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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening. >> taking a live look at the radar, you can see areas to our north and south getting hit with some severe weather. >> let's get right to chief meteorologist doug kammer with the latest. >> it's been the d.c. split. storms to the northnd south. the storm prediction center actually had an enhanced risk for severe. weath normally when that happens we see an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms. we have seen two, one in prince george's county and anl run de county. this little guy here, but i'm kind ofis amazed they put th out. i'm not even seeing lightning associated with this storm. moving out of prince george's to
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this area. going until 6:15. tonight look towards pennsylvania. this area is getting hammered. tornadoes yesterday and flooding yesterday, flashflood warnings, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings. a mess to our northnd south. we dodged a bullet today. a good chance of strong storms tomorrow and we will takeyou hour-by-hour in about 10 minutes. >> thank you. storm team 4 always working for you. check on your conditions any time, download thec free nb washington app. today, what could prove to be a turning point in the investigation of russian interference in our election and our president. report mueller waste appoind lecial counsel may 17th, 2017. two yearser he spoke.
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>> spoke for 9 minutes, 27 seconds. it covers a page and a half. he took no questio and talked about the obstruction investigation and russian interference in the election. >> there were multiple, systemic efforts to interfere in our election. that allegation deserves the attention of every american. the matters we investigated were of paramount importance when the subject of an investigation instructs that investigation or lies to investigators it strikec at there of their government's effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers e. accounta under long standing department olicy a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. a charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. the opinion says the constitution requires a process other than theus criminalce
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system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrong if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit crime, we would have said so. >> mueller never spoke the word impeachment but his remarks jusn tur up the heat on the debate on that. >> craig boswell is tracking it all for us. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller steps before camerang breaki his silence and making it clear his russia report did not exonerate president trump. >> if we had had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. >> reporter: mueller stuck to the report he released last month whether theresident obstructed justice by interfering with the investigation. >> we did not however make a determination whether the president did commit a crime. >> reporr: mueller says he never had the option to charge the president with a crime, based on justice department policy. >> a predent cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is
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in office. >> reporter: president trump reacted quickly, tweeting, case closed. >> there was no collusion. there was no conspiracy. we consider thisase closed. he completed his investigation and now he's closed his office and time for everybody to move on. reporter: democrats say not so fast. >> special counsel makes clear obstructionof justice, which he ore d substantial evidence of,ae of our justice system. >>verybody wants the president to be held accountable in the most serious way. no one is above the law, especially the president of the uted states. >> mueller closed by making clear russia meddled in the election favoring one c didate over the other. >> that allegation deserves the attention of every erican. >> reporter: he says the special counsel's office is now closedl ing congress and the american people to decide what happens next. >> tat was craig boswell reporting, special counsel robert mueller left us with a
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lot to process. there's still a lot of questions. our team coverage continues at 6:30. nbc ne political director, chuck todd, joins us to exami some political implications here and "nbc nightly news" breaks it ouwn at 7:00. we hope can stay for that. breaking news in spots vania county, threeple discovered dead at ahome along arlene acres drive in fredericksburg. no details released about thevi tims or what might have happened here. we're being told there is no danger to the public. drew wilder is on the scene and joins us at 6:30. doctors and nurses are working to save man's life after he lit himself on fire near the white house ellipse today. people walking nearby looked on in horror. witnesses saw the man covered in
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flames head-to-toe. some reported he wasn't screaming just walking around. one man describes him looking like a zombi secret service agents went to h help and used a fire extinguisher to douse thes. claim to what appears to be a freak accident to claim the life of an off-dutypolice officer. d davon mckenzie was only 24 and on the police force two years made a lasting impact. >> reporter: the police chief, hankaws the tmis grie ving. >> he was the very finest the police h to offer. >> reporter: this is where the crash happened where 24-year-old off-duty da'von mckenzie was riding his motorcycle after
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11:00 p.m. he was hit by a car that careened off a street sweeper, losing control, striking him and throwing him over two vehicles in the northbound lane. >> i love him. you will be missed. you always have a place in my heart. >> reporter: he has a son with davon's mother. >we lost a good man, aaring man, loving man. >> reporter: davon mckenzie gew up in this neighborhood. jacqueline fountain is in tears. she took prom pictures of davon and watched him grow up. >> he was a nice young man. when i heard that this morning it hurt my heart.'t i couldn believe i just c believe it. he would drive his patrol car here, i told him i felt safe. >> reporter: at
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midd school in rverdale the flag is half-staff and mckenzie was the school resource officer here and a ro model. >> we had quite a few students that said i will be just like oifrs mckenzie when i grow up. it's been veryifcult today. >> reporter: the police department isie family making fl arrangements. the police cef said although he did not die in the line of duty, they want to offer his ervice to this community. >> what a loss. >> a loss indeed. thank so much. there's been an outpouring of tributes to officer mckenzie. you can see those on our nbc washington facebook page. changes made after a psychiatric patient escaped from a spveteran's hoal.
