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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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powewul ds, evene1 the potential for hailc out there. check out the roads in mount xd airy,u maryland. jackie bsen is íe, there lookingsporñi su!le ots. doug and amelia in the stormko center. guys, where areok those storms right now?lp r >> they'reht along the jfi-95 corridor andñi moving into pris georgunty, charles county, ic fred it was loudoun county. it wase1xd fairfax. now everything moving to the reports are coming in. we have trees down and reports of hail and a 71 mile an hour wind gust. >> 52 miles an hour at reagan national.t( we're just going to continue to watch again, i'm wng on axd new possible severe thunderstorm warning. you see the warning right here into southern prince george's
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facounty. fairñrcounty, northern charles county. that is until 4:30. i would not be surprised to see county. if you live in charles qcoenty, thse storms are moving your way very, very quickly. we're going continue seet( them produce some very heavy rain and very strong wins as well as the potential is there for some hail too. h this been thee1 storm all day that we've been watching, but this line has now formed. so watch out injfrf waldo in abr nine minutes. la plata ate1 2:15. charlotte hall at 4:43 and prince frederick aboute1 4:54. right now.xd route 4 -- route 5, rather, f coming out ohe city makingñi its way towardsq 301. you can seeñr the dark clouds area
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let's go back to the maps now. you seet( from baltimore all th way down towards fredericksburg, we've got that line that hasi]x developed. this storm as prompted two warnings, one into frederick county where we have a lot of county wrees down, a a lot of montgomery county, moreowardsg howard county. two strong storms here.t(c all severe warnings. then this onere right he towards prince george's county that'smy% making its wayfá txdhrough. 301e on business all day. gusts and 66 in fairfax county and now it's moving into prince george's county. then you've got two more stormsl that areçó r developing here on the heels of this one th plata area.
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you posted as we movee1 on throh the rest of theó[ nigt- tv)( severe tnderstorm watch goes until 9:00. as strong as this round, but another round of storms to come later on.3w wind.d tell us,xdáin versus what's the big issue fori] late tonight? >> i think later tonightçó it's going to be more of a rain issue. these t(storms. i don't think we'llñiñ!ói]qfá se f ferocityç"of windñr we'll see lr on. pnext areaok of rain is.e1 ohio, towards west virginia. all of this making its way ourq way. you see one thing for sure. most of this is rain. u$understorms. right now. doug and amelia, thank younb both. we will bec getting back to you% q pwith our nbc washington app. it's free. all you have to do is download it and put it on your phone and
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doug. have his alerts going to you anytime bad weather headsour way. meanwhile, disturbing newko family tragedy unfolding in virginia.r we've learned a teenager, hisçó mother, and another man i%tq found dead in a home in spotsylvania county. the home isd locatejf ont(çó ar acres drive south of fredericksburg. us fro from there. relative of the victim. tell us what thelp situation is from there. t( reporter: that's right. relatives coming up in just ae1 moment, but the latest is that a day and a half into this investigation and trimee1 scene is actually expanding. the3w three victims were found dead inside of a home at the end of this long driveway, but th afternoon officers have been fanning out searching into all of theseñiñi neighboring proper, turning over ñileaves, going through sewers. k&mi9ju now, we'll showñ=ud video weñr shot less than 9nb ho
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ago of their search through this area. so farçó police have not said i they havej. recovered a weapon, this a homicide investigation. we?,ú also learned theq names 39-year-old michael w3coleman, 34-year-old rachel azunaokfá anh his dad that discovered them dead inside the house. ther on the her ea. take a listen to that snippet ì% me the ex finding all three ofçóq them yesterday. >> he wast( completely broke do
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>> reporter: so what does it sound like actually happened? >> they're not telling usxd howd happened or anything else other than the release today. he told me it would be said that it was aok sharpt(xd object. >> they also discovered a toddlerend infant insid the thankfully both of those children were unharmed. those are the children of the two adults that were foundead inside of here. so farçó police have not said tt they have arrested anyone, but they also said they are not arching for any suspects atxd this time. that is theçó latest from spotsylvania county. drew. ank you, let's go back to the weather &háhp &hc% outside, drew is where isq shining. there's a severe thunderstorm warning coming in? this line right here. this goes until 4:30.
