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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 21, 2019 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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>> jimmy: our fifth anniversary. you guys made it sit down, sit down, sit down welcome everybody to "the tonight show," fifth anniversary. [ knocking ]
11:35 pm
yeah >> hey, jimmy, we are rey for you. >> jimmy: okay >> jimmy: yay! anniversary no thank you happy five five years good show, good show, good show en doing this shiz for five years? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah actually, i can. >> steve: you know what's funny? you kn gift for five year anniversary is >> jimmy: cotton >> steve: no >> jimmy: paper? >> steve: unh-unh. >> jimmy: just tell me higgins, what is it >> steve: it's wood. that's right >> jimmy: all right, just say it >> steve: you want to sit around and give each other wood later on >> jimmy: there it is. thanks, buddy.e: >> >> stev oh, do you mind if i plug my barbecue cookbook during the warmup? >> jimmy: no
11:36 pm
>> sir, i told you several times already i'm not a janitor. >> okay, okay, what's your name >> bob >> okay, bob who's not a a janitor. why don't you go find a janitor and tell him the get the giant fricking cockroaches out of my dressing room, which looks like a crack house! >> ben >> oh, great perfect. that's just perfect. >> jimmy: what are you doing here, pal? >> well, i was going surprise you for your big anniversary show, but i guess now i can just go [ bleep ] myself surprise is over, everybod surprise is ruined >> jimmy: what are you talking about? that's fantastic z >>o surprise >> jimmy: don't worry about it it's going to be great it'll be fantastic i'll just act surpsed. >> oh, you'll act surprised. nice try, dude i've seen you act. >> jimmy: okay, that's rude. >> whatever, "taxi." you're lucky i'm even here surprise >> jimmy: what crawled up your ass and died
11:37 pm
oh, tina knocky knocky. where is s where's the most perfect girl d? in the whole wide wo hi >> do you need something i'm getting ready. >> jimmy: yeah, no, i just wanted to saanhi, pal, and welcom uh -- wassup! >> wow, like the beer commercial >> jimmy: yeah >> it's topical stuff. see you out there. >> jimmy: you look great, by the way. >> i think he gained some weight >> you think he looks like he's wearing a a mask of his own face >> no freaking wayg >> yeah, freaky. freakin' thing must have been two, three inches long >> oh, we don't got enough crap around here? nos we got freakin' cockroac all over the place >> jimmy: is that still a thing, cockroaches >> they're getting worse >> they've been mating >> steve: now, folks you seein that flashsign up there? that sign that says amaze-balls? see it [ laughter ] no, i'm kidding it actually says applause. can you flicker that for a
11:38 pm
a second [ applause ] there you go now, remember, you are a big part of this sho a and the better you, the better jimmy is and speaking of better, you want a better rack of ribs it's barbecue season. >> jimmy: oh, no, no, no don't plug the book. >> steve: treat yourself t"tthe '80s cook book bone sucker's guide to a good ribbing. >> jimmy: this book's been out of print for 30 years. >> steve: wherever limited self-published cookbooks are sold so take a tip from the old bone suck - >> jimmy: bone sucker? are you joking >> steve: ten seconds. ten seconds. get ready to he a good time. >> jimmy: ten seconds. this is fun. [ cheers and applause this is fun. >> here we go in five, fou three -- [ chrs and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, jn jimmy and his gu tina fey imal expert robert irwin musical guest florida georgia line and featuring the legendy roots crew >> questlove: 1022 >> jimmy: do i look puffy? >> not at al >> no, you look amazing. >> jimmy: you guysook great, too. ♪ [ cheers and applause oh, my goodness.oo that's a gd crowd right here welcome, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. this is it [ cheers and applause you made it.ho