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scott join us with the latest. >> we first told you about this inci earlier this month. v.a. records obtained by the i-team show this man escaped the psychiatric o'ward and removed the ceiling tiles and crawled to a neighboring office and asked an er staff member to call him a cab and took that cap to manassas and held her against her will. >> inside the building, staff will retrain how to betr entify risks. and tamper resistant fasteners on the ceiling tiles. and they plan to install locks on the covers. he hasen b charged and since been released. upted their
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policies. a marine from fairfax county is dead after a train accident in australia over the weekend. lance corporal hans sandoval pereyra was injuredhe w his suv turned oer. the cause of all three crashes still underi investtion. drivers in downtown d.c. are seeing red. >> not because of the traffic. new red bus lanes showing up near h and i street, part of making buses move faster during rush hour. adam tuss is live along street with how all this is going to work. adam. >> reporter: that's right. you have to start paying attention along h and i between 13th and pennsylvania. the pavement is red here.
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if this were next week, that driver could get a pretty hefty fine for being outside the bus lane. it's right outside the white house so start paying attention come monday. paint rollers and buses transforming streets and rolling out the red carpet for buses. buckets of bright red paint gown dou streets h and i, and next mondayhey are for buses only, bus riders in support. >> for people who want to drive in this ty, make sure you know how to drive properly. >> reporter: and the lanes. >> drivers now know where they aren't supposed to be. >> sometimes i e up in the bus lane, not sure if i'm supposed to turn gore straight or turn to the other lane.
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always a little bit confusing. >> reporter: they will only be reinforced during rush hours and off peak to park and make a t rhturn at the end of the block. this is a pilot program that will last through september. >> i will probably avoid i street. >> reporter: some aren't too thrilled. >> losing another lane of traffic is going to be bananas. i will likely not come down orhere. >> repr: mayor bowser will be making an announcement. usually about 70 buses through at rush hour and going less than three miles an hour. hopefully there's a better commute. you say, there have been bus only lanes before, i never paid attention. 200 bucks if you get caught. t
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>>at only hanes once if ever. attention.l get our >> you probably noticed the construction at the kennedy center and had to detour around it. >> a me but impressive. getting a first look inside. we have an expansion update and we find out how the art center is reaching out to the community. the nation's best spellers taking the stage. one attempted team from virginia. new
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we've been tracking a chance for s they've been allowed to expire right now. a strong st m toe north of annapolis. i haven't seen much in the way of lightning or hail. a tremendous amount of severe weather just over the pennsylvania border. we get in on this action tomorrow. i will take you hour-by-hour in about five minutes. >> thank yo it's impressive. the kennedy center is breaking down barriers to the arts through its multi-million dollar expansion. >> the new performance called "the reach" shows us aifferent side of the creative process. >> a behindthe scenes look today. >> i will feel alive or if i could be like that driver ♪
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>> reporter: it's rare to see a s rformance from the kennedy center from thiperspective. watching artists and musicians bring the story to life. soon, this will be the new normal as "the reach" stepsnto he spotlight for the kennedy center campus ushering the arts to d.c. w >> open up the arts so you see the inside from the outsi as well, you can check it out and then maybe go in and participate as well. >> reporter: after nearly five years of work and $250 million spent the sounds of traffic and construction are giving way to sweeter notes. the rooftop pavilions bathe in natural light and the rooftop shimmers peacefully. when it's all finished, this pla will be what? >> amazingly amazing! >> amazingly amazing!