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it's for all of charles county. if you lve in charles county, you're seeing the storm make its way through our area. these are really three separate storms that are coming on ñi through. but this is moving very close to the waldorfñr areahe in t next o nutes. un4:28 aro the charlotte hall area. this is awheangerous line of storms. storms. a lot of very stry.a winds.cú co iz to 60 miles per hour with these storms as they continue to mo off towards the east. once again, we're going to d.c.inue to see rainok aroufi] but a little bit of ai] lull he as we move on through the next couple of hours. heads up alongld warf and la plata coming to$xñr you in the 5e1 or 10 minutes. we'll take a look here at a
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story th maryland governor involved in. he'se1 putting pressure on the gniversity of maryland after aç student died d campus virus. leadership before advising students and parents about thi outbreak. today governor hogan sentc ate letout to the board ofçó reeg ei enxd -- re -- regents demanding an investigation. the xdcdc did not specific strain of thet( virus until november 19th, 18th days after the school discovered añit student had virusok' campus. they said they notified students and parents within 24 hours after themyu(uq health department authorized them to do so. new developments in on the going legal battles over
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abortion access. >> missouri's only abortion lise. that comes as another state ti 1 restrictive abortion laws. newsroom followg this story. >> we're going to start in missouri where planned parenthood is in court trying to keep the state'slastbortion clinic open. thew3 clinic's license is set t expire tomorrow. missouri'sc governor says the state expected it earlier this year and found several parenthood saithe state is, quote, weaponizing that process. we're stillc waiting on a rulin which is expected sometime today, because their deadline is tomorrow. if the judge decides againstxd planned parenthood, missouri becomes thet( first state inc t country with zero abortion clinics. overwhelmingly passed a strict new bill that bans abortion oncá a fetale1heartbeat can be detected which isé@q as early six weexudhks.
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there are noq exceptions for insacest. it's important to note the law would only take effect if a similar heartbeat abortion law is upheld by a5- federal appea court. it's already been blocked by a judge. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the we'll reaction from both sides of the issue coming up at . about two and a half years ago. the popular resort and casinoe1s preparing to layoff dozens of workers. as tracee wilkins learned. >> this is justlike you would why are they laying peopleñic o?
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>> gamblers react to news that dozens areçó out of workfá at m national harbor. company wide mgmçó laid off 222 peoplefá in the first round of q then today another 557 were laid off. 62 here at mgm national harbor mgmt( ce osei the e changes we ar making today bring usjf closer to concluding 2020 during which we redeeseducr salaries staff. part of the promise was jobs. there are nearly 2,500 employees the layoffs do not violate their agreement with prince george's county toi] hiree1lp locally. one casino goer called thepl think it's horrible they make promisga toq these
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companies. mgm last year and there's already layoffs up there as well. no four workers were affected. little more than half laid off here are actually managers. they wouldn't specify theñi oth positions. orat national t(harb i'm tracee we are toldqc that employee rbo he been laid offfá at qmgm national ha will service tw ao nd alsot( two we non-working notice with health ca and otherçóiánefits as well. and we are still tracking that severe weatherut oçó there. >>roug kammere monitoring all that for us from the stormfá center. doug.fár that's w+o(e the storm is makiná its way through southern maryland. severe thunderstormi]ingxd right now untilt(jf 4:30.
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charles county, prince george's county, king george look at some of the video we received out of southeast d.c. the rain was really coming down around that$xq region. we'll see that for the next few hours too. much more onxdñr
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. we are back now with a weathe alertlp from storm team d doug anmelia are monitoring severe thunderstorm warningsut o
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there. their next update coming up in less than two minutes. >> pat,xd as we celebrate asian americanq and pacific islander heritage month today, we aree1 saying goodbye to ae1 staple of d.c.'se1 food scene onp,ew hampshire ñravenue. they've been around since 2000. but rising rent forced the chinese restaurant to shut down before theyq closed, news 4's aimetocho stopped by give+m us one last look at this culinary cornerstone in d.c.wc/x 20 yea stepped inside meiwah chinese getting fr/ rice and flaming hot food. welcome. r(t&háhp &hc% american dream. eventually opened his own
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restaurant. >> working hard, working hard. restaurant is a-9 tough e1busi. long hours. >> long hours making countless general ketso's ch >> consistent cookingçó is very important. >> you would never find him behind the grill. >> believe it or not, ie1 don't cook. i'm one of the fewra restauurs who don't knowt( h to cook. >> the last 20 yearsee i've bn here for many, many businessq yo meetings. food ist( a good place to start conversation. any conversani$n. and even any conflict. >> over the years countless people have found that to be true. >> t(hillary. we havet( bush. we have obama. past customers. >> congressmen. hat he ñ longer keep up. >> closing ae1 chaptert( inmya+ is onewoyok we created 20 years >> sad day when h=ñ closes.
