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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

6:00 pm tracki a new storm around colesville. this storm came because of this storm and i'll show you that right now. another storm around reston. look what's happening here. we've got surroundries that are moving out. can you see the ring around this storm and that's air moving across the storm and look how it just creates that storm. so just as erica was saying you go from sunshine to a big storm in a matter of no ome. this is about to move right over college park and reston is getting hit hard and the storm has not been moving. we'll be tracking thetorm as we move on through the night ans we're not done just yet. a few more hours of strong storms to go. >> thank you so very much. we'll keep you updated on the air right before "nbc nightly news" and we'll give you a new weather alert right in the palm of your hand. >> now, to a store you will only see here on news 4. an unsettling new threatt the washington navy yard. >> right. 60 years after 12 people were killed in a mass shooting there, a former military member is accused of threatening that samy
6:01 pm
facili >> a frightening ordeal. the news4's i-team scott flack flynn joins us now with next . conclusive >> the man is actually from new york and he's actually a ma reas. navy investigators say he made threats by phone a email and yardook targeting the navy and an official there who handles the navy and u.s. marine legal complaints. ts is the ar-15 the feds say they took from anthonyeid who they suspect was alsoil ing a device to enhance the weapons capability. he's charged with making threat he madethreats against an official with the u.s. navy jag office at the navy yard, an official he had been contacting in the appeal of a prior assault case. they say he yelled and cursed at ye official by phone saying i'm coming after and then by email they ay hewrote do you like being able to live and i will eliminate you all from my life, and the on his facebook page they say reed wrote said i'm going to hurt people and madeto reference a kill list.
6:02 pm
four days later saying none of my threats are true. defend provided the facebook post requesting that reid be held in custody. the post-called an email forec dy threatening a worker at the site of a massive shooting in 2013. the navy jag office is part ome the sacomplex that goes on the opposite side of building 197 inhich 12 people died. reid waser ord held without bone ing a july hearing. the defense tried to raid reid's home in new york and he barricaded himself inside and k they k down the door to get him. comment from his defense atrneysch the naval ncis investigators say t n't speak about current investigations. jim and erika, he's in court july 21st. >>, thanksscott. we want to send things back over to doug in the storm center because things are still very active on the radar, and you've got with us a new thunderstorm yerning. >> , and i just talked about this storm right here, and i told you this storm is growing
6:03 pm
ne intensity and they just issued a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45. this is in through montgomery county and prince george's , countyming as a result of these storms beginning to die off. now let's zoom on in. i want to show you where this storm is. this is rig along 95 right along 29. just east of wheaton. s very strongtorm, a ton of lightning wit this, and the national weather service says this storm could have winds upward of 70 miles per hour. watch out and get indoors and stay indoors, if you can, until all of this weather moves out. thunder roars, get indoors. we'll continue to watc these torms as they move on throughout the rest of the area. guys, a little bit of a busy night for sure right here in the storm center. >> al right, doug, thank you so very much. meanwhile, president trump is overseas right now at the g-20 summit in japan where earlier today he seemed to jout the issue of russian election interference. the president wagging his finger as his sat down with vladimir putin who laughed as mr. trump appeared to sarcastically tell putin not to meddle.
