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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the air. >> here's what we know so far. this happened in building two of whe municipal centerich is right next to city hall. virginia beach police say multiple people are hurt. they don't give a specific number at this time. theyd not say how badly those people are hurt. police also said they believe there is only one suspect and that at this time that suspect is in custody. police did not identifyhe person or say what his or her motivation might have been. >> now take a look at this video this is from our sister station in virginia beach. they were there as some of tns people ie that building came out unharmed and were reunited with loved ones. once again, breaking news coming in here now. an sctiveooter situation in virginia beach with multiple people injured and a suspect n
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in custody. we're expecting a news conference to take place sometime in the next 15 to 30 minutes. we'll keep you updated on this breaking story right up until the nbc nightly news at 7:00. we have more breaking news tonight. a local couple found dead while vacationing in the dominican republic. >> wlet's get straight toendy rieger. she's got everything wenow at is point on the story. what's the latest? >> we know the couple is from prince george's county. they are cynthia day and her fiancee 63-year-old edward holmes. they got to the resort may 25th. they were staying on the southeast coast of the island. the newspaper today is reporting their bodies showed no signs of violence. investigators have not determined a cause of death. the couple's family says they've been in contact with the u.s. embassy in the dr and are baffled, not sure, don't know
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what happened. according to the dominican today, the hotel director says they were scheduled to leave yesterday. we are still working this story and getting new details on this. stay tunedto news 4 and the nbc washington app for updates. back to you. >> th yk, wendy. through social media we are hearing tonight from the grieving relativesof a mother and teenage sonde found this week in their spotsylvania county home. >> the relativesa areng an appeal for money to help with the funeral arrangements. the woman's boyfriend was also found dead. >> we're getting a closer look at the scene of this tragedy. northern virginia bureau chief julie care spotsylvania tonight. julie. >> reporter: neighbors here tell me that michael coleman bought this property only about six onths ago and was working to fix up the home for his family but on wednesday, coleman, his a girlfriend her teenage son were found dead inside the home. a baby andweoddler inside spared.
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now, the grieving relatives making an appeal for funds to help take care of those orphan and for funeral arrangements. with this picture we are seeingc three vims of terrible violence. kyrrus and rachel ozuna and her boyfriend michael coleman. they were found dead inside their home wednesday. also discovaled e, the couple's two children, a baby and a toddler. rachel ozuna's relatives writing on the go fund me page or families and community are completely devastated. no reason imaginableis reason enough for these three to meet their end the way they did. grief among the classmates of 14-year-old kyrrus that spoke to drew wilder on thursday. >> he doesn't deserve this at all and i feel really bad about it. and i feel bad for his family. >> reporter: the victims were found by the teen's father when he came by the house wednesday morning. neighbors saw him crying outside
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after the seriff's deputies arrived responding to his call for hep. otsylvania county sheriffs investigators spent two days collecting evidence here, even searching the woods across the road. they are saying little about what happened here. only that the three were killed by a sharpbject. but the crime scene tape lifted today, we are getting a closer look at the scene. coleman had just recently bought this use and was trying fix it up for the family who had lived in the fredericksburg area for several years. parked on the property, nine difrent trucks and luxury vehicles. we're told investigators towed away some other vehicles. and there is also lots of construction equipment and supplies. e only outward sign of the horrible incident that claimed three lives?fi the ngerprint dust covering the front door of the ome. michael coleman's relatives live in fredericksburg and i spoke to them briefly today but they told me it's too soon for them to
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speak. nbc news also made contact with rachel ozuna's brother and he sent them a brief statement by email and he said we have too many qestions we need answered before we put out any family releases. we are hoping to get mo of s those answerfrom the medical examiner's office over the weekend. to learn more about the go fu me effort, look at nbc washington app and search fund me. a special meeting held today after a call by maryland'sor goverlarry hogan for an investigation into the university of maryland's deadly virus outbreak. e university's board regents has been tasked with looking into the outbreak that sickened 35 people, includin freshman olivia paragol whod. di darcy spencer is in college park and spoke with her father. he >> reporter: tniversity board of regents now tasked with investigating the circumstances of the death of a student. it's something her father has been pushing for for months.
