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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  May 23, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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developing. a young man arrested and accused of hiding micro cameras in the women's restroom at the department of veterans affairs. what head to say when he was confronted. and back yard grilling can be delicious, but it can also be dangerous. our summer safety series continues. the four things to know befor firing up the grill. it is 4:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. the skies are clear, but there is a threat for severe weather later this afternoon. m >> melissalet is standing by with the first 4 traffic. let's talk about the weather first. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. it's a weather alert day,ck chu >> sure is. the storm prediction center at norman, oklahoma, the folks that issued the severe weather watch boxes, they have upgraded our chances for severe weather today from the slight category to enhanced. that's thethird rung up on the ladder out of five. right now, there's nothing to
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worry about. in fact, we've got a long stretch wf quietather before anything gets going this afternoon. waking up this morning mostly in the 50s to around 60 degrees. comfortable enough. more than enough sunshinequoday fe the warmup. most areas will reach the mid 80s today before those thunderstorms really start to get pgoing. bably initiating somewhere ound the 2:00 time frame near i-81. unfortunately probably pduring theeak of the evening commute in the washington area. so just know that re home and acation cape to the location could really be impacted by w some severether today. i'll show you future weather and start talking about the holiday weekcoming up. melissa? >> good morning. that definitely makes a big difference, the weather, when you're driving on a getaway day especially. silver spring inner loop near university boulevard, two left lanes getting by the work zone. i have some other work zones but nothing that's going to bother you too much. rockville, northbound 270 before montrose, work zone blocking three main lanes. they're doing a paving pject.
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pickwick, downed pole. maollet mollet? >> -- molette? millions will be kking off the unofficial start to summer. >> with that will come gridlock. we'll let you know when to leave. here's the bay bridge in maryland. things are calm right now. this will look like a parking lot most loyikely in a few hour as people head to the beaches. aaa says the absolutely worst time to hit the road between 4:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. the weather won't help at that time either as chuck told us. that's when early travelers will ix with commuters on the road. a number of travelers will be going somewhere this weekend, half -- million and a half, rather, more than last year. you'll want to hit the gas station, too, to avoid the long lines early. >> not going to wait to get gas. i'm afraid, you know, if i'm
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stuck on the bridge or something like that. i'm trying to prepare. >> higher, mo definitely. when the holidays come, gas prices go higher. so just budget quarterly so you can be prepared for it. >> before hitting the road, aaa advises that youave the battery tested, look for coolant leaks, and check the condition of your tires. stay with us as we get ready for the memorial day weekend. we'll have aonive reportow traffic is moving coming up at 5:00 a.m. download the nbc washington app so you can get the holiday weekend forecast any we're following a developinh story in e district. a woman found aamera hidden in a bathroom stall at the department of veterans affairs. and this morning an employee is facing charges. 24-year-old alex greenlee was arrested tuesday. he plaed twomicrocameras in a women's restroom at the build ig on street in chinatown. the cameras recorded at least four women. ne of those women spotted a camera back injanuary. a witness told police she saw
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gre greenlee enter the restroom. he said he went there because the men's room was out of paper towels. one camera was turned over to place that day. a second was found a few days later. gre gre greenlee denied knowing anything. but police say they have video of him planting the cameras. investigators are trying to identify one victim. after days of severe weather across the midwest, breaking news from missouri. overnight theate was hit by two powerful tornadoes. >> we just heard from officials tal efferson city, the ca there. damage there is being described as catastrophic. and like something out of a movie. officials sayvehey've recei multiple calls for injuries at this point. just a few hours awayenn gold city, three people were killed. right now rescue crews are ug combing thro rubble looking for survivors.y golden cit is a short distance away from joplin, missouri. yesterday markedrsseven yea since the tornado there killed
