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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 27, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on any of the victims, but at this point police have not put out any suspect information. but we do know, again, that four people have been fieople have been shot. four adults and one juvenile on a bright sunny afternoon on a holiday afternoon, which means that a lot of people were out. we heardd people hear at least half a dozen gunshots. it's still a crime scene. still being investigated.on no informatin the victims. their connection to the rec center, their connections to each other or ah suspect at t point. we're live inth soust. derrick ward, news 4. back to. >> we'll check back with you for some updates. about a mile and a half away from derrick's scene, a 15-year-old honor roll student became another casualty in gun violence. maurice was athlete and creative video production student. he was killed yesterday morning outside a store on wheeler road southeast. news 4 cory smith joins us live.
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cory, the boy's mom says he hadh a smile lit up the room. >> reporter: yeah, megan. you talk to anybody who knew maurice scott and they'll tell you he was well on his way to doing big things in life. that smile, his laugh, his generosity. that makes his death even that much moreragic for not just his family, but the community as well. >> i keep thinking he might walk through that door. i want to hold him one more time. w reporter: monique scott doing everything right. raising her son maurice to be respectful, hard working, generous. and then in an inant, all that work, all that love stolen away. >> i just want to see him. i just want to hold him and talk to him one more time. >> reporter: scott the district's 60th homicide.
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he was walking to the store not faom their home when a car pulled up, a gunman jumped out and started shooting. maurice was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i don't know why it happened, but it happened. that's something i have to accept. >> reporter: maurice had just finished his freshman year. he was an athte and an honor student with a knack for video production. >> i like basketball. was his er: virgini teacher. >> these kids gets serious when orey're still in school as juniors and seand that's where you see them take off with their potential. unfortunately maurice didn't get to get there, so i would have loved to see whhe was going to reach for. >> reporter: in doubt that he would have achieved his goals? >> no, no doubt. >> the man maurice could have been is what monique scott clings to. she'll miss so many milestones, the hat hurts most are small gestures from a loving s towards his mother that are gone forever. >> he always used to ks me my forehead in the morning. that's what i'll miss the most.
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>> reporter: three other people were also hurt in this shooting. there is , surveillance video, so hopefully police can use that to track down the person or people responsible. one more thing i'll tell you about maurice, his generosity, his mother is going to donate his organs in the hopes that her son may be able to give the gift of life to somebody else. back to you. >> that is a difficult story all around. and it furerproves the point of what this whole community has been saying about how wonderful this young man is you and can h see it in face. he really did just light up a room. thank you so very much for giving us that extra piece of information. we're goingtuo take arn to our forecast. storm team 4 tracking hotter temperatures headed our way. >>oug kammer joins us from the storm center. >> we're talking about thees hott temperatures we've seen so far this year. going for a high of 93 tomorrow.
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beautiful afternoon as memorial day. a great memorial day weekend. most of us have been dry during the day. showers and thunderstor at night. right now 84 in d.c. ocean city 69. s little breezes come in. it was a great weekend. saturday, however, was a little bit chilly. on monday, what are we dealing with today? nothing. we have one shower in spotsylvania county. i'm watching a big storm. this storm is going to bring us a couple of things. one, achance of storms tomorrow and also the heat for tomorrow as well. i'll show you just how hot we get and talk about temperatures for the rest of the week as well. see you back here in a fe minute. now to memorial day.he becauseresident is in japan, he wasn't able to attend the traditional events to mark the holiday here in the nation's capital, but instead vice president mike penc took part in the annual remembrance at arlington national cemetery.