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a true american success story. he's a legend in washington, d.c. he's entertained entertainers. >> he hopes to reopeni] in a nmr location in d.c.ñi >> grief a grandq opening andyo have come to cut the ribbon. more parties now. i like d.c. i love this city. >> a city that's nowe1 seeing t % . but here's some good news. % . he does have another lationfá in friendship heights that will be staying open, so you can still get your fix of chinese food. >> that's good to know. >> because we know where that one is. it's not far from us. >> that's right. news 4 is proud to celebrate the rich heritage of asian >> you can read more about theis stories andee how they're community ons7 the nbc washing app. this afternoon. doug and amelia tracking a line of(g)ms that already triggered a tornado warning in our area. >>xd guys, what'sfá the latest? >> i've seen a lot of damage
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reports. that's what we're seeing right now in frederick county, int( through parts of fauquier county, prince william count fairfax county seeing all the damagee1 reports. george's and charlest( county. hunderstorm warning there. >> if you do soe safely, wn"gz to see what kind of damage you're dealing with. punch b we could see molpb.i] n out there. >> the severe thunderstorm watch still continues until 9:00 p.m. therere making that this does stay in effect until 9:00? tonight. west. no severe thunderstorms right now. notuájjjz back there, but i'll show you why. our area. we oe got a lot beeping going on. still seeing the severe thunderstorm warning now into prince george's county, into charles county. this will most likelyok)kd÷n be &háhp &hc% this too. >> no new warning yet. >> s) new warning yet, but i
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warning for this storm right here. this is taking the predominance away from the storm to the north. a lot ofi] lightningt( associat winds.
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there it is right there. there that newt(ñrlp warning. calvert county, st. mary's, prince george's and charles con>e now until 5:00. >> as we head back to thei stor an hour. you know that something bad is going to happen with winds that strong. out of the woodbridge area /eb are gettingqc reports offá a tr into a house. we can get chopperxdñi up today send a crew there to investigate just how bad that>xçóis. all of these reports are to be stormxd reports or wind gt reports. thisi] wind gustlptrport atñit( william county. high tomorrow of 85. e.wer humidity. it's comfortabl unfortunately there's the chance for some late day showersq south
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then maybe anxd isolated shower test of us in the çócd.c. metro area are comple dry. tomorrow is at(ñi great cool da overall. day. 1ñwell, we could see se thunderstorms out there later in the day. that too. take a look at the next couple of days. opper is about to go up once the rain moves out of that area. 85 tomorrow with a chance ofñiñ stormsñixd south. fredericksburg,ñi kculpeper. high temperature of 85 cwith a goodnce of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some of those could be strong. 76 onxd monday. take a look at the next 10 days here as we look at the nextyh ìáhp &hc% june.
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storms nextsá wednesday and guy, allw3 eyes right now on or storms in southern maryland. we'll coná
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if you've ever paiwá off a credi card, youkoht know the feeling you get from there. >> so good. and while paying down thadr debu will give a credit score boost, what most of us do next can updo all of the hard work. >> that's right. san hogan working for you withlpok one re why you need to keep those accounts open. >> you don't like this, do you? >> i don't like this story, no. >> it goes against everything we know.ew there's a n story that found reali8m"át negative impact of 9ñ justt(w3 42% of cred card holde know that closing a credit card typically hurtsñr your credit score. think it hast( no effect.lpqtp% 13% incorrectelieve it actually helps their score. bank rate said you should keep old counts openñi because scori scoring algorithms actually ookse1 favorably on longstandig f1 ose1 favorably on longstandig credit. if you're pagan annuavñi fee foa
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card, you're not getting value a from, the issuerxd oñ downgrade you into a card that does not charge a fee. diáq$e it shou it's always a smartqdea to make ure you're credit is frozen with the cred reportingt( burea. ák reallyhe best way to make accounts in your name. >> leon is going i don't like that. >> don't close the accounts. >> you win when you're in debt. >>i] i know. >> thank you,ñi susan. well, we near weatheró[ al thunderstorms moving through the area. area. he is back to take us through
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in seleccities or trying to convince consumers that 4g actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliv b on all the spectrumands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5gheonnectivity across tation.
