker o talked abut his battle to absolve the man who attacked him in that alexandria ballpark nearly two years ago now. he said the issue came up last week a he spoke to pastor who had forgiven the suspect accused in
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several church bombings. the congressman said, quote, i've never internally formally forgiven e shooter from the baseball shooting. part of my faith is forgiveness and i'm working to get there, end qante. a m who was gunned down in south st d.c.tonight, his father is sharing hisain telling news 4 the warning he gave his son every day. the victim aas shot killed on xenia street. news 4 derrick ward is here to tell us how the parents arein handlthis loss. >> reporter: well, as you can imagine, they're taking it pretty hard. this block of xenia street is quiet with well-kept lawns. you can hear the birds singing. young men who grew up here live this neighborhood. he still came herrt unfately he was murdered here yesterday. his parents and police want to know why. the 28-year-old lived in the neighborhood where he grew up.ti it was the center of his life besides work.
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his grandmother lived nearby and he and his father w >> i told him every day you go out and be careful. things can happen. anything can happen, man. anything. just be coreful. >> repr: neighbors who had known him since childhood can see being brought up in a circle of loving nurturing adult, parents, grandparents, an had left its imprint. >> mark was a nice respectful man. reporter: after graduating from anacostia high school, he worked steadily. one job was hard to find despite his studying computers. it was a string of jobs that kept him busy. >> he's a young man who was struggling trying to make it, you know, trying to find a job, trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: he was only a few feet from his grandmother's y house thursvening when he was killed. shot down on xenia street. two passengers gotisut of th bmw, walked up and shot him several times.ed he t the hospital a short time later. the city's 60th homicide this
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year. >> it hurt real bad. to shoot someone that's good, i mean -- >> reporter: police found the suspect's car a short time tlater. buhe suspects are still out there. looking for answers from mark's loved ones. pice are only saying at this point that car was found in another part of southeast. this investigation is still very active. we are live in southeast. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. right now art busy pa of the rock creek parkway in d.c. is closed to drivers, bikers and pedestrians. it will stay closed f the next three days. crews are building that pedestrian bridge that will link the kennedy center to the waterfront. it's going to look great. people will have to find a way around the closure for now thats stretchrom virginia avenue to the i-66 potomac river
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interchange. everything opens back up 5:30 tuesday morning. the preakness is next saturday and all eyes will be on the racetrack for the second jewel in the triple crown, but the crown could be tarnished with deteriorating conditions. parts of the stand had to be closed. chris gordon reports . >> reporter: here ato pimlic the cheering crowds have notd. arrive on a day like this you can see thelory of this racetrack has faded. the owners who also own laurelk pant to build a super track rel and move the preakn there. amanda rawlings is a horse trainer at both tracks. in your opinion, where should the preakness be in the future? >> at pimlico. >> why? >> because it's part of the history f >> i'm a b of laurel. i work at laurel in the barn for
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a racing stable, so for me convenience wise it would be nice to have it at laurel. >> the city of baltimore is fighting to keep the preakness at pimlico. governor hogan says whatever happens, it needs to remain in maryland. >>they have a statef the art track at laurel. they have a falling apart track at baltimore city. the city did n want to invest any money. the legislature has no interest in investing. it's a couple days of racing. >> they've been racing horses here since 1870. this is all that remains of the historic grand stand, but a month ago they closed this section off. all 6600 seats afer oan jury rooming firm determined it was unsafe. >> i used to sit b k there and watch all the races. i had trouble finding a seat. now it's me and the pigeons.
