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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 19, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> shots fired in the district. three people were struck by two d.c. schools, now police are working to find the people who pulledhe ttrigger. >> this morning the president is weighing in on the sweirling fight over abortionrights. the horses made it around the track just fine at preakness stakes. but the same can't be said for the jockeys. >> terrifying what if he fell in the path of the others. >>tepped on. >> welcome in. thanks for sticking with us. we're here at 10:00 a.m. good morning, i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meaganit ferald. let's get straight to the weather and check in with laur n ri ricketts to find out what it is
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looking like. >> steamy, hot, humid, temperures out there as we continue through the day to around 90 degrees. again, it is going to be a little on the warm side throughe much of t day today. and as we coinue through t afternoon, and evening, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. at it. it is hazy out there now. we have that humidity on the rise, we're already74 at egr degrees at 10:00 a.m. elsewhere, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. front row at 77 degrees. fredericksburg at 76. you know it will be a warm day if it is not w10:00,th temperatures already that warm. low 90s for daytime highs today. by this afternoon, fewcattered y.owers and thunderstorms. not for everybod a fu oew out there.he cutting tgrass, do it now before the heat settles in and the storms settle in.
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best chances of storms coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you very'ruch. we following the developing story out of prince george's county. police say a man was killed slammed after a car into him. >> state troopers found his body along route 301 in upper marlboro. that's where we find drrick ward. that scene cleared up not too long ago. what do we know now? >> reporter: indeed. it did clear up about 8:30 this morning after being closed for about an hour fromhis accident. this incident involving a pedestrian. take a look now, we had video of the scene as investigators were still here. all started at about 5:3 0 sout of rosariville road. police goter a car, seval cars about someone lying in the median. they respded, firing ems showed up. the person was pronounced dead at the scene. police did locate a vehicle a
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short distance away with two occupants. hey believe that vehicle may have been involved. they're not releasing any names. the victim is identified as an african-american tle in his la30s. this road was closed while the investigation cleared up here on the scene. now it is all about the other aspect of the investigation, trying to determine exactly what happened. police take this opportunity to warn people that if they are out walking along the road like this, and, again it not advised to walk along this 301, there are no sidewalks and very minimal median or shoulder, they say wear light colored clothing, reflective clothing if you can, so you stand a chance of being seen by a passing motorist. traffic flowing freely in rosariville, maryland, after this fatal pedestrian incident police are investigating. >> thank you very much. developing this morning, a
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violent day in northeast d.c. three people we shot and one ended up dead. last night gunshots were fired at t street and summit place. that's directly in front of mckinley high school and langly elementary school. two men and one woman were hit. one man was killed. the woman is suffering from life threatening injuries. any oth the other victim is expected to survive. they're looking for three to four men last seen in a white van. a memorial put up to honor a bike safety advocate's honor has been destroyed by a speeding driver of all things. this happened yesteloay morning da avenue and 12th street. that ghost bike was put in memorial of dave salovesh, hit and killed by a truck recently. the white bike stood as a reminder of what happened to dave, that is until a speeding car hit the bike and took off. ooiends of salovesh are grieving yet again so after losing him. >> one person that we want to tell about this is dave, you
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know. f makes el so angry. makes me feel like i was sad because i watched my friend. >> the driver who hit the ghost bike got out and ran away. police say they don't have a clue where that person is. they haven't bee able to find him. >> the woman who crashed into a a yland restaurant killin boy scout leader will spend the ext year in jail. cameras capturing the violent moment of impact the driver vernelle robinson slammed her car into babe's boy's tavern in upper marlboro in 2017. thiss the man she killed, 7 3-year-old scout commissioner isiah pugh. prosecutors said she was speeding at the time. her lawyers claim the car accelerated suddenly and they plan to appeal. driver may lose a finger after an unfortunate accident while changing a tire on the beltway. the vanan was on the inner
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loop near rockville pike when he got out of the car a to change tire. a fire department spokesperson tells us the jack he was using failed, pinning his handetween e tire and the wheel well. rescue crews were able to lift the trailer. they rush him to the hospital. but his thumb might have to be amputated. >> yike. politics now, new from the white house, the president distancing himself from some controversial abortion laws passed in several states around the country recently. take a look here. o series late night tweets from the president laid out his position. he said in part, quote, i'm strongly pro-life, with three exceptions, rape, incest and protecting the life of the mother. the same positionen by ronald reagan. he went on to brag about more an 100 new federal judges he's appointed and two supreme courtt jues. then said republicans have to stick togetheroin 2020 t protect what he calls hard fought gains for life. ssman publican cong breaks from his party and