11:40 pm
evh i just got here i can already tell you guys are way better than last night's audience [ laughter and applause absolutely and you're actually here on a very special night because, our fifth [ cheers and applause ♪ that's right we launched the sh a exactly five yearsgoan d as of tonight, we'll have made 1,022 episodes of "the [ cheers and applause that's crazy, right? i can't believe that it's been five years can you believe that >> steve: actually i can, yeah [ lauger ] >> jimmy: thank you very much, higgins. here's a fun fact. tariq, tell everyone what you tariq?e earlier. [ light laughter ] year six off to a great start. here we go [ laughter ] can we try that again? dave, can we do it again >> no problem. >> jimmy: all right, thanks. i'm gonna go from the fifth anniversary line okay
11:41 pm
magic of television, guys. we'll edithis out. [ laughter ] guys, tonight is ourifth anniversary. [ cheers and applause ♪ that's re ig we launched thow exactly five years ago as of tonight we'll have don"t 1,022 episodes of he tonight show."nd [ cheers a applause and check this out tariq, tell everyone what you told me earlier. >> in dog years, we're actually at 7,154 episodes. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause no wonder why i'm so tired no heres get to some news if you watched the oscars lastow night, allo me explain i'm what's cald a host [ cheers and applause that's right, last night were the academawards it's when hollbrood gathers to celeate all the incredible films nobody saw it's great [ cheers and applause its as great seeing the star on the red carpet though
11:42 pm
>> these are the jokes >> jimmy: a little weird that bradley cooper kept -- >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: driving by in a limo saying i just waok to take another lot you. [ laughter and applause of course there were some interesting winners last night for example, the oscar for bt t animated short w kim jong-un. >> steve: oh, really [ laughter and applause wow. i didn't even know he was nominated. >> jimmy: very animated. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: speaking o t kim jong-un, laterhis week he's meeting with president trump. they have a lot in they inh everything from their dads and they cut their own hair [ laughter ] that's right trump's going to vietnam >> does he look puffy? >> too much salt >> jimmy: the meeting from february 27th through the -- >> let's get all the ramen oute. of his offic >>ysimmy: --spending two da with trump and kim jong-un the translator will just slowly walk into the ocean. [ laughter ]t really wish cameras were allowed in the room for that meeting. because i would love to see trump try and say the phrase "nuclear prolif -- oh, god. [ laughter ] nuclear proliferation.
11:43 pm
soy. i wish cameras were there r allowed in them for that meeting, yeah. i would love to see trump try to say the phrase "nuclear pro -- [ laughter ] i can't say it how's it gonna say it if i can't say it cut that joke. we don't need that joke. [ laughter ] hey. five years >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: five years yeah some entertainment news, a new jean-claude van damme movie opens this week -- >> this is an old person to you, right this guy looks old >> jimmy: "we die young" is about what will happen if what happen trump's meeting with kim jong-un doesn't go well. [ laughter ] >> at least he still comes his hair with a sneaker. >> jimmy: get this, the aarp - >> that's young. >> jimmy: is making a new reality show called anate my a. [ light laughter ] it's like "the bachelorette" but instead of a fantasy suite, they get a booth at denny's. [ laughter and applause >> oh, my god, i hate myself for writing th joke. >> yeah, i think we all hate you for writing that joke. you should quit. >> mm-hmm.he >> jimmy: i saw that facebook recently celebrated its 15th anniversary i can't believe it's beend for so long do you remember what it was like before facebook you remembered your friends' birthdays because you actually cared.
