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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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delicious, but it can also be sngerous. our summer safetyeries continues. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. we have beautiful clear skies this morning, but a threat of severe weather coming later this afternoon. >> there's always a "but." >> i know. >> melissa mollet has first 4 traffic in a second. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is going to lay out this weather alert for us. >> what's up with this >> well, got to get through today. once we get through today, the weather picture improves dramatically for the holiday weekend. so a relatively small price to pay for thunderstorms on your thursday. right now, just some fair weather clouds over washington in o -- on a thursday morning. there will be a weather alert this afternoon. severe storms possible between
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2:00 and 8:00, arriving first in the shenandoah valley, then moving through the d.c. metro area and eventually into southern maryland. the main thrt would be a potential for a wind gust with any of the individual storms up over 60 miles per ur. right now it is 68 in front roy royal, virginia. 64 in quantico. 66 in annapolis. the threat for severe weather, marginal toward charlottesville, igher in the washington area and higher still for baltimore and parts of under maryland. there will be a chance of severe weather all dry roads until after 2:00. thft ride out o here and especially the ear getaway folks, melissa, that could take it on the chin. >> i oiree. it's to be bad this afternoon if you have to leave. then adding in that rain, really kind of a mess. chopper 4 over an earlier issue on the beltway. so this is the situation that's been around probably for an hour right now. take a look. it is on the right shoulder so that is very, very good news.
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we still have some delays. again, this is inner loop there at university boulevard. just a little bit of a delay. more of a delay really on the outer loop. and you can see that on the map. the re of the beltway, no issues. chevy chase, connecticut avenue at bradley lane, have an accident reported tre in the intersection. northbound 295 before pennsylvania avenue, right lane blocked by that crash. aaron? >> all right. 6:02.. today millions of people will hit the road for the memorial day holiday kicking off the official start to summer. >> can't wait. now with that will come the widlock, we don't reallyt that. but we're working 4 you by letting you know when you should leave. get out before all of that stuff comes. here's a live look at he bay idge. looking pretty good. traffic starting to pick up there. but nothing compared to what it will look like in a few hours as people head to the beaches. we want to go live to justin finch with more on when you should hit the roads. >> reporter: hey there, good
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morning. before you and your family get in that car gnd try t out for the long weekend, you'll want to be ready for weather, of course, we now know. but also for traffic, too. aaa advising you go on ahead and ur work r alternate,yor arounds. you won't be alone on the roadways. close to a million people from our area alone wille on the roads. up from last they're saying right now to brace for build-up on critical areas in our area. talking about the beltway an 95. 270 and route 50 just offer from where we are now. they could really see traff crunches beginning this afternoon, especially after 4:00 p.m. when everyone's getting off work and school to start their long memorial day holiday weekend. we spoke with the owner of the smith island inn. she says she is expecting traffic, of course, but also a
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lot of business at her bed and breakfast beginning t ay. >> we'll have people from washington, baltimore. we get people from as far away as sweden and china for the kay kayaking. we'll have a gre time. probably have a bonfire, eat a lot of crab cakes. >> reporter: that sounds l ke all the fun a lot of us are looking forward to for the long holiday weekend. if you are driving, there iso gonews -- gas prices down this year close to 17 cdets nationwi some things are going up -- talking about car rentals as well as hotels. you got to pay somewhere in there i guess. >>ve in steubenville, back to you. lways find a way to get more money out of you. justin inch in along -- near the bay bridge. thanks. andst with us as you get ready for the memorial day weekend. download the nbc washington app so you can have the holiday weekend forecast right in your hand any time. we've been talking about there after days of severe