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>> reporter: in a week the ountry's attention will turn there for theeakness and for that brief moment horse racing in baltimore will once again be tsport of kings. gordon, news >> if you aren't sitting out the with the pigeons, you estually watch the 144th running of the preakn stakes here on nbc 4 next saturday. >> so much history. that's a sad sight. it has been a staple for those that visit and work in downtown d.c. this sunday they will celebrate a major milestone. for decades, lawmakers, lobbyists and locals alike have visited the spot just a couple of blocks fromhe white house. best known for their soup, corned beef pastrami. 60 years later it remains in the family run by the original owner's three children. i'm craving corn beef now. still ahead, confusion for
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tens of thousands of local drives. mark segraves explains why you could lose your license the next time you get pulled over.s fr plus only 4, nearly a year after a school accident claimed the life of a fairfax countygr third er, we're hearing from his parents for the very first time. >> we call it a little bit of light positive in a horrible tragic situation. second loudoun county teacher arrested in just a week's time. all of this connected to allegations that the teacher had alcohol on the school campus. i'm david culver in sterling. just ahead, how the community is coming to that teacher's defense. and i'm still tracking some rain from annapolis right on through clinton, maryland. tracking this rainas it mov
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. storm team 4 tracking heavy rain. doug has an update in about three minutes. another loudoun county classroomves from the into jail. this time a physical ed teacher is accused of being drunk on the job. david culver explains how the community is coming to his support. >> the empty soccer field ou ideverside high school echoing the voice and even players experiencing after the arrest of head coach gary goodwin. thursday morning while goodwin was working at sterling's horizon elementary school, deputies sayomeone noticed the 40-year-old physical education center had been drinking. they arrested goodwin and said they found alcohol bottlesin his car. i spoke to another loudoun county teacher and a parent here in the county. neither wanted to ve their name, but wanted to stress that goodwin in their opinion is an incredible person, a dedicated teacher, a loving soccer coach. this for them is heartbreaking. they say it doesn't describe the
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type of man he is. loudoun county public schools says goodwin started coaching soccer here in 2001. four years later heame a full-time teacher. after thursday's arrest he was put on administrative leave. >> it real surprised me. >> reporter: goodwin's arrest comes a week after brian chamer was taken into custody. r the special education te also accused of getting drunk in class. >> it's actually happened before. it's not like this is the first time. >> reporter: the news i 4eam uncovered the recent incidents. in april, 2017, a sterling middle school teacher charged with dui and possession ever alcohol. a few months later at the same school, a teacher arrived intoxicated accused of drinking in the classroom. in those previo, cas the nia ators had their vir teaching licenses revoked. the same could happento chamer and now good one. teacers faced wit challenge to retain their reputation and keep their jobs. in sterling, virginia, david
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culver, news we have an update to a social media sexting scandal. five male students are charged with posting new pictures of underagegirls on an anonymous snapchat account. two of the victims go to robinson high school. they discovered thema is of themselves back in february and toll the school administrator. on wednesday police charged the ys with ten felonies including possessing child pornography. all of the boys attend school in fairfax county. > a plane had to be towed to t terminal at dulles international airport because the engine went out just as the pilot was trying to land. they captured the flights it touched down this afternoon. first responders met the flight on the runway a as precaution, walked underneath the plane, visually inspecting thin eng once it was checked out, the plane was towed to the gate. thflight was coming in from
