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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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trouble continues for folks on the gw parkway. crews are working to fix the road while teams on another busf roish their work early. shocking new details in a brazen maryland murder case. a woman gunne down in a parking lot was married to two men at the same ime, one a convicted drug lord. her day in court. actress felicity huffman goes before a judge answering for her role in the massive scheme for parents to get their kids into elite colleges. 5:00 a.m.go morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on a monday. the weekend rain sdowers aren't yet. did you come in with the pouring rain? >> sure, had to pop up the umbrella, raincoat, whole nine yards. a live look now, i think that's reagan national in the distance. not a great start to the workweek weatherwise.
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>> expect wet roads. that will cause some problems. melissa mollet is tracking the road conditions for you. >> letes start with storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell and more on this morning's chilly rain. chuck? >> i feel bad for aaron's chauffeur on days like this. >> right? >> does he have to carry you to the car, over the puddles, on days like this -- >> put out the plasticmat so he wet.n't get his shoes >> i don't think what's happening here. >> they -- i don't know what's happening here. >> they don't pay him enough. it feels more like mid-march than mid-may. 40s to barely near 50 now. moreain ahead. yay. yikes. insulated raincoat, something to keep you cool and dry today. first round lifting out, more rain where they came from. a rumble or two of thunder. not a big threat for aytod just continuous chances for rain showers off and on through the entirety of the day. as i mentioned, we're in the 40s
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to around 50 now. 49 in manassas. 53 in quantico. 51 in leonardwnto maryland, 50 in arlington. the school bus forecast on a monday, yes, no squlooutdoor re or playing outside afterschool. 48 at the bus stop on your way out. orely 58 on your way home. you can always u to stay ahead of the weather. there's the promise of sunshine later in the week. we'll talk about that coming up. thank you. a reminder, northbound gw parkway shut down between and the beltway. that work zone because of the sinkhole that opened up over the weekend. traffic being pushed off at 123. justin lynch is live at the diesel. we'll hear from -- live at the scene. we'll hear from him in a minuteh re's no major impact here right now. that will be different as the commute kicks into gear. silver spring, outer loop before colesville, red here on your screen. rare for 5:00 in the morning. the right side is blocked by a crash. you are getting by tere just on the left. as we look here at 66, fairfax
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county parkway to the beltway, 58 miles per hour. going to get you there in about ten minutes. >> thank you. a heads-up if use the gw parkway. all othe northbounlanes are still shut down between chain bridge road and the beltway. >> this massive closure is already causing problems for drivers. news4's justin finch is live just off the parkway with more on how this could pact your commute. this is major. >> reporter: yeah. it really is major. that's why the national parks service is trying to get the word out to as many drivers as possible that there is n a very critical closure here on the northbound parkway lanes. want to show you, in fact, how o much you're ng to see here. the ksroadbloc here in place. you'll see several of those along the parkway today. let's take you to e problem. this ten-foot sinkhole that shut down both northbound pay lanes over the weekend. now the closure will begin between chain bridge road to 495
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here along the parkway here. route 123 is going to be your work-around here. crews have een workingon this problem. they did try to fill t sinkhole, but the work did not take du in large part to the steady rain's that not helped the process here.> is and the previous sinkhole that happened in arch were caused by large rain events. it's all about water moving off the roadway and intohe drainage system that's built under the george washington memorial kwpary. >> reporter: as you see, the roadblocks in place. as you heard, they're keeping count, the second sinkhole tom for this area since march. the hope is that the work will continue today, and if it does take this time, we could seesta leane lane open in time for the evening commute today. of course, the rain is still falling out we'll have to wait and see until later in the day just how that shas out. back to you.
