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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 29, 2019 9:00am-9:53am EDT

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the heat and humidity start coming back as we get into da tues wednesday, thursday. of course, thursday, it's 4th of july and we'll have that you.ast in detail for but let's take a look outside right now. it's a beautiful saturday morning. look how green everything is on our camera out there. potomac river, beautiful out there. today already 81, 9:00. southerly winds will shift out of the west and we'll have winds up to aboutn 15 miles a hour. a little breeze from time to time, maybe when you're sitting at the pool. perfect day to sit out by the t' pool because i going to be hot. already at 80 right now. 90 by noon. if not over that and then again we'll have those tempetures soaring into the mid-90s. we do have a chance for scattered showers and that's going to happen anytime after about 2:00 p.m. so we are going to take a look, futurecast, and show youxaly who we think is going to have some storms in our area. and exactly what the primary threats will be.
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that's coming up in justbo. >> lauryn, thank you. just in to our newsroom this morning, the new york city police detective who was on capitol hill pleading for additional funds for 9/11 first responders earlier this month has died. luis alvarez's family announced his death this morning. here he is at the capital testifying with comedian jon stewart. they were asking congress to keep the fund going to help 9/11 first responders who are now ltdealing with hea problems from their work at ground zero. congress has yetot to ve on the bill to extend those funds. thoughts and prayers with his family. and this morning a death investigation is under way in a quiet i beach townn delaware. authorities found a bodyoa flng in a canal in bethany beach yesterday, not far from where a woman originally fromnt
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montgomery c was last seen. her name is linda lee bravo. there are reports the body recovered yesterday appears to be. we'l and have the latest on our nbc washington app. new this morning, president trump wraps up a news conferee not too long at the g20 summit in osaka. trade tas with she gin inning are back on track, and he also said for the time being he will not lift o tariffs china but also will not add any new ones. trump commented on the death of the "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi who was killed and dismembered in the saudi consulate in istanbul last year. >> extremely angry and unhappy about a thing like that taking place. but as of this moment more than 13 people are being prosecuted and i hear the ngnumber's goi to
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be going up. >> following khashoggi's murder there was outrageun a the world. at president trump and his stration has faced criticism for its defense of th u.s./saudi relationship. and another setback for wall.ent trump's long promise yesterday a federal judge blocked the admistration from using billions of dollars i military funds to construct a wall along the u.s. southern border. earlder this year the presi declared a national emergency to shift the money from military projects to build the wall. this is a permanent injunction that stopped the building at different sites along the border. and just five more days, can you believe it, until the 4th of july, and we're learning new details about the big changes to this year's celebration national mall. the blue angels, air force one and aircraft from all branches of the military will fly over the mall. also, keep in mind the steps of the lincoln memorial will be off limits unless, of course, you're
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invited by the white house to see president trums speech. despite a lot of changes because of the president's plans d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the city will be prepared. >> and i feel that they have shared with us everything they have for ourpr arations. >> also, you might see this on the nationalmall, a baby trump blimp. the people behind that from the protests are still trying to get a permit. but beearned if you'r thinking about bringing some sort ofba oon, balloons are prohibited. and 50 i years ago policw neyork city raided a gay bar in greenwich village which led to a major protest and uprising sparking the lgbtq rights movement. a huge crowd gathered outside the stonewall inn for a pride celebration, lady gaga dropped by the tavern with encouraging words. this community has fought and
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continued to fight a war of acptance, a wear of tolerancet and the m relentless bravely. you are the definition of -- >> a handful of s celebske to the crowd, including chelsea clinton.e massrowds are expected in manhattan all weekend long with the city's pride paradeg startin tomorrow. and this morning we're learning more about the victim of a tragic accident in arli wton. a woman killed by a tree while out for an afternoon walk. this happened on thursday. yesterday many people paid tribute a that spot where louise peabody was featly struck by a falling tree limb on ain walk trail. she was a recently retired certified public accountant and was the first woman partner at her d.c. area based accounting firm. as family and friends strugglet wihis terrible tragedy many continue to wonde how the
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ra0-pound bh from a seemingly healthy tree snapped and came crashing down. >> my kids walkik that path after they get off the bus so yeah it's pretty terrifying that something like that could happen. >> louise peabody is survived by her husband, three children and her two grandchildren. starting monday you'll have to pay more to ride on vre. new fares take effect and the average ticket will cost 3% more. if buy a monthly ticket you can get july's at the current proue if pay for it before the end of the month. here's another heads up for the week ahead, starting monday businesses in the district could be fined as much as $800 ive thy you a plastic straw and stirrers that can only be usedo ce. the law took effect inct oober of last year. pbut the graceiod ends on monday. in virginia, keep in mind, the minimum age to buyobacco and other nicotine r productsises