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he wants to make sure the investigation is independent. i spoke to him byhone. >> the thing that concerns us is who is going to do the investigation? >> reporter: o live yalivia was university of maryland freshman when she got sick. she died last november from complications related to the adenovirus. he says the university needed to et the campus community know there was an outbreak sooner. >> i want to make sure that the university is transparent and communication is proper and truthful. > reporter: governor hogan has called on the board of regents to investigation. today the board met via a privath conference call, e first step toward reviewing the circumstances surrounding olivia's death.e in a stat board of regents chair says our discussion today in closed session will start the process of reviewing and discussing the options for working with president lowe and his exoutive team t see that aug thoro and transparent investigation takes place.
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olivia had a weakened system due to having crohn's disease and was staying in an >> she went to the health center the day after they knew they had the outbreak and they stillid d't tell her. >> reporter: he says he knows that an investigation won't bring his daughter back, but he wants justice for her and to make sure this tragedy doesn't happen to another student. in college park, darcy spencer, news 4. another unsettled day on wall street. prident trump's sudden t to escalate tariffs against mexico. suised investors and investors don't appear to like surprises. the do you dropped 354 points amid worries a new front in the trade w will hurt economic profits.nd corporate the president says he's just trying to stop illegal immigration, but the backlash was immediate. frank boswell tracking that story fors today. >> leon, mexico just recently
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pbecame america's to trading partner so if the tariffs ec go into effect it could potentially afft more people than the trade war with china. but right now it's mexico that is the tt of tariffs. mexico, the u.s. top trading partner tonight facing new tariffs from president trump in what he says is an effort to stop illegal crossings at the southern border. >> the president has been asking for months for mexico to engage, to step. >> threatening a 5% tariff on allom imports mexico beginning june 10th up to a permanent level of 25% on october 1s p sident vi atwitter citing a record number of illegal crossings. video from u.s. customs and border protections shows more thannd a thousaigrants crossing near el paso on wednesday. >> these are real costs on the american nation that mexico could take care of.
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>> top republicans slamming the threat. chuck grassley saying trade policy and border security are sepa issues. busess groups say consumers will pay the price for things like produce and appliances. >> tariffs are taxes. americannd companies american consumers pay these taxes in the form of higher prices and higher costs. >>arutos are by f the largest category of mexican made products sol in the u.s. >> when you look at north amrica for the autoarts suppliers as well as the automakers, that is gruound zer and that's why these tariffs if they go into effect would be def tating. >> on wall street stocks sharply lower and the mechanics can president calling the tariffs unfair clouding the future of a new trade agreement between the u.s., canada andi to replace nafta. we just hea from kellyanne nway pushing back on the reports these tariffs could hurt the replacement nafta trade deal. back to you. >> thank you, craig.. the us. chamber of commerce says it is considering suing
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over the tariffs and that would be just one more potential legal battle for prident trump. nbc's chuck todd will join us here in a couple of minutes to talk some more about some of the political devopments this week, including efforts to muddy special counsel robert mueller's sessage. d.c. leader are getting ready for a different looking 4th of july. we're been utlling you president trump's plans to change the event. he's expected to make a speech about it -- a speech on the national mall, rather. however, d.c. leaders say they still don't know many of the d details anoday mayor bowser said thechanges are expected to put a strain on local police. >> we have to have more resources likely to support theo event,ice resources. we have to support the de presi's movement, additional road closures if needed, and if we have first amendment activity we of course would support that. >> we understand the fireworks display could be moved to the
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htomac river, but again, no specific plansave been made public just yet. right now emergency work is under way on river road in co montgomery ty. it's all because of this massive sink hole that we've been watching there. this hole opened up and they said about 3,500 motorists drive-thru. you're being told to budget vetra time to get where you're going if you ha to drive-thru that area. it's not clear how long it's going to take to fix it, but it's expected to be closed for at least the next couple days. new trouble in the midwest where floodwaters are reaching levies and flooding more town. you can see what's happening here. raging rivers rip away at the lea levies. emergency crews have been going door-to-door to ask them to leave for the safety. > a look at storm team 4
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radar. you see showers and storms off to our west, but not many of what we saw yesterday. will this impact us and what's in store for the weekend? >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us now with his backyard weather. doug is at wolf trap tonight and doug, we understand it's almost showtime? >> yeah, 's almost showtime. before everybody comes in, they come over here to ovation. this is the chef's place. they're here for every single concert. i've already got peel and ea shrimp and ribeye roast. yes, some salmon. a littleit of salmon goes a long way, everybody. yes, almost all of this stuff is kn the diet, but i'll tell you what, take a l at the food here. this is the kind of stuff you get out here at wolf trap and then you gon and watch the sammy hagarrtcon concert.
