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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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good evening. breaking first 4 at0, multiple people shot in broad daylight on this memorial day. >> this is still a very active situation that we're following here. it's unfolding right now in southeast d.c. from the barry farm rec center. derrick ward is on the scene. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: this happened about 2:45 this afternoon in the barry farms neighborhood. it's the same road where the barry farms pool and rec center is located. we understand that six people in all have been shot. five adults, one juvenile. the informati we have ishat everyone was taken away from here conscious and breathing. they were taken to several hospits and shortly after the shooting folks started to to sh up to find out about theco nditions of loved ones. take aook at the video here. this is the scene earlier as paramedics and ems were on the scene. again, we are toldthat multiple people have been shot.
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six le, five juveniles. i mean, five adults and one juvenile. perhaps some of those cars even we heard that one of those cars may have bullet holes in it, so it seems likeed whatever happen happened here in the street on sumner road, near the intersection of sumner and wade. it's closed now for the investigation. we don't have any information on ton lookout or cction that the victims may have among each other orwe if they somehow involved with something going on at the rec center there, but again, an investigation under way.ix s people shot, five adults, one juvenile, all taken away conscious and breathing. we'll bring you more information as it becomeavailable. we are live in southeast. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. derrick. you, this is a situation we'll be following throughout the afternoon. stay tuned right here for updates. news 4 derrick ward will be reporting when he learns more information. switching gears now to our forecast. chief meteorologist doug
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kammerer traing some heat that's moving on through. >> doug standing by to start us off in the storm center. heat is the word? he >> that's t word. yesterday 92 degrees. a beautif memorial day. cookouts really looking good out there. take a look at these numbers. 84 degrees d.c., and let me tell you today that's a long drive today, but at least it's a beautiful one with sunshine across the area. not much in the way of rain chances. we've had a couple of showers mostly in the southern zone. you can see what i'm talking about. this is west of fredericksburg and will continue to make its way down to the south and east. that's one shower. the rest of us will stay dry tonight but tomorrow and tomorrow morning we're sending the kidsack to school. we're going back to work. this area of rain and storminess, this whole system moves ourway for the morning hours. i'm going to break it down for you hour by hour and yes, we're talking about that heat building
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just down to our south. >> again, speaking of the heat, maybe what? 72 hours or so until we were talking aboi this maybe be the first heat wave of the season. >> yeah. >> what are you thinking now about that? >> it was even looking like that earlwar this morning when i looking at the numbers, but now the latest data has one of these systems here moving a little bit farther to the south keeping the warmest area just down to our south and by that i'm talking frericksburg to richmond. d.c. may stay below the 90 degree threshold. it's still going to be warm. >> okay. we'll check back with you later on. now back to violence that's plaguing our city. a d.c.amily completely shocked and heartbroken after a 15-year-old local honor student was shot and killed. >> maurice scotthas s several times yestery while walking to a store in southeaste police werot able to revive him.en two wom and a girl were also hurt.o the teen's mther tells cory smith she just wants to hold her son one mo time.
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>> well, i'm still thinking that he might walk through that door. i just want to hld him one more time. >> monique scott was doing everything right, raising her son maurice to be respectful, hard working, generous. then in an instant all that work, all that love stolen away. >> this is not supposed to happen. i don't know why it happened, but it happened. and that's something i have to accept. >> reporter: scott is the district's 60th homicide. his motheraid he was walking to this store not far from their home in southeast when a car pulled up, gunman hopped out and started shooting. maurice was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the loss is hitting his twin sister melissa especially hard. but the scott family isn't mourning alone. maurice was also stolen from the community that he loves. >> every time kmi over hei comee he was ry respectful, humble.