11:44 pm
[ laughter and applause bang [ laughter ] before facebook you tuent time at work acally working [ laughter andpplause before facebook the only way to find out your uncle was racist was seeing him on thanksgivinger [ laugnd applause finally, guys, a new report found that te new york knicks are nba's most valuable team at $4 billion that's crazy that's a billion dollars for every game they have won this year [ laughter and applause ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show tonight give it up for the roots [ cheers and applaus ♪ee [ ch and applause >> jimmy: talk about the magic of television. we'll edit this out. did you see what happened? >> steve: i saw you jumpim >> j: i suffered a trauma
11:45 pm
is what happened [ laughter ] dude, i just saw - i just saw a giant cockroach >> steve: ew >> jimmy: did you see that yeah the biggest cockroach i have ever seen. you know, it stared at me. [ laughter ] it looked at me -- and then it scuttled [ laughter ] >> steve: it scuttled. >> jimmy: it scuttled away >> steve: it scuttled away >> jimmy: behind the curtain and i'm, right now, i'm fully traumatized. i'm sorry about that it[ light laughter ] bizarre you know why that's here you know whose fault that is roots, y know who it is. >> questlove: robert irwin >> jimmy: yeah, little robert irwin [ laughter ] our animal expert.-y our r-old genius i'm sorry. [ laughter ] did the show like a mon ago. he brought those cockroaches >> steve: oh, i remember that was gross >> jimmy: we do love him do you remember those? they're disgusting dave, do we have a tape of the cockroaches? you got it we can show it ow this. you guys have got to see this. look don't leave them here. don't leave one here >> all right, here >> jimmy: please don't leave one here because i know how they breed and i know how cockroaches work
11:46 pm
>> can you grab th >> jimmy: no [ laughter ] so one of them is just tre anyway, robert irwin's here tonight and he's gonna get a a piece of my mind yeah [ cheers and applause let's pretend that all never happened all right. should i do it from just sitting down sorry about that >> all right, guys, here we go ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: you guys, t have a great showight her new coisdy "wine country" remiering on netflix soon. our pal, tina fey, is here [ cheers and applause plus, he's got brand new animals to show us 15-year-old robert irwin is stopping by. [ cheers and applause and finally we have great, great music from the one, the only florida georgia line. but before we get started, i is our fifth anniversary h so i want to se thank you to everyone who works here at the show.
11:47 pm
crew, the producers, the writers, the staff, the roots, higgins, lorne you all work so hard to make this show every single night and none of this could happen without you. so thank you all so much [ cheers and applause ho and to you at me, we love trying to make you laugh every night. >> is anybody buying this gratitude speech >> oh, please. i've worked hereor ten years he doesn't even know my name >> he actually called me "linda" the other day. [ cheers and applause are you doing anything big to cebrate the big 0-5? steve: i am i'm going to the strip house and having myself a giant steak. >> jimmy: yeah [ light laughter ] haven't you been there, like, three me this is week? [ laughter ] >> steve: that's my jam. man, you got let me live >> jimmy: yeah, all right, fair enough [ light laughter ] >> steve: also, i've been trying out different new dry rubs for the second edition of my barbecue books. >> jimmy: guys, we have a eat show tonight but first -- ♪ [ cheers and applause oh, my god, it's hashtag guys, hashtag the panda! wow! this is such a greaturprise. oh, my gosh. hashtag.ea
11:48 pm
it's such a grsurprise i had no idea that you'd be here i had no clue that - ben? [ cheers and applause ♪ ben -- ben stiller! what are you doing here? me on. what >> you know, it's no big deal, jimmy. it's just i heard it was your big fifth anniversary show, and so i thoughthi would drop everyt i was doing [ laughter ] fly across the country, cancel my whole week so i could come here and see the look of surprise on your face when i surprised you. [ laughter ] so sprise. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, i'm totally surprised. audience are you surprised? [ cheers and applause we were all surprised!re