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from 18 to 21. and happening today the annual smithsonian folklife ti music fesl kicks off later today on the nationa mall. this year's theme is the soc power of music. the festival is free and will put d.c.'s local music, especially gogo, o display. normally the event is a two-week affair. but this year it's only two days. you can still look forward, oough, to a l live music, great food, instrumental workshops. and much more. and the best part about the 4th of julys also the most dangerous. we've got some tips for you to stay safe coming up next on "news4 today." ay wit.
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welcome urback, yo time now is 9:09.
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the 4 old testameth of july is ou rican holiday and if aren't careful it can also be the most dangerous. fire chief scott goldstein. more on staying safe. thanks for being here. >> thank you f>> having us. you and i were just talking, what's most important, it sounds like, is to at least know the laws in, you know, where you live. so what are some of the laws? ex>> tly. montgomery county, prince georges county, howard and then the city of alexania here locally, all fireworks are al illeg in the other jurisdictions, those laws vary. you may be able to purchase it in one community. but then you travel home to another county or community andu what yo purchased may be illegal in your home area. so it's very important. but safety is the most paramount part. these are dangerous items. they're very enjoyable. we recommend folks go to a public community event. as you were showing theh 4t of july on the mall celebrations. regional activities. but these devices, when they fly, bur or explode, are very
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dangerous. and often times we see finger amputations, whole hand injuries. >> i was about to ask you, what do you typically see? >> it's when you light one of thse, maybe it's a cherry bomb or another oduct, you light it and you're holding it in your hand too long and it detonates. or you believe it's a dud, and someone picks it up. we had an event not that long ago where a child found one in a drawer. thought iewas a can and lit it and it then detonated. there's clearly a safety concern and risk. >> sure. >> and being used with adults, make sure there's adequate afety areas and a bucket of water around. at most important, let the professionals who doing this and having the most spectacular omreworks and observe those f an area of comfort and not in your backyard. >> you also have with you like a display, it looks like,
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fireworks. what exactly is this? >> all of these are fireworks in montgomery county, those communities like i said that would be illegal. the other point, over there on the f left-hand side are sparklers. people often are shocked at how hot a sparkler. gets the typical sparkler can be between 1200 and 1600 degrees. >> w. >> and we just let our youngest family members walk around flying it around and that can eily tap the skin and a burn is a permanent injury. it is something that is -- it heals but it leaves a lasting mark. >> sure. >> when you get that sparkler near the eye, or near flammable clthing it very quickly, you know, initiates into a burning clothing and your clothes are on fire. that sparkler is presumed to be innocent, but it is ultimately one of the most dangerous because of h hotit burns. >> so again, to the parents out there who are watching, who are excited to have, you know, people over for the 4th of july
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celebration, and it's maybe a tradition for them to get fireworks, sparklers, what's your message to them? what do you want them to take away? >> if you're usi them in your community where they're legal, make sure you're having adult supervision. don't let your children utilize them without that supervision. have that bucket of water. have a good plan. if the fire work doesn't detonate, leave it alone. a good 10, 15 minutes of stand off distance allows that to ensure that it's not going to detonate when grow to pick it up. enjoy those communitys. event and as we come about we find these, report the concerns to yourocal fire/police department. our biggest point is education. we want to educate those that may have these about the dangers and about what theircal ordinances are. >> sure. ly and ensure that we keep a fire safe ju 4th as well as all summer. >> thank you so much. reminder to our viewers, we have
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an app on our na w app you can search the places and find out what's legal in your neck of the woods and what's not. thank you so muh for joining us. >> no problem. >> we'll back after the be
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district women 60 and older will be competing for the title and will serve throughout the year. the news 4 digital team spoke
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with some of the contestants who are ready to show off their talents and share their stories. >> miss senior d.c. pageant is not a beauty contest. it's elegance and poise, sophistication, maturity. things that you want to share with your youngnes as they mature into seniors. i am miss senior district of helumbia 2017. we represent t nation's capital and the many dynamic seniors that reside here. >> learn how to walk and talk. it's like a second chance. i mean, we're seniors so let's do it right. that way we can be an inspiration to the younger eneration and show them how it's really done, you know, elegance and sophistication.