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>> maurice had just finished his freshman year at rssome prep in southeast. >> i never had a disrespectful moment from maurice and i think he just knew how to be a good person. ts no doubt that started with mom, but what hur most is the birthdays, christmass she won't get to share. it's the fact that the daily gestures of a loving son towards is mother is something she'll never experience again. >> he always used to kiss me on the forehead in the morning. that's what i'll miss the most. >> reporter: it is leer that cl fhe folks in southeast are sick and tired o violence. up on scene lled occu handing out fliers just trying to get ahold. you heard about the generosity
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of the young man. she will be donating his organs in the hope that he might be able to give so the gift of life. >>back to you. cory smith, thank you. more changes coming to what's been called one of the most deadly roads in the country. activists have been fighting for changes. now the highway is getting new speed cameras. tracee wilkins spoke with a reverend who helped make it happen. >> reporter: reverend dr. robert screen helps people through their hardest times along route 210. >> i've run into accidents when i'm pulling my vest and going as a clergy member to an accident ene. accidents are not pretty. : when he's not working on the highway, he's at the hospital hoping to comfort the injured and those who have lost loved ones to this road. >> this is the most dangerous area for traffic fatalities in the state of maryland. >> reporter: like this past
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february whenen an accid took the life of juan castillo. >> i can remember the trauma the family had to experience and that sden loss of life. >> reporter: living here 40 years and remembers eachatal crash with photographic detail like that crash in this very spot in 2008. >> there were eight peop that were killed and one particular accident. >> reporter: it as due to drag racing in the beginning of a nasty trend. >> since that time we've had two additional accidents that occurred not 50 yards from this spot right in the intersection here. >> reporter: for 14 years, screen has worked with neighbors to make this road safer and this saturday that change is ras three roving speed ca that will operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. they'll moveoc fromion to location. the first of thei kind made possible through state legislation. >> it's been a long track.
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many people have been lost, but we're doing the best that we can to try to change some behavior. >> reporter: the officeriroving are expected to be in place by this saturday. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. the news 4 i-team has been looking into the wrecks on indian head highcoy. they disred that nearly all drunken drivers who cause crashes on the roadway avoided jail sentences. to see scott macfarlane's report, openbc the n washington app and search indian head highway. rrow will be the first test of the work arounds for the summer shutdown with the holiday weekend coming up. just remember, all six stations south of reagan national airport are closed. impacting the blue and yellow lines big time. we're got everything you need to know about that, shuttle buses, hov lanes, water taxis. we have all ofth at available to you on the nbc washington app. m searchetro shutdown. police are looking for
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suspects after a murder that spanned two towns in prince george's county. we want to show you where it ended on chauncey place in mt. rainier. police say the victim was inside. detectives believe the actual thooting happened on chillum road. ey're talking to other people who were inside that car with the victim. andhis memorial day we're honoring our fallen heroes. earlier vice president mike pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president traditional laid the wreath, but he's in japan. president trump and the first lady visited arlington cemetery. th paid their respects and placed a flag at soldier's head stone. >> one of the celebrations
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honoring fallen rsrvice membe is in downtown d.c. >> an estimated quarter of a million people enjoying the parade. memorial day >> that's right. news 4 mark segraves is down there. mark, a few celeities stopped by, huh? >> reporter: yeah, quite a few as a matter of fact. the real celebrities down here oday were our heroes, the members of the military, the men and women from all branches of the service and from many of our past conflict, korea, vietnam and desert storm. it was those veterans from world war ii who were featured here today as thousands looked on. it's been a tradition in theug inauration's capital for 15 years. the annual memorial day parade along constitution avenue. terry cheney from woodbridge got here early t get a seat. >> we're a military family and want to honor ourilitary and our forefathers and people that
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have done what they've done for our country. >> reporter: one of the featured performers at this year's parade is malen jarmim who just won "the voice". >> our loved ones have to spend time away and i want to dedicate it to that. >> college football legend lou holtz who like his father served in the u.s. army.y like man here today, holtz is honoring the sacrifices made by the troops and their family. he >> my fat from age 7 to 12 was in the pacific fighting world war ii. i never saw my dad. these are sacrifices that the family makes as well as the troops and so many times we don'tth recognize . ♪ >> reporter: as more maylin, she hopes she can inspire singer song writers to follow their