11:49 pm
you' such a bad actor. hey, ben, ben. d would you mindcing out >> you can't tell, but i'm giving you the finger. ♪ [ cheers and appuse n >> jimmy: bestiller, everybody. [ cheers and applause there he is. ♪ ♪ [ cheers ] well, that was fun higgins, wasn't that fun
11:50 pm
>> steve: oh, that was that was real fun. >> jimmy: yeahll that reawas. ben stiller, everyone. how cool was that? [ cheers and applause guys, when we come back, tina fey is here, stay tun for more of "the tonight show. and remember, no flipping. [ chee and applause ♪ >> jimmy: what the hell was his problem? >> guess he didn't like the surprise got blown >> jimmy: surprise got blownhe please, a grown man in a bear costume w >> steve: wh his problem >> jimmy: his problem? oblem?as your >> steve: what >> jimmy: dude, i told you not to plug that stupid barbecue bookwh >> steve: no i asked you, i said, "do you mind if i plug by barbecue book in the warm?" you said no. >> jimmy: what'd i say no, no, exactly. no, i don't want you to plug the book >> steve: no, you said no, you didn't mind if i plugged it -- >> jimmy: no, i said don't plug the stupid book. >> steve: no, you said no. i said "do you mind" and you said "no." i'm not a mind reader. >> jimmy: whatever man i don't know wt you are. but just whatever. plug away. do i look puffy out th
11:51 pm
i feel like my face -- >> sve: oh, no, no not at all. >> keto is really working. >> jimmy: really >> steve: yeah, you look kind of like a ham on those cheekbones >> jimmy: oh, really >> steve: you're looking really good >> jimmy: thanks, dude >> yeah, man killer too.immy: you guys look good >> steve: thanks >> thanks. >> what's up dude? >> jmy: what's up, dude? >> tina fey is coming out now. just a heads up, she seems super mad about something. she'll be fine she's a total yeah, e was just like, "he knows exactly what he did. >> jimmy: what the heck did i do >> i don't know. six minutes. end with a clip. all good yeah, everybody's everyone deserves each other i should have been a mailman the pink? let's go mets! go time daddy![ ggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off.[ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets!
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[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we are joined right now by a brilliant comedian and writer she's created hit movies and tv sies, a "new york times" best seller and her smash hit al broadway music "mean girls" was nominated for 12 tony awards this may, you can see her in an all-star cast in amy poehler's directorial debut "wine country. look for that on netflix say hello tina fey. rs
11:56 pm
[ cheend applause ♪ >> hey you're a terrible pers >> jimmy: what ♪ >> you heard me. ♪ >> standing ovation. that's great do you think they clapped more for her than me, though? seriously. you know what, don't answer thate. i'm out of her shop my wares somewhere elseby the way that trashcan? full of cockroaches. like my dressing room. totally infested this building is infested. it's infested with - fallonitista i'm taking the sirs. i'm taking the stairs. 'cause the elevator didn't come
11:57 pm
okay, where are the stairs >> jimmy: -- but including this guy. >> yeah, okay. so this is - okay, so this -- of the show, spoiler alert, e whatever, we gave you plenty of time [ laughter ] kimmy writes a book. and writes - she kind of becomes, like, the next j.k. rowling. she takes, like, her crazy dark tiildhood with her imagina and she becomes a great author and in the tv show she writes a book called "the legends of greemulax" which is like a a middle grade reader that teaches kids how to control the little monster inside them >> jimmy: yeah >> specifically bo teaches boys how to control the little monster >> jimmy: yeah >> and so we were like, "oh, we should - someone should really write the book." because that's -- because we're stupid [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's great i think it's genius. >> it's so nice. it's a reay good book. it's a woman -- well, kimmy schmidt wrote it >> jimmy: of course. [ cheers and applause right, guys? >> kimmy schmidt wrote it with the help of a great woman namedw sarah mlyni.