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weather, breaking news out of missouri. overnight the state hit by two powerful tornadoes. >> we heard from jefferson city officials, the capital there. damage is described as c, catastrophi like something out of a officials ha received multiple calls for injuries. just a few hours away in golden city, missouri, three people were killed. rescue crews arh combing throug rubble looking for survivors. golden city is a short distance from joplin, missouri. yesterday marked eight years since a tornado killed people. this week's severe weather has already proved deadly in iowa. one person there killed by a tornado in adair. that's a small town outside of des moines. the national weather service says the twister registered as an ef-2. in mississippi, flooding has been the big this aerial footage taken just northwest of jackson. boats are used or being used to escue people who have become
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trapped. >> and flooding continues to be an issue in oklahoma, as well. ndreds of people there being urged to seek higher ground. the oklahoma highway patrol says one driver died after trying to drive a car off a flooded road. altogether there have been five confirmatd weather-reled deaths across the u.s. we' following a developing story in the district. a woman found a camera hidden in a bathroom stall at the t departmen veterans affairs, and this morning an employee is facing charges. 24-year-old alex geenlee was arrested tuesday. he planted two micro cameras, police say, in the women's restroom at the building on i street in chinatown. the cameras recorded at least four women. one of them spotted the camera in january. a witness to policehe saw greenlee enter the women's restroomr he told he went in because the men's room was out of paper towels. one camera was found that d and turned over to police. a second was found a knowing
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anything. but investigators say they have video of him anting the cameras. this morning we still don't know who is in the racist photo that appeared on governor ralph northam's yearbook page. independent attorneys could not con clues uclusively determine -- conclusively determine the identitieof either individual in this photo published in 1984. when a right-wing website published that picture earlier this year, northam first apologized and later denied being in it. northam releasedim a estte in response to the report that came out that reads, "i am not in the racist and offensive photo. that said, i know and understand the events of early february and my response to them have caused hurtor many virginians. and for that i am soy." put the full 36-page report in the nbc washington app. it was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure between president trump and speaker nancy pelosi
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but three minutes after it began, it was ove the president left the meeting and marched right to the rose garden. he publicly declared he wouldn't work with the democrats on any issue until all ivestigations into him are ended. house democrats are issuing subpoenas to rrent andormer members of his administration. they're demanding to see his tax reurns and asking thec special nsel to testify. in response, speaker pelosi accused him of engaging in a cover-up. >> to look at people that just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. >> this president is obstructing justice, and he's engaged in a cover-up. and that could be an impeachable offense t drama only gave democrats more fuel to argue that impeachment proceedings need to begin. speaker pelosi has so far resisted that idea. 6:08. today a new jersey pol we officerill be in court to face
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charges kat he shot andilled a man as he left a tffic stop. 26-year-old jovanni krespo faces life in pris if convicted. we should warn you, the video you're about to see is violent and disturbing. body camera video showed him repeatedly shooting at 46-year-old gregory griffin back in january. he fired at griffin's car at three locations even as it pulled away. griffin died. his passenger was in red. prosecutors say no other officers opened fire. >> showed a reckless disregard for human life by shooting into vehicle. >> reporter: krespo's attorney declined talking to nbc news. theree may b an overhaul of a i ues aftere deadly shooting of robert white in silver spring. the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing. if the bill passes, the task
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force could start with reviewing the video of the white officer ing the w"n"d after stopping black men outside a mcdonald's this monhe. t advisory commission will notan have disciplinary powers. we're days away from metro rail's big shurmummer shutdown. now alexandria is trying to help passengers cope with it. they talked about possible work-arounds. free shuttle buses will be st thetation closed south of reagan national airpon the blue and yellow lines. officials say extra service is also being adde on alternative forms of transportation this summer. >> the city of alexandria is doing creative stuff. boats going to the wharf. anything we can to do get people into town. >> metro will have the statio back open after the first week e in septemr. we have everything you need to know in the nbc washington app. several "metro shutdown."