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deem. now what you want to say as an artist and be honest. the biggest thing i have to say is try not to impressive, but try to leave an >> reporter: right now wrapping up down here along constitution avenue. behind me there's still roads closuall along downtown that will be in effect for the next couple of hours. you can expect metro to be ded right etty cr about now, but a beautiful day for the memorial day parade. leon, megan, back to you guys. >> you picked the perfect day to be out there having this kind of celebration. that's for sure. thanks, mark. tommy mcfly is helping you master the grill in this perfect weather.coming up next, timing when you're trying to serve up the perfect steak. a local chef spills s grilling secrets. and protect your pets as it heats up and the dos and don'ts when it comes to keeping yofe pet sa >> down near the south around
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100 near savannah, georgia. i'll update you on how lo theng
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we are back withlook at our current temperatures. we've got major heat to the sought of us. doug is back soon with word on whetheritr not it will make way up here over the next few
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days. >> it is starting to feel like summer. >> yeyo >> and as re throwing the steaks on the grill this evening, we've got some suggestions on how to make it stand out. >> and news 4 tommy mcfly spent some time with chefor vict from tacobama and he wants to help you get that perfect flavor. >> it's all about grilling steak. chef victor, you are the steak master and you brought quite the today. intstone cut >> this is a tomahawk rib eye. prime and dry aged so you can see all the wonderful and muscular fat with the big bone on it. adds alot of flavor. >> so how do you get prepped for something like this? >> i like to add a little bit of olive oil to it. just enough that i can get it all over your pants. >> perfect. >> and then i like to add a little bit of salt hopefully it
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will blow all over exactly as planned. >> little windy day on the plaza. >> a little bit of pepper. >> to be honest, you've really got to season this thng. u really want -- first of all, when you see it, you're hoping to take some of the moisture out on the outside so that you can really get that crust. go at don't worry about it. you've got a lot of meat to cover it.e we do sili that we dehydrate in house and turn into wonderful chili powder. >> do you heat up on that? >> no. we don't like to seasonith a lot of heat. what we like to do is add heat on the side so you c add, but if you want to add some habanero, then we add it. here it's kind of like the overa overalllavor of it.
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>> i'm with you. i appreciate you going into it slowly. y so how long do put the rub on it? overnight? a couple hours? >> i wouldn't do it overnight because i think it will cure and you don't want a big piece of master piece jerkey. you want r theeally nice perfectly seasoned. about half an hour, 20 minutes before we hit the grill. you don't want to blast with at that high he for a very long time, because iwill just kind of char on the outside and not really cook on the inside. so you're going to want to get a good ar on it. maybe take it off the really high heat and let it get to temperature. we've pre-grilled a little bit these really nice tomatoes, advance the process a bit. either tomatoes, fresh grilled red onions. while we're making our steak, what we like to is grill our vegetables withe a lit bit of garlic. then we kind of puree it. right away it turns into
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something. we have the same vegetables we have on the grill in here, tomatoes, onions, charred jalapenos. we make our own salsa. >> what do you use at home? >> food processor or really fast knives. i like to char my limes too that go right into the salsa. the most important thing is a good quality piece of meat. go to a really good butcher shop. >> how much more expensive to go to the butcher shop? >> it's really not. it's more about time. i think what happens is people are much more, like, i need to have egg and cottage cheese and let me grab a steak. i think it's more about taking mont to get a good quality piece of meat. >> how would you finish off this giant tomahawk? >> you want to get your tomahawk off the grill, so we're going to go ahead and slice it down. thiss not a wellok done coing steak. the investment in thesteak i actually pretty big for it to bl
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we done. don't do it. it's too thick and it's not going to be you what expect out of a good quality piece of meat. if you want a well done steak, buy a filet mignon or don't. two m sitting here with people who were scared of rare meat. you can't tell me that did not look good. >> it did look good,t they can always do it better than i can. >> you have to practice. you've got to try. >> this is the season to do >> i like a little pink inside. my wifeli is you. >> come on, now. you can't be afraid of it. >> i'm not afraid of it.j i t like a little pink. >> if yo like the steak, grill today. >> perfect day.