11:58 pm
and it is a real book. and it goes -- all our profits go to a charity called "prevent child abuse america. so it's like a good thing. and if you - yeah [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: absolutely sure [ cheers and applause well, you got to be -- i don't know if you saw the ariana grande video for "thank u, next. >> i did because i got a text from my 13-year-old being like, "the video's dropping in three [ laug ] ariana's dropping a video. it's going to have 'mean girls' in it. and i was like, "you're at school like, why are you on your phone? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how'd you get an aler ah >> right and i was like, "yeah, how does everybody know it? i have so much trouble getting people knowing, like i've got a tv show on netflix anytiment you wa it. >> and i can't get any >> jimmy: they know that a a video's being dropped. >> but then like, ariana's like, "tomorrow 3:00, pick up your phone. everyone is like, "okay. >> jimmy: yeah but look, there she is doing "mean girls. >> yeah. >> jimmy: regina >> she's being regina george [ cheers and applause and jonathan bennett from the original movie looks the same. >> jimmy: he does. [ laughter ] right? that's bizarre
11:59 pm
right? >> dude looks the same yeah the video's pretty cool, right >> jmy: yeah fantastic, dude. i want to talk about "wine country. >> yep >> jimmy: 'cause this is, i know, amy poehler'directorial debut. >> yes >> jimmy: and she's -- how is she as a director >> a feature debut she'a nightmare. [ laughter ] she's awesome. you know, so this movie caab t, - >> i just went that way and i walked into rach maddow. so what? huh? i'm going to try this way. you know, wish me luck like "the poseidon adventure" or something >> every time one of us turns 50, we're going to take a little trip. so they took - the first trip they took was to wine country and i didn't get to go on that trip, 'cause i was working but --ok so they trip to wine country and had a crazy time and then they were like, "we should make a movie about our trip to wine country." and thereby be paid to return to wine couny. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ah, genius >> genius. >> jimmy: genius >> so this is a movie, kind of,h inspired by insanity of that trip. >> jimmy: of real life >> yeah. and it's going to be on netflix. and it's basically, like, if you ever wanted to hang out with amy poehler, ma rudolph, and dratch and everybody, and then i show up - >> jimmy: this is it >> it's a murderer's row >> jimmy: yeah
12:00 am
>> it's ridiculous >> jimmy: we have a clip lpre's tina fey, maya rudo and rachel dratch in amy poehler's directorial debut, "wine country." it's on netflix in mayth check is out >> jimmy: hey, do you mind telling me what the hell your problem isno >> you kwhat you did >> jimmy: i don't. >> well, maybe if you weren't popping so many pills, you would have a better sense --im >> j: popping pills? what are you talking -- you know what?s fine, st not talk for the rest of the clip >> fine by me. >> jimmy: yeah, fine by me too [ laughter >> just so you know, i will hi smile and finsih tinterview because i'm a professional but in the future, i will be shopping my wares elsewhere. >> jimmy: your wares >> you heard me, jackass [ light laughter ] >> whaare you up to, nothing >> champagne time! all right, everybody [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our thanks to tina fey look for "wine coury" on netflix in may animal expert robert irwin joins us after the break ick around ♪ [ cheers and applause
12:01 am
>> jim: how great was she? tina fey, everybody! tina fey, everybody! >> thank you >> jimmy: thank you pal. you gotta re-dye your mustache >> yeah. trump got elected because of you. [ cheers and applause >> where are the stairs? to get downstair to rockefeller center? that way now it's this way. okay, make up your mind. which way? what oh, my god i'm gonna go this way again. ♪ [sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: tires screeching] ♪ [sfx: ttle opening] {sfx: neighing] [sfx: splash]
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>> hey, jimmy, robert irwin wants to talk to you backsge >> jimmy: now? it's the middle of the show.ea >> yh, he's saying it's extremely urgent
12:06 am
>> jimmy: well crikey, in that's case. >> thank you >> jimmy: hey. do you know what animal boy wants? b >> i'm not sure,ut you've got rme time, go talk to him. >> jimmy: oh is thatight i got time to talk to him? thank you so much for giving me the time to go talk to him that's so great. i'm so thankful i have that me ti i can do so many things. i can do anything. i n definitely get a new animal expert, i can tell you that much. >> g'day jimmy how you going? good to see you. >> jimmy: great. you know, we're in the middle of the show right. >> yeah, yeah, i know, and i'm sorry to bother you but i want everything to be perfect for your anniversary, so i've got these two animals that i'm thinking about closi with tonight. i've got wally the american alligator, he is beautiful the perfect finale he's amazing >> jimmy: yeah >> or, i've got this gorgeous n. albino pyt just amazing so, which one? >> jimmy: that's why i'mere?