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weather wise, it could not be better. you've got great food and the weather. we're looking at temperatures currently in the 80s. 83 degrees in d.c. 75 in ocean city maryland. a beautiful afternoon across our region. the one area we're watching down to the south, look around paige county just to the south. we do havestsomems in that area. that's what we're watching. those are going to move off toward the east. heads up around fredericksburg. you can see some storminess comingin later on. the rest of ireally looking nice. a perfect night for a concert. you saw me eat a little bit of food earlier. look at these numbers tonight. 80 degrees at showtime. 70 degrees, nice and mild later this is just nice food. i'm going to send it back to you because i don't have a whole lot of time. i'm going to send it back toso u have more te for this. the only numbers we care about right now are calories. how many are you packing in tonight? >> i can run it off, i can run it off.
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>> enjoy, doug. >> you're going to have to. >> . we'll talk you to later. an emotional face-to-face encounter for two local parents. >> only on news 4 tonight, what happens when they saw the man accused of killi all three of their children in a drunk driving crash. you don't want to miss that. are our elections safe? that's the question facing our country. and why is there still so much confusion over the mueller. an active shooter situation in virginia beach. multiple people there injured. a suspect now in custody. live updates here on ne
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new information about some breaking news that we've been covering this evening. an activeat shooter sin at a virginia beach municipal complex. our sister station waby is reporting that one of the people injured there is an officer. ow, we don't know exactly how badly he or she has been hurt. we don't know the conditions of the other people. >> we ao know that police also say they believe there's one suspect a that at this time that suspect is in custody. police did not identify the suspect. we're expecting an uate any minute now. we'll keep you posted here on news 4. time now for a deeper look at some of the week's top political stories. >> someone in the newsroom today longed to return to a time when politics was boring. hit this week. apparently not t week. special counsel robert mueller
6:18 pm
spoke out this week and a big part of his message forced americans to focus on russia terference in our political process. so big question now is what is congress doing about that? >> and even though we now have mueller's message in his own words, president trump and his allies are adding their own spin in a way that's not always correct. >> we're going to check in with democrats on the 2020 presidential race. why are so many of them on the west coast this weekend? >> chuck todd is nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press". t's start with election security. ere's several bipartisan bills in thesenate. hy haven't they come to the floor? >> the house has passed some of the bills. right now mitch mcconnelln' doest want these votes to happen yet. perhaps he's protecting some republicans who don't wantto feel as if they -- if the aspresident makes it seem f these are aimed at
6:19 pm
delegitimizing the election or somehow codifying the idea that russia helped him, it becomes a top vote for republicans that are picking a between trump his base and the bill which of course i think is sort of an odd posture to take except the fact is the president himself does not accept the finding that russia helpe- - that russia, a interfered in the election, and b, did so on his behalf. so if the person who's supposed a sign the bill, so this is mcconnell beingbit probably of a political pragmatist but only for his side of the aisle. >> robert mueller, we heard his mois. >> y were hoping it was different. we all thought it was going to >> it was, like, that's what he sounds like? >> we finally did hear from him. we also heard from a republican
6:20 pm
who was critical of the president, justinrom michigan who came out and saidthat he took to twitter to explain his reaction to the mueller report. he's now supporting opening up t impeachm proceedings on the psident and one of his constituents told him it was the first time that she heard that the mueller report did not ompletely exonerateresident trump. she said she listens to mainly concerns that donald trump joun or said even robert muelr said there was no collusion. he did not say that. >here's what we learned from speaking out. he didn't say anything that report.n the i mean, exact sentences. he just reiterated. we don't plead, peoe. i think that's what we learned.y i'm sure onl 10% read the warren commission. there's no doubt people in our business read it cover to cover. i've read this thing cover to
6:21 pm