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the vice president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soler. then he spoke about the importance of remembering the sacrifice of our militarymb s and their family. >> this day makes possible all other american days. without it, without the sacrifice we honor at patriots graves from the four corners of our land and overseas, there enuld beic no other am days. >> the presid also laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown last week before leaving for japan. an etional ceremony is morning for world war ii memorial on the mall. >> our debt to the heroic men and valiant women and the service of our country can never be repaid. they have earned our undying atitude. america will never forget their sacrifices. >> those words from harry
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truman. several veterans attended the nd ceremony a their names were read. a wreath laying ceremony was held to remember all the fallen. it's tho fallen men and women who were honored in downtown d.c. today. an estimated quarter of a million people packed the streets. a lot of people ined early and so, too, did our mark segraves. he has more on the history of today's remembrance and the celebrities who turned out. >> reporter: a day to honor those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. memorial day started bace in 1800s just after the civil war. once known as decotion day. the annual parade here along constitution avenue has been a tradition inhe nation's capital for 15 years. cherry cheney got here early. >> we're a ilitarymily and i want to honor our military and
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ople that thers and p have done what they've done for our country. >> also on hand for today's parade, college football legend lou holtz who served in the aer army. holtz is honoring the sacrifices made by their troops and fayly. >> mather was from 7 to 12 was in the pacific fighting world war ii. hese are sacrifices that th family makes as well as the troops. so many times we don't recognize that. >> with the 75th nervous of d-day just a week away, this year'sarade featured vets from world war ii, including three of theurviving members of the six triple eight. the fst all woman, all african-american battalion to overseas during a joe, a long time supporter of the military accident took time before today's parade to thank them for what they did for our country. >> the sacrifices made by men
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and women that allow us to live the lives we live. >> reporter: along constitution avenue, mark segraves,news 4. >> t parade is paid for entirely by privateco ributions from corporate sponsors and thousands of individual donations. a convicted kidnaper from fairfaxoounty returns to ct this week just days before his full release from cusy. a judge will decide whether the man will be permitted to move in and live just minutes away from the victim's family. scott macfarlane joins us in the newsroom with the latest twist in a story first told by the news 4 i-team. >> the hearing is scheduled for friday in a federal courthouse in pittsburgh. the victim's from pittsburgh and she was just 13 yrs old back in 2002 when the man from herndon wrote her online that'd heravel to pennsylvania to kidnap her. the twist she did not expect? he's now expected to live in ttsburgh minutes from her
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family. scott tyree served nearly 16 years in a federal prison and there are only days remaining in his sentence. the man from herndon who was imprisoned in north carolina will serve his weeks in a halfway house inpittsburgh. he's expected to be released to live in the pittsburgh area, minutes of the home of the family he kidnapped. >> it feels like my home and my family has been tak j. >> audge has agreedll to a her to appear in court friday requests tyree be placed elsewhere arguing he has no family roots or connection to nnsylvania. >> this is too close to home. in the most literal sense, this isll toolose to home. >> tyree's lawyers have responded to her protests saying tyree isy alrerohibited from contacting her or her family and will be electronically monitored. they've agreed to the discussion to release tyree.
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anothenote, the victim was not notified about his release until she heard it from news 4. they say they did send the family a notification. that will be discussed when the court hearing arguments on friday. in the newsroom, scott macfarlane, news 4. back you to. >> scott, thank you. police are looking for suspects after a murder that spanned two towns in prince george's county. we want to show you where it ended on chauncey place in mt. rainier. you can see the caris riddled with bullet holes. police say the victim was inside. detectives believe the actual shooti happened on chillum road. one man was killed and police are still looking for the shooters. they're talking to other people who were inside the car. a 21-year-ol dhasied after his caran off the road in montgomerae county. michgar son was killed last
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nighthen his car hit a tree. that was the scene last night. we were kept pretty far back. investigators are still trying t to figure owhy his car ran off t> e road. >>safety improvements are coming to one of our area a most dangerous roads. adstill ahe, the changes that may finaly get drivers to slow down. plus new details about a deadly shoong in a parking lot in fairfax couwy. t we're learning about the moments before the shots were fired. >> and doug's tracking what could be our hottest temperatures of ther. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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welcome back. one of the most dangerous ghways in our regio getting a huge safety up grade. we've reported on the deadly crashes on indian head highway. 66 people have died in the last 11 years. but as prince george's countyu bureaief tracee wilkins shows us, you see cameras along more than a 10 mile stretch that could happen save lives.