12:07 am
to pick alligator or snake who cares? >> who cares well maybe you don't care jimmy but i do i've doted my life to these animals. my whole family has. we love them >> jimmy: okay - >> you're a very bad person.k >> jimmy: i thinu're overreacting a little bit. >> well what if i said "who cares" about one of your littlen ock-knock jokes, huh what if i crapped all over your career >> jimmy: oh, your career? please robert, you're 15 yeaol d, okay? your career is playing fortnite and popping boners >> i'm arofessional conservationist. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, and it was so professional of you to leave all those cockroachel over the studio thank you so much for that, dude >> it's a peppered cockroach - >> jimmy: peppered cockroach, it was very -- oh, save it junior >> you're lucky i'm here >> jimmy: put some pant on, okay it's febary. >> that n is a very bad person
12:08 am
>> jimmy: my mic was on wasn't it >> sve: yeah 100% >> jimmy: so they all just heard me - >> steve: screaming at a kid, yeah >> good luck >> and we're back in five, four, three -- ♪ [ cheers and applause : >> jimmymy next guest is responsible for this entire building being filled with cockroaches.
12:09 am
please welcome robert irwin, everybody. [ chrs and applause ♪ >> jimmy: there he is. nice to see you. good to see yo robert, as usual. love the shorts. >> oh, thank you very much getting plenty to eat there. i can see that good, good [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what animals did you bring us today [ laughter ] >> oh, we've got a lot of fun animals for you today. first up we've got this guy. have a go at this. so, this is an asian water motor. i'm going to put him up her on the table. [ laughter ]me now, you are welco to get as close as you want to this guy. >> jimmy: or far [ light laughter ] or as far as i want to get >> come in her and give him a pat just along there steer clear of his head 'cause these guys have some of the sharpest teeth of any anim i've ever seen >> eh, lizard. nd of boring >> maybe it will bite him. there we go good job and feel there how there's
12:10 am
little bits of skin coming off >> jimmy: yeahuo >> they are continly losing their skin all the time. and he'll get a lot bigger he'll get to be the second largest lizard in the entire world. the teeth right in there >> jimmy: don't touch the head or anything. >> they've got a little sheathen so, if he were to op his mouth, you wouldn't see them but he can, kind of, raise his teeth out and that's when he grs in and lacerates really cool. [ laughter ] how good's that? this is joseph he's got a very cute name. >> jimmy: he really does >> he's a good boy >> jimmy: is there anything more that i can handle but different animal >> okay, no worries. there you go, joseph >> jimmy: that's a little frightening, sorry [ cheers ] >> good job. all right. for this next one, come around here this is shaq, and he is big. [ audience oohs have a go at that. >> jimmy: wow! >> so shaq - >> demo loves owls >> he's actually the largest owl in the world h >>ry potter. >> -- over six feet. so, you can see, if he puts out his wings -- have a look at that. [ audience oohs they are just enormous have a look at that. very intense stare
12:11 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: hoo hoo. [ owl hoos ] >> yeah. that was good. >> jimmy: he just answered me back >> tt was so - >> jimmy: that was real. >> go, to try again. that was good. >> jimmy: hoo-hoo. [ owl hoos ] [ audience ohs ] [ applause ] >> that was awesome. that was good. that was good. >> jimmy: i think now i speak owl. it's fantasticha >> twas pretty good. >> jimmy: yeah all right, i'll talk to you later. right. [ laughter ] >> thanks. shaq. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah you're good. okay >> for this one -- i want you to sit down for this one. it the last animal of the night. [ light laughter ] this one is really exciting. so take a seat >> jimmy: all right. okay the last one is always a big, giant thing and either you scare me or i'm -- i'm excited, but i also frightened as well sorry. >> oh, well, this one is exciting so, why don't you close your eyes and put your hands out. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't make me do thatis >> and this one oing to come in. all right, ready close your es. put your hands out >> jimmy: put my hands out no, please >> all right, ready? >> jimmy: please don't it's going to be scary please, please don't i don't want it to be -- [ audience aws ] >> all right immy: ah [ laughter ] >> all right, open your eyes open your eyes [ laughter ]