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now at 4:30, storm team 4 issues a weather alert. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here with what to expect for the rest of the evening. fat's the word?i] >> if you'rom d.c. the severe threat just about kogon. not kocompletely. that's why the martial weather severe thunderstorm watch. that's very goodáuj for us. 're going to seeore rain.t( right now all eyes on southern maryland. we're talking about calvert county, prince george's county, charles countyñi and northern calvert county. this until 5:00. a severe thunderstorm warning in
4:31 pm
ffect until 5:00 for yo including mechanicsville, including the calvert beach area, thelp huntingtown area, or towards dunkirk. thunderstorm warning right now and this stormjfjf ctinuing to make its way off to theast. another couple towns in this area. here's hughesville and then over towards prince frederick. if you live in prince frderick, you've got alp little bit of ti before they come your way. i have seens numerouamage reports. a lot of trees do power outages. here's theext round right ñrr here, but you notice no severe storms right now making its way our way. we will see more rain. this stormçó means for you overnight and for your friday and yong weekend comiñiup. you've got iu]ñi thanks, doug. let's get youxd caught up opinion a family tragedy unfolding in spotsylvania county. someone killed a man and añi won and a teenager inside a home
4:32 pm
that's nr fredericksburg. they've been identified as michaelxd coleman, racl ozuna and her 14-year-old son. the couple's younger children were not hu . this is being ruled akoñrñi ho. governor hogan is looking into an investigationym ofok how th universityñrñi handled the ad 6/a9"tk before they authorizingfá them to so t(so. > more charges expecteai against a stafford county woman accused of being a phoney psychologist. sha rhondarpp+ery is accused of working as a psychologist even though she doesn't have a sheñiñi pleaded not guilty to
4:33 pm
practicing without a license and fraud. her attorney declined comment because she has just taken over this3w case. dozens of people atc mgm nationl harbor have received their pink slips. we're told the layoffs arefá pa of the company wide initiative to streamline the operation. as aw3 qwhole, qmgm says it's l f more than 550 workers. mgm says the layoffs at national harbor do not include workers on the floor. they did not specify the positions of the employees that have been affected. >> we'll see how that playsñi now we turn to the white house reportedly asking the u.s. navy to keep a warship named afterçóq the ñh atlantaenator j mccain out of site during president trump's recent visit to japan.t( those outlined in an emailqçó obtained by "the wall street journal" and also strengthed sailorsifmsbearing the ship's
4:34 pm
name. a photo shows a tarp hanging over the warship a name. president trump has denied any responsibility for t(this, but today he said that whoever behind it was, quote, wellxd ] ning. meghan mccain says the president's attacks on her father have made it impossible to go through d9/ñ grief panoce (p9uáu repeatedlyt( are uote, attackingway father and the military+ where peoplefá a d.c. residents say theyne concerned that we could be heading into a summer ofj cf1 o violence. tñis past memorial day weekend at least 22 people were hurt ane so 15 shootings.xd so far this yearj8iqñ people ha been murdered.%ti u$at's the sa time left
4:35 pm
uqq murdered in the city. this is talk around town. taylor thomas is here. most of your lieners say the shootings and murders in the tal& they'rea5 vetheling. >> 're very alarmed.[ññiçó a people in fourg is shocking by anytandards. they realize this is not justx$ . the police can't solve itok alo. t will take residents and nonprofits andw3 businesses to come together and try to quell what the prblem is, whyñr theres such an uptick. it'sxd not even the summer yet. our listeners really want to hear a solution because whatever is going onxd in the city i n't working to stop the violence. dean, who is from boxon hill works in the city, she shared her concerns. >> the first thing i think of i( my brother. they don't haveñi a -- the feard
4:36 pm
we don't want to go backwards. ujuárps said the violence is not the norm and he's confident the summer which puts more resources on the seets, especially in high crime areas. some ofñi our li3uhners have thr own w)tt(j abouthatçó they thin might work. >> we had a barrage of cggestions, ofrse. some feel that there needs beçó more resources in communities that feel lef out of the prosperity that the city has received and experienced over the last 5 or 10 years. omso some say the police need to continue theirnity involvement and cmunication some type of conflicty%s resolution. jusn who lives in d.c., he had his own ideas. i think the program isertainly elevated our c!(élp and directlr
4:37 pm