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>> reporter: dr. robert screen helps people. >> i'm pulling out my vest and going as a clergy member to an accident scene. >> reporter: when he's not working on the highway, he's at the hospital hoping to comfort t injured and those who voluntehave lost loved ones to this road. >>his is the most dangerous area for traffic fatalities in the state of maryland. >> reporter: he's lived here more than 40 years and remembers each fatal crash with photographic detail. the crash at this very spot in er2008. >> thwere eight people that were killed and o particular accident. >> reporter: it was due to drag racing in the beginning of a nasty trend. >> since that e'time,ve had two additional accidents that occurred not 50 yards from this spot right inhe intersection here. >> reporter: these were three children who were killed on new
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year'sve of last yearjust a few miles north of here. >> all of them are bad, but when you have children who haven't en gotten started, to lose them all in one incident, that was terrible. that was really something that took the wind out of all of us. >> reporter for 14 years screen has worked with neighbors to make this road safer. this saturday that change is coming with three roving speed cameras that will operate. they'll move from location to location. they're the first of their kind made possible through sta legislation. >> it's been a long trek. there's been many people lost along the way, but we're doing the best that we can to try ton chasome behavior. >> the roving cameras are xpected to be in place by this saturday and then and running shortly after that. i'm tree wilkins,ws ne 4. the news-t 4 ieam has been ooking into the wrecks on indian head highway. they discovered that nearly all drunken divers who cause crashes on the roadway over
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past three years avoided jail sentences. to see scott macfarlane's report, open our nbc washington app a searchndian head highway. a reminder that metro is operating on a sunday tchedule tod system will close at 11:00 ofis evening. -peak fares are in effect. if you're headed back to worm tomorrow, remember that major sumunr shutdown is r way. tomorrow's commute is really going to be the first rush hour. they are closed for platform reconsuction and will be closed until sunday, september 8th. get ready for the closures. get ready f the heat. we could have some showers, maybe some thunderstorms out there early tomorrow morning. that's something i really want people to think about. we've had a couple of days off. nice little three day weekend. then boom, tomorrow morning. maybe some thunder showers during the early morning hours.
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out there right now, though, not bad. just absolutely gorgeous weather on this memorial day. temperature of 84 degrees. the average high is in the upper 70s. 're well above average after a high yesterday of 92. 84 the current temperature in manassas. 80 over towards annapolis right now and fredericksburg coming in at 83 as well. no rain right nof in most ohe area. the only exception is down towards spotsylvania county. this showerving south of fredericksburg. the rest of the area and what i'm really watching is this region back here. this is a pretty potent storm system. nice little spin here and that's allowed these individual storms to spin as well. you can see numerous tornado warnings. he's one right around chicago. that system is going to be making its way our way. we'll get showers and thunderstoins tomorrow morn on future weather, 11:00 tonight no problem. a beautiful night tothght. nong to worry about if you're
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having friends over. tomorrow here comes those showers and storms fm the west back along the i-81 corridor and through the d.c. metro area. that includes montgomery, fairfax county. may need the umbrellas earlier. during the 11:00 hour we see another shadow and w then see the heat really begin to build. high temperatures well above average. look what happens tomorrow night. manother air of stcomes through. this one most likely coming through and dying off by tuesday night into wednesday. what it will do is that the boundary between very warm air to the south and cool air to the north, set that boundary right across our region. i no longer think we'll hit 90 degrees on wednesday. 99 in savannah. mid 90s a little bit earlier in florida. just incredible heat just to the south that will try and move our 3ay. tomorrow 92, 9 degrees. an early storm becoming sunny
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and very hot hp not too humidity. we are going for the high of 93. 90 degrees on thursday. 86 on friday. hey's your three reallot days here. if we do hit 90 degrees on dwednesday, which cotill happen, i'm going to be watching that, i do think some areas to the south, fredericksburg, pe cur, you'll hit 90. if everybody gets 90, that will be our first heat wave of the season right now. >> the heat is coming. thank you, doug. as temperatures heat up, you'll also want to keep your pets in mind when you think about beingool. ahead, some ways to keep them safe in the heat. plus college isn't for
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president trump wrapped up a busy four day state vis toyota japan today. the day finished with a lavish state dinner at the imperial palace in tokyo. the president became theirst foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor and empress. this all comes after hours of talks with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the two discussed trade and tensions with north korea. earlier today the presidentaid he was not personally bothered by recent missile tests by the b northaking with the prime minister and his own advisers.
