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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:21pm EDT

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we builtyo risk. ere is . gig-speed network just build the naties there is human ♪ ♪ s dthe extraordinary. ked. >> usll week bee 14-yr-old
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geodeath. all n guy thas what one localwith, ay tell for >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 stas now. good evening. i'm erika goez. showers and storms could affect the srt of morning getissa mar m isolated showersndat could eas hit the road very early in the morning. let's take a look at the radar. local radar shows we are quiet m ftherards frostburg, you can
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nuile thiysartular is going to conti i the . that doesn't mean a few at the teeratures in the 70s.stray sho. i want you to stick a becausede aerread threat moves your monday. it down a cu mement t the united states. mex stae ctry i also troop ke significant progress on presi if you'll remember,rfs on mexic.
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tnesses told policee're arashki nath crosswalk before traffic stopped at church road and fair view vistadrive. officers say he was out jogging yesterday afternoon. heater died hit the on-scene. dangerous, and 30-me-an- kama ha he was student there. the school released a statement in response to the tragedy yesterday, saying in part, , erd to all our community and beyond who are hurting from this lvastating loseach other in you.
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that truck did t n the scene on news4 at 6:00, we reported the teen was the victim of a hit-and-run, but the car that hit the teen did stay on the scene. we regret the error. police t o protesters n propo law critics fear uell increase china's inflnce. >> reporter: a sea of mpeople, ost dressed in black. according to organizers, many as 2 million in a massive show of anger. the turnout here reflects a deep
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distrust of the eadership steered by beijing. >> what are people afraid of? >> china. >> reporter: at issue, a proposed bill allowing extraditions to mainland china. at stake, freedom of expression and hong kong's autonomy. >> we are afraid that hong kong . utting leader, >> i dp sorr and re e bill would belad for now, altogether. the government's don suspend the billd li cutno metroestrian ther concessionraieies in amongh rowdhe opposition is iolence.
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many protesters into the n nkong. s farover. tonight, scary residents downto h showed up at their doors this evening. somebody called 911 to report a strong smell ofon amm throughout the entire building on 10th dtermin some cmical, they've got everying under controllled backe s divirginia's attorney gene stte decriminalize marijuana. mark herring wrote an in newspaper and democramnts of te state tens o
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rs disproportionately affect african-americans. earlier today we asked people in virginia to weigh in. >> the criminal justice system has been overbearing l be in>> people should have thei to use caabis hring, a democra, vi assembly has killeddecriminaliz. and.d of video yee in even westn nt this ng around in fort washington lastht in the area of jackson drive and adams drive. as news4's darcy spencer t
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explains,s isn't the only 24 fa house in hngryear making ac. the driver comes t dead stop.oa ou takes a he knocks ov birdbath.ove agn. talk 'v lti. have you ever hard of a bearher? >> no notall. >> reporter: it gets really dark in this neighborhood at night. several residents told me taey checking their surroundings. ey don't want to have a surprise encounter with this bear. someone driving through theor neigod captured the bear on h cell phone. the sightings happened saturday, 1:30 in the afternoon. he was captured on severalca
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ras scurrying around. some residents have called authorities. they want him to be relocated away fro this residential community so no one, including the bear, ge hurt. what would you do if you saw him? >> i don't know. maybe run away.ow i don't kn >> go back in the house? >> yeah, go back in the house. >> reporter: there are some neighbors who are scared and concerned about hing this bear in the neighborhood. but for the most part, people just want him to go away, and they wanto know where did he come from. in fort washington, darcy ce spen news4. a> and he's not very small, is he? blck bears have actually been in maryland since preolonial times. according to the maryland o departmentf natural resources, bear numbers havese increa in western maryland due to improving habitat conditions and conservation efforts. a north carolina teen was injured and trapped for hours after her car ran off a highway. tonight, she's on the rad to recovery.
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the two things she credits for saving her life. scare rest part of my life. i have never been in a situation like this. >> an arizonol family says pe pulled a gun on them and threatened to and thio was t wcouny n.lking right tonighe pole chief and the mayor taking action. in just minutes, the perfect present to close out father's day weekend. "sports final," you know it's true. no need for wrapping papers. the adams fily tradition that's powering the nats, keeping their dreams alive. the next step local players are happy to take, and when father-son becomes boss-assistant. a basketball family. inseed
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outrage in penix, arizona, after this police confrontti of dollar s their stor and c nbc family held gunpoint. gun point harper's fiance handcuffed by another officer. >> banging on the windows and
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to shoots, i'm goi you in your face. >> reporter: the confrontation because the police say the r ore.s had stolen from a nearby tod t >> i the esk tty. eporter: the officeven benon t plans to solice de for>> sriest time of life. i just -- i have never been in a situation like this. >> reporter: jay-z has now reached out, offering to help the familyth legal expenses,dher unchaen coe lice chief. hveynd be r:oll, news. added that she is,pl sor counity, end quo candidit presi.