coated itself to getting these young people to feel better about themselves so they're not choosing thejf wron éz-p>> well, that'se1lpe1 the g. we're going tosee how the summer works out, but everybody working together i guess it'se1 gointo take. >> bottom line. >> to redirect your young people, the ones who areus confd. tyy3=i1ñ thank you so much. we are keeping youé@ weath ready with our team of meteorologists who are tracking severe weather in the region amelia, what's the late sneft. >> we have some good news for most of the 5aarea. the severe thunderstorm watch c stillñiñrfá tracking a s soevut charles, st. mary's andlv caert county. this is in effect until 5:00w3 p.m. check out earlier. we have a time lag vio out ofñi frederick as this severe storm that potentia y produced a tornado moved through the area.' coming up wre going to let you
4:38 pm
know what you can expect for the rest of tonight and h thisow
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you don't haveñiñi to wait untie movie comeout to get the full experience. disneyland's themeñi park and exhibit now open to the public.
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than that muse snick. >> i do 't think. detailing the universe they put together.t( on the millenniumé@fá falcon. florida's disney world gets a theme park coming up in august. >> that looksbt))q a lot of fun. news 4 is committed to bringing you stories about climate change. >> that's right. amelia draper is here now to break down the new numbers she's been looking at here. this is about our warming highs. what's the story here? >> it's talking about warming nights, actually. a few nights ago we set a record warm night. it gotme thinking and ie1 reachd out to capital climate on twitter. mathematical whiz and here's upout of the 31p we set 19 recordq nights. everywhere you see a checkmark, that is axd record warm night
4:42 pm
since 2000. you say what does that mean? we haveñi recordst( datingjf ba 1881 wéujtj$u(ás nights. we only havenb 12 records of w &osti] 120 year time period with 12 records over the , we have 19 records. our warm nights are getting warmer. recover from theg it impacts your air conditionin1 costs. that cost is going up with the nights beingxd warmer. also it stresses oure1 electric grid. ell of this is because the temperatures ararming and the green house gases in the growing season andjfi] ultimate the cost ofroduce in the grocery store. so yesterday in the past few days we've been talking about our w days gettingé@fá wetter. warmer out there. >> warmer andg the seem to be the words for our changing climate. thank you, amelia. storm team 4 is tracking severe thunderstorms tonight at
4:43 pm
doug and amelia are back withñr what to expect for the rest of the night. >> i'm darcyer spenc in prince r(t&háhp &hc% when you think about propane gas, you may thinkjfr about you grill. but it's being used in a lot more ways to reuce compare cumcast business toent provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs)
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check out this new video acoming in of the d from severe thunderstorms earlier this afte foon. sent srom a viewer who this in from fairfax county. doug and amelia are going to be wior you through the stm that hid all of this damage. they're back withat to expect for the rest of the evening as well. the legal battle over abortion is intensifying across the country right now. >> thas@ right. the latest flash point they're going to close down the state's only remaininge1 clinic tomorrow. but as nbc's jay gray report, some are trying to keep the doors open. >>i]ñcixd the grong battle over
4:46 pm
abortion has filled into the streets of st. louis. protesters gathering as the legali legal fight plays out inside e courtroom keeping thes state' only abortionxdñr provider open they denied a license for thelp the c because of wha governor calls numerousq violations of state laws and regulations. >> shamee1 on missouri politicis andt(e1 missouri government for weaponizing the licensing and two dozen states have or are considering new strict zvlanti-abortions. the country. >> reporter: last nighpa louisiana ssing aok so-called 0599eejtt a ndheartbeatñiis weeks. jf
4:47 pm
georgia alreadysiq have lar heartbeat laws in place. supremee1 court. jay gray,fáe1 nbcçó news. doug and amelia are tracking a jjjjip &háhp &hc% they triggered a tornado warning earlier. > now they seem to be dying down a bit out there. what's on tap for the restñr of the +evening? >> that's the good news.zv áñ aredyingq we have a severe form warning continuing until 5:00 for uthern charles and st. mary's county. the strongest storms are now as we look to tonight, we'll t"11uát some showers out severe weather is andçó ultimately a few nice days ahead of us. >> we had the thunderstorm watch in effect untie1 9:00. the weather service has taken that down. you see what's happening. areas in pink still under a vere thunderstorm watch.