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thank god. >> i want to wake up in the morning with that -- >> iam the reigning miss seniorl district of cbia 2018. we have a completely new group who are vying for the crown and they've got variety of talents from boxing to singing. i have a lot of respect for a woman who's willing totep out of the box and maybe do something different. >> i like to perform. i like to show my talents and i'm happy to be in this again. this group is a wonderful group, 's like a sister hood. we really love each other like sisters. we call each other queens but we call ourselves sisters.
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>> one of my sons has a lifelong illness so i feel like all i've been through, raising many i boys all the through the years, i think this was like a reward for me in a way so even if i don't win, being surrounded by other great women and learning their stories and being inspired, that justotivated me. >> i feel that i have developed some relationships that will go far beyond just the involvement in the pageant. and in the asence of my sister, and s been really nice sweet. >> i love these ladies. >> great story. >> aren't they so cool? >> love that. >> and the wathey get down. >> yes, yes. >> no bathing suits, >> i love it. listen, you can see t full story on this in our nbc washington app, just search
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"miss senior d.c.," love it. let's talk about the heat, it's super hot outside. it>> it's hot, very warm, a little toasty out there. and, listen, if you are headed out toda maybe don't want to go outside. can we go back to that two hot, e's got something to tell you. 2:00 p.m. at capital one arena. >> that's right, my fiance and i are going to be honorary captains at the mystics game. we'd love to say hi to you and support our girls. >> absolutely. >> unfortunately they lost to seattle but it's a new year. >> awesome. so that's 2:00 p.m. in case you want to goide to do that because it's going to be so hot at 2:00. >> oh, my gosh. >> temperatures are in the low 90s. we're already. in the low 8 >> it was 72 when we got in here. >> and we're only going up from here. in fact, those temperatures as i continue through the week are going to stayn the 90s. we get a little break ortow, and also monday. but then those temperatures start to go back up. let's take a look outside right
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now. it's beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. we have sunshine out there and that's going to be the caseho throug the day today. let's talk about something. we do have a chance for some scattered storms later. what does that mean? isolated chance. when we say isolated, oh, a lot of people are like, oh, what's happened it didn't rain here, it's dry. that's about a 30% chance or le . we go into scattered chances of rain, i would say that's anywhere from about 30% to 60% and that's what w have today. we have a 40% chance of seeing some storms. so not everybody is going to see them but a good little pourtion of area is going to see em, about a 40% chance you'll see them in your neighborhood. widespread is anything over 60% ihance of ran, and most everybody will see them. we're not there yet. we're at scattered today, 40% of afternoon storms popping after 2:00. nothing on the radar right now. watching this little one coming out ofsomerset and around seven springs area, that ski resort. it will continue to move towards
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hagerstown. it's weakening. it's stemming off the frontal boundary. the fro is well to the north right now but you can some of those storms moving this direction. est to the rth and south and east and in fact this area right here from baltimore all the way up through northeastern maryland will have the best chance to see some pretty strong storms out there. current temperatures in the 70s and 80s. already. it's not even 9:30 yet so you know it's going to be a hot one. we're headed to 96 degrees today. that's the hottest we've been so r this year. it's going to feel close to 100 degrees. and there's your 40% chance of storms. omorrow theemperatures are in the low 90s, breezy at times, tomorrow is going to be absolutely beautiful. if you need to get that yard work done, do it early today or do it tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening. it's b not going to be that in terms of the humidity tomorrow. brunch, hot an saturday, maybe get in the shade on sunday if you want to eat outside, and exercise, always the earlier the better, once we get into these