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all this month we're celebrating asian pacif american heritage. the dance ensemble in herndon has been performing chinese dance for a decadeow. news 4 aimee cho went to a reheaal and has more on how to be so >> it's tough to keep count of all the things they have to think about. welcome to theof world chinese dance. >> this is a really fun way to learn about my culture more than just going to chinese hool and learning its history. >> the dance ensemble is no stretch to say the dancers are de icated. spending hours each week to rehearse their routines and it's not eough that they perfect. a big part of chinese dance is showing >>emotion. there are sad dances. you have to look like you're crying or something and if they're happy you have to show
5:24 pm
that you're really happy. >> the director of the school trained at the beijg dance academy and came to the u.s. and founded her own school ten years ago. they perform all over washington, including the ken decenter. >> if you don't kw the matter., it doesn't it's a common language for all akpeople. >> sg of language, they're taught in half chinese, half english. >> i think i li itcause it's so different from anything i've ever done, having all these people around me that are just as absorbed into my culture as i am. >> carrying on a culture one step at a time. and get this. there are 56 ethnic groups in china and each one has their own specific style of dance. that is a lot of moves for these girls to remember. >> greaat story. th was aimee cho reporting.
5:25 pm
you gobco our n washington app to see more stories celebrating asian pacific american heritage. today we rememberhose who gave their lives serving our country. but it's also a time tohink about the well-being of those still living. coming up, the unique issues li facing miry families. plus a special tribute for those who volunteer to find a maryland native lost in a hawaiian forest for 17 days. and a shooting in fairfax
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just a beautiful day out there. degrees. a nice breeze. we've got sunshine across our area. temperatures all ross the mid atlantic so far beautiful. high temp erature o 84. if youere down there this weekend, it was a little chill oh saturday. right now a mix of sun and clouds. although pretty nice weather all across our region. racking this system, though making its way towards the great lakes, chicago under a tornado watch right now. that system actually moving our way. n could give us a cce for storms tomorrow morning. plus bring in a big time heat tomorrow as well. i'll splexplain what i'm talkin about take you hour by hour. we are hearing for the first time tonight from thewi ow of the man shot to death last
5:29 pm
friday at a chantilly strip center. >> a man using a street sweeper is charged with murder. >> julie carey just finished speaking with the widow and it estarted when the s sweeper injured her. julie. >> reporter: the victim's widow telling us that she was actually attacked first by the suspect. it happened right there in front of the restaurant. she says when her husband came back and learned of her injuries, hethen went after the man whose job it was to clean the shopping center parking lot overnight. this is a look athe victim. miguel lava hernandez.ns that cotruction worker was shot to death in this parking lot early friday morning. charged with the g,shootin 51-year-old steven green. he'd been using a street sweeper and le blower to clean the parking lot.
