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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  May 31, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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now he's facing nearly a dozen new charges involving underage women. > the oils, capsules, gummies, and explosions have exploded on to the market. today the government takes the teps toward regulating cbd products. it is 4:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilc rain chances today are way lower than they were yesterday. in ft, most of us will not need to worry about raindrops. but i can't rule out a stray shower or two, primarily south
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of the washington area. our friends and neighbors at tor nern neck, southern maryland, fredericksburg, toward maybe culpeper and charlottesville, those neighborhoods might have a dropr or a shower ding the day. i think from about warrenton and waldorf, nrthbound to the pennsylvania line, rain chances near zero today. temperat iewise, we're the cooler 50s and 60s for most of the area this morning. and do't get me wrong, it's not going to be a cool afternoon. temperature today, 85 degrees. but lower humidy, more sunshine, that's going to be a farore pleasant day to spend time outside. again, rain chances today are lower and focused down to the e about the weekend and how much cooler it's going to be next week coming ssa? thank you. taking a look at the beltway, no problems on the beltway, outer loop, inner loop, lookinguite good. we have one issue in the district, southbound 295 before the naval research lab, right lane is blocked by a crash. we don't see any slowdown, though, on the map, so that is good. silver spring, northboundrg
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geo after 16th street, right lane gets by. as you look at 66, we have a couple of work zones eastbound and westbound. nothing that's slowing too much. 65 miles per hour wis be the ed there. you can see there eightminutes. aaron? thank you. 4:02. we begin with powerful storms that ripped through our area. for the second time in one week, a tornado touched down in howard county. look at the video a viewer sent of the storm in ellicott city. people said it looked like a wall of white moving across the sky near veterans elementary school. re have been no injuries reported. today the national weather service will be in howar county surveying the damage left by the storm. the violent weather left several major roads blocked by downed trees. several large homes on edgewood way had huge pieces of their off.s ripped homeowners scrambled to the holes covered with tarps and plywood in anticipation of more rain. >> lets of work. lots of roofs.
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lots of tarps. it's raining, so it's dangerous right now. we probably have got another six ofs to get on to tarp it tonight. >> to the west several historic farm properties were hard hit. at least one enormous old tree sliced through a brick home in an ajoining field. the winds pulled off the tin roof of stable and took it hundreds of mesaway. spotsylvania, virginia, was also under a tornado warning. here's video of the storm system moving ythrough. see how dark the skies became. the national weather service will be out to survey the damage and to see if a tornado touched down anywhere. as the storm blew through, viewers sent incredible oomages. l at that. storm team 4 says this on the screen, this image, is the thrfect example of a shelf cloud. was near spotsylvania. like this photographer, many of you were stuck on the road when the storms rolledgh throu
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you can hear the pounding rain on the roof and the windshields of that car. this driver was stopped in columbia because trees were blocking part of the roads. this next picture cain from near fredericksburg. more branches in the road, this time blocking part of i-95. road crews have a lot of cleaning up to do. pretty widespread. andovernight, residents in oklahoma were given just two hours to evacuate before floodwaters rolled in. thelos quickly crossed over highway 64 in the city of bixby. ate police set up barricades and told residents who didn't evacuate that dispatching emergency services could become impossible. those who decided to shelter in place will have toer stay th until the water recedes. nord on when that might happen. and take a look at this. flooding also a major problem in arts of arkansas where state and federal officials took an aerial tour along the arkansas racer yesterday. there was water as far as theo eye cd see. look at that. the vernor says the state has
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never seen flooding of this magnitude before. the damage to homes, farmland, and the state's 1/2 -- state's navigation system is costing $23 million a day. coming up, the "today" show will have more. now a company has laid off mgm.eople at a spokesperson says it's part of a companywide downsizing. 557 were laid off across the country sterday. the company says they're working to streamline operations heading into 2020. one casino-gotter told us to lay off people so soon after mgm national harbor opened i a broken promise. >> i think it's disappointing that they make promises to these communities. i moved to d.c. in 2003, and my home city just opeed up anmgm last year. and there's already word of layoffs up there, as well.