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hot summer months. again, isolated storm possible tomorrow, noty. likel as we go into monday, perfect conditions. temperatures in the mid-80s. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, ha friday we chances of rain. but they don't look all that bad. let's taulk about 4 of july
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welcome back. i've got lauryn ricketts joining
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me, we're talking about snacking. never too early. >> no. >> for any snack. >> something on the shelves might peique your interest, cookie dough in a cup. >> loveou cookie . >> that's not a bad thing. toll house cookie dough pints are on the way to shelves i walmart and it's meant to be t eaten straighout of the cup. raw cookieough normally as e. coli risks but this eggless recipe gets around that. >> a two tablespoon serving has 140 calories and about 15rams of sugar. so you can only have one bite and that's it. >> and that's it. > and then you've got run a marathon. guys, this is an interesting story, losing a pet, as we all know can be b lot toear for a lot of people. but if you have enough money you
9:27 am
don't have to worry about > tha >ght. so this couple in north carolina, instead of replacing their 19-year-old at, they decided to clone it. after their cat died they sent skin and saliva samples to a company in texas that clones cats, dogs and horses. and they soon got a new cinnabun. >> the cost of not breaking the bond with the old cat is just a cool $25,000. >> and, of course, you and i cat people. >> we are. >> we love our cats. >> i don't know if i'd clone it for $25,000. >> you made a good point how there's all these adoption places, go to a shelter. >> and then you clone a demon cat. and leave the door open, and see 'ya later. fans inhicago had a wholesome day at the ballpark. >> thanks to a fun sing along with cookie monster, take a
9:28 am
listen. i need some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ ♪ merenot f we ever get back ♪ >> he is a lovely singing voice, sesame street gang has been all over the country this summer celebrating the hshow's 50t anniversary. >> how fun. most importantly, though, the singing worked and the cubs beat the braves 9. >> yeah. >> there you have it. guys, we've got nice conditions out there right now, plenty of sunshine, the grass is green. well, the trees are green, but the grass is also green. we're oking at more rain to keep that grass green. we'll talk about that on the other side of the brk.ea
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"news4 today"tarts now. good morning, and thank you so much for joining us. i'm meagan fitzgerald. the time is 9: on this saturday. we want to check in with lauryn ricketts, it looks like, lauryn, it's unrelenting heat today. >> today is the hottest day we've seen all year, megan. one heck of a headline out there right now. temperatures are in the mid-90s today. d.c. will probably 9be around degrees. that heat index is going to feel around 100 it's beautiful out there right nsu. plenty of nshine out there right now. show you a look outside. just absolutely gorgeous look
9:32 am
over the potomac river. if you need tor exercise o get anything done outside. do it now. a nice breeze in the air, mperatures are in the low 80s and it's not even 10:00 a.m. yet. now, the wind will continue out of the south and southwest as we throughout the day. and could be gusting up to about 15 miles an hour. a little breeze from time to time, not that bad. if youine garden or doing any yard work now is the time to do it. here's our gardening tip. crape myrtles thrive. find them in red, pink, lavender and lots of different sizes. talk about your 4th of july forecast here and at the beaches coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you very much. this morning, firefficials are investigating a massive fire that engulfed a large home in fairfax county. chopper 4 flew high over the scene last night and you'rein lookat that footage, flames
9:33 am
tearing through the home on clark's branch avenue in great falls. several local firet depnts had to lend a hand. we're told it was so intense that crews had to leave the inside of the home and fight the flames from the outside. unfortunately -- fortunatelyon rather, eve inside the home was able to get out safely. and this morning a death investigation is under way in a quiet beach town in delaware. authorities say they found a body floating in a canal in bethany beach yesterday. it's not far fr where a woman originally from montgomery county was last seen. linda lee bravo was her she disappeared on june 13th. there are reports that the body recovered yesterday appears to be hers. we'll update you as we learn more. we'll post, of course, on our nbc washington app. and new this morning president trumprapped up a news conference not too long ago at the g20 summit in osaka. he spoke on several topics. ump says trade talks with