6:04 pm
this is the first meeting the en the two men sinc special counsel investigation ended. that probe found evidence of sweeping and systematic interference by russia in 2016. back here at home the presidential democratic hopefuls back on the cagn trail on the day after after back-to-back debates and joe biden found himself trying to clarify his record after senator kamala harris accused him of working with segregationist senators to oppose busing to help integrate schools. >> you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day, and that little girl was me. >> today biden appeared in chicago with civil rights leader jesse jackson directly addressing that exchange. >> 60conds on a campaign debate exchange can't to a
6:05 pm
justicech advote for civil ghts. i never, never proposed voluntary busing. >> the former vice president went on to say he did support s other measurehat addressed what he called the root causes of segregation. >> all right. and let's take a closer look ata the dees with nbc's lester holt who is back in new york fresh off of his double debate moderating duties in miami. lester, thank you so much for joining us. between last night and then wednesday evening, we saw very different vibes on that stage and in the audience as well. what would you say is the thing twat struck you the most as far as difference ben the two rounds? >> [ no audio ]
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>> reporter: the here is to find the best candidate to ertake on donald trump. se tood lester, as athe two o ngho otu,her candat and is a lot of >> reporter: well, my sense from the two nights of the debate is the democratic party still rigw nos trying to fight for its identity. which party will be represented here. you really saw some differences between the ctrists and the progressives here and i think that's going tonight story line as we march all the way to november next year. >> lester holt, thanks so much and awesome job there both nights. >> and be sure to keep it right here on nbc 4. "nightly news" begins right r this broadcast. and over on the nbc washington app, our digital team put together a complete list of everything that each candidate said over theurse of those two nights. to go in depth open the nbc washington app and search candidates. the supreme court is now
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agre decide the fate of daca during this next term. the president trumpried to end the obama-era programin 2017, but he was blocked by federal courts. the deferred action for hildhood arrivals program has allowed 700,000 young people brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents to remain here in this country. the court is n expected to reach a decision on that contentious case though before the 2020 election. justice served in charlottesville. james field drove into a crowd of counterprotesters during a rally inust of 2017 killing heather heyer. northern virginia bureau c ef julie carey has reaction to that sentencing. >> reporter: whit supremaicives behind bars sentenced to multiple life terms for the hate crimes that ki ed heather heyer and badly injured
6:08 pm
more than two dozen others. this shows a photo of taken of field's bedroomnd his hero hitler displayed. they are hoping this sentence sends a strong message to other hate-inspired groups. >> hopefully doing these will send a messagehat our government condemns this type of activity and will do all within our power to hold folks accountable. >> reporter: field's attorney asked for mercy citing his mental alth issues and field told the judge i would like to apologize for my actions on august 12thend would lik to apologize for the hurt and loss i've caused. here's what heather heyer's mom had to say about that. >> that was a last-ditch attempt to get a reduced sentence. he eats least sincere person i've ever meant. >> reporter: susan broeckx, one of the many victih wgave heartbreaking testimony describing the ha into a group of counterprotesters. this witness who marched that day spoke directly to field.
6:09 pm
>> i'm strong, a strong black woman that will not back down from white supremacists or neo-nazis or the kkk. >> reporter: nearly all of the victims urging that life prisond will not have the chance to hurt >> knowing that he won't be out again to cause more harm to pegle's health, knowin that a clear message has been sent hoping to prevent other deaths, that oelps. aher than that i'm kind of done with him and i'm moving on with my -- my life. >> today is not the end for james field in court though he was also convicted in charlottesville circuit court of murder and other charges, the jury recommending life plus more than 400 years nde judge will help deliver the final sentence in that case on july 15th. in charlottesllvi jdeulie t d.c police department to start following the law. yedrs aeaee measure requiring police to track
6:10 pm
evry person they stopped and whether or not they were arrested. it's part of an effort to determine whether police are racially profiling suspects, but officers haven't been tracking the information like they are supposed to. some activists we spokeo s.lieve d.c. police arer ta>> rgthe d.c. police like mos people around ye countr are using as their first point of contact with the black community these stop and frisk tactics based on the assumption that black people are going to be more likely to commit certain crimes. >> the judge gave the police department until lateuly to begin following the law. the chief says he hopes to be in compliance by then. >> reporter: t-minus six ys until the fourth of july, and things will be quite different this year. >> what it will me to have two different fireworks locations, what the timing is going to be utd the best place to see it all. first biden bested? we're goi to talk about the democratic debates and other big stories of the week, including a
6:11 pm
former president unfiltered about the current one. chuck todd joinss live in the udio next. and we've got a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings out there right now. this lineaking its way through parts of northern virginia. we've got a very strong thunderstorm now right through parts of montgomery county in through prince george's county. they are not moving much and because that hve this one is actually with a flood warning in the area. watch out for streams and creeks. anher storm north of annapolis and another bumpy night north of anthpolis. what is means for tonight and the weekend. we can see
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6:13 pm
6:14 pm