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>> this is what "the reach" is about drawing in the d.c. community by drawing back the curtain on the process. not sure what show you want to see? come see a rehearsal or bring your yoga matt for the argest green room in d.c. if you think your family cannot afford a night at the kennedy center, many events are free. >> for the artisticdirector, that's what matters. >> to be present in communities hat historically haven't had the resources necessarily although have had the creativity imagination. >> reporter: come september when "the reach" opens, we hope your imagination will ru wild. >> it sounds and looks cool. >> doesn't it? >> the kennedy center wdl hol a two week festival to celebrate the venue. it starts september.
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mark your calendars. facing rape charges, damonte dod has a trial date. he went to court for a hearing. in the fall of 2017he met a girl at a college park bar and got her drunk andap her. he finished his playing career at umd that same year. hisrial is set to begin june 10th. local firefighters wanted to nor oneof their own so they gathered at the corn over 14th and h streets, the site of a fire that claimed the life off big john williams, 35 years ago. the old call box was dedicated in wi honor. d.c. firefighters want to honor other firefighters who lost their lives protecting the community. right now, there isn't a memorial for them. from kansas to j newersey, million os of people cleaning up from tornadoes tog. flo
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these new still images show what happened at roxbury, new jersey, due west of new york. nobody was hurt. across the country in ns, damage is extensive from tornadoes that touched down yesterday. in arkansas there are mandatory evacuations as the arkansas river continues rise and grow in tulsa where a levee system could give way. that same system bringing storms our way. >> depending where you are. tomorrow is looking pretty wild, too, doug. >> they are. strong to severe thunderstorms. today went our way. about 10,000 feet the temperatures a little warmer than predicted today and put a cap on our atmosphere and didn't allow them to develop around our reevon. they doped to the north. we've been watching one storm in
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montgomery county and pnce george's county and anna run del county. the smallest i've ever seen in my life. lakeshore to the bay bridge and 50. good news. again, this will be over about 6:30 if it moves into the bay. all part of the ather system. flash warnings, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, big-timehail in pennsylvania and new jersey and new york and southern virginia, more warnings. for us, not much going on. i think we dodged the another area of severe weather. this pattern starts to change tomorrow. severe wet around us. after that, we get to see a
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reprieve here and good news. a stormy couple of weeks today, tomorrow and friday. for us, better chance of storms. winds out of the myth 17 degrees. gusty, too. that wind helping with temperatures. area-wide, 86, 89 in manassas, 93 and huntington, 93. take a look at tomorrow. we will take you hour-by-hour. knock at 8:00 a.m., waking up, stepping out the front door, kids at the bus stop, okay. nd tart to see showers clouds developing. 2:00 or 3:00, a little line here and later in t day. and 6:00 in the d.c. metro area and through the region behind it nicer weather the next couple of
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days. let's share what we're expecting, 90 tomorro 84 on friday. 86 on saturday, 83 sunday. best charchs of stomps tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon. much more on that 10-day forecast heading to june. best characterizations of storms tomorrow. best chances. helping you save on college tuition next. >> dna revealing new clues about our
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today is may 29th, also known as 5/29 day.n susa hogan is here with what you need to know about saving for college. >> we're talkingbo aut 529 plans. i set them up for my kids as well. the average college graduate has $37,000 of debt. that number could be lowered if more families took advante of 529 programs. they're government sponsored ccounts with gs tax benefits. d.c., maryland and virginia all offer them. >> your plan gro tax deferred. and if your child takes the money out ofwv ♪
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♪ ♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks)
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we'll talk more about tomorrow's chances. >> we have more on the three eople found in spotsylvania county. >> deputies were called to this home on arlene acres drive this morning. >> drew wilder reports. >> reporter: arlene acres drive
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is southeast of fredericksburg. three people were found dead inside. we received a call reference to a suspicious doa. we had patrol deputies come to rheck the incident. uponval they discovered three decedents inside the home. >> reporter: one was a 39-year-old, one 34, and the other only 14. these hearses going in to gather bodies and bring them to t medical examiner's office. >> reporter: spending all day it must be pretty involved inside. >> the scene is involved and they're currently working it and as soon as we get more information we will pass it on. >> reporter: news4 asked family members and no one seemed to know much abouty them only the recently moved in. drew wilder, news4.