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deli. doug joins us no busy afternoon. it's going to be a busy night d and weeken for you too. >> we're talking about a lotf rain out there. we've hadhe showers out tonight. we're in weather alert. seat we've got coming up this weekend, becau it's a huge weekend for a lotof graduations coming on. i just want to make sure everybody knows we are expecting this rain out there this weekend. first of all, let's take a look and show you what we're dealing th right now. we've got heavier rain in and around annapolis right on down towards waldorf. you follow thatain back to the west, back towards culpeper county. that's where the heaviest rain right now. a little thunderstorm that has formed. other showers that are now starting to form. this is the second line that is rting to develop. one just to the west or just south, a little shower there. these -- i expect to see a little firing of these coming up. in through parts of southn prince george's county, right along 301, d.c. metro area,
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rather d.c. proper up to the northrend west, we' done for at least the next two hours i think. then i think we do have another chance for some showerctivity. heads up kculpeper. shower a very heavy here. that will come right through downtown. you want to watch out for at. is is just to the north and west. heads up as it moves off to the east at about 25 miles per hour. you can seendne line here a this one i'm watching right there. you kind of see another line that's develing, so we might see that develop. then this is the last line that will come through later tonight. then we've got a storm here. then we've got storm here. both of these are going to come through. this is saturday. tomorrow's storm. this is sunday's storm.oi they're g to come together for a pretty good weekend. tomorrow, look at this. 66. kry early. i really thin we're going to be dry through about 1:00, 2:00. the heaviest rain coming in tomorrow night into the overnight hours. the shower activity still around 9:00. watch what happens as that line comes through right around
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12:00. heads up for that if you are out and about. tomorrow morning waking up dry. cloudy but dry. also on the cool side. 1:00, we're still dry through 1:00. by 4:00 we start to see area ci wide and espeally by tomorrow night, that's when we expecto see the heaviest rain. sunday morning, just a mess sunday morning. sunday around noon, thinking about lunch or brunch, that does not look good, my friends. hopefully you have a brunch planned indoors. we may see a little break in the afternoon followed by more rain saturday night into the day on sunday. look at the temperatures. only in the low 60s. many of you on sunday may not make it out of the 50s. average hightu tempera 74 degrees. i've got nothing even close to that over the next four days. really not much in the next ten. >> all right. doug, thank you. from sneakers to smartphones and groesry stor to big box retailers. ahead at 5:00, the escalating trade war with chi and how it
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could impact your wallet. and connected at 35,000 feet, the airline that is feet, the airline that is testing
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on ige wrong side of the dital divide.
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if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the specum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity acss the nation. trade talks with china ended today. no new deals. negotiators seem to signal te e havbeen productive, but they fall this trump administrative
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imposes tari on $200 billion. chinese goods coming into the country. 25%.ncreases from 10% to that could have all of us digging deeper into our wallets. >> by increasing import tariffs, . trump is going to ensure that the u.s. consumer pys for higher imports. this is a form of attack that's ao cnsumption tactic in a very loose sense of the word. it's a tax on the u.s. consumer. >> china has threatened to icspond to the new tariffs but hasn't indated what it mig do. and while the tariffs are in place, we could wind up paying more for a number of productsnc iding electronics and furn - furniture and the list has nearly 200 pages of products, lighting ftures, ceramic tiles, auto parts, toilet paper. it's going to be quite a lesson in what we use that is being
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created in china. hey, if you've got a ticket to fly delta starting monday, expect an email or notification on the company app. the airline will be offering free wi-fi on more thanof 50 its domestic flights for the next two weeks. it is a two-week test run. passengers will be able to do just about everything except stream video. right now jet blue is the only u.s. airline offering free i. wi-f a tribute in the skies over d.c. as vintage world war ii d-day. ommemorate >> how cool is that? >> the unique look we got from opper 4 today. also a deadline in maryland that's causing some confusion. just ahouad, what y need to do so your driver's license doesn't getd. confiscate and the family of that 9-year-old boy killed in an accident involving a motorized partition in his school talks only to our susan hogan.