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new this morning, downtown silver spring will undergo a $10 million makeover later this year. our news partners at wtop report the redesign includes new outdoor spaces, restaurants, and housing, another $15 million spent on renovating the former discovery communications building in silver spring. children, they love it hear the family stories about the day they were born. i don't remember my mother eve telling anything about my birth day. maybe it wasn't spectacular. >> you never kw, right? a pair of parents here in our area has really a great story to tell their son.y, on wednes zion peyton's mom and dad introduced him to the men and women of d.c. fire company -- fire engine company 1 in january the crew from southwest d.c. rushed in to help zion come into the world. in his parvts' che impala. >> the car ride we were on theo ph with our doctor. and i know at ain certa point,
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just hearing me screaming and saying, "i don't think we're going toake it." >> it was beautiful. it was my first delivery, baby delivery. so i mean, it was a new experience. with the training i was well prepared. >> the family skyped with a firefighter from texas wednesday.g he was visitinc. the night zion was born and stopped to help the crew with the delivery. >> okay. he has a story to share, baby zion, forever. >> probably dfathers and godmothers in the fire department, too. 6:12 now. for several years it's been uomised that harriet tan would appear on the $20 bill. now that's been delayed. >> we'll tell you the new date that you'll be able to see the design. plus, grilling, it's fun. if you're not careful it can be dangerous. >> we're showing you four things to keep in mind to stay safe m this sur. chuck? good morning, everyone. thursday before the long memorial day weekend, beach weather, if you're headed to the eastern shore,friday, saturday,
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and sunday. really nice weather down at the coastline. the ocean water still on the si chilly . rain chances are low. we'll look at the impacts on the getaway weather for today.
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but theia efforts are limited s or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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it will be years before you see the new design for the $20 bill. you might recall the new face on the bill was supposed to be this one. the freed slave harriet tubman. the treasury department was supposed to issue the $20 next year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote. now, the new bill won't be ssued until 2028. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said yesterday the $10 and $50 bills would be improved first.
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>> we're going to be hearing about that a lot more from people. >> already a lotf folks incensed on twitter this morning. all right.6: 6. some young voices will get a historic platform tonight to talk about race and immigtion. >> yeah, they're taking the stage at ford's theater for a program called stand up, be already. 1 5 students from the arlington career centerle and rockvil high school will deliver personal messages about race and the struggles immigrant faced. ford's cheater was chosen because -- ford's theater was chosen because of its connection to lincoln and how he used the power of words. the studets have been practicing for weeks ahead of tonight's performance. >> terrified. i mean, it's pretty big for me. getting the chance to talk about something that i really like, i feel passionate about. >> yeah, they have a voice. the free event starts a 7:00. for more information, head over to the nbc washingtonpp and search "speeches." crews will be back on the
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national mall trying to save a historic tree. last week we told you about this mulberry tree that fell during a storm. some of the roots are damaged. but experts think they can salvage part of the tree. the first step is to get it standing upright the national parks service calls this a witness tree because of everything it's se in its 100-plus years the national mall. >> all right. hopefully they can salvage some of that. >> that would be nice. >> yeah. what's the latest on the weather here? >> all right. we're going to be in weather alert mode for you this afternoon to help keep you safe from what could be potentially strong thunderstorms. no weather worriarly this morning. skies are kind of got that little bit of a golden glow to them here. sunrise abo m almost 30nutes ago now. 60 degrees up in martinsburg, west virginia. notice a much milder start today than yesterday. winds have come back around to the south. that's bringing in warmer, more, humimore unstable air. as a result our severe weather chances for today look even higher than they looked
6:18 am
hosterday. your sc day forecast then, nothing to worry about here. waiting for the buses this morning. temowratures in the l 60s. 78 at recess time. 87 for the high today with a 60% chance of storms. it haseally been rocking and rolling weatherwise across southern illinois and southern motion during the -- southern missouri during the overnight hours. unfortunately, three people killed in central missouri overnight. thetrong storms will arrive y later toda and will pack a punch. early storms north of philadelphia. as you see, nothing here yet. chances for severe weather, marginal south of fredericksburg. a slight chance from fredericksburg to the washington metro area. enhanced risk for baltimore. severe chances get hire the farther north -- higher the farther north you travel. nothing going on before lunchtime today. once we get past 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, storms will develop. this is 3:00 now on our forecast
6:19 am
model. this thing updates each and every hour. a couple of updates ago, it was thought that the storms would have already been going. it's delaying them a little bit. that's not necessarily good news. the longer it takes to get the storms going, the warmer and more unstable the air will be when they arrive. 4:30, anhit-miss storms baltimore toward washington, fredericksburg. the storms intense as they are likely to be going down the chesapeake bay into southern maryland and out over the -- over the chesapeake bay bridge on that the eastern shore. so if you're ying to do a little early getways, to the shore -- getaway to the shore, get away reallyy. earl if you wait until 3:00, 4:00, you will be traveling in thunderstorms over the brooklyn bridge. not what you want --ay the b bridge. not what you want to do. >> definitely not. it will be a mess here this afternoon. as chuck said, leave as early as you can. chopper 4 over an inch in chevy chase. northbound connecticut, we had been shut down. now just the right side is
6:20 am
blocked much the southbound lan have reopened after the accident. thank you for that, chopper. inner loop, outer loop, looking pretty good. earlier issue is gone. enrthbound 295 before pennsylvania av right lane blocked by an accident there. manassas, southbound dumfries after prince william parkway, left gain lets by. 66 and 95 no issues. 2008 looks good. 270 looks good. take-off.ov
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and this a lg reminder from his wife. this is will finally depositing that expense check. oh, and this is will paying his brother-in law back with zelle for their annual camping trip.