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absolutely. >> just about as gorgeous as it gets. you have to run to the store real fast, roll the windows down, top down, whatever it is. today is that kind of a day. beautiful afternoon after a high yesterday of 92. in the low 80s right now. then tomorrow right back into the 90 84 the current temperature. winds out of the northwest 6 miles an hour. my daughter was home today and said daddy, they look just like cotton candy. that is cumulus clouds. 84 baltimore. also fredericksburg coming in at 83. everybody well above average by about 5 degrees. tomorrow we'll go warmer. on the radar not much out there as r as showers and thunderstorms go. there's one shower moving out of culpeper this one moving this way so it will move into spotsylvania county, but it will sthe to t west of fredericksburg. heads up toward that area. you may see that shower. that's about the only one out there. now, the other area wre watching, over towards chicago, look at this. this is a tornado watch aroundg
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chi they just had a tornado warning south of chicago with that storm right there. other warningh were oute as well. i'm watching this area, this whole thing can make its way our way tomorrow. not tonight. no problem this evening. if you have anybody coming over for the barbecue, looking okay there. look what happens tomorrow morning. here's 6:00 a.m. here's some shower activity. maybe some thunderstorm activity. watch what happens around 8:00. right on through the metro area, then getting out of here, we could see some come through around 8:00, 9:00. that sets the stage for the very warm air coming in during the afternoon. tomorrow night mchbe another ance of showers. this is where we're cooler on wednesday too. high temperatures over the next couple of days. i'm going 93 on tuesday. wednesday was going to be the oh hot day. now i'm no longer calling for a heat wave, but it's still going to be on t hot side. there's your next four days,
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well above average by about 10 degrees. much more on the heat. more on the cance of storms. i'll see you back here about 4:45. in a little bit sit down with a maryland man behind one h of thetest local restaurants. his rise to culinary a stardomnd why he credits his father with a lot of his success. and serena williams moves ahead in the french open, but it's not her game that people this is annie. and this is annie paying back her friend for the tickets withr zelle® befe the previews and the getting ready to enjoy the show. [whispers] this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo. the world is cing at a rate like never before.
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krnch cdc is saying flowers sold at aldi is a possible link to e. coli. it's been pulled from shelves, but not before making 17 people sick. it was sold in 11 states including pennsylvania and west virginia. if you happen to have bags, check the best used date. throw the flour out or return it on ldi if it's labeled december 2nd or 3rd. the mees -- me-- the empire state has nearly 800 cases.
4:26 pm
at this time measles has not spread to virginia or d.c. most are children who have not beenvaccinated. we have seen a lot of standouts receiving their colleg dip dlomas the last coupe of weeks. >> one graduate had her dog received her she erica earned her degree in mechanical engineering last week. talk about smart. her service dog named chief, well, he ores custom made cap and he was standing behind and just beside her. >> he knows my every move before i even think it sometimes. he lets me know before stuff happens, before usually any of the medical devices can pick it up which is incredible. >> that's sweet. she'so looking forward starting her next chapter with chief by her side until she was to stop working.