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>> doesn't look good so far. we'll see. thank you, justin meanwhile, a busy stretch of rock ceek parkway is now back open for drivers here the district. crews finished their work along that road more than a day of schedule. the part of the road near the kennedy center was supposed to be closed until tuesday morning o crews could install a new pedestrian bridge. instead faedt work allow the road to reopen last night. the kennedy center says that bridge will nope september. it's 5:05. this morning, new details in a murder case in greenbel bettie jenifer was gunned down while leaving her office last friday. now we're learning she was married to two different men at the same time. news4's nile jacobs is live where the shooting took place and has more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: eun, the twists of this story will leave you with as greenbeltstions police now confirm the victim of friday's murder was, as you
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mentioned, married to two men at the same time. her na b isettie jenifer. he two men she was married to, chris atho, an actor from began aand kendrick jenifer. he pled guilty to distributing 450 milligrams of cocaine from jeltimore to texas on. friday, bettie fer was walking out of this office when she was approached by the gunman and ultimately shot to death. the only suspect description that witnesses were able toe provido investigators is that the suspect was a black man who left the scene in a blue vehicle. i can also tell you that investigators do notbelieve this was a random shooting. back to you. >> all right. nicole jacobs live for us. thank you. new this morning, a suspect has been arrested afterly a dead machete attack on the
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appalachian trail in virginia. james jordan is accused of killing a man and zuring woman as -- injuring a woman as they hiked that trail saturday. the woman walked six miles injured and bleeding before finding a couple of hikers to call for shhelp. e is expected to survive.o no w yet on a motive for the attack. today actress felicity huffman will be back in a federal courtroom to enter a formeral guilty plea -- formal guilty plea in the college admissions scandal. the "desperate housewives" star aditted she paid $15,000 for a procter to change her daughter's answers on the s.a.t.s to improve her score. legal experthsay uffman's swift apology may work to her advantage. she's amongozens of prominent parents including lori loughlin charged with paying hundreds thousands of dollars to get their kids into top colleges and universities. today rapper kodak black will appear in a federal courtroom after being arrested on firearms charges. he was taken into custdy just before he was set to perform at a hip-hop music festival in miami on saturday. in a statement, officials have
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charged him, say they have charged him ith a crime in connection with weapons but did ot elaborate. this comes less than a month after the rapper was arrested on gun and drug charges while trying to enter the country from canada. a teenage boy is missing from virginia, and police believe he may be in danger. richard dinardo hernandez cruz is 16 years old. he was lasteen nearly three weeks ago on april 22nd on beauregard street inalexandria fairfax county police want you to call tem if you think you've seen hernandez cruz or know where he might be. a proposal to add toll lanes to maryland's beltway and i-270 is getting more support. 61% of residts regionwide are in favor of maryland governor hogan's plan according to a poll from the "washington post." it al shows that80% in the maryland suburbs are very or somewhatoncerned that building these lanes would require tearing down homes.
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skeptics w not o expensive and will ease congestion. some ranked the need to improve conditions and lessen traffic as top priorities. hogan ay governor larry is expected to sign a bill to sign protective mothers. laura wallen w killed by her boyfriend in 2017. laura and reed's law will toughen sentencesntor viole crimes against pregnant women. it is nam l forra and her unborn son, reed. other bills being signed today in maryland include raising the age for tobacco and vaping from 18 to 21. easy enrollment for health insurance, and expanding the exting child and dependent tax credit. 5:09. the trump administration continues to push back against democrats incongress. g at resident is fight least 20 investigations into his staff and personal finances. the "washington post" reports the white house blocking requests for the president's tax returns, testimony from his son dond jr., and an un-redactedsi v of the mueller among
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other things. it has somdemocrats thinking about taking drastic measures. >> if the courts take too long, we use our own judicial process within the congress. i think if you fine someone $25,000 a day to their person until it they comply it gts eir attention. >> some republicans are firing back saying the investigations are pure politics. national police week is underway. it is a time to recognize the sacrifice and service of men and women wh devote their lives protecting their neighbors and communities. the commemorion in d.c. this weekend began by honoring those who gave their lives in the line of duty. mourners from around the country gathered at a memorial in judiciary square. paige craig came from tennessee to remember a friend. >> he responded to a call of a -- a domestic disturbance. and was actually ambushed as soon as he got on scene. it's a very humbling experience to be here.