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this is your righte, right now bank.for the long flight. h this is wells fargo. welcome s morning our summer safety series begins with something everyone loves to use, the back yard grill. he food may be delicious, but the grillcan be dangerous. >> we spoke with retired fire chief who once worked under
6:24 am
president george w. bush as head of the u.s. fire administration. chief greg cade explained to news4'selissa mollet all about the dangers of grilling. re four ter: here things to know about firing up that grill this year. first, when working with propane, check your connections. you can use soapy water to look for air >> the hoses connect the tank to the grill are usually a rubber or some sort of polymer -- you know, they tend to crack as they get older. >> reporter: one of the biggest fire hazards, a dirty grill this one -- >> scary. >> reporter: keep it clean. >> these flutes here are where the gas comes out, where the flame comesndut. look a see how blocked up they are. yoedcan see where they're cl off. it's not going to operate properly. arat's when you begin to seeing people, well, you know, turn it up higher. >> reporter: a strong brush or scraper will work. >> eventually if you don't clean it, it's going to catch grease on fire.
6:25 am
>> reporter: proper disposal c of grease rcoal is key. >> put it in the trash like you would any other grease container. charcoal, little bit different.d you neo make sure that as you're cleaning that out the big mistake people make is they don't realize how long charcoalc an burn, and they end up putting it in the trash can, and nothing good comes from that geerally. >> reporter: and keep it away and keep any kids away. three feet is what chief cade commends. >> if you drive through the neighborhoods, you will notice people that have the side of their vinyl siding melt because they had the grill too close. >> reporter: also remember you should never smell e gas while cooking. if that happens, chief cade reminds us to shut off the propane and check out what's going on before using the grill again. >> rely important stuff to
6:26 am
keep in mind. thank you. it is 6:26. coming up, a strange request from a police suspect. he's promising to turn himself if police can complete a facebook challenge. >> we'll fill you z on this biarre way to get a man behind bars. chuck? >> dog-walking forecast time. from humane rescue alliance, this three week old cutie is named tootie. cute little.girl tootie's available for adoption. you can go to the website, and they have other dogs and cats and va ous types ofldlife that you can adopting, turtles, rabbits. nice, dry weather for most of the day. we're tracking a chancest for ng to severe thunderstorms this afternoon. >> reporter: hidden cameras found in the women's bathroom. coming up, i'll tell you where they were found.
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it is 6:29 right now. may be hard to believe while looking outside right now, but we are in weather alert mode this morning. beautiful picture there. >> beautiful. >> along the bay bridge. severe storms, though, are o
6:30 am
headed way a little later on today. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for yang. we'll get you right to the local forecast in a couple of minutes. first, breaking news overnight emabout the storm syst that we've been dealing with and will be dealing with today. >> it produced two reportedrn tooes in missouri overnight. one of those hit golden city killing at least three people. a second reported tornado hit the state's capital city of jefferson city leaving behinds catastrophic damage there and residents trapped in basements. >> the midwest right in the middle of this severe weather system for days. you're looking at the flooding happeng in oklahom one driver died. flooding's been a big problemwi the storm system impacting a few states. let's get over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for more on the storms and the impact on our local weather. >> we'll check in with melissa mollet,oo, for a first 4 traffic update.