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a. >> they haven't found a weapon but they said no threat to the surrounding community. >>ey haven't heard robert mueller say nothing other than no comment for yearsafter being fbi director. he walked out to the microphone at the department of justice, announced his resignation and end of the speci counsel probe. he said he could not exonerate the president. >> he said he could not charge the president with a crime even e wanted to due to justice tmarpent policy cannoatt be indicted. without using the word "impeachment" he noted the constitution requires a process outside t criminal justice system to formally accuse the president of a "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, joins us now. i know you've been getting reaction to this all day long. did mueller's comments do anything to move the needle mpgarding ieachment? >> well, look, i think we will find o in a week.
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because they're all on memial day recess and ostensibly talking to their own constituents. we had high profile town halls already. the reason i bring that up, the rday, ation of amash yes one member making the case, not a democrat but a republican and republican political appointee of years gone by inbert mueller essentially deciding to go public. he did not have to do this publicly today. he could hve done a statement, a press release, today is my last day, he could have written all of this. he chose to give it voic what he chose to give voice to and not to give voilo to says a t. he seemed to want to make clear this was a rort he hoped wasn't going to get whitewashed or ignored. number one. two, he all but said it was referral -- he viewed what was doing, at least on the
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obstruction part as a onal referral since there was no other remedy if yoo were deal with a sitting president of the united states. i think pr ably most importantly he was trying to refute bill barr. bill barr's interpretation of what mueller did has been the narrative. muelr today, i think, pushed back on that a lot byg givin voice to stuff he had already written down, already been said but us as journalis going, wait a minute, he said this. today, he told us a little bit more. >> a lot ofe daylight betw the two men. he ended today saying all americans need to focus on russia's election interference 2016. what is congress doing for 2020? what do we e happening or does this likely light a match to that. the president callingit a russian hoax made this nearly possible. i do think there is a bipartisa majority to pass it? yoread part one of the mueller
6:36 pm
report the reason he didn't bring charges because our laws are so messed up. not fair. our laws are out of date and need to be modernized forhr tts of today and campaign finance violation, cyber and things like that. there are things they can do. criminalize not reporting attempts at foreign ce interferen that's an easy start right there. this has to me been a head scratcher to me, political strategy. you're nancy pelosi, and ita the hesstancy onhm impeact. i think it's a fair debate.'t why aren you making votes and sitng there saying, mueller found x,as we should p a law that criminalizes x and make it a political -- okay, republicans, wch side of the wall are you going to be on? trump thinks if you admit the
6:37 pm
rusomans didhing that somehow it makes him illegitimate. whether he can ever compartmentalize thattion. that,o me, hasbeen, a missing piece of the political strategy of the housecr demots here. put legislation out everyday, make them vote on this. most members of congress republican or democrat will vote to criminalize foreign interference. >> he spent most ofme his ti talking about that. >> it's been the most frustrating part of any american citizen that cares what happene t we're glad know trump didn't actively participate in the conspiracy. that doesn't mean what he russians did was right. >> chuck todd. glad to see you. >> chuck has more reporting ahead on "nbc nightly news" after news4 at 6. coming up, the nation's best
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spellers descending on national harbour today. the next round ofng the spelli bee. it was a grave diagnosis
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it could be a significant new tool in the fight against cancer. researchers at the joh hopkins kimmel cancer center have developed a new blood test that can detect seven different types of cancer. the test a usesificial intelligence to idtify dna fragments shed from cancer cells circulating in the more teing is needed but he researcrs say it could ultimately be more cost-effective than other cancer screening teans at home dna kits. encouraging news from jeopardy host alex trebek who
6:41 pm