4:48 pm
it says prince george's county, but you're no longer in that rether. the of the areae1 not under the watch now. we still have this line of storms. you canñrok see where the light is. that denotes where the strongest storms are. thoseb. storms have made theirr yll the way across our region. frederick, marnd. we saw the potential for a tornado. we had a tornado warning there earlier. look at this. this isi] in frederick county,o believe. where is this again? this isxd exactly where that tornado warning was for a littl bit earlier. there is a tree on axd v/+se. one thing you're not seeing, the top left portion, that's actually where the tree is into the house. you see the tree branches on top of the car, but the main tree is house.y into thatjf we've got numerous other reports ofrees down in that area. wind damage in that region as well. a lot of win$ñf damage. a lot of trees down. about 5,000 people without power. here's the line now right arount muuz still have rain coming in.
4:49 pm
this rain right nowñi associate with the cold front that's moving through. look, we do have some thunderstorms associated with sis. yes, we will more rain tonight. yes, we will seei] mó thundex( tonight, but we are not anticipating any more severe weaer as we move on through the restlp of the night tonight. we will still see rain. a oft( things. not only does it create better [ ieather for us, it stops the severe pattern for the countrye% over the next couple of day. >> which is ge, because today was the 15thlp óí)áq(uáive day that nationally we've dealt with severe storms. on average wexd see about 1,000 year. atx4r @r(t&háhp &hc% th of may just yet. check out all the storm reports coming in. some of these are wind gusts. ost are reports of trees down we're going to continue to see
4:50 pm
area. the severe weather threat is area. for most of us it is going to be aid spectacular fr out there. (qq' going for runs eve morning this week. it isjf sweltering, it is hot a1 humid. i am looking forward to that run at lunchtime find an excuse to low humidity &/a1qeez sunshine. there is a chance for late day showers in northern virginia. daybe up intoreas of fauquier 82 on your fri night. it's a gorgeous night. doug's going to beñi live at wo p tomorrow and the weather will be perfect. so, isolated shower chancet( tomorrow. again, south and northern virginia. scattered thunderstorms around the weekend really not looking all that bad. golf, bicycling, poolather. it's all looking for the most part fantastic. oe're going to be watching out wñ!r happens sunday to
4:51 pm
see if we have any strongc stors there. take a ok, anothericture of the samevu area. numerous trees down in and around this region. there it is right there. you see a large tree down on the roads there. a lot of trees down. a road of roads closed in that region. we've seen trees down in just about every countyñr that saw those storms. tomorrow, high temperature of 85 with some nice weather. kwefb onñiaturday. 85 on sunday with a chance offá storms. yes, some of those could be on the stronger side. 76, though. that cold front on sundaye1 reay makes a great transition as we mhee our way into t first full week ofñi june. the 70s. some fantastic weather over the xt four to five days or so. >> wow, that sounds so good,lp doug. nice to have the pattern broken fo. just a minute >> all right. let's see what'st( coming up toy at 5:00. >> we have got a busy thursday afternoon. ahead at 5:00, you know the feeling. you're driving ande1 maybe you'
4:52 pm
got kind or notd so kin words or car behind. >> coming up, our transportation reporter adam tuss gets a look ati] axd new device that allows to send a message to those other drivers. how fun would that be?c alsool is almost out for the summer. hundreds of local teachers could be out fogood. >> ahead at 5:00, the i-team investigates the rga/=9m many teachers are leaving the classroom. >> we'll see youe1 at the top o the hour with those stories. we'll also take a lookfv weather nk that this stuff is clearing out, but it's leaving a lot of damage inçóxd
4:53 pm
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stormteam 4 has issued a weathere1 alert forq severe thunderstorms. dug#y&q"dq$eh doug is tracking the system and night.fá that's coming up next. speaking of the weather, check out thisi] video. this is from a storm that ripped the roof off a high schoollp in arkansas yesterday. the damage also extended inside school.xd no onet( hçpu$*q inside the $ñr herough. weatr investigators trying to figure out if the destruction is line winds. in pennsylvania violent storms pushed threes into philadelphia may be beyond repair. high winds pulled down pw.mis7 lines and left thousands of