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you know, there's a lot going on, and there's a lot of people. it's very quiet. >> vigils, conferences, trainins sess, and memorial service re scheduled throughout d.c during the week. 5:11 now. and terror in the sky. smokes filled the cabin ae plane went down for an emergency landing. find out how everyone made it to the ground alive. she baseman famous a -- she became famous a year ago for calling the police on people we w having a barbecue. now a message from the people whose fun was spoiled. and the forecast, ? >> cold, nasty, wet all day. start thinking about the weekend when finally some sunshine and mild weather and,elieve it or not, very low rain chances for the weekend that's coming with temperatures near 80 degrees. that's srdmething to look forwa to. more about today and tomorrow andhe chill up in. t
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5:14. terrifying moments on a plane as frantic passengers held on ti during a dramaemergency landing in southeast asia.
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the pilot is being hailed a hero after landing the plane safely in myanma on its rear wheels. aer determining the landing gear was not working, the pilot followed emergency procedures and did a fuel burn to reduce the weight the plane. he finally lowered the nose of the plane on to the runway. the plane skidded f near half a minute before stopping. passengers slid down the escape chutes to safety. no one was injured. you'd hope that pilot knew what to do in those situations. very lucky. it's been one year since video ofan california wom calling police on a group of black peoplearbecuing went viral. grilling is not allow friday parts of a park in cumberland, california. but some. the woman's call was racially motivtoted. y some gathered at the same time. one of the men who had the police call him tt day is on the park and arecisory board.
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he says he'd like to speak with the woman in the video. >> not to cause any defers. to actually shake her hand and extend the apology or the olive branch to let her know that i'm saying there's no hard feelings. >> now since the video went viral, there have been sever cookouts in an effort to bring the community togetr and take something positive away from the incident. 5:16. it is finals week for thousands of college students. that means a ton of caffeine ayll be consumed. >> try to stp for the finals. there's another more potent drugs students are turning to to get a competitive edge. news4's susan hogan and doreen gentzler with a warning every arent wants to hear. >> reporter: ine high-pressure are the race to succeed in college, there's bun fix students are turning to at alarming rates. >> stimulant drugs are helping y students st awake and alert for hours of studying, but at what cost to their health?de i these ss are buying
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adhd drugsegally from classmates. the kmaegz medications have earned the reputation of smart drs for the ane. >> it made me feel that i was able to accomplish things that i normally wouldn't be able to. it also made me extremely hyperfocused in the moment. >> three graduates told us students don't think twi about popping the pills. >> you'll also hear from medical experts who detail the dangerous and sometimes eve deadly consequences of using these medications without a prescription. >> that's right. our team coverage on what s e are calling a crisis on campus starts tonight on nws4 at 5:00. 5:17. nbc 4 is committed to reporting on changing climate. now the secrary general of the united nations says climate change has become a dire international problem. u.n. secretary general antonio guterres spoke sunday about the situation in new zealand. he met with new zealand's prime
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minister there. he says the world is not on track to meet the goals of the paris climate accord which includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions. >> we are seeing everywhere a clear demonstration that we are not on track. and tas things are getting wors, intervention seems to be failing. >> two years ago president trump announced the u.s. was withdrawing from the paris climate accord. the president criticized the treaty for cracking down on u.s. ssil production particularly coal. we will continue to report on stories that affect the a environmentnd your life. you can read more about change in the nbc washington app. it's 5:18. turning our attention tohe weather. not the climate. although they're related. we know the difference. >> yes. the difference between weather andclimate, climateis what you expect, and weather is what you get. all right? easy way to remember t.
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i can tell you the forecast for july 4th or november 15th months in advance. that's clate. three months ago i would have said the forecast for a day like this in may would have been, you know, about 75 degrees with a 30% chance for rain. that's climate. unfortunately, the reality is that this monday will not be -- itot only will not be 75 degrees, many areas will not get out of the 50s today. afternoon mperatures, 15 to 20 degrees colder than average. really chilly. cloudy outside right now with a north wind at ten miles per hour. north to northwesterlyw winds l keep us way colder than average for today and tomorrow. a little recovery later in the week. 41 in northern frederick county, maryland, 45 in frederick county, virginia. 50 in fredericksburg and 50 in town. look at that -- temperatures today stuck near 50 throughout the morning hours. the icons -- they're automatically plotted.