says his fage 4 pancreatic cancer is quote near remission. the game show legend reveals some of his tumors have already shrunk by more than 50%. he said his doctors haven't seen anything like it in recentry memo. trebek says he still has several rounds of chemotherapy left but thanked his fans for positive energy. the scripts national spelling bee at national harbour, we spoke to a 13-year-old from kton, virginia, and eighth grader at pinnacle academy. we talked to him before he competed in round three today. >> i hope for the best and also i tried looking at some rots so that i would have a better chance of when the word comes tt ry to like, if i have to guess it, then i'd have a better guess. >> according to the scripts twitter account isin say he
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misspelled tord emotive, and we still have seven kids who will compete in this final.a thatens tomorrow. you want to test your skills, elwnload the nbc washington app and search "spng bee" good luck to you. >> withll ahose spelling bee words we have to look them up. we don't even know what it means. >> i can spell google. that's about it. >> god bless those kids. they have incredible spelling skills. families of 74 sailors killed during the vietnam war fighting to honor their loved ones. ngthe technicality keepiheir names off the vietnam veterans memorial law. >> trking storms and a live look at our city
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monday will mark the 54 anniversary of the deadliest day in the vietnam war, 74 sailors went down ebb inch the southna sea. >> none of them have their names on the wall. the renewed fight for recognition. >> the uss frank e. evans was providing artillery support in the morning lawy of 1969. they were participating in training exercises outside the combat zone when an australian aircraft carrier accidentally collided with the vessel slicing it inalf. and her brother was among those lled. >> he was an amazing young man,
6:46 pm
incre bly bright butvery humble. >> reporter: ensign alanrm arong, along with 72 others was lost to the depths of the south china sea and bodies nevee recod. she remembers the last time she omoke with him before deploying to the cbat zone. >> we told each other we loved each other. i'm really glad we had that chance. >> reporter: years after their deaths when the wall was being designed, the families of the were looking forward tori hono their loved ones. >> we thought how wonderful at last. but the defense department told them the names of the 74 sailors killed that day would not be included on the vietnam wall. >> to be honest it was like losingm all over again. >> reporter: because they were killed outside the combat zone they didn't qualify to have their names on the wall.
6:47 pm
everyday she looks at the monument and thinking about her brother and his cru mates. >> theseys b answered the call of their nation and gave the ultimate sacrifice to their nation and deserve to be honored. >> reporter: legislation is currently pending in the sena to pave the way to have their names added to the w bllut congressional efforts failed in the past. >> it was hope and trust that sometime soon we will have his name and shipmates on the wall we can touch and visit and we can celebrat >> reporter: at the vietnam memorial, mark segraves, news4. >> hard to understand. >> for sure. >> when is it goog t settle down around here, doug? >> we really dodged a bullet. if youaw how many reports in the philadelphia area, parts of pennsylvania, numerous tornado
6:48 pm
waings and severe thunderstorms yesterday, too. to the sout we saw a lot of severe thunderstorms. for us, just apl cou severe thunderstorm warnings and most of us have remained on the dry side. we are watchng one area in prince george's county. this is why i came t of severe weather alert mode. we just don't have them. wesaw one in frederick county and montgomery county and right here. the only game we ha going o here is in prince george's erunty, moving south of 50 around u marlboro, the beltway, too. this is heavy rn. i haven't seen much with lightning and the other one. we could see stronginds but we will be watching. you see right there, right along district heights as you makeay your w over richey road, right along route 4 jt to the north of andrews air force base and moving through.
6:49 pm
rain there and needed rain. there's the rain to e north and flash flooding and severe watch. to the west, a complet y different story, looking at big-time storms in the dallas area and oklahoma and arkansas an ptions of missouri. we have what's ongoiheg. ornado threat is still there. i think we will get out of this after tomorrow. we will see a big 15 days in a row with some tornadoes around this region. see the connection between dallas and our area and remains tomorrow. after that, we are done with what we have going on there. we have tha live picture right now? let's show you what's happening around our region. we have clouds just off to the east of the d.c. area. 90 degrees. 17 miles an hour. it is a very warm humid day. heat index, 94, 95 degrees. 90 in ap nappolis.