9:34 am
china are back on. but he doesn't plan to lift the current tariffs or add new one he also made a high stakes inviortion concerning n korea's leader kim jong-un. >> we may be meeting with chairman kim, and we'll find out. we spoke with the people kim jong-un was very receptive and he responded and so we'll see. because tomorrow we're going to the dmz. i said while i'm there i'll shake his hand. we get along. there's been no nuclear tests. there's been no long range ballistictests. gave us back our hostages, which was great. and a lot ofood things are happening over there. so i let him know we'll be there and we'll see. trump tweeted he now is headed to south korea t meet with the president there. by june ofar next ye the supreme court could or shoulde hava decision on whether the trump administration can
9:35 am
terminate daca. the program shields young mig rants from deportation. yesterday the justices decided they will rule on it. they set up legal arguments for late fall or early next winter. the president ordered an end to the obama-era program in 2017. the self-pro claimed white supremacist who crashed his car into a crd in charlottesville was sentenced to life in prison. he learned his fate yesterday, nearly two years ago he plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters during white nationalist rally. heather heyer was killed, dozens of others were injured. he pled guilty to 29 he crimes earlier this year. before he was sentenced hegi apoed for hurting and the loss that he caused. it's been one year since the gunman shot and killed fiveeo pple inside the capital newsroom. last night there was a vigil held to honor them.y earlieterday the survivors
9:36 am
gathered to talk about their colleagues at the new memorial garden. they dedicated five rose bushes symbolizing hope, promise and new beginnings. the survivors and families of the victims tell us they won't want -- they don't want anymore prayers, they want action to end mass shootings. >> right now in northern virginia a sirj earch is under for the person who vandalized a 9/11 memorial at woodbridge ho sc. someone drove onto the lawn and rammed into the memorial's police lookiat the evidence left at the cross-claim scene. a virginia beach shooting survivor was arrested after telling his boss he didn't want to returnto work in the same building where the shooting happened. he was inside building two last month when e gunm killed 12 of his co-workers. he was told he was going back tt buildingo. he met with his supervisor tuesday to talk about the
9:37 am
situation. court records say he became agitated and angry, storming out of the office. then wednesday police arrested him, charging him with disturbing the peace. magivor says he wants to return building ust not t two. a judge has ordered the d.c. police department to start following the law. three years ago the d.c. council passed a measure requiring poli to track the race of each person they stop, whether or not they wereed arre it was part of an effort to determine if police are racially profiling suspects. but officers haven't been tracking the information like they're supposed to. some activists we spoke to believe d.c. police are targeting african-americans. he the d.c. police, like most police around tcountry, are using their first point of contact with the black community, the stop and friskct taics based on the assumption that black p are more likely to be committing certain crimes. >> the judge gave d.c. police an
9:38 am
late july to begin following the law. chief peter newsham says he hopes to be in ompliance by then. and here's something to do with the family this weekend. one last ride on the carousel at the glen ech park in montgomery county. the popular ride will shut after sunday so the building thathouses it can undergo orme m renovations. that will include replacing the roof and outdated and fire alarm system. work is expected to take up to about nine months. the ovcost, just $1 million. the carousear has beennd for nearly a century. this summer marks half a century since one of mankind's greatest achievements. landing on the moon. celebrations are already being planned, a look ahead to some of the plans, coming up next, on "news4 today." stay with us.