very heavy rain and a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings. watching this storm arnd the beltway and college park and wheaton area, too. this storm forming from this one right here that's starting to die off. very heavy rain with this, and we're going to see more forming in this area over the next one to two hours. we'll continue to watch out ford that, a the next line to the west, that one is moving in towards northern virginia and continues to be severe as well. for loudon and fauquier county. the severe thunderstorm warning ing until 6:45. any more warnings pop up, i'll bring them to you as soon as i can. >> doug, thank you. back now with a look at what's been a very busy week in politics as the 2020 race shifted to a much higher gear. >> in back-to-back debates, democrat you ca presidentia hopefuls tried to separate themselves from the pack. >> the first e-fac-face le ding to afalter for the front-runner joe biden put on defense after direct challenge to his record, and with more female candates than ever,
6:15 pm
women appeared to dominate the stage on both nights. >> lawmakers looking to address one of the big topics of those debates, migrant crossings, sending billions to ease the crisis at the border. >> and overseas president trump is seeming to joke about the issue of russian election interference in the same week that robert mueller agrees to testify. >> and joining us to help sort it all out is chu todd nbc's political director who is breathing a sigh of relief. >> welcome back. >> you're back home. >>'m 15 minutes away from sleep. that's what i'm. i'll be sure with you. >> exhausting. >> th ni gghtin. >> let's get right to it so you can get your rest. >> all righty. >> talk to us about former vice president joe biden's performance and whether or not last night's debate does anything for where he is right now as the current frnt-runner, or is it too early to say? >>look, one debate isn't going to end his ndidacy, but i do think the big thing h thatas changed is the perception of his vulnerability, right? there was, you know, the hyde
6:16 pm
amendment flip didn't hurt him, the other -- the working segregationists, didn't see an immediate thit in the polls, b i think this feels different and even if it doesn't necessarily hit him rightaw y, he just looks wobbly,gh ri he doesn't look like a frontokunner. he los like a is gettable where before you ren't sure before this debate so i think that's the bgest ange in the race. 'll still the front-runner. he's still in the pole position but all of a sudden you've got harris and warren when i think robably did themselves better than any of the other candidates. he's essentially in the same tier with them. that's the way that i would look at it. there's your top three and you've got buttigieg and bernie. sanders who didn't do anything wrong at the debate, just because of the rise of warren and harris, sanders feels like a ondidacy that's stuck here, and he can't figu how to get his mojo back and he's still playing the greatest hits and
6:17 pm
still playinghe greatest hits and he needs -- heeeeds -- h needs a new thing. a little new material. a little new something because i think if you're debating between warren and sanders, you might say, warren isew. i iesande lst mitio thknow, we learned horrible conditions at some detention centers andheart wren father and daughter, too. t hheeus funding. pelosi not exactly thrilled, a lot of democrats not. where are we now and what happens from here? >> look, i think nancy pelosiok lo at it ando saw tw bad outcomes here, one, i mean, she -- it's understandable why many members of heroaucus dt trust the administration to use the money as it's intended, you know. this is money that's intended to take care of these kids, you know, to get them the needed -- the needed things they need, blankets, whether it's soap,
6:18 pm
things -- you know, schools so they can get the temporary schools in there, but at the same time i think she feared that the democrats would be blamed for not doing anything and somehow they were holding it up, so it was -- it was a rock ard a -- as a reminder, democrats have control of one-sixth of government, one-third, one half of one branch and there's only so much they can push here, and this case sometimes the house can jam the senatend sometimes the senate jammed the house, and, you know, that can go either way. >> yeah. >> but that's what happened re, and i imp thichnkmentat issue. she tries toss manage just a way to keep party as united as she can without putting the majority in jeopardy. to it is tough keep everybody happy. >> yeah. >> in this climate. >> especially n the democratic party is -- the spectrum of the democratic party i think hasgo tten wider. i think there'sre hesr-repca who arectually t
6:19 pm
shopping, you know, with some oe yet , se spectrum is wider. it's a good problem to have for e democrats and at the same time it's a very hard one. >> want to ask youpbout sident trump having a sit-down with vladimir putin and seeming to joke about the -- w what know now from the mueller report with vladimir putin kind of sarcastically telling him not to meddle in the elections and we heardrom former president carter responding to this. >> and i thinhe interference although not yet quantified if fully investigated would show that trump didn't actually win the elect16n in 20 he lost the election, and he was put into office because of the russia interference on his behalf. >> so you believe president trump is an illegitimate ? preside based on what i just said which i can't retract.
6:20 pm
>> wow. >> wow is right. >> your respons >> i think what the president did mocking this, you know, think he risks growing the impeachment caucus. i think that's the -- and, you know, he sees it as oh, watch, i'm going to troll the democrats, trot media. i said are you -- i said if you want me to. it's the strangest response, i'm like really speaking to the atesident of the united and then i'm like, really, is this on me to get you to tell putin? i do think the more he plays these games, it -- this is why i think he has this dilemma. he's abusing, even in as feels are you doing here and are you joking? are you sending a signal? at is this? i just think he's inviting more serious problems. the more he toys with this, the more house democrats feel like hat choiceh d thiey h the
6:21 pm
d,peopleuc that sort of had some ebr julianouakmot castro who also i think, you know, when you look at there are in that sort t secondop tier. >> had some enerhat night. >> surprised a lot of people. >> yeah. and i think beto o'rouke is looking at that. >> "meet the press" starting this sunday 00 on d.c.