cover both parts one and part two. but i do thi it was a reminder and mueller gave voice to it. it's one thing to see it on paper. if we could exonerate the president, we would have said so. it's another to hear what you heard about part one in the conspiracy thing. it wasn't no evidence which is said.bill barr bill barr clearly misrepresented what mueller intended to say. we can debate barr's other decisions, but he said no evidence. muelleraid insufficient evidence. >> that's a huge difference. >> when you read the report, it was clear they had plenty of evidence. they just didn't think they could win a court case.s thae difference. >> and the comparison you make with the warren commission, we don't disagree about the facts of that situation, right? >> right. we just disagree on how we got there. >let's move to the 2020 race. the democratic candidates, most rf them, many of them, have left
6:22 pm
the early pimary states. they're all running to california this weekend. what's that all about? >> the california democratic party convention is number one. number two, california is an early state, the first of the first four that will be the first tuesday in march for the super tuesday and more importantly california being an all mail-in ballot. they go out the day of the iowa caucus. candidates are treating california as sort of the fifth early state. while there is a couplef californians including kamala harris who is a statewide elected official, there's way too many delegates at stake in california to not try to find a piece, to go in the way delegate are allocated. if you get 50% in a congressional district, you can gate.ligible for a de pretty much everybody but joe biden. >> joe biden is not there. >> not yet. when you're winning, you don't have to. i think hat's thetact he's aking until he doesn't have to. it is i think risky front runner strategy, but it feels
6:23 pm
less risky when there's 23 other people chasing. >> what do you have coming up this weekend? >> it's a packed sw. mick mulvaney on this tariff business with mexico. andl try to figure that out see if that's still an active threat by sunday. beto o'rourke and andrew mccabe. >> the easiest job. no >> you k you think that. remember you on show, i always joke, the people we want never want to come on. the people that come on we don't want. >> this week, these are people we wanted and we got them. it's a good week. and a quickh reminder t chuck will be examining life after mueller when "meet the pres" airss
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sh >> showers and storms off to our west. nothing as bad as what we saw yesterday, but the question is, is this going toave an impact on us and what's in store for the weekend. >> chief meteorolt doug kammerer joins us from wolf trap with his backyard weather. doug, are you done with yourd ier and now ready for the show? >> i'm definitely done eating and i'm ready to kick this party off. everybody here is waiting in line for the concert. for every concert,se all of the people are waiting to get themselves a nice little lawn seat here. they're all waiting for a lawn seat andewhen i giv the signal, that's the best thing about it. i get to count down from ten. when i get down to zero, u everybody is going to go off. you guys ready? i think they're eady fore countdown, but i have to wait ia
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until officy 6:30. they think i'm doing it now, but i can't do it until 6:30ou are y guys ready to go? i'm going to start the countdown inin three es. three minutes. i know. i was a really good friend and now the hate me. i want to show you what's going on weather wise. a really nice evening across our area. just take a look at this. much different from where we were yesterday. 83 degrees. north winds at 6 mi aes hour. yesterday we were talking about tornadoes, even an ef-1 confirmed tornado now in howard county. the national weather service went out there. it was an ef-1 tornado in howard county. 81 the current temperature in gaithersburg. 81 manassas. take a look at luray and stanton. much cooler. we've got rain down there. rain around luray, rain around madison cou madison county and now starting to see showers in culpeper county. we do have a severe thunderstora
6:28 pm
ning with that storm. it is moving east/southeast and should be staying south of the fredericksburg. that is very good news, will move south of fredericksburg around 8:20. just know that it is moving fairly slowly. it does have a lot of lightning associated with it. the rest of the area tonight really looking good. let's get right to that 10-day recast and show you how we're doing things tonight. temperature wise, a great day s morrow. high temperature degrees. it is going to be a fantastic afternoon. a little bit on the warm side. chance of rain overnight tonight. a better chace of rain on sunday afternoon. 86 on sunday. monday 76. 79 on tuesday. a really nice couple of days nday and tuesday. then we've got the chances for rain coming up wednesday and thursday. back here, sammy hagarcon se co. they are ready to go. let's get this pty started in two minutes. >> come on, man, don't leave them hanging. come on. >> i know. i want t do it, but i've got cops here. they won't let me do anything.