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accuses president trump of impeachablend t. justin amash fired off a series of tweets yesterday, the michigan lawmaker said he read the mller report and there is evidence that the president obstructed justice. he also said trap would to be indicted if he was not a president. amash stopped short of calling for impeachment proceedings. the latest in decision 2020 now. joe biden is calling for les anger and more unity in the upcoming presidential election. that message resonated at a rally in philadelphia yesterday. political analysts say pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin are must win states. president trump won all thre in 2016. while calling for unity, mr. biden didn't hold back on the current president. >> if the american people want a president to add to our division, lead with clinched fists, closed hand, they don't need me. they got president donald trump. >> well, democratic presidential
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candidate senator elizabeth warren and bernie nders also campaigned yesterday. warren spoke to voters in new hampshire while sanders rallied supporters ingeorgia. and a reminder that later this morning on "meet the press," bernie sanders is going to sit down with chuck todd for an exclusive interview. that starts in 20 minutes at 10:30 here after news 4today. it was a memorable start to the preakness stakes. take a look. >> they're off in the preakness and bodexpress lost the jockey at the start. >> the horse bodexpress bucked his jockey as the gates open. you s it here on nbc 4. the horse ran the entire race, but it was war of will who captured the win. >> wow. drama. it hard to imagine the agony some families have to go through when a loved one goes missing. but that's why d.c. polce are offering free help for those going through that. police held their missing in
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washington, d.c. eventy terday. had th this was at the church in southeast. ey're partnering with local and national agencies to help connect families with specialists in the fid. we talked with some d.c. police officers about why it is so important to get relatives and the communityvo ined. >> we couldn't do it without their tips, about their knowledge and sometimes they might be sitting there thinking about something and able to find their missing person. >> families at event received free professional counseling. happening today, get this, we are just hours away from c d.s first professional rugby game. >> that's right. old glory d.c. will kick off its exhibition season tonight down at catholic university. the team will square off against shannon rfc of the all ireland league. >> some big boys. >> a tough sport. for the next fews, week old glory will host four games at catholic university. gates will open early today at 11:00 a.m. and it will kick off the game itself
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at 5:00 p.m. >> good luck to old glory. >> yes. >> e of the biggest tv shows ever. andthe very last episode ever airs tonight. you know what that means,re than a million fans already, though, want the game of thnes ereators to have a redo on the last part of series. we'll we'll hat's ming up next otn
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newly released video shows a brazen theft that later involved into a high speed chase in florida. this happened on may 2nd. a floridarooper saw a man that looked like he needed help. and when he went to speak with someone, authorities saythat 22-year-old shane jensen took it asn opportunity to steal the police officer's cruiser. as tedoopers to approach the car with guns drawn, he accelerates through the shoulder to escape roadblock and after an exciting chase here, jenseps then jum out of the car, runs through a median into on coming traffic and into the woods. he was eventually caught. no one was hurt. but quite a scene here. there he goes, running across the traffic into the ods. yikes. overseas, exxonmobil has evacuated all of its foreign staff from the oil field in aqsouthern ir the company says employees were flown to dubai and that work at the oil field was not affected. right now it is not exactly
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clear what prompted the evacuation. but this comes just days after the u.s. withdrew some employees from its embassy in baghdad on the cited a threat fromnd iranas increased sanctions and built up its military presence in the gi. overseas, a busy month for the royal family.ry prince har and meghan's new baby. now another royal wedding. yesterday, harry was back at windsor castle chapel where he married meghan markle a year ago. hard to believe a year ago. he attended the wedding of his cousin gabriela windsor. her father is queen elizabeth's cousin. llow the family tree. >> yeah, exactly. >> queen elizabeth's cousin, her dad, she's in the royal family. >> all right, yeah. royalty. it seems there is a competition for everything these days, right? >> that's right. ca in point the world beard and mustache championship. check this out. the competition was in belgiu yesterday. competitors from around the
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world proudly displaying their extravagant facial hairstyles. >> look atthat. hundreds of hairy men participated in categories like imperial mustache and natural full beard. look at that. a man from the united states didn't leavempty handed. he won third place in the freestyle full beard category. and if you want to see all the action in person, adam, next competition in new zealand in 2021. how about that? >> i don't think i'll ever do it again. it is hard. hard work. it is. even if you don't watch "game of thrones" you likely t heard thathe finale is tonight. >> you might have heard griping around the season as well, darkness in the battle of winterfell or the way some characters died at the king's landing. more than million fans signed heetition on calling for t final season to be done r. ove they want a redo.