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>> the company says the layoffs do not violate their agreement with prince george's coolty. we're tclose to half of those laid off were managers, ed none wre floor workers. happening etoday, food and drug administration will hold its first public hearing on cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds also known as cbds. this is ard step towa regulations. the hearing'soal is to gathers as much information possible about the products. the fda wants to know how safe and effective cbs are. hundreds of people are expected to speaked including -- speak, including doctors, farmers, and people in the industry. it a could beolatile day for investors after president trump announced a new tariff on all mexican imports starting next month. on twitter he announced the 5% tax in an effort to pressure mexico to do more to crack down raon central american mignts crossing into the u.s. president trump says hll boost the tariffs until the immigration problem, is quote, . remedi we're already seeing a hit to
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automakers in the asian marketsr this mning. many japanese and u.s. carmakers have factories inc mexi the tariff goes into eect june 10th. push trump continues to for a wall to be built on the u.s. southern border, meyer of a city -- a mayor of a city in new mexico is catching heat for a wall in his town. a private bored is being built in sunland work where new mexico, el paso, and mexico meet. the mayor says since word of the wall became public, he and his family are getting death threats. he says the permit for the wall was issued by mistake, but says it is more than 80% done. a group called we build the wall raised more than $20 million to build it on private land. they say with this wall in place, border patrol can now focus on other entry points. d.c. attorney general carl racine is asking the public to weigh in on wether notorious drug kingpin rafel edmond should be released early from prison.
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there will be publicon forums this starting next month. edmond is currently serving a life sentence. authorities say he oversaw a major d.c. cocaine ring the '80s and is linked to more than two dozen murders. the same osecutor's office that put him away says he should get an early release for his cooperation in multiple investigations. major developments in the case against r&b singer r. kelly. the grammy-winning artist faces nearly a dozen new charges of sexual asslt and abuse. they stem from offenses that allegedly took place in 2010 and appear to involve one of the women named in previous charges against hi in february, r. kelly was charged with sexually abusing four women, three of whom were minors. he pleaded not guilty and stillh denies all of accusations. if convicted he could face up to 30 years in ison. maryland governor larry hogan is putting pressure on the university of maryland after a student died during a campus outbreak of the adenovirus. the freshman died last november.
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this is a photo ofher. she attended the college park campus. yesterday, governor hogan sent a letter to the board of regts demanding an investigation. news4 reached out to the school for reaction. administrators say the cdc did not confirm the specific strain of adenovirus until novber 19th. that was 18 days after the school discovered a student contracted the virus. maryland says it notified students and parents within 24 hours. health after the state department authorized them to so. 4:09. to the ongoing measles outbreak. it has hit a staggering new record. the centers for disease control is reporting 971 confirmed ses ofasles in the u.s. so far this year. that is the most reported case in the u.s. since 1992. health officials say there have been five confirmed cases in maryland. most of the cases are in new york state, though. and the majority of the patients are those who have not been vaccinated. it' 4:09.
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today there will a golfme tourna to honor jordan mcnair, he's the player who diet of he exhaustion last year. his parents have established a tournament to raise money for the foundation's scholarship fund. in it's at the -- it'sat he turf valley golf course in ellicott city. one of the most photographic spots in all of d.c. mght not ch be around muonger. find out why experts say the tidal basin isda engered. the weekend fun has already stteded in some towns. a rundown in the fun happening around the area. and good morning, everyone. the rain chanceve for today ha been pushed south of the d.c. metro area, down toward the lower parts of the bay. i think you're going to like the way the wend is shaping up.