5:30 pm
she returned to the shopping center and she and her husband had been having. drinks her husband left to go to the 7/11. that's when the street sweeper who was using a leaf blowernear the crash can blew leaves directly into her face. she asked him why did you do that and he reportedly replied because hispanics are trash. the two exchangwo more ds and that's when she says green allegedly hit her twice with the leaf blower cutting her head. when her husband came back to the scene and noticed herju inries, her bleeding head, he took off across the parking lot after steven green and that's when the gunfire came. he was hit. he fell to the asphalt and when he was rushed to the hospil, he pronounced dead there. steven green has been charged both with murder and malicious wounding. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we will hear directly from the victim's widow about what happened here in this parking lot. back to you in the studio. julie, thank you. amanda eler walked into a
5:31 pm
foreste alone and c out in a helicopter. friends found the native in the hawaiian forest last friday. today they are celebrating. the maryland native spent 17 days alone in the forest after getting lost.nd her fr spotted her from a chopper. she was airlifted to safety. eller spoke this weekend from her hospital bed overwhelmed by those who never gave up looking for her. >> the power of prayer and the power of love when everybody combines theirff ets is incredible. >> eller suffered severe burns and a broken leg. she survived on berries and drinking fresh water. doctors say she will make a full recovery. incredible. well, people are headed back home from the long holiday weekend. and it should be a smoother ride. both maryland and virginia have
5:32 pm
lifted construction-related lanr closures to up some of the space on the roads. we're going to show you a live look at the chesapeake bay bridge as vacationers battle the worst traffic of the day and it could take them up to three times longer to get home because of all the extra cars on the roadways. finances can be stressful for veterans in the united states. 1/3 of servi members don't pay all their bills on ti and they say debt and their top concern according to a recent study. sharon emerson takes a closer look at the unique issues facing military families. >> like many military families, the waters are used to bouncing around. theyese moved four tn the last 12 years. most recently to ft. mead in maryland all while raising a fami family on a single military income. >> you're trying to provide for more than one person.
5:33 pm
you have to furnish a house. >> when we came back from overseas we had to ren a car months while we waited for our other car to get shipped. th eric d jana got into trouble when started spending extra money they received from the deployment bonus when he was serving in afgwhnistan. >> it ended, all of a sudden it's like taking a big pay cut. >> marine corp veteran and financial adviser says low starting salarir and the stuctured world of military pay may get difficult for service members to dig themselves out of debt. >> once you get promoted, you get a pay raise, but if you need make up a $20,000 difference in a year, it's not like another service is going to knock on your door and say let me take you in and take you up three rungs. rr today most military families are more woied about money than going into battle. in a recent survey, service membe ss and theiruses ranked financial stress as a greater
5:34 pm
concern than even deployment. for military spouses, it was the nu ere worry with 49% saying it's their top concern. >> it was a struggle. we were moving things around ur trying to fige out what do we pay now, what do we put off. >> like being a good soldier, it takes financial discipline too turn it around. >> you really want to throttle back the lifestyle that got out of elcontrol, get yours back on the right path. >> that's exactlywhat the waters did. >> we sateown and w made a budget together and we stuck with it and we didn't doth anying fun. because we figuredt was less fun to be deeply in debt. >> a valuable lesson they're hoping to pass along to their children and share with other military families. bc business news. >> happy ending to that sacrifice. there are resources offer to
5:35 pm
help. the troops have to ask forhe tm. most militaryat installions have counselors who can help craft plans. these are offered without costs of finances for any of the service members and it's there to try and hp them. taking a different path. why some high schoolers are getting a jump onheir future byg skippin college. plus some of the hottest temperatures of the year coming in the next few days. how to this is annie. and this is annie paying back her friend for the tickets with zelle® before the previews start. and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the show. [whispers] this inoyour right here, right bank. this is wells fargo.