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there will be no sunshine today. this is the co way of indicating hit-and-miss rain chances. chillrain most of the day. afternoon high barely making it to 59. hit and miss showers. first batch moving out. there's more rain across southern virginia. highest rain es, there the highest amounts from the washington area south. even our friends and neighbors in northern maryland and eastern west virginia is a likelihood of hit-and-miss rain showers throughout the day. there's live storm team 4 radar. showers in fredericksburg and stafford. more rain on the western shore of e e bay. futureather, the next 48 hours, cloudy skies and areas of rain through the morning hours. afternoon time, the rain will be more hit and miss. not much in the way of a chance for sunshinend a possing shower between 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. all clouds during the day tomorrow, and a gusty northwest wind, as well. rain chances tomorrow fall to only about 20%.
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a tinyat png drop or -- passing drop or two. the real issue is the wind. so 59 and rain today. 62, cloudy and breezy tomorrow. improvements for wednesday, back up close to 70. w showers latenesday into early thursday. another tiny rain chance on your friday. this friday, 75 degrees. et's go over to first 4 traffic. looks good to me. mgwclean, northbound arkway. we'll keep talking about it, shut down because of a sinkhole on the weekend. it's closed between 123 and the beltway. not a big traffic impact now because it is early and it is in the northbound lanes. outer loop before colesville road, right side bcked by an accident there. inbound on 66, not b. fairfax county parkway to the 66ltway, not bad. westbound, west an 29, right lane blocked by a brand-new crash. more coming up.
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5:24. what do you do when you have an you feel r two, when sort of out of sorts, maybe not quite like yourself? >> more than two days for me. many are turning to an ancient practice to soothe their modern-day ills. in our ongoing look at alternative wellness, news4's justin finch tells us murr about
5:25 am
chakra balancing. >> we use what we call chakra lights. >> reporter: not sure what chakra lights are for? listen and look closely. >> if you look at them, each chakra has a color. >> reporter: david's work in the art from ancient india. >> chakras are basically energy forms that you actually can see if you use the right equipment.e and they ran from the top of the head to the base of the spine. this is the root chockera. andhis is the seekd -- the sacral crahakrchakra, slower pi county -- solar plexus, heart, and crown. >> reporter: there are chakras spiusing within the trappings of the day-to-day
5:26 am
lives can trigger a chapelera shakeup or -- chakra shake one, or worse, a hit down.wh >> they close up you feel trapdithin your own body. and at that particular point, fear becomes a very powerful aspectin your life and it onlye mak it worse. >> reporter: that's when david o comes in talance offering a head-to-toe energetic tune-up. >> this is a teresting thing called a chakr balancing -- it basically goes into your body. >> reporter: sometimes using tools and every time david's own energy. >> and it's the kind of sense of what is >> reporter: here for everyone? david will likely tell you no, that it's a better fit for those with open minds. justin finch, news4. >> i missed the last part of the what he said. better fit for who? did you catch that? >> peopleth open minds. >> okay. >> i really do believe that you have to be open to it for it to work. prtbably that's why doesn't
5:27 am
work on me. >> justin will look at alternative healingll methods a week. >> tomorrow he will show more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you. you cansee that tomorrow here on "news4 today." i don't want to be hypnotized. i want to know what's going on. >>k chuc -- >> merv us on. >> look into my eyes. it's going to be sunny and nice today. it's going to be sunny and nice today. wait until you wake up and find out that's a tbig-falie. rain forecast today -- cool, cloudy, and wet. a little hypnotherapy is what we need for today. the forecast, certainly not today. may have to wait until the weekend. i'll gein the ten-day forecast the next half hour. plus, searching for a new ceo. how to weigh in on a local school district. >> reporter: and eating on metro, riders know it's not allowed. why a woman who caught a worker breaking the rules is facing backlash of her own. i get really emotional when i think about where i was.