12:12 am
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: a cat? >> whoa. there you go you t her? >> jimmy: this is a regular cat? >> yeah. we, this is actually melva and she is a gorgeous american shorthair all the way from staten island. isn't that great [ laughter ] [ cheers ] she's so cute. and i absolutely love cats they are just so cute, aren't theyre >> jimmy: yoly pulled out all the stops for the big finale, huh, robert? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: i mean, wow. when does anybody ever get to see a cat? what happened to the snake and the alligator? >> think your exact words about the snake and the alligator were, "who cares?" >> jmy: it's beautiful [ cheers and applause >> well, melva, everybody, she's actually very playful. would you like to see her play - >> jimmy: sure >> -- a little bit does that sound good >> jimmy: i don't know if we can handle the excitement. sure, yeah >> ready here we go are you raedy, melva are you ready? here you go. here. jimmy's facece and close to [ laughter ] here, come on. up here. >> jimmy: all right. >> up here >> jimmy: all right. that's good. i think we can - i don't if we can handle any [ laughter ]t. thank you -- >> all right
12:13 am
>> jimmy: robert irwin, everybody. [ cheers and applause the first season of "crikey! it's the irwins" is available on the animal planet go ap r we'll beht back with more "tonight show," everybody. hi, buddy. hi, buddy. i see you, i see you [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: good maybe she can eat throaches. [ laughter ] >> there we j my: robert irwin, everybody. right there. cheers ] great job. >> grow up [ cheers and applause >> ech there's a cockroach in the cheese plate ♪ graham? ♪ ♪ that's my daughter!
12:14 am
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12:17 am
12:18 am
>> h jimmy, we have the telemundo promo next >> jimmy: okay, great. guys, i'm going to do a quick promo. >> he's doing the promo. >> jimmy: that is our spanish language sister network and i am warning you right now, i n' dospeak spanish.
12:19 am
[ light laughter ] it'll sound fine, but i have no idea what i'm saying i really should learn spanish. >> yeah, you should. >> in five, four, three -- [ speaking in spanish j >>immy: why am i saying despacito? >> steve: it's the town, not the song >> jimmy: okay can i start again? three --we go, in five, four, [ speaking in spanish >> so what's he saying >> i thought you wrote thi i >>hought you wrote it. [ speaking in spanish >> well if neither of us wrote it, then who did [ speaking in spanish [ laughter ] [ speaking in spanish
12:20 am
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12:26 am
>> jimmy: performing their brand new song "colorado" from their new album "can't say iy. ain't coun please welcome good friends of the show, florida georgia line [ cheers and applause ♪ i got friends from colorad i gofriend from tennessee ♪ ♪ so i got somethin in a bottl and i got somethin' from a a seed ♪ ♪ since you sai you didn't love me since you hung m out to dry ♪ ♪ i've been drunk up in the smokie on a rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ >> jasper hogs big loud management. i'm with the band. >> jimmy: pleasure jimmy. ♪ made the plan spent the money to nothin' sweet ♪ ♪ 'bout a paid fo honeymoo million dollar vie to see but she won't ♪ >> these boys have been here six times. >> jimmy: yeah they're great.e we lovthem they're like family. >> yes indeed. yes indeed
12:27 am
[ smooch ] ♪ at the titop ♪ lookin' at a holler full of hemlocks ♪ >> that seems to me that maybe family should get to sit on the couch. ♪ i'm all alone >> jimmy: excuse me? ♪ i got friends from colorado ♪ o they got good stories t tell, jimmy. lot of good >> jimmy: thk you. ♪ i got friends from tennessee so i got somethin' ♪ ♪ in a bottle >> so i have your word on that then ♪ and i g somethin' from a seed ♪ >> jimmy: word on what >> on the couch. we can just go ahead and make that promise official? >> jimmy: yeah i'm just trying to enjoy the song talk to -- talk to the booker >> sure. see how it is.s, come here six time no couch. the big fat slice of talk to the booker you knowhen i heard this place had cockroaches i -- i had no idea they would be so tallmy >> jimwhatever >> you laugh all you want jimmy fallon, but -- >> jimmy: i'm not laughing i'm actually annoyed >> you laugh all you want regardlessav those bostories to tell on that couch. i'd hate to see them start shopping their wares elsewhere ♪