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well, just like the greatest hits they keep coming. poppin aerll the storms that you see right dohind anoo. a brand-new vere thunderstorm warning for fauquier and rappahannock county and that has it going until 6:45 tonight. that's with this lineth has produced some damaging winds. we've seen trees down, numerous trees down in parts of frederick county and big-time storms and also take a look at this shot, guys. from northwest d.c. looking off
6:25 pm
to the south and east, and this storm right here showing you what most of us are seeing. if you look out around your area, do you have that camera shot, there's one of them. that's one of the ones that you're taking a look at right now. agomn, you're looking at s rain and looking at some sunshine for some of you, but i'll tell you what, it's going to be a bumpy night across the area. her s the stofrl rightnow, and we're watching this one right here in montgomery county. severe thunderstorm warning in for montgomery county towards prince george's county until 6:45 tonight. seeing if that's a new wg ning poppin for this right here in towards anne arundel county. new warning there for most likely until 7:15. in the district, ver storms and very heavy rain right along the mall right now, and also some storms back here towards fairfax county that havt not le these are not moving a whole lot and because of that they are causing some flooding. i thiss a flood warning. this flood warning goes until 11:45 tonight. this is most likely for creeks and streams and heads up there. back to the west.
6:26 pm
here's the -- the boundaries, the line of storms that hve developed for loudoun county and rappahannock county, a new severe thunderstorm warning now for culpepper county as well as down towards madison county. this one goes to 7:15 as well, amelia. a new severe thundersto warning for 7:15 for this storm right here making its way off towards the east again, these are not moving fast. you'll see a lot of lightning out of these and will see very heavy rainfall and for most these it's being 60 to 70-mile-per-hour winds and this whole line making its way east. if you haven't gotten the rain yet, folks around prince william county and stafford and bu fredericks, the rain is moving your way and there's a storm right now right over fredericksburg as well. what did you say there? let's take a look and show you what's happening as far as the next couple of days go. high temperatures, looking at those numbers. we'll give you a look later. high temperature of 94 or maybe 94 or 96. hit 95 today.
6:27 pm
hottest day of the year so far. >> felt every degree of it. doug, thank you. come monday it could cost u more to commute. >> july 1st brings changes including some new laws, and you could say that one of them is the last straw. >> but for first, one year ago today a newsroom rampage that stunned and local community a the country. why the tribute to the victims toy is unique. and take one last ride on the mer go round. the piece of
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> if you'reust joining us at 6:30, look at that live picture there. storm team 4 has issued a l weather aert because of this situation. we are tracking several severe thunderstorms and doug is back with another update in another couple of minutes. >> it has been one year since a gunman stormed the "capital gazette" newsroom and killed ve peoplein his path.