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158 people. this week's severe weather has already proved deadly in iowa. one person was killed by a tornado in adair. a small town just outside of des moines. the national weather serthce said twisted register as an ef-2. in mississippi, flooding has been the big problem. this is aerial footage taken just northwest of jackson. boats are being used to people who have become trapped. flooding continues to be an issue in oklahom, too. hundreds of people there are beingrged to seek higher ground. the oklahoma highway patrol says one driver died after trying to drive through a flooded roadway. 4:05. this morning we still do not know who is in the racist photo tha appeared on virginia governor ralph northam's medical school yearbook page. after a four-month investigaon, independent attorneys could not conclusively determine the identities of either individual in this photo published in 1984. when a right-wing website published the pi ure earlier
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this year, northam first apologized but theter denied being in the picture. he released a statement saying, "i am not in the racist and offensive photo. that being said, i know it and understand the events of early februy, and my response to them have caused hurt for many virginians, and i am sorry for that." we put the full 36-page report in the nbc washington app. it was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure between president trump and nancy pelosi, but three minutes after it began, it was over. the president left the meeting and marched right to the white house roseen gard. he publicly declared he wouldn't work with the democrats on any issue until all investigations into him are ended. house democrats are issuing subpoenas to current and former members of his administration. they're demanding to see t his returns and asking that special counsel robert mueller testify. in response, speaker pelosi o accused him engaging in a
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cover-up. >> look at people that have just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. >> this president is obstructing justice, and he'sed engagn a cover-up. and that could be an impeachable offense. >lythe drama on gave some democrats more fuel to argue that impeachment proceedings need to begin. speaker pelosi has so far resisted that idea. todayer a newy police officer will be in court to face charges that he shot and killed a man as he left a traffic stop. 26-year-old javani crespo faces life in prison if convicted. body camera video showed him repeatedly shooting at 46-year-old gregory griffin in january. he fired at griffin's car ate locations even as he pulled away.f grin died. his passenger was injured. prosecutors say no other officers opened fire. >> showed a reckless disregard
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for human life by shooting into a moving vehicle. >> respo joinered -- joined the newark police force two years ago. s attorney declined to speak with nbc news. a deadly police-involved shooting in montgomery county the department's policies and practices. a county council member is drafting a bill to create a policing advicommission. this comes after last year's deadly police shooting of robert white in silver spring.r that officeas cleared of any wrongdoing. if the bill passes, the task force could start with reviewing video of a white officer saying the "n"er word aft stopping black men outside a mcdonald's this month. the advisory commission will not have any disciplinary powers. we are just days away from metro rail's big summer shutdown. now alexandria is trying to help people cope with the major closure that starts saturday. at an open house, passengersk tal about possible
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work-arounds. free shuttle buses will be provided at the stations that are closed. they have south of reagan national airport on he blue and yellow lines. service is also being added on alternative forms of transportation this summer. >> the city of alexandria is doing lots of creative stuff. you know, boatsoi gng right over to the whatever wharf. the -- to the wharf. the lanes to the parkway. anything we c to get people into town. >> metro says it will have the stations back open after the first week of september. we have everything you need to know about the shuttle bus routes in the app, just search "metro shutdown." new this morning, downtown silver spring willu ergo a $10 million makeover later this year. our news partners at wtop report the redesign includes new outdoor spaces, restaurants, and housing. another $15 million will be spent on renovating the former discovery communications building in silver spring. meanwhile,w there are ne efforts to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians in the district. vdot says it will be changing
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all the crosswalks to make them more visible. here's a look at the current crosswalks around d.c. the district plans to change all of them to the ladder-style there. proponents say the style is easier to spot and can make it easier for everyone on the roads. all part of the vision-zero initiative to end all traffic-related fatalities by 2024. familyildren love to hear stories about the day they were born. >> okay. a pair of local parents, they have quite the tale to tell their son. on wedsday, zion peyton's mom and dad introduced him to the men and women of d.c. engine company 13. back in january, the crew from southwest had rushed to help zion comehe into t world inside his parents' chevy impala. >> the car ride, we were on the phone with our doctor. and i know at a cerin point, screaming earing me and me saying "i don't think we're going to make it." >> it was beautiful.