6:29 pm
i've got my hands cuffed. i'm going to do it. you'll see it at 6:45. all these people will go whoosh. we are staying on top of breaking news. an active shooter scene in virginia beach. >> multiple people injured there. a suspe inct
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if you are just joining us at 6:30, we've been working breaking news all afternoon. p multipple wounded in a mass shooting today in virginia beach. >> our nbcat affili station there is now reporting the suspect involved in th is dead and the victimsre also feared
6:32 pm
to be dead. the shooting happened this afternoon at virginia beach's municipal building, waby tvis reporting that a police officer is one of the victims. he's expected to be okay, however. we just got new reaction from witnesses on the ground. take a li >> i don't know what kind of person would do something like that. >> we are waiting on police. we' expecting themo hold a news conference. as soon as that happens, we'll bring you updates right here on news 4. now to a story you will see only on news 4. an emotional day in court for the parents of three young children killed late last year in a crash. >> a judge rejecting a push by the man accused of causing that crash to push the case out of prince george's. >> our county bureau chief tracee wilkins has details from the courthouse in upper marl r
6:33 pm
marlboro. e> reporter: a mother and father search for th strength to fight. the trial of the man accused of killing all three of their children approach. >> my lord is someone who ki represents my and he gives me the strength to be here no matter how hard it is. >> reporter: today the defendant thomas haw left a motion hearing in upper marlboro without saying e word. any comment about the case? >> no comment, i'm sorry. >> reporter: has was indicted on three counts of vehicular homicide and driving while under the influence. according t charging s,document hawks was driving drunk. his blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit when he o crashed inthe back of the car killing 5-year-old twins and their 1-year-old brother. hawk attorney argued in motion hearing today for a 'sange of venue and asked that the prince george county state's tattorney's office be allowed to prosecute the case.a she sid the attorney went too far in the comments to the media and may have swayed potential jurors. t the court isubled by some of
6:34 pm
the comments of the state's attorney, but he then ruled it was not reason for a change of benue. the trial will eld in prince george's. the last time we spoke with them, they were still recovering from their physical injuries. while the braces are gone, their pain persists. >> i'll love them until i perish from this earth. >> reporter: the actual trial is expected to get under way in early july. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. as tracee mentioned, that crash happened along indian head ghway, a notoriously dangerous roadway. starting this weekend, new speed cameras wi be activated. we're told these will be constantly moved around and will operate 24/7. the news 4 i-team recently looked at dui crashes o 210 and found a significant number of drunk driver whose caused crashes never wind up spending any time behind bars.