6:31 pm
that ambush devastated the people of annapolis. >> news 4 ice chr's chris gordo with their co explains the meaning behind a new memorial behind them snide shine on me ♪ >> the day of remembrance begins with the all children's chorus of. annapol members of the "capital gazette" family came to honor their colleagues. one year ago a gunman shot his way into their newgoom killin gerald fischman, ron hiaasen, john mcnamara, rebekah smith and wendi it was the ion's deadliest attack on journalism. >> we thought a garden in annapolis would be an appropriate way to memorialize our colleagues as well as offer rvlace. >> reporter: suivors of the "capital gazette" shootings were onled up to dedicate the shes eachor of their co-workers killed by thegunman. the survivors and families of the victims say they now need
6:32 pm
action, not condolences. f reporter: it's like a facebookter at this point. >> i just want to make sure no other family has to join this terrible club of gun violence victims again. the club needs to havets membership closed. >> u.s. senator chris van hollen of maryland says he's trying to be an agentf change. >> we've got to pass liosledndrn violence and peopleo do need t be held accountable with their vote. >> reporter: the "capital gazette" had a moment of silence at 2:33 this afternoon, exactly one year after the shooting started in their newsrom. asked if we could be present, but staffers said they would prgeer to be toer and alone in private, and, of course, understood. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news 4. a confrontation at a prince george's county nightclub led to a deadly double shooting. today one of the men convicted
6:33 pm
in the attack was sentenced to life in prison. osecutors say three teenaged ms-13 gang members followed the victims home a ambushed them and as news 4's darcy spencer reports man who was sentenced at the court is making a big mistake. >>reporter: fernando barras told the judge that police got the wrong man, that his arrest for a murder at these apartments was a ce george's county case of mistaken identity, but a jury didn't believe it and now a judge has sentenced him to life in prison plus 25 years for a gang-related murder. he was 17 years old when he was charged. his two accomplices were he.16 family of the defendant because we understand that they don't believe that he's guilty, we elieve that the jury got it right. we believe that the judge served him with the appropriate sentence. >> the suspect's man broke down in tears and had to be escorted
6:34 pm
from the courtom in upper marlboro. >> she believed in the innocence of her son. she like any other mother had hopes and goals and aspirations for her son, and those will not berealized. >> reporter: the shooting happened here at these apartments, but this confrontation start much earlier at a nightclub. prosecutors say the victims at the galaxy nightclub when they ran into the gang members. the surviving victim had been earslved with a rival gang ago in his home country. prosecutors say after he wnt apartments e nearby the suspects were waiting for him and opened fire, but it was his friend who was killed. >> unfortunately, his affiliation prior to coming to the u.s. followed him and he was marked as a target because of that. >> the attack hand at these apartments on riggs road in chillum two years ago. up victim s shot at least half a dozen times but survived. 22-year-old galileo rico was
6:35 pm
shot and killed. in chillum, darcy spencer,4. ne >> new fares will take effect this monday on july 1st. the average ticket will cost 3% more. if you buy a monthly ticket, you can get july at the current price if you pay for it before the end of june. here's another heads up for the week ahead. starting monday, businesses in the district could be fined as much as $800 for givin you plastic straws and stirrers that you can only use once. the law took effect last october but the grace period ends when july begins onnday, and in have a vat minimum age to buy tobacco andne hese or21. t it's a favorite spot for t locals, buts will be the last weekend in 20 to take a ride on thearousel at glen
6:36 pm
echo park. sprinkler eplace the and hey large systems. work is expected to take up to nine months and o costr $1 million. the carousel has been around nearly a century. >> you need some serious ac in there like that. you can't go fast enough o get a breeze. coming up, quite a weekend. we've got you covered. the d.c. provision packed with music and always heat, and how you can see "hamilton" without going to new york. >> fireworks, flyovers and maybe a baby trump blimp. we're talking all three as we get you geared up for the dilyrict's fourth of celebration and the president's salute to america. we >> and re still tracking some severe thunderstorms making their way through parts of northern virginia and annel arund county and storms firing up in the d.c. metroarea. when we come back, i'll talk more about these storms and what this means to tomorrow. we could see a repeat of what g we've going on out there
6:37 pm
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we're following breaking news. a crash on the outer loop of the beltway critically injures two young children and shuts down traffic this is the camera near i-95 and
6:40 pm
t5. you're looking branch area of the temple hills area. seven vehiclesere involved in this crash scene shutting down the outer loop in the area. be y injured and a 2-year-old has life-threatening injuries and several people have been injured in this case. we have a crew heading there to the scene and we'll keep you updated on the traffic situation as we learn more here right now. erika and jim, back to you. >> traumatic story there. the leon, thank you. well, it is friday and that means we're getting you ready tsr the weekend. >> there are lo of family friendly events coming up including the annual folklife festival. this year's theme is the social power of music. all the action is packed into just two days this year,t there's still a lot for you to see and to hear. music performances, storyteller and much more. the festivities start saturday night and run through sunday on the national mall.