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weatheralert as we're dealing with some rain across our area right now. not much left here. we've seen it come through the region. up to a half inch of rain fell
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quickly, just enough to cancel a lot of games. this is just some moderate r some heavy rain around deal. right around right along route 2 and back towards the ldorf area. seeing some rain there. we'll see a couple more showers tonight as the frontal boundary moves across our region.ho you can se back to the west. even more rain for your weekend. i'll take you hour by hour and see you back here about 15 minutes. >> you need to check your driver's license a watch the mail if you live in maryland. >> the fate is phasing in the new real i.d. requirements. he next few months, the state says there are 66,000 drivers who haven't yet submitted required documents to finish the process. >> news 4 mark segraves is going to explain what happens if you do not do this by next month. >> the lines have been getting longer at the maryland motor vehicle administration location since the agency ramped up announcementsthen tens of
5:25 pm
thousands of drivers ne danger of having their licenses recalled on june 1st. >> the news last night it said that if you're going to fly in june you won't be able to if you don't have your i.d. so i am here. while the real i.d. requirement to get through tsa don't go into effect until next year, maryland is phasing in the process for drivers to bring their documentation in person to be compliant with the federal requirement. for 66,000 that deadline is june 1st. each month until next march the mva will notifynother group of drivers they have to bring in their proof of identification and residency. if they don't get to theva with dtheir documents, the driver's license will be recalled which means you can't use i to get through security. >> a physical cense will no longer be valid, so if you get pulled over by law enforcement, they would take that license from you. >> while je is the deadline for 66,000 drivers, the number of drivers in maryland who will need to go to the mva overhe
5:26 pm
ext year is much larger.l >> there wile more people so there is a total of a million customers. >> among the drivers waiting in line today with eir documents, she didn't know there were a million other drivers who have to do the same thing. >> i feel sorry for them. the line will belong. i don't know what else to say.s might a well get it done. >> you can avoid the lines by making an appointment and they guarantee to see you witin 15 minutes. maryland mva will be sending out notices inhe mail. you get ouone, yave six months to comply. if ou want to check to see you're one of those million drivers, you can go to the mva website and enter your driver's license avmber. we h a link at nbc was >h state is handling real i.d. licenses a little differently. in virginiaou have the option to make your license real i.d. compliant when you renew. in the district you have toob
5:27 pm
in real i.d. license. if your current license expires after october of 2020, you need to to the dmv before then to renew. he drikt wiistrict will start s out notifications to all those affected early next year. >> ready for a cigolt? next month will mark 75 years since the landings at normandy. a vintage world war ii aircraft flew over our area today. six transports and one t-6 texan pased over arlington national cemeteth earlier is afternoon. that's amazinth same squad drron will head overseas next month for an anniversary fly overover at nor. this weekend the navy's blue angels, the air force thunderbirds are scheduled to perform together for the first
5:28 pm
time in a decade. we checked their rain tself will not cancel the show, but sme other conditions, and that includes a low cloud ceiling could put a stop to ceain performances for safety reasons. storm team 4 says tomorrow is definitely the bett day if you do plan to headuthat way and keep your eyes in the sky. now to a story you'll see only on news 4. >> it was nearl one year after a tragic accidenthe claimed t life of a fairfax county little third grader. now we're hearing from his parents for the first time. >>l wesey was helping a teacher operate a moving partition when he got caught betweent and the wall. changes are now being made in the county and across the state s. protect other stude >> consumer reporter susan hogan has been following this story from the beginning. she sat down with wesley's
5:29 pm
parents at their he. i know that probably wasn't easy. >> it was not easy for them for sure. r hearts coul not go out to them more. josh andmy chose to share their memories of wesley with us at a highly emotional. time not only will may 18t oh mark year since they lost their only childthis sunday will be amy's first mother's dayithout wesley and next week they will stand behind virginia's governor as he signs a bill named after their son.s >> he wa always just happy, jovial, jiggly, moving around. >> it's what we'd all hope for as parents, for our children to be happy.d anboy, was wesley. >> he was just happy. he was always smiling, jumping around. when i think of those things, that makes he really happy. >> he was always ng of others. >> he was friendly and nice to everybody and you can ask anybody. they'll say the same thing. >> wesley was a very kind boy.
5:30 pm
everything they did together as a family. >> we were together all the time and i miss that. i miss the future of him. that kills me. >> a year after wesley's future was abruptly t short, the pain is still setting in. >> the first year is numb. >> you're numb.ju you're numb. it's a blur. it's hard to explain. it's hard to understand. recently it's gotten harder. >> josh and still talk to wesley every day here in his room. josh stops by every morning. >> we talk while eed the fish. >> and amy every night. >> i give him a kiss and talk to him and then i turn off the light. >> friends andamily have helped the couple through this first year. you may remember amy's mom sally. her testimony helped convince virginia lawmakers to pass
5:31 pm
bill designed to protect students. >> the block passed. >> the wesley charles lipicki ct prevents anyone from operating a partition room unless it has a safety censor installed and every year school districts will now be required to train anyone who operates the all. >> the bill is good thing and it's okay to look at it that way. >> josh and amy say the new law is a bit of light in this horrible tragedy and they say wesley would be proud. >> i know he knows that it will save live, he's happy. >> after all the pain and sadness that comes with losing a child, wesley's parents say the nine years of happiness he brought to their lives will continue to live on in their hearts forever. >> he was just such an, normous part of our lives for just the small timee was here. that's something that we have that nobody can ever take away.