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welcome back. a wild police chase caught on camera in southern los angeles. look at the scene yesterday. police were on the lookout for a man suspected of stealing a car. he continued to lead officers around the city and at times stopped pretending to give up. thiscame to an end after a police cruiser slammed into the side of his vehicle, pinning it ong the curb. officers immediately drew their guns as the suspect climbed out of the car's window. he was tak into custody. in october of 2002, the d.cp sn case brought terror through the streets. now the case is about to be the subject of a new show on st ntless theater in north washington. the show is called "forest triage." the sw's creators say it's meant to examine how the
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so-called information age impacts the commuty in crisis. the show starts today and runs through june. it is home to the mlk, jefferson and fd fdr memorials, we're talking about the tidal basin in d.c. according to our partners at wtop, it's on the list of the most endangered historic places. inly because of the crumbling sea warm, frequent flooding, and overcrowding. there's a campaign to save the tidal basin. we're told nearly $500 million is needed for repados. >> i t know how you keep the people away. every spring -- >> one of those places. the national parks has begun repairing a broken water line affecting the water quality of the pool at the lincoln memorial. it should be operational again by the week of june 16th. it will take around five to days for it to fully detroit lion. the reflecting pool repairs and
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cleaning are expected to last the week. another beautiful area. wow. order en most of us something on line, we want it right away. now, fedex is upping its game te kup. so starting next january, fedex will begin delivering seven days a week like theyou do arnd christmas time. fedex will stop usg the post office to make some deliveries. the company says the moves will increase its efficiency anedmeet the neof online shoppers. instant gratification. >> the kids are ridiculous. can you order this on amazon, two hours later, is ite her yet? like it falls out of the sky. >> instant gratification.di reang and writing. two ofig the b local events taking place this weekend. >> news4's tommy mcfly has some ideas if you're planning events forour weekend. >> reporter: basketball, books, and the band of vertical horizon. i'm tommy mcfly with what up for your weekend. tomorrow in congress heights, it is opening day for the mystics
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at their fsost sea in their entertainment and sports arena e in congss heights. the basketball block party kicks off at 2:00. totally free to fans. there's activities, food, there's prizes, music, and even autographs from former players. sunday, th herndon festival, this year in a new location. the mayor told bus it. >> the herndon festival has moved to springstreet. the heart of herndon is here at northwest credit union. there ar trees everywhere, picnic areas, grassy areas. if you have a stroller you are going to love it because there are no hills to navigate. i remember those days. hope you'll join us, it's going to be a blast. ♪ >> reporndr: on the headlining performer who caps off more than 50 entertainers isver histo-- is vertil horizon. then a huge book festiv with fr speaker everyone from jose andres to upcoming literary
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authors who are making their way in the book world. totally free to check out, and it's a big summer pushor how uringtant reading is even the warm summer months when school is out. check out books in bloom at meriweather post. i'm tommy mcfly, and that's your weekend. the capital pridal ons in d.c. just -- pride alliance just announced an activisactivist, m easton, the byu valedictorian who came out during his graduation speech, a survivor of the orlando nightclub shooting, and cast of se"po the parade is next saturday at 4:30 from dupont to 14th street. nbc 4 will be wll represented throughout the events and is a sponsor of the capital pride weekend. >> tons of fun. >> exactly. we'll be in the parade and the next day we'll be part of the festival. i'm going to come out sundayt some point.
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>> no parade for you, what? you're going to do at? come out to the festival, aaron. >> you're going to come to the festival. >> yes, yes. >> understood. >> yes. >> an awkward conversation. all right. after a powerhouse of some weather yesterday, it is back to far more usable weather f outdoorct aivities today. honey, there's something i've got to tell you. partly cloudy here this morning. skies continuing to clear on out. we'll be left with a far prettier day today. 69 now inin washon. what you can't really tell based on these numbers which are in the 60s is how much less imid itgood morning compared to yesterday. that doesn't really show up too well on these kinds of maps. 73 in annapolis. 59 in winchester. if you're planning out the day, look at that -- all sunshine ghere through the mornin hours. there will be an extra number of cl uuds that bubblep during the course of the afternoon. any rain chances today i think will be well south of
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washington. let me show you that on future weather. the big cluster of severe weather yesterday moving out into the open waters of the western atlantic. good riddance to it. we're dry this morning. here you see there's moisture pooling up. m the deepsture to the south with daytime heating, we might be able to cook up a couple of showers here. here's 3:00 in the afternoon, south and west of luraytoward stanton and harrisonburg. then southern fauquier county, maybe towardtafford and fredericksburg. these are the areas that might have a five or ten-minute-long rain shoor. thunderstorms, no severe weather today. now for tomorrow, mostly sunny for most of your saturday. late in the day, though, another little shot of even cooler air is due to arrive. i couldn't rule outn isolated shower after the sun goes down on saturday. sunday will be mostly cloudy ant neably cooler with highs only around 80 degrees. and that is going to be some reallyfy comstuff. monday and tuesday, highs in the
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70s with sunshine. tuesday morning, that might be our last chance to get below 60 degrees until september. > that is wild. with as warm asit's been. looking at a couple of problems. in the district, suthbound 295, before the naval research lab. still have the right lane blocked by a crash there. we're not seeing a huge slowdown, but a tiny blip there on our dollar radar -- on the radar on the roads. outer loop and inner loop, no complaints. as we zoom in to silver spring, northbound georgia avenue after 16th, right lane gets by through fri prince george's county. southbound on 95 in maryland, 32, down to the beltway, 67 miles per hour. going to take you 11 minutes. aaron? >> thank you. 4:20. the value of a dollar turning into a valuable math lesson for students in prince orge's county. after the break, see how their special project is helping them learn and build something fun.