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: florida georgia line "can't say i ain't country" is out now. how you doing? nice to see you. >> i had sushi for the firstgh time last nit. [ cheers and applause t and actually, didn'think i was gonna like it. thank you for having ujimmy. >> jimmy: we'll be right back everybody. >> loved the appetizers. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
12:29 am
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12:32 am
♪nd [ cheerspplause >> jimmy: my thanks to tina fey, robert irwin, be stiller, florida-georgia line and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvaniate stay tuned for "laight with seth meyers. thank you for five amazing years, everybody have a great night hope to e you tomorrow bye-bye, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there's not much i want to do to get those boys on that couch jimmy. not much at all. ♪ ♪
12:33 am
>> hey, that's not the stairs. i just want to get out of this building i just want to leave here so badly. i just wanto get out of here okay do you know where the stairs are? ♪ ♪ [ cheers andpplause >>hew. well, the good news is there's another one tomorrow >> jimmy: long day >> yeah.
12:34 am
you're lucky i'm here. >> jimmy: it's fun, though, right? >> hi, i'm robert de niro. and i'm jimmy fallon reminding " you to tune into thethe tonight show" ery weeknight at 11:30 p.m. right here on nbc. oh, and happy fifth anniversary, jimmy is that a cockroach? there's like tee or four roaches. there's another one. you know what? forget this. forget it. i'm done i'm done that's it. all over bye. somewhere elseng my wares [ beeping >> "tonight show." scene one, mark. >> steve: can you believe i have beedoing these shows for five years thank you. >> jimmy: i can. actually, i can. >> steve: you know what the na traditgift is for a five-year anniversary? [ laughter ] i drank the whole tray he's such an animal.e i drank the wholtray
12:35 am
[ beep ] >> jimmy: no way, it's going to be greatgo it'lg to be fantastic. i'll just act surprised. >> oh, yeah. you're going to act surprised. sorry. okay [ beep ] yeah, surprise hey. hey, fella fella, you can come out of hiding >> hey danny come back out >> jimmydoesn't matter it's almost good that he's not there. >> yeah, guess what? surprise is over [ beep ] cr>> jimmy: what the hell awled up your ass and died [ laughter ] >> at least he's still combingir his haith a sneaker. >> jimmy: what did she say >> at least he's still combing his hair with a sneaker. [ laughter ] [ beep ] >> jimmy: let's get this - >> i was hoping this was gng y away, but -- >> jimmy: in your face ♪
12:36 am
♪ >> jimmy: my god oh, my god [ beep ] sell my wares -- i'm sry [ beep ] >> hey jasper hogs, big loud management, with the band. >> jimmy: do it again. >> sorry, blew it. [ beep ] hey, jasper hogs, big loud entertainment. with the >> jimmy: big loud ment. >> yeah, aah laughter ] >> jimmy: you blew it! [ beep ] >> i knew exactly what ias ing. >> i wouldn't change a thing >> yeah, no, i'm not going to. because i'm actually reading right now. >> i'll be taking -- do that again. i'll be shping my wares somewhere -- i'll be shopping my wares somewhere else [ beep ] >> i can keep doing this all night. seriously. i'll just keep doing this. >> no, that was great. that was a really good one >> that's a wrap [ cheers and applause
12:37 am
>> jmy: so weird are we done? this day is so weird it's freaking me out [ laughter [ foghorn [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- jim gaffigan, star of "dead to me," actress linda cardellini, poet and novelist, ocean vuong featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth:ood evening. i'm seth meyers. welcome to "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause in that case, let's get to ther. news president trump held a press conference today with the president of poland. said trump, "when do i get to meet the president ort


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