5:32 pm
that part is really good. the ceremonial signing of the wesley charles lipicky w actill be next week. last nit the fairfax county school bod gave final approval to a plan to spend $600,000 to retro fit all7 12torized walls in the school district with motion censors. they hope to have them all installed over the summ and ny new partitions installe will automatically come with t censors as well. >> it just has to. >> it does. >> this doesn't make anyse sen it didn't make any that too. they were so great. they had such strength. and their relationship. >> they're lucky they have each other now.
5:33 pm
good story. well, there is a potential health risk for millions of people. up next, what's behindthe fda recalls of more than 40 different blood pressure medications in just the last year. plus storm team 4 tracking some strong storms out there, folks. more rain for your we
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rj still talking shower activity out there right nw. showers still around waldorf in through portions of calvert county. here is that bigger storm right round the culpeper area making its way to the south. much more on what to expect tonight and for the weekend including mother's day. be back here in a minute. >> doug, thank you. millions of americans taking blood pressure medications have been put on notice. in just the past year the food and drug administration has recalled 45 popular types of blood pressure medicines. a key ingredient in the pills is contaminated with a chemical link to cancer. now a former fda inspector is talking to nbc news about what he saw in overseas factories that make the vital drugs. >> as we continue to push the price down, companies are forcev
5:37 pm
to find cre ways to make money. >> which means what? >> not if you're into our laws and regulations. >> he says that lack of adherce is putting public health on the line. nbc stephanie gosk will have much more on this investigation on nbc nightly news following news 4 at 6:00. scientists believe they can predict where the meaes outbreak is going to spread. one t the placey're predicting? our area. researchers designed computer model that predicted the 25 counties atk greatest ris for au tbreak. loudoun county is on that list. the modelssed factors like international air avel, population information and the rates of w children have been vaccinated. >> i'm erika gonzalez with breaking news here at the live desk. we'll take you to a large picture from chopper 4. they're alrea on the scene where we understand that a woman
5:38 pm
was shot to death. this is in an office paingrk l. we're toll the woman has been kiled in that lot. we can tell you we do have a crew that's headed in the scene. these are live pictures from chopper 4 staying above this. as soon as we learn any more details about how, why, et cetera, whois responsible, we'll be right back with you. stay wi
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
a really scary situation at a silver spring mile school today. on tuesday a seventh grader was at lunch with his friends when he startedok chg. news 4 aimee cho went to white oak middle school an spoke to the guy who saved the day and the life. >> every moment of every day we're making choices.