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it was my first delivery, baby delivery. i mean, it was a new experience. but you know, with the training, i was well prepared. >> the family skyped with the firefighter from texas, too. he was visiting d.c. the nighto zias born and stopped to help the crew with that delivery. okay, they're never getting rid of that car. it has special meaning. >> it does.ov >> i l it. >> it will be di ed in bronze like the baby shoes. >> good idea. 4:11 right now. for several years it's been promised that harriet tubman would appear on the $20 billion. that's being day -- $20 bill. that being delayed. >> we'll tell you the new date to see the design. plus, grilling is fun.if you're not careful, it can be >> four things to keep in mind to stay safe this summer. chuck bell? all right. we'll have a stormy weather alert day because all the active weather in the miest is going to start to impact the mid-atlantic later in the aftp,noon. coming'll show you the future weather.
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so it will be years before you see the new design for a $20 bill. you may recall the new face on thedill was suppo to be freed slave harriet tubman. the treasury department who was
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supposed to issue harriet tubman $20 bills next year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote. now the new bill won't be issued until 2028. treasry secretary mnuchays the $10 and $50 bills would be approved first. >> okay. >> yea some young voices wi get a historic platform to talk about race and immigratin. >> yeah. they're taking the stage at ford's theater for a program called stand up, be heard. 15 students from the arlington career center in rockville high school will deliver personal messages on struggles for immigrants making a new life in the u.s., as well as long-held issues about race. ford's theater was chosen because of its connection to president lincoln and how he used the power owords. the students have been practicing for weeks ahead of tonight.
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>> terrified. i mean, it's pretty big for me.t g the chance to talk about something that i feel passionate about. >> i love feelg passionate. the free event starts at 7:00. for more information, head over to the nbc washington app, and search "speeches." crews will be look on the national mryl today tg to save an historic tree. last week we told you this mulberry tree fell during a storm. some of the roots are damaged, but experts think they can salvage part of the tree. the first step is tond stat upright. the national parks service calls this a witness tree because of everything it's seen in its 100-plus years on the mall. >> that's why it collapsed because everything's seen. >> tired, right? >> all the ght. okay. an unexpected visitor stopped by the national weather service offices near dues this week. look at this -- pictures posted on twitter show a black bear roaming the property. the weather service joked that they prefer people to schedule campus tours in advance. b
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you knowrs often wander into populated areas to look for food. >> uh-huh. >>o ling for -- >> for something. >> you saw the grill on the porch there, too. definitely in the right area. >> where as the burg and dogs, you know? > chuck, 4:17. a weather alert day. what are you expecting? >> later we'll ve to keep a close eye on mother nature. she has a lot of plans for stronger thunderstorms later on in the day today. eat he severe weather t scale, we're up to step three. so what would normally just be marginal, then slight, yesterday we were s in theght category. for today, the storm prediction center has increased that to an enhanced threat for severe weather. not looking for a tornado outbreak, but we are looking for thunderstorms which could really pack some strong straight-line winds. look at that line of storms moving in toward annapolis early this morning. green, overnight thunderstorms -- again, overnight thunderstorms pretty u husual. we'e to keep a close eye
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on. that thunderstorms early across parts of central pennsylvania. those are not going come for us. the ones headed to annapolis aand -- for to indiapolis. there's a higher chance infr ederick county and lower chace toward fredericksburg, virginia. know if you're traveling today, the farther north you go, the more likely that you're going to see the p ssibility for severe weather. here's future weather. all quiet through the morning hours. maybe a shower or two in northern maryland. the severeea weather t gets going once we get into the afternoon. between 1:00 and 3:00, storms developing in the shenandoah valley. if you're going to have bad weather, 1:00 to 3:00 along he81. closer to t later half of the afternoon, the getaway time for a lot of people leaving town for the early getaway on the holiday weekend, here's the weather models.
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4:00 timestamp, storms near ltimore, leesburg, frederick, manassas, and between 4:00 and 5:00 the likelihood of the storms to come through the metro area. between 5:00 and 6:00, moving into southern maryland. the righ b over the baydge could be impacted by bad weather just when most of the people are trying to get on it and get over to the eastern shore. here's the five-day forecast. keep a weather eye to the sky. have your nbc washington app ready to go this afternoon. doug will be he t help track all or any severe weather threat. great weather returns for tomorrow and saturday. a little hint of summer heat and humidity for your sunday. melis melissa, happy thursdasd >> happy thy. the right side is blocked by a crash. don't have slowdowns on the map yet. we'll have more i couple of minutes. silver spring, inner loop near university boulevard, two left lanes getting by the work zone. the rest of the beltway, no big far as
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northbound 270 before man trees, a work zone -- montrose, a work zone. this is a millingroject before they get into the paving. centreville, braddock near kp pickwick, downed wires and pole.