5:28 am
most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart. the last thing i heard was reroute to g w hospital. on the day that i c and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on the ecmo machine it saved my life. learn more about bonits's story ofsurvivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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the george washington univeristy hospital the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands t neededo quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. right now on "news4 today," a soggy start to a new workweekr we helping you wake up after a rain and will fill --eekend of
5:31 am
rain and will fill you on n on how much more to and. and shut down by a sinkhole. a stretch of a busy parkway commute.or the we have the first 4 traffic warning. summer travel alerts. the state department releases flew concerns out foreign countries -- new concerns about foreign countries. what to know before booking your vacations. let's get right to a look outside. looks like how we feel on a monday, ki of dragging. the rain is still coming down across our area as you get ready to head outside. don't get caught in the rain. no one. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're working 4 for you as we start the week. we have the commute in a moment. >> we beginwith storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a rainy, chilly forecast. dohsn't feel like may 13t. >> no, unluc 13 today. no you got it. temperatures are likely to stay some 15 or more details colder
5:32 am
than average thiafternoon. we may end up with the whole day being on average ten degrees colderan t average. we've not had aay that far below average since april 1st. and it will only be about the fifth or sixththime is calendar year where we had a day ten degrees or more colder than average for the entirety of the day. cloudy over national airport, pockets of rain moving out of the maryland suburbs. more rain acrossouthern virginia. so keep the umbrellas handy. it's not going to rain everywhere every minute of the day. but no guarantee of a dry time at all. showers already down in parts of stathord county. 're headed up toward waldorf and la plata. a chance of intermittent rain showers throughout the day. temperatures in the 40s to barely ne 50 degrees now. in less nner, sun's up than a half hour. you'll never know it, though. hardly any sunshine if any at
5:33 am
all. 0s.peratures stuck in the tomorrow not much better. up to maybe about 60. a lot of clouds around tomorrow. at least we won'te as rainy. tomorrow, we trade the rain in for a gusty northwest wind. >> not sure ich i'd rather have. probably the wind. thanks. > mclean shut down at gw parkway because of a sinkhole. it's the northbound side, emergency work zone. traffic pushed off at123. you have to follow the detour. you can see the closure point. inbound canal at arizona, crash blocking most of the inbound lines. blocked at southlawn. a brand-new accident. outer loop colesville, that's cleared. much better. brand-new problem in gainesville. we'll talk about that coming up. here's what we know --ou northb lee highway, the ramp to eastbound 66, crash there. >> thank you. and as melissa just told us, there is a sinkhole, a massive ne that's closed a big stretch
5:34 am
of the parkway. >> news4's justin finch is there for us attorney -- is there for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you rely on the gw parkway today, you'll want to pay attention to this because these right here, these roadblocks could get if your way and prevent you from taking your normal route to work and school. a look at the major issue. this ten-foot-deep sinkhole that sprang up, and it swnut do traffic in northbound gw parkway lanes over the weekend. if you're keeping cou, this is the second sinkhole to open up in this area since march. now, the national parks service has put closures in place here as they work on this along the parkway betweenge chain brid and 495. route 123 is going to be your work-aroundhrough this. we can tell you crews did try to patch that hole over the eekend, but the rain was an issue. they'll try again to patch it up. and hopefully get at least one
5:35 am
lane open in time for the ening commute. again, we have that ongoing rain. perhaps later today you could the one lane open northbound. that's still x factor. it's going to have a work-around route to work and school and also on thee.ay hom we'll watch the progress on this stretch of road. live in mclean, news4, back to you. >> thank you. 5:35. here is a look at our other top stories. e begin with better news for your commute. rock creek parkway is back open near the kennedy center. a sfretretch near the area was supposed to be shut through tuesday a new pedestrian bridge wa installed. it will open ahead of schedule. you don't hear that often. ag, virginia teen is missin and he may be in danger. there is 16-year-old richard dinardo hernandez cruz. he was last seen nearly three weeks ago at beauregard street