6:50 pm
86 in williamsburg and 77 towards the hagerstown area. look at tomorrow. a chance of area-wide storms tomorrow than today. 8:00 tomorrow morning, no problem. nice and warm day. starting to see showers form. forming around 2 or 3:00 in the m c.od.tre4:30. 6:00, right during the evening commute is when we have the best chance for storms and could be a line of storms that develops and po.sibly seve that's what i'm tracking for you. 90 degrees tomorrow. more clouds stop us from hitting 90. a lot of you saying, i don't need 90 degrees, rather be in 80s. i'll be live at wolf trap, saturday looking great. chance of orms sunday and much cooler and beautiful weather monday and tuesday, the first monday and tuesday of june.
6:51 pm
>> thanks a lot. >> is doug performing at woofl track? >> what's his talent? >> that's what we want to know. find out friday. coming off, redskins on reality tv. jay gruden hopes not, how the ad coach istrying to swing the series to another gruden. first, a look at what ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> ahead, full team coverage of robert muler as he breaks his silence on the robert mueller silence on the robert mueller investigation for the very first
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity ross the nation.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> look who stepped over from next door.o rea re g>>o. goat t talk about the redskins, doug and iere just speaking about what potentially could happen to
6:55 pm
the redskins.of most us say, no, that's not the case. >> don't like that at all. >> ere is good news for the redskins, though. good news. the redskins have now signed 9 of 10 rookies to a contract, first-round pick, montez sweat the latest to join the list. with that said they can practice and not whether or not they will be selected for the nflw, sho "hard knocks." >> reporter: the defects have been the tar atotas in college park. not only did collins make his first appearance but a rookie seventh round pick named jimmie moreland stole the show. >> i got pads up on teams and keep my motivation up and energy up. e.ey love it's a big loving group and feel like a family here. >> jay gruden says he doesn't like to sit still at pracce nd always has to be doing
6:56 pm
something like playing defense. would he feel the same way if the hbo "hard knocks" cameras were roing 24/7. >> if they were smart, ey would go to oakland. seriously. antonio brown, gruden, incognito, you have to be crazy not to go to oakland. they can do us next year maybe. >> reporteak not if you me the playoffs. >> if wee don't mak the playoffs i probably won't be here anyways. they can come here and do it all they want. >> i don't want it. i think -- you know, i think sometimes it can be a a good bad thing, even if we get that to be yourselves, don't let the fact that we're on tv every single week chang you. >> reporter: if they are chosen i guess i have to get a haircut. in ashburn, george wallace, news4 sports. >> might need a haircut, george.
6:57 pm
workouttoday guys and hosting active duty military veterans and families. former redskin star santana moss taking time to talk to the group and got up close and personal taking pictures with wayne has skins junior and other players and autographs, a great deal out there. >> it only took four days to remind the world he's still the king on clay. the spaniard looking to defend the title he won the last two years. nadal has won a record 11 times there. his quest for number 12 against madden. not too hard of a day for him. rafael with nas forehand there, moves on 6-1, 6-2 and 6- more tennisyalty in action, roger federer facing oscar otay. aittle drop shot here.
6:58 pm
gets to it. federer catches him, roger making it look easy out there today. roger federer also moves on in saight sets, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. >> good news for d.c. ited fans in chicago after a violent collision with new england's goalkeeper saturday, the coach telling t "washington post" he has a few hes, took a pretty good shot but he's also one tough s-o-b. rooney did stay in the game ovee the weend scoring the penalty goal and stoppage time for the penalty-kick. good news for guard anthony coan will return. he tested draft waters but ultimately decided to return to college park. town has started all 99 games since coming to maryland leaving them in the scoring minutes and
6:59 pm
steals in the last two seasons. >> that good to see. >> thanks a lot.
7:00 pm
tonight robert mueller breaks his two-year his first pu comments on the russia investigation. mueller giving answers to esngering mysteries, contra addicting the prent and the attorney general. reminding congress whose job it is to hold the president acuntable. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not co it a crime, we would have said so. >> a flurry of new calls for impeachment proceedings. >> bob mueller was referring impeachment to the united states congress. >> pressure intensifyingn the house speaker t whilehe president says case closed. ksre neighborhoods blown away by two straight weef tornados and violent storms racing east from texas to new york.


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