6:31 am
chuck, what do you want to tell us about fbest? >> just repared for the thunderstorms during the course of the middle and later afternoon hours today. you have all mornings to get anything done if you want to do yard work. the sooner you get it done, the better off you'll be. skies a golden color early. what you need to know, weather alert for the afternoon hours, storms likely to develop in thee shenandoah valaround 2:00 or so in the afternoon and roll through southern maryland and on to the eastern shore. important if you're headed to he beaches for the weekend by about 8:00. peak timing in and around the city probably betwe 3:00 and 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. any individual storm could have winds that gust over 60 miles per hour. you'll notice the change in air masses on the way out this morning. it will be toast ever warm before the storms -- toasty warm before the storms array. 86 today. we'll showyou the hour-by-hour progression coming up and not to mention the beach forecast for the holiday weekend.
6:32 am
melissa? > thanks. chopper 4 headed to the bay bridge. kind of show us what's going on. nice, light volume. will irease through the day. it will be nasty if we hit the rain situation chuck's been utlking about and everybody trying to head o of town. inner loop, outer loop, looking typical. don't have any complaints there. wie southbound 301 after 197 do have a brand-new accident. and manassas, reminder here, southbound dumfries an prince william parkway, w -- dumfries and into the prince william parkway, we tonight have any problems there. hitting the highway for the memorial day weekend, you don't want to let thunexpected traffic slow you down. aaa says the absolute worst time to hit the road is between 4:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> if you're traveling over the chesapeake bay bridge, leave after 10:00 p.m. tonight.ff tra will be 54% worse on i-270 northbound today.
6:33 am
around 6:00 p.m., before hitting the road, aaa advises that you have your car's battery tested. look for coolantckleaks, che the condition of your tires. justin nch will have a live ro report f the bay bridge coming up at 6:45. also developing in the district, a disturbing developing story unfolding inside an office where hundreds of federal employees will return to work today. two hidden cameras led to an arrest at the office of vete ns affairs chinatown this week. now one man is facing charges while investigators work on finding out more. >> news4's mental health joins us now live from outside the v.a. building on i street. megan, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: police are still trying to identify one of the victims that was captured by one of these few when you go into a restroom, you expect to have some privacy. a woman was very surprised and disturbed when she found a micro
6:34 am
camera hidden in one of the bathroom stalls here a the department of veterans affairs. now a government employee, 24-year-old alex greenlee has been arrested. he's been charged with five counts of misdemeanor voyeurism. the investigation actuallyegan back in january. the woman who found the camera said that greenlee was outside c on al phone when she came out. he told her that heo needed to inside to get paper towels because there weren't any in the men's rhyme. a few days later, a second camera was found in another stall. investigators questioned any lee, he denied knowledge of the cameras. according to arrest documents, a forensic searchof the cameras' memoriy cards, shows greenlee installing the cameras. five women were videotaped inside the bathroom. police are trying to identify one of those victims. back to you. >> thank you.
6:35 am
happening today, he's been known as the american taliban, and he's moving to northern virginia. this is john walker lindh. he's suddenly released from prison today after 1 serving years on a 20-year terrorism conviction. lindh was captured in office fighting alongside the t liban months after the 9/11 attacks. even after lindh showed remorse to a judge, records show he continued to advocate forihad from prison. a judge ruled the fbi will contor all of lindh's -- will monitor all of lindh's internet activity and he's only allowed to communicate on line in english. an internal law enforcement memo nbc news obtained expresses concerns about letting lindh out of prison ea ly. and it says that he continued to advocate for jihad even while he was in pr> on. >>6:35. here are some of our other top stories this morning -- d.c. police say they have identified the people involved in a violen assaultthat led to a senate employee's death.
6:36 am
berner bud johnsoned iii di days after getting into a fight near nats park last wednesday. he wked as a senate staff member for three detectives are waiting for a reporfrom the medical examiner's office before they at rule his a homicide. detectives will return at w00 p.m. to a national park fairfax countyre they spent several hours searching for a body yesterday. overnight we learned officers didn't find anything at north hill pa fairfax county police say crews will return today to the wooded area near the mt. vernon square apartments and continue their search. the tragic dea a of high school student is sparking safety changes in stoof county. the board voted to shuts down a popular -- to shut down a popular boat ramp until further notice. this after helen wang was killed in a car crash while using the ramp a week ago. her friends say there are other roadway safety changes in the county they would like to see done. it is just about 6.