5:41 pm
what we eat for lunch, who we sit with, how we spend our lives. when freddy davis shows up to work each day, he chooses to make the most of it. e's the security guard at white oak middle school. >> i try to make these kids like their my own. i would like to provide that, you know, fatherly love for these kids. >> this pasta tuesday ds had a split second to make a decision when seventh grader started choking on a piece of chicken. >> my other friend was hitting my back. >> i ran over and the student was choking. it was kind of a scary moment. i really wasn't thinking. i was react. >> davis said he did the heimlich maneuer on ronnie. in 15 years of working in schools, it's the first time he put his first aid training to the test. never thought i'd have to iset. >> this is fmyst time it
5:42 pm
happened. >> ronnie is doing just fine now thanks to mr. davis and ronnie says he probably won't choose to eat chicken again, but he does plan to pay it fward. >> something that's happened to e, some get bullied, stuff like that. >> though some might say there davis is a hero, he's choosing to stay humble. >> i'm just pretty much playing myart. that's why i'm here. >> in silver springs, aimee cho, news 4. all righ where are we now? leave.ut to >> what's the weather now? >> dinner break is looking very >> good. >> if you're heading out to dinner, i think you'll be okay for the next coup of hours. we sawer some heavy downpours earlier which is why we're in weather alert mode. we're going to come out of that coming up. right now most of the storms are down to the south and east of
5:43 pm
us. take a look outside. you n see what i'm talking about. the timeapse that came through, came through pretty quick. we saw strong winds. watch this. oh, yeah, and just enough rain.e saw about half an inch to an inch of rain in parts of the area. once again, that came right on through. i love this. about half an inch to an inch and it was enough to cancel a lot of games again in montgomery county. i don't think my kid has played on friday the etire time he's been in baseball season for the last month, month and a half. out there right now you can see we are seeing clearing. that's good news. again, most of us seeing a pretty good evening. still some showers going on, but this is where the r is. it's all south of d.c. we do have another area back to the west. the heaviest rain now around deal and towards the sun derland area. down around waldorf, seeing se rain. down along 301. then the heaviest rain now right over culpeper.
5:44 pm
this is some very heavy rain. you'll pick up about an inch from this one. it's moving right on down towards the fredericksburg area. it may go just north of fredericksburg. more rain there as well. as we wide on out, there is another line right here. if you are going to dinner late, talking about 9:00, 10:00, you may need the umbrella. then we look at this storm here around memphis and th storm back here around new mexico. watch what happens here.we ve got two areas of low pressure. moving our way. most of tomorrow is dry early. tomorrow afternoon here comes the rain. that rain sticking around tomorrow night. here iseunday morning. rain likely on mother's day. somebody asked me what's the chances of getting our game in? bai'm playing ball for the first time in nine years and i've got another rain out. i haven' gotten on the field much either. xis is what i'm ecting over the next two days.
5:45 pm
maybe 1 to 2 ifnches of rain. nis is thewest computer model that came out. 2 inches in l watch out. we're in for quite a bit of rain between now and sunday night. highn temperatures o sunday only in the 60s. tomorrow we're in the 60s. many of you not even outf the 50s. rather breezy conditions. just a nasty mother's day. 64 on monday. 65 on tuesday. our average high is about 75 and look where we are. all thee way through n week. i've only got us into the 60s. that includes weather day at nats park on thursday. a chance of showers. a little bit on the a cool side we head towards next weekend. we are working for you in the community. take a look at this. this art work is a creation of students at j.c.nalle elementary. they partnered with police officers to paint six murals he inside t bathroom.
5:46 pm
molette green took a tour earlier today. it's called project hope. its goal is to build bridges between police and the communities theyerve. nicely done. >> that's impressive. our harris's hero story is about a man who doesn't have a big organization or a large staff behind him. he saw a need in his community and decided to fill it. leon harris is here to introduce us to cousin wayne. hi, leon. >> jim, we heard from a lot of people about this guy. oftentimes lots of news that we hear coming out of southeast .c. isn't very uplifting, but cousin wayne as he's called there in that community is determined to change that by mentoring, counseling, and even fee the young men he see there is in the streets. that's why he is this week's harris's hero. >> what doou think your job is? >> i destroy this community. >> what do you mean? >> i did drugs back in the day. i did ten years. i feel like me coming back out, i'm giving back. >> those people in line, i must
5:47 pm
have talked to at least 15 of them who said cousin w ne. what he means to this community, i can't even tell you. how does it make you feel that your people say that? >> it feels good. >> you've got kids coming up h here for t cookout who may not have food at all. >> that's why i really do it. i was a young man 10:00 at night. i said why you be out here? i'm hungrt. thaut it in my head. >> i a yo sawu out there passing out these fliers. >> you know a lot of kids, a l of older people smoke marijuana, synthetic drugs, so i'm trying to educate them on this. you don't even know what you're smoking. >> that's the reason you got nominated because people know that you do all that. you are a one man government bureau. you've got young men coming to you. thelook to you for advice. what was the first meeting like?