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he tackled several topics including his poll numbers and e sanous spentesent,te a e rally th president fiesed that fbi against hisernments offerio political opponent laternd would tell authori thredent went back and forth with stephanopoulos over the russia investigation. > no collusion, no obstruction because the attorney general, who's a great gentleman and a highly respected man, based on the evidence given said there's bstruction here. >> you're hand-picked attorney general. >> rod rosenstein, which is a big thing, he agreed pesident acknowleend
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fprident joe biden > well, ise polls. there's no way heneats me i texas. >> but even your own polls say >ou're behind right now, don't they? no. my polls show that i'm winning everywhere. but i just had a meeting with t somebodyt's a pollster, and i'm winning everywhere. >> as you heard there, the president said his campaign's internal polling showed that he is, quote, winning everywhere. bu his internalolls that were released to the public paint a picture.ferent two people are under arrest, charged with vandalizing a confederate statue. police in charleston, south carolina, say the man and woman threw red paint on the monument. the statue is a monument toer solwho fought for the city and the south durin the civil war. it has been vandalized before. a teenager in north carolina says her faith and a location app on her phone helped save her life. her car ran off the road last weekend. it careened off an embankment, pinning her inside for nearly
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seven hours. she couldn't reach her phone, but she was able to put her hand on her bible for comfort. family members eventually known where to look if they th hadn't had that app. >> if you have been through wha i've been at you a actured neck and a very her grit. a special mass at d.c.'s basalica of the na shrine of the immacute conception today. the archbishop of of celebrating mnes. archbishopceremony. 75 years. of the lairian mass.atndance, more than 300 couples ha been
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married for 50 years or more. they offered a piece of advice for being married so long. >> try to understand each other and love. an love. and be always together when you go to mass. >> there were some couples who were recognized for having been married for 7 and a won for. et'surn to theer ahaers day to allds out now our attent tus to t your a whethe ree sunshine was handy.d the q howh,ong. a oi tohandy. storms week. in ve some tonight till lingering with disturbanca oh, my goodness. n fact, earlier today i was lt
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and more rainsd. up temperatures will be in the mid 60s. ratio. sy, these could promof the distric is not actual rme go d give you the big picture bec you look ck west, line of ominoto headedtour t pp start hd through xt cuple of hours. the thing is i'm going to keep an eye on these storms up rogue
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towards the northern portions of o area. ve youay herumbles. hower storm toled out s by 3:00 a.m. out west mang closer to frederila. then bylystarting to turn0 m., showend starting to develop towards the 5:00, it morere late night hours tomorrow we could be seeing more showers and storms lingering north of the district. this is tuesday. i n tough that pretty quiee dis talking about itin be id 80 t stayus to our forecast. the best day prolyo be your next s the nexto
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is ng be nice to take kiddos out to the pool. the left day to runer ands, i would go pretty early tomorrow ok does show those 0, 3:00. chances for showers and storm a wet week b complete washout. just having theonstandby, asar be tracking a shwe. gng to want to focus ound the u.s. women's national soccer team. is, ase you didn't know they're good. organizers turned the indoor field at the wheaton sports pavilion into a picnic area forl a wo cup watch party. people wated the team defeat chile 3-0 in their second match
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bitd bk mobile app keepin one place. icomes to reducing the coepd pei hearworking toge t l reminders tbest.nk kw mom wans
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io, less sugar >> sports des all right. action o father's day. >> epic day at the golf course. final round of th u.s. open at pebble beach. leader day had never t top 20 y we go to pebblemeice form right
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gary woodland hot for irdie, this would hefinishes at 10 place. can't win them all belonged tot win it.decides to ininr caree under, and your 201tss. ryats dads having on the field theff for him.
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making pops proud. three-run shot to right center. in the sixth, anthonyge rendon ing in on the action. also a dad and showing off his dad strength. smashing a r shot to home run . nats out 10-2 lead and th adams al ke sure da had a special day. ad t eighth, h aarer high. d-backs a chil out but carli lloydtries to pity game, becomes the oldes c history. in the 26th co
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kik. header. 2-0. they win 3-0. one more game in group play for usa against sweden on thursday.> finally, the ca around t 'rno son going thafear-yr, $11illion with the l. ary. the former thorn in the capitals side. he scored three goals, washington. plty "sports final" after thshow. he dads lo harry spent his firs
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father's day. the duke and duchess of sussex posted this adorable picture of. britain's newest royal is just six weeks old, and the posted on their instagram shows
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harry his precious son and archie clutching his dad's finger. the royal couple alsoboed tat abtfor us. a good "even >> that's right. ic around for th i'm just guaranteeden enjoym toe called
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ur spring water.
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tonight on "sports final">>- y father inere -- >> while the kids steal the show at nats park, it's the dads on the diamond who send fans home happy. >> i acimally tried to ta


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