6:37 am
. 37. coing up, a special delivery at oe foot of the washingt monument. a look at the reunion between a firefighter and the baby who just couldn't wait to com into theworld. plus -- >> mr. simms asked that if wanted poster was put up and he got 20,000 likes, he would turn himself in. >> first, a facebook challenge from a wanted man.
6:38 am
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new video this morng of a pretty cool way to celebrate a big birthday. that is longtime orioles fan mary inlow. she threw out the first pitch t last night ring in her 100th birthday. mary's been an os fan since the team came back to baltimore in 1954. she watches all the games.
6:40 am
so pretty fitting for her to be able to begin last night's game, especially since it was against the ankees. the orioles lost 5-7, but mary's a winner. got to be out on the field with one of her favorites. >> love it. very nice. 6:40. we're back now with a story that's getting a lot of attention on line this morning. a man wanted by police in connecticut made a very unusual request -- >> jose simms said he would turn himself in if his mug shot received enough likes on the departme's facebook ge. he opened himself up to torrington police for 20,000 rekes. eventually he ag to 15,000 instead. apparently there was some sort of negotiation -- >> i was going to said how d he negotiate? edpagbe oikf l esoriginal request. this morning, though, surprise, surprise, he's still on the ru probably won't turn himself in either. among the reasons he's wanted -- failure to appear in court seven times. the charges he faces range from
6:41 am
risk of injury to a child to misuse of 911. failure to appear in court. i> just taunting police. >> he ain't com in. >> huh-uh. >> in case you were confused. another man is making headlines for conning a georgia woman out of $80,000. he's wanted for similar crimes in this area, too. >> yeah. police say he targeted women in virginia, maryland, two other states, as well. john martin hill was arrested tuesday in tennessee. detectives say he met a woman od an convinced her to give him $80,000 to buy a home. then he vanished. police say he'll change -- hill changed his name more than five times in 2.5 years. >> wow. $80,000 from one person. boy. let's turn to the morning business report. >> reporter: good morning, i'm frank holland. walmart is keeping its pledge to hire thousands of military spouses. the nation's largest retailer has hired nearly 6,000 since launching a program last year. more than 75%st cntry's
6:42 am
500,000 military spouses are looking for work. they face a 26% unemployment rate. walmart also says it's more than 90% of its goal to hire 250,000 veterans by next year. with your mortgage businesse ports, i'm -- morning business report, i'm frank holland. and good morning. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day for the chances of afternn thunderstorms that could be on the strong to severe side. slight chances for vere weather from washington south, but an enhanced risk for severe weather from northern maryland ckd southern pennsylvania. hour by hour cheoming up. and right now a beautiful bay bridge on this getaway day. not going to be this situation tonight. what else is happening right now if you'rerying to the
6:43 am
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♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving theesingdom what doth thoue? my lord? hey good knight. where are you ♪ing? ♪up ♪ climbing on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else?