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welcome back at 4:22. this morning our summer safety series continue with something
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everybody loves to use in the back yard -- the grill. but do we know how to use that grill safely? >> that meat looks so good right now even at this hour. we did speak with a retired fire chief who once worked under president george w. bush as head of the u.s. fire administration. chief greg cade knows too well the dangers of grilling and the stats may surprise you. >> from 2013 through 2017, there were ten people lost their lives in grilling fires. 160 injuries, and 123 -- million in direct fire loss from people having problems when they were grilling. >> chief cade says that as ween ter thes prime grilling eason, there are things we should keep in mind. he spoke with our news4's melissa mollet. >> reporter: here are four things to know about firing up that grill this year.
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first, when working with propane, check your connections. you can use soapy water to look for air bubbles. >> the hoses that connect the tank to the grill are usually a rubber or some sort of polymer -- you know, they tend to crack as they get oerllder. >> reporter: one of biggest fire hazards, a dirty grill. this one -- >> scary. >> reporter: keep it clean. >> these flutes here are where the gas comes out, where the flame comes out.n look a see how blocked up they are. you can see where they're closed off. it's not going to operate properly. that's when you begin to start seeing people, well, you know, turn it up higher. >> reporter: a strong brush or scrapier will work. -- scraper will work. >> eventually if you don't clean it, it's going to catch grease on fire. >> reporter: properly disposal of grease or charcoal is key. >> t it in t trash like you woul any other grease container. charcoal, little bit different.
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you need m toake sure that as you'releaning that out the big mistake people make is they don't realize how long charcoal can burn, and they end up putting it in th trash can, and nothing good comes from that generally. >> reporter: and keep itay a and keep any kids away. three feet is what chief cade recommendation. >> if you drive through the neighborhoods, you will notice people that have the side of their vinyl siding melted because they had the grill too close. >> reporter: also remember you n shouldver smell the gas while cooking. if that happens, chief cade reminds us to shut off the propane and chck out what's going on before using the grill again. aaron? >> best advice here. thank you. 4:25. coming up, a serial swindler accused of conning women out of thousands. he's making headlines nationwide. now we're learning of his local connections. plus, making ride sharing
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safer t whato know about new features on the lyft app before you request your next ride. and good morning, everyone. dst-walking fore time. it could be an active weather afternoon. this morning, nothing to worry about. look at this cutie here. 3-month-old tootie. l nicek at a little puppy there, three months old. you like that, huh? temperatures in the 80s. ll be wtching out for ll be wtching out for a
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right now "news4 today," hitting the road for the holiday. millions taking advantage of the long weekend, gearing up to get out of town today. how the extra traffic coul impact your commute. plus, he's known as the american today this convicted terrorist will be set free. where in our area he's expected to start his new life after prison. plus -- >> mr. simms asked that if his wanted posterwa s put up and he got 20,000 likes, he would turn himself in. >> a facebook challenge from a wanted man. more on the suspect who promises to trade his own freedom for
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likes. it's almost impossible to believe what people come up with these days. >> my goodness. first thing this morning, we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode ahead of severe storms heading our way. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. eun yang is off, getting an early start on the holiday weekend. if you're headed outside now, you probably wouldn't suspect what's to come this aft'snoon. that why you need to make sure you pack the umbrella for later on. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bel is here to fillus in, and we'll chei in w melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. what do we need to know? what you need to know, there's an increasing chance for strong to severe thunderstorms later on in the afternoon today as is typically the case thise tim year. it's that afternoon chance that we're concerned with. so four things to know about the next four days, the strong thunderstorm threat later today, peak timing for this is robably tw


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