5:36 am
yo alexandria. call police if know where he is. polic believe the murder of a prince gege's county woman was not random. bettie jenifer was shot and killed friday night as s left her office building in greenbelt. this morning we're hearing she was married on two men when -- married to two men when she died. more coming up at 5:45. today the trial will begin for an accused war criminal who once worked security at dulles p ait. yusef abdi ali was somali colonel during the civil war. he's accusedf opublicly executing people and other war crimes. he cameo the u.s. in 1993. news4 started covering the accusations against him in 1998. he was not a tsa agent but did patrol in the tsa secured part of the airport. it' 5:36. let's head to the live desk breaking news about wikileaks founder julian assange. we have the latest. what's going on? >> reporter: we're learning that sw ish prosecutors say th
5:37 am
will reopen an investigation into rapega alleons against julian assange. he denies raping anyone, but the alleged victim's attorney has been working tois revive th investigation. you'll remember assange was forced to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london last month where he was seeking resige e 2012. of course the u.s. was to extradite asarsange foralliedly release -- for allegedly releasing classified documents in 2010. we'll keep an eye on this and have the latest for you here at the live desk. back to you. >> thank you, megan. a local writer finds herself the center of a major controversy. author natasha tines tweet aid photong complaini about an african-american metro employee eating on the train on friday. the tweet read, quote, i thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. this is unacceptable. metro thanked the author for holding the employee accountable. after major backlash, tines deleted the tweet and
5:38 am
deactivated her twitter account. this incident inspired the hash tag #eatingwhileblack. some say theauthor puthe employee's job at risk. tines apologized, but her publisher says itdon't tribute her upcoming novel. nbc news has reached out to her for comment. it's 5:38. coming up, news from one of nbc's most popular primetime shows. what we're learning about the future of "this is us." plus, not something you see every day, a professional athlete crying after his team loses a game. and the ugly cry at that. >> grown men are allowed to cry and show emotion. there's nothing wrong with that. > when they lose like it, you might underwhand y there's cs
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
the wizard season ended weeks ago, but this morning social media is buzzing about the nba playoffs. look at this epic ending to a game seven match-up between toronto and philly. >> it's off to lenards. defended lie simmons. is this -- [ cheers ] >> oh, and the reaction. that ball bounced at least three times. that was the incredible last-second basket by leonard. even if you've seen it all day, yoll hear about it allday. the raptors got the eastern
5:42 am
conference finals and left philly players anfans heart broke. there is 76er joel embiid who was seen crying going into the the end of the season for him. r thetors take on milwaukee in the next round. goodness. just this epic shot and the reaction of evegone freakin out. >> to be clear, there's nothing wrong with men crying. so we're on the same igge. >> r. >> the ugly cry was awful. >> you know sdrak out here tweeting -- drake is out here tweeting or posting. ned people celebrated the special -- yesterday, people celebrated the special ladies in their lives for mother's day. >> there's noth quite like a mom's first mother's day. and i know that because it was wrien there for me. several new moms just welcomed babies at sibley memorial hospital in th district. the radio station wash f.m. stopped by to drop off flowers and congratulate the new mamas.e the flowers 't just for first-time moms. some moms news4 met yesterday had several children. happily belated mother's day to all the moms out there this
5:43 am
morningelebrating with their kids. >> oh. it's the best thing you'll ever do. and the toughest, chuck. absolutely gh so yesterday was a disaster rainfall-wise. saturday started off beautiful. had a chance to get polka dot lou out for a nice, long, seven or eight-milealk aroundhe mall, enjoying the view of the moment. this is how he spent of the rest of the weeken zonked out on the bed. that's a great idea, zonked out on the bed all y.da
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hey hun... what's going on here? it's called a yard sale, jim yeah but... havertys is having a sale... so am i! havertys memorial day sale is here! get an extra $100 off every $1000 you spend. and right now, get free financing for up to 'sve years. it sale you can get excited about!