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15 before the hour now. the white house and houseat democrare in a stalemate. >> president trump is refusing to work with democrats until they stop their investigations into him and his administration. >> there comes after house speaker nancy pelosi accused the
6:46 am
president of a cover-up. the drama boiled over at the white house. that's why we find peter alexander with the latest on all this. good mornier. >> report nice to see both of you this morning. when it comes to this relationship between the president and top mocrats, this really could be a new low. president trump, as you noted, storming out of this meeting with democratic leaders, threatening not to work with them unil they stop what he called "these phony investigations." the president was fumiar about rem you noticed that house speaker nancy pelosi accused him of hiding information from congress. she said the democrats believe that he's engaged in a cover-up. the president in the rose garden shot back, "i don't do cover-ups. for now, the showdown is actually threatening the possibility of a bipartisan agreement on key issues like infrastructure, disaster aid, and otthers. but e are some must-do items that just need to got done like government spending and debt and the debt limet that need to g done at some president obama. the president's comments -- some point. the president's comments, espite them, officials say
6:47 am
negotiations on those crucial issues remain ongoing. we'll have the latest when we on see you "today." back to you. >> all right. peter alexander for us at the white house. see you in a few minutes. thas. ome breaking news now from missouri where two powerful tornadoes were reported overnight. at least three people were killed in golden city. a second likely twisters hit jefferson city, leaving behind catastrophic damage there. now the severe weather has also proven deadly in iowa.s one person wa killed by a tornado in adair. that's a small town just outside des moines. the national weather service says the twister registered as an ef-2. in oklahoma, extreme flooding is we problem. officials say aan was killed after trying to drive across a flooded road earlier this week. al together there have been five confirmed dweather-relate deaths across the midwest. >> now to the yearbook investigation inrginia. we still do not know who is in the racist photo that appeared on virginia governor ralph northam's medical school
6:48 am
yearbook r a four-month investigation launched by the medical school, independent attorneys could not conclusively determine the identities of either individual in this photo published in 1984w a right-wibsite published the picture earlier this year. zed, but irst apolo then later denied being in it. northam released the statement in response to the report which reads in art, "i am not in the racist and offensive photo. that being said, i know and understand e events of early february, and my response to them have caused hurt for many virginians. r that, i am sorry." we put the full 36-page report in the nbc washington app. 6:48. the memorial day weekend is upos you are looking like -- is upon us. you are looking at the brooklyn bridge. you don't want any unexpected traffic problems to slowou wn. plan ahead. today drivers could see travel times triple as the holiday
6:49 am
travelers mix in with the regular commuters o the road today. one of the worst spots, you're looking at this there, that is theba chesapeake bridge. >> justin finch is live on the other side of the bridge with more on the best ways to avoid thckgridlo maybe youed into eun yang's -- maybe you spotted eun yang's car eoing over the brihis morning. >> reporter: i was looking for her motorcade over there. good morning. i can tell you that aaa says you're going to want to make sure that you leave early because if you don't, it could cosyou in your time. want to take you to chopper 4. again, live over the chesapeake bay bridge. as tou can see,affic moving well on both sides. it could be a lot different this evening and going into the afternoon and evening, as well. that's when traffic is set to build evening commute mixing in with the rest of us going out on vacation. in fact, aaa says more of us will be on the road this year
6:50 am
talking about more than 960,000 people set to hit the road from the d.c. area. the good news is for drivers, you're going to see cheaper gatt. natiowide the average is d about 17 cents this year from last year. but you are going to want to make sure the cars youn are i is going tbe road-travel ready. aaa says already they're expecting to assist more than 55,000 motorists here in our area. high cobb jeff sessions beginning after 4:00 this afternoon, and again on a monday afternoon, that rush back homm holiday. the beltway, 95, 270, route50, those are going to be your hot spots. while you're behind the wheel, you'll want to keep cool. >> i love the holidays. famy time is the most important time. you definitely want to spend time with your family. ddefinitely leave aheaf time. the day or night before, you know, so you can beat most of e traffic. >> reporter: maurice there advising you to pla ahead if
6:51 am
you can. also, enjoy your family. that's going to be critical when you're behind the wheel. you see theck gridlo you want to fus l on the holzeiday weekend to help you on also plann the work around along with your actual roadtrip. live here in steubenville, justin finch, news4, back to you. >> request patients, too, while you're on -- request patience, too, while you're on the road. thanks. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day here, chuc because of what you're expecting later today, right? >> that's right. shu shining here on a tday morning. thursday afternoon could get a little rough around here. our severe weather chances have been increased by the folks at the storm prediction center from a ight risk yesterdayto now an enhanced risk for the northern half of the news4 nation today. now. you've noticed the change in air mass no doubt. winds turned around to the soute onight. warmer air, more humid air, more unstable air is riding that southerly wind into the region. right now, 60 in montgomery county.58 n fredericksburg.