4:27 pm
>> he has shoes. the hat and gown. >> but it may get hot. >> i guess speaking of hot, storm team 4 is tracking chances of an isolated storm and some heat. doug is back with what is most . likely tonigh and new video of the deadly tornado damage in america's heartland. the new threat now that winds have died down. t motive behind brazen parking lot murder inrt nohern virginia. our bureau chieulie carey is
4:28 pm
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back now at :34 thank you for joining us this holiday. >> spectacular weather outside tonight for b doug is in the storm center with the forecast for the rest of the evening, although tonight would be a really good night for you to be out doingur backyard barbecue. >> you say backyard barbecue and then doug is in the weather center. something is definitely wrong with that. it is going to be a great day if oou're barbecuingtside in your back yard. it is looking like one of the best memorial days we've had a longime. now, no rain currently. the only shower just to the west of fredericksburg, so moving through spotsylvania county ovee the n couple of hours here. our next hour or so here, back to the west, watching possible s tornadond there have been a couple on the ground in parts of iowa and illinois. that storm system bringing us a chance storms tomorrow and a
4:31 pm
better chance for more heat tomorrow. temperatures really going up. we'll talk about how hotwe get and the best chance for storms the rest of the week. if you are just joining us, let's get you caught up with four hinthings to know. six people shot including one juvenile. this is right near t barry farm rec center. all of the victims we're told were conscious when police arrived. news's derrick ward will have an update for you. a mother tells us she wishes she could hold her son one last time. her 15-year-old sonaurice scott was shot several timesda yesterin southeast. he was just walking to the store in the wrong place at the wrong time. scott an honor student had just finished his freshman year at somerset prep in southeast. if you live south of reagan international airport, you cannot take metro into the istrict for the rest of the
4:32 pm
summer. tomorrow will be the real first test of the work around for its shutdown. shuttle buses will replace trains at the closed blue and yellow stations. we've got everything you need to know in our washington app. search metro shutdo>>. an estimated quarter of a million people passing through downtown for the memorial day parade. a few celebrities, including maelyn jarmon and legendar college football coach lou holtz. we are learning more about what may have caused the gunfire in a chantilly strip mall. >>n julie carey has beetalking with workers who knew theti
4:33 pm
vic. >> reporter: well, only a few businesses were still open last friday morning when miguel hernandez was shot to death. today one of the victim's friends telling us that the trouble started because hernandez thought that that street sweeper had injured his wife. this is the go fund me effort under way fogu miel hernandez. his family hoping to send his body back to el salvador for bu burial. charged with the shooting? 51-year-old steven green. is friend of the victim said he had joined his wife to have a drink. tw the two began fighting. hernandez drove off. a short time later his wife returned to the restaurant, her head bleeding, but she said it wasn't hernandez who had injured
4:34 pm
her. our partners the telemundo translated the interview f us. >> the person in the restaurant believes that he was her husband. she said the person who hit me was a person who was doing the cleaning. >> reporter: learning his wife was hurt, she returned to the strip mall. this friend believes he then went to confront steven green. there was gunfire. hernandez fell to the asphalt near where this camper was parked. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. green stayed on the scene and was cooperative. two other people had injuries. among e evidence police collected at the scene, leaf blowers, a hat, glasses, and a set of keys. and the victim's suv, that red one parked rigehind me there still left behind where he left it the other night before he was killed. that restaurant remains closed as well. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie.
4:35 pm
julie cay reporting live. president trump says tat rolling thunder will be back in d.c. next year. oorg organizers, though, not so s pe. theesident tweeted yesterday the tribute to p.o.w.s would return to the district in 2020. organizers have said this year would be their last ride because of growing signs of the event and lack of cooperation from federal officials. as of right now they're stillha ing to hold regional rides. bikers we spoke with had mxed reactions. >> i'm a very strong trump supporter. i think if he wants to do it, it will be done. he usually doessa what he ys. >> i don't believe him. i'm sorry, i don't trust him or bieve him. >> the event began back in 1988 with about 2,500 bikers and it has grn significant every year since. it's been a beautiful day for parades across our area.