6:41 pm
and if theater is more your vibe. ""hamilton," the wildly popular show is at the hippodream and it you wanto see that you'll have to hand oer a bunch of him atons to get some. >> july 4th still a few days away but you can get the nation's birthday party started with a full day of celebration at lake fairfax park. tomorrow. for the park opens at dawn and the i fun cones until the fireworks after dark, and for the first time the city of annapolis is hosting a pride parade. the parade kicks off at noon tomorrow on west street in the artsistrict. there's also a festival that runs from noon to 5:00. it will be bringingogether local organizations and businesses, too. politics meets patriotism. weave new details about all the changes coming the next week for the fourth of july
6:42 pm
celebration from protests to airplanes and to double fireworks. >> plus, a storm team 4 weather alert. we're trackingr severe sto that are popping up after a day
6:43 pm
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fireworks, flyovers and full force. the >> today we're learning now s detailout the schedule of events for the fourth of july and what that mans for you and what you need to know as you're planning your celebrns for the national mall. >> news 4's corey smith has a big look at the changes expected this time around. >> the stage is not quite set for president trump's salute to america but it's coming along. on the 4th the area near the steps of the lincoln memorial will be off limits unless you're lucky enough to score a ticket from the white house to see the president's speech up close. if you'renot, don't worry because there wille plenty to see this independence day. fighter ss the f-35 jets flying over d.c. earlier
6:46 pm
this month? you'll have another chance to see the displa of air power. aircrafts with all five brancs the military will fly over the mall which is practically unheard of given that the airspace is restricted. >> while there will be an increase in air traffic and noise there will be no cause for alarm. >> reporter: the folks who plan to fly the baby trump blimp are still trying to secure a permit. if that's the biggest symbol of protest this may be the smallest. miniature trump balloons are being sd online but be warned. police say balloons are a restricted item. >> if they a the prohibited items list they won't be allowed in the area. if they comply with the prohibited items list we will allowen that first amdment activity or any other items to come into the area. >> reporter: the mayor says the district is laser focused on haking sure the 4th goes off without a hitcnd the president's plan has added a few wrinkles and says the district will be prepared. >> and i feel that they have shared with usverything that
6:47 pm
they have for appropriations. >> cor smith, news 4. >> there's another huge celebration happening in our area to commemorate america's ep first ston the moon. hard to believe we're coming up on 15 years since that happened. news 4 got a sneak peek into me of the rare artifacts from the apollo mission including apollo 11 at the national air and space museum in chantilly and it even has a pair of neil armstrong's gloves there. what you won't see just yet is his spacesuit. it will go on display july 16th. there will also be a free festival next month on t national mall. >> amazing. >> all right. we're focused and back to our severe weather. we are in weather alert mode around here. >> we sure are. doug, how long a night is this going to be for us? h probably going to go thro 8:00, 8:30, maybe as late as 9:00, but they are starting to already fizzle out, especially to the northern areas and look at storms down to the south.
6:48 pm
severe thunderstorm warnings around fauquier county and madison county going until 7:30 and then this storm right here very strong storm just to the annapolis. this severe thunderstorm warning going until 7:15, but notice the storms in montgomery and prince f.orge's county, they have all kind of died of shower activity right now along austin hill and that's about it. another shower that just in develope southern prince george's county and that one should not go severe. look what happens with all of these. they sendout these boundaries. they send these boundaries out and they create new storms.m right now waiting to see if we see any storms develop with these boundaries in loudoun county, but right now all eyes on these for me right here just to the northwest of warrenton. we've got another severe thunderstorm warning right now down towards the madison county area and culpepper county until 7:30. i want to zoom in on this guy right th right here, the weather service, the national weather service says winds could cost to 70 miles per hour and we could
6:49 pm
have hail of pink popping ball size. very strong hail an very heavy hail. watch out around marshall and that storm is making its way south and east and it's not moving fast. once again not just lightning and hail out of this, but also a lot of strong winds potentially as well with this storm system. as we continue through the rest of the evening hours, we're going to be watching these storms kind of come to an end over the next couple of hours, but if you live around fredericksburg you're not done yet. culpepper, zoom on into culpepper. if you live into the culpepper area, watch out. these storms are forming aheadt of storm which has been severe as well. this one has had a history of taking down some trees as well for the area. now, temperatures tomorrow around 94 degrees. we acallyhit 95 today. that is the high temperature so far tis year. we've got 94 rand we may be 95, 96 and hot and humid and depends on the cloudd cover anhen the storms develop. heat index near 100 degrees again and scattered afternoon
6:50 pm