6:52 am
62 here in the washington area. high today, very warm, 87 degrees. that's almost 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are watching for a chance for strong storms, though. if you're doing the awget and are going to try to spend quality time at the eastern shore, friday, saturday, sunday, the weather is gng to be great. a slight chance of a shower on sunday. monday looks dry, as lewell. s focus on the severe weather chance for today. that line of storms from detroit to cincinnati into parts of southern illinois, toward st. louis, that has been rocking and rolling overnight. at least three people killed in severe weather in missour last night. look at that big line of storms moving into western ohio. that's going to make slow but steadyur progress in o direction. there's the risk for severe weather today. higher chances for severeweathed southern pennsylvania. etrybody has at least the risk of gting hit by a stronger storm. gh updated -rhilues might be later t on into the afternoon. as i mentioned earer, that's
6:53 am
not necessarily a good thing. ree longer weait be warmer and more unstablehe air mass is likely to be. now we could delay it until well after sunset, that would be win thinha that won't en. look at this -- 5:00, in time forverybody to do t get away for the weekend, boom, thunderstorms in and around the capital beltway. the storms progress eastward over the bay bridge, into southern maryland and on to the eastern shore by later in the evening. keep in mind that early getaway could be stormy. there's your ten-day outlook. after a stormy day, refreshing, low humidity and a nice breeze tomorrow. great weather saturday. a little hot and humid on sunday. highs around 90. memorial day looks dry now. but plenty warm. then a lot more potential for 90-degree weather a we see the last couple of days of may. melissa, i love that shot of the bay bridge. it>> reporter: doesn't look good? bay bridge is looking good here. night, light volume for folks heading out super early.t is the time to go if you possibly can.
6:54 am
it's going to be yucky this afternoon, adding that to rain and not going to be the greatest. eastbound, westbound on the bay bridge -- who cares about westbound? eastbound on the bay bridge is looking quite good. outer loop, inner loop of the beltway, no problems here. keep your fingers krorss ecros for that, as well. bowie, after 197, an accident there. aentreville, braddock at pickwick, all lckslo bed 8: in the in morng. travel times, eastbound 66, 32 miles per hour. 95 north 50 mw es per hour ne york stock exchange maryland, 270 southbound, 35 miles per hour. top of the beltway, 27 miles per hour. e maybou had a spectacular birth. well, children, they love to hear family stories about the day they were yern. >> ah. a pair of local parents have quite the tale to tell their son, too. on wednesday, zion peyton's mom and dad introduced him to the men and women of d.c. engine 13.
6:55 am
back in januar the crew from southwest rushed to help zion come into the world inside his parents' chevy impala. >> the carride we were on the phone with our doctor. i know at a certain point just from her hearing me screaming and me saying "i on't think we're going to make it." >> it was beautiful. it wasy first delivery, baby delivery. so i mean, it was a new experience. but you know, with the training, i was well prepared. >> the family skyped with the firefighter from texas on wednesday. he was visiting d.c. the night zion was born and stopped top helthe crew with that very specialdelivery. ur55 is yo time. here are the four things you need to know. we are just days away there metro's major summer shutdown starting saturday. every station south ofag re national airport on the blue ane ow lines will be closed until september. we have the full guide on how you can get around the shutdown in our nbc washingt app. a veterans affairs employee
6:56 am
is accused of planting two cameras in a women's restroom. greenlee ors say alex recorded at least four women. for latest, check the nbc known as the american taliban is getting out of prison today and heading to northern virginia. john walker lindh was c tured fighting with the taliban in afghanistan? 2002. more coming up onda "to" at least three people were killed overnight in golden city, motion. the state was hit by powerful tornadoes overnight. also left catastrophic damage in the capital city of jefferson city. the latest on the storms next on "today." and your five-day forecast -- after a stormy for friday and saturday. sunday a little on the pre-summer steamy side for my likiitg. >> the wayhould be, though. >> i know. supposed to be, right? chopper 4 right now over the
6:57 am
brooklyn bridge showing you it is beautiful. gorgeous everyng looking good right now. this afternoon, not going to be the case. leave as ear a thas is you the today." thanks for joining us. >> the "today" show coming up next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and low necal news.
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breaking news. deadly and destructive. a new round of violent tornadoes tearing across the midwest overni miouri's capital devastated by a direct hit. a massive search and operation underway. >> right now we have emergency personnel from allenues trying to get to the people that need our assistant. >> the threat of severe weat r moving east today. standoff.lo g jabs after the president storms out


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