4:36 pm
this morning news 4's melissa mo et served as the emcee. there she is. marching bands covered the streets with more than 20,000 people celebrating alongside them. still ahead, we talk one-on-one with a d.c. chef getting rave reviews. >> i really respect that my father tried to sort of do these things. >> how his upbringing factored in to the success of his korean restaurant today. plus meteorologist chuck bell with tips to keep your pets sa u as the temperatus heat reou
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
. boy, if you've been followg the situation out there, it kind of feels like oklahoma just can't catch a break. people outside of oklahoma city are cleaning up after another round of storms. a deadly tornado tore through el reno. families didn't think they would survive this after dealingith devastating flooding last week. >>the house exploded. i remember us flipping in the air and spinning aroundnd landing. i looked around for a second and it was just pitchc blak. >> another tornado touched down near tulsa. 250 members of the oklahoma national guard have been
4:40 pm
deployed to help out there.e peo low lying areas have been encouraged to pack your things up because the river there keeps rising. 130 dogs and cats from the hardest hit areas of oklahoma are now in our local shelter. the humane society flew them to manassas last friday and they're going to shelters to help prepare for more displaced animals in oklahoma. many of them were moved from tulsa. now they'll have a chance to be adopted. >> good for them. your pets can be vulnerable as warmer weather moves in. chuck bell has safety tips from a local veterinarian. >> there are a few thingsyou need to be doing to make sure your pets are safe in the hot aeather. whatre some of the dos and don'ts? >> the main thing is really trying to limit time outdoors when it's very warm. o hotr us, too hot for the pets and of course never leave
4:41 pm
them unattended in a car. >> a lot w people evenh the wo wo windows down that's not a safe thing to do. >> it becomes daerously hot in few minutes. >> check pavement before you take your dog for a walk, especially in the middle of the day. put your hand on it for five second. >> it can really get hot and burn their paw pads. if you can avoid walking on pavement or concrete on those real hot days, that's a great thing. or try to keep it to a minimum. tu>> no subst for cold water and shade. >> that's right. >> go to humane rescue alliance for more tips or to add a new family.o your get ready to crank up the a.c. >> that's right. doug's tracking more heat coming our way. is that the word? >> yeah, guys, that's definithly word. near 100 in savannah. all time high temperatures down south. some of that warmth moving our way. we're talking a chance of storms
4:42 pm
too. plus onvirginia mother turning
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
back now with a look at temperatures across the country. look at that. 99 in savannah. wow. doug's back with how much of hat stuff is coming this way and when. >> no thanks. all this month we're celebrating asi pacific american heritage. >> today we recognize the work of a local chef who has teamed up with david zhachang, one of most powerful chefs. >> the chef is making a name for himself in d.c. his journey has taken him on a path to haself-discovery t goes way beyond the kitchen. when chef took over the kitcheny
4:45 pm
in ci center d.c. a year and a half ago, he overhauled the menu. soon after the reviews started pouring in. people raved and the restauranta earned coveted three stars from "washington post" food critic. while this rising star proud of the praise, don't think he's basking in his success. >> it's hard thing to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time because this forces you to continue to rethink your priorities. to speaks to what it is and the constnt challenge of evolution. >> in that sense, his restaurant can be seen as a metaphor for his life. >> i think i've done myself a favor like in the past few years of really thinking about it in a different way. i feel like i spent most of my life notin thng about it. >> strain is talking about his identity as an american, a korean and a korean american adoptee. >> it's all beneath the surface of what we don't understand about ourselves and the mor i
4:46 pm
became aware of the general ways in the world, the more it helps me understand why i was the way i was. >> strain grew up on a farmn clarksville, maryland. his big family proud of their irish heritage. he i the second youngest of seven siblings. he was adopted from korea when he was a baby. his younger sister wasdo aed from korea as well. strain grew up with very few asian people. he had one asian f iend. his father made an effort to expose him to his korean heritage. >> i really respect in retrospect that my father tried to expose me to thing we would go to korean barbecue once a month. but it wasn't necessarily go being to korean barbecue. >> when strain became an adult, he realized he wanted to be more in touch wh the part he didn't get to explore as a child. >> what do you think was most important for you to uncover? >>th sense of pride w the korean community.