ure and a rms for good bet tomorrow afternoon and just like today. not everybody will see them but some areas could get heavy ro storms tomorafternoon and we're getting 40% of storms. 93 with less humidity. tomorrow hot and humid andun sy just hot but still a little bit better in the afternoon. 89 on monday and monday looking great.lo 89 wit humidity. that's a pretty nice day. tuesday the heat returns and a high of 95 and look what happens next week, guys, a chance of storms on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and temperatures into the mid to even upper s. that includes the fourth of july and, yes, it does look like we'll see a chance of storms th during afternoon so if you're going to get a seat on the mall, that one is something that we'll have to watch out for. nehopefully they are doy the time the fireworks display returns. right now looking hot and very humid all the way through next weekend. t >> get used it. doug, thank you. coming up next, it was builo ase. biggest games in women's soccer history. the united states facing their stiffest competition
6:51 pm
dhe americans take down host country france and continue their world cup dreams? dave is next with sports. but first here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> we're ba from miami and tonight on nightly news debate fallout. what joe biden is saying with that searing exchange with mala harris and that moment mala harris and that moment shared bet
6:52 pm
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a lot of eyes on this ond di it live up to expectations? >> it did so much. >> we've got reasons to paint our face in this town and country. t united states response, simple no. when asked by a french reporter if the americans would let host nation france win today's quarterfinal in th women's world cup. the question a joke. but this game and this tournament serious birks and a
6:55 pm
reminder of the american's commitment to answer every challenge with anye emphatic s and france a real challenge. ranked number i fourthe world and the u.s. number one. it was red, white andue who struck first. megan rapinoe off the free kick. fifth minute. crowd gets through the and jubilation for americans. a dream start as rapinoe finds the back of the net, and she was not done on this day. it was still 1-0 in the second half. until hyes, it's going topen again. rapinoe strikes ain. 65th minute, tobin heath doc rivers a great ball and rapinoe is going to finish this. she does. 2-0 united states, and the americans, you know who made the trip, they love it. it was worth it. things get interesting. 81st minutear wendie ren the header off the set it's a one-goal game. somehow the u.s. --as that w the last great chance and the u.s. hold on forhe 2-1 win and will
6:56 pm
take on england in the mifinals of the women's world cup coming up onuesday. great stuff for them. caps news. they have traded andre burkowski to the colorado avalanche for a second and third round pick in next ear's draft. i think he'll beor remembered f his two-goal performance in the caps game seven win against the lightning in the 2018 eastern conference finals onhe way to the stanley cup. nationals in detro to take the tigers this evening.t hey are a .500 record, first time two months. the nats have won 21 of the last 30. mmes including the three-game sweep of therlins that was capped off by the 8-5 win yesterday. 2 t long ago washington was games below .500 at 19-31 and plenty of unr tt among fans and now they are one of the hottest teams in baseball and 2 1/2 games in back of a wild card spot. a little feel-good soccer.
6:57 pm
we've talked soccer and baseball and how about a little bit of both. the yankees andll red sox wi play in london. the converted london stadium is the place, homeam to west h united to host the stadium for the 2012 olympics. over 140,000 square feet of turf brought in, and we're told, hey, the groundskeepers will still dance to ymca and fans will sing "sweet caroline." hey, here it is. the look of an admiral. admiral schofield. the sixers picked himn the second round and the wizards tradm. for he's a 6'5" small forward that played four years at tenne nee andow with rui hatch muro getting red for the summer league. his d had a commercial for atwood insurance and schofield wants you to remember his name because of his game. >> usedin to doing anythg to win. i'm not a guy who wants to score, score, score or a guy wants to shoot, shoot, shoot, i
6:58 pm
want to do different things, make charges, cheer my teammates on and make the right pass and the right read and also make things easier on others who are good at what they do. john wall is a great point guard and making their job easier is what my job is. >> gothis has been a good week r the wizard bradley beal. he won the nba community assist ard and today, hey, let's go and wish him a happy 26th birthday. two-time all-star, he narrowly missed out on making 13 all nba. youngest player in league history to reach 900 carr made threes. coming up at 11:00,e'll be talking about wayne rooney's incredible year in d.c. >> we'll see that video again? >> i want to hear your call on it. >> i'll be here. >> thanks, dave. >>dave, thanks so very much. >> thanks for joining us. 60ightly news" starts in just
6:59 pm
seconds. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
7:00 pm
at>> tonight, the dram fall out from our fiery first debate, joe biden on defense after the blistering attack from break out candidate kamala harris. >> it was very hurtful. >> going after the former vice president on the issue of race. >> she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me. t ight the perceived winners and the new questions, how ech did this debat shake up the race? >> a drowning migrant teen plucked from the waters teri yo grand, border patrol agents performing cpr, saving his life. resident trump face to face with otladimir putin warning himo meddle in the 2020


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