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riort now tracking a s system up here towards chicago. that's going to have a big impact on our weather tomorrow, torms with a chance of and with some heatmakes its way in. hottest day othe year tomorrow. we only havethe best chance to see those storms. high school graduations get under way inhe comingweeks. for many students after high school comes college. but more and more graduates are opting for something other than college to begin their looifs aft -- lives after high school. >> if recent his ry toll, nearly the same number of high u school graates this year will head to a trade scho instead of college. and for them for good reason. >> you can make as much money a the quote/unquote white collar folks can in many cases in the trade area. >> you can make as much money, obtain a skill in much less time ap a fraction of the kof of
5:39 pm
college. >> right out of high school i knew this was an opportunity or a possibility. >> instead, erica cline spent a bundle getting a bachelor's degree in public health. >> i felt like i needed a career. >> only to leave that career and learn the trade of heating and air conditioning. she's wh a company in charlotte where co-workers have also opted for a trade skill over college degrees. >> i spoke me confident in the way i was taught than even when i was in college. >> the trade school choice certainly resonates with thoseke who mahe decision decades ago. >> it's been awesome for me and i preach aboutt. i love this industry. i love the trade. >> especially now with the new economy and stigma all but erased. >> all of thesk sills trades people, they're critical. >> they're also less likely to have the debt load of a college graduate. nbc news.'s
5:40 pm
he more food for thought. research conducted in idaho found that the average achelor's degree costs nearly $130,000 and the average student loan debt is pushing $40,000. >> meanwhile the average trade school degree just over $30,000. round two of the preliminary start tomorrow at scripts national belling bee. 565 spellers ranging in ages from 7 to 15 are competing for the grand prize of $50,000. the nals are scheduled to begin thursday. a crushing one two punch from mother nature. still to come, the residents picking up the pieces after tornadoe slammed the heartland. tommy mcfly reveals the secret that every grill master secret that every grill master
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welcome back. as the weather heats up, it's important to remember that your pets can overheat too. it's important to take some precautions. first, if you can, limit time outdoors. if it's too hot for you to be outside, it's too hot for your pets to be outside for anynd ex period of time. second, never leave your pets unattended even in a car, even if the woindows are down. finally, it's personal to check to see just how hot that pavement is. remember, your pets laren't wearing any shoe. >> put your hand on it for five ccond. >> it really get hot and burn their paw pads. if you can avoid walking on pavement or concrete on those really hot days, that's a great thing. >> of course, plenty of water is also important. we have more tips on how to keep your pets cool on the nbc washington app. just search protect your pets. more devastation in oklahoma
5:44 pm
after dangerous and deadly storms tore through parts of the state this weekend. in f-3 tornado touched down the small town of el reno saturday killing two people. the storm a destroyed motel and a mobile home park and it comes just a few days after widespread flooding in that same area. what you're watching here video of people running into a nearby chick-fil-a in oklahoma city and people there, you s that, they're jumping through the drive-thru window trying to seek shelter. in missouri the problem is flooding. rivers continue to rise in the town of west alton north of st. louis. people are bein told to evacuate as volunteers work hard to beef up the town's levies with sandbags as you see them doing there. water is expected to crest at 36 feet. that's 2 feet higher than the levies can handle.'s itot feeling like the start of summer in parts of california. check out the snow in the sierras. it's in the mountains north of
5:45 pm
sacramento and the storm brought sn below 6,000 fee that caused a travel alert long i-80. the snow is expectedo melt quickly. meanwhile, here at room,roasty toast zb toast. >> it's all connected. g you've the cool air out west. in the middle part of the country, you've got a train of moisture, a train rain and thunderstorm activity. that then goes to chicago today and then back around our area. underneath that we ha the heat. that's why temperatures today are 100 to 102 into parts of ar georgia and p of florida. the all-time warmest temperatures ever in the month of y. so we're going to get into some ofsothat. of that heat coming our way over the next couple of days. i'm not expecting any record. record high temperatures the next few days. i don't think wll get there. although some areas to the south might get close.