4:47 pm
a sense of belonging to that. >> for strain, that self-awareness developed as he was honing his craft. he spent formative years as a chef in progress at a michelin star restaurant in san francisco where he was surrounded by many influential asian americans. >> for me it was people who identified as proudly asian but were american and they were raised in this culture. okay. light bulb. >> strain has been inspired to learn more about the korean culture and expand his cooking repertoire. >> it's so important to me don't feel like i can do it unless i felt like i can really respect these traditions. but it would be a really beautiful and amazing thing to feel that way and be able to do mething korean later in my life. >> until then thehef continues his journey of self-discovery. a lifelong endeavor he's ready
4:48 pm
to take on. >> there's just a point when you have to really come to terms with who you are, if you're trying to experience the best possible version of yourself. i'm trying to be that. i'm not that, but i'm trying to be that. >> get it done. >> that's right. chef sthain had a ce to visit korea for the first time about six years ago and he said was an incredibly defining and important experience. >> he's telling us now he's looking forward to going back theresome day soon. when he comes back, we want to taste what he's got. >> no kidding. switching gears to weather, it's heating up. i really can't complain. i'll take the heat over the cyd an day of the week. >> really? >> oh, yeah. i hate the snow and the cold. bring on the heat. >> that's why i love living here because we get both. >> we really do. >> whether you wantt. it or no >> we're ready for the heat now. by the time we get to late august, wee done with the heat, then we can move on to ol some coer stuff. right now we're just sarting
4:49 pm
heat. as a matter of fact, buckle up. tomorrow will the hottest day so far this ye. yesterday we hit 92. tomorrow we hit 93. that's on forecast. the hottest day by one degree. yesterday was a hot one for sure. 92 degree temperature. out there right now it is just gorgeous. a beautiful afternoon. plenty of sunshine. temperature wise we're sitting in the low to mid 80s. 85 right now. rockville 84. dulles, 83. over toward camp springs along the water, coming in at 78. wouldn't that be pretty. radar picture, no rain to talk about. we had one shower, actually. down to the south. everybody else on the dry side. just to the west of fredericksburg, this is moving south, southeast here and will continue to make its way down south. you n see what's happening. few clouds coming on through, but that's really about it. we've had a couple stormy nights. fairly stormy in parts of thea.
4:50 pm
are but now back towards chicago we had a couple of tornadoes into iowa and portions of illinois. this wholesystem is moving our way and as it does so it's going to bring some showers and thunderstorms in here morrow morning. by tomorrow morning i'm talking about right around the bus stop hours. 92 is where i'm going. actually 93 is where i'mn goi and early storms becoming sunny and hot during the afternoon. it's that early storm. for you folks at the bus stop, 68 degrees. maybe a thunderstorm. 7:00, 8:00 a.m., that's the time to think about. you might want to take a look at the nbc washington app before you take a step outside. 86 degrees at recess. up to 92 degrees by the time you're picking up the kids. there's that 93. 88 on wednesday. chance of showers and storms here. tracking this. most of the activity looks to the north. i'm going to watch that closely. t the farther north it could be 90. 84 -- rather 86 on friday.
4:51 pm
85 on saturday. a pretty nice weekend. chance of ma strong thunderstorm on sunday. but not a washout. not bad this weekend. n thent week actually really looking good. temperatures in the low 80s. beautiful weather and yeah, by the time we get into the first week of june, our average temperature right around 83. that's where we're going to be early next week. >> looks good. i like that direction. serena williams made another fashion statement today. she debuted her french open look. she always comes up with something different for these majors. full downre he last year's controversial was an inspired cat suit. >> on the court today she wor a modified version, so it was much shorter, but just like the gown, it said other champion queen ans godde in french. >> champion is right. the three-time french open winner dominated. she's now moving on to the
4:52 pm
second rnd. no surprise there. >> she is a beast. >> we'll see what happens down the road. still to come at 5:00, wec tinue to follow that breaking news. five people shot in the district. we want to toss it over to gonzalez in the newsroom. >> as you mentioned, we are continuing to follow those details. we can tell you it was fivepe ople who were shot in the district and we'll have a live report on that at the top of the hour. plus a convicted kidnape back in court as a judge decides whether he'll be allowed to live just minutes from the family of his victims. scott macfarlane reports on the latest twist in this story.h plus on t day that many of us are cooking out and going to the beache a reminder that the day is abou so much more. we're going to hear from a local four-star general about what it means to him to sacrifice for your country. we'll see you soon with those stories and a whle lot more next
4:53 pm
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this is how driving should feel thch-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all s nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ if you are just joining us, doug is tracking some big time heat in our future. the timing and how hot we're going to gethere when he joins us live at 5:00. a special memorial day barbecue in hawaii. volunteers and rescuers are being recognized for helping to find amanda eller. shspent 17 days alone out in the forest after getting lost.