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the creators ofetition say they don't expect a remake, but wanted to send a message to hbo and show creators. omplaints or not, a new survey suggests that more than 27 million people plan to call in sick, show up late to work or just stay home so they can watch tonight's fina. starts at 9:00, by the way. >> i don't understand why they got to call into work tomorrow. li look outside, lauryn li look outside, lauryn ricketts will i get really emo ltional when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungs and on their heart. as the last thing i heardreroute t. on the day that i came in and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on the ecmo machine it saved my life. learn more asuut bonits's story of ivial at n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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welcome back. jo joinetg us now on the s moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. a lot going on. let's talk about you have an exclusive interview with bernie sanders. what is he laying out today?e' >> hs -- i think a little bit nervous about the biden surge and ming case that number one he believ he is electable and believes that a demratic nominee has to be more transformational. this is, i think he'sthe biggest challenge he has ith ere is a lot of skepticism ammong someatic leaders. and he got really amped up when i noted that a bunch of people sanders can't carry pennsylvania and that is what he seemed to bg fightin most, this perception -he can't that while maybe there is a lot of peoplehat have empathy for his ideas and they like his aspirational goals, that it is just too much if you'rerying to winver moderate republicans or
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independents who maybe don't want that much goernment in their lives. so it was, yousnow it bernie sanders being bernie sanders in the best sense of the word if you will. but that is -- that's the debate in the party right now. if it does come between and bernie, right now, the moret people ge in, the more they sort of stay on top. and there is some sense that maybe this ends up bing more of a debate between those floss fi philosophies and nobody else can breakthrough. >> we saw alabama pass the mo restrictive abortion laws in the country. no exemptions for rape or incest, that's something the resident doesn't agree with. what role -- how will this factor into the 2020 race? >> i think it just means that abortion will be a top issue. some skepticism if they want abortion front a center. sanders rails against the alabama law, but he wants to talk about massive economic
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change, talk about some of these other issues. i think the republicans you'll see here, tom cotton not wanting to endorse the no exemptions there. it isn interes the abortion debate in general, when democrats get uncomrtable, the conversation is about late term abortion u abortions, yocan see this concern among -- i had tom live in a democratic society, there is debate the questn is can, you know, can both of those positions exist inside the republican tent these days like democrats i thinked decid maybe there isn't room for pro life democrats anymore. this is the -- forcing itself on the twoarties right now. the elected officials never like having to deal with it. >> it is a tough one for sure. that discs will carry on. seet the press" come up every sunday at 10:30 after "news 4
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today." thank you very much. appreciate from chuck to lauryn, we're dealing with some hot conditions out there. she forgot to the take top off the jeep -- >> no i took the top off, i forgot to put it back on. >> isn't that the whole point of a jeep? it will evaporate though, right? >> we have way too much information this morning. >> that's what we do. >> all right, guys. listen, we got some rain out thetoday. and so you may get drenched everywhere unless you carry an umbrella. join us down in arington, we're there at quarter fest. we'll be down there from 12:00 to 6:00. and, yeah. so we have hazy conditions out there. current temperatures out there now in the 70s. it is already warm.
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chance showers and tho thunderstorms after 2:00, 3:00. not everybody will see the storms. but if you do see them, they could be strong. 91 here in d.c. first 90 that we had. nothing happening on the radar now. a as far -- if you're headed on to nats park, a little the radar. could be around it. we have a 40% chance of storms. maybe download the nbc washi slight risk for severe weather today in our area for most of our area. again, we will have some scattered showers and thunderstorms developing after 2:00 or 3:00. we' keep them into the overnight, just lingering showers, chance for tomorrow and tomorrow will be another hot and humid day. temperatures around 90 degrees. by the time we get to tuesday e and wednesday, dry out. humidity drops, another chce humidity drops, another chce ofan r
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only on fios. it is 10:26 on this sunday morning. here are 10 things o four things you need to know. beltway is back open after a major crash in montgomery county. all outer loop lanes were closed near old georgetown road. no word if anyone was injured. a juvenile shot outside a rec center in d.c. last night. police called to 14th street and found a kid shot and two dozen bullet casings. that victim is expected to be okay. three people sho and one killed in northeast d.c. last night. t happened at t street and
10:27 am
summit place. officers say they're looking for three to four men who were last seen driving a white van. and one of front-runners for presidentns joi chuck todd on "meet thpress" up next on nbc 4. >> lauryn, looks look a hot day. >> hot day. temperatures around 90 degrees.h we have theidity in place. little breezy time this afternoon. scattered showers andrs thundetorms after 2:00 or 3:00. same deal tomorrow. hot and humid. >> sous good. thank you for joining us. that's it for
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take your business beyond. this sunday the democrats' new reality as the field of candidates grows. look who's sitting at the top of the polls. >> the single most important ing we have to accomplish is defeat donald trump. [ cheers ] >> establishment joe biden who hasged past the early progressive favorites. >> your help, we're going to win the democray.c primar >> we need big structural change is in 2020. >> bullied by the perception that he's best positioned to defeat -- buoyed by the perception that he's best positioned to defeat donald trump. the prospects who have been hurt so far by e former vice president's entry, bernie sanders of vermont. and


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