5:46 pm
tower cam really looking beautiful afton. current temperatures sitting in the 80s. 84 downtown and 80 degrees right now in camp springs. he warm spot coming in at 85 degrees. 78 degrees. came across the bay bridge a little bit earlier. took me 4 1/2 hours to get hom from ocean city today. i was a little late for work. it was my fault. waze told me ooi'd get there by 1:00. if you're gardening today, a lot of people getting in the garden, looking good. 76 by 8:00. how about this one? brighten up your memorial day cookout by adding container gardens to your yard, annual, perennials and small shrubs can thrive containers as long as they're watered frequently. don't forget to water the plants. although we won't see a ton of rain ver the nextuple of days, although i am tracking a storm system. let's take a look at it. out there right
5:47 pm
we did see one shower earlier. we're just looking at dry back to the west around chicago, this is what i'm talking about, we've seen moisture in storms come through parts of oklahoma, missouri, right on in towards ccago and then upand over our area. that's why the heat is building down to the south. that's why we continue to have this stormy track.oi that's g to be the case the next couple of days too. it's also going to give us a chance for those storms tomorrow. tomorrow high temperature of 93 degrees. an early storm. by early i'm talking about t sendi kids out to the bus stop, but becoming sunny and rather hot. here is that school day forecast. degrees at the bus stop with some showers, maybe some thunderstorms. not everywhere, but some could be on the heavy side. think about that. recess, temperature of 86 really looking good out there for the kids at recess. 92 by the time we're picking up the kids. it's going to be a hot day. not super humid but i am going 93 for the official high tomorrow. if we do hit 93, that will be the hottest day we've seen so
5:48 pm
far this year. 88 on wednesday. 40% chance of afternoon showers and storms. hwondering exactly we they set up. if they set up farther north, it might not be theain. that's something to think about too. 90 on thursday. 86 on friday. take a look at where we author weekend. coming in towards june, everybody. june. >> golly. >> 85 on saturday. 84 on sunday with a chancef some showers and storms. maybe even some stronger storms coming up on sunda and some great weather as we head to the first full week of june. 82 and beautiful sunshine on monday. >> can't believe we're talking june already. >> it's incredible. memorial day mark the unofficial start of summer and the start of grilling season. >> at 4:00 we learned how to do a nice perfectteak, medium, medium rare. this hour we're going to learn about how to do the perfect chicken on the grill. >> tommy mcfly is on the plaza with the chef and he is h off
5:49 pm
the grill. >> how do we make the chicken rlly rock? >> this is more fun to say than just butterflying the chicken.l alt is is cutting the backbone out of the chicken. it's a lotasier than it sounds. s scissor or a knife cutting straight down the back. you've got to be ready to cut through bones. the end result is worth it. another thing is dry run. inead of getting the skin all wet and the bird all wet and taking up way too much space, all you need is a plate. >> this is goiim to be le chili chicken. >> correct. what we have is a generous amount of salt. i like to get a little bit of lime swret zest in there also. is is pepper that's used in middle eastern and greek cuisine. smoked pap rerika.
5:50 pm
if you want to smell this, this is pure magic. mix everything together and witz the limest and the salt, you really want to rub it in to bring out the oil of the lime. generously season your bird with the help ofhe wing. >> it really is mother nature helpi us grill today. >> you want flavor to be everywhere. you want at least four hours at a bare minimum, but the fact is overnight is great. about 12 hours or so. you go up to 24 hours, but i wouldn't do much more than that. you're going to pull too much moisture out of the bird. the first thing you want to do when you bring it out, you want to it out about 30, 45 minutes before you want to cook it. you want to take the chill off of it, bring it up to room temperature. you'll just get it to cook more evenly. when you get it out, you're going to notice moisture that
5:51 pm
has pulled out of the skin. that's the salt doing its job. so a towel, paper towel, your best napkins, whatever you prefer to use. you want to dab the skin dry. dry skin equals krscrispy skin. >> what do you recommend for temperature of the grill? >> 300, 350. i prefer on the lower side, but you wan bring your grill up to about0, 50 degrees above where you want it. when you open the lid, you're going to lose about 50 degrees of heat. eind that hot spot and keep your breast towards cooler side of the grill. your legs will be moreover some dire heato they'll cook a little bit faster and then you'll get the breast and the leg finished at the same time. so these are grillaves which you can use anything. plate saute pan or a that you don't have too much love. this isn't putting a lot of weight on the chicken, but it is
5:52 pm