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time is 9:, ws 4 is working for you in the community with a special group of students who learned leadership skills and the importance of making od choices. fairfax county's road dawg program wrapped up a busy week a yester sorting food at united community for neighbors in need. the program gives middle school students constructive things to do and helps them build ast nger bond with our community. >> this program was developed to help our youth make better choices, teach them and give them opportunities for leadership, expose them tofe dnt parts of our county and let them know there are a lot of opportunities within the county. >> the road dogs today are helping usprovide a critical service to our neighbors in need by pulling together and sorting food that has been provided by our neighbors in our community. >> it's fun because you know you're helping people who need it, ando don't have food. the students wrapped up their week with a trip to the
9:42 am
pool, andpicnic. and if you want to find out more about united community andhe services it offers just search neighbors in our nbcwaington app. a huge celebration is happening to celebrate america's first steps on the moon 50 years ago. we got a sneak peek into some of the rare artifacts from the apollo mission, including apollo 11 at the national air and space museum center in chan tilly and it even has a pair of neil armstrong's's gloeps. it's ing a week of events to celebrate the historic space voyagen >> this m in particular is an exciting time to look back at the history to see where we've come and use that history to inform where we're going to go next, i think. >> now what you won't see just yet, neil armstrong's space suit, that will go on displayju 16th for the first time in 13 years. there will also be a free festival on the national mall.
9:43 am
celebrations will run through july 20th. oh, that looks like alot of fun. taking a live look outside, what's not so fun is this kind of oppressive, steamy and ketts says ryn r it's not going anywhere. it's not going anywhere. she'll be right back to let us ♪
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well, welcome k,bac everybody, nothing happening on the radar right now. d then we've got a little cell that could push into portions of washington county into hagerstown. but for the most part we've got a frontal system just to the north right now. that is going to pass through later on tonight through tomorrow morning, dropping our humidity but also giving us about a 40% chance at seeing some sattered storms. it is hot out there.
9:47 am
late tonight as that frontal system pulls through. drying out. temperatures in the low 9br, zy at times with falling humidity, monday is gorgeous as well. heat and humity come back for tuesday, wednesday, thursz and friday and thursday, of course, it's 4th of july. we do havechance for scattered showers and thunderstorms on the 4th. temperatures in the 90s. if you're headed to the beaches not looking too bad. we have that warm ocean water, temperatures in the 70s for the ocean water but into the mid-80s for your thursday, wednesday, y, thursda friday and saturday. they're not that bad at the beaches and not that bad here, expt it's hot. stay inside or go to a pool. >> that's exactly what you should do. but after 2:00 keep anth eye to sky. >> that's it for "news4 today." thank yo you can have more new at 6:00
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>> jim, some people have trouble getting in and out of the tub. what solution do that?e for >> yeah, it's a really common thing to do, and we see far too unfortunately t don't call us until after they have an accident, or anhe injur. so t way that this works is we have a precision removal process where regardless if you have a ca iron or fiberglass tub system we have methods that we can remove that carefully without disrupting the floor or
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anything else in the bathroom and really custom make a new low threshold, easy access walk-in shower and customize it with benching, security bars or accessories to really fit exactlyha that home owner needs to make it oysafe, enjable and independent. >> sure, that's exactly what they're looking for. hd tell usow bath fitter is different from other contractors, what makes y unique? >> yeah. well, where tobegin. there's several things. but it really starts with manufacturing from the raw materials. there's not reall any other acrylic remodeler who does that. and that's what gives us the ability to cus am make new acrylic tub liner as the perfect fit and custom make a new seamless wall surround tost that's guaranteed to never leak or give caulking problems. >> home warranties, tells u about that. >> the bathroom tends to be the most


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