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havertys life looks good welcome back. 14 before the hour. this morning, greenbelt police are investigating the deadly ooting of bettie jenifer. she was killed on friday night as she left her office building in greenbelt. >> now we're learning she was involved in a love triangle with a tv star and drug king pin. both were her husbands. news4's nicole jacobs joins us live with details. in is a bizarre story, nicole. >> reporter: very bizarre. and greenbelt police are making one thing very clear -- that is
5:47 am
that this was no random crime. now as investigators -- [ inaudible ] bettie jenifer filed for divorce in april os thi year from baltimore drug lord cedric genifer and married an actor last october. kedric jenifer, serving the third year of a 20-year sentence, pleaded guilty to distributing at leas 450 kilograms ofcocaine from baltimore to houston, texas. on friday, bettie jenifer was walking out of her office building when she was approached by a gunman and ultimately shot to death. witnesses describe the gunman ads a black man who was a -- a a black man who was a thin build who got in a blue vehicle and left the scene.
5:48 am
b bettie jenifer -- excuse me.ny ane who is able to give police any information on this killing is certainly urged to contactpolice. bak to you. >> nicole jacobs for us in greenbelt. thank you. it's 5:48. this morning the white house is dealing with two policy crises. >> fears over the largest hike in u.s. tariffs and growing scourse with iran. tracie potts with more. >> reporter: let's start with china and the tariffs. hina on t trump and completely different pages when it comes to how to deal with the trade imbalance between the two. now there are no talks scheduled at least at this point until the u.s. lifts those tariffs. the president says maybe he will, maybe he won't. it's not clear where in is going to go. the white housesays that
5:49 am
chinese leader xi jinping will probably talk about this next month at the g20 in japan. meantime we'rei watch closely what's happening with iran, secretary of state mike pompeo on the way to brussels to talk aut that situation with the europeans today. again, we're on different pages when it comes to the nuclear deal. but now take a look at this ore assets, military assets, headed to the middle east because the u.s. is getting reports that iran may be planning an attack on o people or our military assets. iran says it's not uttrue, b the u.s. is rampingup. back to you. >> all right, tracie potts live on apitol hillis morning. thank you. new warnings this morning as you plan your summer vacations. the state departmt has updated its advisories for overseas travel. 57 countries are on the list ranked from two through four about how serious the warnings are. level two means increased
5:50 am
caution for places like the united kingdom, france, and the bahamas. check out advisories with the state department website. it's also a good idea to enroll in the smart traveler program to receive alerts about places you're traveling to. happening tonight, prince george'sounty executive angela alsobrooks will host a meeting about the next school ceo. the interim ceo replaced dr. kevin maxwell after a year of headline-making scandals. candidates for the district ceo position will be chosen by a local committee and a state panel. then the count executive will make the final decision on the pick. the community can weigh in tonight at a meeting from 6:30 until 8:30 at charles herbert flowers high school. virginia governor northam will be in fairfax today honoring a third grader killed in a tragic accident at his school last year. >> the governor is holding a ceremonial bill signing for t wesley charles lipicky act.
5:51 am
it aims to protect children from motorized partitions found at a lot of the schools. >> reporter: year old wesley lipicky was killed last may while helping a teacher operate motorized partition at franconia elementary school.nd >> seour kid off to school and they're supposed to come home. >> reporter: i sat down with wesley's parents at their home last week. they shared their favorite stories about wesley and described h b as a littlel of energy with a big heart. >> wesley was -- he was a ver kind boy. he picked the kids that didn't get picked, you know, for a team or for, you know, your lab partner or something like that. >> reporter: they told us they think wesley would be proud of the new law. e wesley charles lipicky act prohibits anyone from mperating atorized partition when students are in the room unless it has a safety sensor installed with it. and every year school districts will be required train anyone who operates the walls. >> he was just such a kind kid.
5:52 am
and he -- just loving to everybody. and i know if he knows that it will ave lives, then he's happy. >> reporter: we will be at the ceremonial bill signing today. we will bring you that story tonight on "news4" at 4:00. back to you. 5:52. let's check with storm team 4 meoeorologist chuck bell f a look at this rainy day. >> yes, indeed. want to give a special shout out. friday i hadpr the ilege of emceeing an event at congressional country club raising money for kids with cancer. it from night alone, a minimum $80,000 raised. this is the organization which helps run camp tifantas where kids suffering from cancer can go to summer camp for a full week. it gives the kids a nice break to meet other kids who are going through the same thing they are and gives the families a little break, as well. what areat organization. special love for kids with cancer. you can search for it.