4:56 pm
her friends spotted her from a chopper last friday. she was airlifted after suffering severe burns and a broken leg. she survived on berries and drinking fre water. she thanked everyone from her hospital bed over the weekend. grad yaeuation season, a nug student isve ooming overwhelming grief. aimee cho shows us this woman is turning tragedy into triumph to make her sons proud. >> my name is kathy. i'm going to beur your n today. >> nurses are the ones who take care of us at our worst. their purpose, to help people who aren iin. nursing student kathy walesow kn all too well what's that like. >> i found out my youngest son alex a very rare disease. >> a brain disease that slowlyr ovetime takes everything. >> enjoy your time.
4:57 pm
his vision went first. >> then a seizure followed by a feeding tube and eventually being unable to move. >> he never stopped smiling. i figured if he's not going to stop, i don't have any right to. >> through it all, alex's big brother zach by hisacside. >> was amazing. he was the best brother. he did everything for alex. >> with the help of the family, amazed everyone. doctors gave him six months tol e. he survived over seven years. he was 16 when he passed away and if they weren't dealing with enough. >> w found out his brotherd the same diseases. >> zach wasn't showing symptoms, but they knew that could change. after alex passed away, zachwas devastated. >> because he likes to come off as a tough guy, he didn't let on he was hurting as mh as he was. >> two years ago zach took his own life. he was 20. >> it was a huge, huge huge surprise. huge blow to us and we miss them both so much every day, but
4:58 pm
they'll always be in everything i do. >> that's why she went back to school to become a nue. >> i'm going to listen to your heart. >> wanting to pay it forward and help families like hers. >> i like to think that they're watching us and try to keep going for them. >> with each patient she treats, this nurse overcoming pain to find purpose. in manassas, aimee cho, news 4. >> wales graduates on friday and we understand that she's soon going to be starting to work at a medical center in manassas. kathy, if you're watching, you should know we're rooting for you. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. and we start the hour with the latest on the breaking news situation in southeast d.c. >> five people shot including at least one child. this just a day after a shooting that took the life of another teen. it's the latest example of the ontinues to that cause havoc and heartbreak in
4:59 pm
parts of our city. >> this case unfolded on sumner road really close t to barry form rec center. derrick ward is on the scene there. derwhat are you learning so far? >> well, again, the update that there were is that these five people shot, not six. five people. four adults, one juvenile. they told us they werell conscious and breathing when taken away. i want to give you a look at the scene here.ll this aappened here in the 1200 block of sumner. it's right in front of the barry farms pool and recreation center. when they had the shell casings down that they took up, we count at least 22. it could be even more. that speaks to perhaps the number of shots that were fired t here. when you look at the scene, there is a playground right here. and a rec center. then the homes on the other of the street. this tells me how dangerous this all was. take a look at the scene earlier. this is when the fire and ems ed and pics and police were just arriving and starting to transport those victims.
5:00 pm
we don't have any identification on any of the victims, but at this point police have not put out any suspect information. but we do know, again, that four people have been fieople have been shot. four adults and one juvenile on a bright sunny afternoon on a holiday afternoon, which means that a lot of people were out. we heardd people hear at least half a dozen gunshots. it's still a crime scene. still being investigated.on no informatin the victims. their connection to the rec center, their connections to each other or ah suspect at t point. we're live inth soust. derrick ward, news 4. back to. >> we'll check back with you for some updates. about a mile and a half away from derrick's scene, a 15-year-old honor roll student became another casualty in gun violence. maurice was athlete and creative video production student. he was killed yesterday morning outside a store on wheeler road southeast. news


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