4:56 pm
re under hia suburbs the threat of severe weatherlp again today. d a tornado destroyed a 50-year-old business in ohio this week. the ownere1fá of this barbershos only able to salvage his cash register and a sign and a pair of clippers. he planned to retire in a couple of months, but he says that monday night's storm just moved his plan up aq bit. prince george's county has been working to go green for years. the county is doing its part to lessen the impact of our uhp &hc% >> d darcy speb the push for propane in countyx vehicles. >> reporter: this parking lot is still with trucks, cars andt(3w buses.xd there's something different about them. they're fueled with propane auto gasxd insteadi]jf of regular fu >> we' saved a lot of money. the fuel is very low cost. it burns veryçó jfwell. >> prince george's county passed a green fleet resolution in 2014. vehicles are part of the goal of reducing emissions and lessening
4:57 pm
>> we can really have an impact &háhp &hc% ground level ozone and smog and things, >> reporter: prince george's county has ae1i] number of vehi powered by propane gas including transit buses. a workshop was held about the advantages of propane fuel. representatives from governments it m sense for them. >> it isn't as sexy a solution as, for example, electric vehicles are, but the reality reduced ce costs are and it's a great alternative to futh. >> this it(nozzle. >> reporter: the co(dáy has a propane station where buses and trucks can refuel. some critics have had concerns t th%hfjt(urjrju$ese tanksé@ and the safety ofq pro leaders sayey're trying to
4:58 pm
3q'efits.he pk"ájt about its spencer, news 4.r news 4 has been exploringxd 3!;buz impacth climate cgee1 smr having on our community. stories like that,ñi go to the c washington app and searchi ch climates. ] atjf now. alert mode tonight yet againçó tracking some powerful storms making their way through the dmv. >> they've been kicking up all afternoon long. we may not be done with the rain just yet. g@r(t&háhp &hc% in the next few hours. >> right now we're getting a look at some of the damage from the earlier storms. this is alongt( price distiller road. % county, large trees down blocking road damaging houses. >> take a look ats,his time lapse video from when those t stormsq@pr)s rolled into ourr region spawng tornado warnings and dropping hail the sides of
4:59 pm
golf balls. this was the scene just beforeç 3:00 this afternoon. >> and this is what it looks like in the d.c. area. those treesñi bending in the wi and then the skies just opened up. let's head to the c weathter with doug and amelia. what is coming next? >> good question here,en wy. the good newse1 isswp the sever weather is starting to move out of the area and the severe thunderstorm watch continuest( be dropped. now only in for calvert county and st. lp ixd don'tlp think we have a il e t rain mving through with a cold front between about 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. the+hsevere weather threate1 greatly diminished, but still rain out there tonight. >> theym storms, thexd stronge which are over toward the easternw3 shore. nothing else going on in our region. that's vy good news. gives us time tow3 n, severe weather areaxd wide as we moved on through the evening.w3 numerous severe thunderstorm trees down.
5:00 pm
a lot of wind reports. now you see down to the south, we still have axd warning technically, but no more severe calvert county just seeing the rai.bóow. it is now moving off to the east. we do have raini] back towards e west. this is the actual front back here. out ahead of it we are startingh to see sowers and thunderstormsá develop. we will see more thunderstorms throughout thea5 night, througt the evening hours, over the next uple hours. but i'mq not anticipatingñi sev will we see thunder? will we see lightning? yes. will we see wind? it's possible. of severe we'll t about when all this means. this is a game changer of a storm coming through right now. >> we'll staylp in close touch. we remind you now is a good time to download the free nbc washin. get the latest alerts wherever you live. ç occurred in


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