5:48 pm
>> first meeting, i tried to show him, but he didn't go for it. he knew what he was doing. it was more t he wing to show me life. i knew what i was doing. he told me you can do so much more with that and it turned into something positive. >> that's what you're doing now. you're boxing, right? >> yes. >> what's your record now? 4wo. >> where d you be in life if you weren't in the gym? >> if it wasn't for the gym, i'd be dead. t that's way i was going. it showed you that eve change. >> you don't expect anything back, do you? >> no. i don't want anything back opinion l. let god deal with that. when they see me do this, when i get old g somebody ising to step up and do the same thing. >> if you're driving through southeast and you see 50 orop 6 pe out there in the street doing this, this is what this is all acout. usin wayne tries to organize
5:49 pm
thn at least o a month and he pays for it out of his own pocket. if youakd like to help the neighborhood a better place, check out the nbc washington odapp. >> go for him. what a nice > ssage. >'s in the trenches. that interview got interrupted by the pole because they were rushing on a drive by shooting that was in our news cast last night. didn't flinch, didn't budge. he stayed out there in the streets. >> making a difference. >> they're luckyo thave him. we will continue to follow breaking news. >> yes. a woman shot and kiled iln maryland. we want to bring you some live pitures here from chopper 4. we're still gathering information and a crew is on the way to the scene. >> we'll have an update at e op of the hour on news 4 at op of the hour on news 4 at
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting smmll towns and rural counities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
5:52 pm
we're learning more about the shooting in the denver area. a letter has surfaced. . it warned about another columbine. it comes as hearings for the two shters was pushed to next week. jeremy has the latest from colorado. >> two suspects brokeun into a g safe owned by one of their parents. they used an ax and a crowbar to steal three handguns and a rief el. we've alsone a private security guard at the school may
5:53 pm
have fired upon deputies. investigators are also looking at the possibility the guard may have accidentally shot a student. the attorney for that security guard would only say the man did his job well. >> at this time i can't confirm or deny any specific action that my client may or may not have taken. what i can say is i believe he acted in a manner that prevented further harm, blood shed, tuolence to thents and the faculty. >> five months before the shooting, we've arned the douglas county school district documented an anonymous call from a stand poirnarent. she made claims about a high pressure environment and expressed concerns about a repeat of columbine. in response the head of the stem school filed a lawsuit against jane doe to reveal her identity claiming what the parent said was defamatory and false. through a public relations firm the school said our investigation revealed no evidence to support any allegations raised in the
5:54 pm
anonymous complaint. we found videotof a parent speaking before the douglas county school district board last december echoing concerns about speaking out. >> retaliation is a legitimate concern for staff, students and rents. underqualified supervision and a lack of support for students with behavioral and emotional health issues requires intervention. >> news 4 at:0 6begins with breaking news. and that breaking news right now in prince george's county. a woman has been found dead in a parking lot in green belt. >> chopperer 4 flying ov the scene here right now. news 4 erika gonzalez is working. details from the live desk.wh have you learned? >> you can tell they've got a good piece of that area roped off with that yellow tape. is is the 6300 block of ivy lane in green belt. it's green belt city police who were on lationnvestigating this. what we know thus far is that the woman was shot and killed in that parking lot and it seems like they're paying extra
5:55 pm
attention, real focus on a black car that's there on location. maybe picking up some evidence there as well. but the circumstances surrounding this, how the woman as shot, we know that this happened maybe around 5:00 this evening, so about an hour ago. there you're starting to see closer images of tt vehicle and what may have been a bullet or bullets going through the driver's side window. so we're waiting to hear more from green belt city police. we have a crew headed in that direction. wel update you as soon as we learn more. >> all right. erika gonzalez, thank you. let's turn to the weather and the storms moving out at this hour, but we're not done with the rain for this weekend, are we?> >no, not at all. really not even done tonight. i think we're going to see a couple more showers, maybe a thundersrm or two. right now the heaviest rain is out of here. we saw it


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