5:53 am
they're always interested in taking your tadeductible donations. what a wonderful organization. outside on a monday, who,ugly. cloudy, cold, and wet. 50 here in washington with a northwest wind at ten miles per hour. most of the suburbs are below 50 degrees. 41 in thurmont. 47 in martinsburg. 49 at manassas. 52 in annapolis. 48 in clinton, maryland, your planner for today, not much of a recovery. most areas will get to the mid to upper 50s at most. most areas will not make it to 60 degrees today. could be one of our coldest days of the year when compared to average. 59 for the high today with an 80% chance of rain, hit and miss, intermittent showers the rest of the day. rain ow, not much of a chance tomorrow. but not much sunshin either. mostly -- mostly broudy,zy tomorrow with a passing shower. tomorrow.oming up for this main area of low pressure well to our north is responsible for keeping the cold air locked in.
5:54 am
so plan on not much in the way of a warmup at all this week. here's the ten-day forecast. 50s, clouds and rain today. 26, clouds and a gusty wind tomorrow -- 62, clouds and a gusty windtomorrow. then back to normal temperatures on thursday, later on thursday and friday. not a big threat there.l, best of al we may get a saturday and a sunday back to back without rainfall and temperatures around 80 degrees. let's goo first 4 traffic. l that sounds good. taking ak at a big problem, gainesville northbound lee highway, 29, the ramp to eastbound 66. right now we are shut down. we called polwe. e're not getting too much information about this aside om it was a vehicle fire. we don't know about injuries, but we have that shut down. it's a two-mile back up the gw parkway shut down between 123 and the beltway because of the sinkhole. they pushing off at 123. inbound canal after arizona, a crash blocking most of the road
5:55 am
inbound. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, big issues on the beltway right now. travel times, 66 looks good, fairfax county to the beltway, 95 north, quanticoayo the beltwno issues. good morning. at cnbc, there's a new feature to let home buyers place bodies an property o line. "the new york times" reporting the feature recently launched in the boston area. sellers who accept an off would pay a 2% fee or half the normal fee in the area. it lists homes in boston between march and may on line. the company hopes to expand it nationwide but a few markets at a time. >> thank you. 5:55.
5:56 am
good news for "this is us" fans. the award-winning drama has been renewed by nbc for three more seasons. at guarantees fans will see at least 18 episodes for seasons four, five, and six. the show's executive producer alluded to the show ending after six seasons. a tree-season re -- three-season renewal is pretty uncommon in tv these days, but theshow has loyal fan base. we often talk about the big three on that show, as well. >> i am very invested in the pearsons' lives. >> a lot of people are. it returns to nbc on tuesday ll. >> we need to keep jack in the picture. >> always. ahead, from in front of the camera to behind bars. actress felicity huffman is sete to ha her day in court for ly elged bribing her -- alleged bribing her kids to get into college. the most she could be imprisoned. and the governor has a plan to alleviate congestion plaguing
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
trouble continues on gw . parkway crews are working to fix the road. at the same time, teams on another busy road finished their work early. shocking new details in a brazen maryland murder case. a woma gunnedng down in a par
6:00 am
lot was married to two men at the same time. one of them a convicted drug lorr and heday in court. actress felicity huffman goes before a judge today answering for her role in that massive scheme for rich parents to get teir kids into elite colleges. 6:00 on dot on this monday. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on a monday. the weekend rain showers aren't over yet. look at this right now. >> a live ook. daylight coming our way. lots of clouds, too. upon a great way to start the week -- not a great way to start noe week. >> . expect the roads to be wet, too. that always causes traffic problems. melissa mollet is tracking thosd coions right now. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and more on this chilly rain. yes, indeed. sun's already up, but you'd never know it to look outside. no sunlight for us today. feels a lot more likeid the me of march. temperat t


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