maintaining surface contact with the grill to mack myself that crispy skin that you're looking for. >> how long it will take? 400 for this to happen on a grill at hom >> about 35, 40 minutes. you want t throw it on, keep the lid closed. >> you flip it about halfway through. >> halfway through, one time. this is a little bit of olive oil, garlic, rosemary. vinegar and black ppper. i just baste the bird while it's on the grill just to get some tra flavor in there. >> i like when he put the olive oil with the rosemary. that's >>nice. interesting. trying to get it crispy. you learn something new every day. >> at 6:00 we'll learn how to do the perfect fish. while many of us will cookout, there is a reminer that day is about so much
5:53 pm
more. >> absolutely right. ahead a local four star general on memorial day, what it means to him to
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
generations of veterans gathered at the air and space museum in new york cty to commemorate memorial day. veterans help unfurl a 100 foot
5:56 pm
me american flag. there was also a flyover and a wreath laying. the admiralok spe thanking veterans tout their livesn the line to protect ourm. freedo we end the hour with a salute to a man who dedicated his life to service. jerry spencer went fom being an enlisted airm a to four star general. he explains what sacrifice to service means to him. >> what bothers me some about today is a lot of folks, a lot ofam ericans view memorial day as the unofficial beginning of m su. >> but that's not what this day ist. abou it's a time for amerins to reflect and remember the sacrifice countless men and women made so we could be free. >> my father who was in the korean war was buried over in
5:57 pm
arlington cemetery. >> larry anencer under sacrifice. he lived it. his grandfather served. his father did too. even losing his hand in t korean war. >> he had his left hand implode while it was still traveling. >> for 44 years of spencer's life he too lived out his family tradition even making history in the air force. >> to this day there's only been eight or nine african-american four stars, period. >> larry spencer is one of them. he became a highlyor deced four star general in 2012 serving as the second in command of the u.s. air force. >> i was at chief of staff of the air forcel >> he traveed the world working at the white house, the pentagon, and supporting three wars. >> we would fly missions down to vietnam and you would hear rockets. >> general spencer is just one of america's heroes who took the oath to die for his country. that's why he hopes allca
5:58 pm
amerins take time to remember those who did. >> take a break from the grilling and the beach and the swimming pool and really reflect on why we ha a day off and there will be some who don't come back that's what memorial day is all about. >>n meagafitzgerald, news 4. >> that was an emotional story. again, we cannot say thank tu enougho the men and womenho w serve and thosed of course, the family member whose have s loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice. erika and leon, bac to you. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. and that breaking news, new victims in the rash unstoppable gun violence in the district. >> that's right. a large police presence and ambulances fling the streets around the barry farm rec center. police tell us five people were shot on sumner road in
5:59 pm
southeast, this just a day after the shooting that tooe the lif of a 15-year-old honor roll student. we'll have teamin coverage c up. first, though, it is the rush to return home. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge. standstill traffic. people crawling there. evybody trying to getack and get back to work tomorrow so you can see how slow go this is, bu talk aborfect beach day? and now even hotter weather could be on the way, so let's get right to storm tea 4 chief meteorologist doug cammkammerer the storm center. great day to bek par in your car on the highway. >> that was me earlier today. i talked to a lot of people who was also them t earlierday. beautiful day. maybe you've got the windows down as you're sitting there looking at the bridge. you see the bridge off in the distance. ou just can't get to the bridge. eventually making it home. take a look at what we've seen out there today. high temp eratures, 84 in d.c. oceacity, 84 today.
6:00 pm
it was gorgeous early on this afternoon. we're looking good here during the rest of the evening hours. ut.rain to talk a we've seen a shower or two down in the southern zone. most of the area has been dry all day. that's the way it's going to remain. i am tracking a storm system. tornado watches and tornado warnings aroun the chicagoland area. that storm system is going to have a big impact on our weather ntomorrow. c of storms, hotter weather. we'll tell you about both. see you back he in about 15 minutes. >> we'll check back with you. let's get back to the violence that's plaguing parts of our city here >> this afternoon five people shot near the barry farm rec center in southeast. >> this coming after a 15-year-old boy was killed yesterey. >> we havive team coverage tonight. we begin with derrick ward who is at the scene of today's shooting. . derrick. >> reporter: well, good afternoon again. as you said, five people shot. one of them a juvenile. all male. police have cleared the scene here. you can see it right here in the 1200 oc


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