6:35 pm
that's even true with some that caused injuries. you can see more on the nbc washington app.ea just sch indian head highway. let's get you caught up on our top stories this evening. first a prince george's countou cle has been found dead in a resort in the dominican republic. ying nthia day and her fiancee edward holmes were found in a hotel room. theirbodies showed no signs of any trauma. shomari stone is working that story and you can look for his report tonight at 11:00. the university system of maryland board of regents met today after a call for an investigation. governor hogan tasked them with looking into the death of a maryland freshman.he sdied from complications from adenovirus after lg on campus. her father says the university should have let them know there was an outbreak sooner. at least 35 students contracted the virus last year. we have this just in. the national weather service has confirmed an ef-1 tornado
6:36 pm
touched down in howard county yesterda some homes were also left there with some pretty nasty wind damage. amelia draper joins us now to walk us through all that. amelia. >> hthis just ininutes ago confirms that ef-1 tornado in howard count. maximum winds of 100 milan hour. it happened between 3:30 and w27. the path 4 1/2 miles long. the tornado was about 100 yards wide. the national weather seice is saying that they're still looking at other storm reports. areas like ijamesville and other areas in spotsylvania county to tomorrow if they need to release any mo reports or do any more storm surveys. this is what happened with the tornado yesterday. right aund the glen elk area. check out the incredible video that our chopper captured yesterday. first this is video on the ground of trees down across the area, but it was very clear to lug and iast night when we
6:37 pm
saw the damage coming in from chopper 4, of course cleanup today, that a tornado had happened yesterday. we saw trees absolutely snapped in half. not only snapped in half like you're seeing right here, but also sme of those trees showing a twisting rotation, a signature of a tornado. that is what the national looking ervice was out for today. to see just how long the damage was, the extent of the damage. but again, we have an ef-1 confirmed tornado in howard county arod the glen elk area. more will be coming out about ijamesville and now we head down to spotsylvania county where we saw an impressive shelf loud. this is not of a tornado. this is of a shelf cloud. you can also see that tree there where it's kind of showing you it's blocking the ground. it's kind of hard to tell from a picture. this was an amazing picture we saw sent to us from a viewer of another of the same shelf cloud. again, this is all in the spotsylvania area.
6:38 pm
i think we're going to finish now with some of that chopper video i was talking about. trees absolutely snapped in half. you can see this here. this is the site of that tornado. the rating will go from ef-0 up to ef-5 and it increases.a >> that's amazing picture. >> yes, it is. >> thanks, amelia. lamelia and doug wereve on the air during both of those major storms yesterday warning you about what was happening. remember, you can always bring the power of storm team 4 with you anywhere you go. use the washingtonuapp and trn on weather alerts. all right. ew places to shop, buy groceries and go out to eat are coming to a local community that needs all of that.pp where sg centers are about to get a little sprucing up. plus he just graduated high school and now he's on netflix. meet this local teen who is appearing in a new highly anticipated series about a decades long coroversy.nt ♪
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♪ ♪ free range eggs for free ran living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks)
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the head of the d.c. state board of education says the ot district is n keeping close enough track on how many attaches areui calling it. this following an i-team report that reported that -- the i-team qund roughly one in five teachers eitheruit, retired, swapped roles or changed schools last year. more than 13% left the school districtog allher. in a memo issued by the d.c. state board of education, an official said that the turnover rate is devastating for students, even though there are some signs of improvement. >> schools succeed when they have a strong cul sre. arong culture means you didn't just meet that person yesterday. it means you worked with them ri over a of time. you have a way of working together that's effective. >> the state board began studying this problem back in 2018, but the president said that she wants d.c.'s
6:42 pm
traditional and public charter schools to routinely record the number of teachers who leave througho the year sod.c. officials can better track the problem that impacts thousands of children. pat. justr 24 hours afte raduingighscol ryland teenager is making his big debut on the small screen. asante black co-stars in the mini series "when they us". a group of black teens who were wrongfully convicted of raping a teen back in 1989. black plays theon younger versi of one of the accused, kevin richardson. he's more grateful he was chosen to play a role in such a powerfulstory. >> it's kind of like an out of body experience. it's amazing that this many people are goinge to be abl to
6:43 pm
be able to see this and be able to maybe relate it and maybe learn something from it. >> again, "when they see us" is available on netflix right now. asante said he plans to take a udar off before heading to college to st theater at rutgers. a big break for him. some local shopping centers aret about to get a lit sprucing up. >> where decades old store fronts are about to get a face lift. after some bumpy weather, we're all hoping for nice, calm, cool, smooth weekend. you can see storm team 4 radarng tracki some action out to our west. doug is tracking that as well. hes doing backyard weather coming up this evening. >> we are getting ready for the show. are you guys ready for the show? >> yeah. >> that's what i want to hear. i got my seat, all of them now have their seats as well. still piling on in here for the sammy hagar concert.