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welcome back. most parents want to teac their kids the value of hard work, anl especily the value of a dollar. >> there's a school in princ george's county where a new playgrounis helping teach kids about both. it's time for math at st. ambrose school in prince george's county. and if you're thinking there's no way this is a maths c think again.
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st. ambrose needs a new playground, and students needed to see how math plays a role in everyday life.the principal and the two together and came one a challenging idea. >> we asked the to design and build and dond fuaising to install a new playground. >> what are some of the problems we curren dy have? howo we solve those problems? all thoseth things that ma is involved in. >> 30.5. at least -- >> reporter: the students were placed in groups of four to six people and were assigned a parent adviser. th proposal had to include different areas of learning, they researched federal requirements for handicapped equipment. ngis wasn't just thinki outside the box, the students had to figure out how much the plan would cost, too. and finally, the powerpoint n presentatio students and faculty. >> we are excited about the new equipment described on slide four in this presentation. >> aht lot of thoug went into our playground gn. we had to ensure that each piece of equipment will fit within th
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propertea. >> we pledge to provide a playground that provides age-appropriate equipment by color zones. >> we have fund-raising activities that we can use to host the necessarylars for our plan. >> just like the teachers hoped, this project brought students and teachers together from all di iplines. >> >> reporter: this creative math lessons turned into a valuable lifeesson these kids won't soon forget. ea>> i led that we have to work together as a team. >> it takes more work and like hard wo to put effort in it to make it look better than like what it is now. >> smart kids. right? clearly learned a lot. paying for the playgrounds is another part -- the playground is another important part. they will need about $35,000. >> now kids are working on a funding campaign to the bill. they're hoping the community will help them out. >> nice work in st. ambrose. >> impressive. you know you know more math than we do. >> so much more. 4:25.
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school is almost o for the summer, don't let yourids lose all those lessons they've next, the fr tools for preventing the so-called summer slide. plus, have you had a message from the driver behind you? a loo at the new device that lets you share your mind while on the road. love it. >> typically they're ones we tv.t put on this is not going to head road rage at all. from the humane rescual lients, this is -- rescue alliance, this is a cute puppy, under a year old. the
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first at 4:30, a closer look at the damage from sterday's severe weather. this was the scene in howard county, maryland, after a tornado touched down ere. >> the good news this morning, the radar is much more clear as we start this friday. hopefully good news for the weekend, too. i'm eun ning, everyone yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist.
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell's here with more on what we should expect from our weekend weather. then moilissa mollet is g to check in with -- going to --ck >> chehe traffic in first 4 traffic? >> what she said. all right. skies have been trying their best to clear out during the overnight hours. we're off to a dry start here this morning. most of us don't have to worry about a rain chance probably until at least tomorrow or later in the day on sunday. not many of us have to worry about rain today. right now, 63 in germantown. 68 in quanticin 59 winchester, virginia. forecast then for today, plenty of sunshine. it will be warm this afternoon. high around 85 degrees. so fill quite a bit warmer than average. hower may be a lonesome or two in the northern neck, the only places that might see a shower. otherwise, fantastic weather.d sunny arm to


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