6:44 pm
a beautiful night. we'll talk more about the storms to the south and what you expect for your weekend. >> nice moves.
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we have breaking news. if you are just joining us, le are injuried and a suspected gunman is dead after mass shooting in virginia beach. the shooter opened fire in the building this afternoon and we're waiting for police to hold a news conference. witnesses who survived described their terrifying escape. >> we heardsh ooting. we heard shooting but we didn't think it was that close, like in
6:47 pm
proximity of e building, so i just thank god they were able to alert us in time. if it had been ten minutes more, weenll would have be outside. >> this just in. we understand 11 people died in that shooting in virginia beach and that the suspect is a former municipal city worker. we're going to keep working thii storyt through the night. look for updates here on news 4 in the nbc washington pp. prince george's is hoping to turn rundown buildings into new stores and restaurants. news 4's aimee cho takes us to one in maryland is shows us what the shopping centers of the future will look like. >> reporter: right now at the landing at woodyard shopping center there's only a few options for shopping or eating, ntbut the goal at the cous new project is to fix that. they say one year from now when the construction is done, it will be an aldi grocery store, cafes and even sit-down restaurants. >> we're so excited to be
6:48 pm
standing here today. >> reporter: prince george's county executive announcing the new shopping ceoder project . she says they wanted to take tired empty buildings and turn them into a place people can be proud of. >> i understand that we have ed strugglo have quality food options. >> i was i wso happy. >> reporter: ida has been coming to the landing at woodyard for years. she and her friends say they're excited to finally see new shops. >> you just look at it. it's going down and down and down and down. now when you see these new developers and new peop coming in, it really helps. >> reporter: some of the new businesses, chick-fil-a, panera and marshalls. and in other areas around the county will also get an upgrade. marco town center, the green meadow shopping center in hyattsville. the shops at iverson mall. >> i remember there was a time we couldn't even walk to iverson, but now we canrshop at ive. >> it's about time.
6:49 pm
>> we are making the money we need. we are big advocates of what's going on in our community. >> reporter: the landing at woodyard you can already see some of the progre. new stores open and many more to come.n, in clinimee cho, news 4. turning now to the weather. take a look at the storm team 4 radar this evening. you see showers and storms off to the west of nothias bad as what we saw yester>y, however. > the question, though, is thi going to have an impact on us tonight and what's in store for the weekend? chief meteorologist ug kammerer joins us now. he's got his backyard weather operion in full force now. night at assignment t wolf trap for the big show tonight. it's almost showtime, doug. >> huge show tonysht, and the coolest thing about it, everybody right now is just having aimreat t just so chill. i'm just so chill. then we're going to be rocking to sammy hagar coming up later
6:50 pm
on. take a look at the crowd right here. the best part about it, you can bring just about anything you want in here, any kind of drinks you want, any kind of food you want. take a look at what we've got here. the people in front of me have a great spread. i've already eaten, that's why they haven't offered me a thing just yet. it's all okay. the other thing, too, let's say you forget something. i didn't bring a chair. you can rent something like this. you can buy blankets and buy anything for weather. rain or thunderstorms that are coming in, they've got you covered for that too. that's right, guys, rain and nunderstorms. here. we're okay. you can also bring anything in your cooler. comearound, let me show you what i've got in my cooler. when i'm off the air, i'm really going to be having a great time. plenty of water and diet coke and, yeah, maybe some diet mountain din. i'm go to have a great time later on.
6:51 pm
we'll toss it backa to lia. i want to show you this. you have to stay outside for a long time, dnts yidn't you? you had to wait. i was the one that let you in, wasn't it? you're welcome. take a look at this video. his is pretty cool. they do a countdown before every concert because the people that have the tigckets get to come down to the lawn. look at this. >> three, two, one, let them in. say hi to the camera. literally it is a mad dash to find your seat. everybody coming in running as fast as they can with their coolers or whatever they've got going on. i saw a couple peop say hey, run faster, jeff. i don't know who jeff is. apparently he got a good seat. i'll sd it back in to amelia. we've got the storms to the south that have really helped us here. we've got nice blowoff from the thunderstorms, but we are watching stormsell south of d.c. >> especially in madison and
6:52 pm
green county seeing a lot of heavy rainfall and a lot of lightning. these are slowly moving toward theut east/soast. here's some timing for you moving toward culpeper by about 7:30 in fredericksburg, by about 8:55. if all else remains equal, this is a tough storm system to track. it does have some big wide rotation in it. but again, these storms stay mainly to the south and west of the d.c. metro area tonight. areas like southern fauquier,ar south, you could be dealing with a shower or two or a few rumbles of thunder. as we look to our arearo tomor a high temperature of f degrees. plenty of sunshine, a really nice day. maybe an isolated shoer in the morning on sunday and scattered thunderstorms between 2:00 and 8:00. monday and tuesday are looking fantastic. 76 on monda on tuesday. doug, we did have that confirmed
6:53 pm
tornado yesterday during the afternoon hours, between 3:20 and 3:27 as an ef-1 tornado out there in howard county, but thankfully we're not tracking any severe weather o there tonight. love it. laying down, shoes off, shoes on? i can't tell. shoes on. okay. picnicking. >> i don't want people to see -- he's got his shoes on. he feels a lot better about his f than i feel about mine. we're going to send it back to you guys. we've got to go,guys. thanks for being with me here at wolf trap and i will see you for the next backyard weather. go to facebook and tell me why u w
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>>you know that old saying that's why we keep showing up? let's see what happens next. davey martinez has gone from
6:57 pm
feeling the heatto being in charge of a club that is suddenly red hot. he kept showing up saying all the right things. now it'a more than. a week does not make ase on, but as summer nears, the optimism of spring is back for the nationals. as always, we're optimistic when patrick corbin is on the mound. corbin has won three of the last four starts and completed his onlyme career ga shutout against the marlins. juan soto is on a roll. batting .449 with three home runs, 13 rbis. nats are looking to make it six wins in the last seven games agaiot a team they l playing against. nats are 16 of their last 2st againhe reds. that makes you feel good on this friday. >> ll buy that. >> season ticket holder. listen, eyebrows were raised, but that is all.
6:58 pm
the nhl will not punish kuznetsov over a video that howed him sitting next to a table with two lines of powder. kuznetsov has not touched the powder and in an apology emphasized he never taken legal drugs. the video occurred in a hotel room and when he saw the drugs, he left. the capitals makingta a sment in addition to their own due diligence, met with him and discussedhe video. although disappointed, they accepted his explanation and his apology for putting himself in an unfortunate situation. the capitals want to put this behind them. kuznetsov clearing this up and, again, no punishment from the nhl. >> good for him. >> good for the nationals. >> they're hot. tigood for season et holders and good for him as well. >> you know what? we're not getting too excited. >> are you here at 11:00? >> i might be talking about a >> nightly news starts in 60
6:59 pm
seconds. night. a good join us tonight at 11:00.
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, a deadly shooting at a government building in virginia beach. a gunman opening fire near a courthouse multiple people have been shot. >> shots fired. shots fired. second floor. >> tonight, police ce swarming the s. we have details just coming in. ti new evacuaons tonight as several fevees breached in thatlood emergency raging across several states, d the official start of hurricane season is just hou away with so many hard hit places from last season still racing to rebuild. the price you pay could be about to go


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